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VOLUME LIV.-No. 28. 

Prlco, 10 Centi 

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September l 

Mi55 (Tipper's 


ST1GE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Out-of-town papers, In printing newl'of 
Ncw York theatrical matters, frequently con- 
found Identities. In • recent Issue ot one of 
(hews publications, that of our own Oscar 
Hammersteln had evidently Been anuffled with 
that of one of hl« Bummer attractlona, tie 
llusalan giant. In the deal hli revered name 
came out attached to the personality of the 
big freak nnder hla management. 

Mr. Hammerateln, to whom attention had 
lean called to the article, says that h« win 
Maud for any sort of good advertlalng. even 
to being called a giant, hut he really drawn 
the line at any aaperalon. regarding Ma men- 
•j.l calibre, the quallt4ea of which have proved 
moat wondrona and varied. 

The clipping above referred to «»«"*» 
Oscar Hammerateln as a young giant, 9 feet 
:t Inches In height It goes on to any that 
tJda wonderful peaaant waa discovered n 
ltusala, and that hla equal In slie la not to 
be found; that he has a wife something over 
6 feet In atature, and la the father of two 
youngsters of normal slie, but thst he a dull 
Intellectually. Tula last »«<«■»"■«'• <> e 
one that Hammerateln won't stand for. But 
we all know him to he a giant In theatrical 
alfnlri, and thafa no prevarication. 

That very attractive Long Island resort, 
Arverne, la almost wholly owned and In- 
habited by the waaltleat and beat repre- 
■entatlvos ot the Heorew race Wells 
Hawks, one of Froaman's beat right bands 
(a man ot that manager's vaat Interests has 
to have more right handa than the ordinary 
Individual), returned recently from Arverne, 
and at an Interview with a Journalist, was 
atked If there were any Chrlatlann where he 

''"••yeT. few," replied Hawk., "but they 
nre not at all objectionable." 

A plaint cornea from that clever manln- 
ndvance, Matt Naaher, who spent his time 
and used his bu.y brain last sesson In the 
intcrcata of George Cohan's "Running for 
Ofllco" Co. Hla tale ot woe reflects on the 
generosity of the pretty chorus "M"*™ « 
Ms production. In permitting what might 
prove a aenaatlonal "feature story, the ob- 
ject of which was to draw the public eye 
uoon hla particular attraction. 

"I've been handling 'girl abows for some 
time," said Matt, "and, among original 
methods of publicity, I've even worked .n a 
h-w of the old ones, auch aa 'milk bathe, sui- 
cides,' 'heiress to millions; not forgetting to 
mention that well worked one. 'the stolen 
diamonds.' . 

•I could alwaya go to any one of my people and tell her .he would see In 
Iho paper, the following morning, that all her 
beautl ul Jewel, bad been atolen, and I could 
depend on her not to deny the story. This 
•feature,' the hardeat worked among pre.. 
ngent talea, augge.tcd to me a «**«» 
which 1 felt sure would be a big space 
maker. And that waa, that Instead of the 
chorus girl having her diamonds burgled, she 
should be arrested for stealing diamonds. 

"And what do you think 1" continued 
Na*cr, In aaddcat, disappointed voice, I 
i cTda't get one ot tho,e unobliging girls o 
•father,' or, more properly ■*•■'"**? 
■mother' that story. I'm J»»t sick and tired 
of writing 'foalnro' alorlca for women. 

"Talk about 'man'. Inhumanity to man, 
coullnued Nasher lugubriously, ".mend that 
„„d make It: 'Woman's Inhumanity to the 
l.nrd worked press agent' " „,„,,,.,, 

As business manager for Florence Bindley 
during the coming, .Nasher la com- 
forting him.ell with the thought that be 
won't have to stretch hi. Imagination n 
Publicity material, a. hla star affords plenty 
of strong, original and attractive material 
for newspaper space. 

Joseph II. Slater come, along again with 
a couplo of Incident, happening In his ovent- 
lul career. .„_... 

At one time ho nvas presenting lo towns 
„ 1M ,g .„ Ohio circuit, the perennial Two 
orphans." While standing neat «•«*■* 
window of a theatre, he wa. accosted by a 
low browed youth, whose country dudlsh 
dross anil "emarty" manner blutcd at hi. 
being the "village cut-up." 

"Be you In front ot the Bbow?" he naked 

Slater- ■ ». »— 

"Yea. npd all around It," answered Blntcr. 
"Well," said the gay Iteuben, "I'm clear 

Bono on dancln', an' If either of your Two 

orphans do a clog dnucc, I'll buy n ticket 

lo go In." 

A local manager of ihc hayseed type, who 
prided hlraselt on bis ability n» nn orator, 
always took occasion to show thein oft" by 
announcing, before the last act of eneb per- 
formance, what hla public might next expect. 

During one of Slater', attractions at the 
town orators theatre, ho came before the 
curtain and grandly begnn hla announce- 
ment, which, however, wa. pnnclnatcd by 
vni-lon. remarks from a gallery Individual, 
who waa not afraid to "speak out In meetln'." 

"l.mlles an' gent.," he said, "1 don't know 
nothtn' " 

"We all know that," Interrupted a voice 
fioin the cheap part of Iho liotme. lgnorlug 
Ihc disparaging remark, the manager cou- 

"1 don't know nolhln' that'll please you 
MOM than lo announce lo you Ihul lite next 
opry here wltl be 'Professor Johnson's Trained 
Mice.' " 

"lt-r-rals I" ahouted Hie rude voice from 

"I said mice, darn yuh 1 iM-i-c." he re- 
peated,. spefUAg the word, I hen continued In 

withering tones, "an' I might add that these 
rude Interrupting, show a good 'eal of Ignor- 
ance right here In this taown." 

Bemsey 4 Bredbsm, touring In "The 
Athlete and the Rube," were awaiting their 
turn to rehearse their music on the stage of 
a vaudeville theatre In the West. A song 
and dance team was rehearsing, hat the mu- 
sical director, an old timer with a violin, 
did not seem to be making quick enough 
tempo to suit one of the tesm, who shouted 
out to blm something that Bounded like : 

"40 HOI 401" 

"You're another I" exclaimed the old leader. 
"You're getting only 80 for the whole team." 

As their Bketcb went on late one night, at 
the same place, Itemsey stood nesr the door 
while the audience were going lo. A young 
man, who had not a single hall mark of the 
profeaalon, but whose Intention wsa to tax 
the manager for free entrance, approached 
that person and gave the usual countersign, 
which works all right when followed up by 

"Pass the profession 1" 

"Yes, when he's the real thing," replied 
the manager, whose opinion was that the 
applicant was not. "What's your line?" 

"Lovers an' rogues," wa. the answer, "an' 
I do both kinds great.',' 


8am I.croy, a clever Juggler, connected 
with Harry Woodward's company, playing 
towns In Maine, overheard disparaging re- 
merits made by an old farmer, who declared 
that "Jugglln' now-a-days wasn't up to the 
Jugglln' of alxty year, ago, when I was a 

John Mark, ot the company, spoke up In 
defence of his friend, Leroy, who Is sur- 
passed In his work by very few, and said : 

"The art of Juggling In your time wa. 
away behind the work of to-day." 

"No, 'twa'n't," continued the old man. "1 
seen a Juggler do aomethln' that's sever been 
done sence. The performer finished up hi. 
bir.nesa by Jugglln' two glass goblet., a sharp 
dagger an' a raw egg. He ended by apllttln' 
the egg In the air with the dagger, an' 
ketchln' the white of It In one goblet and 
the yelk In the other— an' that's aomethln' 
you can't do," declared the old man with 

"Well," acknowledged Mark, If he did that 
ho was certainly more clever than my friend 

World of Players. 

Otis Hill's Kntefpuiseh. — Tbe following 

Jeople hove been engaged for Mr. HHl'i aff- 
erent companies : "Gay New York" — Mary 
EmerBon, Edw. B. Adams, Edw. Brennnn, 
James Device, Richard Bartlelt, Dan Mack, 
11. A. Boecbcel, J. Fred Overstock, Lillian 
llocrleln, Florence Clements, Magda H. Foy, 
Olive Omega, Violet Rio, Helen Lawtoo, 
Hazel Claire, Emma Kette, Agnes Colton, 
llessle Bartel, Nellie Johnstone, May Collier, 
Pansy Le Hoy, May Plttman, Marlon Gor- 
don, Florence Qoodkln. James Fettlnglll 
will be tbe manager, and Harry Y. Yost 
bUBiness manager. Tbe season opens in 
Orange, N. J., Aug. 28. "McFadden'a Flats" 
— Jolm Price, James Purvis, Washer Broa., 
Bootblack Quartette, Dolly Thebold, Harry 
Sparrow, Howard Powers, Billy Marshall, 
M. L. Luke, Dixon and Fields, Daisy Wil- 
liams, Sylvia Gottlieb, Minnie La Vanlon, 
Mary Lake, Lottie WeBley, Vera Beers, Lil- 
lian Dana. Frances Hanson, Marie Bennett, 
Daisy Clark, Llllle Ellis Carlton, Lillian 
Smith, Olive Henry, Dolly Doreey, Bessie 

Hirst, V, Schroeder. William Norton will 
he the buBlness manager, and the season will 
ripen In Orange, N. J., Sept. 1. "Around the 
Clock"— Wm. Ritchie, C. F. Cardon, Richard 
McAllister, J. A. Brown, Job. Wlllard, E. A. 
Clark, Ben S. Mean, Chas. J. Hodges, M. 
Hefferman, Eda Marley, Marie Haebler, Genl- 
vleve Gibson. Selma Marshall, Gabriel Bar- 
bier, Nellie Mason, Jessie Wilson, Caroline 
llodgea, Caroline Wlllrlch, Irene Ebbod, Min- 
nie Do Vere, Elalo Gray, Edith GDI, Carvllla 
Tawlea. The season will open at Aabury 
Park, N. J., Bent. 10. "Happy Hooligan" — 
Kdwnrd Poultef, Job. L. Dixon, Ralph Ash, 
Itoebrook and Byrne, Laclede and Raymond, 
l'rete Itecd, Violet Duvourn, May Hamilton, 
Lena Flchter. Vera DeBmond, Harriet Wil- 
son, Mlna Branscomb, Margaret Hownrd, 
Bill Bailey. Mario llnnnn. The season will 
open In Hngerstown, Md., Sept. 12. "Smart 
Hot"— S. if. Dudley, Edw. Tolllver, Helen 
Sterling, Florence Smiley, Eunice Wcoms, 
Dora Wcnvor, Daisy Peters, Nettle Taylor, 
Bertha Harris, Ethel Llghtbourne, James 
Hlllinnu, CaaBle Jackson, llnttle Christian, 
.lube Johnson, Chas. Williams, Robert Wil- 
liams. George MocClaln, Mat Johnson, W. 
ltayunrd, Lillian Jackson, H., Hodges 
and Launch mere, Tenle RuBsell, Louise 
Mickey,. Sara Vcnable, Belle Albert, Maysie 
Montgomery, Irene TaBker, Emma Bernard, 
Mndrld JnckHon, Agnes Pollard, Myrtle Free- 
ninn, Evn Bwinton, Bydlc Halle RlvaB, Babe 
Alexander, Jas. Henry Burrls, John Wright, 
Larrv Cbambera, W. A. Ramsey, Salina Whit- 
ney, P. 11. Loary, J. E. Comcrford. Chas. 
E. White will be the business manager, and 
lite seanou opens nt Platnfleld, N. J., Sept. 8. 
William J. Kelly accepted, recently, 
Ihrongh llellows tc Gregory, a very flattering 
offer to be stock star at Elltcb Qardens, Den- 
ver, opening Aug. 20, and to continue (or 
four weeks. On his return to New York he 
expects to locate with his own company at 
nn uptown theatre, which will then be ready 
for hlni. 

BBitTitA Mat, lata of Nat M. Wills' "Duke 
of Dulttth" Co., Iibb signed with "The Sultan 
of Bulu" Co. for the coming season, 

FiiOtiBNCH Cordglia has been engaged to 
play a part In the Henry W. Savage produc- 
tion, "The County Chairman," this season, 
Mlns Cordelia having left the musical com- 
edy Held, where atie has been successful for 
the past b(x years. 

W. ft. La Rosr and wife (Jessie Bell) 
are now with the Dalrymple Comedy Co., 
ruder the mnnagcmeot of Dalrymple & 
(jiialntnnce, Mr. Ln Rose as leading man, 
und Miss Bell ploying juveniles and hCHvIcs. 
"The compnny," writes Mr. La Hose, "Is the 
strongest the management has carried, and 
Ih being greeted with packed houses nightly. 
We ore carrying a uniformed band and or- 
chestra. Miss Bell Is meeting with great 
Buocess singing her high class ballads. 

Notks niOM tiir Harris Comedy Co. — 
Wa opened our fourth Benson Aug. 23. 
The compnnv Is stronger than ever this sen- 
Kon, (ind will be one of the best equipped 
repertory roiupanles ln the middle West. 
Our repertory Ib made up of caref ally 'selected 
HinxeBrWH. Special scenery will be carried 
fur each production. Harry Burton, who la 
well known nil through the middle West, has 
luvn engaged to stage the plays, and wnl 
net as nuslurss manager. We will carry 
fourteen people, with high class vaudeville 
no a feature. We have some of tbe best time 
In Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa. Time 
In filling fast, and proBpectB look brighter 
111.111 ever for this popular attraction. 

Nona from tot "Jebbt fbom KaiaT" 
Co.— John Patten opened the season at the 
Victoria (B. C.) Opera House Aug. 8, and 
was warmly welcomed by a large and en- 
thusiastic audience, to 8. R. 0. Mr, ratten 
deserves much praise lo the part of Jerry 
In bis two act comedy, which Is very laugh- 
able, and cleverly acted. Eunice Patten and 
Geo. I'acten are very acceptable In their mu- 
sical numbers. Campbell and Fletcher, ln 
their acrobatic torn, are, as usual, favorites, 
as Is also Lizzie Fletcher, In her Bong and 
dance act. The ports taken by tbe rest of 
the company were well received. 

Belli: Saotteb has signed with "The Un- 
written Law" Co. 

Henry Fbey, tramp comedian, who Is being 
featured this season In "Secrets of the Po- 
lice" Co., tinder the management of At. H. 
Woods, Bays: "My opening at tbe National 
Theatre, Philadelphia, Saturday, Aug. 11, 
was a big success. _ 

Notes mow "A Bell Boy" Co.— We had 
a very successful run of four weeks at tbe 
Alhsmbra Theatre, Atlantic City, N. J. The 
house wsa packed to the doora nightly. We- 
ars now playing Lyncb's Park, Peeksklll, 
N. Y., which will close our Summer season. 
We open our regular season Sept. 8, Labor . 
Day, and will play all first class time, work- 
ing West. We will carry about thirty peo- 
ple. Our people are as follows : Johnny Cal- 
vin, Ned NelBon, Jss. A. Grady, Jas. HurrlB, 
Geo, Sullivan, Wm. Auger, Billy Haoley, 
Geo. Gordon, Ella Galrln, Irene Drew, May 
Morris, Hennte Gibson and Edytbe Brown- 
ing. Ned Nelson has charge of our stage, 
and Morris 8auber will be In advance. 

The bosteb of the "Bronco Buster" Co. Is : 
Michael A. Fee, proprietor; Charles P. Rich, 
manager; Thomas A. Fee, business manager 
nod treasurer; Mae A. McCaskey, Daisy 
Melton, Edward De Oorsla, Ralph Tbiyer, 
Sid Harris. Daniel Jnrret Jr., Joseph Hana- 
way, Charles Whltehouse, Harry 6. Austin 
and Dan Fager. 

Notes fbou the Brandon Evans Stock Co. 
— We opened In "The Christian" nt the 
Lafayette Theatre, Detroit, Aug. 12, for a 
season of forty weeks. The company's ros- 
ter includes ; Brandon Evans, manager and 
leading man; Kendal Weston, stage director; 
William SantBcbl, heavy man ; Richard Ta- 
ber, Juvenile and light comedian; Chas. C. 
Purnham, character old man ; Joseph Garry, 
characters nod heavies ; Edwin A. Tanner, 
character comedy and stage manager; J. D. 
McEachen, scenic artist; B. T. Brown, press 
representative; Frank E. Rusaell, treasurer; 
Josephine Gana Ross, Ingenue leading woman ; 
Kflie Ikxt, emotional leading woman; Kath- 
leen Barry, heavy woman; Iva Bowman, 
character woman, and Lillian WeBtgate, gen- 
eral business. 

Stbaudbr and Straudee write: "We Just 
completed tbe music for tbe production of 
'The Heart of Honolulu* Co., a musical 
comedy, ln two acts, which will take tbe road 
this seahon, and have engaged some of the 
best Afro-American people for tbe produc- 
tion, which will be one of the best spectacles 
of Its kind that has ever been before the 
American public." 

Tin. Fbamk Rich Stock Co. Notes. — We 
are In our eighth month of a successful sea- 
son at El Paso, Tex., and will continue In 
that city the entire coming season. The 
Alrdome, where we have been playing during 
the Summer, has had great business, and aa 
soon as tbe cool weather starts In our com- 
pany moves to the New Lyric. Crawford « 
itlcii will also manage the new seventy thou- 
sand dollar theatre in El Paso. 

Dave Dhudbn, musical comedian, who re- 
cently closed In vaudeville, la now rehears- 
ing with Cohen & Soutberland'e "King of 
Tramps" Co., making his second season In 
the title role. 

Matt Nasher, last season ln advance of 
Geo. M. Cohan's "Running for Office" Co., 
has been engaged by B. £3. Forrester, as 
manager of tbe Florence Bindley Co. 

Beatrice Moreland, Just returned from 
Europe, has signed with the Klrke La Shelle 
Co.. tor the part of Kate Brandon, ln "Toe 
Heir to the Hoorah" Co. 

Rax Leslie Kinoikin, after a three weeks' 
rest in Syracuse and Rochester, N. Y., Is 
enjoying a trip through the Allegheny foun- 
tains and along the Potomac River. He will 
return .to New York early ln September to 
begin rehearsals. 

Habry W. Stkin closed a successful season 
with the Stanley Stock Co., ot St. Louis, 
Mo.. Aug. 0, and left at once to join the Mar* 
r.s-Parkinson Co. 

Brathah & Lapoint Notes.— We are to 
feature Kathryn Brnyham In Mr. Laoolnt'B 
new rural drams, "A Green Mountain Gal," 
the coming season. Miss Brsybam will as- 
sume the role of Pinky Bunker. A rube 
band and orchestra will be carried as a spe- 
cial feature Special scenery and paper are 
now being made for the production. The 
seaaon will open late In October, near Oak- 
land, Cal., where Miss Brayham has been 
for six months, detained there by the serious 
Illness of her father. 

Ke.vmcy & Westfall Attractions.— Allen 
Doone opens his season in "Kerry Gow," at 
Sidney, C. B., Monday, Aug. 27. Tbe fol- 
lowing company will support him: J. H. 
Huntley, Wm. T. Sbecban, J. Angus Gustow, 
Seth Smith, Chas. J. Edwards, James ityan, 
Lee Stoneaker, musical director ; Edna 
Keeley, Jessie ClnflSn and Ida Ellis. Flor- 
ence Gale will also open ber season ln Can- 
ada late in September, whence she will work 
through to the Paclllc coast. She Is to op 
pear In a new play by Margaret May, en- 
titled "Love's Victory/' 

Kbnndy St, Westpalt. announce the follow- 
ing engagements /or Allen Doone Co. : J. H. 
Huntley, J. Angus GuBtam, Chas. J. Ed- 
monde, Seth Smith, Wm. T. Sheehan, James 
Ryan, A. O. Habu, Wm. C. 8tonaker, Edward 
Stafford, Edna Keeley, Ida Ellis and Josle 
Clsflln, Hallett Thompson has been engaged 
as leading man, with Florence Gale, la 
"Love's Victory." 

Notes from "Wht Sub Was Sacrificed" 
Co. — We have started rehearsing, and from 
all reports, It will be one of the successes ot 
the season. An excellent company has been en- 
gaged, including : B. Anthenson, Louise 
Bauser, Claire Marlow, B. C. Antenson, Lin- 
ton De Wolf, Arthur Osborne, Eugene Mayer, 
Idiwreuce Meyers, Little Royal Osborne and 
Al. Le Roy. The production will open Its 
season on Labor Day, Sept 8. 

Roster of tub "Carolina" Co. : LouIb Mil- 
ler, manager; O. L. Elaler, business mann- 
Ker; John F. Webber, stage director; W1I- 
am Randall, master carpenter; J. P. Cleary" 
properties. Eusrene Brockman, superintend- 
ent of live stock ; Benjamin Bradbury, John 
F. Webber, Corliss Giles, Lewis Wood, Rob- 
ert Thome, George Gordon, J. II. Lorenzen, 
Frank H. Wilson, J. P. Cleary. Eugene Brock- 
man, Ilolalne Hodlcy, Edith Bellows, Phil 
May, Alice Washburn, Helen Guraey. Sea- 
son opens at Springfield, Mass., Aug. 27. 

Harry JIubb, manager Ferris' Comedians, 
writes that Juno Barrett Is still the lending 
lady of that company, and will remain In 
that capacity. 

Kin koster, advance representative of "A 
Millionaire Trnmp" Co., fell from n ladder nt 
East Tonics, Mhrh., while tacking banners, 
and waa seriously Injured. 

Leon and Ukim-ik Allan opened with the 
"King of Trampa" Co., Western, nt Otteroln, 
Ind., Saturday, Aug. 13, Mrs. Allen for the 
soubrotto rolo and Sir. Allen to play Juvenile 
nnd mnnage the company. They also do 
(heir specialty. 

Notes from the Knickerbocker Stock 
Co., headed by Billy Walsh nnd the Sisters 
McConnell. — we opened our season at Stam- 
ford, Conn., July 30, and have met with good 
buslnesft, In spile of hot weather. The at- 
traction Is under the management of Hoyt 
A Levy. AH Bccnery and effects arc carried 

by the company, and the repertory of plays 
Is all new. The tour will Include a season of 
forty weeks through the Eastern and middle 

D. A. HsiLVAir, agent for the Jewell Kel- 
ler Stork Co., writes: "We opened ■ : Lex- 
ington, Ky., Ac*. 0. to capacity, and ihoatag 
of people were turned away. We finished 
up the week there to big business *t each 
performance, and extra matlncM had to be 
given. Mr, Kelley Is one pf the best young 
romsntlc actors on the stage, and he has 
surrounded himself with a strong company 
of eighteen people, and so far this season the 
show has made good. We are on our way 
South, pleylng only the K. A B. Southern 
bouses. The sdvance sale was opened In Knox- 
ville. Tcun. (Mr. Kelley's bouse) on Ssturdsy 
morning, nnd every sent was sold before three 
o'clock In the afternoon. Mr. Kelley haa one 
of the most populsr companies tbst ever 
played In Knoxviflo, and a big week's business 
is assured him." 

Katik Barrv and JonN C. Slavin are to 
be featured this season, under the manage- 
ment of John C. Fisher, Id a new muBical 
comedy, by Robert Smith and Raymond Hub- 
bell. Miss Barry, who is now In England, 
will arrive In New York eerly In September 
to begin rehearsal,, of the play, which will be 
produced Oct IB. 

Jeromr and Morrison, who were with 
the World Beaters last season, are rehears- 
ing with Murray & Mack's "Flnnlgan's Ball" 
Co., to play parts and do their specialty. 

Albert L E. Rein haa joined the Aubrey 
Stock Co., as advance agent. 

Frank C. Bdrton Is stage director and 
heavy man at the White City Theatre, She- 
boygan, Wis. 

The following well known people have 
been engaged by Chas. Calson for his North- 
ern nndf Southern "Country Editor" <om- 
panlcs : Carl E. Leech, Edward L. Barrett. 
Guy Canfman, Manuel D. Castano, Darrel) 
II. Lyall, Harry Klcffer, Goldie Cole, Louise 
North, Adelaide Rnndoll, Anna Seelen, Jrdlth 
Racbnro. Marie Collins, Hasel McCrumb, 
Francea Russell, Howard L. Case, Ed. F 
Fleat, J. G. Anderson, R. G. Holland, T. C. 
Cork, Sam Nlblo and Jack dimes. The 
above companies will carry special scenery 
for the entire productions, and a "country 
newsprmer" will lie used as a herald- Tbe 
Northern company will open Aug. 27, and 
the Southern company Sept. 8. 

Km Koster has signed with Elmer Wal- 
ters' Eastern "A Millionaire Tramp" Co. Mr. 
Koster will next season have the opposition 
brigade with tbe Forepaugh-Sells Brothers' 

Tits following people have been engaged 
for "At the Old Toll Gnte," which opens in 
New York early In October : Rex Leslie King- 
don, Harry Andrews, Kenneth Gray, Eugene 
Glenraore, John Downing, George Bishop, 
Chas. Penwarden, Kenneth O'Connor, Mabel 
Morosco, Dorothy St George, Jane Payton 
and Rosalie Kane. Rex Leslie Klngdon, 
Harry Andrews and Rosalie Kane were In 
the original cast, when the play was first 
presented In Syracuse, N. Y. 

Frank Monrob, who last season succeeded 
Wright Kramer as H. Van Rensselaer Kelly, 
In "The Heir to the Hoorah/' has been re- 
engaged for this role by the Klrke La Shelle 
Co. Mr. Monroe will also direct rehearsals 
and act as stage manager of the Paul Arm- 
strong comedy. 

Gbbtrude Wolfe has been signed for tbe 
Ingenue role of Mooshla, Id "Mlipah." Miss 
Wolfe takes tbe character assigned originally 
to Helen Walnwrlght, who was released, 
owing to Illness In her family. 

Owen Wibtkh, author of "The Virginian," 
hoB Just returned from a European trip, 
taken Id search of health. He Is now at 
work upon a dramatization of his latest 
story, *'J,ady Baltimore." 

M». and Mrs. Hubert Labadib have been 
camping for a few days at- Lake Bornoseen, 
near Fair Haven, Vt. Mr. Labadle was a 
guest at the Shrlners' convention, Cairo 
Temple, Rutland, Vt., last Thursday. He 
opens his regular season there Aug. 16. 

Dr. W. H. Lono writes : "On Tuesday, Aug. 
21, we broke ground for my new theatre 
In Camden, N. J., on which occasion Mayor 
Ellis, of Camden, took the first shovel- 
ful of earth away at 11 A. it., with a gold 
shovel. I hope to be as successful In this 
enterprise as I have been la all my other 
theatrical connections within the paBt fifteen 

John Ltnn, connected with Lynn's Hotel. 
Washington, D. C, died suddenly Aug. 3. 
He was widely known by theatrical people 
and highly esteemed. 

Mi. and Mrs. Luke Martin (Etta Baker 
Martin) are caBt for Judge Stott and Mrs. 
John Burkett Ryder, respectively, in the 
Eastern road company of "The Lion and the 
Mouse," which opens at Asbury Park, N. J., 
Labor Day. Mr. Martin la also stage man- 

UaudCville and minstrel. 

O. 0. Sbyuocr, of Seymour and Dupree, 
writes from Melbourne, Australia, that they 
are doing finely there, and at the time of 
writing that Mason and Keeler were tbe only 
other American act there. He Bays also that 
•ine Squaw Man" la a decided hit thera, 
!H?" Charles Waldron In the title role, and 
Olla Humphrey as Diana. 


Uaanaa opened Aug. 18, at the Gnyety 
'Jlteatre, Baltimore. Ben Neff and Wm 
Ctiabman were tbe principal comedians. The 
£lvo Royal Russian Dancers, Cushman and 
St. Clair, Christy, tbe Juggler, presented 
catchy specialties ; Clyde Darrow, Flo Elliott 
Louise St. Clair and Fanny Wood played 
prominent rolee. ' 

.-S H . , !S',. W,lK,, ' s ' of ""> ,Mm »' Kennedy 
and Wllkens was taken seriously 111 at hli 
y?1%' 20 2 fast Fourteenth Street, Friday 
SKIS. and ^ ai t0 »« removed to Bellevue 
Hospital where he underwent an operation 
f? . ." ' r S uble - At tbe present writing he 
Is out of danger, and will Ik seen ogaln In 
two or three weeks. 

Bahnbv feuouso.n and John Mack haTe 
returned o America after a BlitcVn months' 
torn ot I ngland and South Africa. 

oeo. II. BATCHEUjia's Boston Belies 
under the mnnogemect of Jack Slncer will 
ESSS "„ ?! rM F Programme. Tberaat of 
I'atsy llolivar'a Vcrat on" will Include- 
Clarence Wilbur. Harry I.a Mar", Jack Crawl 
ord, John WalUrs John Manning, Amy But 
?'•„ lln )'m. RlM ' " otllc M»l8 and Kraikle 
Bailey. The speclaltleB are: Bice and Walt 
era, Clarence Wilbur and company, and Craw- 
ford and Manning. "l'ntsy'sT>aj at .the CI-. 
cus" Is tbe other laughable eklt 

Caspeb and Clabk write: "We bare Just 
Jnlsbed playing -very successful engagement.. 
We were at tfuverpator's, Atlantic "ityN 
J '.' wc ;. k „?' Au '- 13 ->fc, «nd the Palace The 
!£«• W H'?, CHy ' Chestnut Hill, Fa? We 
open our Winter season at the Howard Bos- 
ton, week of Sept. 24, and think we will 

?np V ldly. ? '°° "'""""'• " ° Ur " me * ^'U 

r„i 1 J J, „'.™ t L V C4s .u ll0 5..J"" t "Olshed playlne- 
forty weeks for the Western Vaudeville Ai- 
n=Sn "S? '» bolted solid over the Ko„l 
Castle, Hopkins, Orpbeum and Keith circuits 
Notes kbom the Walteb Bavime i a£ 
T.ACTIONB.— Wa took tbe rood June 20 and 
have been ploying to big business. Ve carry 
s h .big (et itnn octB, consisting of high tllbt 
wire, double and a nele traoeie inn„™=„ 
ladder, horizontal bars Yo™ lTJ «iaS FSB 

^i.f™' 8 ? , ■ '"I ""raetlous, a„d many a 
return (laic has been asked for. These si 
tractions are well booked up. " 

Notes radii tub Doiiib (Josrri Show.— We 
nro doliig a line business at the Wei svllle 
Fair The weather Is fine, and the, ire 
coining n bunches. The Clcyo sisters hive 
fe cd . h f B l ow ' .""d ar « «* a big h" 
with their Spanish dance. Otherwise the 
roster remains the same. ">"«"""e tne 

VaaiA Btahton haa returned from Parle 
after an absence of a"* months. ' 

W. B. EauruoN writes : "Myielf and wile 
Senorlta La Barasto, completed list Wednea' 
day a novel Summer season and outing com 
blned. Starting the latter part of June, near 
Kingston. N. Y., we ployed the small towne 
la tits Catskills, working entirely alone 
usually playing about three nights a week' 
July 18 found us at Margaretvllle, N. Y on 
the east branch of tbe Delaware River. Ship 
ping everything but Just what wardrobe ami 
personal baggage we had to have, ahead of 
ub, we started with a flat bottom, large row 
boat, a small Bleeping tent and camp outfit 
and played sixteen towns, camping and fish 
Ing en route. Altogether we went by boat 
two hundred and fifteen miles. The trip wa 
both pleaeant and profitable, and we are al 
ready planning to make It again next year " 

Cabbom, and Doyle, after closing their 
Eastern engagement ,t Pastor'a, New York 
Oct IS, will leave for Chicago, where the, 
begin a tour of forty-two weeks, extendlr.-. 
to San Francisco, Cal. h 

The Ixtzbnational Font, who repor' 
meetlog with big success In New Englana 
will soon move Westward. 

Bbobbt Trio are booked solid on the Gor 
man park circuit until Sept. 10, with the 
Howard. Boston; Mozart, l'enn circuit and 
association bookings to follow. This la our 
eighth continuous week of park work. 

Scott and Howabd, who recently finished 
a four weeks' vacation on their chicken 
farm, at Camden, N. J., will not conunenre 
their Pall time until October, when the; 
open at Bradenburgh'a Museum, Pbliadel 
phla, with other good work to follow. 

Beet Marshall, black face monologue 
comedian, waa re-engaged for the second 
week at Point Oratlot Park, Dunkirk, N v 

Ollib J. MpMann, late of Boyd and Mc- 
Mann, la working alone now, doing a re 
fined Binglng and dancing act He Dlavprf 
tbe Natloal Theatre, Rocheater, N. T., hat 
week, and says he was the success of the 


engaged Jessie Dodd, character actresa. who 
haa boen identified with such production-, 
as "'Way Down East," "Shore Acres," etc 
to play a quaint comedy role In their new 
sketch, "The Magpie and the Jay." which 
will be seen la Proctor's Troy Theatre, this 

Josephine Babel has sailed for Paris. 
France, where she will remain all winter 

Max Rosenbebo, manager for John C Web- 
er sl'rlze Band of America, fell heir to his 
mothers estate, consisting of valuable pro- 

Bubxb and TJblinb, "the Automobile 
Girls." opened on the Sullivan A Conaldlne 
circuit, at Helena, Mont, Aag. 5, on the wi? 
to the coast. They teport success with thel'r 
act They played Spokane week of 12. 

Salmon and Chester report doing nlcelv 
SfiMSF <-'"«'«& were 

are B °,n SpM ~£SgKg2 
Denver, Colo., and are meeting with success ' 

fbank HAacocra Informs us that he is 
the principal comedian with Bob Manches- 
ter s Night Owla Burlesque Co., which opens 
at Cincinnati, O., Sept 2. ^ 

Millard Bros, sailed for Europe Aug *>o 
to fill twenty-two weeks on the continent" ' 

Thb Rosaires opened on the Orphenm cir- 
cuit at Minneapolis, Aug. 19 Vrola writes: "I Btsrted work at 
F,' 00 '!"^ Ono Hundred and Twentv-flfth 
fTeet Thestre several weckB ago, arid am 
booked aoHd until Spring on the Keith-Pro™ 
tor and Toll circuits. Vhile In London I 
visited your office In Cranboume Street 
W Summer I go to Paris, to study danc- 

WlLLiAlts and rDTlMAN Inform us that 
they played their Inst vaudeville date week ot 
Aug. 20, at the Howard Athenaeum, Boston 
Mass., and will open with Culhane, Chn-c k 
2S*P t? e 1 tb t r Fellow" Co. week of 
fori) weeka Ne " Y °"- "■ ""* "*"* <" 

Notes eb'ok Dilwn ft Garland Show — 
ye closed our canvas show Aug 11, after 
being out seventeen weeks in Ohio, Indiana 
and Pennsylvania. While we did not make 
a fortune, considering tbe wet weather we 

£S?9?4 ve . m ,er * wel '' °°1 ""I en- 
large tbe show for next season. 

Golden Gate Qcabtbtti Is finishing Its 
Sunier season on the, Flynn circuit, and 
will begin Ita vaudeville dates under tbe 
management of Albert Sutherland. 
.-i A S' F ,% PB*"1 fonoerly of Henry, Young 
J^?.. 00 "'!?' h f» i"".',* abort's Comedians' 
?nln Mar J 1 «4. Virginia and West Vlr 

John J Coooan, accompanied by Mrs. 
Coogan and their two children, have spent 
several months' pleasant vaca Ion at Tro 
vlncetown, Mass. During bis atay Mr Coo. 
gan engineered a successful colored slow, 
EELS' 8rM ' M,l8 "« l »" " »ery per 

aarivf&T\<nS m tSf '" "•» Tor « Sbb- 
Europe ' ' * two aoBtl "' sojourn la 

n„~ E . ! "'li"5 Ko V ""« that he and Pellx 
Dumns had a pleasant trip to Hambirg 'ton 

at tht^wr.lSiS, Ma , on S 16 Novelty dreirlt 

at the Novelty Theatre, San Francisco and 

VEsaS* NM ""' Mtera iBSBttS 

Charles Bbandov. agent, has Blgned for 

g— * »- t*+ of Mr. and Mrs. IbavS 
?,?"'■ »' Brown, Harris and Brown, at their 
SS". at Riverside, R. I., when a fine 

aleffi ^SLP!°i " ""ledy and novelty mn- 
Pni? wff™ d .v SatUr ' la5 '' Au «- 2! - ">' London. 
E?&. w SS re ' h °7 open Sept 10, at the Al- 
hambra Theatre, for six weeks. 

In tM S A3l L J-» IAMS0N i*"> Wabben Locke. 

ire art ™i, '"J 6 ."""ft * ct ' were tne fe "' 
iSu^s'cltyVo' AW 25 ' U E,KM ° ** 

rte^ L /.'.. H 25' T . wr,1 S5L ,rom London, Bng., nn. 
cler date of Aug. 20: "Am spending a week 
Sifia "". er I"™" »eeka In the pro 
4 Stiil 'IK.S 811 ? 4 . or two r MrB with mobs 

SJ. ?"• "t'fog In August, 1907." 
tm. ., "f i lBOS - Ml >ed for America. 
S^„!' lverpMl ' n "8- Aug. 22. to fulfill a 
Saf Lgl" J l l wlth 5 Hurtlg and Sea- 
niona Show, as a spec al feature At the 

they ,l[J*\"£ Mg * ^>Son erigagVm nt 
iney return to Europe, wliere thev it»\ta tw»n 

"JTJjg-yj gj B PasTtbree 7 Souths" 
rnSiS rf.^ka SeM I' "Potent of physical 
•wm played week of Aug. 20. at the Au- 
ditorium Theatre, Sea Iale Cltv On «c. 

ReaeJ Hi. is . D Wentwobth plnvcd Bergen 
■¥E«S;. w ^ ek ot . A »S- 13, with the Casino 
2 n!l e h?*?''"k' N - T - 'o follow. TheFire 

°eek of i^%T n r'r e '. Nt,rtn «** »• ™ 

wfth big MCCM,!- 8 "*- '' "" re "° rt -*» 

tea ^ tn a "™nf5 8 .^ VILI V i J! ,, im Hpohes, Blsler 
team, opened Aug. 20. at Paterson N J 
" the High School Girls Co • 

nddrf^lk "i Bocklbt, writes: "I have 
liiii. r. ° J ne v; "' d "llle part of my show. 
SSJf C'jf". comedian, an/laura Jonea, mu- 
""» W latler. Am meeting with the besi 
bSngs aif, lw I""*"" thr» month,' 
^nTi™.. ! ?. AyT !JS* S'STEBS. "the Girls from 
H5£?*lu , wl " kerenftcr be known as the 
firm.5 „ B,sle " »"!j George De Voy. having 
Sini„ a .>S r , tncr J h, E Bl111 Mr- De Voy, be- 
sinning at Colorado Springs, Aug. 13. 

hODlE Cabroli, and Aones Clabk« have 
;il,„„ 2*9! », successful Summer season 
SRS??*? '"o.mWdle Weat and open on the 
cago Be? 3 * " ,ne 01 '' ln l> 1<: . ci> - 

... IB i.i*J7 T 8l "E» B have signed for this 
season with the Boae De Haven Septette. 

smfmaiSSS <%*»*m6m SHOW cmcjnvieenBrPRiaiMDg, 

Jmppessions from. HJimmie Bounce, fluckstep. 

vome cbar&cTepsfivm*ffey;J)ic?<f]e,Ph 



September i 




Properties ud BuslncHs of atl klpda sold qalcltlr 
for cash la alt parte or the United Statca. Don't 
wait. Write io-da,r, describing what jou bare to 
sell, and give cash price on same. 


any kind of Butlne£>s or Real Eatats anywhere, at 
any price, write roe your reqalrcmeata. I can 
nave job time and money. 





ClrcuRCfl clofllnff for the teanon who have Beanoned 
work horses to Bell, no matter how good or how 
bad, write us; we are quick apot cash buyers. 

I. rox asm CO., 

318.HJ Worth St., Baltimore, Md. 





Packed bo It cannot become unsalable. 
and our 5 and 10c. pneknge candles will 
greatly Increase Its value. Inform ua 
where yim hold A eanceaal^n aud 
we will fiend samples and prices. 




Write for Sample* and Prleea. 





The elegant private Pullmai Oar "Pansy," csrt. 
long, elx wheel trtiokB, four state rooms, toilet, 
largo dining room and kitchen, all furnished. 
Write for particulars. 

Grand Theatre, San Ule go, Oal. 

Attention, Band and Orchestra Leaders! 

Do you wsnt to Learn to Compote and 
Arrange Muilrt If ao, Hend Me* stamp for 

trial lesson. Nothing to pay until you iiavc 
been taught lettnons 1, '2 and 8. If these lessons 
do not convince you that this 1b Strictly Legit* 
I male, then They are Free. Don't write un- 
let* you have a Uiorougli knowledge of the rudl 
menu of mimic, and Mean Batlneis. 

©. W. WILCOX (II .x 0). 
10 Union Bq t aare, Mew York C II y . 

Niw Line of Repertoire or Stock Co. Printing 


1.2.8b., l-Bh., 3-Sh. and 16-Sh. Standi. 

Send for Samples and Catalogue. 

St. J-ouli, Ho. 
Printing for Dramatic Companies, Fairs, Carni- 
vals. Holler Rlnka, Circus, Wild West, Labor Day 
Celebrations, etc. 


Future Hash, or Wife Photos for PalmlBta, Pairs, 
Parks, etc., 12.00 per 1,000; $1.35 per 600, postpaid. 
Samples, loo. 

CABINET PHOTOS, for selling or adv. par- 
poses, $20.00 per i,ooo; $2.&0 per 100, copied from 
your photo, samples, 10c, 

OARBONA STUDIO. 3312 N. Broad St., Phl1a.,Pa. 


To Double Stage. Remainder of this and 
Winter Beason. 



Waupaca, Wis. 

The Best— The Host Reliable. 


Would like to hear from PAIR MANAGERS 

through New England states and the South, after 
Oct. If}. Have three companies. 

QHAUAM UAI.hOON CO., Old Orchard, Me. 





n|nrjFii Lease, Sale or Storage, 

I ■ Jr VC J^ Kejialrrt and Alterations made. 
UIIIIWs&ll Scenery Cir for Sale. 
N. J. CAR WORKS, P«e«al« N. J. 

Several Fine Hotel Car* for root. Steel wheeled 
and nil furnlshcil. Address 

HISS NuMtllON, Wellington Hold. Chicago. 


Mfr. of O vmnaBtio Apparatus. S35 B. 48th St., N. Y. 
formerly of lis K. ISlli St, Horizontal bars, leap, 
Ing boards and barn, barrels, cn-snew, globes, eto- 

KMJTHIF^ linf Sl)ml UB , * ur m . an . UBctl P L w ° 

! arrange and publish. 

whip DTitiv Pioneer HusiePub* Co. (inc.) 

OUflU rUElS. 7N Mauhatun Utdg., Chicago, m. 


Used by All Leading Artists. Send for New Illus- 
trated Catalogue. THE ONLY THOROUGHLY 

we only manufacture our own Inventions, for 
which we bold letters patent. Our goods can be 
seen at Carl Fischer, New York; Oliver Dltson, 
Boston; Volkweln Bros., Pittsburg; Igoaz Fischer, 
Toledo: Kaiser Music Co., Cleveland; Grlnneli 
Bros., Detroit, loo BARGAINS will be fonnd in 
J. 0. Desgan'.s Second Hand List. It la FREE for 
the asking, contains loo serviceable Instruments 
of all kinds at lews than coBt price. 


" r\ and.,. -.■ U ■ 1 

^ Designs 9 

We Work loi in; CLIPPER, Why Not For You' 
• Write: ron'pfiicES, 

Chemical. Engraving Co. 

Spangles, 11.00 Per Pound. 

Cotton Tights, pair. $1.00 

Worsted Tights, pair. 3.00 

Plaited Bilk Tights, pair 2,60 

Best Silk Tight*,) BM 

9 inch cotton tops, f *" w 

Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 
Gold and Sliver Trimmings. 
Send Deposit with order. 


387 Washington St., Boston. Maes. 


Manufacturer of 

Theatrical and Custom 

410Ponrthave, bet. 281b 
Established ism. and 28th Sis, If. T. 

Clogs aid Dancing Shoes a Spicially. 

Order, ol All Description, Filled Promptly. 



And 411 Others 

StsI lir UTUM. Itillii llil »u!n 

Special Alleillta Gives tbe Freteulei 

estern Uniform Go. 

' tn&m. eiARK «t.- 


Atlantic City 

, HOURS Iron NEW YORK via 

I New Jersey Central 

Passing Through Lafctwood* 

Solid Vetiibiile '1 rains. liutTel Parlor Cara. 

L». W.ojd St. 5.3a A.M. dally (ta.50 P.M. Sat.}, P. M. eiccpt Sun. Lv, Lflwrty St., 9,40 A.M. 

dally (1.00 P. m. bat.) , 3.40 r. M. except Sua. 


yXNfralOOPSM any man or boy; small cost. Send 
to-day '2c. * tump for particulars and proof. O. A. 
Smith, Room <f, am) Knox vine Ave., Peoria, ill. 


Pianos, 6 Crank Pianos, 16 fo'dlng Organs, 800 
Folding Chairs, 200 Canvas Seat Settees, Me- 
chanical Fog liornfi Megaphones' 22x00, 22x60, 
18x88, and other Blank Tonta; Klddughta, Gaso- 
lene Torches, Elctitrlc Piano, Ha'lyhoo Umbrella. 

R. II. ARMI1UUSTF.R, Sprlnglleld, Illinois. 


For Stock Theatre, Hopertolre Companies and 
Road Tours. Also bought, sold and revised. Playa 
for Amateur Organizations. Lpw royalty to re* 

rtiiBlblepanieB. Rome protected. Catalogue free. 
II. W1NHETT, 140. Broadway, New Yor. City. 


HI m\tt% For Stock and Road Cos on low 

rLATal royalties. Write for list. Have 
■ lawl ■ IP several comedy Bketchos ready. 
Plfiys and Sketches written to oider. 
T* EA ST 7th BT. , UIIOOKI.VN , H. Y . 


I'ASSUS, PAUtn, Etc. Write tor Simples 
tt'.hlt rtK. Po . R5R Dnnrhnrn 81.. Chicago. Ill 



we have made the enre of Blood PotBon a 

specialty. Blood Tolson Permanently Cured. 
You can bo treated at homo uuuer same 
guarauty. Capital $600,000. Yt'e Boliclt tho 
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hausted the old methods of treatment and 
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Mouth.BoroTbioat, Pimples, Copper-Colored 
Spots, Ulcers on any part of the body, Hair 
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cures. ]00>page Book Free. 


1111 Masonic Ttmpli.ChlciBO, 111., U.S.A. 



And make yon a fortune. If jrou bare a 
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COttHUlt us. 



MoaUa Copr right I P.ttot Co. Inc., 



77-81 BOOSTER ST. 

(Bit. I, ring ud Brmnu), Nil. Y.rk 


1 1 1 W. $1? 



The beat Bain made for wear and appearance. 
Also a roll line of lower priced satins In all 



Pole, and Stake* SKATS, n. n . Etc 



W in W. WMblogton St.. CHICAOO, ILL. 


For Circuses, Wild West Shows, Black Tents, 
Candy Tops, Flags, Eldd & Baker Lights, etc. 
Send for 10 page price list of second band 
7th and Wyandotte, Kansas City, Mo. 

I'n I ted States Teat ana Awn in j* Co., 
Randolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, HI. 


BLACK TENTS Our Speolaltr. 






Large Stock sort, and Under 
Bew and Second Band. Write 

•oooeasors to tbe T. W. Noble Oo., Tent Depu 
Detroit Baa- and Ufa*. Oo.. Detmtt. Mlob. 

or Actress. No profession 
.'so fascinating or profit- ..... 
able. 1 teaoh you by mall, so yon can go at once on 
tho stage. Send tor my beautifully lllni- 
traird book explaining method, also pictures, 
scenes of plays, actors, actresses who have become 
eillolent through my training— mailed FREE. 
AC T 1 N O, SOP Klmbal g aU, Chica go. 





To oorrenpood with Tronpo to open up now Opera 
Hoime at Slxlftben. Mich. 



SI. Loola. — Bnrtnra. with the hotue. 
that hnvo opened ha. been good, an4 the 
oi>en air reeorts are ltkewlM doln» well. 
l Lr.°i»n OA«Dra.-"Th» ^SSjFSi 
n big drawing card week of Aug. 20. end 
John B Voung. In the role of Angort Lump. 
I. making a hit. Frank StamnewW. B. 
West. I'Fed Knlghta. Cecilia Rhode, and 
l'corl Revare are well cait, and the chorus 
rilapl.7. careful drilling. "1492" .week ; of 
27 with Itlchurd Unrlow a. Queen Uabella. 

West BSD Ueiohts (L. Ohert, manager). 
—'•The Sorceress," flr.t time In English In 
St. Louis, wn. the offering week of .iO. In 
the role of Zoraya, Ethel Fuller P,r"«J '«J 
mastery of the Intensely emotional demands 
of the character, and It E considered to be 
the finest piece of work she has done. Bne 
was ably supported by Fletcher Harvey and 
SJlnnd Edwirds, the latter, «. tbe Cardinal, 
deserves especial mention. Margaret Bates, 
Blunchc Hnsleton, Jnck Ferris. Edwin Arcb 
er and others arc giving splendid support, 
assisted by in extra est of sixty people. 

81'BUHDAX garden (Oppenbelmer Bros, 
manngersl.— "The Christian," with HenrMte 
llrownc as Glory Quayle, was tbe bill week 
of 20. M»ss Browne 1. a new-comer from 
Chicago. w»io was called upon the middle or 
the week of 13 to assume Mauue Full, ro.e 
In "Mistress Nell," Miss Fealy's sudden Illness 
preventing her from finishing the week s en- 
casement. Miss Browne Immediately caught 
on" and hss made a delightful Impression 
as Glory. Walter Edwards, SB John S»rm. 
shared honors with th? star. The supporting 
company were well placed. It Is announced 
that Miss Fealy Is Improving, and that she 
will be able to resume work In "Barbara 
Frletche." underlined tor week of Aug. 26. 
Business 1b excellent £ 

Bavun's (Wm. Garen, manager).— Od 
Isaacs of the Bowery," with Harry FlrBt In 
the title role, played a week's engagement at 
this house 19-25. The supporting company 
Included Harry Webster and Will Ingram. 
"How Hearts Are Broken" Is booked for 26. 

Imperial (B. Russell, manager). — For 
the Beason'B second week Manager Russell 
offered "A Wife's Secret," a last season's 
auccesB, with new people. The cast waa 
headed by Grace Hopkins, . pretty young 
woman, who Is tbe heroine. Winona Bridges, 
as the negro "mammy," did a splendid bit 
of cbsracter work, and proved to be a most 
capable member of the company. "Thorns 
and Orange Blossoms" 26 and week. 

Grand (John G. Sheeny, manager). — This 
playhouse began tbe Beason 19, with "Ari- 
zona," presented by a good company, and 
with attractive stage Bettings. 

Highlands. — Tbe Royal Hawaiian Band 
created a sensation at Col. Hopkins' gold 
mine week of 19. Tbe unique organization 
is A military band, a string orchestra, with 
a chorus glee club, end solo singer, all In 
one. I.el Luhna, tbe soprano soloist, possesses 
a beautiful voice, and sings native songs. 
The vaudeville bill Includes: Gus Edwards' 
School Boys and Girls, Kowaakl Royal 
Russian Troupe. Cameron and Flanagan, 
Ferguson and Mack, De Mont Trio, and the 
klnodrome. Wild and his airship. "Eagle," 
made several successful flights, and has been 
retained as a special feature week of 26. 

ALrs. — Nahan Franko's concerts have 
jumped Into favor, Indeed. The programmes 
are satisfactorily srrauged so as to appeal to 
all testes. Harpist Scnuetze appears at'the 
Sunday concerts. Wynne Wlnslow, the well 
known St Louis soprano, Is the soloist for 
the week. Joseph Sheebsn week of 2& 

Mannion's Pare. — The bill week of 19 
was headed by KrenclUe and Lewis. Others 
contributing to the programme were : Robin- 
son and Odell, singers: Okuras Troupe, La 
Adclia, dancer ; tbe Wilsons, and tbe Msn- 
nlonscope. Business Is excellent 

Fclipsb Garden. — The Stanley Stock Co. 
nre giving a creditable performance of "The 
Mansion of Aching Hearts," with Arthur 
Stanley and Ella Allen in the leading roles. 

Columbia. — Tbe week of 19 was headed 
by Bert Leslie and company, In a new sketch, 
"Hogan's Visit." Others are: Helene Gerard, 
find horses, Smith and Campbell. Rlalto 
Comedy Quartette. Aurle Dagwell. Forrester 
and Courthope, Duryea and Mortimer, Laser 
and Lngar. and the klnodrome. 

Standard. — The Empire Burlesquers were 
the opening attraction at the Butler play- 
house 111, headed by Soger Imhof. The olio 
Included: Blxteen Minnehaha Maidens, Mar- 
tin and Crouch. Four Leigh Sisters, Four 
Musketeers. Week of 26, the Twentieth 
Century Maids. 

Handland'b Tare:. — Gregory's spectacle. 
Moscow," closed, 26, a successful engage- 

Globe (H. E. Rice, manager) .—Week of 
19 Included: Hyde and Robertson, German 
comedians : Glbb SlBters, singers and dancers I 
Ldwln Harris. Hebrew comedian; Lulu Bes- 
selmnn, Illustrated songs; John Zouooulas- 
KlB musical act, Frank Doran, buck and wing 
anncer, and the klnetlscope. The constant 
Increase In the attendance at this house has 
been so marked that Manager Bice has found 
It necessary to enlarge the capacity, which, 
when completed, will help to accommodate 
tho crowds. 

Barton's Big Show. The house has under- 
gone the usual Summer renovating, and will 
be complete with conveniences for the com- 

">», ?f It; patrons Frederic Burt was 

a visitor in St Louis last week Edns 

Bruns Joins Francis WIlBon Sept 1 
Otto Lamar returned from New York last 
week, ond opened the Exposition roller rink 
to good business, considering the torrid 
!?TriVV' A , theatrical fxehsnge wis 
opened In St Louis recently by Rice I Rich- 
ards, nnd Is doing excellent business. An 
exchange hns been needed a long time 
Handled by such well known and experienced 
FH u fl 5 K1 «,«ud Olck Richards are 
t b ds fair to rank among the foremost 
booking agencies In the West Iorem oat 

« i » 

Denver.— At Manhattan Beech (W. E 
"»''• manager) the Auguetln Daly Co hid 

wTei bU wS\rll, It ^he d Ch, e ga.b°^t 
week "Snn Toy" drew big houses The man 
ngement distributed soulenlr photos of "the 
members of tho company at the week's 
performances. The vaudeville concert ,, 
nouneed for 19 will take plsce 26 
nr'«o« U "Th\ D,1 ?.?,.. (Marj B"tch - -1»E«. pro- 

a, J ","corrn"g k "he\ n v1,y J - ST ft| 
S!£ " .?S ve a .""'""ed perfomnnce of Pi. 
Ek 8 ™ 6 " L ««">«' r at a special mat- 

— nS P {i, , .">. ( H a "J D Beck ' ? en ««l manager) 
aiH.'S'JrS' of 20 tblBTiouae oponeffor 
f„. nc """"ba "'"Hon, before a record creak- 
ing audience. The bill ■ The vim,SI.~ A 
tetto, Maenrr. dog, and monkeys "cftteU, 
Bros., ZlBka and King, Car I In and of o 
Bryan nnd Nedlne, and pictures °" ' 

Curtis (A. a Pelton, manager)— "Look 



pictures' ' U " l * n M:tMn * na ~mpany; 

Noveltt (Henry Lnbelskl, manager) —Rill 

for week of 10: Yum.. Reoub™ SirSi Cole F 

&&> ffiH lSSST rlle^ •* 


Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer 
renews the hair, makes new 
again, restores to freshness, 
gives new life. Stops falling 
hair. Keeps the scelp clean and 
healthy. Makes the hair soft and 
smooth. ' Sold for 60 years. 

Tor the whUkei* and moustache we make a Dve 
kaownasBDCKlMOHAIf'S DTE. It colors fi 
rtantly a rich brown or . toft black. B. P. KALI 
A CO.. Hsahoa. W. H. 

CANDY ,r- 

C0ATED ^" A 
[HIWII-O // 

GUM. , h 

— v.... FIVE UNTS 




Trs Itinm ! n tor im btr/ cbjc- 
• r I ABBBl 1 leu in jour iuihbor- 
hood send as ton oeots for a sample 
packet Any Jobber will cqbb'j itore- 
(eepsT. with CMcieu. 
Philadelphia, DJI^., aad Toronto. Canada 



is a beautiful polisher, absolutely free 
from grit and acid. Are you using it ? 
You ought to be. Ask your dentist. 

■at about half p _ 

Wen traded in for "HOLTON "awE3aS whTch la- L 

celallotbers. If you want the best, boy •"HOLTOK" I 

—If yon will ha»e auiotber rtialco.wB h&vt It for yon I 

Cbeap. E»erytQln(t for bands. Our cataJoe and oar- I 

gala Hat free on request. 



D.ij'-TtfgM. y...ucaauwiia Diauu^J 
aqual In trillnucy to aoy lanulna 
Stuna at onvthlriietl. tba 

lists.) acid teat and »p*rt «itamlR>- 
ti.-iii. WapiaraiiteaUiaiii. 8m Ibcm 
flrat. then par. Catalar*. Frrr. 
Paten. u,nr Jteaaura Icrdndad fur 
FIVE two-cent tUmpa. 

Ppt*. iio Karta Stat. 8U Caleac*, 





Morrison ShowfrintTo,,,,,,^,! 


I«^S£, , S!£9 RMB . A^tY or VAT! 8TJ1T8. 
1>£3UIUPTI0N. From QoTcrnment Auction. 
ho matter what yon want in that line I can 
■apply it. New or second hand. Sena for 
oataiogns, b. b. Abrahams, 

822 South 8tv. PhlladelphLa, Pa. 


••SILKO," the PerfectTrnnk Kind, largest stodlos 

In the World. DANIELS 8CKN10 8TCDIO. Oblcago. 

AjlL'oLjlt ll Bl * rr "°'- a - Dealrn »n>i 

, . , . Asenta. write for whole 

BJ"."5a of the Utest Pnxzles, Novelties and 
I'ockct Tricks. USIVERSAL HUPI'LY CO., la U 
salle St, Ohlcft-o. Eatabllshed lsso. 

September 1. 

the new york: Clipper: 






SftJ'HM has become a Trade Mark in the world of . 
fianrcna." "ThA WnoiHnaTiiw," ho™ ^ri^ B * LtAD SUCCESSES. "The Apple Tree," "Dear Old J 

S have- positively i u i fucces, rfth, a .L b J!. en 'B,"? hit8 wlthi ° «&e last eighteen monfhB. And now, as we have told y<m of others, we tell you 
SffiSDSSS!^o?S^£ol^^f e ™^ a ^ ILLIAMS and VAN ALSTYNE ballad, with which nothing on the market can compare. If you 
Site SeSSS fbfflad avalanche ' y * sweet music and simpl8 word8 ' if youwant the most beautiful slides man can conooive, get them 

K Liu fill 

For years each season we 
have picked the novelty 
Western hits, such as "Hia- 
watha," "Navajo," "Silver 
Heels" and 


Dnn'C W»ll tlmll ,ini ||,.. r on,.,, R» ai> |„ K „ n orv ,. t or KtMmr... Ort II 'Row. Slrlki. Willi. III. Iron I. 

10 LA 


Is another hit, breathing the 
romance of the Western 
prairie. "Iola" is the only real 
successor to "Hiawatha" ever 
written. Try it and you'll 
11 a d our statement true. 


The champion march song. With ■llde«. 


By WILLIAMS aiitt VAW AI.HTYNK. , Thai hurrah cnou song. 
Letters evny day felling of II* Imiiitm**. mmbii, 

The novelty niaroli wmk Ml nt" the mmii 


By W. J. MiKEXVl, 
• . The Dalntleet Serenarte Coon Bong Written In Yean. 


The Comic Song scream par Excellence. If You Want to (let a 
Laugh, Oct the Hong. 



Worthy Hn«vr**or to "Thnt'H ILjtw I Love Yon, Maine." 


- - - ■ • WILLIAMS anil VAN ALSTYNK. 

,, ';. , Sntcesior to "Back, Back to Baltimore " 

Calrhy LHIln Actor Bong. 


HncceMor to "Why Don't You Try." Butter Than Their Original' 



manager. Professional Dopt., 

Chicago Office: 87-80 Clark St. 

manager Professional Dept., 

I) 45 W. 28th ST., NEW YORK. 

•Executive Office: 10 Witherell 81., Detroit, Mich. 



A No. 1 Genteel Heavy Man and First Class Comedian. 

Tell It all first letter find tin not misrepresent. Must be able to join on receipt of wire. Fares ad- 
vanced only to people we know. Address 
';■-• ;. ■• . 1>. K. BKNN, M(tr., Clearfield, Pa., Aug. 27 lo Sept. 1 ; Bradford. Pa , Sept. 4 to 8 




Addreai ii;i K. 13th St., \. V. C. 







Week: Aug. st, Haverhill, Muss. Week Sepl. a, Portsmouth, N. H. 

l>tv 11 IE BltOS.' IDEAL 31 1.VSTKLXS 

■WANTS Comedy Acrolmllu Tram or Uonblt Club Act; also Alto, double 2d Violin; Trombone, II. and 
0.,>or Tronilione-I double ttl Violin or Viola, tan nee good Mngle.Vovcliy Act wlto can wing ana 
Ortiiiie; Hlatolowust salary; positively wire. Etuaiglng ror regular coupon. Address Willi fin. par- 
'IKlllurm IIkKUE BROS., Aug. 30. Stamford, N. Y.j 31, Roiliurj.N. Y.j Sepl. 1, I'lncUlll; 3,ltobarl, 
IK Y.; J, Dcllll, K. Y.j Walton, 8, e, N. V. 

At Liberty, Sept. I. 

K.\pciienccd In Concert, In Theatre work, good 
viodniet, wiFlies to locate In good (own. Big 
library u( Mandard and popular music. AddrcBs 
- •• r . JULIUS WUiTMl, Musical Director, 
State HogpHal. ML 1'lennant. Iowa 




wnrdroiio the host. One piece or DnMH rep. 
Agjttg ,L S. flAUSIDK, 68 W. fllst. Street. N. Y. 

w A. IN TED, 


LEADING MAN, AGENT. Uaefnl Rop. people Willi 
specialties. JOHN o. ItAV, 

l.ogun , Kitn. 


Stelson's Uncle Tom's Cabin Go. 
■■'■:-: mm OKCIIESTKA 

Who Doubles Baritone, Lady with lime girl for 
EV(i; KJcetrlclanwho can play Biuall pari, Cornet 
ior'Bandaud Orcbcatra. 

.' Address LKOX tt'ASHUCRK. as per route. 

SkBtvfr Wauled tor Two or Mere People. 

S*r|otis nr Iterlned Comedr. Woubl like to hear <f 
old wicccks ilmf wodIiI hoar revivul. Aildrcsn 
; H * YOgN(IKAN;lH VM l»l St.. New Y ork. 

Wonted, Good People for Medicine 

SBOw. state - »>1 (i OMt letter, open Oct. 15. 
'..: t : >. CAPT. O..W..SJIITU, Pickering, Mo. 


leading Man, Strong Line PartB, all 'Round Actor, 
comedian and Soubrette, Strong Speciality; 
Clmraeter Woman, Jwv. and iDjrcniie w onmn, 
(ion. Bus. Hen, Novel ly Act to Feature and Ad- 
vaneeMHn. All must lie prepared to Join on wire. 
Write, stating n»Inrv and Full |iart.t ciliary. Pay 
own. J. WALLACE CLINTON. Olcan, h. Y. 



ALSO SINGLE ACTS that change for week. 
Long aca«tn near N. V. 

COOKE COMKDV C O., Bellpor t, 1. 1- S. V. 



Slater Team, BBMhltf Arllits, Leading Lady, 
Piano Plater, Musklaw lo donlilc Sl»|c. Tuba 
and Siring l!a«». Han wllh Moving Plcluro 
Maclilno. write. S. E. I.HSTEII. Mgr„ Salem, III, 


Al man; locale or travel. Only reliable 'manager* 
address LI.SLI1. CANrlt.bll, 

*" care of Pen , liel., AHaela. Ca. 

OomlPrrcAllrartloii. at very riaiuiable pilrea 
and W"»» ™;|g'- TAtulR| g,,,, „„ mn _ |„,|, 

Character Wan and/Woman. 

Addresi WILL BEINOLUS, HatUiiinile, |U, . 


A r..'111'V, just CO days from the date ot publtoa- 
tluii, th*[ lnlmliablo "Rag" for piano, 


lm* more Mian nrnde good, And la In Its second 
edition, Not nlttce Scott Jopllu's fan.ous "Maple 
Leaf" lis* Hiich a real rag been placed on the 
market. 2.1c. at your dealers, or postpaid direct 


Boi73ri,Tl'Lr,,., ISO. TEIt. 
N, B.— We waot every professional piano player 
to have a copy. Enclose programme. Write 
plainly, and don't get excited becausc'our ad- 
dress I* not "Now York." We are rcpresenied at 
the Mc-slc Puli. IIscliftiiKC-in W. L'stb Rf. DROP 

At Prices That Are Right. 

8xr Francisco, -i r , elides, partly colored, with lec- 
ture, price ft); l'oso And Serpentine, uficts. per 
slide. Klcbly colored and blocked out Comic, 
Bong, and Lecture Slide-, cheap, Edison Exhi- 
bition Outlll, complete, $S6; 1 Universal Edison, 
complete, $6. F >. Wc buy lilmi, slides In any qiitni- 
lity. * . 

C. L HULL 8c CO. 




A good Dutch Cmuediiiii, n clever Jew 
('omi'illiiii, a good Slock Comedian. Notblng 
but the bent mm upply. Uurlc^iue or 
draiiiii ur vmidevlHe. . 

tillO. K. HOW'AHII, Coney lalnml, N. Y. 
Ctumoi's liiijHTliil .Miiwli- Hull. 

For W. Lawrenco Gallagher 

tinod Comedian with speclaily tor Irish Part. 
Heavy Man for Mexican. Oilier dramatic people 
write quick. Kenstiti opens Hep. 8. People en- 
gaped report Sep. -J, LAWKKNCK. Will buy two 
Kill Trunks. Managers send open time. 
IV. Ia. UAIaI.AUIIKR. East Hrookfield, Mass 




Man for Mexican Heavy; also flood Coniedt D; 
wllh npcclaiflep. Mum Join at once. Must not bo 
over mii In height. 

II WEItlt CHAMBBRLUN. P-**'- «■' 


I have avvcll' iia'ppr./.WaW'ifitrtner Willi siial 
ctnlial tlial I- a Conn illan or Agent. 

I. HEIST MOItKI.AMI. Hndlav, Olllo, 


UT1CA, N. r. DAVE UA1U1 1, Manager. 





FREE, Profosslonal Copies to Porformors enclosing Pro- 
grams. JOHN 8CHOMAKER r Prof. Manager. 

NOIV HHADV-' I'm Goinir A Mllkfill." " Down llv Hie Hllvef Stream," "ll'a Had lo Hake Pro 
mlses," " Hunting l he I'ok^uiii,' 1 "The Delia of I-'ulc," "Echoes of the Pusl," " I'leam* Mo Not Cl"s« tlio 
flatc," "When Evening Fulls," " Dtjintuid file Union l,iilml," "1 Oaumil Live Willmul Vmi," " Dear to 
My Life." "The Haltle of Manila,"" (Hi: Win. Will Mir* for Mollicr?", "Tlie Hood My Mirilmr W«w," 
"IWIsli Someone Would l^ive Mr," " Whero tlio Nodding Wiiinws Hrcaili," "Hweot Lily (fiiucn," 
"Sweet Molllo Medico." "The Wsndeilnga yf the Mind," "Vlcoula," "The Rugged Coat," 
"The Loss or My Dal)y," "Calling From llio 01 her Shore," "Jue, tlmPet." 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 W. 28th St., Hew York. 



fills show was changed from colored lo wliito -I weeks ago, and lias iicun doing remsrkahlc business. 
Hand and Orclicsli-A Leader with iiiuhIc, must piny violin; Oorne' lo doulde lid lid., Cliirlunel, Hltdo. 
and Al Trap Drummer. Hlcycle Act, JiiBBlcr, Miisleal Team, or Novelty \vl of any kind, good Cutitcdlart 
for ond. Salaries must liolow iih we n»y them every w«ek. Tlrkniri advatn:ed. wni.pny IihIT your 
fare rut to show. Addrens by wire W. II, HICK, Mgr.. Canyon city. Tex.. Aug. '.mi and :ai; llorofurd, bl; 
Texlco, N. M., Si'pt.l; I'oriallH, ;ii lluawell t 4; llagermati, d; AilesUi,«: Carlsbad. 7. , 

Musicians \A/ar-it:ocl, 



1). B.oi -MdNHTEKK-FLAT HASH. Thoroughly exiHileiiUOd MASS Wil'MMKHs. Vaniiiclea oecurrliig 
Sept. 1 for balancL' of Seawon anil next If HiillMhu-lnry. dlhri' Miisl^lans, jiIchho write. Add res* or 
wire caul CliAIII, liaiidmaaier Kitrniim A- linliey shows, pur mule in n,ii*ri;ii 



For ItEI'EHTOIKK nr LIlillT OI'KIIA I'urnpnili™. 





Mast lie' able' to |olnou receipt of wire. .Slate salnrv ami experience. Pay your own. All must bo 
Sight Headers and llioroughly compelent. Seaum IhOh-1'j week". nlcaxed to hoar from [,'iioiL 
mliiHlrel talenl. Address fKE» It. FdWI.KK. Manager If AVKKLY'S MAftTOHON M1NSTKELS,' 

Hlcliuiond, Va., week Aug. 87; Atlanta, ('.«,., vnfl Hopl.9. ■ 

First Class Repertoire People In All Lines. 

Prefer those who do specialties. Al Sifter Team, or man and woman with feature specially to clmnjpf 
for week; lady or gent, wllh fine voice for lihMlrnii-d song*. Slatcnll lirsilif^riEK, Season 40 wooks. 
CLIKHJItll KKKVKS, Mnrloii, Kk„ wek Aug. W; M'-lTiiiken, Ks., week Sept. 'i 


». A. IIAI.ZIEL, Monitor E Tnli. and String Ban: <'. II. 1UUHHKXMA!., Claflonel, B. and 0.1 
OILI.IK PAlUfc. cornel and blag.; IIUUT. ltCDINII.L, Hand Lcador. Camol, B. and 0. 
Joint or separate. Addrca* iv'alcrvlllu, Kan, 




• TO / ' ' )■ Irt W- ■i- ' iT- 1 -';-" i>!n« •■ 

.JUrorulfCTOIItt. |, rl, 

Editorial and Huhinkkh manaqrr. 

■ m < = — , 1 ". Li I i !. ■ ' i ■ 


■t'*.T k ■. 

Advertisements — y.,.80 per Incb, single col- 
umn. ■*■ - ■■ 

AdverHsefjoentii set with border, 10 per 
cent, extra. 


One year, lo advance, 94; alx mouth*-, ?-; 
three months, fl. Foreign postage extra. 
Single copies will be Bent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cent a. 

, Oat T**™* *« Cash. 

THF; CLIPPER Is i-wited every Wednesday 
morning. The lust four (advertising) pages 
<.U 'Kt i»..khh on Saturday at 11 a. IL. and 
Uift nih^ir. pages on HONDA V nn4 TUESDAY. 
The Forini Closing; I'rdmutly, Tues- 
4or t nt 10 «'«IocU A. MY ■ - 
Please remit by express, money order, cheek, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed with letter la at the risk of sander. 
Addrctesl ' All'*' r«upmuDi<<iiti»ns to 
xup m:w 10 uk. ti.ii'i'F-n. 

47 West 2Hih Htreet, S'cw York. 
Rcgittcrcd Cofcte A&dreM, "J^utuqmtx." 


of Tut Ci.n-i't'it Is located at Iloam nin, 
Ashland Block, Chlcngo, .William V. Bryan, 
manager and correuppndent. where advertise- 
ments and Hiil>serl|ttlons arc received at our 

It'UHliir. rfllD). ..V ,.. .*&, .!,.:.•. :.■ j. ;;' 


Located at 48 Crnnbourne St., London,- W. <?,, 
John II. Carney, manager ami correspondent, 
where ndvertlKcmentn and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rates. ■ • 


hale ami iiKi-Air., at our agents, Ilrentuno'a 
news depot, :i~ Avenue de t'Opera, Paris, 
France ; M. LI lien thai, Frederick Btranse 
101 (Terminus Motet), Herlln, N. W,, Ger- 
many, Diamond .News Co., 117 PradO, Ha- 
vana : Manila Hook nnd Stationery Co., 128 
Kscolta, Manila, P. I. ; Albert & Son, 187- 
I'll) King Hi, V Sydney, Australia, ... 

JUL M; \V \ 1IIIK Cl.IPPlOn pulills-MCB 
.ml'jr «mi- rdltiaii, inxl I- dated 
fniin \nv VnrL. 


No Replies by Mall or Tclearrapb. 


All in qcjcht or mth hiioi'ld which to 

MonuUT, IIKKglt Y.i urn lint ni< iloHTKN 
BY MAIL Itfi TKI.WlttAI'lI. 

lilt A \| \ 1 |( , 

E, E, Ili, lUelimou'tt.— \V(' ,, 1 Vf ' m WWWl" 

edge of the preneul whereulmtils of tin! nnrly. 
AfldtcKM 11 letter In our rare aud we will ud- 
vertlrio II In Tiih Ci.ii'i'Kii letter list. 
],. IV, Newark, 

A. II. II., IVlrMl.uil, 

MllN. C. .L, Cminlrn, 
"I'l'NOV AM) I)(IWNH," 

T. «J. 4t., Clear Luke, nnd 
A. Y., Philadelphia— »ce answer to H. H. 
h„ nlwve. 

M. M., Wheeling.— A(ldrOs» the Minor Lltlio. 
Co., Ilroiidivny and Fortieth Htrcei, New York 

W. Hit II., Uhioklyii.— AdilreHH Will UobmI- 
tii', laa WiiHliliiifton Street, t'lilrflKo. 

A. u. H., KiiIpbi. — AdvertlHe your wants In 
'I'm Ol.lW'KII. 

"Jkmmky." — Wc can only ndvUe you to 
writ r in the I.llit'iirlaii 01' Congress, »l Wush- 

.1. F. It., Ilrmixoii. — There Is no book pub- 
lished on (lie snlpJiH-t. Kxpei'leiiev Is the only 

W. K. tl„ Lenawee .limetlon. — Address 
M. It. Kiuikfly, it::i Smitb Street, New York 

T. K. S., PUUlmrp,— From S80 per week 

A. L.. Oicemvood Lake. — Znnrlg Is the 
name, not hunxlg. 

I. L. P„ Wit shlngl on. —Address Col. T. 
Allstou II town. Kiilt'kerboi'ker Theatre UuUd- 
hiz Annex. New York City. 

Saxtlky. Club. — Address the party, as bo 
In tlio proper one in niiKwei' your question, 

.1. M. H. . Kenton. — Address the luwryoll 
Anitiseineut Const rtiei Ion Co., Pittsburg, Pn. 

C, L.. rfflahylllo.— It wins with \aw. 

w. W. K., Lvwistun it wIbh with tow and 
jack, itH those poluts tiiko precedence over 
>!uiue In the count. 


W. A. It., Illnlririnfp. — 'rtie brown horse 
wins. Hut If (he owner ofihe brown horse 
really wished to decide which wus the better 
borse; he wnuhl not nerept the decision or 
the money, but would arrange for unother 

+++ w - ■- 


(I'KOU UpJtOWN Luillttai'ONDENT). 

'•vJ.'Wtwitrn Bureau 
' ' of lliu Now York Clluper, 
Hoom niM, Aaaland UIo«k, chtcavo. 

The Intense h.-at which pr^rallcd last 
week, hid the effect of cutting down the re- 
relpla.oft the various houses, hnt generally 
speaking.' business wns fair. The holdovers 
are: Klsle Jan!n,.ln "The Yanderhllt Cup." 
at' the Colanlal: 'Told in the Hills," at 
Powers*; "The IiI.on and the Mouse/* at the 
Illinois; "Monte; Crlsto," at McVlcker's; 
•The Land of 'Nod," nt the Chicago Opera 
House; ; ''Bedford/H Hope." at the Great 
Northern,: "Twiddle Twaddle." at the (i rand 
Opera House; "The Time, the Place and the 
Mil/' at ; the La Salle. Two new comers. 
'The Love Hoarc'" nnd "The Stolen Story," 
will be seen week of 27, the flrat named nt 
the C.arrlck nnd the other at 'the 'Htude- 

iM.iNom TiihatiIk (Will J. Uovls. iuqiiu- 

fier). — "'ITic Lion and the Mouse" continues 
is record breaking run at this bouse. It 
will remain one more week, and then give 
wny to the Bousa Opera Co., In "The Free 
Lance." ■' 

Powf.hh* Tiihathb (Harry J. Powers, man* 
ager).— Told Ifa the Hllla'* continues Its 
prosperous ehgagement, but Its stay la draw- 
ing to a close. "J ;" 

Colonial turathr (Oeorgc W. Lederer, 
manageih— Clever Klsle Jsuia and her com- 
pany of enf,ertalnera remain, In "The Van- 
derbllt Cupj" MlsA JAnla will change her 
list of Imitations again iBIs week. 

Oahrick 'nii;ATHi> (Herbert C. Dure, man- 
ager).— "The Love Rnnte," a. new four act 
comedy by Edward I'eple, author of The 
Prince Chop," will have Its Initial perform- 
ance nt thin bouse Hunday night. Auir. i'<;. 
The chief role will be played by Odette 
Tyler. "Brown of Ilarvm-d" closed a moat 
prnHperaim engagement nt this house 2.Y 

Kti'Iikiiakkii Tiikatrk (It; K. Ilornuyer, 
mnnngcr). — "The Stolen 'Story," Jesse Lvnch 
Williams' piny of newspaper' life, will bo 
given Its fl rat |M»rfornmn l ce Mgpdny, i!7. Wil- 
liam Norrls nnd cumpnny' closed 11 iirosperoua 
engnuement In "A HlronuoQH Life" 27*. *-'Plie 
Land of Nod," with Knox V/llson, Walter 
Stanlon, Mnhel lini-rlson hftd a host of other 
players, enters upon its tinnl fortnight 27. 

OiiAMt Oprua IlOtni (Hnny Askln. mnn- 
ngeri. — J<k> WelM-unud eoinpuny, In "Twiddle 
Twaddle," cnntlnileto be atroog laugh pro- 
vokers nt this limine. 

MoVh*ki.ii'k Tukatiik (tleorgo Warren. 
mnnngerl.— .Inmeji O'Nell, In "Monte Crls'.b, 
remains at Ibis boose, to coutluucd 

La S.\Lf*: TiiKATmt (Mart II. Singer, man- 
agtri.— Thf Time, the I'lnce nnd the Olrl" 
began Its Nihil week Hatiirihty, •J't, Cecil 
Lena, George Menduih and Florence, Hol- 
brook are still In the cast. 

Okkat Noiitiikiijc Tin a my. (Fred 0. Klierta. 
iiiimngerl.— "nfrdford'a" Hope," with Us big 
auto race. Is proving one 01 the best Hummer 
attractions this hoo»c Ims ever bad. 

.Ma.tkmtic Tiikathk IWm. Ncwklfk. mana- 
eer). — PHplnuu IMin Iturke and Ills Nine 
Schol Girls, and Uoliert Wittier nnd cimtpimv 
will be the prominent features of the bill nt 
this nana*' week of '27. ' The bill also In- 
cludes Olney and Cunningham, and llentrlce 

Olym,l*ic Tiif-A'iitt: (Abe Jacobs, manager). 
—Stella Mayhew heads the bill at tills house 
for. week of Aug. 27. The bill also Im-ludes: 
Iter! i.i'.-.Hi'. Kathcrlne Nugent, Chns. For- 
icster, ami Jane Couclhope. ' 

Haymahkkt TifKATHH (William Newklrk, 
ntitiiiif,'ei'i. — The dramatic playlet, "The De- 
serter." will lie a headline feature. The partn la the' capable hnnds bf Charles w. 
HUchcotk, WInlftyd Stevens and Jus. Evaufl. 
The Hard Ilroihfrs, aercdiais; Gardner arid 
Hevere, and Helena Gerard and her bentitl- 
1 ni horse will also appear. 

CuiTKiunx Tjikatuk (John II. llogan, mun- 
ager). — "While 'Frisco llurns," 11 melodramu, 
bused uoti Sun Francisco catastrophe, will 
Ik? presented during week of Aug. 20. "Across 
the Purltlc" closed n week of good hiiNiness 

Bijou Tukatiik (William Koche. inana- 
per). — "The lliauiom Hetcctlvo" will lie the 
bill for lite week of 20. Mmiy new Special- 
ties will he Introduced.. "Nellie, the News- 
girl," closed a good week 2.1. 

ACAIiKMY TlfMATUK (Will Nun Hotlie, niHim- 

fof); — "Old Isaacs of the Howery." with 
tarry First In ilie t!tle role, will he the ut- 
traction beriunlng Hunday, 20. ' "The Cow 
Puncher" cuised a splendid week Saturday, 

'CniA'Mat'K TliBA-inK (Weber Brothers, man- 
agers). — Margaret, Neville will appear fls a 
Mexican, lu "The Cow Ptmeher." beginning 
Sunday, 2tl. and for one week. "Thorns nnd 
Orange Blosseins" cloneil Knturdav, 2<"i. 

Al.llAMMUA TtlRATUK ('.lumen 11. Iti'fiwii, 

mauaBor). — "As T»ld..ln the Hills." a West- 
eru play, will be the offering nt this houRe 
for week of 20. "The Phantom Detective" 
closed a week of good business 23, 

Pdkiiy Tukatiik (11. M. Motts, manager). 
— For week beginning 27. "The Mayor of 
l'lxlr," a real Southern negro' musical com- 
edy, will nerve as (he attraction, for a run. 
A chorus. of hi iv voices mid ten buu>u play- 
• in have i k' e ii Npecla Uy engaged for this 
slaiw. "My Nephew's Wlfe' r closed u fort- 

AvrKUMATii. — Hid 

.7. I'usqu'k new bwr- yunrtcrmalue. The.« done are: 
• d Saturday. 2a. with "Business Is llaalncaB/' "The Man,., Who 

lesqqe theatre reopened Satifrday. -a 

n^gowd DlIlT of which A). HerroV Big ^Beauty Wus 

y*uii iiiiii iiaim ii u..n. ............... .™ f ,»,. / . :r ._; Ti ,i H r ' ~: 1 Ot*.""-uii.I1 P 

iiKt w«'k ol aooil stuff, nod uliould an more tlmn Wf I. two- dtntKIlt 'times, arid It mtt.'ttorw If 

Vbratrr tbri'Dt- &"< » wry . enJoMWC Iitilldny, .mostly *a ect rA rnsall nver ,,™i l„j , a I ." 

imat"t». Tb°.» "pent In Il-etaS,' Jtarba and Verity are.Jbft a" ccte "Sail over except head and/hands. 

>im wlib pum week at the Kmplre, Belfast. iM.'1m We saw Uitictira Remedies advertised 

1 acrobatic »bow la boe of tae^alk: and concluded to. try them. So I sent r~r 

t that, .' ty. Holllly* for Marba », „„ „.„..u > n « a |.t;n» „tc J ■ or 

v are lew anil for between. A Deep *?•"? »ortii, consisting dW one. cake of 

Wbow wbk tbe fmuirc. .. .'1'bo.loi-al critics ate 
iinanlujoiiH lu pronuiiiu-liiK CliurlvH tlfrlt-li s 
(lrapinlle ,pluylet of war times In Vir^luU, 
"Tlie Deserter," one of the best akelebes 

seen In C'hlcako In many years Clay 

Clement Is dally reilearglng "Mam HoiHton ' 
st the International Theatre. The scenery 

Is belnc painted nt the Auditorium 

Charles W, Hltcbrock. whose nrrlstlc per- 
formance In the- title role In "THe Keserler" 
nt the Olympic Theatre has won 'him much 
praise, was n ci. ji-i-kk caller last 
i'be play contest of tbe New '. 

ens to develop many new drai 

tar Inquiries from |87 persons Willi. ploys 
to enter have been received. The judges of 
tbe contest have not yet been announced. 
I^nnori: West, the singer, is rusti- 
cating- in Wisconsin, and will return home 
this week. l-:rnnb Slater, ''of the West- 
ern Vaudeville. Maougcrs' Association, rande 
n flying trip to Denver last week, and lias 
returned .greatly benefited by the trip -to tbe 

mountains Charlea Ulrlch's new sketch, 

"The Hebrew," will soon be produced. 
- " . 1 n « i.. i ■• 


Clipper Barean, 

48 Crzmhouraie Street. 

1-eleester Uiiuare, 

London, w. C. 

„ ,, j ... Alio. 18. 

rrenarattons ore now: woi| advanced for 
what Is claimed by lraoy.. the earliest 
tnMtrleal Autumn season dtt record. Tbe 
V!$.?' tb 5 .1™' w . c "! Itt September will find „ 
nenrly j| tu« principal London playhouses iBL*5Lirt"» 
open The dark SEES is of about the same S?ri Sent " 
duration here as In tne States, only the be- SSMr*_"SH! 
ginning of same Is about two months later 
In this city. Throe or four years ago few 
manager, thought ol opening their houses 
before October, but i;ow the seasons fotlow 
oarti other so closely that the dividing line 
between them has nearly disappeared. The 
following productions arc now duly an- 
Sflinreil: ".i Sin." I.yrlc, Abg. L'll "Tbe 
Jornls of Marcus." Cnrrlrk, Aug. ill; "The 
Wlaier's Tale." Ills llnjeslvs, Sept. 1 ; "Tod- 
<JCI, Dnke of York's. Sept. 3j ".Mrs. ifiE 
pies lelegrnra." Waldorf, Sept. a: "Tristan 
aiul Iseult, Ailel|>hl, Sept. 4 ; "The Mnn from 
Jlliinkleys. Iluyninrket, Sept. .-,, and "Alad- 
din, (.iilety, Scul. t,-,. fhe weather has 
ly cool this week, nnd the open 

**Pj *»f feS*» Chl|*re». Sutler,,, ,„, 

... and "Colonel Newcolnbe.". 

Sonic of the new tbrnS to; be viewtltl at 
the illpiHslroiae on Moniuty ucxt uri:„.ibe 
I'nmous Leamy 'i'rnupe of Women Acrobats, 
ibc Aliiioifs. musical eccentrics : 'mlettiiS 
marvelous tilics, the Wlllc ;Brqthers, In their 
ihillllng balancing act : Oudsow. the Cossack 
whirlwind rider, on his. wild borse. and Abr 
dnllab's Arabs, in their acrobatic melody. 

Opening at tbe 1'avlllon next Jionday. for - ....j. , , f { ,„:,k>„', ( ""\~" ■""v>"es 
the first Time In this country, Is Kdna Alei- ™ e copid Iteaf ol, without any relief, an( | 
nnder iMrs^Ililly 1'aittll);. She hns.ajloe then went to 3 r)liysici$n and got: medfcine 

1-niy Ke«lr> Vltlt TiftriUl^^i^'J!" 
■) Womlerful Cure by Vstlenea. 

"My husband andfive chikireri were all 
afflicted withecjicma. Thejti'had it two 
years; We used all the hoine remedic 

novel and 
nliouts of 
nnd Verily nn i 

at their date book is my authority. " Lllticura boap, one box of Ointment and 

Leaving to day,' for New York, Is Wilson one vial«of Pills, and. we commenced m 

Ma en, child inpersono or and mimic. lie .. ,U~ii I- Jr. nnt lmndffc- . . ° 

will remain In tie stales until Christmas, "se them. 1 do not knoW how to express 

Daisy Harcourt, "the olrl. from.the Colonies'." my joy in finding a cure, for two of mv 

ilnisbes lonlght her very successful engage- childreobwere so bad that they have th» 

ment at the I'nlnoe. Because of her success )..„„,_ „. r . - n ,.,„:_ i,„,i; ' 'i. e , tlle 

Miss Harcourt has been engaged. to appear ?r? wn scars on, their bodies, where tlicy 

at the HWaee Beit year. She retntns to 1^6* Mite sore. Mrs. Maggie B. Hill, Stevens 

•MSSon Gd MfflB 

■ i n m i . n i ;- 


, i iriaJ iiiiit,irLYA» ijjA. 
Plillndrlpbl.._Tbe Lyric : w |u y, „ 

rut lit (lie llnnn ,A,..n .!..._> ^ ._ ■ l " K 

York Immediately to fulfil contracts on the 
Kelth-Proctof circuit. 

Toledo, and, 1'rtce left England early In the 
week for liccllb. where, tbey opened at |be 
Wlntergarden yesterday. The former was 
suffering from a' spralped wrist, nnd was 

rather noxious, nliout his opening In the Ger- first of the dojvn 'town .theatres to reonen 

man city, ■ Their stay at the wlntergardcn its doom,., on Saturday, night. S.Dt 1 iKiS 

Is unlll slept; 30. ' ' ' - VVeronlotie,'" which will make Its local In. 

Mrs. Harry Detftp, of Dcets nnd Don. or- for a two ;weol(s' stay.' 'On the follouin^ 

rived .nfely one day tills week.. She wns met Monday, Sept. .1, Philadelphia' will have 1 1, 

at the dqeit by her slater, Ea)ma Don, nnd Orst view of Illanche Hlng, In ••Doll,- ii„. 

her brollier. Percy Mora. Conn and Conrad, Jars," ut'Jhe Uarrlcti. ' * On thV same ' dn J. 

who have been very busily ebgaged on th» "Cliai-ley's Aunt" begins ihe season at hi 

r for some months, soil for Chestnut Street Opera House ' 

good houses have beiielrted thereby, 

Ibc King of England Is'n great theatre- 
man, goer. Since the middle of Augtisi, Inst int. 

Hie king- bus n tit see the following piavs : 

Leah Kliwlitu," "On the l.ove I'nth,'' "the 

lrudlgiil Son," "On the (Julet, i'be While 

" "Oliver Twist." ••Caplaln 
' '.'I'lghls Oul, "Decore," 

to play 
trolled by Keith A Proctor. 

Le Domino. Itouge, who opens at the Palace 
on Monday, has been causing small sensations 
during the week by ettendlng different shows 
in town with her fnce disguised beneath tbe 
red mask. Sbe bns been well boomed nnd 
advertised. ,.: - 

The following, h.ive been engaged for 
Shrewsbury Floral Ette, which takes place 
Aug. II". and 23,: f'nlcedn, theCee Sieo Troupe, 
ihe Four rnUjues, Hnrdecn, Conn and Con* 
rail, the Wai'tDubiirg ill-others, the Onrganl 
'i'rlo. Mile. Helta's tfhnlne wonders, the Hound. 
Ing Pattersons, and the Kiitifinnn troupe of 
lady 'cyclists. 

Arriving at Liverpool on Thursday were 
the Lsvalis. Tliey open ut the. .Winter Har- 
dens. Moi-ecombe. on Monday, after which 
tlicy go lo the Tower Circus, Blackpool, for 
two lyeelts,: and then to Soiithport for the 
week-of Sept. 10. 
. Kred Wrfii" 

, — House.' 
tbe bouses con- paiik ([.-. (j. xlion-Nlrdllnger, miihsgerl 
—This house_ reopened its' doo— D - 

Jr.. it member of the cele- 
iiratcu tninllv of comedians, nppeors at the 
Palace ou Idonday next. He has lust con- 


Drew on 1^-ave, , . 

•"i'he Llltle Mlciins," "Lea Alfa lies Sont lea ^"^ { " n 6 "8»Semcnl nt Daly's, where he 

Affaires." "Tbe Man from Illni klevV* and l'"- s , been .nppcnfliiB as Ihe Chinaman. In tbe 

"Hanies." Tlie following iU." wcrcgiven "y rcvlv "' "' L™ ShS* e'red Nlblo's Pal- 

speelal command at Windsor Cnstic-nnd t n< '° eugasonient (lulslies tonight. Orlglnnlly 

;...uui-,ngiinm ; . "Carrots." "A Privy Council." S3"B"J™S 55* weeks, his stay was' pro. 


.... doors Satordsi- 
night. Aug. as to a pocked house, to wit™", 
"l%e Devil's Auction." The cast Includes- 
George -M. Topack. Wm. H. Lorello, Elo ra 
Drowning, I-JlaAubry, .Helen A. Sllmori 
Ednb West. Xlarle Elmer. The special! cV hi 
Lea Uuatlc.Thercsltas. and Dogota and Gloef 
nreulso a feature of the show. "Home Eolks" 

Gn»'xn Horag iO. A. Wegefni-ih 

manager).-S, Miller Kent, In ' Raiu?"- ';' 
Sept. 1. (iiirmun's Minstrels did fnli'i. ,".'i 

ffirJ 8 ' foiBS* "— B "™' ln '•"">«" 

Gln,\ai> i Miller Sc Kaufman, mnnagersl — 
Jessie Mne Hall In "A Southern Vend™ a " 
makes her local bow 27 and week "The 
Count and tlie. Convict" drew well dim 
houses Inst week, the noting of John J Ear. 
fell,. In Ihe lending role, being received' with 
much favor. "The Master 'Workman" ; Sept I 

iSrStHf*. <. 1- *- «■ NIxonNlrdllnger. in, nil' 
ger):— "Ilnled Off the Turf" 27. Ixitlle Hi" 
l(i)s. In "My Tom-Boy Girl," pleased big 
SepTV " ^ " e ' , ' , "' "'" ,,l « l ""nders !i 

•«, ,uiuiii,iu.t in »> iiiuMir i nst c nun at ^•■o-.r-.. "■•*" .u-... tt ..,. v.,, b , u »,,j 

.iingiinm: "Carrots." "A Privy Council •■ e'"-'"^' 1 '"' ,m " "eeks, his stay was pl-o- 

llari'lnge Has llcen Arrnngeil ''"The MeV- '""g" 1 '°ur more. He returns to America 

II." "Tue Wblow Wuos" mid ••Pantaloon " 1""T 1 Bll ." r ! P'easnre trip on the continent. 

...,.- ...,,... IK .. _,... ._ _.,... . . ... lilt 111 llrl.iLi./l In rnliiru in . I, ,. Il.loss I,, 

n«» (Dnrcy & Speck, managers).— 
The stink i.llerlng for week of 27 Is "Tlie 
Lighthouse by tlie Se.i." Us't week the mem 
hers of the stock acquitted themselves favor- 

$S£g3REE&S5 lBk BfeM? 'I**™*****?* »aSnee M wan h 'nbi J ^fSvW'V;rd& 

Jockri» , 'S^, , y t .o' i 'aPpSlr n on Z iS'l „&%&!&$>&' * 'f 1 «»'™!'. ff- 

10 Stoll tour. In e. sensational sketch, entitled JJEIiV™ „f ,l?^i-» I L'^'™ . " nc " wa the tr- 

culled ••The Pet .,f tbe Public" '""•"""> "A Jockey, Honor." it Is also stated that C""?" "%L "" ,".™!™ fegfi °9»Y i t - ;l ' 

The English rights of "Sherlock Holmes' "e s. to rece ve Ihe biggest salary ever. re- IbV r-iffi^J™ 1 ^ ffiffi ,l ¥*i. 

bnve ben laken over by lliimlllon Stiiwurt, forded for this tour. Kri«sllr Conrot, who 3JB8 weM kuown i^iRf' |0 t'"1* l '" 1 - r ' 

by Mrrungenient with Charles Erohman. The ''»» ■.•tlrld Iron, l tie management of the Em- Sis|a!f ic web-o,„e ,.[ rffl>i!E£ ri $i.t*. ""' 

seas,,,, wT I ,-i.hllnenc.. at the llojal. Preslon. P";e- Xewcnst e-on-Tyne, I, to have » benellt. jSSPmJS^X^iWi'^'JS^ t ^l& 

on Bent. II. Mr. Stewart will essay the role f"* d """ Douglas are nraqpg the thoiis- dlelon "a \.!u ,', al " oa !*S Kd 4 lr "M" 

nfljoln . '' ' '. ' anils of passengers- sailing for -New York to- "! ? u,j,„iA W i.'"te" 5 ' m f° "«"? •"' rt ' 

If lyas announced some lltne niro that <Wy. Their latest trip to tlila comitry has Howard iKii ( i„ .'-'■' 'W.Khanlt, 

Ihelr former ones: . 1 i 0,s A , ", , BK»».: 

-.-..-ssfiil patronage. 

Soynioiir Hicks bus wrluea a new musical 

niece, wllh vr cs In/ c. H. Taylor, and music 

by. C. II. llnlnes. wlikli will probably 

. announced some time ago that 
( Issle Lofius was Kolng lo New York, to be 

ben as 

27 and 

« '" llie Criterion, and one or two of the 
Nbiiw plays, st the rinn-t, ims Ik'to selccii-ii 
la Ivlleii 'IVrry for leading mnn during her 
American tour, , 

Jacob P, Ailler, Hie popular Jewish iictor, bill with Sim, Vlid"o0lnVaT8at,"were Ever 
has ittnile a tremendous hit in London.' on burl and Ultliigc. 

i'.io' 1 ' 1 ;' 1 "', "' k ''"' "'. 'nf I'n.vlllon Theatre, . 1 ,'»"' l .» <'rollln has l,een doing splendidly 
"!?.'! r J' l . l !" K i *?. V ,™. ,I ! I""" 11 , is'iqile surgcil nt Ilrlgbton this week. In a few weeks lie 

will go lo Paris for a long run, possibly' six 
months Lelpjlg returned to town the'mld- 
d e of Ihe week, nfler u month's engagement 
?!,."". !'"'.";" Marlgn,v. Purls. On the same 

will lie sailing from these shores, as lie is 
due to open al Keith's, Boston, the first we.k 
In Oeloher. 

... '''""' Pleasing turns nt the Alhanihrn are 
lony Wilson and iiciolse, and Hie Amoros 
hlslers. ltiltli nets occupy good places on tbe 
bill, and lliey go exceedingly well. The Mu- 
sical .lolinslons are meeting with Ihelr usual 
Blleeess. Next week will Hod iheni nt Black- 
pool ng.iln for iim.ilx-,- three weeks. This 
will lie their third engagement at lhat sea- 
side resort during the past few months. 


Portland. — At 


the 'Jefferson (Cnjbi i 

MONTANA. " " '" 

r • 

Ii...,.- — Al the Broadway Theatre (J. K. 
ileslct, mniuigert the Stewart Oiiera Co., in 
"ltiibetle," played to a large house Aug. lo. 

(iiuN'li Opkiia llfit'si: 
maiiagerl. — Lulu Sullnu 

(Dick P. 
and conipuilv, 

nlglifs engiigemout at th|, liotlac 

Tuui'AiiKlio TllkA-riu-: (I. M. Welngnrleu, 
ratinager). — The. uiuslcnl comedy cooilc oiiera, 
wllh solos, duels. Iritis und choruses, will 
lie Die features of Ihe bill for the week of 
211. Hurry Bryant's Kxtravngauxu Bur- 
lesque Co. will be Ihe attraction. The Troca- 
lloro Slack Co. cloyed Its season 2o. 

I''ni.l.v TIlKATtiu (John B. Eennessv. inan- 
nge.r).— Ilellly & Wood's Co. will he featured 
for week of 211 at t|tls house. Berg's "Six 
Merry Girls." cuiininghnin nud Coveney. Wil- 
liams and Aliyne, and Henshaw Franslotll 
will appear In the olio. I.n-.! week Mluer's 
ltobeinlnlis closed n week of good lluslncss. 

Wutl'H t'rrv i I'n nl 1). lLpKse, nuinnger). — 
Tlie novel! r of Ihe bill, iH.gTiiiilng or the week 
of 20. will is 1 an octette of lerench fcinnle 
singers nnd dancers, who will assist Henry 
"Morni's Old Guard Band." There will he n 
new bill at tbe vaudeville thealrr. Midget 
City. 'I'he five show. Jewell's Manikins, and 
IIIU Otto's Wild Animal Show continue fa- 


other attractions, 

inlrlek Conwny's Band will return for week 

of 211. The Knights of Columbus will hold 

f.i-aut. manager.) the regular season opened 
Aug. 24. 25, with "The College Widow," to 
good houses. "As Ye Sow" 27-"" 

lllVBBtitw Paiik (William M. Johnson, i '?,'",." 1 FAA ro " t „ D . rol b"i e " < '?„ | n "Cnstl 
auagerl.— Poln's llreworks show, nnd llfly 5, B ""i;. »i'"? ere "", "'" , rll !> Gelshn, , 
' ii.v smashing all records. ""» ■ '» America, enjoying a well earned boll- 

"Dorn Tborne." lfl.2.1, httd large houses. 
The piece was well singed. Between the 
nets Male Howe. Jessie Date. Braun and 
Vel-ner. and the moving pictures. Next 
week. "Eallen by the Wavaldo." 

Nirrc.--Chi>slor w. Gllletle, musician at 
the Grand, and Irene Lortou, leading Indy 
ln meloilriniiilU' iiiles nl the Grand, were 
nini-ried here Aug. In, 

"'- n nlenlc al Ihe park next Saturday 
m ciivtks. — Ellfr, the mermaid : cti 

round Mi.- doors in a villi, endeavor to sect,,- 
seals in n house which lauely scats one thou- 
snud ia.ople. Mr. Adler Is nt the Pavilion 

for one week only. At the illusion of 

the cgiigruiont bo returns to New York. 

It Is eslliunlod Hint Ihe subsidized State 

lenlres of I'laace, such as the Theatre 
1- rauonls, the Odeon. Ihe Opera and the Opera 
Combine, are forced lo give ovviiy ,so luiuiv 
free scats to members of llie government that 
lliey eau never make, any prollt. The yearly 
siilisldy paid to lite Opera Coiulquo amount's 
to eight thousand nullnds, bat this sum Is 
more tllnn eiiiwllcd by the tickets claimed by 
IHilltlel.ns. lieiiutles, not content wlllichilni- 
ing seats for llicmsi-lves. arc In the habit of 
asking for them for their constituents, bo at 
Ihe end of Hie season there Is ulwnvs a tie- 
flcleut for lite house. The same' practice 
ubta ns In the provinces o( Erauee, Where the 
thonfrlciil miiuuger Is Ihe servant of the mu- 
nicipality. So many free seats are exacted 
from tlti- unhappy luitunger that It may be 
snlil the subsidy ruins the theatre. 

The middle of the week, "The Belle ol 
Mnvfnlr" wns done for the oue bundled nnd 
Ilftlcth time nt the Vaudeville. As slntcil 
before, Edna May Is not In the cast. 

At i ' an nintlslng action for 
damages for Insult Ims been concluded be- 
fore the French, Ooneulnr Court at that port, 
Paul Sim, a CoiiNtautlnople critic, sued the 
tenor, M. Holland, for calling him a "pIk- 
nont" from the, singe. Holland and Sim 
were not on good terms, nnd when Holland 
enme uu the stage Is sing his part In the 
light o|iern of the evening and saw Klra sit- 
ting In the front low of Hie stalls, he about. 
ea r "Ko you nre here, you nlguouf.' 1 The 
consul could only make out that "nlgnoiif" 
meant n ohoemnker's apprentice, ami' de- 
dined to award Sim nny damages. 

-sUBo* si^yiSlJ™ .:■'.;■ 

man. nianngcr).— The Zylpha ijidles' „ 

cliestrn and moviug p letiires enterlnla here, thentjo arc 

Gninbler from Ihe West" follows." 

IvKiriis ill T. Jordan, manager).— Ned 
nnybinns HnltoDenrs are the leading real-. 
lires week of 27. Olhers nre: T. J. Koch 
and company, Meredith Sisters, Seliiut 
llrantj, l.eo Day, Caron and Enrnum. Illiiss 
and llenilnglou, Elf/wruld nnd Glldny, Bnl- 
tare. Brooks anil Nedder, Carl Cook, Adnlr 
nnd Henry,. tho Pour Meivlns nnd the klnclo- 
grnpli. Business wns big Inst week, 
v.. ,."'. "}''"W. "'■ '"'«• manager).— The 
New Centqfe Girl, 27 ad week. Two bur- 
esqiira. "The French Ball" lind "The lluftg 
KPrKr' ,i" r '' V. ""■. Programme. In addition 
v., ft! o"."' which Incltiiles: The Bnrtcllcs. 
Nellie Sylvester, May Belle. Millie Vnlmotir. 
ernnels Bishop, Tom Harrett.Jnck MeCnlie. 
irnnk llnycs. and Arthur Vonn. Williams' 
Ileal I-.xtrnvngnnxn Co. hod a sueeessli.n of 

wenk " 8 °" W Slor 8Uow ,ilr,s BC,t 

trJrf'WX , j0 J l " <?• Jermon. raonagcri.— 
I is the last week of the stock burlesque 
c'tmponl, the regular senson opening Sept. 
i.' w J , 7Ll l, *i- I f" rat » Duchess CoT Business 
wan fair last week. - 

m£* n K0 . ( -'l!" * K °enlg, ro«nogerB).— 
JJi.„t".«"' r ..J" !w Vork stnr » "pened the 
amson 25, wllh a cnnnclly house. An olio. 

to Bi!',L? l< "' , ', 1 £IH 1 , ' 1 '>' aon ' l '"nnle Everett, 
the Shlonlna, Williams nnd Dawson, Mer- 
"li'' Alvony and Bush Brothers, furnished 

. Ohst, Penk's Island (0. W. 1*. Coding, 
manager) — The stork continues Its pleasing 
presentations. But one more week remains 
of the season. "A Bit of Scandal," 2f>-2!V, 
nW^'<^?>S &-^^&SR "BoVlon-raies'S 

^Thffia^jtt^sOT mo^,T.^ r r% o a\2ierr ,F a D o , f 

^I'K°Cu-TTp ik TH F ATnE (E. V. Phel.n tmgli^jaimiK^^h!M 

m;u»g?,.^^„?,,,e,,^co D ,,S»^,ce,,e?,,• ^% t S's^¥^* a ^^i^ 

on tlie ballndlsta James lie 

.. Through the eonrtesy 
of Manager JPht'lan L the oflleprs^niid men from 

Waiting "«' .. 

u was showered' 

ewnlng SB ""l.-o™ I°Jve and E"^ 5 * ToMn^'' ' , r'? eDh "' "»""'•' »"'" %•»» »"" 

He ,m s nd s r.r E J-fsSss ia,"Sr ta *™°* 

rarrnaeerl.-j. w. Gorman's Columbln Vaude- ' BhAncvntinon'^ "dim .1 &d« (T. P. Hop- 

ts of much merit, to kilts, matjtucrV.— The Fall senson heinn "-, 

"."lev. favorable 'eon- wltlii big 'crowd. A "I, 1 2c ^ curio 'hall '"lie big 

vlllo Co. preRcntcd - 
line hualhesa, L'O-Su. 



llurllnjilfiin. — At Hi* Strong Thealre 
tralin St (iuuil. uiauagera) the Karl Burgcx* 
Co., week of Aitft. JSt, ideorietl. Boohed: 
raster's moving nlcluren BQ, "lied l-'calher" 

♦ *» 

Sorrii" Co. — We oncned lite aeaaon of illllil- 
ft*. Aug. 14. on Ca|M> rod. Manager Itoekwell 
hna one of the bent colored nliowi* oil the 
road this senion, nml Judging Troln the tin- 
itR'nnis offera of goftit tl(ite nl Ihe Iteal liou^es. 
It looks iia If Ihe iii'iisiiiTit \' ef laat year 1h to 
he daiillcated Mils aeaaon. 

Manaokh .i.m'ksi.n has leaaedriata Ilock- 
Welrri ihree net veralon of "Jack and the 
Bcaustallc" for the,,t'lara Turner Co. 

_. 'apt. flow* 
elaon. the ski Jumper, will he the fcutiLrcs 
for the wi'ek of 38, Free helter-skelter Clara, 
free dog :md puny show, and free akl' con- 
tests will continue to he given. A prtxe of 
SKiti will hf given this week for Ihe nolutlou 
of the ni vkI cry of I-.'lter. the mermaid. 

Sank Horn (Leonard Wolff, aianagor>.-r- 
('apt, l.eauder I'vaih will he the new nitnio- 
tlon at thin mirk for the wci>k of L'tt. Anew 
Wouderlaad la being luataih'd. and all th*' old 
favorite siiiiwi remain. A new hill will be. 
|ireaenled In Ihe Vaudeville. Theatre. 

Uavinia Tiilathv; (J. J. Mu,rdock, toana- 
gerl. — The Thianna t>rclietdra closed here, 
With a Kiilettdhl arrav of sololsls on the i»ro- 
gramme. i-'vhlny nluht lias been reRervetl 
for a hmnI iirogtatame. the ilrst uart de- 
voted to Wagner, and llie aecond pun to mis- 
ccllaiit'otis ronipoaltloiiK. 

OI.AHK Stiikkt MfRgl'H (I,«iiIm H. Hedges, 
manager). — The hill of week of 2(1 will cou^ 
tnln several new features, nud attractive 
im.grftNimca are prnmlaed. 

M&IMK ]»i\ie MraKK (Wtlt J. Sweenev, 
mannaerl. — Volney, the man of invMterv: 
the Norseland giant, the allotted woman, Nel- 
— armleaa painter, wlIl:ho the curio hall 


hacked hy a I'arls syndicate Col. Maple- 
son slatea .that lie has made an nlTer for 
the Londou Oollseum. The offer 1b a cash 
one, Inni Informed, to Oswald Stoll, mnnag- 
Itt.w'wtnr.of lhc_ Collfieuni ('oaipaiiv. of 

Iz&rfS. T°^.» Mamie,, female piiglllst; Cn|c 
New- tnln Ulngmnn Mdik. Jatncs Mnndv. Mile. Olo. 
'\ " r * ?{**; . K( l ,,,Tms np«J nubher Neck Soe. In the 

Oklnhonia .CHy,— At 


... tho 

The • Cfirey-Cotler frlo. Allen 

-■'. the offer wiiri.e placed Bfore iBSg WP-*- WW mhnjigera). the Curtla 
nan meeting £""' p"'}^.* ™ ( ?k™^ B*» * ' 

Ihe debenture holdeh. ga soen M'a lupetlnir 
can he convened, ('oloncl Mnnleson has hocu 
eleclcil tirnldnt of the Society of MubIc 
of which ihe '- 


Delmnr dnrden 

"iioes wig 'iff Weber* «S &S2W 

Aug. II', """ 


o,£.. ■ J ,'- .;"'" v.i>,rer. ncnevieve jncouy. 
Sothers and Iloft, the WtallfHUL Joe Cramer 
nnd l.ubln's elneogrnpli 
.J5** < 9*'?Mv^ rA » K (•*• n. Lincoln, nun- 
SS'i'.'-CT? ""? 1 .," "aid begins Its llnal week 
™.i. "SJ. w i" °^ n ■" 'be season nt Ibis 
*faUiaEt**!S!t " la, week was Immense. 
WKffiti* Pajk Herbert's Blxfh Hegl. 

and niiihot-lsetl Colonel Maples, 
Hie offer, leaving C4ll,otlll „s win' 
Should this offer Ike nccepled. I. .. 
to run opera enllrely on condnciital lines, 
and to present. In nddllltm to standard 
operas, several successful works which bnve 
not vet boon performed In Isindnu. it I, n 
part of Colonel Mnplcson's scheme lo con- 
vert Ihe root of the Coliseum into, an open 
air garden, where Ihe audience could repair 
In Summer be! ween Ihe nols, and where sun- 
nera could be served after tbe opera. In- 
terviewed Oswald Stoll. who. as stnted be- 
fore Is the rliairrona of ihe couipaoy; stated 
that negotiations are now proceeding but 
so far nntlilp.. rteiinlte has bren seiiieil. 
■ llMrbphm 'Pree, on. his tour, which begins 
son, armless painter, wlllbe the rllrlo hall ft IllackuAal on Rent. .1. will be sittipnrtcil 
Mttncllons far week of 2ll. In the theatre by ll,e follow ng players: Nora ' Lancaster 
Madge' Marlb-v, Helen Evetet and Susie Constance Collier. .Mrs. K. II. Ilrboke. lid' 
Cnraello will be features. uund Maurice, 0. w, ■ Anson and Charles 

iii.oi 1,1 nit- not- civ or MUSIC. ..... r . , •."»•, .■", nun n. ». >>., aim m .Ui:»iii.,.. ?"."*• — ih-iuciib oiaiii »ei;,- 

e bend olhces nre In Purls. ' and he ilv, S for , '.T' ," f '""• "?""*? Cat « *•« * W,t wH. t J"T S« ,'. M ""n.™""' iff* 

rlnclpsl pnlrons of this w,clety StfirSlfi Xu. *r "' ""'week. The new press T1 " 1,™ B „, 'T* '»• « Ancliy, nianagerl — 

1 of e20».oO» S^,,n^,,,,,L I ^ w ,\' 8, > building up a T ' 

won 10 make K "\ , "n ,i V.' B ',.- K"t» H"" 1 ™- 

•rking ,-npllnl. Week of II). WAnTSW P™P>;lelor).— 

It in iii>niwvdn,i ... * iy • j" anrton nnd Lerov. .lamen 'i» 

!..*M ^VS*" 1 Hervloe; Vardamrm. Jnrk tilhSSr'. .1 i,n„.V 

it is Ihe prlueipni palrona of this wicietv mZAET^JSZJ^S w "^.^Ift 'Hie new nresH 

K» ]'»'.?, J«.»J«IW *LJM nt aS3P So B o,fJ!r»oe^r',?.'. ,l ,.i':..,!» bllll »"'K '*" mullc'a"^i tr aetionf B * nd ™'«" , " C » »» , " 8 

.. (Wm. J. Thompson, 
fine music discoursed by the 

1;» V ,,'" : ?.1 mlu> - Jork lMm«ori'and llltr.,,1 J"*"- 1 ■■niierlarBahdlBdra'wIng'hTg" crowds 

week 1 J was Very good and pleased dally. ■-,-,- 

Jf;A~ 09 „i. , .y o '. l i,: TI '™tre. C6. was . In. .iPTBrfBrJ. 'eeently nrlnted nnnminPr 


V\'-V8I1INI1T|1.\ 1'AnK 

jfog ,-.i ,.,. ,- . 11 B.aniigcrl.— l'bt ~ 


BraKM ft? "' f " t 'f''V" l 'n ; iVla'rs, , "ne«,Pj: W'SS tile uwlhlsned' h'l, 
£ 111 !B**rti! " n ' """ ',' * 'ollnwlng Iioiibo. Bflffi c )*\ nnu-'neen sold to 
win be In the coi-point oil : Wichita tlkla. 
C ,' »' " n ? "tan-nee, and it is tft inten 
' " n "' W> cohmnny lo build two on the West 
side of Ihe State and onerato from one book 
mv°S Mfj Will l« loealeit l™K"oiai 
83 and , will, be : la charge 6(, C.t B. Olson 

son, nrjMeljl ; K. J. u Bsore , vice ■presUent 
t™™."*"™' •««>«>, aad C.'u. Olso. 

Ii'inie Iri At- 

II, >>odmnn Wiinn- 
HIT' '," rnlwl., Knmnel K. xTxon. who Is 
largely Interested In the project, will com- 
plete, the structure, abd wlllliave It ready 

„i?P Q " HSH «?«•!> H T. .Craven, dra- 

^in'iSS! ^ r "'' ?"*'|e' WfVi »»• "' 
turned from, a three mbntH,' tour df Rutope. 
IkiV.'H'ft-^ *• Wegefdrth gove a 
veV,u r "5! »«''■■ to the stockltohlers of the 
William Penn Theatre Co.. whleb Is erect- 

,„ -""" "*' -° « •'• * ""an; ^fi2ttS*Jm&& 

*U«»lM,g»j,—Th6 Nlgon, otiens Its t««son 



Aug. 27, with Dlabjr BclL.ln "ThO:di ( ratip,n 
HW PWS ' '?&*• WlggB, of flic CnUUngc 
I'nirh." next week. ... 

Arm.— "Under Southern Skies." 'J7 ami 
week knot, week "The Volunteer Organist" 
ntnvcd to good buslucBB., .''Sunday" follows. 
P (Ihanu.— I'hlH wceji'B bill IficlurlcK : "Thebe," 
it muslcnt fantnay,. during the .notion of which 
\Ym ltiiclc and tho ten *'I<ottio'.' girls *ire In- 
tr.tduml; l'rof.. Allien! and "rotor the Croat;" 
ivrkinsnhd Plttcr, ijiilnliuvotid Mack, chalk 
Saunders,.; CrocRer and Arcwjr, Henry ami 
van Atstyne. Win, Mealy, itnd Montrose, 
solbinl and Urovlnl, Wnrrtty. Sisters, Mllcuel) 
j, ml Cain, Bay Cox, Seymour's doga, aud the 

ltyi.ARiw.— The Mme. K. Idpzln Ylildlah 
rn of Now York City, headed by Mme. K. 
Llticln and Saul Tornberg, Aug, HI, Sept, 1. 
Jlortlia Kollcll, In "The Honuia," 
will open the regulm- seoBon Sept. :i. 

j), ltU i;, — "A. Matt a .Hroken Promise"' thin 
week I/fl«t week, "llcr First False Step" 
iilcased, and played to goou undness. Ttic 
IttiVn, In "Down Hie 1'lke." next. 

IH.anbv'm Kmi'Irk. — "Yon Yonson" this 
week. T'UPt week, "Queen of the White 
Hlftvea" did well. "On Dangerous Uromtd" 
next week 

UAYETi"."-'Hie senson opens 27. with 
lloble's Knickerbockers. Rose Sydell's Lon- 
don. HellcB next week. 

A^aphmv ok Mi:hic— The Avenue Girls 
UiIk week. William*' Ideals next. 

U'»A l'ASK.— l'hll l>. (iretrne. 
* cahinu. — The Ureal Kaymond, Laura 
ivterson. nhd live other big nets. 

IMiKAM City. — All week: Iloicombe/s Pitts- 
burg Hnnd, l>o Uenzo and Luduo, Howie's 
London Mlustrels. 

Wkht -Vilsw Park. — All week: Nlrella's 
Fourteenth Jtegbnent. 

Kt:N.vYWuoo Park. — Kverv night : . Orent 

Western Tratn. Hobhery, South Amerlenn 

' i"ii'i throwers, drnmntlc representation of 

jteminglon's lialnllng, "Fight Over the Water 

Sm'TIIMRX I'AliK. — All week : Ileywnnd, 
Kcnvon nnd Do (forma, and Kllwond CD, 

tiAKwwm 1'auk.— :All week: Jones nnd 
Mutton. Polk mid I'otk, Uodgrs and llo<lgon, 
and John F. Clark. 

CamiooN Pauk.— JcIT nnd LftT«m Henly, 
Talbptl arid Healty, and lutes); moving plc- 


... i — - * ■ ..-i 

York. — The Y'ork Opera House (II. <!, 
Ventz. manager) will open for Hip season 
Saturday, ftfet 1. with Mary Marble nnd 
Little Chip, In "Wonderland. ' "A Uagged 
Hero" :i. "A Hairy. Fnrm" 7. Manager Pen lis 
litis hooked n .large list of llrsl ohms nllriic. 
tlnns, and- indications [stint to prosperous 
business. , .- 

UltlULAXD .I'AIIK TllRATUR Hork SI. Itnll- 
wn.v Co.. managers i. — The Highland r«"'k 
Stock Co. pleased capacity with "Too Much 
Mother-in-law" and "The Little Minister." 

i;r.K»TUii: I'AiiK (tin- l,iil/.-]nnil;i|i Ainuse- 
meat Co., managers). — This house, having n 
sealing cnpnrlty of several hundred, was 
opened lids week, nnd will present to llm 
public moving pictures and illustraled sonys. 
. From the attendance. It Is evident IhtU the. 
untiiHgeninnl will succeed. 

I'AtiuiR .(Win,, II. Pyle, manager), — -The 
nimmger Is preparing to open about the mid- 
dle,, of September, and promises to> present 
c\ en stronger bills than those of Inst season, 
which drew large houses every, week, 

Xotkh. — Annie R. Voting^ treasurer of Ibe 
York Opera House, his returned from a long 

vni'si lun, and has resumed her position 

Nellie Walker left to, rehearse In "Lovers and 

i r-.-stU." in Row Vftrti. MIhs Wnlker win 
make her theatrical debut with this company. 

Knston.— The Able Hihtu Ilounn f \v. fC. 
hetwlller, manager) opened Its scnKon Aug. 
•I'l with "The Hevirs Auction," which, did 
rule business only, owing to the extremely 
warm weather. The following productions 
also plaved to fairly gocsl business tuider Ike 
I'lreumslancc* : "Duster Brown" 21. "I'iiii- 
handle. Pete" '2'2, "The KrrpM Hoy ^4. 
'I'he bookings are: "Palntlne the Town'* HT, 
"I'eggv from, Paris'* '2H, "Wonderland" 'M, 
"A Uagged Hero" li), "t'liarley's Aunt" 
Sept. I, "Tlio Unlry Farm" B, "The Ginger- 
bread Man" U. 

1HI.AM) . PAltK / (-AS1SO (II. K. ReglllllC, 

mRtnujer), — The warm weallier conllniies to 
stud large crowds to this papular Suniinri- 
lank. Hurjug the j>ast week UcHkoii, Ibe 
eJiiy ntndellug and Mmoke arllHt : Knrlls nnd 
Itnsse, with their Intelligent dog*, and tho 
TJiree. O'Neills, In their minstrel act. were 
uiiiuiii; >ae favorites, and nfTordcd mast jdens- 
itni entertainment for the thousands or ,|tco- 
' pic who attended the performances during 
the week. J'utsy Dora and other ei|iuilly 
eillclent vaiulevllle Kpccbillsts are thu attrae- 
Hons for the current week. 

, . . r— ■ ■ ■ ' • ' - - 

JlnrrlNlMirrv. — At the Lvrcnm Theatre 
1 31, Itels, ifannager) ''DcvII'm Auclbm" drew 
» nlt^houno Ang.,22. Olghy Hell. In -The 
lldmiidim of .Mr. I'lpp," opened here 211, to 
big business. The company Is u- strong one, 
and. the, piny scored insticceas. Mr. Hell Ml 
ohllfod to inoku a speech. Al. II. Wllsnn. In 
"Met): In Ibe Alps," 22; (Jorman'8 MlastrelH 
Sept. 1. Wlllon Lneknye will 0|»n Hie WJO- 
uo'ii here it. in "The Law nnd Hie Mhn." 

Ul'KDA HottSH (M. Itels. mamigi'r). — Ibe 
Aubrev StfK-k Co, did well on the week. 
Sclma Ilfcrmiui, In "Queen of (he Cnuvlcts,' 
27-2HI "When the World Sleeps" .'Ill-Kept. 1. 

Paxtanci Pauk (Felix M. Onvts, tiuina- 
U'T).— Lyle's Minstrels come week of 27. 
This populnr resort, which has broken all 
records for lmstnesB Ibis season, will close 
In two weeks. 

Nmtks.— Hubert McOllntock, of "When tliu 
Wuria Sleeps," and Stewart L, He Kraffl, 
or the Wilton Lackayo Company, were eti- 
lerlalned bv Speueer C flmrterH, of the 
Tuoumh H. Shea Co., 21, nt dinne r. 

SiTanton.— At t1m Lyceum (A. .1. Duffy, 
manngeri "It llnpia-ned In Not'dhind eomes 
Sept, 1. l»oekstndei's Minstrels. Aug. 21. 
opened the season to it crowded house, nnd 
gave Kiiilsfnetlon. 

Attnmil (A. J. Duffy, manngerl.— no 
lutrrnatlonal . Slock Co. week of 27. I he 
Alhambrn Slock Co.. the past week, was 
received hv giwcLhoiiHes, 

Ktaii f AIT. Q, llenlnglou. manager).— 
The season of burlesque opens Sept. n, 

Cmi-iit KgrAiiK TllKATltB.— TfcO season « 
vaudeville opens 3. 

Notkh,— Harritim & Halley's Circus 27.-.. 
The Main Show Sept. :i. 

Alio ono.- At the Mislilcr, (HftW Bell 
pleased a lance audience Aug. 2-1. "I'ridcr 
Southern Skies" 2.">. "Painting Hie IWi 
follows. "Sunday" :il, Al. II. WIIkoii Sepl. 1. 
"'IV Utile IhicWss" S, Wilton Uickaye I, 
Louis -lames fi, . _ 

KbETHXtll AVH.XUK.— Miner's Merry Hnr- 
1's.pters had full house 2X Myrkle * Harder 
Stock Co. 27 and week, the Avenue Hlrls 
Kent. fi. Oriental HurlewiHera I- , „ , n 

Ukbmost. PARK. — IMHy Jolinaon s Creole 
Holies 27 and week. 

■<«» ■ 

m \nii: i \hiii . 
Whose picture appears on the front page of 
Ibis Issue, Is now apjiearlhg In "Marrying 
Mary," a new modioli comedy. »*""';. 
Theatre, Icivlng opened Ihero Aug. It. I he 
aiipearance at this house as ■...«•' J?- .ft 1 
more than ordinary Interest In Mltw I »liln. 
as she wits once leading wndirelte or Augu«- 
tln Daly's company. Her recent xiiocss.-. 
Or* too well known to require menfion at 
this time, and doiriillewt In her present 
vehicle her manager lint* found n piny wlilcii 
she will mid to the list of (hose she has had 
the fortune of popularizing. 


XnntAS HAmixu informs no that hh part- 
ner. Mpn'.ircf Coyle, la regaining bcr healtti 
at Wild Wood. 


1 H ! ^— - — I ' ' i — : I — 



." Sfh n,n h o V" K,,>n . npQm «'">"ny even- 

{Kir rnJfe C ?. ,U H ,bn . n,Ul t»"' ; l , ul««'fl hrgln 
.r,., n ^" l " P . *' nr, ' r WB "*'» « Monday 
if ernoon. nnd on Satardny night, S cpt. f. 

HolllF >I llw Pnrk and lie Co nnlnl, wiH nil 

Urn .nfli Pf Pr l!,m ?* .'" ,b " r W *fi nSS 
Hipheiim (formerly Kmptre). uneM on the 
IgrffW ^"^Ml'e ho,>,e! under m in 
, ", l nt "oi-'-y Wnilama. The new bills 

tLiSt&SKf.: - : M Btakcs Will Happen," nt 
Oft "Custer's L f ,st Fight * at tho 
IV mL , 1 . 101 '' 1 , 1 "" 8P - ■■* "Nohody's ltnrlltig." 
a the Howdnln Sqnnre. Last week's bust. 
nesH was satisfactory 

i Huston ( Lawrence McCarty. miinnger).— 
1 lie regular oobmmi begins Aug. 27? with 
the llrst production on any stage of "Caisj 
Cod lMilkn, * ■■ nautical rural plnv, In four 
actH, drnmnllxed from Mix. Sarah P. .Mel, 

.m-ncs novel by Karl W. Mnyo. The cast 
melUrtes: Karl Itrown, Cbna, Mackav, R. .1. 

tab i Iffe, <;eo KbbardH. P. A. Nunnery. J. 
ii" n A' "iV* ." IIIlnm Hurrows, Snnmcl Colt. 
Ilnrry Monlgiinwij. A. W. Wllllutna W. II. 
Ml. .TntneR. Sarah Perry. Hessle llarri-ienle. 
[siiiiy Addison Pitt, Carolyn, Anna 
Hbenton,. Ufldon Morrlann. Heryl 1'iilhasn 
nnd Allaa MorrlKon. Llebler A r». nn the 
prcs livers, mid Hie cngagvnieiit is fur three 
Thbmont f.ino. II. Schoeffci. mnnngerK— 

I he Kill and Winter si'iison opens 27. mark- 

°r.\}\ Q ^Kl'ml'iK *»f Hie liftli enjnigenieiit 
of "Tlie Prince „f \'\]»m" nt (tils bouse, 
.less Handy heads Hie uist. rti,, engnge- 
jneat Is for a fortnight, llan- llnlger. la 
Hie Man from Now," departed la^t Satur- 
day night, after thirteen, weeks of pros- 
perity. ' 

MAJR4IC (A. L. Wilbur, manager).— Till* 
hmrse will reopen for Hie season Sept. 1, with 

* J Idle, Itoiibau," In which Lonls Mniiii and 
Clara Llpmnn are starred. 
1 1 ha Kb flnuu Haiiiw (dm, w. Mngee.nwa- 

ag<'rj.--"t'iiMler'H Limt l-'lgbl." Is tlio current 
aUracilna. nn n Hiiccefsor to "The Ilurglnr's 
Iiaiighlet.." a-hjeli tested the ca)iacllv acronl 
men lust week. The Hros. Hyrnc, In "litglit 
Hells." next week. h 

(fi.oiiH (Htalr & Wlllmr, managers).— The 
'J.'.,!! 1 £*■■ Hloi ' k °'- wl " Present -MIslskeH 
"111 Happen" (hia week, ns the Until bill of 
Ibe Summer season o( simk nt ihis house, 
■■lagomai" wsh Ink! week's ennl. On Mon- 
day next. Mr. Craig will move over to the 
Hljou for a Kail and Whiter season, fiih-ning 
w!lh. "The llnllroml >,\ Lave" The tibiiie's 
regular Mason Is-gliiB mi Labor Dnv, with Hup 
Ward, In "Not Vet, Uut Soon." 

t'ANTMi Kni'ARK (HokIou Sluge Society, 

nuinagcrsL— The stteccusful Si u>r stork 

o|)rra seuKon. under direct Inn of V. C. Mas- 
son. ended IukI Saturday night. The house 
will ln< dark ibis week until Saliirdnv '.'veil- 
ing, when the Castle RrHHlY Dratiiollc Stn.-k 
Co. will open the regular season, will) "Mis- 
tress Nell." Howell [Lu^-i and Kugenlu 
Thn 1» Lawlon will bend the company. 

Ho w tioi n K4ji'A»R Mi. K. Liilhrnp, inauti- 
Keri.— The LoUimp Stock Co. Ibis week. In 
"Nobody's Darling," W'lhner Withers, nnd 
Alice Thornton have the loading roles. Dar- 
ing Ibe nut week "Her Morrlajpl Vow" 
pleased. "The White Caps" next. 

KkITII'M (II. K. . Keith, mnnnirer. )— The 
I-'udelles Woman's t'lrcbestni will cnncluile 
1be thirteenth and final week of their annual 
Hammer engagement this week. They have 
added greatly to their well merited uiurels. 
Tills week's vnudevllle cards are; .lunle Mc- 
Cree nnd company, Claire Itenxv's trained 
ciiIh, I toner ly SlHlei-M. ('nojter anil KoMniton, 
Meluotti-Lii Note Trio. Cnrsfin nnd Wlllord, 
KNIe llaehm. Abdullah Urns. t.t). Austin 
Welsh, Hedrlx and I'rescoit. Murkey ami 
Morn ii, and new motion pictures. 

IIowahu (.lay Hunt, business innnngerl.-— 
Overhauled from top lo .bottom unit made 
to look "iiple and upon," Hie old Unwind 
began !l« slxty-llrst season HO, anil big 
crowds were on luind. The current hill 
DOOM I 'I'he <Jrent Albns. .lack Wllnon, Law- 
rence and Harrington. Willie Went on. La 
Miixo lints.. Orth and Fern, Illiller llnvi- 
lainl, Hhiclc and Jonas, the Kratmis. Mnr|diy 
and AndreWH, Slddon Hrns., Connors nnd 
McKenzlc. tbr ItldgeH, Mnslcul Holbtooks, 
Cliefulo, nnd the llowardscopc. 

CnwMiitA (Ilnrry N. Pan-en, manager). 
—The Miss New York Jr. Co. opens Ibe third 
season of this popular Kmjilre circuit bur- 
lesque house 27. Churles Hiirldiiirdt heads 
the run condiment, and an unumiiilly xtrong 
olio mimes: The .Misses Vnlr nnd ltcvcrc, 
Majestic Musical l-'our. the Wdmnrs and 
Have KiirviiHoii. The smoking concerts and 
niualeur tilglits will him In be fentures. 

Pai.m.'ii H\ II. Wablron. inanngerj.— \fler 
n suecessful Summer season nf liuil'-Hiiue 
Htoek, Ibis house benlns, 27, Its reguhir MM* 
son, wllh nob Mnncliester's Cracker .lurks. 
"A Society .Whirl" and "Nature In Marble. 
Hull" arc two burlesques, nud ..Intervening 
vaudeville presents: Smith nnd Ilnrker, Mora 
Denton, Nlbbe and llordeuux, and liowcrs 
ami I'm-tls. 

Lvi'Ki'M (0. II. Hnlcbeller, manager).— 
Hob MunchcHlor's Vanity l-'ulr Co. furnhheH 
Ibe current entertainment. The burlesques 
are "On the Fall Itlver Line" and "Our 
(JenrgJn, Itose." The olio: Welsh nnd Mil- 
hind, Howell and Kmerson. Ibe l-'lve KngllMb 
Hoses. Anderson and Marguerite, thn Wang 
lluodle Knur, ami Clnreiicc Marks nud r»U> 
puny. The I hi Inly Puree Co. opened the reg- 
ular Henaou llMl week, to excellent bwlnesH, 
At'HTIN A: StoXK's MUMKIJil (A. II. White, 
ninimgen.— HIb crowds last' week, viewing 
"tin the Itoulevanl." 'i strong cimiblnntlon of 
cnilo hail acts, which hold over for another 
week. The cards: Leslie's Pig ClreiM. [•'. J. 
Dttgau, dnv madeler : Helyca iiimI Mllle Loi- 
ralae. trunk mystery: Mniule nnd .lessle 
KrankN. plivshral ciillurlst* : Kendal, siilmtn- 
rine diver; Hindoo wonder workers, aud 
Tilxle. miuke qnecen. In the Iheuti-e: Min- 
strel Maids. Introducing Krln Musclte, Minnie 
Hurke, tlrace Toledo. Cora Kvelyn. Mlhnsl 
Hlsii. Viola Crawford, Urace Ilowiircl, Clam 

Steele t'assle frcMch, I le Ulna. bur'*. LI- 

Belle Puller. Kiln (Jormnn, Frank Cook, Henry 
Mvers, .IokciiIi Maxwell, mill exlrn vaudiwllte 
by Mmwmi and Crone. James Maxwell. 1'r.inier 
nud Hawkins, .Icwelte nud Paslllht, and the 


Wai, Kim's Unmm (I<. U. Mnlker, mniia- 
cerl—Pi-of. Haichiy. hypnotist: Ilnlbmnin, 
magician; Mile. Healrlce. who poses on a 
bidder of swords: Londlu, strong man. ami 
l.riin's PuihIi and -ludv. arc strong eiirto 
hi'dl ennl* this- week, lite stage show ««■ 
sniils : llenc Citmpls'll's lliiilesquers. Ill Iji— 
Wnllv Credrlck, Hilly Hevcrly. M»J. Knellsh, 
Mnhrl Williams. Hliiifli Lorlim. Mat lie Camp, 
bell /Ulce Melvln. and Hunks nail Loreltn. 

■ .Vll'RKWiPKiiX (V. H. WollTe. iiiiiuiiger I.— 
The fill ladles' convention, n wilherlng of 
fill: Women, who are oh- Relive, tut llght- 
vclKbls. Is Ibe eurlo hall fentm-c. Itoss nnd 
Carer's niirleHipte Co. In In the v|Mie|piis i Hie- 
n reV W olio: Mile CUtwl Annie RoMl 
.leiinie Itavmnnrl. Violet .lennlngs, Welsh and 

II, I.av Nlgbt, In the free open nlr 
'ircn" will be seen: Sadie Know ton. in her 
*■ Iveof "ilea h :" Will Hill, high wire tMlker. 
nnd La Helle llbinche. In her Kllo> for lite 
I'n^liiif- •■ was cor id last week. 

W vnt:i 5isi. Park (I; C. TbompHon, -niin- 
tumh^ym fenturvs this week .ire: l»i.rl- 
log's t mined ..onles. Van MHjri N; 
trlnle bar lierformers; l'mf. U lloux, Ml* 
oDiil-t • Pre*! A. Ib-nneti. liumrairtintor. and 
Bi Hnlem failei Hand, The season 
tine will tOflt nntll Sept. 1.1, 

Vowr' nniA P.UIK M'iiiI Alljerte. Iiuiuil- 
gorj.--JHll for «uek of \X : Uellmuu uud 

Moure, the Mussnnds. Hnlley and PUtcher, 
"111 Archie, the Pnnsunls. and the komo- 
nrnpb. The nrtndcal eometly, -What Wright 
Left." pleased large erowda lant week. 

Munruup IhiCLKVAKD Tnt.vTiu: ij. W. 
(loniuin, manager). — A strong list of vaude- 
v.lle acta Is promised by tho management tills 
week, following the Alabama Troubadours, 
who furnished Hue entertainment last week. 

Lkxisotox P.\uk UiflR Hcnwm, manager*. 
— J. Wi. Oonnuii's Specialty Alliance Is this 
Km . H . u ?* r!l " f - Ihirlnr the past week the 
bill included: van Curlland Trio, McNmnee, 
uniiks-Bflixli Huo, nni Mitchell and Marron. 

N i nn s.— Curl T». f^othrop, ronuerlv the 
populnr biiMinrsH manager and press ri Rent of 
the Howard, has taken up bis new dudes at 

the lientl of Keith's press deportment 

( hnrlcM Chirk, stage iniinagrr at Austin & 
stones during the past fifteen weeks, hn* 
Joined "Pecks Hud Hoy.- playing comedv 
roles:, and. with hi* wife, presenting tint 

Hpeclollv. "Two .lolly Companions." A 

rrnnd free carnival Is alinuumvd nt ttevcre 

1 each from Kepi, ",-ltl Mark Price, of 

Ibis city, has been engaged Tor "'Hie Shell*. 

herd King." t. p. Kellw, tcelum of 

Kennedy s Wild West Show, at Wonderland, 
has signed with Hargreavea' circus for next 

«eason Kupt..Cn«n. Stone, of Austin & 

N tones. Is spending his vncnllnn at 'Tuhk 

Pond, Me .ihmlon Aerie of Kngh-s will 

bold their annual Held day, nt ltevcre Heiich, 
ou Lnttoc Hay. •■ 

• » . . 

i.oivfiL — At the Lowell Opera llouao 
"Cqslcr's Lair l'Tglif dretv very good IiiihI- 
nesa Aug. 'SA-Sh Chus. P. Keime, John Ar- 
iliur, Horolhy M. Lyons and ItflDJ AmVilt'dc- 
solved spei'lal-'inenib'i. Ilnrry Li inline nnd 
Mart Ucngnn made Hi- most of kihm| nuiiedy 
parts.' Heunel-Moultoii Co. week <.f SJ. 

Acaukmy ok Mrau 1 . — Thn lltlnl season of 
slock will lie ttiniigiiriiled Sept. ;i. by the 
■Severln He Hi-yn Stock Co., presenting "In 
the I'alnce of die King." The roster Includes : 
Severln He Horn, Pn-derle Hurt, .lack Chug- 
non, .In^eph .1. tollon. .Insiqih Imllv. lieorgn 
(Jlrnnl. .lack .1. Crotty. Will J. MeCorimiek, 
Kugenie llayilen. leaidng Indy ; Mnls-tle Ks- 
letle, Kodle llndclllTc and Mnrle Curtis. ■ 

IIath\wav'h Is undergoing n thorough 
brli*bleulng and palm lug for Us opening. I,n 
bor Hay, mid Mr. Khuunbn Is In town direct- 
ing tho mm*. Vandevllle — the Itest oblnln- 
nble— will be otTen-d. 

Lakkvikw TiiKATHK.—Current I The l-'our 
KlinnnoiiH, the b'loyds, llerr Ailguat Dewelle, 
the (jrrnt Nello, ns^lsled by Mile. Nello, and 
J. L. Hay. 

Canuihk Lakk I'aiik TlliiATnt:. — "Little 
ibtl llbllng Hood" Inst week enpeclally de- 
lighted the little fir Iks and buslnc** ruled 
lug. All the Characters were well taken, and 
.1. Craiit (Jllition. Karl Heddlng. Irving Wal- 
ton, tillxahcth Lnuci" nod Pauline llnrbc 
won new laurels. Weeks of L'7 and Hrpl. .'I 
"Uumstlo" will lw repenlnd.«in IlKAi'tl Casino.— -Crowds fanra 
tlirongeil this iiopular resort. 

I'lNBtii'imr Vaiik.— Hnslncsn continues big. 
•Miumrm, — The llrml wo lion is doing n 

phenomenal liiislness al the Central Street 
groumla, The slny wilt he for nt Icnm six 
weeks Kinll ,|. Horjes Is Bgalu direct- 
ing the orchestra at tin' iiihmu House. Mr. 
Itorjcs ban had a successful senson lit Cnun 

lilc Lake Pnrk Hari-.v A. Wnodwiird, 

fininerly mnnnger of the People's Thealre, 
Writes that bl« Pavlllan Then I re Co. Is piny- 
lug to capacity business tlinuigboiit Miilne 

nnd Nova Scot In Winifred SimubiiiiK. 

with Ilnrry and Mnrganq duly Yokes, In 
"A Pint Mistake." is u Lowell K lrl. and her 
pleasing vocal powers arc winning her well 
deserved applause. 

• ■■'■' 
liinii — Al -the Lynn Theatre (Prank U, 

Harrison, manager) the seiismi o|M'iied Aug. 
^K. with Brol hers Hyrne. In the "New Kl«ht 
Hells." Hap Ward, M, Hi "Nol Vo|„ Jlnt 

S ;" A ml c w- Mack Sepl. 1, Tl ins R 

Shea .'!-*. The house hits uwn exteualvcly 
remodeled nnd Improveil ilnrhig tho Rummer 

Al'MTrikirill Harry, mnnnger 1. — The 
senson will he opened Aug. 27, with the pour 
Piccolo Mhigei* Pmtl Ln Croix, the Kottr 
Cart wells, the Village i iiolr, Arthur and Mil- 
dred, Ituvlnii nud eomnnny, 'IVun nnd Kdllh 
Aliuulid, (ieorge Tluttcliei- mni rims. Pruest, 
nnd the vllagrnpb. Harry Stiles mid bis or- 
cltestra will furnish the music again. The 
bouse has been completely ccpilppcd with now 
scenery, aud many other Improvements bavu 
been added. 

Itm.Av. Nniuini tClmrlcs W. Sheafe, niiiu- 
nger). — -ftusltiess eon lint lea exiTllcnl, and 
the season will close Labor liny. 'I'he cur- 
rent bill Includes: .lennnette and llolwiln. 
Ceoruo Mni'lou. the Ci-ent Inmnn. King nnd 
Williams, the Koallng-TcdcHra 'I'rlo, and llm 
moving pictures. Tlu:.\ritK ilieorge II. Cheolbnni, 
innnagerL-r-Thn (Jnge StiM'k Co., slurring' 
Hltii I la vis. plnyed lo good business aW Tho 
Hot Karroll Co. y7-Kept. 1, excepting 1'P, 
when "Might Hells" will be seen. 

(JoitMA.v's KPUHHR Tiii;atiik. Salem Wil- 
lows (Michael lioyle. maniigeei. — The reason 
closes l/alstr Hay. This week Mr. tioriuuu's 
specialty conipnny Is the nttrncllon.' 

* ■ ■ ■ ■' 
li'nll Itlver— At die Academy of Music 

fW. Prcd Mnsou. resident ' manager) Prim- 
rose's. Minstrels idnyed In good business Aug. 
gfl, Messi-K. tinkland, Crawford, Irwlu, Kmlle 
Suiters, Kil. Muxlvr and lOddle lloran were 
well received. If. W. Tavlor's Stock Co. inudo 
Its Initial nupenrunre here 21 -2S. to fnlr re- 
turns, flood special lies were well recclvitl. 
Hose Htiihl. In "'lite Chorus Ifldy." 27: An- 
drew Muck, In "Arrab-na-l*ogue." IM-'J!) : llnp 
Ward. In "Not Vet. Hut Soon." Kepi. I ; Ken- 
nedy Stock Ph. :i-7. "The Vlriflntan" H. 

StiKK.nv'K It i.i in; i.initii W. Harry, iiinnn- 
gen. — T'Jie J. Prank Hurke Stock Co. pre- 
sented "Ilewnre of Mill" last week, lo good 
business and satisfaction. Mr. Hurke and 
MIks Klder deserve special uietilloii for ex- 
cellent work. Merl Walter, Aim Singleton, 
[■'loreiice Mm-k ami T'lon-nce I) ml ley won 
new laurels. "Hohl-rt f-hnmel" 27. i 

Nii'KKMiPko* lli. It. Ilutllnloa, mnnnger). 
— Hualucii* Inst wc-k wnn tip to standard. 
Hilt week 'or 1*7: Kelly mid Kidney. I'Mytli 
ltoberls, Poster mid lluglieH. (iraee Helmout. 
Nolan mid llolmei-, I Ml ton nnd Nb-kelsrope. 

HfrTfOti — Sill Lcillngweii, formerly of llm 
ltnllltiton Stock Co., nud Inter with Hie 
Wright Huntlnglon Co,, has signed with 

Viola Allen Prcd Consbllne, ronuerlv of 

Hie Sitvuv Theatre, has folneil the ",b>kyll 

nnd Hyde" Co, Marjory Ploieher. or 

the .1. Prank Hurke Slock Co., is Hiking It 
brief rest lit New York. 

Ni:i non Thk.vihk tt«eo. If. Miller, reshtrnt 
mnnngeri. — l.ew Plelds' nil sinr sttM'k com- 
pany, In "Aliout Town." 2o. for two iter- 
lormnnres. (II wn« given Ha Inltlnl por- 
ftirmniiee at Providence. It. L. 221. Healrlce 
Vance, In "The tJueeii of the Circus" Aug. III- 
yeoi. t. 

, Pom's Tukathk (tlordon Wrlghler, resi- 
dent inanngerL— "Tlie New Man," by Ihe 
stiK-k conijuinv, hist week, wns a laughlhg 
success. Until Hlnke wila the alar of the 
piece. The engiigeineut will (dose wllh "Too 
Much .lohnson," week of 27. Vaudeville week 
of 1 

.Nkw Uu.Motin Thkathk (I'. F. Shen & Co., 
managers!. — "A ltaee for l.lfe" Aug. SO, for 
three days. 

Oitinu Park. — Wn:dil»urn A D'Alma s 
Trained Animal Show exhibited Aug. 21-33, 
and pleased. 

Worceat*»r<— At Ihe >Vorce«ter (Alf. T. 
Wilton, tnnniurer* Anna Km Pity piiunlsea 
srtrprlsea hi "Knmnolency" week of Aug. 27. 
Lew Plebls nnd bis nil slur company pre- 
orated "About Town" 'li. la big ntlendnnce 
This wns the third present ntbui of the piece 
and n little of Mr. Plelds' pruning should 
tiring nut n star production by the time the 
rifiiipunv roaches llroadwny. 

Fiian'kun t.l, P. Hurke, resident intnn- 
,«r>.— Week *•' 1:7. PenlH-rg Mliwk Co., in 
repertory. Andrew Maek oncned here 2:1, 21, 
iti "Arrah-nii-Pague." to fairly psul returnw. 
Hyrne llmlhers. In Ihe new "Might Hells." 
cmuc lo good liiislness Bfc Ilnrry Hrown und 
ci nn pit in- will apjienr Sept, :t-r». In "Hnvld 
Hnruui. ' 

Poi.t's (J. C. I rbldb*. resident inoonwrl. 
— The farewell ap|tenrnuces nf the Poll Stock 
Co. will occur In "Montn t'rlKto," Aug. 27-20, 
and "Hr. Jekyll and Mr, llyilc" IK) Kept. 1. 
Sept. ;i will murk the opening of Ihe vnude- 
vllle senson. . . 

I'aiiK (Alf. T. Wltlon. manager).- Week of 
Sept. •'! this house will open wllh Miss New 
n rk Jr. 

LAKH fWnr. Consul. St. Ky. Co., mmia- 
k n-i-.i), — The i Pauplrc S|ieclalty Co. I.nsi 
week J, W. tlnrmnVfl Comedliiiia drew to 
good hiiHlness, 

llnr Heiiroril. At Ihe New lledford 

Theatre (Win. II. Cross, mnnngeri "Cnster'a 
Lust Fight" rOJOn Aug. 21, hi gond Imslnetis. 
as dbl "Klghl Hells." 22. Andrew Mack Ml, 

Hat(i*wav'» (.1. Mi llnihnwiiy, tnanageri. 
—The llntliawny Htoek Co. closed lis slxlh 
Summer OMWMI 20. hnvlng had n very suc- 
eessful run nf about I went y weeks. The 
Prill vaudeville season iu.h>us 27. wllh the 
following: Fatinund Hnv ami couiiiniiy, \lnle 
ti.ilv. Heo. Wilson, Haiikuinr. Schiller Trio, 
Arlington Comedy Poor, ulnMV hlslers, Mo- 
cnrlo, nud vltitsrnnh. 

K»vi»v (W. II. Shine, uuiuugcrl,- Moving 
pictures and llluolrnled snugs tlrew eie.-lleiit 
bitsliiesy week of 211. Week of li7, plctotes, 
solics ninl Umpire Trio. 

NoTKN.'-Theodroe ll. Hnvlles will resume, 
his duties us manager of llnlliawn.v's 27.... 
Since W. II. Hhlue b'ls Itfell Ihe owner and 
nimuiger of the picture show at Ho- Havoy 
ti much heller cnlorliiltiiueul, mid corres- 

piindltig business, hns been In urder 

.inliii f. leaven this week to dike 
chnrge of ll.iihuway'* Lowell. 
_- .. » 

Tn it nl 011. — At Hie 'Pniiiilon Then I re 
tCnliu St Cross. ninuugiM-sl "Custer's Last 
Plgbl" opened Hie sohmiui Aug. 2<K lo a top 
heavy house. "Plabt Hells" runic ^:t, lo fair 
linslnes*. 'I'he .lames Kennedy Co. week of 

SAtiUA-riA I'.viik Uoseph .1. I'tynn, nutnit- 
p.i-i. — '|-|m- American ViiudevHle Sluu week 
of U7. Iiieliidlng: The llaknr Troupe, Wesson. 
Wallers nml Wesnou, Ijfroy Heusoii and cum 
ltiiiiy, llerl. Murphy, Three Melius, nud Clie- 
-Notk,— Hrlslol Counly Knlr Sepl. Il-ll. 

■■ . « 

LiMvren«4>. -,\l Ibe itpern lloune, An- 
drew Mink, hi "Arrnh-nn-PoKue," cmne lo 

I'll; I mch Aug. 25. "UlKlil Hells" :i| , 'I «M 

Her Hake" II". 

1 » 

M\V YOIIK H| \ 11;. 

d«s|il(e (he o|iposltlon of the Summer thea- 
tre*, •iheslvr IN> Vontle \\\, Aug. 27. 

ltntiii'K'K tli.ns Pauk tlleurv Taylor, 
mnnnger). --"Tin* Hello of New \ orlt." lust. 
week, proved the most popular utlrnctliui or 
Hie Summer, playing to cnpuelly. After two 
more weeks of musical comedy a few weeks 
of vnudevllle will he given. 

Uiai,to (P W. MrPanncll, innnngerL — ■ 
Penple for week of 21: Wells nnd 1H« l.ei>ti, 
llranil Slslers. Heb Auitln. (Hive Ctnplon, 
Urace Wntxmi, ljati\r l-'ayelte and James p. 
Pronillove, tho llliiltoMcope ami Illustrated 
songs. Htisliii'sH hns Iteeu very good. 

Hmiuiihiv. Pauk tP.nocti Little, manngerl. 
— -New nrrlvnls: Charles llecbiw, "bnighlng 
Hilly'' Illues, lie Alios, acrohul ; llellu 
Hramloii. Hustness Is big. 

Ximw.— Manager Little, of Kblrhlge Pnrk, 
hns been arrested, charged with vloltillng llm 
lnw by giving entertainments In P.ldrMgo 
Pnrk on Sunday, lie hns retalmsl coiimiei, 
and will light Ihe case. In die men 11 time, 

entertainments an' being given Han 

Oulnluu Is visit Inn bis finally In this clly 

for a week .Itanium «V Hulley's Circus 

drew bilge crowds nt two iierforniiiaccs 22. 

William T. Hlninptcd, formerly eblef 

usher in the Lyceum, Is the guest of friends 
ami relatives here. He hns been a resident 
nf New York for the p:isi |«n jwtnt, 

I'tlen.— The .Majestic Theatre (Wllmer ifc 
Vlucletit, mnnngers I opened the se.-isou with 
llneksliider'H Mltl-treN. to 11 packed house. 
Aug. 211. Yai'ke nml Adnnis, ln "Hankers and 
Hrokers," ptenseil gouil Ikuihos 21, 2"i, tiiul 
ins 1 1 nee. '''Way Mown I'Jusi" Lalmr Hay. 

lllll'llKi'M I Wllmer & Vllieeiit. tiuiungers). 

— The house hntt tn-cn greallv liiijirbveii. mid 
will open Aug. 27 whit Six lumoR Jue 
Welch, Put Kooiicv, Mnllon Ilciil, tlnrdner 
nm\ Hfnddnnl, nml. Molly nnd Meebuii. 

Hkwhv Mrstc (linviil Hnrrv, uinua- 
gerL-Thls week; The llohlues. Ilowttrd tool 
i.inliibni. Lilly Wilton. lAurio llooth, Stellit 
Cuiv and Pearl PiiVmnu, 

I it it '.v Pack IHouoIiih* & Scrnm. mnnuri'K), 

— Hnth's orchesii-ii still continues lo draw 

Summit Pauk (!•'. A. linker, nwniiger). -- • 
Liisl week's hill drew blu. 11111 this week: 
Miirpliy, .lotitiKon nml Murphy, Taylor nud 
(ira IT, >lr. nml Mrs. Harllrlt, nnd Toulcy nud 

rarrKR,- Orlu C HiiIcm will net ns liens 
unit nt Ihe Hrphriim Ibis senson, Hcnruo 

Koehl will be muslcnl dlret-lor Al L'>w 

villi' the Parlello Stuck Co mblned Willi 

hVtlnetl ft M'Uillon, wilt itieseiit "The Col- 
lege Ulil"' week or Aug. 27 The Hbui 

tN. V.) iiihth Hoiisi'. under I In* new man- 
iigeluent of Kane A MoiihcI, will open the 

senson with "The Mlkildo," Hept. :i 

At llcrkllinr, N. Y.. Paul Krlesers conipnny 

of dun lots are forolsbliig the bill lor 

(he cuiiiilry f.tlr, Aug. Ll7-*ll>. 

Alliany. At Haruiaiilis Hleeekcr Unit 
III, II. .laeoliH. lililiuigeci two giioil llllrac- 
lloits lil-Dilulit out. oXicllUlll nllcilillilice, lieliu: 
'■Tin- Mllllounlre Helci-llve." Aug. M S3, und 
''Me. Hint ii'iio I," 2:12:1. "The Ihilrv Parni" 
ai-'JII, nml "The Nlllctynml Nino" Wl Sept. I. 

CM rilit; (Tho.. It. Henry, resident moan- 
CM 1 !.- The bouse will reopen for Ihe sen- 
son as -i bu rlesipie hoiiMe, with ('lark's linn- 
away liit-ls Sept. ;i-: P . Vnully b'alr d H. 

Pitorroii'M tlio word Uriibinn, resldetiL 
munagel 1 ). - Vnoib vllle eonlluiies to druw 
kih'iI limiM'M, 11 -id the Pull season looks prola- 
mine Lilsl week, those si In envoi 1 were; 

Lmllmi. Lillian Hbliw. nud Scnlt and Wil- 
son. Por wei>k of 27: 'I'oby Clinnb'. Clins. 
nnd h'niiiili' Vim. Sllne mid Hvnns. Imiersou 
ninl lltoillep, lli'Kiuiti und Miller, tlrnce 
ChildeiH, nnd ''00k ntid Muillsoii. 

HAIKTV (II. II. Nleliols, inniiflgei'L Thin 

1 se will ..pen 3T-3W, wllh lli- High Melionl 

llll'ls. The .fully tlrtlMS Widows lUI-Hept. I. 

Al. Tun Park I Mux Hosen, iminnger). - 

(I ten I lllleiHllltiee colli ll s, and will ex- 

I I Into Ihe Pull. NoVcltlcs ul Ihe |tar\ lu- 

ilmle: .Mill', linrello, bnllnoit usci'tihloulsi ; 

Hiuiliiii'*pi 1 mined gouts, liming* and ti gle, 

Mile: P.lhardo. and Work ami Owen, 

HoI> nisi', \( (be i)|ieril House IJllllies 
IT. O'Coiniell. nuimigi'i'l (lily llrda.' MhiKlrels 
came Aug, 21. to good tiiiHlnr>t;<i. Hooked: The 
Lome Klwvn Co.. tn reperlory. week of 27: 
"When (he Harvest Are Over" Hept. :i. 
Kellnr I, "Wlien Knight hood Was In Plower" 

S, l lent let in Protnunon h. 

KMriiu; Thkathk IT. I''. Murray, mo nit* 
per 1. — The Kiujilrv owned Uh rmoov 'J'i. with 
"Tim tju-en of the Hlghhllidera." to full cn- 
btifllj. "At the I I'd Ci'ohh roads," ■ 2:i-2<". 
.played to big liiisiness. Hooked: "flolty 
T<tlty" 27-20. dark !W Sept. 1. "Adrift III Ne* 
York" :i-.*i. Clnrk'H Itnuntvny (ilrls UH. 

MniXTAiN 1*1111. Cakiso (Lfiiibi pe|||ss|cr, 
inimngerl.—"Ttie <i" drew big IhinIui'i'm 
th» week .if 2» HVW the week of 27 "Mile* 
Anion" will Iki j;lveii. ... 

.SprlnifftVltl. — Al Ihe Cmirl Sipmre Th»- 
nlre lit. «>. 'illmore, tniiliaKeri. after being 
denned from till to dome, the scasori'Of ifiKiit- 
i»7 wns laum-lied Autr. 2.1. wllh "The Sign of 
die Cro*s"ns the lilll foe two iierfonoanct-i. 
Honked : "Carolina" Aug. i!7, 1H, "When lb* 
HnricNt Days are Over"' Hept, 1, with mati- 
nee: "Holly Tolly" 'I-,', with ntatlm-c :i mol 
Si Yiddish conipnny. from Thalia Thcalie, 
.New York, tl ; XttUW O'.Null 7, 8. 

IhiflTiiIo.— At the Sim- 'I'M. 'in ic (P. C. 
Cornell, inntiauer) "The Pree Lance" will hn 
given Aug. .tU-Sepl. I. 

Hhiia'h.— 1* Ilrun Uriind (i|S'rn Trio heads 
the hill week of 27. Others nmieiirliig are: 
( >' Meets Stsl era, Met Yen nud Poole, mill 
Howard Jiinl Howard. 

Ai'aio'.mv (P. c Cornell, manager). --"The 
House of Mvslery" Is the atliiiclloii for 
week of -J7. "RHMMHi Hewnrd" follows. Lib 
Man Mortimer. In "A Man's; Hroken Promise," 
did nicely InHt week. 

Lakavh'ITK Tiikatiii: (C, M. llngg, uiauu- 
ger|.-* -The Merry Mniilens nppear week of 
•IT. Tho Avenue Hlrln 'did well. Friday 
night Is ngnlti observed dn umnteur night. 

Linn's Muhkcm. — May NoIIroii. Lllllmi 
imugbiR. Nenl .lolmimn and Hurry Heed. 

Atiu.ktIi: Pauk tit. H. Mndiroom. mun- 
iiger). — Nelson [I'limum iterobiiis are wlimliig 
features at this resort. Ureal pre|>iirallous 
ore under wny for Lnlmr IHiy, Se|it. It, which 
will have hondt|uitrlor0 lieiv. .hnlgnieiit Huy, 
.figure eight apd Ihe rllvers nttnlellons are 
ilru wing crowds. J. P. Clnrlt nml Ciinlowuhi 
Sisters, Francis Wood, ninl Fergiis'Hi and 
Ini Pre closed 25. 

Tnt'K TitKATtiK IP. C. Curnell, inn linger I, 
— "Me. iihn mid I" appenrs week or -7. 
".Hosier Hrowit's llollitay" was observed 
with fnlrty gisnl resultH. 

' ' 'Haiiiikx 'I'm t:.n 111; il,. N, Wouleot, mniiii- 
gcri. — Under new niaiingeiuent ibis bnimo 
will reopen Sept. ;i, wlili popular priced 
vaudeville. Mr. Woolcot Is well known Hi 
the profi'SHlotl, having looked nffet' II. It. 
Jacobs' loenl Inlcrests nnd bitterly engaged 
In press work. 

--. 9 

llnetii-Htcr.— At Hip Lyceum Theatre (M. 
tl. Wider, iniinngeri (he regular si-tison opena 
Aug. 2P, :<(), with hockstnder's MlnsirclH. 
Kdwnrd A. Ilradeii nresonls Stanley Hiirk'il 
"Man mid Ills Anger* :tl. Kept, 1. 

Natjonai, Tiikatiii: (The 1'iillcd Amuse- 
utfpi Co., (nwNMI — The 1 1'Kiilar season 
opeuei! Aug. 211, wlHi l-'lske o'lVnrii. In "Mr. 
Hlm-ney from Ireland." Despite the ojiprrs- 
slve weiithcr crowdeil houses were 'the rule. 
Iftmsell Hros., hi "The (Jrcnt Jewel Myslery," 
27-2P. 'TIk- Curse of Hrlnk" IIO-Hepl. I, 

Cook (Ij-kiia Ifffl'OK 1.1, II, Moore, 111111111- 
gert.- TlH* Moore Stork Co., In '"New Kng- 
land Polks." had good iittciidafiee week of 
2(1. "The Wife" week of 27. Thn regular 
season of vaudeville m this house opniiH 
liuitlnec of Si-iii . ;i, with 11 Hlroug bill. 

CoKfXTiinN Thkathk i Henry C. .lucobs, 
mnnngeri,— The doom nf tlds rnw hmiHD 
open 2.". lor lbs season or HHt.VH, with Clark's 
It una way Ulrls, 

tiNTAiiu. BtUCII Pauk Lias. fJIancy. amuse, 
meiit dlreetof). The long aiilU'||iulei| Munll 
(Ints ffsllvnl opened here ior ii.two weeks' 
riigiiL'eiitetit Aug. 2d, with nil iiiiinenm- crowd 
In utleiidmice, ami llils hns licen' the rule 
throiigiioul the week. The Tomilsso Cariilvnl 
l.'o.'s Hlrluu of iiIiiiwh supply Ibe amusement, 
seekers. "Clilifiilin" jtroves n powerful draw- 
ing curd. The NorretiM, U\f(\, illvers, owing to 
their enormous success week of 13, were Im- 
li edtiitely eagflgi'd foe present week. 

tlMtM M.wv.s J'aiik (It. i;. Wilson, mmiu. 
gnri. — Present week ends l|u> Huinnicr vaude- 
ville season al Ibis exlrchielv popular resort, 
which hns been by Tar the' inoxt suceessful 
one this park Inn ever enjnycij. Coiunieticlrig 
27, aud coiiilriiilng for two weeks, n ntoiiKlcr 
cnrnlvnl will Is- held here, under the uuxplccM 
of (ho I'icnl cnrnpunleK of dm Hlule Nnlioniil 

HfJA iMttKRK I'Alilf Ml. K. WIMon, mnnn- 
rcn. -The Flfty-foiirlh RndOMM Hand (lo- 
cal i 211. 

iiiom hoioion. At Hn- HI one Opera lloiisn 
i.l. I' I-:, ri.'ii'k. innnairori Vork" mid Aih-ms, 
In "llaukei'N nml llrokors," drew well Aug, 
21. Ihickstuder's Mlmilrcls plenned il Itilgo 
aildleiiee 22. Nidi O'llrlcil, of llils city, wllh 
I ini'kstnder'M .Mfiisirolii, wns given n hig re- 
ceutlon and hitmpiet by the lorn I Indite, 
Knights of CriiuiniiiiH, tificr the iierforinii ni"M, 
'•A Hcsisirale I'bnnee" 2M 3ft, Myrkle-llnrilcr 
Kloek Co.. In ri'is-rtory. 27 Sent. I. 

AliMttltv Tiihatiii;. -*T|ils lionse, devoted 
entirely In vaudeville, under the uiuuiu:i<iiu'ii! 
of Hush tt. Weber, will I pencil lo Hie pub- 
lic for the llrst Hum Aug. 27. H bus a sent- 
Hig ciipnclly of l.lutl, uud Ibe furnishings 
und deioru'lloiis are ln-mitlfiil, Hurry . A. 
Hslley will la- renbU'lit uiatiagor. The open- 
ing bill Includes: II.MMiia nnd Mclnlyre. Del 
Tnrclll and CllsHando, l,o Chllr nud Hurl, 
Sidney Hcutio nud ciuiipnnv, Harry ll. Les- 
ter. Thomas and Payne, anil r.ilntnl'-. poules. 

IfnsH I'hik (J. r. !■;, Clurk. inmuigert. - 
I'm i iv. und Pnin/, llnstiis Hunks, llslrnibi. 
W. A. and Cninllle Itohine, Mfl l>l'H mid 

Coi'bli-y, mid llobhi drew large business 20- 

WlllTKClTV P.U1K fL. H, ^'ngivr. Ulllllllgcr), 
-Prof. Wlio-iii'Miiriii's bctirn ninl monkeys, 
Hie MiiMimt Hurtled*. Ihe American Tlln, 
mid John lllley phnseil 2ll J.l. 

IIMIMM & IlAtt,MV':-i ClIII.'PH rolllCll 2H, 

. i:iuilrii. Al Ihe Lyi-euui ( M. Kids, llinii- 
ager) Dronui Hum log prcHcutitl n pleasing 
rrpvrtorjr lant week, to ctowdvd housed, 

,Iooiisl<i*\ ii, At Ihe Hnuitiebi ll|ieni 

Huukc lit, Itels. mnmigei') Hbick Palll Troii- 
biitloiics, Attic, ix, gave a good piM'fiiriniiiiee. 
"Mur New Minlsler." 20, had very Hue sh-.w. 
"Von Voiikoii" iitulliM-e and. night 2."t, "Ar- 
rival of Kilty" 2H, "Hnv New Vork" RU, "Th» 
Lloil und Ihe Mouse" Sepl. 7. "The Isle of 
Spice" II. 

CKi,duoN (J, J. Wnlers, tnannger). — Week 
Aug. 20: Kllabali/iil .tap Troupe of acro- 
bats, lll'l-tht Hipmro () •telle, fie VeilllY 

mid lh\ Vi'iimr. Alexis nud Sr-liull, llhiueli 
Sharp und cimlk rtuiinders. 

Notkn. Hare Hcvll Imsh was Ihe free nl 

triu'tlon Week of 2lt Pain's Fireworks 

Co. gnve mi exhibition '„'.'t. This was the 

bllllller week of the Hi'iiHou, oil iiceouill of ll|o 
Hlnlc l''lreineu's Ciiiiveutloii. .... .Chniloltn 

'1 'go and Allen Muy continue lo win tip* 

nliiUHO with I heir sim|/s each evening 

The paper Is now up for llan & Hulley's 

Circus, which up|s*nrM here Kepi, ll, 

— ♦»♦ 


Port lot id. A l lh"(irniid Tlientre (Ji :l 

IL Krrlehsott, mnttiigcri Ibe Hnrrv Ln Hose 
Co.. John liiiuii-WIHieliun Fruiiels uud com- 
pany. Hie Three (ilr/lelles. i'IiHm Lime. Lvoim 
mid I'niiniii. ,|;nih:s Harkc. mill mniltaeiKie. 

Staii TniMilit; fjii s li. Kri-lcksou. jiihii. 

nreri.- Tin- Allen Stock Co.. week or Aug. 
SRI. prcreiih'd "Cntiglil In Ibe Web." 

1. vnii- TllKvriti: (Keutlug A, Flond nm- 

gersl.- -The Lyric Slock Co.. week of ■ 2(1, 
presenteil "Pnrftwra .III Ihe Mine," 

P.CMTAUKK' TllKATId: l.lnhri A. Jollll^oil, 
inuii|tucri. .lolin ctibli nud company. Fash- 
ion Pbite Trio, Ifnlpli Ciimiolngs nml com. 
psny, Herl Climiilierliitii. F/Htlf McMiistem, 
Jean Wilson, nnd blogritiih. 

Piiitk'h Ni:w TlllM'iiu: iThonifls KnonVv, 
nmuagei-i.- Miic N. Vernon. Ilurnev Mulnllv, 
Mnrle Hllhtrd. Itaby Itulh. Ln Ii.iIk.-i i,.. it,,,,- 

ney and Kofrester. F.aiices Kh '. Junes and 

Iliivelle, Vlrglnbi'Vcrnou. haa Hurl, Clam 
Wagner, Lena Monr.H-. Hi'ssh' Ford, Midget. 
Weblnir, the Ureal Lb.yd ntuf Lillian Itlitek. 

iiakh Si'Mjukii Pauk (S. II. Prledlniider, 
uiiiiingeri, — Tlila ithui'I co'iliuiies lo t|o ex- 
cellent uiudncmi. Hpoclnl atli-hctloiiH week <f 
20: Mnrlan LHJeiis woman ikr hlielt diver: 
Frank Comnr. In "Tlio lilo of Drain.*' An 
open nlr iiiisbicilon of "As Von Like Ii" u 
nilttnumed for the netir fit I lire. 

I|AI.K'M Si'liMc Ti.ri: of Tim Wolil.ii fFied 
PrllK. innnngrri cot,ib n totlo fair taislucii. 

Pr»|fKf.\f«;||.Kri.l,SI HlloTHKIlB' ClItCI.'M Will 

glvi' four pLTfot'gJUU'-tj 'M, 21. 


the Stew tokk clipper: 

"• :, > . 

- JSeptember t. 





18 PEOfLr.'. SO TONS OF BAQOASS. ' a'- 




•<a.—m Verne.) 

<t— Chorus.) 

-, A GOOD 

Means muoh to you. You know how it affects your SALARY when' you stag a long that "wakes up" th 

audlenoe from the "Bald. <i.-Ai You oo On.) 

Heads" to the .< 'Ooda t " Well, 

these FACES Illustrate what ffyX^t - ^, 

happens when you. sing MR. 



We 'In not wr this Is the ONLV Hit pnbltahed, bat w« want yon to try It and we will 
Stake MONEY on it! SUCCESS. 


send LATE PliooRAH (no cards) and we win send you Prof. Copies and Orchestration, and, after you have 
given H a kaik trial before ANY audience, if you can Bend us a statement signed by any reliable manager 
I hhowlng that tills song did not make good, we will send you etieck for t&.oo for yonr trouble In learnin-r It. 
That's* fair Guarantee, Isn't It! and the MurcbigonN«Uona)'Bank,'of this city, will tell you that our Guar- 
an tee Is liable to be 0. K. — • • - 1 

If you can use a High clans llallad say so, and we will send you. a copy of II *■ §t%m § i auk Tueeii Ife not bad-ln (net Its 
Watch for our next ad. We'll tell you who toot the Song Instead of the "flVK." AkIWBy I LUVt Irltt ALMOST Good. 

The DIXIE MUSIC CO., Wilmington, North Carolina. 



Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

Exhibition Model Kinetcscope, $1 15.00. . , Universal Model Kioeloscope, $75.00, 



OLD INTER-OCEAN BLDO., Dearborn And Bled I. on gte., Chicago. 


Start an Amusement Parlor and Penny Arcade and reap, a fortune. 
Edieon Coin-Slot Machines draw the crowd and accumulate wealth for 
you. Automatically run by electricity at small expense.' Write to-day ' 
for full information to 


64 LAKESIDE AYE., - ■ ORANGE, W. ' J." 


The greatest comic song lilt of the century, and the only original and authorized slides for thU.ter' 
rlilc song lilu No sketches, but posed l>y diameter models, tvery slide a .kuockonl. Fewsre of 
voided slides, tlet the genuine slides made for the publishers, Frauds, Day ft Hunter. 

Someone Looks Good to Someone, 

OK HOMKONE LOOKS f.G01> TO MK. mil. by Joh. Morris Co. The greatest Bowery waltz song ever 

" oit 

inibllshed, and the greatest set of slides ever wade. 
,9.00 A SET, 15.00 A SET 

Artistically posed and beautifully colored. 

CHA8. A. CALBBUFF, 4th and ftnen Streets, Philadelphia, Pi. 






Power's Craeragraph and Edison M 
and ini. Models. 

Reels of Virtus, ench with a hendllner or 
feature subleet. 1,tK»» feet. Including a 1«* 
lucli Keel, S'iTi-OO; or two reels for fKiO.OU. 
Vive lN-eH, ft-WW, 

Luhln'a Marvel 1»00 Kxhlbitlon Model, 
brand new, complete, cost <8o.(K>-: our price 
IMMHt. ■.._ m, . . . . 

SPECIAI*— LublD'e Marvel tflOO Exhibi- 
tion Model, with electric attachments, and 
one Model U Oxyllthe Outlit, both brand new, 
with 1,0011 feet of Film, <m a Keel, Including 
a headline!-, and fifty Steieoptleon Slides, 
flfi.Y.00.' -. ■ 


The brand new No. 4 Optlgrsnh. complete, 
and a set c»f repro. ltrltt-Nelson Vigbt Films, 
complete, for ,? lOO.OO. 

Now 10 Inch Keels,, for one. week only, by 
the dozen, 90-00; .single, T5c. each. 

Itrand new. Kdlaon. Exhibit inn Model, 
with "Camerngraph". attachments, comiilete, 
$110,011. F '• , — . .; 



k Thrilling Irish Melodrama, in Seventeen Scenes. 

•»' :'. CAST OP 0H , #RACTER8l f V - ' ! 

UfSLttS ..;...:£...:- .. HHY O'HEIL 

TERENCE O'MORE, Kathlltn'l later '. .„.....•. .WALTER GRISWoLL 

CAPTAIN CLEARFIELD, AiLIrllh LaiidlOtt. .............^....'.........H. L. BABCOM 

dugan, aearMHi'a wuiino Tool...... ..-.;■;..';.; ,.;..:..: w. r. fi.ovu 

DAVID O'CONNOR. KaWem't failttr .i...,. .- :....:...Bi M. I.KSI.1E 

KA1IIEK <l CAHSIlJv, ThaPansk frUMI....\........:...: ,:.!«. B..CLAHKK 

DAISY KEL.1.Y. frieU at Tfrmto... VS...,-.V.-..v...:..... o-i.%. !...".! ii*. MeDOVAl-L 


BLACK BODY, The JtoootrChlir...:.. ...'...'.'.; •.l.....-...,...:-.',.|-.;.C. F. SKABBRT 

RED BARNEY ) "• .1 - D. R. ALLIEN 

DARBY MTU ! tir the Bobber Barul 1 D. J. M.OINNIS 

DENNIS ll'OAFF I ■ • • )_W. F. BOimODOIlS 

The lu.ult, The Holdup, The Robber,* Cave, Serving tne Paper,, Tue Chme., 
Kalbleen'e Home, The Fire, The Abduction, Kathleen In the Robber,' Cars, 
The Drugged Whlaker, The Reaeae, The Angela,, The Village Dane, The 
Wedding. • . 'y .- •• * 

, Send <er niaelrated DrMilpOve circular Ha, 30a. 
He. S!MS. Code VECI1TVAA.N. Length, 1.OO0R. Cla.a A. Sl".u.0U. 



Send for mounted Deaerlptive Clrcttlar Nm. SOS.' 
No. t(M, Code VEADORIA. Leagth, TSBft, Clin A. 1117.73. 




The BeeUug^T/ie Proposal— vision of the qonejmoon— Obadlih'a Home— Femilr OblecUOBt— 
"WalUng at the ChunSn"-"Caot Qet Am; to Harrr TOD To^Der." 

No. 010.1. Code VECIITPERK. Lenath 470rt., CIA., A, I70.50. 

NOTE— JVe repair meclilncs making them 
cnunl to • new. work •- done by .killed tne- 


AND TUB »~, 


A wonderful kaleidoscope of Mirth, Music and Datico. Tho most complete production of Mother 
•jiujmi'H fNlry raiitoiuttne evep Klvon. ct.n place m mice tttrong Mule (^uarie.tte, Comedy AciwimLic 
Aci, Snmll SI » iting and DaiicliiR Bister Team, tinfl 10 Small Chorus Ulrls; Address. 

JA8. BONNRtJUI, Bole Owneir, MamphU, Ttntt, 


An Up- to -Date Musical Act 




Tbln allow I, booked willd 40 weckH. way At onco. will ailvancu llckota to Santa we knotr. All 
niUHt Join oa wire. : Mnalolunii mldroaK 1'UANK. II. llKHST. all othera, 

OKO. B. BECKLBY. 9ea, Manager, Inlorlakcn. N. V. 

l'arte of Macblnes and General Supplies 
always In stock. 


■S38 Spruce .Street, 
Botb 'Phones. , . ,. . , 

"fleet Us at Jamestown, 
Jamestown Ob the Strand," 

Thiri lalcHt and moBt popular soiijr, whiob'teiwita 
own sweet Htary In niitatc-verse, and dedicated to 
the Jamestown Kxiiosltioii, •& cl«. toby. Mailed 
free. Special ratea to c-iiiIm of 10 or more. 
P. A.MUBPIIY, Publisher, 
<48 R. Main St., jJMJttjjL Virginia. 


Otber nserill people. Musi linve good wardrobe and sober. Address ' 

1. B. ROTN'OI'H. Mgr, Flora DeV*,, to. 
Berlin, AVls., nntll Sept. a ; limifievllle, Wla, Sepl. 4 and week. 



All ntntst iimko Rood for week. People with Med. Sh»\r experience desired, llarmond Itavmond, 
Cluirtie Aruuidn, uh'.iitc write. State all, with lowext, In ant letter. 

■ F . . DR. JHOttPAJH, Bt. JAhnk vllle, H. Y. * 

Hundreds )>lnreil weekly. I'roilUhlc engage inents. BK ONE OR T1IRM. Itra* 

Hint if. Stock- , Keporlolre ntld Vandevillu People, aIho MitHlolans, write and tlF.T 

' ONUUIt IIUtlKS. ArtlPts vicinity Boston, mil. Hondo, miners fur local and travel- 

J Nothing too large or iniali. 

UHn ■ Ing niiiiiiiger.H. (JonnnlsslouH pruni|itly executed, 


3 Trrmujit Hum, Uoston, Mass., Rooms W, 13, , Telophon* 1U6U-71 Ilkym*rkat, 

ACTORS, BEWARE (Every Do B Has His Day) 

Horse cars were all rlgbt III tlielr [lay. So were Canvas covered 
Irnnka. But their daja are passed, ' 


Semi lor catalogue C. • ■ WILLIAK BAI. (Inc.), 

HI W. *0thSt.,N. T.CIty. 




with l'j.jicr, Scenery, Parts and Music. To be pur- 
chased cheap or leased on low rates. Address 

■HCW., Care of THE CMPPBR. 


nr/ti cowboys and Indians nrsi 




TBe "Blr Horn" Baloon— Meeting between Hero and Villain— Entrance of MM Toll" 
■IS IJIIII aaaj tie lenderteet— Collection foe. Salvation Artny Lassie — Arrival at tbeHauci 
—Cowboy Sporto, Trick Riding, Throwing Lariat, Wrestling— Departure of 8tsge Coach 
fig> J*!3V»i ,t< ft g Indiana— ltunnlntrFlebt (3 scenes)— Capture Stage Coach and. An- 
d - S" % Olrl--Indlans Escaping and Covcrlne Trail— Arrival Wounded Stage Driver at 
giant) fuajbaMl Jj Purault— ihe Fight— ThrlllW IteKua ol Olrl Irom Uadfj QalloplaJ 
Horse — lleunlon Hero and Heroine— Death et VIRals. 

' No. 0»otl. Code VAVASSEl R, Length. l.OUOn. Claa. A. I150.UU 

AT trllBEtRXY, 

NO. 6U78. Code VBDABTINAS. Xengih TZOR. . Claaa A. 

,11 M-v K >..¥,*.?' t. S . 8 ,' .. l . tU , H .'V LA ' "AWAII, SOFT. SIIKUIIVi: SHEEP, 
SI^?il!i'*.A R iS C, ■i.JSi?S A,, • °5»*T. WASHING SHEEP. Ill 111 Nl.A RANCH. 
HlffiSi* J?, 1 Kff« C SSK8 J""^" " "C"UTK," HI'MVNLA RANCH, 





*B. SS«I, Code VAULT MB. Length, 000ft. Olaa, A. (OO.'sO. 



■■■■ ^•^SmStaS^!Ll.^s&SSafs s ^ «*• •"?»«» «»» ch 


*.. aita, Pad. VA UDEVILLE. Xeayla OOf l, Cl«a.U,a.™ife 
••■« tor Xattaat Catalan and Clrenlare, I 


OJFIClFOBDrnTKD aTOODOlI* 25Cl'riii™M=rt.9*, bl .^ A .' 5 ,' lre " *7"<>Hej New Tort^^ 

Pros Sl»* Print..,, jomsoikirg, Pi. '^HTlSSS&r^^^^t^ STOsSft 

r-ttaa uacii.ALUI'I, 1107 Flllroor, St., Baa FrlncUKO, Cat 


ONK PIKCK or STOCK. Address 
CAM OF OgUraAL UKLlVKflV, Foatorla. Ohio, 


Kew Fa«es, New Acts, 

For the Ranicrn Oircatt. Single Women, Hister 
Acts and Sketch Team*, write. 


Eastern Druutio and Vaudeville Agency, 

I ..„■■ ,,.. S^.Tre moul Ron, Boston , Mass. 

Heralds, Dodgers, 

And all kind* nf SHOW PR.Nt.NH up to Full 
SheeU. New Building. Nojol. too small, hut we'll 
take tho nig ones. ■ Itoeated where -paper is made. 

• . ',: 

SEPTEltfiER 1. ! 

UTESTBY.TELBaEAPE uaudepiiie Route DSL 

• r.OI.nRV GATE . lil.KAMIi:. I * '• aaaWa* 




Special DUpatch to The New Tohk Clippeb, 
San Fbancibco. Aug. 2S. — At the Davit 
Theatre, thU U the second week of Harry 
)B Travesty Stars, in "VUtUSt" 

Cen'tbal TbeJlthi. — ''Love and Law" 27 
and week. Sunday, Sept 2,-Jiolb and Dill 
will begin *. special season,, open log probably 
ib "Lone8omeTV»D." 

Orpheum.— Bill for week of 26 : . Mary 
Norman, Arthur Demlog, Terley, Gardiner 
and Vincent, ltelff Bros., the Proveanles, 
Edith Helena, May. Boley and Polly Girls. 
&ad the Orpheum motion pictures. 

Under tl)g Ccnt$. 

Fred : ZoBEDlfi, of the 3ells-Forepiugb 
Show,- writes from Seattle, Aug. 16: vThe 
last four weeks we have been turning people 
rtvay afternoons and nights. Our business 
here Is enormous. They closed the ticket 
wngoa at 7.30 last night, and the tent for 
To-day sold out for both Bhows. In Spokane 
two vseals were born. Capt. Weble Is very 
pleased with them. The Dollar Troupe Is 
re-engaged - for next season, with the Fore- 
paugh-Sells Circus, also Kretl Egener, the 
nmous down. Everybody with the shaw Is 
In good health. We have hod no sickness 
to -speak of, but Mrs. Dollar has been very 
e irk for the last two weeks. She will be In 
the act again by the time we get to Oregon, 
tiuy I<s Kleur hurt bis right arm during his 
ttrt, when be did bis big drop to the table. 
Be will work again la Oregon. He laid off 
seven days." 

John Mack writes : "I am In my fifteenth 
week with Harry Woodward's Big Tent Show, 
and doing fine. W« are In the wilds of 
Maine, but copies of The Clippeb join us 
every Saturday, forwarded from J. B. 
Hsmm's Clipper news stand, Howard Street, 
Boston, Mass." 

Notes concerning Sun Bbob.' Shows.— 
After an absence of ten years the "World's 
Progressive" made Its appearance In Toledo, 
0' on Monday, Aug. 13. Toledo Is the home 
and birthplace of the Sun Brothers. Their 
ihow had lt» Inception there in 1891, &s a 
wagon show, and Blnce then baa been on the 
road continuously and has met. with much 
success and prosperity. In 1903 the show 
was converted Into a ten ear train exhibi- 
tion, and at the present time It la regarded 
is the leader of the "big little" railroad 
tented snows. The Toledo engagement was 
a remarkable one, both from a financial and 
successful standpoint Three performances 
were given In. the big top. morning, after- 
noon and nlgnt. The morning show was de- 
voted to the entertainment of the Toledo 
Newsboys' Association, accompanied by their 
own band, and also the Inmates of all the 
Orphans' Home Institutions of Toledo. These 
all came at the special Invitation of the 
Messrs. San Bros. Peter Sun had charge -of 
the youngsters, and chaperoned them through 
the different departments. It was one of the 
mbst enthusiastic ond appreciative audiences 
entertained by the Sun Show this season. 
Both -the afternoon and night shows bad ca- 
. pa dry business. The fact that tbe Sun 
Show Is a Toledo product, and, besides, tbe 
tfne equipment of the outfit . and the excel- 
lent billing done, created the etlmulous for 
all this fine business. The crowds were re- 
markable, . considering the fact that three 
ttf-the largest circuses and several minor 
shows- had already played Toledo this sea- 
son. The newspapers accorded tbe show 
. plenty of: space, regarding the general ex- 
cellence of the performance, and the admir- 
able manner In which tbe show is hanuied. 
This 1b the twentieth week of tbe current 
Mason, and the show has enjoyed a satts- 
Wctory season, fine weather and freedom 
trom accidents and blow downs. The circus 
performance, under the guidance of Orrin 
Mollis, Is In fine shape. The leading num- 
bers include : The Carl Lamy Acrobatic 
Troupe, Llndsley, Plank and Llndaley, tramp- 
oline triple car act and casting display; the 
'riding specialties of Orrln and Nettle Hollls, 
Master George Sun Jr. and Master Melvin 
Hollts, William Connors, bounding rope per- 
former;' Marvelous, Lamberto, sensational 
Juggler and 'cyclist wire act; Willie Clark, 
acentric pedal, manipulator; Minnie Ash- 
burne, group* of blue ribbon high Jumping 
horses ; Walter Ashburne's military and com- 
edy elephants; Josephine, novelty aerlallst; 
the Sun conclave of performing lions, hyenas 
boars, ponies, monkeys and dogs; a coterie 
of clowns: led by Whimsical Johnny Parker 
and ,**red Wright, including J. B. Oagnler, 
Stan Stanley, Tommy Under, Theo Smlletta, 
~Bbb. £* Noire and [Tom Barlow^ The re- 

•:'cent tour of th? Great Lake and copper 
towns of Michigan and Wisconsin was highly 
sattsfgetory with Ideal weather prevailing 

an and Wisconsin was blgt 
**»*«.»..,, Ideal weather pKyafll 
ot air the stands. At Imlay City, Mich., the 
"TMtney Family, the old time circus people, 

Whitney Family, the old time circus people, 
itfjfl Cal. M. Gillette, the veteran circus agent, 
spent -the' day In camp as the guests of the 
"management. Col. H. H. Whlttter, general 
agent of Al. W. Martin's Show; Sydney 
Wire, of the Buffalo BUI forceB, and Harry 
Qverton, of Cummins' Wild West, were re- 
cent visitors to the show. The present sea- 
son of the show will continue until Christ- 
mas time. 

Earl Pihluph, hoop roller and novelty 
Juggler, writes: "This is my eighth week with 
wOSn Circus. My act is going good. We 
are: playing- In tbe Catsklfis, to a packed 
tent ever; night." 

-Fred A. Hodgson has returned to Colllog- 
wood, Can.,' after an enjoyable and success- 
ful Ushlngtrlp In the Canadian lakes, where 
he and a party of friends. Including Mr. 
Hlccsrdo, of Digby Bell's Co.. made their 
u«sdquarteri» on one of Mr. Hodgson's lsl- 
iinds. He'hns bought n good ilied yacht, 
afld will shortly make a tour of Lake Su- 
perior. M 

The Alpine Family, for tbe remainder of 
the season will be with the Norrls A Howe 

- miicellaiKOtis, 


— a«»,jll»jed New Brunswick and Prince 
BOwardTiIand to blfr bualness. Am If i Maine 
uaill October, r.verjone Is One with tan 
chow .-■ - - " , 

Tw«. A. Mack, Btase manager with Story i 
Canvas Theatre, celebrated Ms fortieth birth-. 
dai recently. The membera ot the company 

Sve him a banquet, which all eoloyeil. Mr. 
Bck.waa presented with a handsome dia- 
mond ring In appreciation of his work with 
the company. Prof. J. M. Sooner la .still 
leading Sjie orchestra with auocesa. Tnla la 
uuriflftjenth week through New Hampaolre 
and, Vermqnt. We nre carrying a band ot 
eighteen pieces and orcheitra of eight pieces. 
Ttn'.Oui. Ru.M>M nndl lie way to camp 
erery week. Every one In the company One. 


acp Nora*.— We are on the Monongahe a and doing Quel,. Erery salary Is paid 
1n full, and everybody well and happy. We 
get The Cumin every week. „{-a" »W" 
we put uh an entire new vaudeville Mil, »M 
turned away about three baadrrt jawple. 
Roster: A. W. McKlnney. Llaale MfKlaney, 
Hair, McKlaney, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. 1. W. 
and Noilatta Burke, rattle Lewla, Mr. Luce 
MdErof. D. D. Bartael. „.,.,* 

Ton McQuajuu, who la In bis twjntletn 
wank- with the Pfercc Amuaement Co, as 
band, leader and trombone soloist, etatea 
thff their "ad." In laat week's Cmfhw 
Wougbt them tttf letura from musicians, 
•and -they 'nave picked some Al mm. from 

•Stta gags as 

ort He theatre or park, mm w«ll ■> tt- 

Uta 2'Sf- < : U- K «"h'«. Boston, 27-SenL 1. 
• Si K. Co" 1 ""- Dsrion, O,, 27-Seni. 1 
*?&2K .""'■« ■* Park. Si. Bead, Ind., 
A d»|r * Henly, Kellh'a. Pbll«., 27 -Sent 1 

Sep * p° ' U " an> " P " k ' *E3EK M- 
Artsms. Moxlcal. Bijou. Rotkford 111 ant kj 
*S\wS5 Island'ii., 3 ?.:,^?: 

"lent' i* 1 ' ' Eltc, "e Park. Newark, N. J., if. 

3e?t' 1* Ukewood l ' lrt - Skowhegan, Ue„ 27- 
A te ^ IS!& AWonw. flenslla. Mo., 17- 
aaS5& U. pe °P. I * B ' ""Pit 3p«--. 3-8. 

ge.,.273ept. 1 ; Uoag Qfs. Wooasocket, R. I., 
^Si'ivtV* BtTM,We parB * Mwtml, Cso„ 
Al si p1 8 ' 1 Th *' D^ * ,la,ln,, ' De«tnr, 111., 2T- 
A1 27 ft Sept 4 V HeDd * reon '"> C 00 *' Island, K. T„ 
Aline, wile.! Four Mile Creek. Erie, pg., 27. 

Sept. l; Park, Wneello(t. W. Vs., 3-8. 

Set J**" 0mUma P 1 '"' -*wnptte, Pa., 27- 
Alsfloca, Tom A Edith, Auditorium, Lyns, Mass.. 
..£■■(£ 1; «oth«Bi, Bkln., 3-8. 
Albae, Howar.1. BosIod, 27-Sept. 1. 

ao rtM * Mll,Br * EmBlt < T*>ur. Bag., 27-Sept. 

Allttire 4 Llnd, BIJoq, Soperlor, Win., 37-Sept. 1; 
Bijou, Winulpej, Can. 3-8. ^^ 

27-8e P T " 1 RiienUe part< Uon *r«l. Caa.', 

*ittS£*" JJI*' H'PP 011 ' 001 *' N - Y - C., 27-Sept. 1. 
wBui 1 Coci * l ' ur $- Mew Castle, Pa., 

Alleu, Joxle, Keith ■«, Providence, 27 Sept. 1. 

A ► 4 c K , e * ]e r- BraJeiiburgli'K. phlla., 37-Sept. 1. 

Al £"! *. L f *LW' a{ y °- H ■ p| - BatM. Mich., 
il-Stpt, l; Bijou, Jackson, 3-8. 

Alrln * KeuDedy, Luna Pari.. Joonrtown, Ps„ 27- 
twpt. 1. 

Alpha Trto, Hippyland. So. Beicb. N. T., 27- 
Sept. Ij Empire, P«ter»ou. N. J., 3-8. 

Amerfcus CoaeUy Four, OlentaDgy Park, Oolun- 
br», o., 27-8ej.t. 1; Falrrlew Park. iDayton. 

American Trompetera (41, Orphean, Minneapolis, 

i 1 -fwpt. 1 ; Orpbeam, Omsba, 3-8. 
American Newsboyn' Quartette. Bljon, Chicago, 

X7-Sept. 1; Imperlarst. Louis. S-sV ^ aiKveh 
Aiulerkwu &. Ouluett, City, Urocktou, Mass., 27- 

Sefn. 1. 
Angela, a law. Music Halt, Brighton Beacb, N. 

x., 27-8ept 1. 
Apel A Summer, Q. 0. H., Indianapolis, 27-Sept. 

Apdale'a Bears A Monkeys, Fair, Lockport, N. T., 
27-Sepl. L , 

AnJelle A Lenlle, SchaeSer's Garden, Oolumbns, 
O.. 27-Sept. 1 ; Ic, Cincinnati, 3-8. 

Arlington Corned}- Four, Hathawaj'n, New Bed- 
tonl. MasB., 27*3ept. 1; Pnwtlr'n, Troj, N. 

Arlington'* Helston, Electric Park, Baltimore, 27- 
Sent. 1. 

Ardelle, Jeanne, A Co., HendersoD'n, Ooner Island, 
N. Y-, 27-aept. 1. ■ 

Arcber"!! FMininn aids, Henderson's, Conej Island, 
N.~Y., M-Sept, 1. 

AiVAier « 0.,^-vr, O. O. H., Plttsburf, 27-Sept. 
1 ; Keith's. Polls,, 3-8. 

Armond, Grace, Bljoo, Qnlncr, 111., 27-Sept. 1. 

Arnsberg & Murette, Atuunta, Qa., Sept. a-H. 

Ascot t. Eddie A Co., Electric Park. Newark, N. 
J., 27-Sept. 1. 

Ashtoa A Earle, Park, Wheeling. W. Vs., 27- 
Sept. 1 ; Idora Park. YoungHtown, 0., 8-8. 

Axtiton A Martlne, Gran Varledade*, Havana, 
CuU. 27-Sept. S. 

Asher * Pattenon. No. Adams, Mass., 27-Sept. 1 ; 
Kye Beach, N. Y„ 3-8. 

Asntou, Arthur, Grin Vartedadn, Havana, Cuba, 
27'Sept. 8. 

Austin, Claude, Majestic, Chicago, 27-Sept. 1. 

AurtliiH, Tossing. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Austins. Great, Ellwood, lnd., 27-Sept. 1; Dan- 
.tlle. III., 3-8. 

Arolos, Musical («), Empire, Paterson, N. J., 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Avery A Hart, Victoria, N. Y. C. 27-Sept, 1. 

Baiter A Flckett, Berkshire Park, PlttsOeM, 
Mass., 27-Sept. l| Ulfbland Lake Park, Win- 
sted, Coun.. 3-8. 

U«ndi- A Wilson, Henderuon'a, Cooey Island, N. 
Y., 27-Sept. I. 

Bailey ft May. Fair, Hamlin, Minn., Sept. 3-8. 

Barrett Sisters. Doric. N. Y.. 27-Sept. I. 

Baiters, Tbe, Shea's, Toronto, Can., 27-Sept. 1. 

Bates Musical Trio, Biversldt* Park, Montreal, 
Can., 27-Sept. 1. 

Barrett. Memo, Orpheuro, St. Paul, 27-Sept 1. 

Barnard*. The, Tae Willows, Salem, Mass., 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Barlell A Garfield, New Kensington, Pa., 27- 

Baxter', aid, Renwlek Park, Ithaca, N. Y., 27- 
Sept. 1 ; Casino Pier, Blnglumton, 3-8. 

Bomex ft Edwins, Grand, Hamilton, 0., 27-Sept. 
1 ; Bijou. Pluua, 3-8. 

Bardett, Mr. A Mrs., Snmmlt Park, Utlea, N. Y., 

Baker Troupe, Snbbatla Park, Taunton, Mass., 27- 

Berger' Bros., Carlsbad. Mineral Wells, Tex., 27- 
Sept. 8. 

Bamlyn, The, Crystal. Detroit. 278*111. ». 

Benton, El wood ft Maggie, Collins' Garden, Co- 
InmtMW, 0.. 27-Sept. 1. . 

Bennett, Edna, Acuie, Norfolk, Vs., 27-Se;it. 1. 

Besserer MuBical Trio, Henderson's, Cooey Isl- 
and, N. Y.. 27-Sept. 1. . 

Bell Boy*' Trio, Columbia, Cincinnati, 27-Sept. 1. 

Bcane, Geo. A., G. O. EI., Grand Rapids, Mich., 

BerviiB H'b/boIs, Orpbeum, St. Paul, 27-Sept. 1. 
Ben»y. Claire, Keith's, Boston, 27-Hept. 1. 
Berlins A Drockway. Olympla Park, McKeesport, 

Beat/ ft Price,' Bijou, Omaha, Neb., 27-Sept. 1. 
Berry ft Berry, Lake Mlcblcus Park, Muskegon, 

BelleiViro Bros!'. 'o." 0. H., Grand Rapids. Mich., 

27-Sept. 1. __ m , 
Bedlnl, Donat, Proctor's, 

Be,nab' fc Miller, Proclor's. Albany. N. Y., 27- 

Beyer. * Be'n, Keltn's, Cleveland. 27-Sept ft. 

Bell Trio, Wneola, Neb., ****** U 

Bison City Trio, Orpheum, Lima, 0., 27-Sept. l; 

Star, Muncie, luil., 8-8. _ _ . 

Blram, Boium, B-r-r-r. Fontaine Ferry Park, 

Louisville, fa., 27-Sept. 1. „,.„ . _ M v " 
BIef>slngt, The. Midway Park. Mlddletown. N. Y., 

27-Sept. 1 ; Montmorency Park, Quebec, Can., 

Blnck ft Jones, Howard. Boston, 27 Sept. 1. 
Blair ft McNulty, Topic, Bllllnfa, Mout., 27- 
Blanlphln'* Hehr, njatt Park Casino,. Columbia, 
Bl?n.»ei(. Ww^' A 8 bn.. Alhambra, N. Y. 0., 27- 
Black 1 '* MM Howard. Boston, 27-Sepi. 1 ; Vle- 
-^IPM^ Rrt 2M St- N. Y. C. 27- 
m££* % i*B*, trrle Park, J»)plln, Mo., 27-Sept. 
Borfeverrj, Col. QutM, Hlppo6^otM, at. Y. C. t 

Borta'n', %har A MIMred. AodUorloa, Lfna, 
Mass., 27-Sept. I; Httliaway's, New Bedford, 

Ranks with "The Moonshiners" as One of the Really 

Great Character Productions in Moving Pictures. 

Length, 736 ft. Price 12 Cents Per Foot. 

T ™ ro ' RECENT HIT8 



Ii i inline eairicttr. li public 
lift kc Is Ike popular ld«l •! t 
Weiten tows, ii the leader ef 
ike Snndiy school and Ike ken 
tl a daring rescue at a child 
iron a horning kalMlag ka ii 
the one man liivanallr re. 
apeeted aid idolised. In print! 
life he la "Black Dick," a bandit 
tar whose body, dead ar alive, a 
reward ti $5,000 ia offered. 
Hi! Identity is net revealed until 
ttt dial teene al the production, 
where he lay. dying in the koine 



A yachting comcil;. 

'•The Talking Plotuna." 54111. 


A I'lirunlo old liai'helur net* a .limine 
or married llfti. 


One of tin' lolllexl society comeillea 
In yeat-4- 1'aril rulany adapted to lilgli 
trlHHH audlt'QcoH. 

A hllnrloim comedy, with two nii-- 
cIiIovoiih chlldruD uh ttto li'atllng cliar- 


» Tlie "Way Down h^tat" of niovlug 
Idolure*. A poaHlve liltevervwliera. 

A Qlittw mat enila lu a mill pond. 
UQi|iieBtlonauly ttte tilggeat acreaut of 
tho Haaaou. 

at the child ke had mad. 

SPECIAL Wt- lB.v, Jaat Rec.lved From Our Lo, Angelea Office TliceK Allrai'llv, N«w Frttductlona. 

The Pasadena Ostrich Farm, 145ft. ' 

The Greatest Pigeon Eanch in the World at Los Angeles, 253ft., 

And The Ascent of Mt. Lowe, California, 216ft. 





KLEI.1K OPTICAL CO., Chicago, 


■gM W. PICty MT.. Lo. Ang.lea, DM. 


J.. 21- 

Boiilnl. BlaK. Kelth'a. a«Hoo. »S>ot. J. 
jB Qeartetu. Plfbtlof tie KUnie.. Atlaatle 

ailSian mo. 2 Biloa!Vf. Horoo. Mk»., M* P t. 

i - niton. Jicksoo, 3-e- 
SowVn Walter. A Crookcr. Sh«d j's, Kew port 

Bottwilfj Trinpf, l'slr. Siratom. N. Y-, S7-S*i,L 

1 ; EXDOtltlOO. hMM 3-8. 
Bottcr. Sm A Co.. K. A P. 2M St., N. T. C. 

l&S&L. Keith*., PhlU.. M-Sept I. Rft 

JESS nSHZ wwdim r?«k. Om>5". N. J.. 

27-Svjit. 1; Pier. Atlantic City, 

Prailys, The, Crystal. Detroit, 27-Sept. I. 

Drown & Wllmot, Winnipeg, Can., 27-Sept. 1; 

0. H , Oraml Porks. N. D...S-S. 
Bniulux. Les. Victoria, N. V. C, 27-Sept 1. 
Buttons, The, Itelciiallen, Coin, G«r., Sept. MS; 

Hiilban, MttDnhelm, 10-30. 
Brooks. Frunkllu A.. Bartholomay's, Ontario 

Boach. N. Y., 27-Sc|>t. 1. 
Brudfonia, Tbe, G. 0. H., 8aD(lUHkr. 0., 27- 

Sfiit. 1.. '. 
Brlmiam.jiir. Ocean Vletr Casino, Norfolk, V.„ 

BrobatTrlo, Majflower Orore, So. Hodsod, Mas.., 

27-Sept. 1. „ 

Broadway Quartette, Majestle, Brooklyn, 27* 

27-8ept. 1; Murlou, J-'Imllay. O.. 3-8. 

l.rliikteye. Tiie, Luna t'ark, Scranton, Pa., 27- 
Sept. 1... 

Brlt.tol'8 Ponies. Keltli's, Cle?elan«t. 27-Seut. L 

Brown. Jack A MMian :Wrlslit, Blerrjmaklm 
Pork, Brunswick, Me.. 27-Sept. 1; Lincoln 
Park, New Bedford, Man.. 3-S. 

Burke 4 L'rllne, Grand. Tacoma, Wa«a., 27- 
8erit. 1 ; Orund, Belllngliam, 3-8. 

Burns, Harry, Pastor'., K. Y. 0.. 27-Bept. 1; 
Park, N. Y. C, 3-8. 

Butler, Nellie, A Co., Empire, Patenoo, N, J., 

Buxti & KJIiott, Ilenderflon's, Coney Lined, N. Y., 

27-Sept. 1. 
Buckner, Great, Or Budavera, Budapest, Aut., 27- 

Buckleys, Musical, Mlddletowu, N. Y., 27- 

3* |it- 1. 

Byron A Blanch, Grand, Dayton, 0., 27-SeVt. 1 ; 
OrpnfHim. Lima, 8-B, 

Byron & Longdon, Poll'., Hnrlfonl, Oono., 27- 
Sept. 1 i I'olfs, New HaVen, 8-8. 

Cttrlln k Otlo, OnbiMh Mlunetpolla. Sept, 3-8. 

Oantoi:, Al., Empire, Glens Falls, N. V.. 27- 
Si-l.t. 1. 

Coftatl. r*\.<j). People's. Kicel.lor Spgs., Mo„ 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Curler, Tom, Braitenlmrgu's, Plilla., 27-Sept. 1. 

Carey-Cotter Trio. UrndenuuriflTa, Plillu., 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Carroll A Clarke. Bijou, Green Bay, Wis., 27-Sept, 
1 : Bljon. Marinette. ;t-S. 

Casper A Clark, Emtilrc, Glouoeeter, N. J., 27- 
Sept. S ; GuTernator's Theatre, Atlantic City, 


Cate Family (4). Panleges, Beningham, Wash., 
27-Seut. 1; Puntnge., Tai-otua, ^-8. 

Corimell A Held, Ocevi View Casino, Norfolk, 
Vp.-, 27-Sept. 1, 

Cameron * Flsnuuan, Fontaine F»>rry Park. f»uls- 
vllle, Kr.. 27-Sept. 1 : East End Park, Mem- 
phis, Teun., 8-8. 

Cartwells (4>, Auditorium, Lynn, Mas.., 27- 
Stfpt. 1. 

CuoipbcllM, The, Crystal Park, Omnlia, 27 -Sept. 
1 ;' People'. Park, Leavenworth, Kan., U-8. 

Carlisle's Dogs & Ponien, Olympic, Chlcaip, 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Cartrn A Herbert, Bamooa, Grand Baplds, Atlcb., 
27-flept. 1. 

CaroTi A Furnum, Bniuona Park, Grand nnpldl, 
Mich., 27-Mept. 1 ; Makstlc, Ctilcpgo, 8-8. 

Cfinton A WIDanl. Keltl/s, HoHtoi), 27-Sept. 1. 

Canter * Bartlett, Atlnntlc Garden, N. Y. 0., 
27-»ept. 1. 

Carrollton A Hodges, Forest Park, 1.41 tic Hock, 
Ark., 27-Sept. I. 

Chatneroys, Ttie, Hlverside Park, Montreal, Can., 
27-Sept. 1. 

Cherry A Bates, HcDilerw-n's. Coney Island, 27- 
Uept. 1: K. A P., Ifnloii Sq.. N. Y. O., 8-8. 

Chick A Lillian, Diilntli, Minn., 27-He|>t. 1. 

Cliefialo. Howard, Boftton, 27-Kept. 1. 

Cbllders, Grace, A Dotf, Proctor'M, Allmny, N. 
Y., 27-8ent. L 

Chadwlck Trto, UkeoMe Pork, Dayton, O.. 27- 
Seut 1: Paator't, N. Y. C. 3-8. 

Chatiiain Sifters, Irrlng, Goshen. Ind., 27-Se]it. 1. 

Claude, ToTy. Proctor'.. Albany, N. Y„ 27-Sei)t. 1, 

CllrTonl A Orlb, Norelty, Uakland, Cal., 27-»ept. 
1 ; 8an Fran., 8-8. 

Clark A Duncan. Olympic. Chicago, 27-Sept. t. 

Clifford A Burke, K. A P.'s L'ulon Hq., N. Y. 0., 
27-Sept. 1. 

Clslres (3), Sobmer Park, Montreal, Can,, 27- 
MetjL 1. 

Clarke A West ley. G. O. H., Ornnil Rapids, Mich., 
27-Bept. 1. 

Clark, Marie, Lapoon, Ludlow, Ky., 27-Sept. I. 

Cotton, Lola. Cry-tal. Frankfort, lnd., 27-Hept. 1 r 
Crystal. Klvrood, Ji-S. 

Cowley, Jas., Olympic, 27-Sept. 1. 

Cowper. Jlramle, VVeaterly, R. I., 27-Sept. 1. 

Cole. Will. Olympic, Chlcsgo, 27-Bept. I. 

Cooke. Carl. Keith's, Pblia., 27-8ept. 1. 

OolonNa Comedy Four, Rock Springs Park, K. 

Connelly. Hugh. Rand's, Troy. N. T.. 3T-SepL 1. 
Camwella, Cycling, Touring Mcilro. 
Coats (3), Ocean View Casino. Norfolk, Va., 27- 
Sept. 1, 
Colllsi A Brown, Pastor's, IT. Y. C, 27-Sept. 1. 

' Cole A Clemens, Majeajtlc, Chicago, 27-Sept. 1. 

Cook, Frank, A. * K.. Boston, 27-Sept. 1, 

Conlun A Hastings, Snmmlt Park, Orlskany, N. 
Y., 27-Scpt. I. 

Cox, Ruy, 0. 0. H., Pittsburg, 27-Sept. 1. 

Cole A Coleman, MmtsubeMle Luke, Manchester, 
N. II.. 27-Bept. 1; Hubbatlu Park, Tuuutou, 

- 'Mass., S-8. 

Colburn A GrenncUe, Ontario Beach, N. Y„ 27- 
tkpt i. 

Colonial Septette, Ye, Freeboily t'urk, Newport, 
fi. I., S7-Hept. 1. 

Connors A McKonrl,;, Howard, Boalon, 27-Sept. I. 

Ufok A .Mauisun, 1'rocior's, Albany, N. Y., 27- 

' Sept. 1. 

Conroy, John A Mumld, Renwlek Park, Ithaca, 
' N. Y., J7-Sept. 1. 

Cotton's Comedy Donkeys, Klectrlc Park, New- 
ark, N. J., 27-Sept. 1. 

Cramer A Hnwklnii, A. A B., Boaton, 27-Sept. 1. 

Crocker's Fxlnciited llorsea, Lima, ()., iW-Hept. 1; 
Defiance, 3, 4; Bowling Green, '», 0; Fostorlu, 
.7, 8. 

Cruiner, Joe, Bradenlmrgh's, Pbllu., 27-Sept. 1, 

Creco lira., WuHlilnvto;), N, J„ 27-Sept. 1. 

Crawford A Do Laucey. Bijou, Plguu, O., 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Crickets, Tbe. Wlatariii OroYC, N. Y. C, 27- 
Sept. I. 

Cooker A Archer, G. O. II., Pittsburg;, 27-Sept. 1. 
Sept, 1. 

Cumuy, Hilly, Godfro;'., Grand Rapids, Mich., 
27-Mept. 1. 

Curlts A May, Empire, 8t. Paul, 27-Sept. 1, 

Cunningham A Rosa, Highland Park, Wlusted, 
Conn.. 27-Sept. 1; Luke Cumpouiice, tSoutlilng- 
tou, :t-S. 

Daly., The, Empire, -St. Paul, 27-Sept. I. 

Duvi., Mark & Laura, Wlldwoad, N. J., 27- 
Herrt. 1. 

DarlH. F, Rlcbanl, Ilolyoke, Mas.., 27-Kept. 1 ; 
Newport. R. I., 3-8. 

Dari. A Walker, Watertown, N. Y., 1. 

Hale, Dorothy, Family, Kluux City, lu., 27-Kept. 1. 

Dagwell. Alirle, u. u, IL. liidluuuiHillH, 27-Sept- 
I ; Culiniit'iu, Clnelunutl, »-H. 

Dayton Hlslers A He Vuy, Cripple Creek, Cot., 
27-Hept. I ; Victor. S-s. 

Deloya <•'!), People's, l^avcnwortb, Kan., 27- 
Hept. 1. 

De VVItt, ltiiru. A Torrence, Wlntergarton, Ber- 
lin, Ger., 27-Sept. :IU. 

De.euii. liiiirrt. Ili'iLvM.ik Park, Ithaca, N, Y., 
27-Sept. J. 

Dcinonlo A Belle, BrooUlde Park, Atbul, Mils*., 
27-Sept. 1. 

De Faye Muter*, K. A P. Union 8g., S, Y. C, 
27Sept. 1. 

De BuHslni, Vera, Electric Park, Newiirk, N. J., 
27-Sept. 1. 

Derwln, Jas. T., BIJou, Khnwnee, I. T-, 27-Sept. 1. 

Deltons (■'!), Noriimlkegii Park, A ubii nutate, Mush., 
27-Kept. 1; Keith's, Pro* Idciiet*, ,i-8. 

De Mnnde A Dlusniurc, I-'lecirlc Pnrk, loin, Kan., 
27-Hept, 1. 

De Vere A Do Vera, Weut's, Proirlu, III., 27- 
, Sept, 1. 

De llcuzo A 1a Itue, Dream City, Plttibiirp, 27- 
8eid. 1. 

De Venie, Tlielino, Lyric, I'nrsons. Knn., 27- 
Kept. 1; Lyric, Miifkopre, I. T., 8-8. 

Define A Kelly, Appletuu, Wis., 20; Green Buy, 
ilO-flept. 1 : Mariuvtle, 3-8. 

De Voy A Miller, Spring Lake Park, Trenton, N, 
J.. 27-Sept. 1; Moxurt, f^ineaHler, 3-8. 

De But/, Count. A Urn.. Wonderland Park, la- 
illaunpolls, 27-Sept. 1 ; Temple, Detroll, 11 H. 

De Lora, Mile., Fair. Whitney's Point, N. Y., 27- 
Hept. 1 ; Fair, Naslmn, N. II., 3-K. 

Demlng, Arthur, ClMltett, Sail Frou., Cal.. 27- 
Kept, 1. 

De Vllbls, Great, Grand, Flntllay, O.. 27-Sept. 1. 

De -Mont. Rvlwrt, Trio, Foutnliie Ferry Park, 
LoiiUviiie, Ky.. 27-Hept. I ; East End Park, 
Memphis, Teun.. 3-8. 

De Laceys, Dancing;. Lyric, Muskogee. I. T.. 27- 
Sept. 1 ; Lyric. Ft. Htnltli, Ark., 3-8. 

De Mntti*, The. flieeidecliafie Pier, Atlantic City, 
N. J., 27-Hept. 1. 

Do Cue. Harry, Gcnnett, Itlchmoad, Irul., 27- 
Kept. 1. 

Dltks, DHks A Dllki, Family, Shamokla, Pa., 
27-Sept. J. 

Dlion Bros., Oriiheom, Han Fran., Cal., Sept. .1-8. 

Dillon Hrm,, Klverstde Park, Saginaw, Mich., 27- 
Hept, 1, ' 

Dliou. Bowers A Dlion. Meydrs Lake, Canton, 0-, 
27-Hept. 1: .Hprlnp llrore Park. Hprinirfk-ld, 3-H, 

Dlamoud Comedy Four, Star, Seatlle, WuhIi., 27- 
Sept. 1. • 

Diamond, Lew F„ Bijou, Rockford. HI.. 27-Sept. 1. 

Dlerk-kfl Bro... JelTers, Saginaw, Midi., Sept. 3-8. 

Downey A Wlllard, Dtjou, Bay City, Midi., 27- 
Hept. 8] BIJou, Alpenu, 3-8. 

Dohladn's Bhcep, Ilemlersaii'M, Coney Island, N. 
Y.. 27'8«l.t. 1. 

Don, Emma. Htoke, Kng., 27-Sepl. 1 : Grand. 
Bolton, .3-8; Snip., Porlsuiouth, 10-1!.; South 
A Royol. 17-22. 

Doyle, ft Grauger, Oeutiett, Richmond, lnd., 27- 
, Sept. I. 

Doherty's -Poodle., Electric Park, Baltimore, 27- 
Sept. 1. 

Doherty Hlnt.ri, Keith's, Boston, 27-Sept. 1 : 

Proclur'M, Tfoy, N. V., 3-8. 
Data 12), Kfaijiire, Um alullien, lu., 27-Srpt. t. 
.Dudley, n.eslyn ,\ lliiniH. Pmetm-V Newark, N. 

J., 27-Hept. I, 
Dnuiiurs, Flyluic, Rlvervlew Pnrk, Chicago, 27- 

Dupont, Mary, A On., Tiin|i1e, Detroit, 27-Hept. 

P i. Frmik, Atlnntlc Ganleii, N, Y. «.. 37- 

Du Hois. GiiM-ruiiltir'H, Attiintle City, N. J., 27- 
Hept. I, 
piishiin, Minnie, Aiuiin, Norfolk. Vii., 2T-Nept. I, 
Duninnt *Jrki. Music Hull, Brighton lleieh, N. 

DiirniHls Ih*,' k; a p.'s Union Hritintv, N. Y. 

II, 27-Sept. 1. 
Kurle A Bnrlletl, Hlghlnml Lube, WliiHted, Cuiiu., 

J7-Hept. I ; t.nke amipoiim-.-, Nutitlilugiuh. 3-B. 
KekHtelt. Willie, G. o. IL, linlimmiiolls, 27- 

■ Hept. 1 . ■ 
Kl'kei-t A Here Four Mile Creek, Erie, Pa., 27- 
Sept. I. 
Kek Tom, Hljnii, Uuliiili, Minn., 27-Se|)t. t. 
KekhofT A flonlou, Colunibln, Ht, Louts. 37-Setit. 

t: Olympic. Chicagft, 3h. ^ 

Kddy, Arthur, Klyslmi Grove, Tucson, Aria., 27- 

, Kept. 8. 
Edmund., Goshen, Intl., 27-Sept. Ii An- 

derHun. .1-8. 
Klllolt, Belnlr A, Family, GluvernvJIle, N. 

T., 27-Hept, 1. 
Kllimre Histoid, MuhIc Hall, Brlghluu Dcai-li, N. 

Jj, 27-Seut. I ; OIjiiho'm, Wmlilngtou, D. D., 

KIiiki. Pek A A I lie, L'ulon, IhiberMltehl, Cut., 27- 
Sept. 1, 

KlUiu, Hum, Temple,' Detroit, 27-Sept. 1 : Cook'., 
IhicheMter, A), V., .1-8, 

Fllls-Nowluii Trio, K. A P. Union Huimrc. N. Y, 
«... 27-Hept. 1. 

Kiiienwn A BmiJIeii, Proctor's, Allmny, N. Y., 27- 
Kept. I. 

iCuimelt, Kugi'iie, lloirmuii'. Ganleii, Bnlto., Md,, 
27 Swi.t. f. . 

KinpiToiH of Miihle (4). G. 0. II.. Grutid Unidd., 
Aliiih,, 27-Hept. 1 ; Temple, Kl. .Vuyne, hid., 

Kninlre City Quurleiie, Vl.ti.rls, N. Y. »., 27- 
Kept, I ; Orpliiiiiiit, Itnatou, .'1-8. 

Kiuplre OWnwIy Four, KetGi'M, N. Y. C, ,1-8. 

Ktiglcton, .Nin, ft Oii„ ph'usim- Hay, N. J,, 27' 
Kept. I. I , 

ttam, Lore 1 1«, & Vm„ Lima Park, Senintou, Pa., 
27-Hept. I, 

KwwraMa, lUwk HpringK Park, W. Llvnrpnol, O., 
27-Hept. I. 

Kthiirdo, Nuoiul, Hippodrome, N. Y. 0., 27- 
Kept. 1. 

KvatiB Hlster. (3), Ca Wd H Park, New Castle. 
P.., 27-Hept. |, 

Hvaiis, M-irh*. Alluiilli* Garden, N, Y. C, 27- 
Hept. I, 

Kvers. Geo. W., Futility, Lnfiiyelle, lnd.. 27-Kept, 
I : Twi'Mle. Ft. Wayne, .1-8, 

Kviiiik Trm, Steel Pier, Did Orchiml, Me., 27- 
Hept. 1 ; Pastor's, N. Y. (J., It-8. 

Fxcellu. Drplieiim, Ht. Puill, 27-Hept. I. 

s-'milas (2i, Luke Nlpiuue Park, llxbrl.lge, MaM.. 
27-Hepl. t: Knulrv, Plttsllehl, !l-8. 

F»yl>|ii, Adonis, Novelty. Cripple Cre«>k, Util., 27- 

He|it. 1 ; Grinid, Cut. Kpgs,. il-H 
ru-pi. I 

Fay HlHters, 1 

id, Cut. Hi 
ttiple's. L 

^•avetittorlli, Kan., 27- 

Fuy«, Murveloii.. Vk-torhi, N, Y, «., 27-SepL '■ 

F.irull A l,i' Ruy. t'liHlm.., New Haven, Coun., 27- 
Hept. .'. ; Cork. Mvrldeu, ;t 8. 

Fvriiniiik Muy, Duo, ('Inst Kml Park, Meiutilils, 
Tejin., 27 -ffttpt, I, 

FergiiMon & Dupree, Hmitheni Pnrk, Pllt.litirg, 27- 
Hept. 1. 

FerKinwiii A Mcrti, Woolworlb Ruof, Luucanter, 
Pit., 27-HciiL l; Ilnlliawuy 1 ., New Bedford, 
Mas.., A-8.' ' 

Ferris- Wil«y Trio, Ben's, KkcmuIjU. Midi., 27- 
Hept. 1. 

Fisher, Mr. A Mr.. Perkins, Grand, Plttsburf, 
27-Hept, I ; Hheu's, 'lorontn, il-H, 

Fluke A MclJonmigh, Orpheum, Denver, Cul., 27- 
Hept. I. 

FlUxeriihl A Trainer, Rye Beach, N. Y„ 27- 
Hept. I. 

rink. Henry, itlJou, WInntiH-g, Can., 27- Sept. I. 

Fit. Geriild A Traluor, Wnshlnglon Park, Hay- 
oune, N. J., 27-Sept, I ; Henderson's, Coney 
l.luiid, N. V.. rj.8. 

Fltagemld A Gll.lny. Keith's. 1'Iitla.. 27-Bept. 1; 
I'nictur's fifttli St., N, Y. a, .'1-8. 

Fields, Will II. , Criterion, Chicago, 27-Sept. 1; 
Acadnuiy, Chicago, S-H, 

Finnan, Pearl, Dewey, 1/tlca, N. Y., 27-Sept, 1, 

Florence A Parker, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 27« 
Kept. I. 

FIowI Slater., P.h'ctrb; Park, Albany, N, Y.. 27- 
Hept. 1. 

Ftynn, Joe, G. 0.. IL. Indianapolis, 27-Hept. 1. 

Fh»r». Mlliireii. IllHirle Park, Munlgouiery, Ala., 
27-Hepl. -1. - . 

Flemen ft Miller, BIJou, Duliilli. Mlna., 27-Sept, 
1; UIJmu, .Superior, Wis., 3-8. 


TH3I?. "XX&W ,IOT , 

f SjpaatoBBB,!,' 

router, Harry, ' Wuottwarfl • Park, ' rtilla.; - scrit 

tW-Hj, 2T.«opt. 

,. Maaa,,, 38. 

lllgliliml lick, Brockton, , t»"1tf.y A-Woodlort,- Orphean.: Mlniararella, 27- 
Sent. 1; Orplieum, .,QBjaua. Nob., 3-8.,, 

Vm A Cray, Woclrlc m Newark, N. J, 

Sept. I. • . , ■ '" ' ■' 

rollrtl. lyMilrc, Kreebbdj Park, Newport, r R. 1., 

l--unlt' Boiil Urea., Rorlck's Glen, Elmlra, N. Y„ 

ronc*la, Mualcal, Orpbeilnl,, 27-8ept 1. 

Vox A" HJ6in»l«, Colflda'' Garden., Oolubltift, 

()., 27-Sent. 1. " ' ' . 

I'ox A Summer., llljuil. Dillntll, Minn.. 27-8opt. 

1'wlp, Cbaa, 0. 11, UU ,Oro«j, ■}$., 27-Scpt. >• 

Pranked. Mph, AGmfl'Ick. Ortdt, li„ 

j'|-7liChT P HBIir). O. O. II.. luilliinnlH.llB, IMMJi 

•Knlnrlty Winner," AlluUbtira. N. Y. C, 21- 

(limlnec A SLodderu. Orvlicum. Reading, Pa., 37* 
Sentf 1 : flrpltV-nni. AlIelitoWH, !!•»; . ' L " _1 

Gardner A Htothlurd, Orphoutn, Ijtlca, N. Y., 27- 
Sept. 1 : Mnjoallc. Jfrlc. Pa.. 38. 

Gardner. Happy -luck, Proclor'a, Troy, N. Y„ 27- 
Sept. 1; hcllli'a. Boaloo, ** . , 

Cm-ilner A Vincent. .IJrpli.niD.- Snn Fran,, i.ul., 
li'-Sepl. I ; Orpheum, Denver. Col., 3-8. 

Giiialarlinildla (2), Bobmer Park, Montreal. Can., 

Gatriiy wintera. Syrncuae; N. Y., 27Sept 1. 
liulfi * Nclaon, K. A 1'. Union Bn., N. Y, 
27Hepl. 1 

ItonSlhl.WrtK KellUV N? Y. C. Sept. 3-8. 
)lnli|»wotl|n. The. I'ark. Plttaneld, Maaa., 27- 
.giSl. 1; Park. Alhol, »•«■ _,, 
Hoot. May, Oodrroy'H, Urand Rapid,, Mien.. 27- 

lloll, AH.', Maw Tour.. Eii;, 27-8ebt. SO. 
Howard A Mt£ SicaV Toronto, Dan., «7.8ept. 

1: Koilh'a, CIcvelaM, 3*. 
Howard A Howard. Sliea'a, Buffalo, 27-Bept. I ; 

Siioa'a, Toronto. Can.. 8-8. , 

Hood, .Sam. tllaboa Para, Oaden, r II., 27'Bcpt. 1; 

Waalilimloii. Bpokaue, Waab.. 3-8. .- . , . , 
How.rfl A l.lndor, Woodlao/n Park, I.alroW, Pa., 

ifKpk i. 

Howard, Geo. 1''., Connor'a, Coney laland, N. Y. 

-Kent. 8 
lolbrooka, Moalcal, upward, iwaton, -£ta 
(•we A Seotl, Siioa'a. Toronto, Cari., 27 
toitinnn. Kittle.' Caalno, ' Rocky Pt„ II. 


, Moalcal. Howard. Boatou, ZTdSept. 1 


Uartalls Broa., Orbuoiim, Kaoaaa Clrj, Mo„ Sept. Unencl. Broa.', .OlentarWy Park. OoluTnbqa, 0., 27- 
lia'lly'* Kraacr, TumMIni Dam Park, ' Brid (etoo. rjaSSr * Bro*n. e lomnn'i, OOMy' Iiiaid, N. Y., 

Cuyloril, Iloniila;, Toniplc, l>e irull. . ZJ r »»pl. «. ySjSFUri * »'r>. Q 

(liyTAc A amir! SumrSlt Pati, Ullca, N. Y.,' 27, 'jj' Yj 3 2J-8opt. 1. 
Bent. I: Monttnortnco Valla, Qbeboc, Can., 3-8. qMVajKM IWBfn 

liiiiln A i'lutt, Dorncy^ ATlentowo, Pa;, 27'Bept. 

Uoo'rV- Kdwln, take'ylew Park, Koxboro, alaoa,, 

ItSS&ub Bt'«.. Victoria, N. Y. C.. jt-Sept. 1. 
ilvlaor A Wnlror>. Ilnlety. Bkln., 27-Bapt. 1. 
Uorald. MuBlcal, BIJou, Calumet, Mich., 27-BcpL 

I; Bljoa. Hania'etle, TIB. , ... „. 

llrorce A Hnrrlnaton. Fnlr, Toleheater, Ud., 27- 

Sept. 1 ; Fair. Hhorbrooke, Can., 3-8; ■ 
illllniorc A Carroll. Alnlome, Kewaace, 111., 21- 

Sciif. 1; I,yrlt, Torre Haute, |nd., 3-8. ' 
lllraauii, Joliu A Horttlu. A Fred Houlihan, Proc- 

Inr'a, NJwark, N. J.. 27-Sept. If" • • 

llbMT, AliBUHtu, Columbia, Cincinnati, 27-Bept. 1. 
tiiildc, Anna H-. Idora Park, Youngatown, 0;, 27- 

Ciiiltaoli. Mr. A Mm., Lyric Park, Muakom-, I. T„ 

Mel, 1 ; I.yrlc Park. Ft. Srnltb, Ark., 3-8. 
Coiirlcv, Keonnn A Oourley, Krb'a; No. Bcacu, 

K. Y, I*.. 2T.8c|»t. 1. 
Ibndiai. Maud. Turner^. A Co., K. A P. Union 

8u., N. V. C, 27-gSit. 1. : 

lioi-doii, Ikiu A Mac, Farm, Tulcdo, O., 27-acpt. 

I : Meyera l.nke, Onnton, 3-8. - 

iltiMcn A lliiklu'i. Manilla OroTC. Tamaaua, Pa., 

:7-s..|ii. J ; laland Park, Fauton, 3-8. 
tlnullii Ituaalan Troupe. Kanaaa Clt, Mo., 27- 

Lclllldi, 7 Fred.; A Co.;' Columbia, ClnWnnnuV 27- 

I«wlo A UwlfciPaalofji. N. r, 0.»-2J-Bej>tLl. 
l*»ht : "A ChapW, 'i'rexidero, cklcaio, 27-Scrl. B. 
I.c i.'lalr A Hflrl. Ahnory. Blnatuamton, s; Y., 
.li7.Bent;. l:!NoTclt». Ilkln..: 3» ' _ i 
IfCry,.LMra. Jdlw. A Co., Afannlon'a Pari, 8t. 

CUMM orWlMT laiiad Park, ; AHentimn, , "P»., 

I.cccb. SQL.aV Tliree Bowbnda, Wlatlrla Orore, 
i N..Y.C1., 2TdK«t,.l, . iil*-Jlaii 

I**lle'a Ifcrcluc rirFiie. A, A 8., Boston, 27-Bept. 

l.:,Kalr, Bata.lajN. Yj,:a-8. ■"'.;•.■ \. It 
Li-roy, Benton A Co.. Babbfltla I'ark. Taunlon, 

Maoa.. 27.8t>|it. I.. .* ™;-i „, 

l.hldkjif'H i Motiteya, Wlllte City, Cblcaio, 27- 

I.liidUx, «|' Itell. Btoywood' Park, Bali)., 27- 

Llppbicolta, The, Maoolon'a Park, 8t. Lonla, 27- 

LueadOf. Tbe, lieii'lemon'a, Coney laland, K. Y., 

21-Hepl. 1> 7 ""■ 
■IjHBPfi), Wlaiarla Oroye, N. Y. C. 27-Sept. 1. 
Luce A Luce. Kelm'u, Clereland, 27-Bept. 1; 0. 

o. .11.. pitialmnt.,3.,6. i „!>■:- .■ 

Lucna, .lluinilp,: 'Hprlnabrook Caalno, Bo. Bend, 

Illil.. 27-Hcpt. 1 : Mitleatlc, CblcoBD, 3-8. 
Ijicklea (2), Faolor'l, N. Y. C. 27,8«jl. 1. . 
I.rater A Crone, Olcott Beach, N. Y., Sf-Sept. 1 ; 

Family. Bar7alo..38, . ... . 

Marccllne, lllpbbdcbme. N. Y. 0.. 27-Bept. I, 
Mart'netU A Hylrealcp, Fair, D*B Moloes, la., 
'2T8opt. L; Fair.' Montlcello, 3-8. '•' . 

r. A Mrl. qeue, h'. A V,. Union Sq., Martlpa, The. Hollywood Park. Balto., Md„ 27- 
' • . ■ Sept. I : A. A S., Boaloo. 3-8. 

... Beach, N. Y„ 27. Sept. 1; Mafcatlc Trio. Orplieuiu, Kanaaa City. Mo., Sept. 
I'amiKkct, 11. I. ...3.8.: ■_••' . 3-8i .... „ . „. 

Ilvlfl&da .;D. Wlldttood.Park, Putnam, Conn., 27- Mariana. The. Pleaaure Park, Newark, N. J., 27- 

Uydei lleatli A Wnlah, Orpheum, Webb 'City,' Mo., Maceo'fc'Pov. (".ntpir.-, Pateraon, N. J., 27*8ept. 
STiSept 1. ' - ', . ', '' ■ V; ' ;1 1'-KniplK. IlibpWtl, .,3r8. ... '. 

" Mncka (2). Oilvcrnator'a, Atlantic City, N. J., 

- -Well., -27-Belit. H Cryatal, Mil 
Nc^^Mer. AJNMei,, p^a, '•£»&*, $$•■■ 
Newbw^Irvinii:,' Lafittoa, Pa., 27-Bept.. 1; Bead; 
^knV?*iT«ole.; Bhelfpot 'Park,' Wtaintfon. 

Newelf * ' NIbij. Umpire, Johannejiiort, 8, A., 
.«T-0ct.,8-, Tltoll, Cape Town, »Nov. .1(1., , 

NeiMarm: Dot. Am. SI. ' PanL -TfiP- l „ 

Nil*." Kittle.' OnkWootl IKrE P»t»l"' r >. *",y« 2 ',' 
Sept. 1; Jnnctlun Park, New- B^liMifde. 

Nlner A Nlner, Comedy.' N. J. ft 27.Sept. 1, 
I BnooA'a, -No-. BeacU, N.Y. OntB-WJ i ' _ -„; 

Nlckelaona 13). BUou, Marinette, Wis., 27-8ept. 
.li.«Ia)e«tbj,iCblcaso.'.3.-8; . :. ' '■• 

Norton A Nlcholaon, Proctor's, Troy, N. Y., 27- 
sipt. 1 ; K. A P. Union Sqdarc, N. Y. C., 3-8. 

Nowll'ii, Dnye',' Proclor'a. Newark, N. J.. 27- 

Sett, 1 : K-. A-.P 4 Mill St.. N. Y. ft. 3-8. 
Norton, Ned, Alrdome, St. Joacpb, Mo„ 27- 

Set>t> J- . 
Holpien )IroB.,. Doric, Yonkprn, N. Y., 27-Sept. 

1 ;. Ktlr, Pglpijii, Conn'.. •••/■' ' ' ■ „ 

Jlowaril & Blond, Oolumbli, Cincinnati, 27- 

BfflSm, hie, K. & P. 's Union Sq.. N. Y. 0., 27- 

MCyll. 1 

U>\um & I>«ffU. BUou, Marquette, Mlcb., 27- 
Ik-ut. l: Uen'H, i;nc!ln«ba, U-8. i . 

HiKitoti A DjiIiuh, H0OB.K Park, No. Adomn, Mim„ 
'27^8cpt. I,' ■ - ■ ;„.*.■' -^ „■'"»» 

Hrilp. : Bolt ft Bertlm, Wlldwood Park, Putnim, 

/co^D.;£7■H^),!t. , '.l.■■ :"■ „* ' ' " :' 

luimtm A Crocln, PotlBtpwn. Pc„ 2T-»cpt. If 
lfaaWn. n-6. . - : • / ' ■■ ■ 

Innpnn & Itiflii, Al^mo I'ark, Cwlur. Rapid*, U., 
'JtT Bcpt. 1; ' HjiriiialntKik Park,' Ho, |h?nrl. I(i<l., 

Ininriii, Qrcat. IU-Ihv, Nohnnt, Uaw'., 27-8ept h 
JiniPH VRkvlt., pljuu, Unglni, Mich., 27-8eptr 1. 
Jacotw', IX-jtM. Ocean View Caalno, Norfolk, Va,, 

27-B*pt..l. . ' "• ■" \ 

Jacob/', aorwtlevp, Bradenburgb'a, Phlla,, 27/ 

Hrpt. 1. 
Jnckrion P.nmllj. Clmw Carre.. Atostvrdam, H«»l., 

27-Hcpt. 10] Mrllliil, llutmvor, tier., lO-ilO. 
Jurk, Mr. A Mrp., Celeron Park, Jamratown, N. 

.1., 27-*Tit, J.- . • ■' 

J<- write A llfldilllo, A. A s., BoatOD, 27-Sept. 1, 
Jeanptto A BobortB, Relay, Nahant, Maaa., 27- 

Sqit. 1. . ' . ■ ' 

JennlngH A HeiirreW, Oorman'a Park, Anburn, 

Me.. 27-8*pt- 1. 
Jnntite A Kllatforlli, Bairn) Wlllown. Lytip, MlM., 

■27 : Scpf, la Vonnn'x P|er, A.Uuntlc City, b-8i 
Marker A Mmmi, K'-lth'M. Bo«ton. 27-Scpt. 1, . 
Mnllicwrt A AfhUj. Manic I lull. Brighton Beacb. 

N.-Tf., 2T-»tpt. 1. .;■'.• 

Mncdrle Hititcr* (J). Bolimer Park, Montreal, 

■ Can.. BJ'Sept. 1.. „a.-'l*. 

Matk,' Tom. Lajooii, Ludlow, Ky., 27-.Hept. 1. 
MBritiull, Bert, Colllna' anrden. Colamuaa, 0., 

ST-Sent. I ; Paator'e, N. YT C.. 3-8.. '. 

Mniitt-ii'M Mirloiiettrt, 0. Hi, Connc-lf Bluffa, la., 
:27*epf. U . . . . . 

llorr A F,vnrii«, Muuro Park, Toronto, Can., 27- 

Brpt. 1. ..,. .', ; . :...- 

Mar.'klcy. Frank; CryBtal, Detroit, ZT-Sept. 1; 

Olympic, So. iieuii, lnd., S-8. „ 
Ma.l.l«nH. Tlio, Munlirittun. Norfolk, Va., 27- 
Bept 1. 
Mnrlln, .Dure A Percle, Grand, Tacomn, Waab., 

■27.Sent. L' .; . ,\ i 

Marco Twins, Ontlicitni, Dcnrer, Col.." Sept. 3-8. 
Marepiia, Nevaro A Mareena, Temple, Detroit, 

27-3ept. l: 

He-pt, I"; CWciko, 3-8. . :, - af7-Bept. 1. " ■ . r Marekley ( Walll. Detroit, 27-Sept. 1. 

rVi'Vii BroH., MNiinlon's Park, Ht. Lonla, 27- Job iih tout., Hualcnl, Tower Clrcua. Dlackpool. tng., Marshall A I/orrnlne, m. A P. 23d St,. N. 1. 
Hcpt. 8. 

Ii(y, N. 

(iMiivllle, Amy, Uuvoruator'H, 

.1.. a7-Hciit. 1. 
t:n-j^irj-H (4), rifiiwirc 1'iirk. Newurk, N. J., 

CraceH, tW MniintotrH. St. Lbiila, 27-Kept. I 
*.rrty'& )lh.'"HHi, iCanwia Oily, Mo., 27-Hept. 1. 

,<».!..._.■ ii...,ia>.iI,m.> I \\ lb.ntiNt' ■ Nn. HaMaU ■ 

27-Kept, 8; Km|)., Liverpool, 10-10; Bop., Mim- 0.. 27-Sept. 1. .... 

t-liqalcr; 17-22/-. ' ■'■ ! ,..-. Manily, Jucj, Brnden.itirKh'H. Phlla.. -27-Sept. 1. 

Joliimon Ac Uucklei, Atlantic OarOen, N Y. 0.. 27- Mitnlo Tdo, Wonderland Turk, Milwaukee. Wis., 

'Sept. 1 . i' '•• •!■• 27-Sepk.l.; LaimMc Park. Akron, O., 8-8. 

JoIiihod, snU'l. Temple, Detroit. 27-Sept. 1. Mack, Rlniiniini, BradenliitrgU'a. Pblla., 27-Sent. 1. 

JoneH A Sutton, Oakwood Purk, Plttaburf, 27- Marriott Twlna, Uran Olrco Bell, Meilco, Mex. 

tyt V _■ ' _ ■ _J- 27-Sept. % _ - - ._ 

lirrty'A ..hainnHi, Kanwia Oily, Mo., 27-Sept. . ]. Jordan, Urent,. Park, Dnboli, Pa.. 27-S«pt, 1. . MatfvelT: Jpa., A. A 8... Boston, 27-gepr. 1. 
drettory I'niiloinfme Oo., Uuiilme'a, No. Beach, L. Jonea A Rnyrooml, Wondprlanil, Daafllle, 111., 27* MncqrtV Dog* A Monleji, Orpbeunj; Ht. Pool 

t v.' .:.... 1 UAa.1 I ' T '- . ■ u.,..t II L' 

l.,.27-nei>l, _ 
i Irani. Mell, Avme. Norfolk. Vn.. 27-Hept. 1. 
(ininl. Klilnrv. (iletitniifTT Park. Ootnmbini, 0., 27- 

Sei.l. 1; OeltToii Pork. Janientown. N." Y.. a-B. 
llntluiwiiy A HKv'l, Cwliir Point Park, BamJuflky, 

lliirt ft'ltenette,' Wooxllyimc Park, Cami.?'n t 2(. J., 

lln"ea, Cfathi'rlne. Temple... Detroit,, M-Bepl. 1. 
Ihimrrl, (lonroy A Uuywiinl, Olyinplc, Witcano, 

UT^Bept. 1) (I. u. II.. lndlonapoim. 3-8. - - 
llaliipH, Lulu, wondcrlund. Bever« Beacb, Masa.. 

27-Mppt. 8. • ' • . 

Hnya, VA. C. Mnlml. . Il.imllloii. O., 27-Sept. 1; 

iirphlum. OlillllcntUp. 3-8, [v : 

Haley' A'llarty, American. Cnnlon. .0., 27-Bopt. 1. 

II,. ....... I. 11.. l-,ii .. 1 lit.. M.i II a.'Vuti ('ill 'IT- 

Sept. ' I . 

Jiiiii|ii:r A, Unyea, K«lr, BallRor, Me.. .27-Sept. 1; 
Lincoln 'Part. WorceMer. Mom., 3-8.: ■ 

Kutca BroH., Olympic, Chicago, 2T-8rpt. 1; liny- 
tnnrket, Olik'tino, 3-8. 

Kiiiitinun SlHlfi-rt. Viillry. Byracuoe, N. Y., 27- 
Sept,' la-. . - 

Karnn'a Pantomime Co., Vlvtorla, N. Y. 0.. 27- 
Sent. l; CoIoAliil, N, V. 0., 3-8. 

Karimti, J. V.. Otioj IMaud. N. Y. C, 27-8rht. 8. 

Kiilmo. OIIOH. A Aula, Orand Clrco Bell, Mfclco, 
Met., H«ptd 1-8. t, 

Kontioy A llullla, Plnca, n.ivcrhill, Mans-, 27- 
Hept.' .1 . 

Keilh, 'Welch A Mclrose.'WlHtarla Orore, N. Y. 0., 
.27-Bvi.t 1. 

Murn'y A Dp Vohi. I.yrlc, Him Fran., Ofll., 27- Kenton, Dorothy, Lakettlde Caalno, Akrtfo. 0„ 27- 

«'|)t. I ! Novelty, Hloekfon,. 3-8. , ... 

lltini'v. MIW A Lee. Jr., Oryatal, Andcraon. lnd., 

HimiIh -Iteiinri-Biinle A Co., Rorlck'a Glen, Elmlre, 

K. Y,, a7-Hepl. I. ' 
Ifiivdpii, Fred. CryHtiil, Marlon, lnd., 27-Sept, 1; 

,'r.vnlHl. TwlciHi, »>.. 3-8. 
lli.irlMn., Ia-c <'4iUiiid>la, Ht, Luula, 27-Sept. 1; 

■(I. II. II., liidlnmilNdlN, 3-8. a ' . 

JNn- *V lliirrlM. I'aalor'H, N. V. <)-. 27-Hcpt. 

1: orpiii'iii". Sp.iiiKiU'ld, <)., 3-8. 
Hurl A liciii'tle, Wowllyn Park, qainUen, N. I„ 

27-Sciil. 1 : Hem ri.1 Park, Allen town, 3-8. 
Hi. /.•ni.i. John K., K. A P. Union B<j-. N. V. 0., 
7-Kepl. I 

.Sept. .1... 
Kelly A Ki'iit. Orplieum, Dpn»cr. Col., 27-Sept. I. 
Kelly, Walter C, Kcith'H, Proildenoe. It. I., Bcpt, 


Kelaey, BIJou, Pull River, 


Rmtn fc lhuiiic. .Tcmv iittiite, lnd,. ■27-Seut. l 
"- Pnxltitit 1'iH'Li, HurrlHburg, Pu., 

.HOL •. 

Kelly A I.Hiitiir, Lugoon. Ludlow, Ky., 27-SwL 1. 
Kelly Mum A Wit, HIJoii. Pllnt, ftllcli., 27-aept. 

t; tiniiul. Jollet, III.. IMS, , 
Ki'nvim it in* Qtmuo, iStmlliiTu Park, PltttthurK, 

af Ueiil. I. 
Keoeh. tii.ih. J,, A Co., Ki.iiti'H. rhlla., 27- 

■Hepr. 1. 
Keatliitf-TeiieMcu Trln, Belay, Nalient, Mnaa., 27- 
Klefe, Zi'mi, Illvi'iuUlu Park. Montreal, Can., 27- 

•fleitl. 1; Kii\jilre, 'Piilpraort. N.J.,'3-8. 
Klna-NerK, Ppytlatid, Ore,,, 2»-8etit. 1 

HhitImiki. Minute. Ktectrlc Turk,, Arllncton, Mil., 

in-HMlt, II Kt'llli'M, pMwtncket, |U3'' 

Hay*. Kil„ UollliM* Unrdeii, Uoluiobuti, O., 37- 

lllUHM A 1'raliklln. Hipp.. Brighton, Km.. JW, 
s*'pl. 1 1 lllpn.. l.lwriKwl, !I'81 Pal., BelfHHt, 
Ire,, loir. : Tlvoll. Dublin. 17-22. ' - 

llavlMlpt, Biillor, Howard, ■ BoHton, 27-8ept. 1. 

Hull. Josephine, Culllim' Uunleii, UulumhiVa, ()., 
27-Sopt. 1. ' 

Hnmlllun A Wiley. Kniplre, SprlimUeld, 111., 27- 

HiiKM'ti. Jiili*. Hleei Pier, Aliunde City. N. J., 

'J7Sei.t, I. 
Ilmiraoii A N.elntin, iVlniolilu. Cincinnati, 27-Sept. 

1 : llii.vini.rhe>', Clikufw. 3-8. 
1 ri.iu 1 UHrrlH. DreitiulHiid, N. Y. C, 27- 

Si'pt. 1, 
I Irfinnirl . DnlHy, Piiliiee, London, Km,'-. 27- 

N.'l'l. .11'. I , I,. 

tfiilniKl A UohliiKoti, Lake, Wliutcd, 
(V.nit.. H7-Se|i|. 1; Lake Uotni<otince, SouthiOK- 
Ion. 3-8. .J 

H.inliiL-hm, Dunlel .1., Ukt'Htrie Cnilno. Akron, 
II., 27-Bopl. 1; Itoek Bprlnga, 15. Hll ffWi 

lli'i'ilimiiii, Ai.elnUtp. Colninbla, St. I/iuIb. 27- 

llenry.' Kopme. Goiirroy'H, Oratnl RitplilB, Mich., 

llnily, Jeff'* Lavern, Oultfoiil Park, Orce)|HburE. 

IM.. BT-Hwk *• k- .i 

Hpi-lierpM Dojfa. Temple, Detroit. 27-Sept. 1. , 
Henry, yiiujiK * I'-miio, siicii|K)i Park, Wllmlnf. 
, lou, Del.. 27-Hcpt. 8. ' • 

Helim, LiituliliiR Billy, Kldrlduo Park, IGlnilra, 

N. V., a7-8ppt. I. 
Hei-leit A ttoiterN, Indindrlal. llollne, 111., 27- 

Kepl. 1; MmHO Park. KMMI UQJV Mo., 3-8. 
llpdrlx A Piynrott, Keltb'a, Boaloti, 27-Hept. I. 
loimlnuH. IretvlK A llcnniiiL.., Iti 

Hrniwl llilptilri. Midi.. 27-Sept. 1. 
lli'iii-n, Tim, Pollpti BerRere, Parle, l'f., 27- 
Sept. BO.. 
llcinld Sipinre ()um-|etlc, While Olty, niojitinm- 

nai. N. V., 2fl-Sept. I; Tumbling ' ltiln Park, 

PotlhvlUe. Ph.. 3M. 
HevMuod, (Irciil, Hoiitlieni Park, PltUburtf, 27- 

Sepl. I. 
Ilelmlii. IMIIli. Hiiilen. Sun Kran.. 27-Sept. 

I ; UiiIvhIIv.. OlileaK.».,3.8. 
Itt'iTiiiiinii, 1'i'i'f.. MiihI. Hull, Brlcbton Heai-b, 

N. V.. 27-Sepl. 1,. 
Ht'ihi'i-l. Miiiitj.i lleiiilerwn'H. Coney Inland, N. 

v.. 37-Htid. I. 

Herlvrt A Vtinre, Coney IkIiuhI, Clnclllimtl, 27' 
Kept. I. : ■ 

II v A Van Alalliie. (1. 0. 11.. I'lltHbiirg. 27- 

Sept. I. , 

Illll A Hill, Pleasure Park, Newark, N. J...27- 
Sent. 1. . 

lllinnnn. Oiipt. Hldney, OHl.kosli. Wle., 27-Sept. 
l ; Marlneilf, win... 3-8., 

lllekx, Delhi, Coney titl'ind. Oliiclunntl 27-Sept, 1. 

II Milium, (Jan., mmlrei DH Mo'lnea, lu., 27- 
NM, I, 

Hill. Mnrry K.. K. A P. 3KU .St., N. Y. C, 27- 
Sept. 1. 

IHMiert A Warren, Novelty. ToiiekH, Kan., 27- 
Sept, 1. Star, lluiiillton, Mo., 3-8. , 

Ilh-Miilni liros., nrplK-mn. Salt f,akp, 

K1iigi>r-. Illjcill, IMipiu 

KnunVi unr. Family , 

M 1, 

Beiit. 1. 

t. Loula, 111., 27< 

Sept. H-8. 
llatbleu, Juggling, Idea, Poud du Lac, Wla., 27- 

Markel' Slalera. Blppodronw, N. Y, 0„ 27-Scpt. 1. 

McQarry It. -MOrgau, Bijou, Flint, Mlcb;, 2T- 
»*>(; 1 ; mion; B«y C(ty, 3-B. 

McMabon's Mltiatrel i Mlssei, Ingeraoll Park, Dea 
Molnw. Iu., 27-Sfipt. 1,... . .) 

MtSoiley A Clenuore, Oero, Mlaaoula, Mont., 27- 
Sept. .1. ■-.,; i ■ . i 

MeClnve. OipUeum, St. ,p«il, 2T.<8»t. 1. 

MrliMiald. Jan. F., .RanioOa, Urand Hnphla, Mlcb., 
27-Sopt. 1. . , , , ■ ■ 

MvUiuin Hlntera, Long Beach, Gloucester, Masa., 
27-8ept. 1. i ■ . •, . 

MetW* A Colllna. Mitchell, B. D., 27-Sept. 8. 

MrKlunon A Heed, liljou, Kalamaioo, Midi.. 27- 
.SepL 1; lllJou,.JnckHon, 3-8. 

MeCurmlck. Illicit, BIJou. Dulutb, Minn., 27- 
■,Hepl..l, , .'.:,. > •■• , 

MeClolliiu. Jhm.. BIJou, Dulutb, Minn., 27:Sept. 1, 

McCrcu A Poole, Hbea'a, Buffalo, Clevelaml, 27- 
Sept. I, 

Mclaughlin, 1.. oialre. Athletic. Park, Buffalo, 
N. Y., 27Sept, 1 

M.'di'tr. .iiniii', a Co.. Knlth'B, BoHton. 27 -Sept. 1. 

McCarthy.' Mylea. . Robliiaou Park, Ft. Wayne, 

' .Iml„ 27-Mepl. 1; Olympic. Chicago. 3-8. 

McCoy, Nellie. A Co., K. A P. 23d St., N, Y, C, 
27'Sopt. I.. 

McCuuq A tlratit, BIJou, Onlcaburg, 111., 27- 

. I Si V t. 1, ....... 

Melnotte-La Nolo Trio.. Keitb'H, Boaton, 27-Sept. 
1 ; . Uellira, . Proaldcucc, 3-8. . ... 

Merrltt A Iroliind, Forrcat Lake, Palmer, Miua., 
— ■Sept. 1.,.. ... 

tt, Itnymonil, Broadway, Ban Bernardino, 
„ BMntu 1, - s 

Ben, Hlllalde Park, Newark. N. 3.. 27- 
1. • . 

I), Sabhatln Park, Taunton, Masa,, 27- 
.1, , - i 

Mclroaa A LiiniT. Sutintogn Park, Pottatowu, Pa., 
27-Su|d. 1. ... 

Melvlnca Hi, Kelth'a, Pbllu.. 27-Sent. 1 1. 

Meredith Slalct'R, Kellh'a, Phils., 27-Sept- ' 1- 

Koppe. Tumbtlug Ruu Park, Pottirllle, Pa., 27- Melroy Tclo, Alamo Park! Ccdar"liupldB. in.,' 27 
, aepl. 1. . . (..... tjopt ,i , , ..: 

Keller A Marlon, Family, Mabauoy Olty, Pa., 27- Meredith Rrpa.. Logoon. Ludlow, Ky., »7.Scpt. I. 

iipiinx a- I'lVrii'ini, Keiina. nam si-nepi.. ■■ sejit.-i: wutlon, I'orlmuontu, 3-8. 
HcmiliiKH, U-win A llptinltiga, lUmuoa Park, Ln Jena. Then A Oftnilllp, llljmi. .lackuon, Htlch., 

27-Sept. i : lwinj, Buy city, 3-8. 
I..i Delia, The, Coney lilaml, Cincinnati, 27 : Bept 

Li Mhkp BlWu llownnl. Bohloii, 27-Bopt. 1, 
14. -Mnnt, Ulllp. Arcade. Wnllnce, Ida,. 27-B#pt. 1. 
Uveitis, munlHI (81. DilltiiH'. SbetK>yj,*itb, WtU 
2T-Jt>i>pl. 1 : Idea. I'ond du Liie, 3-8. 


lHnen' A lteml'u«lon, KpithV," I'hlln., 27-Sepl. 1 1 

Mn leal le. I'lilengM, 3 8. 
11-iliiiL'n A UvlllHter, Muauubealc Luku, Maucbcstcr, 

Itiw.. Lagoon, Ludlow, Ky., 27-Sept. .. 
Metropolitan Trio, Itainona, Orand Raplda, Mlcb., 

•^Htpt.-l. . '.."•: 

Melrow Troupe. Hcudcrnon'8, Coney Island. N. 
■•Y>. 27-Sept. 1. ■ . ,■■ 

Mrlbiuie. Moo, CheNlcr Park, Cincinnati, 27- 
- Sept. I. ■■■ 

Mlllmun Trln, Olympla. Parla, Fr.. 27-Scpt. .10. 
Miller A Kiiwunls, BIJou. Kenoaha, Win., 27-Scpt. 

11 -BIJou, ltaclne. ■ 3-8. i ■ . . ' -. 

Mlllpr, Cairln Belle, Wlthlngtoo Park, Hot 

SprhiK". Ark., 27-Sept. 1; Forest Park, Little 

Rock. 3-8. ■ . 
M'.limiH, The. Lagoon, I mllgw, Ky., 27-Sept. 1. 
Mitchell A Brownlug, Star, Donova, Pa., 27- 

BmC I, : bl . . . 

MHHii'll'., Funny <:n. Brookalile Park, Alhol, 

Miihh,. 27-Sept. 1 ; Family, Blngbamton, N. Y. ( 

Milton A- Kelitcr, Atlantic thudeti, N Y. 0., 27* 

Bent. I., ., . ■ 

Millard ih-oh. (Bin A Dob), Touring South Ame- 
rica, Seiit. 1-30,. .i 
MiHkel. Ourii, Oryatal Park, Sedalla, Mo., 27- 

- Bull. 1. 
MltehMl A Cain, 0. 0. 11., Plttaburg. 27-Sept. 1. 
MlllprKldit Sinter*. Woodlyu Park, Camden, N, J., 

2T-8ept. It (Hitham, N. Y. C. 3-8. 
Mllla A MuitIh, Knat Kml I'urk. Mcniphla, IVmi., 

27-Sepl. l; Olympic, Ohtciigo. 3-8. 
Millar shieis. Ouvcrnntor'a, ' Atluntlc City, N. 

..!., 2I.Sepl, 1. . 

Mlltoh'n' Uokk, A tin m Ic Garden, N. Y. C, 27- 

Sfpt. 1. . ..... 

Moon, Kd„ Wennt's, Peoria, III., 27--Scpt. 1; 

Star, Mollne, il.-8. 
Morton, Opo.. Belay. Naliaiit. Maaa., 27-Sent. 1. 
Mooiiey A.ltollioln. Stall Tour, K«g., 2T.Rcpi. 30. 
"Moloiing In MW-Alr." Hippodrome, N. Y. tt, 27- 

■ Sept. 1, 

Mmilague'H.t.\>eka(oo Circus, Blvcrnlde Park, Hon- 

nvul, Can.. 27-^cpl. 1 ; Kiblhltlon, St. John, 

N.B., .1-8. 
invliie A Leonard,. Heiideraott'a, Coney laland, Molo^lrl. Ln. Hurry Illckanla' Tour, AnslralU, 
N. Y.. 27-Sept. 1. i . 'StiiL 1-Ncit. 30. 

Morgiiu A Ornue. A- A S.. JJoston, 27-Scpt. 1. ., lhaighlon A Mwber, Proctor*, Neirark, 

N. J.. 2T.-Sepl. I. 
MorrlMA MWrln. Arctule. Wallace. Ida.. 27-Sept. 8. 
Moons. Bllllc. BIJou, Dulutb. Minn.. 27-Sepl, 1. 
HMllmai A qmUM,' (lodfroy*n, nrniid Rapids, 

Mich:. 27-HVpf. 1. ' 

Murphy A Mage?. .Century, Kanaaa City, Mo., 27- 

Sepl, 1: Standard. HI. LuiiIh. a-B. 
Murphj. Bert, Subbatlu I'urk. Taunlon, MaBB., 27- 
■Sept.- I. - - 
; Oryalal. MB- Murphy, Jojinson A Murpliy, Summit Park, Utlca, 

Mnriihy*'*" 1 * Andre wa," Howard. Boston, 27-Sejit. 1. 
Murray, Clayton. A Do'M, rinppyland. Ho. Beach, 

N. J„ 27-Sept. 1 : Howard. Boston, :>-M. 
Murriiy A Lane, K. A P. Union Sq.i N. Y. C, 27- 
Sept. l;. , i . 
Sept 1 : Bljon, liuiotti. :i-s. . ; Mudge, Kva. Paator'a, N. Y. C 27-Sepl.- 1. 
,ee. nntd A Ileaalc. Witlbildite Park, Tolo- Mullen .A Cor«t, HonR Lake. Wootmocket. ». I.. 
do. I)-* Seph 3-8.. ' ■ 27-BMit. 1 ; TV A P. IM St., N. Y. S3 a-8. 

Mmhl Henry. A* A 8-..BohIoii, 27-Sept. I. 
Hani, vtuiii, Slar, Danora, Pa., 27-Bept. I : Rtar, 

JpMIHhM' ^. '■•• '' 

Neff' A Miller, Lake Ulcfalean Park. Utukcfon, 

Ivi-n.ofiB. The. Hnwant, Upalou. 27 -Sept.. 1. 
Kurtlu'.A Biiaae,- Hliuhle Park, Newark, N. J., 

27-Sppt. I ;■ Eric, |»a,, 3-8, 
La Belle, UilwHrd. Met, Fond du Lite, wi»„ ;iu- 

Sept. 1; nijuu, UalikoMb, a-ft; BIJou, Appltton, 

Ln cinlr A Went. Ocean Pier, Sen laic Olty, N. J.. 
27-Bept. I 

Lawrence A IlurrlilgJon, Iloword, Boalon, 27- 
.Sept. 1. 

Ln Bliiiiclie, Marie, Paragon Park, Bootou, 27- 
Sepl. .1. ..... , 

Lane. 'Arthur, Manhattan, Norfolk. Va., 27-SepL'l. 

La Clear k Ilowen. Wonderland Park, ltevcro 
Itcitcli, Mann., 27-Sepl. ft. 

La Nolo Briw,, Luna. WualdtiKton, D. C, 27- 
Sejit. 1 1 Fair, WhUo " 

luiiienrttor. Tom. 

r-ojui., 27-S0pt. 

Mara., B4t 
I.mtilterl A WIlllaniH, Kncon Park. Welmter, Miihh., 

27.Scpl.lT I'orcHt Luke. Palmer, B-8. 
Liilell, Kd., Alhumlfrii. N. Y, C, 27-Seid, 1; 

HlntHiBintnn. <N. Y.. .i-8. 
J.iivHllt., The. Tower. Bluckpuol. Kii|[., 2t-Senl. 8; 

All>ert Hull, SinitliiMirr. 10-lH. ■■ ' " 
l.nrjkv A Boll!. VIctnrlR. N. Y, C, 27-Bept. 1. 
Lu Vine. ■ !'>!., MiiHlu'jton, Mi.'li., 27-Scpt. 1; lin- 

inoun I'm I;. i.ioihI Itoplda, :i-s, 
Ln (lelte. Blloii. Marlnetle. Wla., 27'Sept. 1. 
L'imout A PnUletle, Orpblum, ' Sprlnscld, 0., 

Kejit, 1: Oriihltim. PtirlaliKintk, 3-8. 

Norib,' Bobby, Blaaon, Loa ADgeleB, Cal., 27* 

Norniai), Mary.. Cbutea» Ban Fran.. 'On... 27- 
Sent. II Orpbeuoi, Lob Angeles, B-8.-. 
Nonnao 4 Bryoe. ' Uric, Ft, Smith.: Ark., 27- 
Sept. 1; Lyric/ Ardmore, I. T-. 3-8, 
rtobles, .Milton. A ■ Dollji IJ0tliaio.3kln.. Sept., 3-8. 
O r Btlcn A:ilavet, Keith's.; Cleveland, 27-Sept. 1. 
O'XXay, Id», Orpbenm, Bult Lake, D.. WBfeW 
(Well A Jvlnley, WiUe City, Lima. 0. f 27-Scpt. 

I; OIcn:anjry Purk, Columbus, 3-8. - ■ 

OUn Family, Coney laland, CludnDatl, 27-Sept.l. 
Olo, Mflc, Bradenbargli'a, Phlla., 27Sept. 1. 
OHvera (3), UenderHuirB, Coney laland, N. Y., 
Sept. 3-8. ^ * nm 

OllvJrn Troupe, Cbutea, Ban Fran., Cal., 27- 
Bept. 1. 
OUvette, Temple, Detroit, 27-Sept 1. 
O'Mcera Slstera, Sbea'B, Buffalo,: 27-Scpt. 1., 
Onrl,. AdeleiPnrvls, Cascade Park, New Castle, 

Pi.. 27-Sent. 1. . . .;. 

O'NeU'8 MajMtlc MhiBtrelB, Central Park, Allen- 

town, Pa., 2T-Sept,, 1. , rv - - w , ■ ■ ,. 

O'ltourke A OlUlari,, Lake Pontooal, PUtifleld. 

M«m„ 27-Sept. I. :" " r > ''>■ ' 

urili A Fern, Howard, Boston, 27-Sept. I. 
Oahgrne A Charles, Benwiek Park, llbaca, N. Y., 

27-Sept; 1. ", 
0'2'oolc, Jack, BIJou. Dulutb, Mlun-. 27-Sept. L 
Otiiro .Tar>, Colombia, St. Lonla, 27*Sept. 1; 

BIJou. Decatur, III.. \i-» tl , ., -; .- 
OuJu. Soluner Park, Montreal. Cuo,, 27-Sept. I. 
OaaVs, The. Dorney Pitrk, AUcutown, Pa., 27- 
Sept: 1 : .Woodland Park, Onkludd, 3-8„ .: 
Patty- Broa.. Kxpoaltion. Toronlo, Can., 27 -Sept.. 8. 
Fnyton Trio, Ocneva, N. Y., 27-Bept. 1 ; Oswefo. 
,3-8- ,... 
Pan -American Four. Spring Grovo, Sprlnj^leld. O., 

. 27rSei»t. ;1 ; Hamilton. 3-fl- 
Parlab, Ouvenialor's, Atlantic Olty, N. J., 27- 

iSepL 1; Pantor'H. N. V. C, 3-8* 
Perry A Preaaly, Ladyumltb, Wla., 27-Bept. 1. 
IV»rrohl, Cumllle. Family, Spokane, Wash.; 27- 

. 8ept. lj:Star; Seattle, 3-8. 
Pero & Wlbfon, Orand. Morion, lnd., 27-Sept. 1. 
Pete A Co., Empire, Pateraon, N. J.. 27*epi. 1. 
Peter, Great, O. OH., pltttbarg. 27-Sept. 1. 
Phllllpa, IC. It. A Co., K. A P. 23d St., N. Y. 

C. 27-Sopt. 1. • 
Piccolo Midgets, Auditorium, Lynn, Mass., 27- 

.Sept. 1. _, . 

Pierce A iMalsee, Kmptre Tonr, Eijg.. 27-Sept. 30. 
Plrrcc. Florence, CodfroT's. Grand Rapids, Mlcb,, 

27-Sept!- 1. 

Polk, Collins A Ciirmen Slaters, Ramona, Grand 

ItupldH. Mich.. -27-Sepl'. 1. . . 

Polrlera (3), Olentangy Park, OolumbuB, 0., 27- 

■Bept.l. ■■ j 

Pnlly Girls. Clmtea, Sin Fran., Ca|., 27-Sent. 1. 
Poller A Harris, BlJOo, Racine, Wla-T 27-Sept. 1; 

Idea, Pohd du Lac. 1 8-8. 
Pnmiplii Trio, Metropolis Boot, N. Y. C, 27- 
Sept. 1. • 
Prnniplus, Three Musical, Atlantic Garden; N. V. 

C 27-Bept. 1. 
Proveaiiien (0), Chute*, Sao Fran., Cal., 27- 

'8ept. 1. - -;,■ ». . ... v ■, 
Pryora, The, Ced^r PL. Sandiiakn '0.,'Bept, 3-8. 
Pullen, Baby Lnella, Reading, Pa.. 27-Bept. 1; 
Horrlabiirc. 3-8. . .; !;., ■ ■•■ r ;., 
l'ulley'a -Dixie Hereuadera. Hooaac Vallc,y Park, 
No. Adaina. Miras., 27-Bept. 1; Berkshire Park, 
I'lttsnehl. 8-8. 
Quinlan'H. Juggling, Olcott Beacb, N. v., 27- 
Sept, l. i [ i ■ * ■ 
Quarlet, Thot. WUtarla Grove, N. Y, 0., 27- 
Sept; 1." ■ 

Quaker City Quartette, Proctor'*. Newark, N. J., 

27-Sepl. 1; 11. A B., Bkln.. -3-8. 
Qolnlun A Mack, <1. O. II.,- plttahprg, 27-Sept. 1. 
Raymond A Ohverly, Orpheum. Boston, Sept. 3-tl. 
Rh.vihoiiiI & KoliluMDB, Mimic Hull, Briffhtdn Beach, 

,N. Y.. 27-Sept.- 1... 
Itniif, Claude, WonderiHnd, Indumupollti, 27-Sept. 

1; Sfiu S*unl,,Clilciii;o. 3-8. .. i 

Riiy, Fred, A Co., k. A P. MM Rt„ N. Y. 0.. 27- 
..Bent. 1 ; G. 0..H.. Hyraawfl., 3-8. ... 
Ray A Taylor. Bangor, Me., 27-Sept. 1; Worcca- 

tcr, Mksm.,.,3-8. . 

KuhUis A Bstihri, Hipp., Norwich, Bug., Sept. 21- 
•2&: . . 
Ray A Berry, Kennywood Patk, Pittsburg, 27- 

,Sept. 1: KxiiiKlUon. Plttaburg. ;i-8. '■■'.■ . 
RnlHlon, Bobby; Lakevlew Park, Middtetown, 
Oomi., 27-Bept. 1; WUdwood' Pork, Putnam, 

Mass., 3-8. 

Kudo & Bcrtiiian, Keith'ii. Providence, 27-Sept. 1. 
Hndford A Valentine, Cape ' Town, 8. A.V 27- 

Oct/B; ■ * * 

ltitfTriycttP't, Hokm, .Mult-utle, Chicago, 27-Scpt. 1 \ 

<J, 0. H-. lmVhiiiapolla,.3-8. • 
nn win A Von Kaufman, Lakevlcw Park, Terrs 

ii, o.i:'. lnd.. Sept. 3-8. 
ReedB.. Musical, BIJou. Green Bay, Wis., 27- 

Bepj. 1, . „ . 

Rellly; JiOinnv, Wanlihigton Park, Bnyonne, N. J., 

, 27:HepL I. 
Itettlck, Carl F., Kennywood Park, Plttabnrj, 

27,^c|it. .8. ' ' ■' 

lleld : 8Meni, People'B, Phlln.. 27-Sept,. 1. 
H.;iio. Will A Mtiy„Crencent, Revere Beacb, Masa., 

27:8eirt. 1; Plum Ishiud, 3-8: 
Reno, A..Abacco, New Haven, Conn., 27-Sept, 1; 
1 Merlilen, '3 : 8. 

Reno A Aimyit, Grand, Marlon, Did., 27'Sept. 1; 
. Fnmlly, Lnfnyctlc, 3-8. ■ • 

Relff Broa., Omtes. Sail Fran,. Cal., 27-Scpt. 1. 
Bedford A Wluebehter, heldi'u, Trenton, N. J„ 

Sept: 3-8. • 
Reno. Geo II., A Co., K. A P. 23d St., N. Y. 0., 

27-Sept. 1. 
Ri'vnsrd, Ed.' P., Empire. Patermn, N. J„ 27- 
Sept. 1: Empire, Hol-oken, 3-8." 
Rekhiw J ReekleMH, Rink, Nashville, Tenn., 27- 

Seiit. 8. . 
ReynoldK. Gertie, Alhamtirn, N. Y. 0.. 27-Sept. 1. 
Rhodes A Carter, Keith's. PIiIIh., 27-BfjB.- I. 
Rlnulerf, The. Fnmlly. Helena, Mont., 27-Sept. 1; 
l.llllnip.. Mont.. 3-8. . , 

Rice -A Klmcr, Fair, Sheldon, lu., 27-Scpt. I; 

Fair, Crpston. 2:8. 
IHi-i- Family. Woodlyn Park. Aahland, Pa., 27- 
Sept. 1: Doruey Park. Allentown, 3-8. 
Ring & wiiiluimi. Relay, Nnhant, Mass., 27- 

Sept. '• 
RIcp A Victoria, N. Y. C, 27-flept. 1. 
Riiilto Oinicily Four, G. 0. 11., Indlniiaiiolls, 27- 
Sept: i; 
Hlce, Fuuny, Kniplre. Pateraon, N. J., 2T-Sept. X. 
ItlauoH'f-n. MiihIc Hull, Brighton Beach. N. Y., 

27,.Sept. 1. | . 

RichftrdM. Mannlon's Park, St. Ixiuis. 27-Sept. 1. 
Rlelmnla, Ureut, Fnmlly, LaiieuHter. Pa., 27-Scpt. 

--9T4fcf»l. ^ lrTtladWt>"P«t*. Attlrtwro, Uaa»„ 

Kcotr Cjirrle Mi. Cebtr«l Park, A lien to w£, Pnj. 

8c6tt A \vii«». Empire; Tkierton', N. J... 27- 
Sept. kf HmdlM. Hoboken, 3-8. '••.-■■>, 
School Boyo A Ulrls, Oolnmbla, Olnelnuall. 27- 

itySmk'^ & o. li.Vp'ittsMrg.'iff-Beiit i! 

tmSfr Animals, Albambra, N. Y. C, 27-Sept. I. 
Searnon Slatera, Cinema lore, Atlantic City, N. 

B6«rt.'Wli?ivln"a'roTft I*- Y- C., 2?-8ppt. 1. 
Sertoli A Deogle, Comlque, Spokane, Waab., 27* 

BaSa%'dhfi]ti(,'ij'. O.jAm Pitiabtiw, 2T-St , pt!'-1, 

■Sear*. Harry. Riverside Park, Saginaw, Mkii:, 27- 

Severance Marttrct Pickwick, Sen Diego, Cal, 
'27-Sept. 1; Sftsslon, San wak., 3-g, T ' f 

SbHW, Lllllnn, Keith's. .Cleveland, 27-Sept. I, 
Sharp. Blanche., K. A P.. iBfilk.Ht., N. S. C, 27' 

Si'pti 1 , Poll'*, Hartford, Conn., :, H, 
Sheridan A Forest, Electric Park, Ft. Btnltb, 

Aiik..)27>8«tit;'l. .. '■ iu*! I ,^\ 

Sherman t'De Forest, K. ft P. C8tb St., N. Y, c. 

sept/B^s.,'. .'; .;.... _,,_, ^h-«. .:.. 

Shields, Ella, Hipp., Hull, Eng., Sept. 3-8; Hoi* 
. horn, London, 10-15; P-al.. Croydon, . 17-20. . 
Short A, Shorty. Junction Park:, New. Brighton, 

Pa., 27-Scpt.: I. :. ! '.;-i •:'i ■• 

Bhnvue, .Al., Orpblum. Hprlngfield, 0.. 27-Scpt. 1; 

Urand. Hamilton, 3-8. 
Sharp. BroB..AlhniDbra, N. Y. C, 27-Sepl. 1. 
Sidmnh ft Shannon, K. A P. Union Bq.. N. Y, c, 

Shhloii BtOB.', Guvernator'B, Atlantic Olty; N, J., 

•>., 27-Sept. .- 

Snyjler, A. Buckley, Poll' 

Sept. 1. • .... 

Smlrl A Keasner, Paator'B, N. X. 0., 27-Sept, 1 ; 

Doric; Yonkorif, N. Y., 8-8. 
Smith A Campbell. Hnymarket, Chicago, 27-Scpt. 

1;. Olympic Chicago.- 3-8. . . • . 
SmliJi A ' Ln Boao, Plnehurat Park, Worcester, 

Maw.,. 27-Sept. 1. : ■' ' . .' ' -. 

.Smith, Peter J-, White City, Chicago, 27-Hept. 8. 

Snell Jk „Dowd, uvernator^. Atlantic City. N. 

. New Haven, Coiiii., 
Siept; 3-B," v " - 

Bomenj.A Hoff. Braderibnrglt'B. Pblla., 27-Bept. I. 

Spablhig A Dupree, Orpbeoin, Utlca, N. Y„ 27- 
Kept.. 1. '>...,-■ 

Spe^sardj'B Bears, Hippodrome, N. Y. 0., Sept. 

I vH. ,.' ,— . , , i T. :'. -...■.' 

StutKinan A Crawford, Melville Purk, JoktiHtown, 

Po„ ,27-SeiuV..l< i ■.., ■-..:,- . 
Slclnert A TiiooiBH, Atlantic Gardeo,' N. Y. 0., 

27-Sept.. l. * ' 

Steely, Doty A Coe, Sbea'e, Toronto, Can., 27- 

Sept. 1. ": ■ 
Stuart A Keeley Slalers. BIJou, LanKlnc, Mli^., 

27-S0pt. 1 ; Majestic, Rlrmlogban. Ala.; 3-8. 
Strain], Nellie, t Kniplre, Ht. Paul, 27-Scpt. 1. - 
Stark, Toble, Electric Park, Ft. Smith, Ark., 27- 

Sept«..l. :„■ ,, >„,.,, 

Stantofi, Hugh,- A Co., Shea's, Toronto. Can., 27- 
, Bept. 1. . ;.._, ... 

Slovene, Kittle, Sans Soucl Park, Wllkeu-Barrc, 

Pa.y 27-Bept. 1. . 
Stein, ft EvanB, Proctor's, Albany, N, Y., 27- 
Bept 1, ' ■'■•:, 
Stanley A Alleen, PblUipB', Rlclimond, lot)., 27- 

Sept.' 1; . Orplieum, Portland, 0., 3-8. 
Stephens A Karle, White olty. Worcester, Mass., 
■ 27- Sep t. 1; Halbaway's, New Bedford. I'.-S. 
UL Lfil & McCOBlck, Alcsaar, Denver, Col., 27- 

BcpUB. ,,., ;. • 
St. .Hlino, Leo, .Inland Park, Sjobury, Pa., 27- 

Bent. 1; ( Tumbling Ruu Park. Pottsvllle, 38. 
St- John ft Us Febrej Wenona Beach. Bayi Cltv, 

Mich.; 27'Sept. 1; Rlvcndde Park, Sagloaw, 3-8. 
St., Feltx.SlBtera. Paator's. N. Y. C, 27-Sepl. I, 
St. Jullao, M.j Rye BencS, N. Y. ( 27-Sept. 1. 
Sully, Lew.- Temple, Detroit, 27-Sept. '1. 
Sully ft PhelpB.'O. 11., Onconta, N. Y„ 27-Sept. 

1 : O. H.. Norwich. 3-8. ■ 

Surazal A RaxiM, Family, La Fayette, lnd., 27- 

Bept-: l; Grhiid, Marlon, 3-8. , 

Sutton A, ; Siitton, Pleasure Park, Newark, N. J.. 

27-Sept f lv - : . ■■ ■ ... 

Swkjuud. Mr, ft Mrs.. Uke Nlpmuk, Oxbridge, 

Mana., 27-Sept. 1; Broanalde Park. Atbol. 3-8. 
Swor, A. Wcatbrook, Idea, Salt Sto Marie, Mich.. 

27-Sept. 1. ' 
Sylvan ft O'Neal, Lake Compouuce, SOutbluctou. 

Conn., 27-Sept. 1. 
Tanna. Mahllla Grove, Tamaqua, Pa., 27-Sept; 1: 

Ocean. City, N. J.- 3-8, . - ' 

Tuiincau, Felix ft Clayton, Klcctrlc Park, Newark, 

N.. J,., 1; Hoag Lake Park, Moon- 

-awket It. I l|. a . 
Tnytor A OMa, 8ummlt Purk, Utlca, N. T.. 27- 
wpt. ,. < v ■ 

Taylor Twin dlalorH. I'Iuhiiit Park, Newark, N. 

1~ :5*i,l. 1, 
', llljoii. Dwatur, UI., Kept. 38. 

" r /(i°r'j " Iure ^ lWo p,t *. Sa«ina»; Mluli., 
Tcrlry;' Clillii-M. R.n I'ran.. Cal., 2T-oC|>t. 1: 

Orphuma, I^ia- Ana>lm, 3-8. 
Tnarkniw A.Wiilby,' KoIIIi'b, I'lilla.. Seiiti .1-8. 
T«inl»,.Trla, »U™, IMifcoHll. \VU„ jfaiipt I. 
Tlionie, Mr. A Mm. Harr>, Non-llj, Bkln., Sent. 

riijrno, A iMilrai.rih. Aoiw, Hacramenii), C.I., 

Si.SOIII.. I ; »U, Oaklunil, U-8. ■ . 

Ihoiiiunon A 8qrlda. PaitaftM N. y. C. 27-Unil. I. 

Iliornlvii, Jamni J.. I'rmbgily Park; Newport, 


1^ Sprliie l.uko Park, Tnmlon,, N. .J., 
UK. Jlilla, A Co., PrtKtor'*, Wfa-ark, 


Laiuiiloiia. Tlir. Mlliraukc-. Wl».. 2?Scpt. 1| Do- 

i-»liir. lIlulLS. 
lalliKilvn. Ilanlk*. tjiki'shl,. Park. Akron, O., 27- 

H.«pt. t ; Klllr.l*',v Park. Dayton. I1-8. 
l.a,t.'rvU. Paul. Aiiilllorliiin. .I.yiin, Maaa., 27- 
■ rJ.-i.,. l :ll.itlin.v t iv , M.'l...w-f-ll. lis, 
I,a Mm.' HroH. |H)..ilim'nnl, Boalon. 27-8<tit. 1. 
I.a Trll HniHl.'Sprlii|!l>r,wk tlaalno. So. Brail, Inil.. 

"7-Sflit. 1 . 
iiwk'r, T, Pi 

Newport, It. ... 
I.a,to.T,.hw>a.. 81. l/inla. I 

Manaee. lt-8. 
1^. (Uulr,, Hurry. riwl«,ty Park. .Newport, R. 1., 

I,oon A Anellne, Ouwriiiitor's, Atlantic City, N. 
•J.i 2T-Hi'pl: I. 
l.eounra,_.GlH., yii[nue. .Mljinfapolla, Minn., 27- 


l,o ih'nl', tin-til. Kninlw. fatrroon, 
., '-'Ml. ,1 : Kniplre. Ilouoki'lt, 11.8, 
V llriin Trio. Sinn',.. Blnralo.a7.Sept. I, 
U^iiuanlt, Al., tA>Uacuut, Clerelaud, 37-Scpt. 1. 

N. »., 27 


ninn:. JtlllkT A Co., PriKtor'*, Wea-ark, N. J,, 27- 

Sept- 1, 

Itli-h, Jack A Bcrtbn. Ileltueriwn'a. Coney Ialnnil, 
■ N..JI.. 27-Sept. I| Poll'a. Worceater. Maa«., 3-8, 
RIUkCK, Tile, llowanl, BokIoii, 27-Sent. 1. 
Haaaav. MUtela, K. A X. 2.1ll St., N. Y. 0., 27- 

Sepl. I. 
Ro«h. I lleaale, Womlerlauil Park, Revere, Maaa., 

27-Scpt. 8. 
tUwiitlt".. Tile, pnkntai LVnver, Col., 27-Sept 1. 
Howe, May C PI. Arthur: Call.. 27-Rcpt. li 
ltol.ln.uii. Ktbcl. tlrpliemn.'MllinealN.lla, Kept. .1.8. 
Rok-erM k Larlnc. O-vfonl Lake Purk, Annlaton, 

Ala., 27-Bept. 8. r 

Romey Slalera, K. k P. Union Sq.. N. Y. 0„ 27- 
,t««l'll.... .■...»..!. .,.!■.- ' -■■■•X ■•...- 
Ilollare, Kellli'a. Plilta.. 27-Scpt. I. . . 
Itonw?H, ■ MarrolonH, Lyric Park, Artlmore, I. T., 

•Jt-Kcpt. .1. . ... 

Itooney A Bent, Orpheum. Utlca. N. Y.. 27-Sept.. I. 
Ro'Mlc, I Marvclooo, Wonderland Park, ' Mfnneapolla, 

27-S.Pt. 1. ' 
Roliertaon, Albert, R. O. H., Grand R'aplda, Mlcb. 

27.B»pt,'l. ... . ■ ' .. -.' 

RihhcII A Pnvla, Olympic Park. alcKt^aiwrt, Pa., 

27-Ser.t,. I. ' • • 

Iluf A.-Cttulck, Orand. Marlon. 1 III,).. 27-Scpt. 1 ; 

Temple, , Ft., Wayne, 3-8. .. ... 

Suililrrw, Dean A Bandera, Cryatal, Kokoino. lna„ 

27-Sept. ■■ 1.' ■■ 

Sulo. O. K., MpsuTpuy. Knit., 27-Repb 30. 
Siona. Proclnr's, N. J wurk, N. .1.. '27.Hepi.-3. ■ 
SaoiolN.tlll. Orid.ieuiu.UUeH. N. Y.. 27.sei.t. 1. 
Siinniterit. Olinlk, 0. 0, II.. I'llNbiirit, 27.8el<t. I. 
Hcltell'ti. Miiic, Llona, Phrk, It'ockej Ft., If. I., 

. I .. ..' 

'3t£&! ££S ■"•• Pllt»i™'«. 27-Sept. .. 

rliotcUer A ErnCat, Andltorluro, Lynn, Masa., 27- 
Scpt, 1, , , , ,, ■, ...,-,.. 

T ".K-o B .ualMl, Olympic Pork. MehTecaporl, p.., 
:.7-S«it..l| Olcntauity Park. Oolotnta., O..' 3-S. 
™8c7r" r «' Parlor, Port Ani-elM, ttraab.. 

Tonley A'Hiirt, Summit, Park, Utlca, N. Y„ 27- ' 

Bent. L .., ... , . 

*M«J A.Price, \Vlntcr8iirten, Berlin, Got., 27- 

Trnuni'i.'Wi'illocci Kcltb's, Cleieluiid, 27Se»t. 1: 
I'.inn. 't'dleiio, ;i-8. ■ ■ ■ • . ' ■ 

Taiida, Hinlry, Caacadc Park, Now Coatle, P.„ 27- 
Stpt, 1,1. 

•ffiHH J>"> ^°" E »u. New Orleana, L»„ 27- 

Tulaa, .IdoraiPurk. Youneatown, 0., 8cpu 3J3. 
llowciiH'lUie. lllpiiodromc, N. Y. 0., Kept. 1.8. 
Vniiej', giarlce. Aluapibm. N. Y. C. 27-Scpt. 1 : 
Trbht. Trenton. N. ,7.. 3-8. -">«"• '. 

Van Gofro A Cotrely, Ourornutor'a. Atlantic Oily, 
V» .Billy, orplieum. Iai» Aoceln, Oal„ 27- 

Viinlauiou! Bijou, Sbawuco, I. T., 278ept, 1. 
JadlM, MhitcIouh. Cburleaton, S. O, 27-Sent. 1. 
v "ao. Mlncria, Beacon Park, Webatcr, Mala., 27- 

Vuliwa; TUc, Mountain Park, Hamilton, Oka,, 27- 

^MJ>l2RH f J T11 i cr - """V' •""'a. MttleRock, 
Ark... 27-Sept. 1 1 O. 0. H., 1 Tyler; Toi„ 38. 

"".ilio """'.' 4 'a""''. Proclor'a, AIMnr, N. I.. 
I J7-Bcpt....l., j • . 

Van OorUaud Broa. (.1), Oorman'a Park. Monti, 
llaiiueu. Maaa., 27-Scpt. 1. ■ 

Vcrpou, Man Suit I.ako, U.. Bent. 3-8. 

liW"* Clayton, Bmlpr'H. N. Y. C, 27-Bopt. I. 

Mola A Onto, Proclor'a 23d St., N. Y. 0., 27- 
Sent, 1. 

Vldeflo*. Tbe.ItertelV' Reach. Main..: "27.Sept." 1. ' 

»on Olerp, Empire, Pnlorsou, N. J„ 27-Ben, 1. 

4 1? 'i? PvH 5kV"SNE'ilR. *>• 

Waller A Mnglll. Tunitdlna Run Pnrk, I'oltavllle, 

Pa.. .27-Scpt. .1. 
WntHoii'fl. Karmyurd.. Durtmonlb, Mbku,, 27-Scpt 
■;!.; Kdtb.'a, Syrpcuac, N, Y... 3-8. ' .-■- ■ 
Sacfe Alismi..KeJth'».N. Y. 0.. . 27-Sepl. 1. •, 
WolnwrlaUt. Marie, A Co:, Kcltb'a, Clereland. 1 1ST.. 

W'li.licil, 1-rctl A Mac, Wliito Oily,' Oblcso, 27- . 

WcjIoii'b (3). Puator'a, K. Y. 0., 27-Sbnt. 1. 
JVelei, IW, Ol-pheinn, Ulleu. N. Y.. 27-Sept. I. 
Welch, Jnnica'A Celln, Oolllna' Harden, Columbua, 

O., 2i-Se|il, 1, .. 

W'eaMon. Waltera A Weaaon, 8ubbatla Park, Tauii- 

loui.MHaa.; 27-Sopl.l, -. - 
Wealoii, Willie. '- llimnl. Beaton. 27.Selll, I, 
Weteb. la-ni, llleanlV, .lolmniicaouru. S; A., 27- 
.. Jl 1 Itleknnl'K Tour. PlHrice.. Sept. 1-30. 
Well, * Sella, U. O. II., Grand Rapid., Mlcb., 27- 



WeilMorth, vrata A Tcildy'.' Bocicty blriu,, Holy 

oke, Miia... '47-Scnl. 1,. 
,W 2 *Se t ^" 01 ! 5 '' '™<«' i a7; Part; Colom'imj, o.. 
Wcldon'a Llpna; Orrrfieuni, Allentown, Pa., 27- 
■iSSPl .'. : yrphenni. RHOtf. 3-8.' I ■ . 

w ','f V M * Monlroae, rj. 0. H., plttalmrj, 

w 7,t ,* i,"i Slclcii, Rlrerilde p.rk, Saitlnan, 
..&Ileb„ 27-SppI. 1,.. .. . . ^^ 

Whalon A Weal, Lokealde Park, Lewl.ton, U«., 27- 
Bent. 1. . -a ,j ■ , - i I 

^.to-. K . 1 '- ."• * "o""' '■'•lal Park, Eaoldn, Pa„ 

Ji7-Sepl. ,1. ... 

Whalley A AVIialley, Gurernator'a, AtlaiiUc Oily. 

■H, J l ,,27-.Keltl, 1. • - * * 

Wballcus, The, Bradenburgb'o, PbH',., 27-Hept 1, 

September x f 

tbce °j$mr* ^o^k, Qjj%p-pim, 



KKITll & PnOCTOIl'S OBIh S. Thl. 3"}„? '!" ".'"P!! LAt '«" '" <*T »«. If ypnr Joke. .lory or 1,1.. win 11.. |.*>. 1 will n»y 11. anyhow, .nil 
,. dnV. olr.i Sm doubl. volt? .inn-ln J w» P „Ha IS, c ? "! loA '"•.»" •»«! "<•'>>'<■ •nbmlitlng. l f l m va«iiiil. to ... ».i„..™.ll>, M yonr i,l.» In. I do 
»?.!^S!»*VK.T^«THk! wfsl'on^lJ^SKSKte™ • or "lorl.. rrlatlv. to the... Wn.fl,. „ HCllKA.W ami „i,l lr-l'v original. Ttuwlmm'l ..m. wlU b. 
)l»y IP. I»n»^^«" »" «■»««».■ W.CKHopt. IV, PHOCTOU'll, Albany; n.m S«pt. 17, KRITH-I'RIII TOM'S, Nl. ' 

, .«d pay yon what It I. worth If It I in 

Imitation, of touuilt In a il.poTtm.iit .tor., chick. n., 

" attonaced In thU pap.r w..k of a*, whon 

'Ttie »£»n "Wltli Jkgen^y Voioea. 


Wblteley 4 Bell, Young's Pier, Ocean City, N. J., 

2f*Scpt. I. 
WIiee>r Sinters ft Hall, Lyric I'ark, I'arsona, 

Katt., 27-Sept. 1; Lyric 1'urlt, Muskogee, 1. T„ 

W'.'cholT, Baby Jrnjo, ft Co.. Lagoon, Ludlow, Ky., 

27-Keivt- 1; arnnd, Jollet, III., 3-8. 
Wilton, Lilly, Dewy, Utica. N, Y.. 27-Sept 1. 
Wltioii Bros.. U. 0. II., Indianapolis, 27-Sept. 1; 

Colombia, Cincinnati, :i-S.- a 
„i:«)u, J«k. Howard, Boston, 27-Sept. l. 
iVIson ft Raton, 0. II., Oswego, N. Y. 27-Sept. 

1 ; O.rlittlilrii, lu^lirtlcr. 3-ri. ■ 

WlUlimH ft Melburn, rdur'Sine Creelf, Hrle, Pi., 

27'Sept. 1. 
Will!* A Barron, Empire. Des MolnM, la., 27- 

Worfi ft' Kingston. Bliss's, Toronto, Can., 27* 
, jftntV 1; <W*. Boeheiter' bT.'Y., 8-8.' 
W«kI, P'TBncln. Monro Park, Toronto, Can., 27- 

IcpL'l: r«rk, Dunkirk. N. T., '3-8. , 
Wood. MIU. Vletorlo, N. Y. 0., 27-Sept. 1. 
W^'lnf's StfilllonH. Henderson's, Coney Island, 

N. Y„ 2T-Sept. J. , 
Woodward's" AttfatilB,' Chester aPrk,' Cincinnati, 

zl ,s.-,.t. W ' ■ ■ 
Yncktey ft Bunnell, 0, H... Pittsfleld, Mass., 27- 
> 9<|itl 1. 

Yeoman. Geo., Orpheum, Salt Lake, TJ., 27- 
Sept ll'Orpbeuni, Denver, Cat.. 3*8. 
Yoder, Exljlblflon, Toronto.' Can.. 27-Sept. 8. 
Ycrke Comedy FOUr. Mirer's 8tli Ave., N. Y. C, 

27-Sept. A ; , Miner's, Bowery, N. Y.^ 0., 3-8. 
Yontift &- Devote,' Temple, Detroit, Mich., -27- 

Sejit. 1. ' " m 

Yohe, lla-f, WlscSrl* Q.-ove, N. Y. C, 27-Sept. 1. 
Young. Tot, Kok-unio, lml., 27-8t*)t. 1 ; Logana- 

port, 8-8. _. . 
ZniicllW. "Th*. H. ft 8., N. Y. C. 27-Sept, li 

Dnckalnder'a, Wilmington; Del.. 94PW*F ■» 
Zniet ft Vernon. Shea's. Toronto. Can.. Kfomtit. 
Zlmm#im«ar AI. ft Pearl, Crystal, J-;lwoorl,' Jifd., 

27-Sept. A/ . .. 
Zlnnnrl Troiipe. Keith's, Providence, 2t-8ept. I. 
Zlnmrflfa, 'Bile., Klk'a Carnlral, DunUtScrN. Y„ 

27-Sept. 1. ■ 
Zc*)Im, T^, WlMtnrln Qardens, N. Y. 0., 27- 

i«* « *° — Tlie MotfopolttOD Opera House 
li*. N. Scott, lunnngep) opens the regular 
eenaon-Aug. ye, wltii "Clie«:kers," my pop- 
ular . here. Chatincey Olc-ott, Q ln "ElTeen 
Asthore," Sent. 2. 

Grand (Theodore L. Unys, manager).— 
'Cnrmen 1 ' contludcd the engagement of the 
(Jeorgc Fnwcctt Ox. *rcek o? Apg.' lf», tu 
hig.toouBCB. Percy. Ifnsmll, In the tftlt role, 
vyas excellent. The regular nea»oa opens 20, 
5SL 1!'' 0W Kentucky."" "AcroBs the Pn- 
d(ST Bept 2. 

atAu t J. C. Van Roo, manager).— The 
Brigadiers had blir business 10-2n. The 
Jolly GIrIa 20. The Bohemian Burleaquem 
follow, • 

OHPhbpm (James Robertaon, manager).— 
RualncBB wn8 very good week of 20. New 
people week of 27: BerandB and De Doll, 
Dot Neumann, Melvit Barrett, Excelln and 
McClure. All the ortftra will hold over. 
Mr. Frcrck baa also opened theatres at Win- 
ona and Ked-Wing, Minn., both to be lunwn 
as- the. Majestic. 

Bifpinti (Sam Fink, manager),— Baplimi 
wna very good week "of 20. New people for 
week of 27 are: The Dnlya, Nettle Strand, 
May Curtis, and Mchrlng and De Shields, 
Those holding oyer. Gertrude Leslie, Carroll 
and Unrdnur. Brady and Hamilton, Wtlrlam 
I>e Boe, Theresn Kemp, Jessie Bepnett, ant) 
Glbaon andNoBh. 

Notr. — The Minnesota State Fair, on the 
grounds at 'Hamlfne, this city, week of 
Bept. 3. 

< >» 


. / .'. ON TUB ROAD. 

./'* " * " 1 * v-'. '* ■ 
SopDlem»|it«>f Mat— Received Too Late 

Brown/' Kirk (J. T. Macaule'y, mgr,)— Elmlri, N. 

Cainphclrj 'SliditlngBiea (Uarrle D. Pierce, ngr.) 
-I W. Y. City af-jfcnt. 8. 

Campbell BroJ>.* Sliows— Alms. Nehr., 27. Arapa- 
hoe 28, Hotdrfilgc 29. Mlnden 30, Sutton 81, 
Vtmm Phh Q Maryavllle, Kan., 3. 

"Country Jay** (J. IT. Bamnnn, mgr.)r-Cam- 
lirldge, 0.,'Sept. 1. Coshocton 3. Borneavllle 4. 
WoojlsOeld i%. WellRhnrg. W. Vn. t (1. Canons- 
bprg. Pn. ( *7« New Kel|Bington 8. 

"Deapcrite OMancfc" (I^ert Howard, mgr.) — Mon- 
treal, Cflii.,' Mept. 8-8. 

•TfliiHt," Porter' J. White's (Olgn Verne, mgr.) — 
I.hptiiilna. Mli-h., 28, Antlgo, Wis., 29, Rhine- 
*lJiii<ft? SO. ToTnnlmWk 31, Ironwood, MlcU., 
Sept. 1, BeMnemer 2. Ashland, Wis., 3, Waab- 
burn 4, BnrDeltl *». Iron River 0. 

(ilithivan liriuimtlc— Sturgls, Mlcb., 27-Sept. 1, 
MeiiUmi B l «. ; - 

Gllnjore's Pluyera IFranclH J. Ollniore, mgr.) — 
Bejlalh, Mii,; 27-Sept. 1. .lulu,. Kun.,-2-8. 

Oortpn'a Mlniltrtln (O. 0. PearL mgr.)— Rock- 
l«»Pj* .*JB., ti at!pt.. 3, Oldtowu 4, Uordther 7, 

"nirPrrom Texns" <S. P. Bender, mgr.)— Atlan- 
' tie" City; N. J., 27-81, Boohton Sept; 1,' East 
Htrqit'ltuiirir. Po., 3. platlngtou 4,/ratnKiinn L 
Mtdflletown 0, OhaiiibcrHlinrg 7, Hancock, Mil., 8. 
Till mm. Moii'te (W. A. Dillon, mgr,)— North 
1 Adama, MnHa-.-Sept;' 3-8. 
nnrrlngtoii Stock— Princeton, Inrt.. Sept. 3-8 

Cincinnati. — In another fortnight every 
theatre, save the new Shtibert bouBe — the 
l.vric — will be open. The American premier 
or "The Blue Mpun," at Mualc Hall, Aug. 28, 
wilt be the dramatic event of the coming 
week. ' 

Grand Opbra IIouhk. — Dlgby Bell wm 
begin the season Sept. 2, in "The Educatlou 
of Mr. Pipy." For acvernl weeks during the 
Fall fearlval, Sunday evening performances 
will bo given. ' 

CoruuniA. — Bright as a new dollar, thin 
liousa of vaudeville oiuned Aug. 20, with 
i'i I Lfiiniii and company, Hanson and Nul- 
w>. Augusta (Hose, Ferguson and Mack, 
Wft-tsoa's Bnroyard Circus, Howard and 
Blopd, Cub "Kd words' School Boys and Glrla, 
and the Hazardous Globe. 

Hduck'8 OifinA liousa. — "Chinatown 
Charlie," 2C, succeeding a week of Klluit ft 
CazBolo'a "The Four Corncra of the Earth.' 
It was a creadon ns but as the weather. 
Business was pretty fair. "Young Buffalo 

IiYcniJM. i r"ne* First Palis Step,", tlie 
opening nttrnctlop, Aug. 20 and week, will 
be followed hv "Nettle, the Newiglrl." 

Pcopi.h's. — Teddv SImmonds und Phil A. 
Ott introduce -the Merry IJurloaquers 20, In 
"The. Mummy Girl." Drenmlnml llurlesquers 
did pplendldly last week, with Dave Merlon. 
Kniplre Bui-leaqiiera ne*tl - ■ 1 

Standaod.— The Bone Hill Folly Co.. w»h 
George W. ltlce. In "The Iloyal Billy Uoata.' 
will he the introductory nitraetlon of the 
season Aug. 20. The Standard has \ma re- 
modeled,' and nq entirely new balcony, with 
eighteen modern boxes, liaa been built, t 

eiKJiit'i-'U niouern ui»4cb, hub utoh u«<i>. --•• 

chairs and draperies are modem, and an 

exhaiiHt motor fan (mures ventilation una 

cool, fresh air. A reception was given JB. 

WAtNflf Stbbkt.— "Peggy from Paris 

onene Ihe season Sept, 2. * ' ' 

Bobinson'b OHU Hoiibb.— Upon the sr- 

KiuWotTitmo*" Eastern (Oscar Oaheo, mgr.) rival of the Mapngern M "JJ"™ °7,* n . \' h J 

-rSannlbal.; Ma., Sept. l, Belleville. HI., 2, and Cape May It- ffM SKSfflJSH A 

SSSS -rerre. Mo;, > , - P Kocepangh Stock Co. would open Sept. J. A 

MaTrsV gpeclnUv Co. Al. Marts, rogr.)— Mont- new caruiln will be hung, new sents inatoiica 

mmerr, Vt., 30. BerksblM 31, Franklin Sept. j u the bftlcopy and n new and more »»> 

1, WllllMton' R, Rlcbmond 4. '-- ■—■ *"- ■*■ 1 - rt1 "- 

"Montanii.'f Hnrry D. Casey's— N. ,Y. City Sept. 

Ninety aqfl Nine"— K. Y. CUf Sept. 3-8. 

"Jerry prom- Kerry" (Patten ft Fletcher, nigra.)— 
Port Arthnr'.' Ont., Onn.. Sent. 3. 4, Kenora^, U. 

Klnaey Komody Kc— Oreenrllle. 0., 27-Se'pt. 1. 
Napoleon 3-ff. ' . . 

"Kiiig of Tramim," Kostern (Oscar Oahea. mgr.) 

Oaman Stock (Jobs Qnmjn, mgr.)— Marietta. 0., 

Sept. 3-8. , ' ' 

Orientals (Vf. B. Watnon, mgr.)— Altoona, Pa., 

Parker!' cV W*, Amiuwrncnt Co. (Cramer ft Tyler, 
mays, > —Lincoln, Nehr., Sept. 3-8. 

1'efry ft Prcnsly'fl— Inernm. Wis.. Sept. 8 ; 8, 

Rehlnaon'i, Join), Sbrwa— Bristol. Tenn.,' 27, 

' Abingdon, Va t ,'- 28, Olnde Spring* 29, Wythe- 
vllle 30, Pulnikl ■ Si. Kocky Mount Bent. 1, 
Wlfistoq-Hslem, N. 0.. B, Martinsville, Vs., 4, 
rtomibVe'5'. "\ "' 

"Ruled oir the, Track" U- H- Woods, mgr.)— N. 
Y. City Sept: 8-S. ■ „ 

Smith's Coloasnl Shows— New Holland, Pa., 81, 
Conowliigo. Mn., Sent. |, • ■ . " ' 

"Seciets of, Police" (A. H. Woods, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City Sept. 3-8. , _, 

Trumbull, Mntie (Joe.W. Spenrs, mgr.)— Dixon, 
111.. Seht. 3, Aurora 4. Kenonha, Wis., 0, Rock- 
fon], nl , 0, Sterling 7, Kowance 8. __. 

Tempest, J. U, DraiuatlCT-Olyphant, Pa., Sept 

woodmfT, Dora. Slock (J. D. Kllgore, mgr.)— 
Rnonvllle, I mi,. 27-Sept. 1, Elhmbethtowu, Ky., 

Wentlake's Cnrnlvil of Novelties— Alt amont. N. 
Y., 27-3ept. 1, Westporl 8-8. 

'■ ... i M s V . ' . ■'■ 

M|nnet>pollHr— At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (UN, Scott, manager) the regular 
Pall . and , Winter season opened Aug. 26, 
with CliaunceyOlcptt, In "Eileen Asthore.' 
The Ferris Stock 'Co. closed Its engagement 
lieW'Sfi. playing the lost week in "Gls- 
monda" and "Camille," to crov/ded houses. 
Par week of Sept. 2 (State fair), "Check- 
ers.".. '/.!: 

Buon Opera Hoirnn (T. L. Hoys, mana- 
gefj.-i-Gftofge' Pnwcett's Co.. In "Woman 
Against .Woman." This same compnny. In 
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," 10-22. and "The 
nelli," 23-23, to fair houses, Tills house 
w|ll; open for the regular Pall nnd Winter 
nejltjori Sept. 2, In flta'MOK) Play that has 
oiienea thla house for the ■ 'port ten years, 
"In : 01d Kentucky," with Marie Qulnn aa 
QlnilRe, . - . ,' " ■; ■ 1 •.%.- V 

-OnpHHUx (Martin Ileck, general raana- 
gen..-- -Bill for 20 and week: NLtn Allen 
nhd company, Italian Trio, ' Lewij and \yood- 
ford, Danim BrothetB, Paul Barnes. Four 
American Trumpeters, Kaufman Troupe. 
Bufllue.HH fine IP and week, _, : 

LvciiVM (I. C. Bpeers, manager).— Uwla 
Stone Stock Co. closed a two weeks r engage- 
ment 25, "The Little Minister" being too 
hill Ihe Inst week. This nouse will be dork 
iW-ncpt. 1, The Daniel Prawley Stock Co. 
tieglii nn engagement 3, In "Sherlock 
Holbics." „... „ 

TJ^iOta (John Elliott, manager).— PHI 'or 
27:, Arid week : Bert Levy, the Gregsona. Gus 
Leonard, . Beiate Taylor, He'rinaii La Pleur, 
Noblett and Taylor. Pine houses 20 and 
week. ..-«...'■ - ™: 

Dbwbt (W, A. Singer, manager). — fhe 
Morty Mskers 20, The Polly Burlflihuers, 
30-25. made nulto a hit, to good attendance. 
Tba -Brigadiers Sept. 2. 

Wo\iiv*i!i,ANj> I'ahk. — Special featurea for 
week of 10 :-Arna(do'n leopards and panthers, 
ntuV. Marvelous Boode, In n|a alack wire en- 
tetthlnmeut. with the usual petmaneDt at* 
tfnbllooH. Lprge crowds reported.. ■. 

ttktt liAnaifeT.— Llberfltl will close hla mi- 

Sane'Diout hero Aug. 20. Crowded houses 
ave ■■ prevailed. 

II) Hie -l|DK-(>ny mil* :i new »»« -*-"-» .--4.'-. 

nlent rpcrptlou room nrranged for tpaladies. 
The atocK company la now In course oMorma- 
tlon. There arc rumors' that Herschel Mavall 
may be leading man, hut It Is certain that 
Walter (lllbert, Wllioiv Hummel. Gilbert Ely 
and Harry Pcnwlck will hP back. . 

oiA"ii-ic.— The new home of 'vaudeville 
will be (Jcdlcateu Sept. 2, and while the open- 
Ins: bill Is not nnnonnced, the names of sucti 
nfgpetsas Joe Welch, Vlnle Daly, John W. 
ltntinoine, Helen Bartram, Harry .JfflgB 
Clarke La Domino Houge nnd Bob nilllnrd 
ns some of those booked during the season 

Too" (Walter J. Draper, secretary).— The 
Iloyal Hesses o' the Barn Band are^due 27, 
en route, from England to New- Keoland. 
Bohlmui- Kyrl and hla band enjoyed two 

*i&&FW$, M. lUrtl., ».--»). 
—The Oliester Pirk Opera Co. closed . fair- 
ly niMHUful «ea»0D 25. Grace Canioron 
»n» Ihe IUU o( Ihe (IddI week, when •'the 
Telenlione Old" was put on. I)r. Cliorlea K 
BmSf will l»lk on "Ilourts nnd Tilings'' 20. 
ESSuW I. M. Martin will give anwtnir 
shows cverv Sunday during Beplemlier. Mao 
Mclbinu and Hnfliawa. and Slegcl were 
seen In the vnnilevlllc theatre. Woodwards 
sea lions remain. ft ' ... 

Lonww 1.AOO0M.— Tlie season Is drawing 
to « close, and Amusement nirector will 
Olark nnnonnces for the final bill in tne 
Viindevllle Thentro, commencing Aw. M 
lrmn Wlckliol and company. W "WrUM 
Noon and Nuthti" Kelly and UM'i Toiu 
Mack. Hie MlUons. anil dainty Matlc Clark, 
In "new lllnstrntcd songs. The Mcred Itk 
Brolliers will be seen la nn aerial outdoor 

* C Conby lsuHO.— Instead ol Drjant'j Mln- 
strel. "or the Inst week, ft*,SP»jJ«l"ffi 

will be thrown open for vaudeville Aug. m, 

wllen tUo Olln I'Vmllv. Delia, Hick., the l.a 

ni'lls nnd Herbert and Von will °UH""J£J diicTlan. 'and oYerylmdy was" deUgbtJ-d wltli 

Fall festival Is, on. Kennedy's Wild West J"£"° I J- ell "fi 1 | np pcnmnce of the nudltorltnn 

ended 2U. The season coses Ulio 'Dar- ^ne ^Kwn.hln'er's Daughter" ,week o? 20. 

si'HjiKii Chat. — rite ™*££2TiJS2x 

won In the hand concert «t Coney Inland. 

..Harry Shockjey 1> hoony becnune 

trie Walnut Is once more ready to mi.... 

■11,c Queen City bathing- beach Is : strt onen. 

..Dnn Boner has aecurad the old Ma- 

mm con- 

< i»v.if. mi _ At the Euclid a ardent. 
(Max Paetkenbaiier, manager) "Tlie Girl 
with the Green Eyes" la the bill of the 
Vnughnn tilaser Stock Co. week of Aug. 27. 
"Are You n. Mason i" picked the house at 
every perfo nuance last week. 

Ciu.oN.Ai. (Drew A Cnmiibell, managers). 
— "A Modern Magditirir* Is the offering by 
Ihe Laura Nelson llntl Co. week of 2?. -"The 
Adventure of Lndy Ursula,'' by thin com- 

Eimv. week of 20, drew big and enthusiastic , 
ouses, proviug a|l$s Qalrs Btrong hold on , 
the theatre go lug nubile 

Lyceum (Geo. M. Todd, manager).— Flake 
O'llnra, In "Mr. Blarney from Irelapd," i 
week of 27. "The Hall Room Boys" hid 1 
good receipts week of 30. "Gay New York" 
next. ■*,*. ■ ' ■ 

_Cubvkla™ (Opo.-M. Todd, manager)^- 1 
Charles T. Aldrlch, a Cleveland boy. In 
"Secret Service Sam," wpek of 27. Al. Mar- j 
tin's "Uncle Tom'B Cabin'*,, drew ^fairly well 
last week. "A Man's Broken Promise" next. ! 

Kkitii'h (II. .A. Daniels, manager),— Jill : 
week of 27: Marie Walnwright "arid Frank 
Sheridan. Bristol's bonles. O'Brien and 
Havel, Walter Truemnp,- Luce and Luce, - 
Lillian Shaw and Bon never. 

Star (Draw A Campbell, managers.— wil- 
llntns' Ideals wepk of 27., The Colonial Belles 
drpw weil week of 20. The Merry Burleaquers 

Luna Paok (Elwood Solsbury, manager). 
— 'llie Great WeBtestf Bind- of Cleveland will 
furnish the music week of 20. 

<"ot.i«,»,u« (M, P:'Troitler, manager).— 
The Herald Squnro Opera Co. week of 27, giv- 
ing 'vThd .Mascot" 27-20. The Coliseum's 
vaudeville scnaou ended 20. 

N'.Tt. —'I'lio Lvrlc lias h*pu acquired by J. 
J. Ryan, who will reopen It Sept. 8. 
„■ — ■■-11 " ,t i. ..I ■ M ■ 

Colambna.— At the Great Southern Al. G. 

Field's Greater Minstrel*. will open the bouso 
Aug. ,11, Sept. 1. "49 Minutes from Broad- 
way" B-8v ' " 

SttpRBRT (P. Q. Miller, mnnager).— The 
houne will open with Eddie Foy. In ''The 
Earl nnd tne dirt," 8-8.* W. 0. Shandy, of 
New Yoft, will bo the treasurer of tJia house. 
Hnrry Overton ban closed with, the . Hagen- 
heck Show, and will be the advertising man- 
ager wl:lr the hotlsc. 

ili.;it Strkfit (Pitas. W.i Harper, manager). 
— -"Yotiia; Bnffnlo" drew capacity houses Aug. 
20-22. ■'tyn.'la Josh Sprnreby'' attracted good 
bouses 2&9B. "At the' World's Mercy" 27- 
20, "The Four CorncrB of Ihe Earth" 80-1. 

Oi.kntaxrv I'abk (W. W. Prosscr. mana- 
ger). — An excellent bill, consisting of Young 
nnd Melville. Carroll Johnson. Catherine Cull. 
the ChfaHek Trlii. llerr Jausen and com- 
puny, the Rnppo Slaters, and Sadl Alfarnbl. 

Pleased large crowds hnt'wcek. Dnredevll 
inuKherty, Iq "leaplntr the gap," proved. a 
Rtrong outdoor attraction. Kosatls Naval 
Reserve Band continues to be popular. Croa* 
tore's Band 27. 28. «•'• • 

fiiu.ip' G,Anpi:M (ir. Collins., manager).— 
Tills popular resort was"' well patronised last 
week. lilH wceb of 20 : Fox and Summers, 
Josephine Hall, nnd Ed. Hays. 

Nqtes,— The Ohio State fair Sept. S-8. . .In- 
dlnnota Park continues to draw larac crowds. 
Pain's "Last Days of Pompeii" will be a nig 

feature at the park Aug. 27-Sept. 8'. 

Robert Stanley lias closed with the Hagen- 
heck Show, and has joined ltlohtsr A Ht. 
John, the advertising manaesrs of Indlanola 
Park, who are billing Pnln n "Last Days of 
l i.inpcli. "....... ..lay Oulgley has gone to 

Cleveland, to join the Vaughn Olmer Stock 

Co., for a short while J. K. Burke was 

a local visitor 17, 18.: 

I M I ■ I I " ! — 

Voiiiitfii<nvn.-At the Grand Opera House 
(T. K. Albaugh, manager) the Myrkle-Hard- 
er Stock Co.. week of Aug. 20, had good 
.patronage. The Bays 28, r *Tbe Shoplifter" 

Pai.k,(M- U, Guggenheim, manager).— 
"The Enrl and the Girl." with Eddie Foy, 
opens this house Ang. St. The Four Hunt- 
,luj(i* Sept. LI, Henrietta CroBman 14. 

ll»BA P*nK (E. Stanley, manager).— The 
following bill for week of Aug. 30 : Middle- 
ton's MannlklnB, Anna Goldo, Do Cnmo and 
his dogs, Whistling John Browne, and the 
American Comedy Four. John L. Sullivan 
and a vaudeville bill Kcpt'2-tt, 

Avon Pakk (Job, W. Wean, manager).— 
Vaudeville cohilnhes to good attendance. 

Notes. — Frank L. Evans, for several yearn 
programmer for the Park Theatre and idora 
Park Caalno, expecta to organize a road 
sliow .soon. His many friends wish him suc- 
cess. .... .The Pour Huntings are rehears- 
ing nt Ihe Park. . , 

—■■ ' * ' — ■■ 

Marlon.— The Grand (C H Perry, man- 
ager) was opened for the season Aug. 22, by 
Al. G. Field's Minstrels, who have started 
the season at the Grand for many years, and 
they were greeted w<th standing room, only. 
A peculiar accident took the people back 
fifty years, as In the early part of ""P* 1 "; 
formanre an explosion In tbo electric light 
plant put the Grand In darkness. ■ The per- 
formance was continued with four sperm 
candles, until gas connections could be made, 

Alamo until Its -season closes- .Manager 

Collier has leased the Coldren Theatre, Iowa 
City. C. C. Rowley will continue ns Its 

resident mnnngsr. Lottie Munro left 

IS, to visit relatives at Merrill. Mich. 

JP»hJ»QJie--v-At Ih* Grand. Oners, Houso 
(Win. X. Bradley, -mkungar), Aug. 14, (11 

fenr/'n MJusirrls ninusnl a good houae. "A 
ItTleOyr --- 
Uncle J 
row'" 27. 

, „ atcnHt" had a fair house 22. Coming : 
•tlncIeJosh Perkins" 2C, "The Flaming Ar- 

Buou (Jake Rosenthal, manager).— Tho 
house is dark. 

Notes, — In the rustic band stand. Union 
Park, the Royal Hungarian Orchestra Is In 
Its second week, assisted by Mltw Seneseu, 
violinist, and Miss Allen, cuntralto. The at- 
tendance for the week has been Immense. , . . 
Toe TrKState fair will be held here 27-Sept. 
s. Including regular fair attractions and 
■peed exhibitions by Cresceus ind Dan Patch. 

Ringlliig Bros.' Circus 8 Meiv- 

Bertha Lincoln Heustls, soprano, has opened 
her studio for vocal I11 struct Ion. 
S) 1 | . . ' 

and It 'was then finished by live wib light. . 
The audience remained quiet and took tne 
offnlr good neturedly. 

■ , "4n » 


Dee Molnee^-The Orand Opera Rami 

was reoponed Aug. 23, by "The T3ye \Vlt- 
iiobb," A well Hired homo greeted tills pro- 
duction, and everybody was delighte* *» tl1 

Newark.— At l'roctor's Theatre (P. P. 
Proctor, manager) the bill for week of Aug. 
27 Includes: Julia Ring and company, Herr 
Snons, Mosher, Houghton and Master, Dave 
Nowlln, ihe Glecaons and Houlihan, Dudley, 
Chcslyu and Burns, llount Bedlnl and doga. 
and Quaker City Quartette. * 

OLiunc Park ill. Wafers, manager).— 
"The Merry War" holds forth. 

t'.iE.i MniA TiiHATHK.— Sara McDonald, la 
: "Adrift In New York," Is this wuak's bill. 

ItLASKv'ri TiiKATitK (Charles lllar.ey, muu- 
ager).— "Tho Boy Hehlnd the Opq A , with 
Harry Clay Blnney, is here this week. 

KiJicrini' I'ahk (A. C, Duulop, manager). 
^-Collins' comedv tloukuye. Vera do lina.hil. 
Adolpli Adams, luuneiiu, Fwllx nnd Claxtoa 
and Awotte, laddie and company form the 
bill week of 27. „ tM ^ ■ 

Uillsipb 1'i.KiHuaH Pahic (W. Thalia, 
mnnucci-l. — Kurds '.i:id Busuc, Ben Meyur, 
1 1 1.1 1 nnd Hill, the Marians, Sutton and Hut- 
tun, Tuylor Sisters und Four Uregorya make 
up the 1)111 for week of 27* 

BJ 11 !■-■■■ '■ 

Jersey city.— "Bertha, the Sewing Ma- 
chine Girl," closed s very satisfactory week 
at the Academy Aug. '■!■•■ 

Acapkmy (Frank 10. Henderson, tuansgsrL 
— "The Girl and tho GatAbler" week of 27, 
"Carolina" Bupl. 3. 

Bun 'fun it. W. DlnkluB, manager),— For 
the o|Kjnlng wttek, Aug. 27, Champagns Olrls. 
LuihIuu Gnlrtv Ghls to follow. ■ • <'f 

.' Nothh. — The Fynus-Kleln syndicate, oper- 
ating moving plciures and tllusiruied 'suuga. 
have opened a "Nicollet," In a large and well 
situated building, with an elaborate lobby, 
directly opuoslle the Bon Ton, und nra ilolug 
a large business and giving good siitlHfnetlon. 
The plot tires ere changed twice a. week. B. 

Guttiiian i«. the local .representative At 

the Academy "he KAllery ndmlsslou has been 
. rhnugi'd from tlftuuu cunts in twenty-live 
cents. . . .Manager Henderson la Interested 
with the Klein Bros., owncra uf tho Hon Ton, 
In (he new thratro |o be erected op Grove 
Street, and to ho known as the Majestic... 
John II. Uonea Is back again lit thuAciideniy, 
ns busliMiHM mnnngcr and treasurer, with Wni. 
1*. Culfiuuii, assistant; John K. Luugnhce, 
stage manngor : will Mnrao, advertising 
agent ; F. w. Peter hcIipil orchestra leader, 

.At the Bon Ton, Henry Wolff returns 

an advertising agent: Rlfhar<J Wolff, stags 
manager; Jack Armatrong, proporty maator. 
......At Keith A Proctors the artlsuns are 

busy day and night, getting tho house lu 
shape for 1 1* ■- opening lu Hepiember. 

■ I S ■ _ ■! — ■ f 

Aflantlo city.- At the Snyoy Theatre 
(Fred R. Moore, manager) "As Ye Sow" did 
excellent business Aug. 20-22, as did •• '^Vay 
Down Kast." 2'1-ifA., "Sunday" 27*20, 'The 
Roecr Brothers In Ireland" 8()-Sept. 1. 

You Mi's PiKB.TiiKATna (w. K. Nuaksjl- 
ford," mabflger).— The same good patronage 
greets tho John C. Fisher Opera Co., wlileh 
remains for another week, . ... _ ' 

STlCKI't-rXHAMB PlBB (Gllfa W. Clement, 
mnnager). — Big business puys tribute always 
to vaudeville here. 

GuvBiiNATOit'e Tiikatbh (Sydney Ffrn, 
manager). — HttslnesH Is always large. An- 
nounced for week of 27: Mons. Herbert, Bis- 
ters Millar, PliarlKuineuu Brulbcrs, Iluth Uur- 
nohl, Du Hols, Parish, Snell and lfctwd, Van 
Oof re and Cotrely, Harvey and Lewis, King 
and HshIouIc, Hetmiore Hlsturs, Amy Orauvlllo, 
Whalley uiiil Whulley, Two Macks, Leon aud 

ai.haubua. — Vaudeville hae been Inaugu* 
rated here, to pl eased patronage . — At Woodlynne Park (H. D. 
Le Cato, manager) barring the Inclement 
weather the latter part of tho week business 
continued good. Tills week's attractions In- 
clude: Bryant and Savlllc. Millorshlp Sis- 
ters, Clurk Gundy, (Joldlu Fulkw. Hurt and 
Dennotte, IlnmlUou Hrooks, Miller and 
Fortlner, and Tony Baker, who has been 
loosing after ihe stage during the Summer. 

Camokn Tjiuatiih (SI. W. Taylor, mana- 
ger).— "The Cursu ot Drlpk," Aug. 20-22, 
apd "The Man of Her Choice,!' 23-25 hoih 
played to good business. "Queen of thu 
Highlanders' 1 27-21). "A Child of the Hegl- 
ment " ao-Hept. |, "Tho Gypsy Girl" IWL , 

Notkh. — Dr. W. II. Lupg rauoiMeu the 
mayor of Hie city to dig the first spadeful 
(i. earth fur his new theatre, to be culled 
the Camden Broudwny Theatre, 

Uan DBMS' uus neuMipw w^ 

lestlc cufe. nnd will turp It Into a free > 
cort hnl Aug- 20 ...".Dugan and Mi ck. 
two Cincinnati boys, made good at Ludlow 
iSgoon. in their sketch. "A^ ght at Long- 

via*" Superintendent Sol A. Stephen, 

of the Zoo. Is: In Chicago. . . . . .The . mem- 
bers of the Chester Park 7)pe» Co nl I leave 

fnr \'ew York 20 Sam Mylle. Lllllnn 

ifcIiVtrre. % Monlton , ud Cecilia Weh- 
iter have all signed with ''The i.O lrl and 
the Baldlt "...... Frank N. Mnndevllle will 

be muJlcnldlreetor of 'The Vanderbi t Cup" 

Frederick Davidson returns to choir 

work" at. St. Andrews Church. He prefers 

to be soloist In church to star on stage 

°dna KmJfiij one of the cutest mljes ever 
aeen at Chester Pork, Is a great favorite. 
She was nn emphatic toast In "waiting at 
(he Chtirrh."..... Charles Sell welter, late of 

tho Columbia, in to 7 be treasurer nt the 
O ymplc, and his sneefssor ns assistant, treas- 
urer at .he Columbia Is Harry Thompson. . .. 

Montnvllle Flowers la going to devote all 
his time to dramatic plntform work... ... 

T.iur" »»«illr' Is visltlnr her sister. Mrs. Mil- 
ton. (Dolly Woolvlne) Nobles, in New .Vort. 
...Alary Hissen-Hp Moss, the soprano, 
has gone to Ku rope to rest before taking up 
the season's work prepared for her by London 
C. Charlton. 

taoiioken.- -At the Lyric (H. P. SooUer. 
manager) "A Child of the Kvglu. ui" nhd 
"The Curse of Drluk" divided a p.-otlUble 
weeki ending Aug. 20. "The Gambler -.of 
the Writ" 2(1-20, Joseph Sonttey. lu "BlJJy. 
tho Kid," liOSupt. l : "A Wouinn of War 
a-5, "ThCi Burglar's I »n tighter" 0-8. 

EMfllii (A. M. BnigKOOi&nU, proprietor). 
—Thin Jtbusts wiilch M now In the Keith- 
Proctor circuit, will open with a uiutlnee 
lienor Day, Sept. 3. The Initial offering 
will Include: Finny Rite. P.d. P. Heyunrd, 
the Four Avolns, Nellie Butler nud company. 
Vou cleve, Pete and company, Scott and 
Wilson, Le Dent, Maseu nnd Vox, aud the 
kluetogrnplL Mntlpcvs will be glveu dally, 
r *v»4 

W'KST VHt.;i.MA. 

Wh.<e9|iiM. —The Court Theatre (R. B. 
Frausheliu. nmnnger) will uueu its season 
Aug. 2D, with Jftbu Vogel's Minstrels. "The 
Wlsnrd of W' ID. . . 

WlIKKLINU l'AKK (GcorfTC A. Mt'I.SllgllllD, 

inuuflKer). — The park was crnwdud lust week, 
pud thu attraction gave the hettt of iatla- 
imtiou. Bill week or 2d : Four Couiedv Ac- 
robotic II Ills, Barry and Johuson, Laura 
lluckley. I" 

Dancing HowitrdH, and Omo, 

Coni-iv Isi.anh I'ahk (Geo. A. Scliaefer. 

iiiiinuHi'i'j.- -Achlile Phlllou proved a good 

drawing card, and IiuhIiicih wax very good. 

Norna.— The tenth uuuunl Sacugerfcst of 

very got 
. - JiougcrfCBt of 
the 'Com ml Ob|o Suenger lleslrk was well 

htteudeil 2J-2J1, nt ihe Court Theatre. Mrs. 
Alice Waterhuunc, soprano ; Cdward Strung. 
teuor, aud H. A, Julin. baritone, guvo good 
witlsfactlon. Pn-f. Hermini M. Scho.'ltev, 
director, scored a grout success with his 
chorus nf eight hundred. Tho Cleveland 
{Symphony Orchestra, under thu direction of 
Johauu II. Beck, wits one of tho llucst sym- 
phony art-hcHlniB ever here. Ml'rt. Allen Mer- 
rltt-Cochraii, engaged for Ihe Sucii|fc;rest, 
did nut coins, on nceuuul of ulekuess.. . . . . . 

Set-rotary Geo. Hook, of the West Virginia 
Kxposilhin nnd Slale Fnlr Aaaoiditilou, who 
line u big force of men getting things lu 
wliupe for Sept. 11-14, stutcd thut the purses 

for the large races nn< greater than rver. 
le will also have Knuhemdiue with l|ls ulr- 

shlp C. It. Truck, fiirmvrlg manager of 

Ihe Western Union Telegraph Company of 
tliUeUy, anil who Is well known In the the- 

?trleal profeHHlvii, Is tlangerously III with 
[right's disease. 



Uiiitlmore. — Ford's (L'hnrloa H, Ford, 
miuiaavTl reopens Aug. 27. wllli I.jiuimi II. 
IfowtTa pictures, which. will he seen twice 
dally during the week. The regular the- 
atrical season begins sept. It, with "llubes In 
Toy land." 

AiiTKiiiif it (.Tainus L. Kernan, uinnagtir). 
-~"l'anlioud)e Pete" oifcns the aeasoo hero 
Aug. 27. Florsitce Illndluy, lu "Thu Girl nnd 
the Humbler," Sept. ... 

Muniimkntai. (Ham M. DiiwHoii, resident 
uiuiiugsr),-. -After having heoit virtually re- 
built, this long lime home uf vaudeville will 
throw open Its duors Aug. 27, preMimtltig thu 
Colonist Billies, The TlmruiighlmHls Mopt. il. 

lloi.uiiAv Hxiii:i:r (Ororgn W. Itlfe, uinns- 
«er. — ■ "JUl.tlOD llewuid" huglliri a. week's stnv 
27. ''The ('onvlct's Diughtor" closed 2n. 
"The Wuy of Hie Trnnsgrossur" Sept. !l. 

Hr.ASKV'M (Uhurlos li. Blnney, uiuiiager). — 
This week, "tin Dangerous Ground." ''Adrift 
la New York" had a light we«k, eudlng 2f>. 
Heutp A, "A Child of Ihe Reglmotit." 

(jAVr-.iY (W. L. Iltiliinif, uintingor),— Koso 
Pydell's Lonil'iu Holies, with c'liurmlon an 
tho lending feature, hold forth 27 and week. 
Ruble's Knickerbockers drew well last week 
lit splto of ihe Intense heat. Tim Bachelor 
Club Supt, ». 

lOifHcridC I'auk (Ikbnnhurgor A Irvln, 
it'.nnnger). — Tin* current week's bill lnaludea : 
"A Night hi nil KukIIsIi Music Hall," Me- 
I'hee and Hill, Josttphtne Gitsamini, Susie 
PlHher, Ooherly's poodles. Large cruwoa 
wero In evhlence last .week. 

Makvlanii (James L, Kurnap, manager). 
—The opening will occur Sept. II, wllh an 
attractive bill, heiidod by .lutile M^Cree, 

acaoumv (M, J. Lchmiiycr, manngor). —v 

This houso will reopen Sept. 10, wllli "Man 

und Ills Angel." Kxtetiulvu Improvements 

l.nve been made during tha Siiuuner. 



Atiiinoniuii.— "Behind the Mask" pleased 
good sited audiences 10- "Tilly uiseii 
week of 211, 

Pobbteu's- Opuba Housr. — HI Henrys 
Mlmtrcls open this house 2B. "Uncle Josh 
Perkins" week of 2tt. 

KkTFitE.— BUI week of 27 j The Two DottB, 
Wills and Barry, Geo. Hlllman and five 
other big numbers. ., ■ . , % „ . . 

isriKimoM. Pahk. — MeMohon's Minstrel 
Misses are announced for hendllners week of 
2«. ■ ■ ■ 

Pafereoii.— At the Empire (A. M. Brugge- 
miinn, manager) rellned vaudeville, which 
became ho potiulnr nt tills house last sea- 
aon, will again,' be In vug lie. The regular 
reason will be opened with a rautlnue 27. 
Following Is Hie hilt for the opening week: 
I'd. P. Reynard, 'Nellie Butler and company, 
Pour Musical Avolos, Von Cleve, Pete and 
company, Scott aud Wilson, !*■ Dent, Mhci>» 
and Fox, Jolly Funny Rice, and the klnoto- 

Lyceum (George M. McMunus, manager). 
— "A It-iee for Mfe" played to good bouses 
Aug. 20-22. "The Matter Workman," l» 

Cedar Haplds. — At Greene's Opera nouse 
(Will S. Collier, manngor) Hi Henry's Min- 
strels, Aug. 20, gave a rlne programme. "The 
Bye WltnesB," 21, deserved better business. 
"TIIIv Olson" 24, "The Old Clothes Man" 
M, Jnek Hoefller Stock Co, 20-Bept. 1 (ei- 
cept fiO), David Biggins, In "His Last Dol- 
lar," «0: "Two Merry Tramps" 2. "A Llttlo 
Outcast"' ft. "A Stranger lu Town" 4, "My 
Wire's Family" 0. 

A..AMO Park iG.. K. Barton, manager).— 
This good bill drew well week of Aug, lb: 
The Franeellas, Kamorn Family, Belle Gor- 
don, the Vahdergoos. Grace Armond, Walter 
B, Myers, the Alamoscope, and Bchoildl's 
Hand. HI Henry's Hand and several of his 
company appeared Sunday afternoon and 
iil.ihi, 11). lniies nnd his band gave roar 
tine concert* 22. 2it. which drew crowds. 

Notts— Nellie Hmliji Rlcbahtson <s di- 
rector of Oreehe'4 Optra House orchestra, 
while Prof, Jacob Schmidt reinalus nt the 

elvea liberal ..patronage „23-25._ Hnoklnas : 

Inpt 1. 
ilium (Mnurlee Jacobs, malinger), — The 

"Billy, the Kid," 27-20; VMy Tum-lTiiy 
Glfl" flO-Hept 1. 

I'rovliii'ncu. — At the Provldoucu Onorn 
Tloiiio. l<ew Fields, Aug. 22-211, In "About 
Town, drsw good audiences, and •vldriiuly 

Kt:irit'a. — "A Virginia Courtship" was Iho 
offering of the Albee Stock Co. last week. 
Ah nil addition, n vaudeville turn waa given 
by thn Cojol|1a! Septette. Tho stock season 
einlii 27, wllh "coiifiiHioii," 1 ho /.liiuarl Troupe 
helping out with vaudeville, 'lint regular 
vaudeville kcqhou open. Lnlmr Day, 

Dmi'Iio;. — "A illtinlL-hi t'Hcupi'," 20-2R. 
proved a thriller of lliu first water. Its 
author Is Howard t'oopur. Tlie scene Is laid 
lu New York, and Ihe plot centres ahunt a 
signet' ring which u rich uncle lu the old 
country has willed. Il imtsi be produced by 
his pephow an proof Lbnt lie Is ibti real thing. 
Iho nephew la Joe Mendel, a Bowery hoy, who 
is ineiiui'eil by his fuihci'n fiirinor purtner, 
Bliuou Bloom. The lattor Is assisted by n 
wicked ntiorney-nud n woman, who got jws- 
sesslon of Ihe ring and lose II. Tho con- 
spirators sro ourflHtia by an Itnllun organ 
trli»d«r, wlio Is led to hclluve that the hero 
has led his duiighler astray, lu tliu eust 
ore: Cliarlus Goodrich, KuMHeitp L)oulhig r{ 
Rubv Frwouil, li'ily Ilurlow, f'luin. J. Toolo, 
Cmiilllu Online und Delia Knight. "Tlie Ililrg- 
lur's Dnughtitr" 27, "The Power of Money" 

Imi'kuiai,. — Tlie Innocent Maids 27 ami 

WririTMiNHTHit. — The Dnlniy Pnreo Biir- 
lesrpicrB week of 27, to bo followed by the 
Bluu Ribbon CO, 

— ■■ . — » 4 '■■■■ 

Viewport. — At tha Newport Opera House 
(Calm it Cross Co., nmniigers), Aug. 21). 
"Klglit Bells:" Primrose's Mlnslrele, 21; 
Custer's Last Fight." 22. nil did fair htisl- 

,..„ n.,.1,, f.ii.m In "XIn miinn Alnnv '* 

High Scool Girls played to good business 
week of Aug. 20. Loudon Gaiety Girls Is 
the attraction for week of 27. 

• ■ 

Trenton, — At the Taylor Opera Houso 
(Montgomery Moses, manager) isell iiiirgenn, 
In "The County Pair," Aug. 22, pleased. 
"Wonder I a ud" 20. "Busier llrown" li, "The 
Little Durhess" Sept. 1, "The (Hnfcerbreml 
Man" R, "The ,II|ack Crook" 4, "Man and 
Superman" B, Grace George 7, H. 

htati: HTBkKT'TmiATfiB (Frank Sbnlters, 
rasimger). — "The Devil's Auction." Aug. IB, 
did well- "A Bad Man from Mexico." 20-22, 
had satisfactory business. "A Child of tho 
Regiment" nlnyeil to good sized 
houses. Al. h, Wilson 27, "My Tom-Boy 
Girl" 28, 20, "The Gambler of the West" 30- 
Bept. 1. 

ness. Mario Cahlll. In "Marrying Mary, 
Jack 27, Rose Stnhl 28. 21), "I" 
Ward ill. 

wna well received 2.'l, by a large audience. 
Andrew Mack 27, Rose Stnhl 28. 21), "Hap" 

SllKnUT'H PRRHSinuT I'AHK (Cluis, fl. Cook. 

manngor),— Hnslness Is excsllein. Bill Tor 
week of 'J1: Ye Colonial SeptelUi, Harry Le 
Clnlr. James Thornton, Bowers, Walters and 
Crpoker, Mnmlo llarnlah, l^onnlu Pollett. 
Tom nnd Kdna Almond, and thn camera- 



Bt>lma.— The Academy of Music (Long 
A Iters, malingers) wlfl open the season 
Sept. it, with T 'A llunawny Matdi." "Tho 
Counly Fnlr" II... v . The Central Alihima 
Pair Association (It, II. Mnngrum, secre- 
tory) Is making extensive preparations fur 
the fnir. which will run from Oct. SO Iq 
Nov. a. „ - 



:*{*"? -r:'#}*?&iWj- 

' i&fcPljBMBER-l. 

Grease-Paint and Burnt Cork Removed Without* Aid of Cold Cream 

It .-easily, quickly and thoroughly removes all 
trace of grease-paint, burnt cork or any other 
make-up, without the aid - of cold cream or 
without the iligbteat Injury to the moat delicate 
complexion, leaving the (kin feeling cool, clean 
and comfortable. 


"\\!ASli,-UR" MADE 



Used and endorsed by the leading mcfnbera 
' of every branch oMhe profession. 

We want every 1 rnemoer of the profession. in 

lire United State*, to test the merita of Lava Soap. 

'■' Send us' yonr name an* address, arid we will 


cake or ':iAVA"s6Xfc'-' . ! \ ;'■"'••' ■'•■:''•'■; 

saint^i^uis. WMM 


New ori«?nnn. — At the Weit End, Charlie 
KIhIk-v and Mi concert band, continue In 
high favor, H do Arthur Warner and his 
klnndrome. The hill week -of Aug. 21 In- 
cluded : Kwor Bros., Charlotte, Havencroft, 
l>w Wcllti and rone and hie dog. The two 
former turim will hold over for week of !£6, 
while the newcomers will be Ben Turpln and 
the fionanlcs Bros. 

niiBKNWALD. — The Dandy Dixie Minstrels 
will open their sciison at this house week 
of 2ft. 

■ Cukhcknt. — This popular price house, look- 
ing much • prettier than ever, will open Its 
veason 2fT, with the Baldwin-Melville Stock 
Co., In "By Hlght of the Uword." This cora- 
panv will remain' for about three weeks. 

- Notch. — The Elysium Theatre has been 

rurchascd by My. (jreenwald, the well known 
heatrlml' magnate. There Is n ponslblllty 
•if putting n.IlalOwln-McLrllle Stock Co., No. 

- in It during the coming season 

-Much regret was felt here at the death of 
J«ewl» Morrison. This actor -was a big Ores- 
cent City favorite. . ,. . ..Tomes Whittondale, 
n valued representative of the Klaw & Ur- 
Iiinitor circuit, was a Crescent City visitor 
week of 20, nnd was the guest of Manager 
Tom C. Campbell Tho Cairo Cole Com- 
edy Co. left, here,' 28. under the able manago- 
ment of George, Ueorsay. ' They arc booked 
through the. rani holt country Elling- 
ton. 13. llalfour, female ImpcrsonAtor and 
character dancer, left for Chicago, 22, to fill 

aevcrnl jiroHtaWo engagements fleorge 

Venus, the 'hustling advertising agent of the 
TntlM and Crescent Theatres, Arrived here 
20. looking much benefited by his Summer's 

- — > 4« » ■■ 


ngent; Harry Leslie, treasurer; Joe Henry. 
Irene War Held, Bella Gllroy, Mrs. Henry 
Gibson. Cbrystol Levis, Nellie Carol, Marian 
Goodwin, Tom Corrlgnn and Jas.0on.vny.; 

.Articles of Incorporation were filed. 

here 11, by the White City AmuseoientCo.,' 
composed of W, H. Labb, of Indln spoils.', 
Ind. ; Lum Simon's, Richard D. Bakrow.'.antl 
Lawrence S. Leopold, of Louisville, Ky. The* 
company hss purchased Hlvcrvlcw Park, now 
controlled by Lum Simons, and will acquire 
property adjoining to the extent of fourteen 
acres. A large amount of money will be" 
expended on Improvements, mostly of an 

a aiia tic nature Louisville State fair will 

lake place at tbe Jockey Club grounds, Sept; 

4 1 » 

Mllnnnkre. — The final, week of the 
Hi-own- linker. Co.. was a series, of crowded 

houses,, nclmlrci'K of this popular company tip- 
pet, ring to be anxious to give their favorites 
a rousing send off.' "Sherlock Holmes" was 
• ii'.'fliuiir.l In a manner up to the usual stand- 
ard, and was well received. "Coming Tbro' 
tbe Kyc" opens; the regular season of the 
Davidson Sept. .2. ■ ;. .' 

1 Ar.msiuiA. (.Inn. A.. Mgler, manager). — 
Kxrcllcnt nttcmlnncc rewarded "Tho Maid 
snd-the Minnroy/' ■ Fred Warrdn, principal 
coined Inn, was tho bit of tho show. ".The 
Halt: Room. Hoys" 20, "The Tenderfoot" 

) ii.'.iou {John It. l'lcrcc, resident manager)- 
— HeaHon- opens Aug. 2(1, with "Across the 
Pacific." • ,. 

- HntinKnT.— Hdwil Thanlmuser opens tho 
regular season of this house Sunday, 20, with 
Henry Woodruff, In "Brown of Harvard.*' 

Utah (Frank' It. Trottman, manager)- — 
The Worry Makers imt In a good week 10- 
25. Tho Clipper Comedy nff won en- 
thusiastic approval. Bohemian ilurlcsquera 

" Norm— Managor I#eon Wachsnor la e*i 
poetod home noon from his annual trip to 
Germany. . . .Mrs. Margaret Iloulchan died 
In this rlly July 6. She was tho mother of 
Waller T. Ilonleluiii stage manager of the 
rftar Tlioalro. Chns. Cromwell, mana- 
ger of the* Brlgadlork was willed homo from 
this city 10, nn account of the death of his 

mother In New York James Durkln 

Mil leave 20 to Join tho New Theatre Com- 
■iinv, Chlrago. ... ..I^ocal 'parks continue to 

..raw crowds Camerln's slldo for life 

was the feature at Wonderland last week. 
< 1 1 

INDIANA. -fcnf 

Indianapolis. — At English's Onera.House 
(Ad. F. Miller, manager) the seanon will 
open with Al. G. Field's Minstrels Aug. 28, 20/ 

Pa itK TiiKATnR {Dickson ft Talbott, man- 
agers). — ''Old Isaacs from the Bowery", 
pleased parked houses twice a day ifrfftf; 
. ''How Hearts Arc Broken" stood them up at 
every performance, notwithstanding the hot*- 
wcather. 20-U2- "Young Buffalo, . King of, 
the Wild West," 23-26 ; "Queen of tho Arena" 

- Grand Oi-kim Hoiibh (Shafer Zlegler, man-. 
ager). — After a thorough renovation,- this 
house will open Its season of high class 
vaudeville week of 27. with Harry Tate. 
Henri French. Willie Eckstein, Joe if.ymv 
Lillian Apell nnd Fred Hummer, RIalto Com- 
edy Four, Wilson Bros., arid Aurlel ■Darpwll-*' 

EMPinnTHKATRH (Chas. Zimmerman, man- 
agcr>. — Rellly A Wood's Show opened the 
season for tho house and company 23-35,- to 
capacity business. Fny Foster week or - 37. 

Gaiktt Tiiratrh (Kdw, Sbayne. manager). 
— Rohlc's Knickerbockers week of Sent. S. > 

Fanihank. — Well's Band opened for; -two, 
weeks 20, to very big buslnesH. 
■ 1 — Ames and Feathers, Bound- 
ing Gordons, and Drako'a bears drew ..big 
buwineea week of -20, ' . . IV ," J 

Wurn; CITY. — Business, still holds gtKt-tJ %C 
this popular resort. 

Titnouon tbe enterprise of Anderson. ft t 
Zteglor, who control the booking nf ilir 
Grand Opera House, Indianapolis will' get 
several big Kuropean-acts before they have 
been seen In tho Eastern liouses. Harry 
Tate, the headllnor for the opening ireek- 
comes direct from -Europe, making h la 11 rat 

appoanince here Indiana State Fair 

week of Sept. 10. * W 


Day Drug Co. 


ilocnacbUd, Kobn & Co. 
WilUantson.tV, Watts. 

A. T. Jones & Sons. 

. . Boaton, Haas. 

Klein's Pusroncy. 

IlriMiUf.m, SIu... 

Janics Kdfar'ot Co. 


. 10, J. Huels. 
11. BurkhardC 

ChlcRsro,' ■ 111. - 

V. M.' Botni & Co. f 
Wm.- Ilepner Wl» Xo. 

1 Inilnnntl, O. 

. T. .Sswlrsohlna. • 
, 'toss' FbarnMiey. ; '■ 

l'< Cl^vrlond, CI. 

■ W. ' Kradse ft Son. , 
BtanAard'Driig Co.,- 
Stearn ft Co.. . 

(Jrand llniild., Ml.-h. 

Bcnrouder ft Btonchouse. 

•p ......._. 

h IndlaMBpolla, ind... 
jfetjer's Pharmacy.' ' - . 

b-.'J.' :.-.' ;.-2i : i.'f.'" 

I.nn.a.trr. , Vm. 

fe, K. K. BrlBDiaii.';."v'"... 

I,n«t.v(ll^, H j, ■■ ■ 

T. P. Taylor ft Co/ ."' 
Kaufman Btraaa Co. ' . . 



lOVHIIHVf II*-. - 

(Pwlley A 

Burclt, managers) was opened forjthe seas 
son Monday, Aug. 20, when 

Tho Grand 
. when "His Hlg'bncjMi, 
flu- Bey," was presented by a good company. 
Tho weather alone kept a big crowd from at* 
fending. It being tho warmest of tbe season. 

I'uopfsN'rt (I'edley ft Burch. managers! 
was well tilled matinee and night 10, .when 
"Tbe Soup Bubble" was given.' The ploy 
gavo satisfaction. The Robert Wayne flbpek 
Co. opened 20, to give dally matinees aner 
evening performances throughout the entire 
senson. The bills will be changed weekly. 
"At>i>y and I Key" will appear 26. ■ . ■', 

Cook'h Park (Ilnrry baurenco, irmingor) 
liad a strong bill week of 10. and big cbrwiib 
attended. The bill Included: The Mrour 

1. Magrane. ■■ 

IVorln, fit. 

.F. M. He Kroyti- 
F. Lautercr. 

Ydnkeri, N. \ 

Perry Corning.' '/., 

l'lillii*1rl|>hisi, P«. 

N.. Snellenberg. ftrCo. 
H. A. Nolto Drugs. ,V 
Phillip J. Buck" . 
Glmbel Brothers. -> ,: 



ri>o. Poiinit, 10*i. Half and 
..,.•-..,' ■• lse.Jurs. / 


M«.8l'l«klB Cardboard Tulle. 


4B0. Hf irk, Savihe as.Falnt Tube* 


30c. Half I'oiuni, -MU, Quarter* 


< 95. aifass P*»t. Tbree Shades. 


-- h ' ■ 1 No. IS.:' BOc. Per Box. *'< ■• • 


ALIqaldPowdar.^Ot.Bot.orXtsV. -' 


our. mm, *.■>. . Half,' 


I ir,r..;ilnttlr, will, llrii.h. ' 

stiih-cerAti: . ; 

A SKIN FOOD, ■ _ : ■/ 
$1 Larste. SOc. ninllam, 


1st. I'ohikI, ,Or. ||»ir 
''•- Mr. Uuart.r. -?.,'.-,.:. 

1-Y C^bt.mbna, ' O. '-V' 
P. F. Mjkramz. 
Kampmann' Costume ' • 
, .... ,-.« .,-■ Works., 

'•'• : -,'-t»it»fli» 1 :alleli.. 
Mrs/ C.'it* Read. .•,' ■ t 

■rMkra.-'ikTli .1 
-_f Costume Co. 

Public Drug Co. .> . 4 

GlnHielJBrothers. i •( • 

'■' !M«WWrk.,:i«. : J.'.'.'V. 
rettj's'Plia'riiiacy.. i\ , 

Pitt.imrK', Pa. I 
Mrs.!J^lralfy .' 

'". :.; sBwrMWsj(i», Bfe. ■! 

. A« l-;Catttf. :■ . ■ ■'• ] 
' Nan Anton l.,,,'l>,. ' 
i_. ■'»I*1>rsibiid,'iv..' ; '- 
lflic<tli>!r|<Co. ' •■-■ 'i 

■' ^i'Wrtosrlliidl'.'b.'' > 
CiW. :WesteDleltor.v . , 

■ •onta. M.>. 
. _Smiat • ' 

f 'Wrfttna'n. 


Btlr,..Wr & Fuller. 

N(rl,bi) l -BarroWclougli.v . 

Pnt t r..m, N. J 


■Siltnitfl .Hyki 



S.n. York l:llr. . 


George Nlilmlhi'lm. 
,«.,lt MScj'*Co. 

• Glblsn, ■ th» : Urusitlst 




'^y v V -■•' Wstahljajsioii, D.'-C. 

',- HecjM eV'tfJo.--' , - '•'' 
"i* ;' V 4>' '•'K#iifem«»o'rt; P,*.' , 
y . ..-. •■■ :.vFiat:CUa^^'r Hair Store, 
■■■' : >' = -" / = h "J-'-A-Kriaroft*. > ^V *i 'ZvMi&frBnrr*, P«. ■ 
Bloom Ingdale'-Brot.iert.' " Knickerbocker -Pharmacy. ' ■ Jdn*a 1 'EbbVs' Sons! 
■ '*>< ■ ■ .,'( '•. '-Bcgall. PrOg'Co.' .- ■ • '-' T ii,'-'' *>r 

. .■ ' •;.■■■[ ■:■-,•::■■• •,.?,~f7-"> w W,r: .WhfcellnB, W. Va. ' 

'''.• } '•',< -y ■„■..• -■■ t Mctolii'B i Drug-' Stored 

.roneous, ns ho did not -enter' this- country 
until ho arrived here us a member ofLydla 
Thompson's troupe, about tbirty-ljvc i years 
ago- He was.edgfiged by Alexander Hender- 
son to Join' Miss Thompson, who was already 
hero. ■ ..'■,■ '*'*,■■ ..' ' 

Frank Kkntv a.JFormer actor, died In the 
hOHpltal In Cooperstown," N. Y., on Aup. 15. 
i''inm IiIh personal, effects It was learned that 
he bad been at one time a; female Impenjoua- 
tor and comedian,- and- had- not been on tbe 
stage for some twenty years. Any Informa- 
tion concerning his relatives, will be gladly 
received by the ltev. I|alph Blrdssll,. rector 
of Christ Church, Cooperstown. N. Y. Inter- 
ment was In Lake*ood Cemetery, Coopers 

WANTKD— win; accept all round- sketch 
Tmni, first claw Comedian or man with good 
Moving Picture Machine as partner, Have every- 
tlilng-for miiir.11 tent stmw. will pay Al S. and D. 

Team $20 and all. ugr. Modern Remedy Co.; 
aadorui, 111.- p.s,— M.BnrKo, write ■'..', 


Niiiivnv the Franclscos, Richards, Teggs nnd 

„ . jlels, the Tryors. and the klnetoieppo. •' town, Aug. 10. ■ ■ ■ .,•• , 

The other amusements of the park are doing--"* CUROK a variety actriiss, formerly, 

v ... ,L* ...a... ASt . kJ,.l..v,IAI«* unrl ClutOP 



Wtlk. —Kiirr.-. ai fho Nmbltt Thea- 
m 1 (K, A, Brown, manager) Dockstsder's 
Ajlnsfrcls bad a good house. Dim: "Tho 
Mayor of Toklo" Sept. 1, "It 'Unppnncd 
In, Nordland" 3," Oormnn'a Minstrels 4, Ly- 
man Howe 1 * moving pictures 0-fi. 
. Gn'ANii Oi'ffltA Hophpi (II. A. Brown, man- 
ager). — Philip I<evy'a Albambra and Knlck- 
erbuciter. Stock' Co. -played to fair, buslnoss 
only, on aecuimt of the hot weather. They 

Save* excellent .performances. Due : Rmma 
anting Slock Co. Aug. JT and wcok, Sclma 
Herman Sept, »-5. 

WMIIniiiSiiort. — At tho Lycoming Opera 
House U-. J..irisk, tnanagcr) Tbnddeus Gray 
Stock Co., .week of Aug. 20, notwithstand- 
ing exlrcmoly hot weather, drew packed 
houses. Ysle's "Painting Ibo Town" Sept. 
1, My rktc-t larder Stock Co. week of 3. 1 pAttK Pavii.ion ( Lyman A. 
Pray, manager). — Vallnmont Stock Co. pru- 
M-nii-'il "Between I.t.vo «nd l>uty" Aug. 1!0- 
-*J.- "My Uncle from Japan*' lilMlfi. "The 
lOlopcmcnt" will be given 1!7-1!0, "My lrlsh- 
Amerlvan Cousin" 30-Sept. 1, when season 

Dnnlels, . the Fryors, nnd the 

The ntlier aninnommitB of the purs aro nr 

thejr share of business. of .tbe team of Schotield and 

Oak Summit Park <B. V. ' Gallahan, man- recently at Blerod s Concert Ilall 
ager) has been doing a rushing business-' " 
Bill week of 10 Included : The T>AblirrT>c(i 
Slstors, Klpp nnd Klppy, Geo. Kvers, Nellie 
Itevolle, n» and Koxlc, and (he klnodrpmo.i 

Tiih Thkatorium. Is offering now sela of 
pictures' twice weekly, and good attendanco 
Is always'there. ..;, 

. Tin; Nkw.Bi.tou TnnATRR Is almost com- 
pleted and an early Ji'all opening la expected,, 

, -si. 1 1 ... « is 11 .,,*;, 

I.n Fayotte. — Tim Grand (Geo. Mander-' 
hock, manager) opened the theatrical season 
Aug. 17, with "The Cowboy Girl," to good 
business, Coming: "Tho Umpire" 23, * r Arl* 
mim" .24. North Bros. Aug. 27-Hcpt. 1, 
Johnnie Wise BV "Coming Thro tbettvo" B.;i 

Family Tmhatrg |ltort>rugh k Mnurlce.' 
miinngcrB): — This house Is playing to' nnc 
Inislnons tnsplto of the hot weather. The' 
Mil, nncnlng Aug. 20, Included: Robby Mack,', 
the La Renos, Hall and Coburn, Curtis 
Vance, and the bioscope. 

« i» ,. . * 


., and 

vlllo, Ky., not herself at her boarding House 
In that city, Aug. 0.- She whs thlrty-tlvo 
years of age. and was well known -In tbe. 
profession. Her right name was Annie Cook, 
and Hho came. from a highly respected family 
In Paterson, N. J. .Her remains woro, burled: 
noro-by- friends. ' .' ' '•' 

-iu:u:i'ii . ltont'Ktr,, a- musician and conu 
foser <ft wnrld- wide reputation, died. In San 
Francisco, Cat., oh Aug. 16. He wan about. 
sevcniy^tlve yeark of. age. Mr. Rocckcl had 
for many years. maintained a school of voqat 
culture In Han Pmnclsco, In which he was 
usslBted by bis wife. ' 

■! • . ' ■ > ■. ■ '.. 

Willahu HoLCOMn'HjmuBlcai coinody, "Pan- 
handle Pete. 1 ' with. Jqmes Harrlgan In ilio 
'title role, was successfully produced at. tho 
New Plalnlleld Theatre Plalndeld, N, J., Aug. 
10. The lyrics aro by Udwunl l.saka and 
n«vl(l' Kemp, music by Samuel Lehman. Tho 
work was Htnged by Will H.-Conley, and the 
daneeB woro arranged' by Ned Wnyburn.' 
Cast: Willie •Nowlywed,, Kmmot I^innon ; 
Lyman I.yter,. Francois. Blddv. Tucker, Wra, 



' Lonlavllle. — At tho Avenue Thentre 

(Cliiis. A. Hlirtw, manager) "Chluatown 
ritarite" wbh the nttracllon nt this Iioubo 
for tho second week of tho acason. The police ¥ 
mil uut attempt to stop the Sunday per- * 
forinance. hut detectives were on hand unr- 
log the play, aud secured tho names of tlio 
liiTnctpal nclurs and nctrcHses- Tho hot 
tfcuthor during the week did not prevent 
Inrga crowds from assembling to see tho 
play,,' Kor week of Aug. 20, "Young Unf* 

BUCKINMIAM TllHATHB (Wlinllen Bros., 
mamtaers). — This hmise opens tho season 
with fne'Kmnlro Builcsquers20. 
. MAHt'Mi- Tiikathi: (t'hns. A. Sliaw-, mana- 
ger). — Tin- season's opening lakes place nt 
tbls house' Sept. 3, with "Tho Ballroom 
Boys" ns tbe attraction. 

Macaui.hv's 'i'linATiir: (John T. Mncauley, 
manager). — The ininnagemcnt announees tho 
Reason's npcntng will occur Sept. 3, with tho 
Al. G: Field Minstrels as tbe attraction. 

Kuyiwink Kkiiiiy Paiik <Wm. Itclchmau, 
manager). — Patty BroH. were tho hcadltncrs 
week of 10, and scored a. decided hit with 
their unique and phenomenal act. Mills and 
Morris gave an entertaining stunt as the 
minstrel girls. Lee Marlyue and Nellson, 
Gill Brown, and-tlio-Fcrnando>May Duo also 
scored heavily. For week* of 20: Blmm, 
Kmum, U r-r-r Trio, Cameron mid FlaunRun. 
Hubert Do Mont Trio, J>ellgUt Borscb, and 

N«m-:«. — B. De Vault, manager of tho De 
Vault Musical and Repertory Co., Is In the 
city, organising u company to tour the North- 
went and West. The rosier of the. company 
la : 0. De .Vault, manager; J. Powers, as- 
rflsta'nt manager; C. HylvoBter, stage man* 
ager; Sam Levle, inuelt-al director; Louise 
Levic, dlrectrcvs , U. Williams, advance 

Wichita— At Wonderland Park Thea- 
tre (J. T. NuttlC, manager) the Wolfe Stock 
Co. bad a nice huslnesa, week of Aug. 22. 
Prof. Import's balloon ascenston Is the free 
attraction In -the i«rk. . . .Sclls-Floto Shows 
Is billed for Sept. 3. 

a »» 

. TKVAM. . . 

kt-iiv McCann 
Danny Tucker,. 'Vic' MllOj 

II. Conley'": 

Galveston. — At tho Galvcstoa Electric 
Park (Charles Frenkel, manager) tbe fol- 
lowing people opened a week's engagement. 
Aug. 10, to good attendance : Baron and, 
Munden, Dolly Carlos and Don Carlos Hall. 

a ■> 


Charlotte— At tho Latta Park Audito- 
rium, the W. A. Peters Stock Co. continues 
to draw excellent crowds, desplto tbu. bad 

Acaiwmy. — Tho Dlxlo MlDBtrcls. Good 
ttislucua Aug. 17. 



Hahky It. Austin, character comedian! 
aged thlrly-nlne years, died nt the home of 
his wife's parents, 23-14 North Third Strr"" 
Philadelphia,, Aug. 23. He had been Airily, 
her of the theatrical profession over twenfyr 
Ave von in, und whb lately associated, wltl) 
F. M. Stelner, In Austin Stelucr'a "Uncle 
Josh Skinner" Co. For tbe past two year* 
he had been manager of tbe Austin. Lnwtoh 
A Austin Co. He was married lu Maachef- 
ler, Vfl., May 28, 1800, to Emma B. Lufrtoq, 
who was a choir singer In Itlehuond, Vsi, 
nnd who' hns ntipeared with him In both' 
drama nnd vaudeville. Mr. Auatla lo/juir*' 
vlved by his wife, turoo children andMils 
aged fntber. Dr. A. N. Austin. 

Wm. B, Caiiill, whose death waa noted 
In Inst week's Issue, was erroneously stsjeA 

■\Vm. Mhtissey ; 
A in jah O'Gtaff. 
Abe Lcavttt; Aljy Astor, Matt Taylor; Reggy 
Aslor, Frank Gerard: .OiHeer^Onspot, -wd. 
Rohcoo; Fllmvrc .Fakus. T. A- Brown; Mrs. 
Wm. Nowlywcd/Kddto Jfidwards; Molly Jolly, 
Rose Bergere ; Dolly Jolly, Florence . Bcr- 
cerc; ."Moyroo Mnrtlgan, Bertie Douglnes: 
"Aunt Jane," Jane Adelaide Hood, and James 
'Harrlgan M I'unhandlo Pete. 

Noma prom tun Mtrtmi Yinton Co. — 
Myrtle Vinton, H. P.. Buhner and Vivian 
Rulmer arrived, at Seymour, la., Aug. 1, 
from their pleasure trlp L through tho' Knat, 
and found nil their people waiting for' them 
nnd'rcndv to begin- rebesruals, which began 
Aug. 2. . We opened Aug. 0, In Seymour, and 
as this Is the second tlmo we'bavo organized 
there, we were- greeted' with <a house that 
was very gratifying, aa we-broke the house, 
record. The snow gave excellent satisfac- 
tion, and we booked a return date In Oc-' 
rober. Wo have twelve people' a« foliowa: 
Bulmer A Vinton, sole owners; < II, IV Bui- 
man manager ; M. J. Scolds, advanco rcpre- 
senlatlvc; Geo. A. Chllds, .luck Campbell, 
Hazcn A- Afkermnn; De -Wolf James, Mar 
tits G. Wesley, Henry Pennington. Goldlc 
(lorrell, Vivian Bulmer, Beulah Chllds and 
Myrtle Vinton. Tbe weather Is Intensely 
hot, the thermometer reaching 102 In the 

BIUfflOlANB Wanted, Pianist, VIollnMf, Clario- 
net (Ulgft and Low Pitch lustst; Cornet, -Trom- 
bone and Trap Drummer with Tympanl; nrBt 
class and reliable, fur (Huh grade lyceum con- 
cert, work, fave'lng: .A'lilrcHnTltK bALISDURV 
OHOllKSTftA.; UP Monrno'Slroot. L'Ul osgo. h). , 

im.i.'m'i 11 v r i:i> sono HLlDES-We have 
the largost colleotdon of Song Bets Inthe world. 
Prices from 12 a set and op. over' fi,000 
o<!<l niides Scenes of Travel, Soldier Pic- 
tiirci.'MoimiiiTlifH, An., la Into of 50 or more, lOc.; 
Hinaiier loifl IGc; all finely colored. Nojordera titled 
for less .than lb midon. "Gash with orders.'* 
Big bargains In storoptlcons. Send pcrma- 
uent'nddreM for onr big tisrrfaln lists. KL1TK' 
LANTKHN. SLIDE CO., ^07 West Mth'St.,' New 

WA NTH D-Sk etch Teams. Single A*-f«. Tlek- 

ots to tJiOHe.we know. A bigcity mtd. show.. Pen-' 

Sin 1 know, wire. Othors, arlte ss' toiyour acts, 
liaugo often. Naroo aalary. Pay your own. 
A. J. wlckors^Prop.. 321 Hurqn St., Cleveland 0.; 
Geo. B. Harmon, Mgr. ft 8— Also Operator Will 
Moving- picture MachlnB and Films, stale, fully 
what yotrhnvc. ',...,"'' 

wanted, for Viola's Dog'Circus andTaado- 
vlllo Show, Sketch Team, 11. P. Comedian, Dancor, 
Man with Picture Maolilcc. Ohsiige 8 nights. All 
first letter, lowest salary. FRANK FOY,»gr., 
, JlawBra Hotel, KvHnBvtiie.ind, 

DANO WANTKD AT ONCQ, 6' Of 1 men, 
who can double Orohentra or some Specialty, 
Siaio lowest salary. We board tdiT. All Winter 
South. No ticket" a'vanced. 

J.TEEL8HQW, Rlddlcaburg. Po. 

ltrjH,j-.,hoL. .. 
He had been a laeui-. shade Aug. 10, but business on tbe average 
Is good, thus proving how popular Mlss-Vin- 
ton and her company are 1 through the West. 
We have new plays, paper and scenery thle 
season. We feature Jos.. D. Clifton's tried 
success, "Myrtle Ferns," which h a great 
favorite with our patrons. \ 
: " Ham Tkkk" company's baseball team 
beat, tbe llammeratcln employes' team by. a 
score of 4 to 0, on Aug. 28, .and are open to 
meet all teems In-thu theatrical profession. 1 
DKUt.AU Bbitakt, whosft nmiie oppearcd 
upon the programme -of "Huled off the, 
Turf," at the -Pour teen th Street Theatre, 
New York, week of Aug. 20, sb Helen Bart. 

lu have bcea seventy-seven years of-age.- 7 |«y, writes that this was an error, as aba did 
Ills daughter, Hellena. M. Cnlifll, Informs ua 
that ho whs In tha sixties wben be died. 
The titatemeut that he toured the United 
States In the Oftleti Is also claimed to be or- 

not play too part In this city. 

MiTciiwr.t, Imoaaiiah, has' signed with Mc- 
Cauley A Patton to play Mr. PattonVpart 

in "The Minister's Sou.'' 


With Boston, B..|H. 1, S, il,4. 


.with Piiiia.ioTpii),,, g?i>i, a, a. , 

' ' , . .. (BASrBBN), ■ ' ■ . 


-■"•Ofsla., In «U liin.., 

Tliose HolriK jphclaltlos prJcforriKl; also PlinlsL 
, s ( .Mrtross JIEH1.B TiiDusIiAi.K, Manamr, 
■ • 'V : '-. .EBtliorvUle, Iowa. 

E. E. Trousdale, 

OK I HOI SIIAI.K imuf., 

flti»ra<Jt«r Comedy Old lien, s'lrrKle Slnglnt srjrl 
Dancing spcclultr, sildolromiiolic In BanrL Also 

Berenioe Trousdale, 

Javcnlle I*hi|», »(.mo Baa.lOL. Nlgllt Btatids pro- 
furred. J«lnttin«affeiiiontoiily,» ' . ■ 
..' . ' B.E.TKljlI»PAIiE..ij|ear Lake, Inwa. 

WAN*EEJ>, ., % 

Team, Single Performer/ Organ 
..Playtsr, Jfead ;.,,.. 

At, onoc. Ticket' It needed, wire nhKKK, Clip* 
Ooumj, Kansas, at traoo. Wrllo BROOKVILLE, 
saline 00., Kaa. T • ■■ , , 



Lady OontorUonlBtit Kire-EatbrB^ugglora, totOl 
Ish l>anccrs,; Magicians; Ladle*' tor Illusions, 
rslkors that can make good ononiona. Open at 
Detroit, AngJW. Tff ft, tSmfo \ ' 

Mlch.Stnto FalrGroiinrta.Ucirolt. Mich. . 




Sept. I loSapt. 10. . ,' 

!■■ I. B, B-, Ea»t 34lh at. rtrn. ' 


W.Yi,., < .i!i STOIm0NI8 ]i .'-ako "so »"', and 
WK8TKB N II. R. »U0W, P1^ 1I,I.I P3P,DU0. PA. 


In all branches wanted. Commnnlctito at once. 

„, ^„, N.^.hBONAIlll.Mgr., 

-.■ ; Ward MlnHtrclB,- Su Josupli, Mo. (Qcn. Del.) I 

For Bate clioap. T\yo ^omeiiy charact- 
orn,»Man and Woman, well known 
autliotfl. HANCOCK, uaro of CLIPPER* 


Ecciinlrlc Dutch Comedian, with Sinolog and 
DunninK.^peoittlty; uijanictcrMtiu.'wtih Bneolal- 
t-y; IrtrihC.nuedlnnfor»m»irPart. MtiBi.8incand 
llsnoe. Man for Dude, with Specialty; ClmaVcter 
W onion. Ingenue and Honhrotio who canHinghnd 
Danco and do. SpocJuUtes. Isoiig, sure ongapc 
mont. Ott night, stands. Also want Capahlo 
Pianist, who can direct and Agent who can fpf Bt; 
Slate nit- particulars and' lowcet.'pny your own. 
BoliearaAiKSopt.8;-openH. Send photos, Addreps 
•IlAllllY KA8TOJl, of OulTirtne, Chace t 
■ ItWteD. I3W-10TO llroadwav, N. Y. Olty. 

ton to order. Only boat original work furnished. 
J03. KERSHAW, H29 lluttonwood Kt , Phlla , Pa. 

. TitB Oni'HKUM. Tiii-;vnn:, Allentown, Pa., 
under the direction- of Wllmer ft Vincent 
was formally opened Monday evening, Aug. 
■11, when a- fine vaudeville programme woe 
presented.. , •• ■ -■ 

Aiv H. Vox has algned. with "The tights 
of fJotuarn Co., to do principal comedy and 
hla ecrentrlc eluglog and dancing ppeelattlea thirtT-llve weekB. 'Jtie show (it routed 
through Ohio,. Indiana, Kentucky, West ;V|H 
gliilannd^Morylaod. - ... . 

TjW relatives of A, L. Burleigh are anitoua 
to bear from him, or trom Borne one who W*Wrab.for^iNni. t an»iiT>r«n«ttftn 1 i Piano 
isign was laat witn mack HUln of Montana" I feason ' to right party. Join mTtoccIpi of wire; 
Kill be forwarded. . i weat Mept.3. , * ^,K. OINNIVAN. 

AT LIOEaTY-Hnsloal.: -faam. man 'and 
wife, UHiogtirasH.fltjina' and novelty Instruments; 
On chlmoa; good wardrolio ahd Al Btage Betting, 
tin clone In one Htralght or comedy. Must have 
SffiSfe i l00<1 f *"»tutO. act. AddrciH MUSICAL 
MACK.s, ^^cd«riokton, III,, Atife Ml llrownlag, 
II., Ang.-3i; Iltith, III., Hopt. 1. Core of Ehenbartii 
HendorHoo, Floating Theatre. After that dtfo 
addresB care ot J. C, Dwigau, 3167 . N. Clark St., 
Ohlcigo, ill. ■■ ,-. " ", 


1 ?J 

•>.t ?' 

September !♦'• 



;, i "#^ OD -^ YEM *° Bad Ones, Welcome to "THREE OF ^ KI ND," and the Bight Kind. 


Thetalcst Coon "lilt" by CHRIS. SMITH ond BILLY B. JOHNSOri. »» wlso, 


e great novelty song "hit" by TH03. 9, ALLEN, composer or many. Including "Any Rags'" "My Pasty Rose," "By Hie Watermelon Vine (Llndy Lou)," "Wonderland," "Slrolllpg Homo Willi Jiunto, etc., rl< 


. A now BiDic aong llmt la bounil lo win out. By LAWRENCE B. O'CONNOR, composer of It e Grown 80 Fond or Vou," "Bylvlc," etc. 

PROFESSIONAL SIl»OEnS-S.nJ lot, programs for cople. on* to .!.«,,. and other late songs. NO CARDS. 

■ 1 67 Tremo'nt St., Boston, Mass. 


Wa'H-we HI The 

OrlflMftl -Fireproof 

notion Picture 


WU h KiiRftzl nei and Take- 
up Device Attached. 

litL.Onn be fltted with rower'a Original Fire- 
proof Magazines anil Take-up Device. 

I. POWEH, 117 Hassan Street, How Tors. 

' All of our apparatus U fully protected by United 
States patenu ISBhodor pending, and infringe 
menu will be*vlgoronBly prosecuted. For Bale by 
all leading dealers. .. 

Chicago Jobbers, KLEINE OPT. CO. 

Sin Francisco Jobbers, MILES BROS. 
Authorize r] ! Phil id el »h !i Arte ni . 

■ L. M.SWAAB. 33B Spruce St. 





Wardrobe, Ability and .Appearance, 
experience In Stock intf Repertoire. 

PORT SHIRLEY, Ulnlhrop, Maea. 
'Flinno, W(Djihrop2Ta-i. 



Repertoire People in Ail Lines 

«. HcOANrT, Mgrt Week Aug. 37, Forest City, Pa.; 

WcekBopt.ll.Nijnt loke.J'a. ( 



Ban cleotrlc and caluium'attachmenta, rneostat 
swltoh, stage cablo. Cost>*ua. win sell for 126 and 
Btilp c. 0. D. Privilege ot examination. 

t O.TA TfLOR, 2j(l East Met fit., New York. 


Bccdntricj'acrobatic mo, ror laugh- 
ing purpose, onl>. Now on tho Mozart Olroolt. 
P. S. N*ir Vlit Shooters arid Knockers 
ar.PaUe Alarm.'..* ■ ' ' 

"' ' , WANTED, 

A Character Ban, Ohiracter Woman. 

Must be experienced ln<-Faree Comedy ; single 
prsferfod. Long season to right' paltlot. wltn Al 
•poclaliy miit inakes.good. WOMAN PIANIST 
WANTED, sight good render. Write 

Aldlp o Uotel, j\h Ave, and alb Street, N. Y. 0. . 


All 'Round Comedian, 

8loc£ nip.; or One Night. Specialties. Quick 
swdy. '..Sober and sellable, low. Sure Salary. It 
you don't pa. don't wrlto. Address 

Mf.W S1H.ONO, caroor Revere Hotel. 
•2 , , Chicago, 111. 

Want a Novelty Act 


People in an lines ot Repertoire Including Pianist. 
Must arrange Tho abovo act and people stale 
'alary am letter. Address 
__ ~ BOX 108, H.veratr.w.N. Y. 


Concert, theatre,' or nolo work. Experienced tn 
nil lines of. biisincBe. mva nAKONHiLi-. 

iltoom W4 Ashland mock, Chicago, III. 


Must be ablo to Tumble' and also do Comedy, to 

rain In a llrstclaas act. Write at once to 






138 East 14th Street, 


TBI.. 31113 UKASlKItfY. 


Write, Wire, Tcicphono. 


A I Leader (Violinist) and 

Now playing the eighth season at the finest resort 
in Pen mi, Ivan la. Kirat oIubb theatre or Southern 
rcHort "St "to! [too WOOD. Address WILLIAM 
T. HAMHCttd, Leader, Eagle's More, Pa. 



MuiU'lAn*. Skatoh Team, B. F. Come- 
dian, fioubrette, change for week,; 
Piano Player. 

Money euro; bank reference. 

Hayes & Robinson Show, 

KEZAR PALLS, Mtt., 80-T. 


Myra Collins 


Ad dress 1130 WALNUT ST , Cincinnati, O . 



WANTBD, Clover Mnn and Womnn for 
Hep. WHO; CAN ACT. " 

Ktnfe folly. Cletcr 
Feature Act. write. Don't misrepresent. 
Tickets if I know yon. I want a novely. 

H. W. YOUNG. Msescuu, 




Performers who double brass preferred. Long 
season South Bob Pf "In,. JMj* -.„.., 



nilESTBROKMTBR. Vernon, Texas. 


Slndy Ifcach Orchestra, Fall Rl«r, Mass. 







ST. JAMCN lii'iLiiixo, Mill strci-i and Broadway. 

•.•'■'■ WIRE OH CALL. 





s, 10. weight, m: Age, 3D. uare 


. .,,,.. Covington, Ky. 



Rubber (tag, Ebony and Silver TrlmnilngH; iin,.i 
Poekut, Cornet and Hum Boprmm Hnxoplione; 
hotli <;old and Hiivi-r Plated; I Set 1/our-iii-Uand 
Ki.'ilH, BxiiaLurge. Ttireu llurgalhe. 

i-Kur. NA MUT, wt w. rt.-rft Ht., Chicago, III. 

A Great Opportunity . 

wanted a PHruior TuraruHi mqney getter,' 
thoroughly equipped.. Uobkc<l HUB] t<cHt t.|me 
and ti.Tiiw. . Want Man who can act hb CiiBlnnsn 
■ain and Trcatiuror. Ilninl In your own, nionoy, 
Talk uuluk. Open t-cpt. it. AddrcHB 


Slntion 0. UronMyn.Bf. V. 

Wanted At Once, 

K Fiat ULARlONIrl', at A'lTKNIIKNTa In Uos|iltnl. 
Salary, ,'J) to ,ao per month and malnlcuance. 
Married people preferred. Addreis 
joskph tJlll., Director, Uox wr,. llim, N. Y. 




Amusement Co., 'ill* TrcmoDt St., Honiou, Mahh. 
State opeu time and loweat icram In lint lerier. 
l to io weeks' cogagvmeut. Want novelty «liow 
for Labor Day. 


Good Menage Horse, 

Aim, Clown Dog, SditiernBiiir, Frost Leg audi 
Hiding DogH. Mufti he good workers. Sttiloago, 
color, Hlzo and all titer- do. Ntiuio ipwtut for 
fatll. UUVAL IIOKPMAN, 70 Haldwin t*t., \irl6gc* 

port, Conn. 

. Mortimer, Ed. J. Kerr. 


II. F. U 1 1'Ull F.I.I,, Havorstraw, N. V. 


ANI> FILMS. Alio want 1'tanlHt and several Tcr- 
lalile vaudeville People, wire 

0. II. ACKE1V1I04 nroadway.W. V. 

Wanted, Med. Performers and 

PIANIST. Week Stands Addreen 

CEO. CIIKSTER, Manager. Sibley, Mo. 


piece only. Address VOL'NTSVILLF., INll. 

Arranged, eomposed. Low terms. 

A. KltFTflMAR. m K. Hull St., W. Y. 


Of alt. kinds, Including Singer*, coached; intro- 
duced. Tfinl tarns, r.iiy appearances urranK'-'d. 
FOIlRESTBR, L»l Broadway, Suite 308, N. Y, 


which nil vandevltie performers am talkihg 
al>0]it— yes, MADISON'S lit J IK. KT SO. 

■ in -vou niii's-fii It-contalnn loo pages of the 
,t)i'igi[tfi'i arid funniest mouolugtiee, paro- 
|il(esi sketolioe, htirlesQues, nlilewalk pat- 
tor, etc. The hcadllner'a standard rom- 
it'dy guide and now lianiimnn 1 rutunrw 
iwudgo to nnceos. $1 per copy— tnon/i ■•■)"". 
Hm-K'i'Mnr-j out ;-if print except- ltiidgcta:t, , 
7 and h; iinv i>, il.Uu; .1 for 12: or linilKi't-t .1, I 
:,sstHiiofor*2..'.o. JAUfBH MADISON. 
1404 Third Avenue, New York. 



HlrongUurnotfor Hand and Orchestra, M and 'id 
Tenor Vocalists, Uiiritone (lailadlst. Other ur»t 
clans singers slid miislulaDB. 

AddrcsiJOHN u. vni.ii i. , 
., .. "The Minstrel King," as per route. 


<K. 0. ROGERS, Sole Owner). 
WAKTED.-Comcdlaii, Wntnsu forSoiihretlu 
leads, good Hop. Pcoplo. I'lantst. and Agont; must 
have ivajdrohe and lilniitv. Hcnd f nil barttoulura. 
Mgr. pays t>oard. Long season. Mnderatu sAld. 
Ties. opc;i Sept. io. Ad. w I lli amson, New York. 

50 Cents for a Book 

Of 10 HketclioH; t Acls for 1 Mnlc, VFoiualt 1 ; b 
Acts for '2 Males. Mnney order ari cent Mampi. 
Address IlKItNAni) KLINO, l»l«yw<lBlii, Ml Jay 
Mt..-Hr(J,i*]yri, N. Y. KkelelicH and m$» wiilten 
to order. u * , 


Addre^h JOHN piTT.tU'n DolvUohoe*. N. Y. 
N. li.L'iWrtui Nuveiiy Act for next weak and Al 
Pianist, must arrange. . , 



Double Hand and orchestra; ■ 
BASS, JHUJMMBK, sight render; one douh.lng 
Stage preferred. Oenerlolro pooplc, wrlle. 

> 1)1 1. II. I). HVVK Kit, rurt Wurl h, Tnx. 

Tuba Wantad Doubling BassT Union Props 

OrOrcticatrs. Al«ol7ulon Preps playing good lluss 
Urn in Write home oillco, ('snien, 0. Join (.inm- 
pany en route, Coshocton, nr Marlon. 0. All wook 
titands. Tell all In drat No time for lettors. Join 
on wire/ Lushers and bums save stamps'. Hubert 
B||\ writu, also Fred Davis. , 
PDPULAH AMOSBMKNTS CO. (Inc ), Canton. (>. 

>ZVnxxt Qiuiolc, 



jno. IIIMMELEIN, Kelley's Island. Ohio, unlll 
Saturday ; Iheu East LlverViol.O. :* _! 

Wanted Immediately, 

Ijtdy I'otforniere. Long engagomeut to right 
ones. Open on win- nr Sept. io. Address 
JACK itooNi; comjkr/uai.l. syraciiso, N. Y. 


lilg mcchsuicai show for sale clieup. Just the 
nu.iB for the Kalra, Tent or platforni.'Llst free. 
h Van Nord*n St., No. Cambridge, Mass. 

Wanted, HAM OlMUN, 

Loud and up-to.dalo. ' Wrlto, giving price and de 
a< rlptlon. (,'LINTON oh a v, llamnmiidspnrt, s. t 




lit ALL UDULVi Addrow 
I KDWirV PATTBKBOW, Concord, N. II. 

na v u| UII1TUAII MaulMiDius, inch,, wants 
UI.I A. W. Tllllfflfln, Kxporlencod Physlcisn 
and Donllsi, registered In Michigan. Alsogtwd 
Comedlah and Picinru Machine and O.vyllthu 
Outfit. For sale, Tents, Stage, bents iind Piano. 



Illlllo Hooinson, AiiiUHcmcnt Co., I^iiilsvlllo, Ky . 

Wl\Tli'll..J : " r " 1 c, »»" 0o '"- 
AJU l.jT!ll» , ""»«» c dlao. MUST BE 
OOOU, SOUKIl and RELIABLE, or 1 don't 
want you. State all yon can and WILL do In first 
letter.'' W. P. OABLKR MEDICINE CO., Cairo, II, 




Have immedlaie open time. All agents. Address 
WT'ATK. iMbct. 17th and Iftth st".| New York. 

AT LIBERTY, J, RAYMOND, Dutch and Black 

Comedian, Specialties; Hand Leader; strong H-flel 
Coruet, rlauo. Must llavo ticket. Htatenalary, eic. 
J. RAYMOND, Mllfurd, llcl. 

I .-Pftferred, Man or Woman. 
TllAU',11 do Slliglenand Doubles, (mugood i 
For road .'Moving , Plrturo Show,vt!iruo.nlghl 
'<*. ',** fltouili. ' Must ho 
,. I. .•.nt.'nj.TO ( iiuui: 
, 'MrdgrHn nlghiiy. Add'os" 

uA.yie wfT>m»TiiK. nt. ,.m .», MU . 

WAHIED quick, 



Stito ago, wiilgllt, kixi] aalary. Ad'iress 
in 1 1) n. K1IAVSB, 
Manager WOOD SISTERS (,'..., Amoy, III. 



Comodlsil, wlth'AI Specialty, Must lntvn good 
sinning volgu for Illustrated songs, (tood loosing 
Heavy J.aiv Stitja|(; pur mvn. None hut trio 
hdHt need answer. iikti'M a KtiWLRlt, 

jj M:n iimadwsy, Now Y ork. 

and Clarion ettisi 

roUTllflATRi:: Addrois 

. II. AM ATI R1DII .IRIIWIN. i:li,u liillo, N. C. 

.11 an lor Mark, .nil Douohi. 
Alto 16 Ooiil»l« A,*.*. 
Artoriln All».. \VI,„ llouble In 
Bill Potter. 

Will 1|enp, write, ' firanvlllo. Ohio, Sept. 1, 


For itnnd and Orchestra (Cornet a u u viollui. two 
good Acrohrtts, oporatnr Unit donh es Brass, Dlus- 
irared Singer that doutiies smite Drum. Luwett 
■aitryln Orstlettor. Wo psyall. HImiw opensat 
CoDUDHue.,0., uet. 4. Address 

Ilravs Hand Wanted* 

•1 (orneta, Ktiplioiiimn. Tuim, Kllde Tronilwiie. 
Dntinsffir Holler Skating at (.'hlllicothr, 
Ohio. fo«aon op its Sept. 'it and closes about 
Jim", dot. Addrets, sinIhik very lewiist tsslary, 
to JOHN W. VIXIKL Oai)':rund Wsnsgor. Ilomei 

Wr«miiig, *y» Va, Aug. w, M(-K''0-p(.i(,rn.. Aug. 
Dl-SoptiMt Stfliilicnvltle, Ohio, Sept. ft; Alliance. 

(hum. nenf. ft, 


%»■' * T%T f U MALE 1'IANIST who can ar- 
HAN with H|tedlalty, ^Al'Eiur.MlEll I'llOPERTY 
MAN for pa"". M. L. KINHEY, 

Orcenvlllfl, Ohio, week Aug. 'il; Napoluon, Ohio, 
week Sopt. K - - 


ISTtBlItVud Deavy Ian, Vandevlllo Aolt, 
' Comedian o n d Beperlolre Ptoplt 

In all lines.' < Nattw lowost; pay your own 

ION OAItllul.l.. Clarksburg, W, Va. 


VIOLINIST ILi'iiler) and PIANIST, gfnt. and 
wlte. Btrlclly. first class and experienced In 
theatre work, Ileslr, to locate In live town. Can 
also furnish Al olarloneltlst. Address 
PBOV. i: I). AiiHOTT. Pen. Del., Atlanta, Oa. 

Wi IIICBTV Singing Soubrette. Change for 
LIDCnil. twoweeks. Work any old placo 
In Acts. Oood Wardnilio on andofTMagn. flood 
Med. Co. and Vaude. Co;- write.' No telegram,. 
Addrcis EVA 1I1UHI.EV, Ueu. Del., Prceporl, nl. 


-yms rJKBre _yQgg^ v qijP3EfTO» 


t ._.._ Nfiy VQHK CITY, ^ 

Krltf. /ft L*roe<<>r*«. I'nlon Square 

Theatre* US, K.. llogcra, n.»i.)p»i munaffer). 
-*xearly every sent was flUed at the mntl- 
<n«7r*»ffii nz..,,. Maude Turner Gordon ap- 
pMmd.-Ip lljJtu' Br>nt|! I>eaTUt'» sketcli, 
'•tlf»;i-/9j:iH»lai«»;.'D.lf<!0»e.''V J. K. Mur- 

Murray Hill [Theatre (AlffcJUlWH* 

mnnaperT— Fred ImlnVBIg< Snow Initiated 
this house Into, tile ..Columbia. Araflaeuient 
Co.'s chain of itheafirea)' Saturday, avenlng, 
Aiih. -7. Favorable weather condltlona and 

rayiMduClaVa'fl.aneiWon r.ounda nna round* 

* 3Hr 


Mr> udiABat^Qjtbi lltiglreR appeared for the dfflnce In roars oli uiurrlment. Othom were 



.MaWe: .for , Ih'pir etcnllent 
tudceldoill.v the lijt of the. -entire 


were applauded to the echo. They "was the real thriller of ( and. during 

, pretty, refined mid energetic, and the progress of which, "jtbo master workman** 

dancers, Kidman' and Mhiiauoii Is placed under a. stenra; hammer, and In 

flr>t,,*Iiii^ here. In "Sui.prt^ftfDff >tli» Press, 
which In a mr>- im lining offering. The 
piece -will. -go, better; when It Is trimmed 
ociwu n MtUe, and tho action quickened. 
jolnji K. HazBaru. wuu many reenllH In hi* 
amusing monologue, and his "Just a iini;," 
was a jiCTu too seldom tirurd, and the truth 
ua valWof which In too Utile renllxctf.- The 
Klll!l>Now]ali Trju. rtH ut<iial..d)d Hume excel- 
lent acrobatic work. Clifford and Burke -*nng. 
danced and: amused lo the .delight of the 
audience. The Iloouev si *i cru arc, . truly 
"cbJIn of the old block, ' and the "Daughters 
are i neat 
excellent ... 

(first time here). In "The Astrologers," had 
on old act, worked- over with some ores* 
nlbnol good new lines. The audience enjoyed 
It. Harry Hotter and company, In the cy- 
clonlc offering, "A Matrimonial Blizzard," 
kept things at fever: heat and ploased. the 
I;sieners. i-i-s Durnnds were v*ry entertain- 
ing vocalists. Gates- and Nelson, on the- re- 
volving globes; tho w Faye Sisters, In r 
musical act, and the Ilcnlevs, acrobats and 
equilibrists, complete (lie Ml). - 

American Theatre (John M. Ward, 
mansgon.-— WoMj.'* Wilson -made a "rlumpb- 
nnt nppoarnnce on the went side " Of New 
York nt tiie matinee Aug. 27, appearing In 
the title role of "The Mad Man from Mei- 
tio." A four nut comedy drama-, by ('has. R. 
Hluncy, wlih music by Oscal! LuckHtone. TJm 
play woh originally produced April 30 Inst, 
ot Winners Theatre, Newark, and In -Ha 
present form at the Lyceum Theatre, Pater- 
son, Aug. fl. The story tells of .the betrayal 
of trust of Count •--■■■ 
lous, who securi-d 
Xaacy Gbtdoh, Easy .. 
friend, determines to get this fortune buck 
for 1 her, and assisted; by her sweetheart. 

mMS&LJL. Z*9 c t? r * Twenty-third Mmiiian Synare Theatre <W. N. Law- 
Street TESai re- -N en le McCoy, .ftruT her rence,' manager) —The season* at " tlils house 
Gibson QJrls appeared at tbls hoiitM* bii Aug. opened Thnrwlay nlgbt.Aug, 23; with "l~he 
Sat and. Miss McCoy sang tour songs, with .Tjro Mr. Wotaernys.? a comedy. In threa 
chanee of costume, for each'.. .Sha waaydii- a«tn, by At- John iltnkln. Its lint produc- ., 

citkdly pjijftsjng, and the act will undoubted- Hon In America occurred Aug, '21, at the liberal advertising helped L> draw ^--blg 
ly, be v nn effec.tlvn one when It )ihn xnorje^re- Ai-verne, U .I.,.,T"ieatre,- und It wuh originally boiiae, and a fine show did; the rest. Wltfcti 
lienrtniiy. ..i'roil Hay and coiApaoy, ,i Includ- produced March: lf>, 1003, at the Imperial the curtain roue on bit beautiful set, With 

" Tlieatr*, Wieatmlnster, Ens. The play deals 

with the. marital affairs of ■Tames and tticbard 

Wettierby, two brolberrS who, wlille reaHy 

not unlike at heart, are considered to: "be 
orapany, thp Fourteen very dissimilar, i Richard, on account ofbls 

ln% Constance 'Wfhdom nnd fxiula DentS 
I>Wacn!fd ftfi act. i that Is l&ofiKQL of laughV, 
cotltldd "llomani Travesty." It had the an- 

(3*o. B 

Black J 
hf ""le 


cut Iiii<*Iahid at ciiJ« iio\}»n. on Monday even 
lag, Aug. 2,, when ,lny liunt's foul- act sen- 
autlongl labor play. "The Kuttr Workman," 
received Hh. ilrst New "Cork- product Ion.- There 
were a. great number .of .thrilling features, 
particularly a socne lu a blast fuwuce,- which 

twenty-one girls In elegant array, of' sfrlk< 
lag colors and unmlHtnkably elegant material, 
a'- spontaneous burst of opplauae gave' the 
season a most gratifying scud o™ 
Ihg, ofi.tho.glrls In the opening 

" the programme 
—i except In <i 
. feature with.' Ihia wow 
• •■good". Mr. Wftherby. Itlcliard'a franJtneBS The opening nrut part, "The Onlj JPcbUlo 
has canscd-Constantlfl, Ills wife, to doubt n the Beach," deals with the difficulties 
hi.* fnllltfulnesH. ■ while < In reality clulw. oud 
club friends are the.exjent -oMih. peccadillos. 
KeveiLhoh'SH Cuustanila bus left bis lied and 

. . mir'Jt TJWire (Xmk McKee, mana- 
ger).— Under the management of Frank 1 1,- 
Kew,. this houae npe-nedT.tae geaJon Mun.l,; 
evening^ Aug. 2T, ■ with Marie eSaL Tntfi 
ilrst mctrotiolltan production of "ManvL- 
Mary," 'a three- act. musical xomedy, bp «d! 
win , Milton ' -ttoyle,; wrth :m aH lc by hkt 
ireln, nod jyrica by- Benjaain Hangobd ( ,, , 
The play ^ch WM^orlglnnllJ-^SiJ 
AjSg. -n at, Norwich, Conn., Telle theatJrv o 
a- thrice married and divorced youna ■»■»•> 

I". -Hf-'iio and 

Jfiisaairt, I". It. I'lillipH nnd' company, fi'abkucns nnii cnsv going ways, baa. bfan good - the promise on tl 
er lluay Day;" Rossow MldgelH, Murry styled the. "Imd"' brother, while .Tames, he- ''aJhglng Beldoin heard, 
ifc> HIM, Marshall and Lorolne, and Charlie cflipte of hla serious views. Is .called the opera, would be a fentui 
Itpasnw.- The motion plr-tttrea continue, ' 

'Foiirleenth Street Theatre(J- Wesley 
Rflienqiiest, rannnger). — There wiik plenty of 
day ev 

rescued by the timely arrival of hit* sweet 
heart. Mr.- Uunt has really done quite well 
ill the matter of handling his story, and the 

elece Is entertululng to a marked degree. 
rlefly. It .Kills of how .lack Mitchell, the 
master workman In (he Empire Construction 
<'o,, Is fnlseJy.j accused of forgery by ItOdoey 
■Wnde, the general manager of . the works, 
Mitchell Is In love with Florence Slaytor, „.....,. 
whose falher Js president of the works, and and Conttantln. I "rum this light, material 

Iward. and nt tho beglnningof the play they 
have. been separated one year... On the other 
hand James, who has led precisely the same 
kind of a life at his brother. Is believed by 
hla i wife, Mu van ret, nnd; irlends, to be a 
saint Bjr the discovery of a music ball pro- 

gramme .In per hpsband's coat, Margaret Is 
Islllusldned. and In a scene In which James 
makes -a "clean breast", of his doings, she de- 
cides .that she will follow the example, of 
her alxter, Conj*tontia. and separate from her 
husband. Richard, however, shows Margoret 
the folly of sac ; b a step,: and she not only 
freely „forglvea-)ier husband the deception be 
has prncilKcd ui>on her, but Is the means of 
efteciing B. reconciliation between Richard 

experienced by a Summer hotel proprietor 
to" secure male patrons to ~ entertain the 

Indies. .. lie secures three convicts aa board- 

E first Sight.- Marys first husband was 
Senator niiocligrass. to whom she ,was mart 
rled when a mere girl, at the request of >,,,- 
family. Illrectly after the ceremony "iJ. 

for i>"ri4 unknown. nnH i«i hmS! «."!¥■ 

nh hough they are forced to go through inapy 
ordeuls ii.i the result of the machinations of 
Wnde, they eventually triumph, and all ends 
well. Thomas Tempest wbh Jnck: Mltdiell, 
whose trouhlen nre mnuy and varied, an*), he 
played the part forcelully, while Alice Donel- 
son was most pleasing as Florence Slnytor. 
Allele Liiih' did mitru! good Work OS Rush 
Medlmry, nnd Wells Tlftytor scored as 
-Rodney Wade, John . Fields ■ :J.r. ■ and 
Belle Darling were deserving of praise for 
, ,. some good comedy work, Charles Wheelock 

lluuVn, ollas" Don Caro- j&MUSW ^ W^!"^ W eaI>, !iJ , er " 

I a. fortune helonalna to fct "■ ! n l cast: Jack-. Mitchell, Thomas Teuip- 

Kaw Load her 'Bet! est: Rodney Wade, Wells i'lnyter; Cornelius 

■ ■ Slaytor. Hurry J,. .Banker,; Daniel Medbury, 

Albail \Wil~iireftlI; Snmmv Dell, John Fields 

Jr.; Alexander Finch, Walter Hill: Tom 

Landla, Arthur Forrest ; Jim Murray, George 

Kdwarris; Onleltl, Chns, Wheel nek ; •Warden, 

At. RoKcoe ; Florence Hlaytor, Alice Donel- 

son : Rose Medbnry, Arfele Lane: Kitty 

Mitchell, Mclle .Darling. . i ' ■■• 

Haekett'n. Theatre (Jos. K. Mnckett, 
mnmigcr). — "Tho utile Stranger," a three 
act farce, by- Michael 'Morton, was given its 
first- Now York production on Aug. 27. A 
review of the production will appear In these 
roMtuiiift next week. 

MM. ml. Thvutre (W, D. How land, real-, 
dent mnnagerl. — The season at this house 
was Inaugurated SnhmUiy evenjng, Aug. 2S, 
by ti.u first local performance of "Tho Toiir- 
lsla." a'two act ttyustcal comedy, hook and 
lyrics by It. II. Iturnstde, nnd music by Ous- 

left for parts unknown, and ten years .atS* 
she obtnlned a divorce. Husband- N-, -• 

. and their antics were, amusing. -Nat Bishop Drlghatu Smudge, she discovered al 

fk Jeromo played the Hebrew, Frank Carl- rectly slje was mnrrlea to him, to be a u lt , 

ton, the- Irishman, and Clros. Mills, the Gcr- man, and *be left him nt the railroad •>•» 

man. with good effect. Wililard Terre, as the tton, and forthwith went to the divorce 

hotel 'proprietor, and Frank Young, aa an court. No. 3 was a husband of conveniens 

old newly mnrrled man, helped along the He wns Willie Drlnkwater, the son of her 

fun, as did Jack Lewis, as a French count, uncle, who died leaving hia estate* to tbem 

Margaret Bennett, Josnplifne Barlowc and t;p- provided they married. They went tliruuiih 

rthne Sales had prominent roles, add Marie the cerembny, after which, she went her wav 

l>'Oy!e made a bit In an eccentric old maid and he his. and h In fondness for John Bar- 

pott, especially in. a kissing; bee. wherein leycorn soon furnished grounds for divorce 

she drags her victim over the entire stage. No. 3. This la the situation when the cur 

bestowing many Baliitea on his unwilling tain rises on the Urst'art, the scene of which 

lips, hot mlsslog the mark once. The mu* Is laid In the courtyard of the Hotel Alamo 

slcal hnmbers were very attractive,. especially In a Florida town. Mary meets Ormshv 

"My Love, My Lu," led by Josephine Bar- Kulpepper, son of Col. Henry Clay Culneu 

ij, muieuni lowe, and a French song, by I^oulse Liwsler. per, and Cupid takes them In hand at once 

33m tfia '^^ BarriBon Ststert:' net also was eneofed.' By a coincidence Mary'tt three ex-hushands 

„, h ,!w Ji?h T - ne concluding chorus .iguln showed the are stopping nt the Alamo, and Ornate cm. 

characters of .the. two Mr. w* therh js with ^ strength of the show. First in the suits Senator Bunchgrass on Introduclnc an 

clean eat precision, while In the cliarncter olio came SuBari Fisher, a baritone singer of nn'tl-dlvorce" 'Mil: " 'OrmBby"" of -course & 

f'^^^^^^J^j^W^^^jV^ fine voice ond attractive appearance .and Ignorant of Mary's many marriages, and on 

|h "b^bct t? '&&"-?.. . C" ■ ^'^ methoDs._who was encored and.presented. with account of l.l 8 ._ father/ numerous' dlSSr™ 



iiiii-tinii. and on the rise of the curtain" on 
boll) nets liberal applause greeted the. aceneB, 
which were rich and harmonious in <wlor 
effect. The action, which occurs -In Hin- 
dtisinn, follows ibo effortu of John Duke 
lo secure Dora, the daughter of Million- 
aire Blossom, aa . . hja wife, and also 
to bunco bin guardian, Timothy Todd, 
Into, giving him money. (Jopnl Slogk, 

Charley Snmnili, and the CqiidI'b book-J<eep- 

er,- fierty Quick, they start for Meilco. After 

many exciting and nniuslng adventures their 

'aim la . aconipllshed und Bit end* hnpnlllF. 

Wulter Wiluu was ntrOcuhirly ulectHltig 

us Kus.v Loud, and "siliU'.l the action to 

word 1 '- (or name). He mat with a ready 

response from the oudlence.In.a~l hlfl v/ork. 

Will II. Vedder. us CbnHey, «M natural and 

interesting/at nil times, l'aul Kloti. offered 

a- Vfry. nmuslng Kpuclnlty, and In' general hie 

act lug pleased. MIhs Ko|alle, n ** Udrty, wub 

n bundle df ginger, npd set a.faa.t pace fori 

the others. Her song,- "Hollo, Jlpimy," nnd 

her specialty Intur on, inutight hiii* innuu>er- 

uble eucoreB. Florence ' Mulone was very 

plehslng as Nancy, nnd l)C8ldns looking 

I'l'Mtv. dressed the pail 4|i good . iaite. 

The others were cupnble, Hticcesa will un- 

doiibtedlv -crown tbo ■ effm-ls of those 

i-esnoiislble for the production- * Thq cast:, 

Kohx. JLeod,-, Walter Wllsun '. fotiht, l.miz/m, 
cRfflj Ha'nihiill :■ Charley Kmpoth; WiUCfl. 

Vcddor; Daniel Flun, John 10. Kelly ; AJtrsui, FiniT Klolz': Jnrffnh"WTrnronr'Wftller 

Henth; Clirlslmh Wnrd,. .lames Morton: Jake 

Haicum, Th.unns Hayes: Vedro. Del:.Iohim; 

Touev, llenth Whit em I Manuel, Kudger Rich- 

hi'ds: cnrilio.iic.irKC Newton; rSudiypto't- 

Alf. Humes: i'ortei; Fred- BtrtleU ■jifflilW,' 

Win. Kink;; Nuilcy tiujdcii, ^'renLv;Ha"hhe-: 

(ihriv Qiilck. MH Hnsnnii ; ■H('Url*n'T«frmi 

CmolouH, Ada -Van AVllot pKI*tei]iM|rlc, May 

DIckKoif: Jenilv Cnlder,- -Anna Fink; Marie 

Wilder. Helen Dickson -,: Celeste Teller, Uift- 

rilde Blakiti Sudle Binnley, Fdythe JarnM] 

Dora Huubeiiui, Amy WII1Iu.ub: Norn Fntr- 

el.lldN.- Genevieve Crowley; Lillian lMsnett. 

line Dtfvefiun ; Mini I-ooflttlc, Mny .Ulhwni ; 

Boniu; Mllla Kiltie; Ronionn, Frinnx lOchurt ; 

IMoiV's, Kutle Dndley: J'tiBfiuulhiii, .iimc 

Mack; l'eul, • IAmIo Williams. RieetlUtl 

Blftlf: II. W. Mttle, mnnnger: Geo. 1). Wal- 
ters, business luuuugGr; A. C. Kteluor, mn- 
• slcal director; John H.Kelley, stage ii'nno- 

cer": Albert Humes, enrpeiiter'; Fred Uut-tlett, 
■propertleai Wpi. Kink; electrician, Next 

w'eiij, "The. Nlnoty nnd NlnV ■" 

H'lsturln Grove (Joseph Hart, mona- 

Ser). — On Monday night, Aug. i'7. begau the 
ntl week of the roof garden tenson b«re. 
'1'nere'wns n good sired • audience present,; 
nnd expressions of regret WfW heard ibot 
the most' KueceHst'ul scutton >lntbc hls'.ory 
«( the roof garden was near Us close. Tho' 
entertainment furnished by Messrs, Brady 
and Ilnrt has been of reilucd cxcellcnre. and 
uf splendid character, under -Jos,. Harts 
licrsonal uinuugemcnt; i The bill for the 
iiunl week • lieruwi : May Yobe,- in vocal- 
hum; Joseph llnrfs pretty oct, entitled "Ihe 
Crickets;" Al, Leech and the l\iree Rosd- 
hndB, "I'lmt Quartette, Keno. Welch and Mel- 
rose, comedy acrobatic act; the Four I<ukenH, 
In their unrlvnlhul high bar act; tho 'llireo 
Xocllcrs, lu n- BRiiHiitlonal. trapftze: net over 
the audlpnce; Sunm, Illusionist, «tul the mo- 
lion* pictures. The Sunday concert Sept. 1 

ends the seusou here 

i'MNti.r'ri Tlienlre (Tony Tafltor, mnna- 
cer). — The house wits crowded Monday, Aug. 
*T Sludge. "The Military i Maldt- re- 
turned after n long nhsencc, and tbu un- 
dvlng ipopulnrlty of this- clever little, woiuun 
wan uttcsted upon her entrance. Smlrl ami 
ICessner sang nod dnnccd in their eccentric 
und nmuHlng style, and the dog'nlso won 
out, Ylnlou und Clayton (flrat time here), 
In "Wl! t'a'Mcv, llurgiar," had an omtiHing 
sketch, which', made a great BVCCMf. The 
Three St. Felix fllsiers, In song nnd dunce. 
■M' warmly applauded. The Three West ana, 
the 'neat-little muMclnua, who are always In 
high favor everywhere, wou out, ns .ever. 
Collins nnd Brown were very 'amusing In 
ihelr offering. ChnrleB Harris, 1» '"".he. Iu- 
spector and 1lte Maid.", wore. Uiorotiglily 
iiiniiHliiK. nn<l deserved tho success, wou. -The 
Two' laieklw 

Into popularity, umi <•» .-u«ww ««v" I.ouls Katib. Frank .Bnrry, 
hit |p ; n comady sketch. Others wew;..Har- (^niphell,.Italphlvohiu Roy. linker and .lack 
bach- and Harris, In a Mug »K ; net-; Tjiiwjq; i^n. A. J. l'ollnek la manager. 

Mr. Uunklu him sucoeeded In umklfig 
Int.erestrng little piny. He uii dra\._ 

characters of .the. twfrMr. Wetherbys "J"«b ifaUM utrengt'h of the show. First In the suits Senator Bunchgraas on Introd 

clean cat -precision, while In the character olio came SuBari Fisher, a baritone singer of "--' -SM --■-""•' l ™ B * 3r " ** il * 
of Robert Cnroe. a serious wig, he has siven flne voke ao(l attract | Ve appearance .and 

the stage a new study, wm. * . , ""J"*""""" - methoos, who was encored and presented with account of hla father's numerous dlvorr™ 

an actor new to AmerlcanH, mt« Be vei-nl floral pieces;. Fred Watson and the he-has organized the anti-divorce league unJ 

fully^ pleasing lntorprotat ob t of R chard, and Morrlwe , a , Rt „ B f i| OW cd in as neot a sing- become it* vice president. The colonel oh 

fciL - 5? B fi",l? l K;a! t L K l «i2? !eB ffl t »W ^d dancing net as has been seen In tbfs lec.s to his son* marriage with Mary, & 

elty In inany atony. The attractive sisters, In cause he believes her to be an adventuress 

beautiful -costumes of black and white, as but when he meets her he" Is smitten with 

well as Mr. Watson, In nn evening suit, pre- her charms and becomes his son's rival ftas 

seated their, s'ngje and collective work to the her band. The Eey. Thorley Throciuoitun 

best advantage, and were recalled repeatedly, also proposes- to Mary,' but Ormsby holds flip 

The Maatelblnders Sextette. «f ladfea went key to her heart, and tbey are married Tp 

through a series i of Austrian dances and complications arising from the presence nr 

niiJllary drills without a hitch. Gbns. Mills the! ax-husbanda and the desire of Marv to 

ana /'ack Lewis,. In Dutch makeup, sang keep from Ormsby the knowledge of her 

nnd JoKed. Then came the Todd- Judge family previous marriages fi:rnlsb plenty of bobhS* 

pf acrobats. The ever young principal of the and In the eiid, . When he is enlightened the 

troupe manipulated his feet with -ninal pre- clouds pass away, nnd all ends happily Mbw 

clslon. and although one of hls-ntsll toots. was . CaaJTl has never been aeen to ^better nil 

handicapped by n wrist In splints, their full vantage, its the role of Mary fits her like a 

line of marvelous tricks was" presonted with gloVe, and slic invests tho character ■ nil 

usual effect. The Tarloua ityleg of double her pleasing pertonallly and charms bar 

-work lent an added charm to tho play. 
Hawtteyls one of the cleverest light 
dlans seen on the local stage In some time, 
and tho success he attained wns thoroughly 
well deserved. St., Clair "iayueld carried tho 
role of Robert came to promlheace. It h 
little more.- Hum a character bit, fc«t as acted 
by Mr. BavMd It -rlsesi above that , distinc- 
tion, Unll McAllister, aa^ James: was con 

__■ tlntes^but his Inclination, tor be 
1oo dramatic frequently sUoiteO the :plcture. 
Tni rol«- calls f»»r light comedy work,' hot 
Mr. McAI'Istcr, in bin endeavor to carry 
(■nt the sei'laus vein 'In the -character-, often 
overstepped the IaohiIh and became toa-aerl- 
ons. Ivfitcls'jijn fW-lhton wus copllul as Aunt 
cluni; Mabel Cameron,: as Margaret,, and 

by the. Oriental Girls hod tho made so pronounced a saccess. Wmi Coiii.- 

Buster Brown Girls pleased esneclnlly. Mario lelgh, as Ormab* Kulpepper, wns ot his boat 

-• »" l '"»;u«, mm .muRic ay uub- "^"""t V'.'"** . '=w*"«»";«»,« . j ^SL£^SX^ ^°yle. ns. an Oriental "birdie" with designs and won deserved recognition. Enaone Cotrtm 

tnve Kerker. The offering had lis P'rnUcr nrnater of properties; Henry HcWffer, mu- on . th( . aurtah's life, gave the comedians op- waa 'excellent as Col. KaKier, and m$S& 

'■'■"■ well .merited approval fdi" ,'hls rendition of 

Cringle, assls'tijiit .rrcnsiircr ; Geo. Wother 
apoon. press represeiitntlve ; l-'runk_ Jaoger, 

May SI last, at Uie I,yrlc, Philadelphia.' The $8f carpenter; Xlporge A. Jff£*!ilr el«- nortunlty" for" IniighnEle business, .'"jttie" ner- 

hnvii di nV niimh n. .,.,.,.. m! i In .»-- . Il-li-lllll 1m Rl rifl WPPH ; WO ftll*. *-..••„...>...,. tua ..fl a f..lln. r tk. n ..>l...., Fy„ "■ThA'**i"n<it OlIP In "thA : Tt»«f lif""'\ |V'"*""\V" "* 

the Woodward; Smith' and"' Atwejl, ns the ei- 

bhz ^"* L "3IT t "*flE " """ " *"■"«■*> ■■> uumuess htisbtinds, . Now. 1. 2 nnd'3, respcctlvclv. were 

louse openea io ng mann«er; Hugo Conn, .muslcbl director! 

lit, Aug. m wtin y fftnK Young, stage manager ; John W. Boa* 

d-the performance mrill electrician. The house has been ihor 

hill en n hh In of n. .«jkL. i._,..i.. i j.._i .>.. l, *^.... 

Wctherbya'' began 27, to good business. 

HI hit 1 * tloivery Theatre I I'd win D. 

Minor, manager* .-»-T1i1b h( 
buflness -Rnturday -evenlni 
tbi! Rfnr pbow*5'0|rls, one _ 
went with a- rush. Tho bill consists of a 
playlet, entiled Dopfflr Dan." which, runs 
the cnifre eVening. The specialties are In- 
terpolated nt onportnner moments, and the 

■The "-Dear ' Old Purm," by Dew Adams 
clever-contortion and toe dance by the Misses 
Fennel) nnd Bt. Clair, -/'The Shadow of the 
I'.vinoild," n pipe dream , of Dopey Dan, 

wherolu ."Hiili'lk:!," u bcsutlfpl. picture, 
hwhkens nli'd . slags to Mm, .'(in-nmihl.-d by 
other beanllfui honrls; "What's >tbe Dae of 

Kajnh.of Hatigapang. runs off with Dora to general tfaw « the programme Is lntcrest- 
hls palace, tognther wllh Lclltlu "llemlhg- '"« throughout ■ " ("barley -Nlrbola as Dopey 
way, her gaverneiw, who Is tho Arst wire of l* 1 *" 1 ' V'tb bU gaunt now.of Jonguage,, caused 
Todd. -ThciTst of. the story u nfm&st h'opo- "**auy Iqugha, The supporting company -was 
IwtNly. Involved. Alfred lllekmun mvifti PP* nB follows: Chnrlle Fulton, Jim Mnckey ; 
most pronounced hit of the evening Jn' ihe 'Marlon 'Fulton;' Marie Croix; Herman Orab- 
luvenfle ohnriicter of Dnke, and pIcaTcd groat- felder. l*ew Adams ;t Ijiwrenco Decker, Jim 
ly. Richard Coldcn met with success In his 'I>lxon; AunHt/isIn DecKer, I^oule Dynn,< and 
wing, "that'll tho Time." WHHnm-aJruetto Kiity, Ada'COrbelt Alt took good care of 
wos excellent Iwith ns singer und comedlah. their work. ,Jobn Raker made hit In his 
having n true knowledge or the subtleties of runny a grocery boy, and also 
certain situations. Fred Frear was a "hit In !1 " a head waiter; I'ert LMnclley, was a 
n minor -part, Alfred Prooiu deserves credit clmrnilug picture ns Zulclka, ,|s one of the 
for hh work as the' hotel proprietor, Julia BWHan niiiubcrs, nntl is u vivnclous actress; 
Hnndeison wan dulnty as Dora. An ua Boyd P" re, l I' a 'Bella, Fred Cai'DoIl,' Rae Bov/den, 
has a good Idea of .humon and scored many Mitbcl , Benson, Kanny Fennell and st din 
laughs as DciU'h. Ah the bustling and fresh King assisted in minor ro|es. The numbers 
Ihe theatre' 
ence applnudeil 
all the, fervor 

Mr. Kerker 'contributed two or three '.rood 
nuinliern, ,nnd Ihe others ware , fulrly well 
done.' Tha^ , chorus members lacked'' 'drilling, 
and disturbed the picture too orteu The 
cast: Johu Duke, Alfred .Hickman ; Timothy 
Todd, Richard Ooldeu ; lUcnlamfn BIiuhdui, 
nil. Hi Ryley : Clonal Singh, Wllllum I'ruette I 
Askeema,' Fred Frear : Ni-oi-ian, Hownrd 
Chamber*.; I^wfab, Albert Froom ;>■ K>i)lb, 
F. Kek Hchllllng; Ram Dow, Alfred Cnhlll; 
Dora, Julia Banderson I> Carolina, Anna C. 
WIIhoii : Kathcrine, Mabel WHMur: Dor(,thy, 
Kdmi Chase; lOlennor, ICdna MoClure; lie- 
t it In Hcnunlngwfiy, Antin Howl ; Julia Jelll- 
coe, (Irace Lu Rue; Princess Cholulu, Vera 
Mlchelcna; Archie Lawrence, Jnck Hender- 
son: Reginald Wilberforco, Robert Algler ; 
("regor.v Muralon,- m W. CoiihIhb; Theo- 
dore Walsiughaua. rhlllp Lelgp. John U. 
Flt/putrU'k Is business mnnnger of tlje com- 
pnnv The .■engagement la Indefinite, 

Timlin Thentre (Sullivan . & Woods, 
managers!. — "Secret s of the l'ollce." by Owen 
Davis -had Artliiir -3. Lnintvla this week's at- 
traction. . The various thrilling . hcoucb are 
luld In NeW York, I^oHdon, Pirns and St. 
lVlershtirg. Tlie cast Includes these charac- 
ters- nnd players : Nick Chambers, Albort Mc- 
(lovern : Jack Duuston, W. H. Dehlinan ; 
Atlas, Henry Frey-; Hoy Olnrksyn. Alex. 
Spencer ; Huron Diivray, I'dwln Treuor ; 
Alltclikn, Mm tin Vomers; Hkedgc. Frank 
Kouiej-n; IVte, Oeorgo W. Park ;■ Jenks. Clias. 
Woolstnn ; Xoolnr, Pete Parley; Hnscun, Win. 
Hums; Iv'nn JvunofT, Clias. H. Miller; Inspec- 
tor of Rnsslnti Police, Chris. Gallagher Jr.; 
Cliurley, W. T. Watson; Mary Bland, Rlt)ta- 
belli Rnthbourne; 01gt\ Wnrrcnough, Julia 

I'Rhly brightened during the Summer, ... 
lobby, presenting an especially Inviting ap- 
pearance. Next, week, the Cracker- Jacks, 

Dewey; Thvutre. ( Union ; Theatre • Co., 
managers). — M.. : -M. Thelse's Wine,' Woman well all that was required -of themi The ploy 

nil SoiiK: Company, hcuded; by Bohlta. made "*aa liandsomety staged, the, two Bcenes being 

».. ■■..,.» ^ T ...., .................... . . r , i. . . --*--— mi (i urn M 1 1 \i*a tit thn lj...i f, ., i ... 1 ., i ,.,-■, , ,. .- 'it. . 

hiisbunds, Nos. 1, 2 and' 3, respectively, were 
capital. Annie Buckley did well In the smnll 
rpje of Flonrette, and won decided.- favor for 
her rendition of the aong. ""Gwendolyn.'' Ren 
H. Grennell, as M. Arcbambeau,. proprietor 
of the Alnma Hotel, nnd fleorge BackUB. as 
the Rev. Throcmorton, were each In ;helr 
clement, and scored successes. The others did 

Its liew York, appcurnnco of the seusou 
here Monday uftcmoou, Aug. 27, ' A '-good 
sized audience was on hand to greet fnem, 
and the show gave the bent of satisfaction. 
"Going Into Vaudeville," an original farce, 
by M. ,M. Tbelse, opens the show. It is full 
of bright comedy and funny sayings, and was 
n big iuccchh. The Bcenery and electrical 
effects were beautiful. During, the action 
of the niece Max Armstrong's American 
pony ballet wits Introduced with great auc- 
cess. Several excellent songs were Intro- 
duced by Bonltd, who made quite a hit 
singing "CuL-rlsama." ,The real -song hit of 
the evening waa made by Lillian Hart. whoBe 
or"Susan," wns received With -pro- 
" ~ company Is made up 
the" way of singers 
... whole piece wnB 'ex- 
ceedingly, well rendered. The cast: Pedro 
Oanalngo and David' warfield,' Alex Carr; 
Robert Mantel I, James iMulleu ; Sheriff Tuck- 
er, Lew Ilearn; Proctor. Keith, Chas. Ray- 
mond ; Gpo. M. cohan, Allan Coognn ; 
Chnuncey Olcott, Sid Fern; Slngnor CuruBo, 
Horn Llebert; Blanche Bate's, '"Nettle Clay- 
ton:- Maude Adams,' Ethel. Hall; Tesale 

clever foot balancing, by the [A 8eIla"Tr|o 
(two men nnd a, woman) ; '"Decemuei* and 
May." by- Misses Croix and Mackev, and the 
finale. "When a Luiiv • fJeads the Band," 
showing especially; handsome costumes. "The 
Bed. White and Dim; Girls" la the. title of 
the big number. The, glrla, In handsome cos- 
tumes, built, on original lines, go through a 
scries* bC prociisiG infinity and nrtlllery man- 
ojuvres. and made n decided hit. Tlie -show 
throiighout : shows Invlsh expenditure In 
caul pin tint, nnd should give entire satisfac- 
tion. Wm. IV n now v is manager; Charles 
I'minottV musical director; John Vincent, 

Its. season Saturday evening, Ang. 25. with 
Campbell's Nightingales, In ''A Trip to Junt- 
tWfc '"a\T#0 uot burlesque. Th* story tells 
of anilnventor, Prof.- Schmaltz, who gets Into 

line examples of the scene painter's art. The 
caat In - full : Mary Montgomery, Marie Cn- 
n|ll; Flonrette, Annie "Buckley : Senator 
ItunehgrnsH, II, Gn> ' Worn] wild r Bfawp 
llriglmm Smudge, Murk Smith : Wi'lle Drink- 
water, Roy Atwell ;■ Ormsby Kulpepper, Wll- 
I'nm. Courtleigh; Col. Henry Clay Kulpepper, 
Kugcne Cowlea; Kitty Kulpepiwr, Vlrglnln 
Ktnunton; Rev. Thorley Throcmorton, George 
Backus ; M. Archnmbeitu, Ben S. Grenuell ; 
Porter,. James A. Held; Head Walter, 
Wiiilnm Herman; Waiter, Fraaklyn Ar* 
detle,; Btll Boy. George Lyman ; Miss 
Curley, Blaqche West; Miss Greene, Anno 
Mooing ; Miss Smith, Anna Belle Gordon; 
Mlsr/ Kcene, Frnucft Curruthers ; MIbs Hbv- 
KA Olga. May ; Miss Wiley, Elizabeth King : 
Miss Longalnce, Virginia .Stelnhardt; Miss 
Loogfront, Elsie Shaw; Miss Arbnckle, Ethel 
Shdw ; MIbs Verdon, Sadie Long ; Miss 
Brown, Bessler Grnhum ; Misa.Mortou, Jane 
Hewitt. Mir.K diliiir in under the direction 
of Daniel V. Arthur, with Joseph c. Drum, 
1,'uslncnw mnnnger; A. E. M,orgon, acting man- 
ngr. ; F. V. Cavanugh, agent, and George 
V^P'."^ "Ultiaeei-. Tbo biisluess staff 
of "Daly's Theatre Is:. C. W. Moffat, business 
'""TWP anfl treasurer; C W, WUIIeta, as- 
■ treasurer: Chun, Anderson, stage mo- 
James Kane, master of properties. 
Blerhig, electrician.. 

... Rose Miller, Nellie 
ShnnnoovMablc Smith, Grace MadlBoni Llllle 
Miller, Clnrn Ba'raett, Flo <?lhtre. Handle 
Wilson, Ida Bnulland, Gertie 1 Walker, Mary 
Dawrence, Viola Hanson. An olio made 
up of excellent acta, followed. Raymond 
and Clayton, comedians, talked and Bang 
well. Alox Carr and company, In a 
clever sketch, called "'The -End of the 
World", won favor. Mr. Carr'a acting 

!&JS*.3&k" JSS! °I ce Uent and be m- 1st: Prof, alllton's'ltrolned" ^dog^aDi'VoviBg 
SSSi "TO.'JSrtSaT which jff as jastly pictures are here this week. ■""""""* 

earned. Ire wus ably- supported by Allan • 

Coogan and Jltmmle Walker. Fern, Hcarn, Hurliiu 

Grand Opera House (John H. Springer, 
manager).-— Williams and Walker, In "ABys- 
ilnla," began tbelr second and last week 
Aug.: 27. Next week, "Little Johnny Jones." 
Atlantlo Garden (W. Kramer/a Sons, man- 
agers). — Milton and Kaiser, comedy triple 
bar act; the Threo Musical PramplflB, Joim- 
son and Buckley, character sketch; Frank 
Dunn, t lamp comedian ; 'Marie Evans, vocal- 

nnd Hurt, In novel picture ballads, were 
good. A; clever burlcttu, entitled "The Mil- 
linery Maids," which employs' the whole com- 
pany In beautiful cbstumoa and excellent 

Inventions, but "'"King nnd dancing, closed a most eutertnln- 

„ Bleeping Beauty ami the Beast." 

Star ("vYm. T. Keogh, .manager) .—"Toe 

Man of Her Choice" opened to a good slaed 

house 2T, nnd wns well received. Next week, 

"Secrets of the Police." 


w» sang and danced homselves Oo ,. ui)n . Hnggla Orcoil. EdlUL Gray, and 
irity. Lewis >«aHMWll **"©.* Douls Kntsi., Frank .Barry, Fred Busey. John 

eon'andHerlda. In "My Ohcla-froiD Iroln»<J. 
• findiUfry Burns, In hug punching. , Tho vita- 
g?npfrelonrd the bill. 

Yorkvllle Theatre (Ilnrtlg & Senmon, um wt >nii 
mMnnuersl.— A new farce comedy, entitled | on g the 
■'A* One Horse Town." begun a weak'a en- | n i"i wee 
nagWHrnt hero Aug. 2T. Went week. Hilly 
Vail, \ |n "The New Erruiul Boy." 

byrlo Theatre (iCaf &"I-co Slnihcrt, 
mauagerH). — Henry E. Dlxey 1 opened llila 
•SSSn Aug. "ir.. for a two weeks' r«liim eu- 
Mutement, In "The Man on thc-'Hox."* 'into Blnr 
niia" his nlnv rcuonied the .former 1 success. 
The enst : Lieut Hubert Worburton. Henry I". 
■Uny t nioa. Henderson, Sydney Booth; Col. 
Atineslev. Henry Iliinscombe; Count KurloCf, 
C*He Williams: Col. Itnlclgh. II. 8. A., .Tns. 
A.Jlllss; Mngistrnte Wotts Fred W. Peters; 
John Mnrtln. Clias. I". llowaou: -Oulcar 
O'Hrlcn, Chester _Boecroft^ Ofllcer .Cnjisldy, 

■Rilled Off the Tnrf.' 
Parndlsu Hoof Gardca 

tho -... 

laughable as ever. The cast : Patrick Mooney, 

Dnn Graccy ; Prof. Scbufnltz, Rlchy w. Craig; 

(Oacar Ham- Be*lella Mooney. Adn B. Burnett; Kittle 

meratcln, manager). i — The continued spell of Mooney, . Gertrude Pierce; Gladys Foster. 

luit wenthcr caused the management to pro- Dorothy Blpdgott : AnLonlo Barcllmipu. Phil 

*■" roof scasou here one more week. Adums: Officer O'Shaunnessy. Hilly K. Wells; 

t wns announced ns the ondlng of Spngettl. -Frank Thorndlke ; Win. Dooloy. lOd. 

|lv roof itorforniuucvt for JWM, and tho Oliver. Tho olio Included.: The Sisters Bliss, 

change in St>pt. '1 emisod ijulto n chnngc In 
bookings thut hnd beau arranged. The bill 
for this week IIhIh; The, Fays, In Tbnumn- 
tn,rgy ; Rice, and Prevoat. In "Dutnpty 
IjuMPBt" Fred Kurno's compnny, presenting 
"A Night In an English Mush- Hall;" the 
Empire Cllv Quartette, In comedy und songs \ 
Slunor Goi'innnel. baritone vncullst t Avery 
unil - Hart, colored coniedlaos ; Milt Wood, 
dancer, and the first appearance hero ot 
Lcs Ilnniiu.Orlck billiard hnll experts. With 
w mluliiLure billiard table on the ettige, nnd 
using small Ivoty balls anil cue, the balls 

chbrncter change net : Rlchy W. Cratg, In "Mo 
-ond My Partner;" the Yorke Comedy Four, 
Mor-cllc. in her original dance creations; 11- 
lus'ti-h'ted songs, by Billy K. Wells J Oracey 
and Rurnett, In nn ccentrlc comedy act, nnd 
Thorndlko nnd Blodgett. comic opera- duet- 
tlsts. The house baa been repainted and 
prosoniB 'a very nleaslng npnenrance. The 
houue staff conststa of: .1. H, Dubln, treas- 
urer; Fred Bock, advertising agent; Julius 
Volger. musical director: 0. L. Van Dake, 

C N. Bchaoffor ;" Winiani. Wm. Wall; Nancy ore .made to Jump into receplacles .fastened 

Woemirton Pauline Whitson ! Mrs. Conwny, to the bodies of the two performers: handles manager).— fTnttlc \V]lllams, laj'rhe Little 

1'atbFvnKurnlch; Cora, Miidge.Pleroe; Eilza- 

K-th- AnupRloy, Marie Nordstrom. John E. 

Wkrner Is manager for Walter. N. Lawrence; 

W. B. Burlock, press represents I've i Chns. 
■ HowBon, stage manager; C. E. Heunlon, 
r'i i i.»;,.-r'i w, it. Uetatlnr. properties. 
' Mnnhnltnti Theatre (Wm. A. Brady, 

rmtiirigpr,. — Blanche ,Wa|sh ; In 
Eorvt'imnla l 

itartinl her third week Aug. i!7, 

nrc snnlfiHl out, nnd pIbioIr are discharged 
by Impact with the hounding balls. It la 
nn entirely new net here, und wns well re- 
ceived. Tlie vltngraph closed the show. The 
matinee audience wns n very large -one. 

Third A voinic Theatre ( Mnrtln J. 
Dixon, manager). — Lonndcr He Cordova, as 
the Mandarin, and Ethel Blande. ns Madame, 
nlnved the leading roles In "Tlie Shadow 


'HimM 8i|«are noof (-ui-dci. (Henry Shuync nnd Ihmithv Huotf. J. Blnlu Gllck 
Plm-iis manager).— "Mile, t'hampoguo" be* Is juauitgcr : Al. NelRon. advance; Walter 

Cberub." startnl her fourth week Aug. 27. 

Casino (Snm H. & Lee Shubert, mana- 
gers). — "The Social Whirl" commenced Its 
twenty-first week Aug. 27. 

New York Theatre .(Klaw & Erlnnger, 
managers'!..— Mclntyre and. Heath began 
their firth and Inst wek Aug. !!7. In "The 
Ham Tree." Next week, "Tlie Rogers Bros. 
In Ireland," 

Acnilciny of IUnale (Gllmorp & Tomp- 
kins .mnnngeM).— "Otwtln Fnranm.-.ln ."The 
Vlrglnlun,".. opened bu fourth and lost week 
Aug. 27. Next week- "The, Heir to the 
IToorab/' ■ ■*•«■'*-. - 

Belaseo Theatre (David Belnsco. man- 
ager).*— Blanche Hates opened her fourth 

with an aterastW -bnw'Tn il«- ^-«ai«S pn^urahie. The bouse hga been redecorated, 

order "A TenmirnrJ ■ IhTai.nn.1 » P win? r Ji-2? °l" 1 witn ,ts mw carpets presents : fl m^t 

CTrj4 Sp^^^^SS^ B wTkTs^' C ?WarLwa e S!^°Ven 

part, was full of comedy and spectacular sur- week S A One HOrse Town' 

opfrng ^OT&^-E TSS ^B^S ^Williams, maaager,. 

piKEnBM sss. °b? ^vtaKn 66 M|VM 

the burleequa ijnnrtetta ; "Bill SlmmonB*' by Wayburn's;- "Fiiturlty Winners,'!. Mile. W 

May Delmont, nnd a showy flnnle. Oan P Be S?l? «""bnais, Hd. LatelL Oertle llcy- 

Murphy, Beatrice Harlow nnd Chan. Barrel t "V ldH , flnd n "-" r Whlrly Twlr|y Girls, Hdward 

presented on enjoyable specialty ; Corbley B1 °bdell and company, Clnrice Vance, Sharp 

nod -Burke appeared In tielr comedy con- J(r .°thers, and the Empire City Quartette. 

* — - m Keith ft Puoctor'n ■ onk Hiindheo , asd 


at both performancea 27, which marked the 
return of sbveral of the house favorites to 
the enst. "In Spite of All" Is the current 
offering. The ' vaudeville offera Blanche 
Mhttrp nnd new motion pictures. 


Ilurtlg, manager).— The policy of this house 
was changed from vaudeville to burlesnue- 
Aug. 'jfi, with the Dainty Duchess Burlesque 
Co. Ihe opening attraction. It U the only 
burlesque house on the West side of Hnrlcin. 
The burlesque, "Chilly Con Carole," contains 

versntion und «ungs ; a series of moving pic- 
tures wore nh Interesting feature.' The bur- 
Icsque was 'The Goddess of the Moon," with 
.Miss Harlowe In the title- role. Geo. "P 
Murphy, Frank Burke, Chns. Barrett, Ed. 
Corbley, May Belmont and Jeanette i3her- 
stnge mnnnger. Next week, Broadway Gaiety wood were cast In. auitable rolce; "The chorus 

assisted faultlessly In -the musical selections, 
ehtltled "Jealousy," led by Miss Harlowe; 
'Dancing Eyes,"* by I Miss Belpiont; -The 
Shady Side of Broadway," 1 by Miss Slier- 
wood, and In, tbe finale, ''Gupld la the Cap- 
tain of the Army." The scenery nnd ward- 
robe Ifl-raoat showy. Will N. Drew Ib mnua 

cer ; cints. Flnbcrg, buslucss manager ! Geo. fun that Is bound to be well, liked. .Tbe olio 

Keller, musical director: Joe Mullen, me- '■"• a most excellent one, and presents : Rcflii- 

chanlc; Al. Marshall, .electrician. ■ Tbursdnys Ion and Stevens, Hersog, Adams and Duffy, 

will be amateur nights throughout the season. Keeler and Hawley, nnd Leila Belblnl. Next; 

Next week, the Champagne tjlrls, . week, tbo Parisian Widows, 

Htiber's Museum (John 1 IL Anderson, Gotham (Dave Kfaus, manager). — BttW- 

mnnnfevri.— W, L. Trnvos. weight lifting, neae during the past week was beyond'ex- 

Hcoau week here nf great eurcesa, tops the pectatton, conBlderlng the warm weather. 'Tha 

bill In 'the curio hall this week, April's Europcn/i Seusntlon Co. opened to -a big 

Neapolltiiufi nnd ninny others compose tho 
finely .arranged bill. In the thentre, which 
Is doing nn ev:e|lont business, a fine bill Is 

hodse. Next week, 
lesque Co. 

W. B. Watson's Bur- 


its' tenth '.week Aug. 27, 

_.l Woore, agent. Next Week, *lto*i'"i"**. ,, '';.L. 

•week Aug. 27, In "The Girl of the Golden given to crowded houses at every perfofm- 
^¥'eat , ' 

Brooklyn — At the Majeatlc iW, C. Frld- 
ley, manager) Billy B. Van appears In "The 



-_ «. rn , n d Bor." AW 2 * SrtSfiE '"VS 8tw, " rt ;;"P*" K « l, r5lrttn, »«d"tlie MMto- ami week: Tlre'ChamberlallOi. Iiwl Pshmr, 

SJicc Consul"* -■'■-• 

«w Krraoo mj, » d hug | nM8 U8t 

f» 7««*™" a ° d Wallier ' ln 

" A K',?i'i"(Mr». Snooner. manager*.— "Oiyu- 
SJHE oreVenteo by the Hpooncr Stoek Oo. 
l>t l Is l' rc .X°„ .j/y Spooner, as the prln- 

■■■' TrniTrSiMMlcn; roaolkcr).— 

*«^!SwSliar^wffii pmS convict's 

"A Had Man 

'*r .. " iiarrj Anguish, la excel 
Sfe vi n i s playeifto crowOcd. 
IK \Jit week, «H factory 

•1," nTfe 1H; 

-A." thrill re opened, 31 .with 
"SSiiir " Waller Wisun, 1u 

"•ft-.-utAi (Vi C iiylcr tfa'nngcr)— Tie 

'"ill relet? UMs started a weck'a en- 

Kroalloey Gaiety u ^ by j ol) „ 

UK2 B H »trong. Others are: Mnrtaj S rtbn 
% W iAl n E( Mario nod Aldo and [frown 
" n 3 finrtole'tl- Watson's Buriesquera' did 
^ 'lTrSaoAOW« a II* .f' hook- 

"SI. i here JlghwSTaO: .An audience that 
fiumltV- house from top to bottom was prea- 
'''• i„ i-l«li tlie genial lessee, Mr. Teller, an- 
'?.' ' .u«g«' The omening .attraction was 
S&l7nSs*Si*» Jjih.V. wnlch „l» continued 
nil of tnTwcek! Andrew Mack comes next, 

■"fS^MP "wU. man.„ r ,._M;„. 
'"wllii. who ranks with the pest of 
SlirSA men In this borough, had 
ffi olcu.orc of, seeing many old patrons 
imons ho ' siidlencc that afied the ■ house 
? 59 oi -liestra to gn lery when the doors 
SS 11 own open for tbltirst week of the 
Si night of 27.. Tie interior of the 

". . . ,.-„ .....i mini 

ope will be the attractions week of Aug. 27. 

WuMiEnumi (V. a. MrOrralrk. mana- 
ger!. — tlood attendance rules. An entire 
change of Jllffls occurs weekly. 

i'akiiiii task (IlnnkK llalrd. manager).— 
Fair houses resulted from good attractions 
week of 2ti. 

acabkvt n" Music (it. A. iiusli, mana- 
ger).— VJIf. Wife's Family" will open the 
utriftss. Hep... 2. „; . ,.. 

Noib: — Robinson. Amusement Co.'t Street 
Carnival wetk of 27«. : V ' 

rete- Bonswortb. Urand.Opera THo, Cons 
IT I*ETai>d rhotjng # ttj— - 

onMhuit (t; J,'>».' ) *utdlne,,«M»agcr),j- 
Blll SEana week: AerliTMarilniy,Wllls.»Jiii 
Collins;' Geo. K. Jttanc, iBurko *na-Urllne. 
Salmon slid Collins, Joe Whitehead and 


.. I» o*a«r to •told KifUkes Jftd lo 

"l"r» A«»tU»il I* this MM. M. 
••»!»■>• ..lalnly n«ldtc»si-d cinst l>« 


Ut 'l M s ; ' TH 

I.r-tlo A. 


l.*,n. Prof, 
i^.egar, cluw. 
I.lnilen. Arthur 

Ijldwla, tlaj» 
Ln. i.riiu Ms: 
Wall. U. JC 
l«bn *,A.I«llne 
!«., 1«» It 

■ tflt««tr-««o.;'i- 
f An mantwpe. «'■ 
bferloo lIsiryR Jolpmoo. A. 

Oiotnc. Alferl .Kellg. B. *■• 
OI>er. Rkhanl Hcjnlon, JoaepU 
U1II11. U'« Miner. Dt.i:.»l. 

Illlier. llene Toil, "«•.;■ , 
(1'U.I. «'». Taj or, Albert 
opKiihelmer. Tj> or, Jerry 
TTJm J»"<S?l"'. aSi 

Poller. Ilenrrp. TBIor. sjbnw-t . 
I'lOTIoln KrrU ToareeJ Jl'UgD 
l»ene. t*sK. ,J(J 

.. »!»M'«r4. — At Ilia Majesty's (kl. o. 
Brooks, ntahageri: the regular, season will 
open 8ept:;t; with "Bed Feather." 

Academy or Music (Walter tirraves. man- 
after). — Vollsrd'a Juvenile Onera Co., In "The 
Mikado" nnd""A Gaiety .Tjlrl," drew.'' big 
hbnsTK Aug. .20-23. Pollard's company, -In 
repertory, 27-Sept. t; Nat M. Wills, lh.."A 
Lucky Bog." B-8. 

TRBATnu Fbancais (R W. lie Clair, man* 
agar.).— '.'At Cripple, Creek", drew-good,, at- 
tendance, despite the warm weather, ' 20-23. 
" A'MldWght. Escape*' !!TT' , '., , . 

TitKATtiB "ItotAL (II. C. Kgcrloh. manager). 
— The Kentucky Belles opened the regular 
season, tpgood attendance. 20-25.: The Yankee 
Doodle Girts 27-Sept. 1, the High Hfliool Girls 
3-8. , I ': .-,.' •-. 

THEATRtl N'ATK.N'Al. FllANCAlS (T'aill CftZP- 

renvc,' manager). — Tbe permanent IVenoh 
Stock Co., In "Arrah-nn-Pogue" do Prencn), 
drew packed houses Aug. 20 : 23. "Ia Bantie 
im.n- ., ■■■ ,,... 1, _i, a - a, 
TBRATkB PBS NOUVEAuTEs. — The , perma- 

nr-nt rrtucii stpek compsnV will commence Its 
regular season Sept, y, .with rara'ltreV'. (W. 'Northey, manager).— TJie, Sec- 
ond Life Guards Band came to gooiThouscs 
ihiitre has seen many Improvements during A „_ 25-2". 
iheSnmer vncatlon. "The Power of Money Dohinios Vjbk (Hl-A.Dorsey, manager). 

• DM opening attraction. I-ast Benson Mr. _Blg crowds ruled 18-27, With the follow- 
Wllsou iays was tie largest In the honse^ 
lil tor", and from the Hat of 'Ma -bookings 
• nail res he will be able lo discount last 
w'! business, The follow pg' sttracthm 
$ "&l lha. the Se W lng. Maclilpe pit)." v 

Aiiriiuit' tM^.' S. Schllsinger; manager).— 
-i'te' Curse, of. Di'lnk^ with 1 V. Aug. Aoder- 
KiiaTls tills week's otforlng. VQnecti or the 
circus" drew large houses, last week. Next, 
-The Millionaire Detective.' 

liBAND FAM1I.V TltBATnu (Frank B. Carr, 
limtisgcrl.— "I*. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde' this 
nrek. with Oscnr llnnc In the dual role. 

I araM last week. 

(avKTV (James Clark, manager).. — The 
Buhman Show «nd Frank D. Bryan's Con- 
gress of American Girls this week. Nelt, 
New Vork Stars.' ■ ,'„ ; „„. 

Pavton's (8. ,8. Alen, manager).-' '.The 
IHcrnal City" thle week. "The Minister 8 
Sun" had a good run last week. Neat, "The 

LrciUM (kouio Bhllllps, . mnnager) .— The 

season began hero njght # of > 26,._wUh i "lhe 

res. ■ - , . • 1 , -v.i 

FonGi'Atle>t-S):Lu Bwos.' Ciqviib s»wed 
here 10, 18J' to. capacity for four perform- 
ances. ' . - . v . ... . 

wsit ittTwtiieij t»« 

&mm » s? ^s^s&JSKfc 

. Mpok«n«. — HemMi chai>ge« nre € to be 

muclc ln-H,c"nniii!ig^rf.oi.t of'-tho HuUivnn fc 
CunsldlQe housed hero when the ttGution oittlB. 
It \§, given out tbat.Jqfin.r. Cotdcfly will )to 
proaioted to n l'ortiflBd IMwTpPS ,liat Wnl - 
nrohtir; now innnng*?. or the. W-UtilngtbTi 
Theatre, will ftiicrerd'hfiii In the manoffoaient 
oi-thfl Columbia TheiUe. Mr." Drehijra suc- 
cessor hnn not been named. 

-Wahium-ton , TiiisA-rpK. — "Jimmy;* iffiir** 
vetcriil" black tm oilnstrel. Is the ,tob. tlncr. 
a line of natter that matnin lilm pptmlw. Tl^ 
rtst'ofthc bill Ib sti-otig, tm; featured dfltift 
llei-bert lirooks and company, card miullim- 
\BLlwd and; trunk ■ mystery.;, the IHfS'nond 
t'onwdy Kour, Vo\\\n» and Clifton; anif CMbb. 
Ailmtm. ■ -/ 111 , ■ « "*• , : - *'■* 

SfWCAXE. .— nicharda . * Pringfe n: flwilll 
Mlnstrelri attmcted I wo cnparWy houw» the 
Hret part of lasr wt*ek. The projtiitfflrrle wa.-j 
up to the mark, the features :l«lng : -Kteu 
s.inuaon's . tromuonc , solo, Arthur rrmt'i>.a 
work with ;the hoops, Lemuel Hosr,;,,^ iOlo, 
"Asleep glB ttoi* Ijeep," and the work of , tfac 
band and "cboiits.. " 

.Mlelrn. Mtw Wl Igfl r»»«N- 

Vltllnna MlWreil \'or, t - ll«Ute 

Ucentni J: A.« ^L^ 
t**l*. BeuJ.- I&* 




XVwMroii« Aunnlt-'Utftr. .Mine. I' iMw. >>»'"»'« 
■ MlWied Vox.- Haltle !*> Brl*". M™ u 


Ins bill : Oscar Babcock, Ella Zulle, and 

w ■ - 

MelilhoiiM' by 'Ibc Pea." Kmma Boll 
\\, V Uolden head of the clock company. 

Luna I'abk.— (TboCB Is dq cbange la. tbe 
free #lrcuH r - prorttuniii'fl >*hlB . ■week, which 
liss ini^tonBfllr^ttWlflffl cobs, the fiaua- 
hihmidts and their acrobatic dogs, .and the 
Slcuerta, In ccjdcstrlan actri. 1 At the Mundy 
Animal Hhow the chief performing acl» arc : 
apt. Crawford and six lions and HoncuBcs, 
Cnpt. Ulcardo. four lions and llonearieM, 
and Mine. Louie, with seven leopards add 

Uiikami.awd.— Business here, Is reported as' 
li'lng capital. . -,,. ■ *a . 

BoHTocK' f s,— Oalllara. with bis group of 
sixteen lions. Is the feature. ,. \ , 

M.VN1IATT.IN Bhaoh.— Bice s production of 
"The <;irl from Purls" 'entered ,upon,ltH llftb 
week ut 'the Munhatton Beach' Theatre 8un- 
ilay, <!onterno'H band concet*.ta follow on 
BMC, A 'twice dally.- This tWqek at VVKM 
Amphitheatre selections will- be given each 
ulRlit from the successful pieces of tho car- 

DtlKIHTON - I»AHK.r— Lloyd, i With "Is 

HNVofw. is glvlnt; n uhe etlifhitlpri. The t.n ■■ .Ill-Inn, NlitRHl-u Fulls. tu<! glaut 

'- - t . riiiii'N Anuiiui :Stii'W, rtii'piit.i. and 

I .mi Kn [iiinkes Hre Mi; fi'Hl lii'(*r!. •" 

TtHlUIITON Bhach MUHiq Hai.i. <W. ,.,C. 
lirover. mntiager).'— TWh week's bill :. Almce 
Angelas, llllnore Hlsters, Prof. Herrmann, 
Mathews und' Ashley, Four Ulnnos, Dumont 
Trio, lUtymoiid nnd Robinson, and the klneto- 

Eight Plccblanls. 

ItiVKRUiDU I'Aiui (Al. V... Heiid, manager). 
— Week of 19. good nttendnne' saw. Sihcll's 
Moos. "Hpuildlng arid Duprec, T. Tatloch, M. 
Darlo and the blosco-uc. ; 

Soiimkk. I'ark . (Lnvlgno & Lajolo, mana- 
cers). — The attendance was good 1D-*J1>. The 
bill was as follows : Thompson's elephnnts, 
Prof. Moxarto, the Four Livingstons, Jules 
Uogny, and Lavlgne'a Mllltury Baud. 
■ ■ s p ' 

. Toronto.— The', Princess Theatre (O. B. 
HUeppurd, ..manager), during, the Summer 
months, ha« undergone an entire change, the 
whole building having practically been re- 
modeled, and rebuilt, .and beautifully deco- 
rated, and It Is now to be claHB'ed.a* a U«t 
cIsfb, up' to date theatre.- lite opening -rard 
will be on Aug. 27, with the comic opera, 
"Captain Careless.!', : . , . M „ 

UlUNO Ol'ERA House (A,. J. Sum 1 1, mana- 
ger). — Thin place of amusement bas also 
been redecorated and presehts a fresh tip- 
peiirant*. "The Yankee Consul" Istbe open- 
ing attraction Aug. 27-Sept. 1. , ' 

JIAJESTIC (A. J. Small, manager).— Al- 
though the weather was extremely warm 
thin place did a good buB-new. .with "The 
House of Mystery/: .Aug. 20-25. Week of 
27. "Buster Brown's Holiday." ■■. . . 

Siika's Thbatrk (J. Shea, manotf^r).— - 
With electric fans and u good card big bus - 
nesa, ruled week of 20. Week of 27- the bill 
Includes: World and Kingston, Hugh Stnnton 
and company, Ksaell and Vernon <S»., Steeiey, 
Doty a,nd.Coc, the Ualzers, Howell and Scott, 
tQc'k.netograp,h;' ," , m ' :. . ;. » . 

Star -TittutkB (V,. J. Stplr, manager),— 
The Merry Maiden?, good, buslhecs 20-25, 
Week of. iK Kcbttek*. Bellelt 

Mtmno Pahk (wtt B 
Knormous business rules. 

Tmvoraa.— At the O rand Ttieiitre (Dean 
B, Worlev. nmnngor) week .cgmbienclng Aug. 
20: Martin Brothers, KflwaJd Kellle, Uw- 
rence nnd . Sheridan, Devaro and. CnWls, 
Adams afld- Kdwards, Master Harold Iloff, 
in Illustrated songs, ami (Irundlscopc, ,., 

Star Thbatbk' f II*. M. Owens, manngerl.— 
Week cemmepclng 20: Ilcorganlzed Allen 
Stock Co., prcKOiifing "Tbe Man front-Tetas. ' 
Bertha Knatvold Htanrlng. Mr.-Hulllvon ahd 
Sir. McCabo, formerly of ilie Brniidoii Play- 
era.. Itn.yelK'en added. to thn-cast.- 


mous. inanager)^— Week beginning. 20; The 
TM.KtatMrtj, Bosct'lty yuartette, the Mo* 
rells, Mirritt Sisters, Tom Ln Rose, In IIIuh- 
tratcd-song, and. motion .pictures. 

4 * » : 


iinrtr*ini. — At I'lirs-inw' Theatre "The 
l'rlhcc of PlUep" .waa.crertltably prcHented. 
Aug. 2S, to a large and appreciative audi- 
ence. , ...•!.,■ • , •. . 

HArtvord OrERA II0U8B.— "Hofty Tolty" 
opened here 20. ."A Crtivn of TliornK" tin* 
. Ished out the week, fairly. Lew Fields Co. 
27. lb "About Town:" Beatrice Vance 2R, 
Hayes and Healy 20, "At Cripple Creek" .10- 
8«pt. I.ft , .1 . ■ • 1 

roLi's.— Lost week .closed the .Summer 
stock season. Which has lieen welt patronised. 
The. .vaudeville, season opens 2.7,;: wBh "The 
SopbonioraiWIrlaiand tho r *-lrc«hm«n;*.\ Uryotj 
snd LnngdoD, IAQM Thurber.und her. BUCK 
birds, (illduy ahd Vox, lltlntar': and Nrssen, 
Eddie Mack. Barhold'H dogs und monkey h. 
Luna Park. — Many creditable attractions. 

AHhV. Joa'c 
Ufa, May 
SfSK Nellie 

Arnold, k m „ 

Afoohli uerm 
nigtr, i-olp. 
Bliiuflt. .Wlllan 
jkoi'.t Bobc J 

f Hi,. v,*i 

tinker. Uulc 
lirimllie. I'lbbli- 
iljrrUprtL Iftintiy 
Rrsnduh, BoilK 
Ik'tPrly, Loiiltjp 

MHtWi -W 
lUrriMt. I'stay. 
Herttiwre -iwlie 
ltsnvtt Mm. Jus 
Uurntustet, -. , 
i. , Mix. nw 
HMwh|t. May is. 

Warn w 


FitrniPt. rnn«y I'sHl, 


KBmitleiwy- M»yi|Wmer i; b»la 
[■'.win Miil'iin'Tit I'aiHrer Ulmichp 
dllllnewatL-r. llVtsre, MM« 
Xv ■ ■ Helen 'Phillips. •Pecltm 
fllsnt..Miyo. . rtiHtkav. Vlclorh 
t.-rlmiei- l»bti>l»el> Power* Jftwlel, 
UtlniOrc Sisters iltvl-rrNin, 

iyf --. lK>Wtliy llnmlall, 

MA.' .1' l'?!"'* 

(iertruitivnejuK MaMl 

Inagl-; ,~ 
IA>t|e BurVtitDli 

iSTaTi ttfwanl fark. Krnrst TMrcr. Walter 

liffinV Awn 11 ( hiii tis. -j-*n ram w*W 

S Utlmr VIP Keatuslil 'ThrelfcH. Ksrl 

I.HIK. AIMK .',„.._,., 1 ,'!.':. Iln.-llinui 

IliiworJ. Emlij Imii'iirr, 

Umli. ArlhnrJ 
l.»M,. Mr. aV) I 'lirll". ■■ - 
. <,..,M». IW. frrrv. JsM 

xfrr Toir. IWarl. Hilly 

...TnfostTor I'""* 1 '-.'*' "' 

ulart'arlani- T. K l * ,r "'' V' . 

"ArtE.'l J 




MlK.- -. 
.liKkKoh. MlnW 

A..* M. 

•TC:l!i, 11, l.Vl 



I ■ - ,lrnp.lB,c 
ulaiiil, t". J 111. 

,,, ■ row. Ii K ja Bij »if)| 
kii|>t MirwroN. s(,»!l«lr. K" 

nr 'f p| 

im. Cm 'Jlulsiid, ■ Kami 

INK JllrlttllrlUght, M«J 

ItKtfau MHrxaret 
lUu. Vlulci. .. ■ ■ 
Stut|.lw.s tlurnn 

Htauwn Mattte 

l^iiVu'Trsl, lliiymoiiil 
Tltun. John ■ 
Vary. J. 
Varim. B. a. 

Villi IIOVPI*. ';' 


VAiiHlehlP Krei-l 
.VoorvbU, W..B. 

$1' V Yl. Oastrells^,-. .^P^Sfclfc! 
Mrvhet Ce«». irms-vw. Mw«ra- » WMfril 

iliMMMia lllite lli'hl. -bta .Vail. WM-vJ- 

ShmatH.tniv, ■mft&r \Wt % W** 

ItsMsfe. tms"- WphIOU. VA 
lliwi*. rtias;' 

Mn-nh. <■■■'■ 
Mc'llH-'. Jtibu 
MnrrlK, W 

Ma<:k, Jaa iv 
Mars, i.-mi,\\ 



0«rto». 11 W 
(luillm. Mts.Ji 

,- .. (jeirilc 
Outilo. I^slle^ 

QwwtM Bertie 
Carlisle, Uerlle 

Claire, Jessle 
oor(iln, sTftfiiae 
<3ini|i|n,' utl* 

Ciippln, HftttHi 
mfllns. A In 
UoU>. ( - 

oilfTonl INaqiK, 
DrimliiK- Mnup" 
r)(VtVr*He Jputile 
narli, I'eurl 
f)estiiond Hoi, 


Darrcll. Madge: 

m W Kit 

Ilstles, Ns'ii 
Dn verc, Vera 

Kfthii. Jt-itHlo 
Donursit.. . 

It.Mnl A, 


Mrs. J. »' 

jirJBi.r. fell,. I). 
*«MI. lolllo ■ 
^wh, UUhsR 
*l.. I.itWlU'l' 

iks, manager). — 

lAKIAH'a RolJiT (W. J. Bobhlioi, 'nans- 
Mj r J- — "'1'rie IloltKcs' o' lUie Barn". Band-dfeff 
to capacity week of 20, .... ,v, . 


Orr, nwnancr).- Sir William Mullock Is Hi; 
man who will touch the button Alia. .1(7. und 
cverytliliiK will then be in fnll siSlag until 
Bept. 10. .- ■■■ 

,., ,, .,— i *^ — l 

1...M.I..I. At the (lr«nd (.1. B. Tiirton. 

mnnairr). HhepSrd'u plrtiirra will conliiiic 

nl I Auj. .'Ml, when Ibcv clone a mAM 

""nit here. Dockstader'a Nllnatrtla are booked 

'"spniNOBANK Pahk. (.1. II. Slcwart, 

Urlilsjfllort.— At Mmlth's Theatre ■ I txl- 
wurd.i;. ftSllli ( mand|rer) 'mi tho Old CroU 
HonOH,'' Auk, 20-2-*, nlnved ti> ko'od lniKlhenu, 
ss did "The Queen of the HlKhblnderH." ju. 
and I lei rv Hrdwn.JIn "Iiavlil Ilnruiil," '^ I. 25. 
Booked: 'lACroWn of Thorns" 27-,20 (i "Queen 
of the I Circus" i|H>, ' mutlnee and evening: 
"Carolina" 8V-'Scpt. 1. ■ ,. __2 

'■■ 1'ot.l's (B. B: Mitchell, manager.).— "Tho 
Two Orphans'' played to. hlff bualneilK week 
df Aug. 20- "1'rlnce Kafl'l week of 27, which 
will be the farewell week of.the Htock corn- 

r«ny, which hka played ; to hTg lumiiieaa diir- 
tijc the Hummer. 'It haa heeh the most wmj. 
cenaful.aeaiton. of.the \*t)\\ Mlock Co, ■ liaw- 
reuce i 111 i. who hetidH the i^lnpany, will plrtjr 
I'nir... New Haven, during .the Wittier. v.u.ile- 
vllle will lit resumed at the locut Iheutrc 
sept.' a. .. :.,'. , ■ " 

DuiHIIvn. lskliel 

Bfc.. A lr,i. 

Dr Vere. OaUH 

Duily, H.ii'.v 
tMony. UlUsii 
VAw, M*rloti 


EstiPF. I.lssle 

FKwii. Ollii 
Kilwarils Kstuiy 
Fuller. Oloilti 

i>r»'ly. Mine. 

.plto.v JoHt-tlllll 

Item, Dells 
l.nmtfll*. Mrs.K 

1^'p, lt*»!tle 

. Mtiyiiie 1 
velauil. 'I.plnh 
VOW. Mile. 
.Verc. . Canny 
losmi. Heleu 
hatlns. Mile. 
, .;■ Htbsl 
lleltllte, - 

Mr..:. Ii. I), 

Mlteliell. -. .. 


Uarx, Msy. : 

><il.«: ttmrllue 

'-lav. aarly 

tliew. OUru 
„..ln;*- Morru 
Motion, JeliPl: 

MoMtni UlllHiil. 
Matsflen. Mlllh 


"iii-h, it' :■■>■■ 

mi iii 

tjlrhell MDie.l'>i. 

HllnW. Liillmi 


, t, or rells 


Ktcvsrt Mirste 
HtAL Mary 
pMrwm Dp — a 
iifiwrii. laJatrta 

.ttlHS't. Mnu.l 
KllllU'TlHIMl. , 

H le^iirt, | Matle 

Mst-iiminlx.'. Tbi 
Xlerflitii, I'iylm 
MoHlils. *n»o 

..Asuw'r. MM 
rhr nohl"., Ilanrttl A 

w EBiWv 

Ilhielr, it. »• 
itonitittj. \v, i . 
Hh-Hiwle. Ham 
Mrmli'iirKreil 8. fflijaiiinj ofswie 
Kollbhlistipr. mhT, MM 
..r. i Kowaril-itoss. litdtt. 
Miihkh'k llw>.W.IUaeli. Kit 
Mnikin-K I'eurl 
Mnnree. Wsltrr 
Mni'i*lr,B, V. C. 
Mirsli. N.< W. 

Maitk. Uvo. , - 


Wnwils.- Arthur 
flirts 0.,l'-' 

Willi .'ii .!o .r ( I. 

Way, w.' iK 

Willie, Tan. 
Wills, Arthur 
WuMi. T. II. 
Witlrti, T. r. : 
Warn. J :W, 
White, rtti ■ .'ft KIMilt 
Wtiltwl'le. Jack 
WleHinsiili. *~ 
u'ninni. Lmte'i; 
While I kiwi 1". 

otitrl Bleaimr 


c- Mm. a. T 

MOrltlOV.*, K'.i-f 

MsleOtn. .Ilcssle 

SinE. Aiiie 

N ill I ii. Mile.: 
Nice. Kittle 


J'lirlicr. Mrs. Jaa. 
'UtiiriHlyko I.Hn. 
'I'sJlir. Krtiin 
f unison. Msp 

firtrr RiHiijt»t- 
yinr.riimp. lto"e 
Vealmie ft Ol;l 
Vnutriili Domlliy 
Vsimori', i.iihi 
Vetirt. Ham. 
Wlllx, I.oiilw 
WtHAIwitrti;. ■ , 
' Kmllle 
WnnlDtle Jt. , 
Oo., nateila 
tt'lMlom, , 

! • . t Oonitrttirn 
Wesleer. . MW«i 
WotU. JJ*»elte 
W rail ami* 
I . Ii'lore im-q 

Wi'.ml. Knnny 
WMtMrs; Jsi'k 
with- Ibillii it- 
Walker Nflle K. 
\\«UiW KJIh 11. 
Weaion rnuMos 
Wllsnn, May 
Ward. Carrfc 

1lnne.Hi . 

Itle1inivn.l. 'MM 

IIh-hiIh, 'l'lM> 

itdO A Hllherl,,, v.—;—.. 

' lli.tV. 



Xlvl^e. Tc- 

Mrt:.*. .Wm.; II. IIUimw 

MAckcy &<t:ri>l,.llre»l-. ... 
\fir"l.. Mike Ifeldllw lt"L"ir.vlr 
siaMS, fml lM-UK.n.». Jki 
Slaraliall. Ittlnll, WalOT 

.-,■■ Hnrrr W.iflMiriileiti*>^l, I' 
MrKwra. K- » Hull™. ,»»/'{„ 
\t.»re. KiiariW r.|..k.«. Jack Jf 

McMaluni. Mr. Kl ar&VM 

M.vlni.i. K.IW.I. llMM.ll. KiI. 

Marsh, K. «'. si.wi.iim. iliu 

MeHaliwi. C.W. Snlley, Harw 
Murl.liy, T, II. Ifnlmiiei. Altral. 
Mid sA, . Jmi*«ls|i<.l«'rr, Kcauk 
Mcyilck. II. ll.lscliylrc.' Mr. 
M,..i0.ell.i. Al. | , (lll»h . 1(!'™> 
M Ii. iiiil.l Kddle ?l«". ►.d'!"' 



MaeAvoy, A. .1. 

M.-Il.lde jjfi 

Mack * Dint,. IUII JW 

Norton rrnf.Jue 
Nli?,HlH. trarlo • 
Nam .- A Adalni 
NrTmin. '-' 


inn tei.o'v «". , " , . I ,",;■ 

MsMjopaawi ijurr. 

Zrirn, Violet 

Altflbtt, Itoy 
Aiitllil Harry »■ 
Audio,.. Afll f- 


AuiTre, Vleter 
Ackerinun Kudle 
Arnold. Jack 
Alio, IWiekt 
Altam, Hrte.t, 
A|M. ' I'liA 
Altrrlopn Trian 
lietem, 1' 
AcJlltt. Ureut 

hie, been draw- . 

union. v... . . ■/■.. , , „i,rV_^T!lc I.vceum Stock Co. Iihh lieen draw- 

ituuntnX'*, Coney I«lrtnd.-lllll week &■ S^^2S&1. -J. Cahn.of.New Vpr.k, 

Jf 27:. BMBerer.AI««ltal ...Tr)o, Bandy : and "^ oll „ 8 palsied .T. II, Hlcwnrt in the Ijan- 

Vll.ou, l.'olll'eAlvlnos, KlekO and I'ravoll, SL™* Jf the l'-trk ,'theatye, : rclurncd;to 

"* "napasTo/* * 

^y.ulllng*s haraeH,- Melrose '.'i'roupe.. Archer's 
nill>lno (jlds ,' rjivlne and 'I-eonard, John 
ami Beitha Illch, Rtfsh miffimt, the Lu- 
.Kilns. Duhlado's sheen, Jean Ardcllc and 
her Inky HlnkH, «n<V Cherry and Bntes. 
■ ■ . — -» ♦ ■» — — 

. MH'HJf. * !M. 

Itetrolla— At the Detroit Opera. House. 

(B. C.Wiittney, manager) the rejntlar sea- 
•■on ofiened Auff, 3U, with • "I'lff 1 Full 
Tout ! PR' "C'a»talu-Oaretesa M -iHept. 3. 
, tinxm ■ (K. D- Sttalr, manaf;er).^-r"My 
Wife's I-'anilly" ontertalned fair slzed.liounes 
111-J3. KrAst llouan, In "Uufua ttastus," 

LAfA.BiTt. Thijaj'he (Dr,. Campbell,' rnan: 
>*wr).— rXlio Brandon Stock Ufci In "A, MP 
dier-of the Km'nlre.** drew well 10-U3. 'lhc 
hame vtrnpugi in "Northern Lights," 20. 

-Viimusv (li.D. Stali'i ,nmnuger).r-"Hc^ 
el-el Service ft.-tiu" pleased packed hotiseB 10- 
-"■■ "Uncle Tom's Cnbln". 20,. ) ■ 

lt;.Mi'LK (J. if, Moore, miiniigpr^.-^I-ast , 
WfiBKi hilt was tmiiHually good, und crowded 
liuuHes ruled. Attract i..n« tor 21- Include 
Mury Duitoul uiid coinnunv, Hahel .loiinson, 
' .Hthcrlrte Mayes, Hum i -141 tun; . Lew. smiy. 
FlUUl ('. yoimB, Cutbleen .De Vole, Her- 
btrta dogs, <OHvette Troubadours, Marccna, 
^evaro,llnd Marucoa,. and lhc kluotQitrapli- 

Avkndh I DnW '4 Campbell, .iia'migcr«).— 
I he Cutfy Blossoms Bitiles',itcin presented 
a lirut Class finteituiomerjt,' to: giwd attend- 
aai-e. The -Dreamland Burlesniiera 20. 

i'hystat, (J, ,J. . Nash, manager).— Last 
"nek's bill made a Ml, and Ihe .attendance 
wis. ..up to the standard. .Attraction* lor 
week of 27 Include : The Bradys, I'tohIc and 
Limine Beverly, Marckley, Anna 'Share, An- 
fcon Xclilerhart, and thft klnodrome. 

IIavkty iliiu-rv II. Hedges, manager) .— 
lae (Jay .Maatiueradcra will be the opening 
attraction M.> ■ ; . 

KitKcraic Ruffe (L'oula MyN, mauager).— 
* jnilore'a Bau'd" drew large crowds 10-25. 
IIIvcIh's imperial Italian liiind 20. 

-.■:! m .*^r — ~* — : — " - 

».rnml ' iift'iiirin. — The New Powers 
IHftrTjr 0. SnniDii'i-s &. Co., managers) opens 
>h" beason Hang i;i, with Lillian Itusacll, In 
i Mlllione.", . „ .k 

to [sir 

Ww'vbrt.iS™ He'-irno^TnioailnK-Ihe 
-D,"vld llarum" Co. Mr Slcwart wSl Ce .the 
sole -manager of the Tnrk Theatre for 1 tho re- 
m K e E l lJoSrrHte„krtt.k..;tbemnn'- 
aeemen of. thctirwd Sept. ,1. u»J"» •'■ 

llirnt'd from ll huolnpss trip to Now York, 
in™ annotlilt-es the regular openlnr for Labor 
Tin* It In the Intent on to oirep.wltti a 
Seville blu" wltb the K,,,r 1$*^™ 

an headline™. A.' J. Small, of Toronto, 

wna In the city 21). 

Coming 1 

nerformuneea. vrm, XZ3Tm£SirEuL 

Sklea" 2J-2S, 1' 'Way ^wiiJJast^d-J^al 

"'Under Southern 
,. Kast'' i!U-3Vi Ciil- 
aln»tiela 31-Sei.t. 

hane, .' * "'eaton 
••^^•"ffi'voVun^r orgflar bn,;- 
bill club played, two gamea of ball. 20, -'• 
with a local, team, wlnnlas be llr.t one 
14." and ohub tho aecond. .l.l-l. 'h'"' "J 
llV'n rst "defeat ithat the club has au»a nod 
I ice eniorlng IheMarlllne I'rovlncc circuit. 
Judic Anillln; lif UQlarlo, and WM.^T. 
W.'ATgfn :«"e B latter the mother of. and bo 
' ■ 116 brother of Minaret. Autrlln. 

iNltlnit frlonda at their old tonic liere. 

Miss l" «'. llalrd left KTfoIr New 
York to resome her theatrical work. 

were v 

ir." Aug. 2:i-2r., played to fait 
omloa: "Joluwy Aviso" 2U-2I), 
01011^/. lltl-Sent ,t. . ■ 

Oarburn'B MIlllnnB. , 
mjkufli: lUrin Htalr. manager) 
I".' Norlh Slar," " 
Patranan. i',,i„..„ 
»lj V'"fe'« Ifumlly'i. St|-Se|i_ ,- 
'.isa.vp OfnitA, uuiisk tCbilfchlll * Uarls. 
iaaiingers).— Vhildevllle altractlona for week 
"(_, Aiis. 2U Imliido: .tico, A. neapcHell- 
■'wire IIi-.ik.. .Ii-imiic Ilfooka, Clark and West- 
I"!. iiiiiIAIIoii Jtuborlaon. . ... . ,.■ 

U.iMosA Hxiit liclcmiitcr, muoager.t.-rAt- 
* w'eelt of 20 are : Cnron and Her- 

5 B. ; Itlmnnd and »'■ U«»d, and the klno- 
d 'Bubu (Nsah * Burrows,. Rrop'letjirs).— 

and moving picture.. ^- 
cSutarai. ar»< "'«"«*' 

vim. IMA, 

KurfolK^— At the Academy. "I Music 
(UKo Weils,: logs! manuger) the regular sM- 
sun .«|»encd.' Ahg. ; 2i>, ; , with' "The ompty 
Fair" ai the attfactlon. ."VIoletle" foliawn 
2tl, Tim Murphy Ut), "The Sultan of Sulu" 
ai-Kept. 1. ' .i ■• ■ - 

OctwN. View , Qsjtm (Otto Wells, local 
nDMRrje — Ilaverly s Mastodon Mlnntrrtls 
opened at llils resort Aug. 2(t, fp..onc"i)f tile 
lurgoKl houses of -tbe. season. * VuildevUle will 
hold (be boords *•»' weeH uf 27, w|th the 
following; people : Wrludammtr. Carimell at)d 
Held,'. Jacobs' -inurvelous ,dogs, Morris sad 
Morris. thivTIiree Conts, ; and' llok'Ombc, Cur- 
tis and comuany. . . . • 

Achh (WiUnrHon & Maoalt. mansgera).— 
This house', opens 27. wttb the follnwlug 

Keople: Kdoa .May Hehaar. . MelltfUmnt, 
essle' Ilosfniond, Mamlo Dinrtian,: Kdna ; Ben- 
nett. Not-a i-'lt/gci'u)it ami Kdltli UtiqiieHue. , 
hi.ii.i' {-Abb. Hmttli, manager). — People 
booked for .week of 2|. lipid over for week of 
27. BiifilnesH 1h kooiI. , . - 

Mamiatcan u'riiinisn Broa., .mapaMrsV- 
— reeple who play llils Iujuhc week of 27: 
May LemiielB. Eminn.WaUa^o, the Maddcrns. 
War- Iluivey, Arthur Larie. .F|ureuco «ml 
Tarker, and 'Klalu Fay. BuhIdch Ih "ood.. 
After H thoroughly, successful season of fifty- 
two weeks ibe Madderns close at this house 
Sept* 1. Flirenco and Parker close on the 
xrime dnte. Both tenuis will g« direct 'to the 
I'atfijlc coast, , ■ : , . 

.AtitUToniu'M iJ. M, Barton, manager). — 

IlllHlliesH at (ills ltnii.,i! .-DiillQiWrt %'«(:>■■ Hallo-. 

fiiclory. There wilt be no chauge lu the bill 
for week of 27. "... ... . 

n mm 



foil I 1 

A hkj. Km 
fister, Ji>' 

IliintH, AtlhurW 

Beruh«tat fi j B ; 

wiiii Nut 
all iSMi.ii 

w; a.* 


I K Dull 


Cok'Uinn, J. 
SuMUi Bob 

Otishlhi. H, 
ur«fii. iiobt. 
plllon, John 
l).i>K W. II. „ 
|h)PJ|ofan JriHB 
DallUli. 1- A- 
ifurrow. Win. 
CiilaJMjttii, •I"lin 
Cdrier, l^rslik 
filthier. UVaah 
Mii'-u. Mr. & 

.Mrs.JiHm T 
tailwell. A. A. 
•SfWnr. -Frank 
Clllo.. .Juhii 
"Hivlf In Olil 

v vjwlnls",t>i 

■ llCllv, (lW». 

fnar, i "!■■ i 
;,'i Rex 
kmy. Will 
ell, I'Mw-ir 

I>, Oisleliw, 

■ ; , Tony 

infix,, l-'red 

Vl'.'.'l. (HlUH. 

SiilHlK, i'lin«. 

iciiiio, . Mr. I 
H-AKu m.Kii. 

IrtUUi, Si. Li 
l>:r l.tslr, J. O. 


Utfl II. 

Ifmllcv. *1<1>. 

lioiHiwtiii 'ton 

liiill Mr- 

I>(lU(jlllHt. WlHi 

ItawHuii. Hi ii 
NHlti. I'rof. 



putHon, Wj A. 
Fmiitiiii. llAb 

inn ft C«i., Nnt 

<lonkn;r ii. 

^IlllltOll, JlU'B 

-Iiihi-.. II. A.- 
<tnmem Mr.lWIl 
1. Aiiliurii Whi 

nihil, Will., 

itfau, A. n. 

.iniltli. i'-. F- 
Siilsiitiiu JSe»h 
Mlm>ni, I ^n 
iMur, .Itiirrj' A., 
Hniiiii IliirdeuB 
Helby. Arlhur 
Mivnifr. Al. 
Wfafrltd lh 
Bplbj-. Arthur 

mem. '■■ 

H|)Hiil<llU|[ A 



./Tilii _ 

vfiya, ,n. c, . 

W«illlmhi. J:'K 
Weat. wslMin 
tt'ulU J.,fc. 
Wlilah, Muttrlw 

Wtlltlllllrt. s'HI- 

n*-m> J oil uay 
Well". Tidtr 


\Vmlllii. Mr. 

WIImoii. Wall 

wVttk. : 

J. A Oils 

I'ref. Hsih 
Wilier A ils'r 
Wmv.' Mtowr 

WsM. -Hitfi'v , 
Wlaslow. attt, 
Well*.. WsItW 
Werner. J.-\A- 
Wi*Mm. Kodr 
willimiiHi.ii iJ, J 
Wllllniii". Arlli. 
W.mmIh. FruuVI'. 

waiH.ui. vmnV 

' rriunil'u 

jhlUOVSQ -In-*. U 

rjiiriliiK I'wf.t-' 

, ' lllllH 

Mfiiiphu. .\ i ||o|>klna' .Kast Mod. Park 
(A. ll. Morrison, mansger) iMislness was good, 
week of Aug, iU, wtUi uo. uitructtve pru- 
gramme^'wJiH'h Included : The UluaUI«s. Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Water house, Avon f'ohipdy. Pour, 
Pajfrev and lloeAcr, and Hie kluodropic. Kr- 
llnger's Bund played on -the- lawn-uftor tho 
performance. Bentrlce Fisher llrllngcr. Solo- 
1st. wus, cnthtislastlcslly Mpplailded. 

FAiuYi.ANiiP'Anv (K.- F. HlDBlelun. mnna- 
ccri.— "AtBaebctoWa llomanee, . week of 1». 
drew well Adelaide Warren, n(Ler u norere 
illness, bait return"! to tlic leading role*, sou 
the: pretfeoitttlona In g'em'ral give satisfac- 
tion. "Uiora Thorne" *J0. . ' 

Muni' <itrtij. .M. SlHlnhack, uwnagei).-- 
This tlicntre will open. Its regular -season 2«. 
with "A Mad l-ovc/' with l*yda Powell and it 
MrtiDg voiniMny.. 



Itnllry .1. 
HaVeni- Frank M 
Itatwney Ir, 

Dawnin, l«bj|i 

fi-lillii I'ref J .T. 

Pjitplre Cms.. * 
KiiiorMiii Wnlt«V 
FhiH>ndqrf W.C. 
|<lKimer, Fr«I 
Karl & Wilson 
KvitpU. llniry 
Kliimrc. D«ir«u 
Itark-M Arthur 
ICik-tt. Prnuk 
Krwoml, IL. J- 
I'm r«Il. I'llff 

ud blogiuph. 

Ji'uillbha for ... 

,.., Lewis, flBd llIanDlngs. ,.Jm,: 
- Macdonsld, MetrowpUthn *Crlo, Polb-Kpi- 
i ii* and Carmen Sisters, and Wells and 

^llS. ,. -J - : ,::■ , 

■JODFHox's Pavilion. (Chna. Godfroy, noan- 

««er).— Attractlpoa' for .week of,2B.: Chat- 
"Qm aisters, Billy Cumby. .Etigcae, licury, 
«,»>■ il"fv, MOotnmdo and- Copetand, and 
Horence Plercd;. . :;'L 

Knlnniaaion.— At ,thc Bijou (P. J. Cox, 
nit.iin K cri .lttislije«B.;haB l>eeh jrood. despite 
tli" hut.wfalher. W. .8. Iji Contpt. Wootl- 
iuid .im] Uurlburo, llowisou aud Whlutler, 

itupulile. -At Staub'a Thnalre, (I'rlU 
Htatibi nianagerl the Jewell Kelly Htock M'o, 
opened tile season at llils house Aug,' 20, to 
immense business, The plnys for the week 
»rc: "The Hates of : Justice." *>The Mttle 
Mollior." "Jesse JameH." "Whole Htmni 
Farnllv," Tracy, the Oullaw.:"-.. "Ni>bpdya_ 
mild, 1 ' "Iceliihder" snd "New lork by 
llirlit ' Comlhg: Goodwin-Davis Co. Aug. 
'•THept 1. NMI Burneaa, In'Tlie Cblfnty 
Fair '* Aug, - ^t>, iMnnslleld Stock Vu. Bt*lit. 
SSlTAI Ffeld'M Mlnslrelsr7.. \ <- •• ■ •.". 
CrkAMnn I'XSJt thhatiik (V. i>. i^ruehi; 
umurtgar).— Thbi Is t|ie ,slxteent1i wwh with, ggg 
the reruchl41ypzeae.Ce., kud builue*-. ns u .-',.* 
rule is good.. The. plays for this week .are: 
- p —,._^Tne j*j»»r ^";' u -t hu^nM-iuisflee "Tlw Strikers and "An. ifiolaji outlaw. 

Kor'lMlWV« k v, °*t*V2&MX#; • licea appbltiied treasurer ot Htaub'ii Theatre, 

— •WAJMIBili'r'OI^ 

-piV-^The' Wylnr Co., 1? .inn .*?«■_ ™ 
*:."'" !>..„„ t,. itlfhps. 


Burton &Durt')ii 
Boklil, It'ivmcMitl 

HpWr, ■■ P. 
Bailey ollvotl). 
nsriiea, 1 Maurice 
Barrett, Tom 
Boyle, I'raniiH 

BlfmliSffi <')'"« -c 
Bi.verle<. Fl-snk 
Bvrne, J. II- W 
Breckeiirl il«s, 

Dulls, I'r.'J 
Ilrsn AHmiiiIIU'N 
it K rkley. v. V 

noilwlck. K. H 
iiiitcs. ff. M. 


Brosxiia. Paul It 
Brurkway Frank 
Hrmiy Win. A. 
Bsrtvtt Harry, 
Biimn, KltltTno 
Harry A 

Beck, K. 
Harry. Daw ■ ■ 
Beverly, Pr.iuk 

Ilelfonl, Al. «. ,' ""^ 

nroMiie V. L. IFpi-kusoii. I>ks 

■ Hiock- Co>. Frrtlb, P.- Hans 
uonheur Bros? |ivrr#. Will 11. 
lhiwct- A ■ iFantus, Jsues 
Ourtlss W'**"' '"JV" m 
BHfretU J<* " J-nUwotHl ,°UtT 
HwwMe-r U. C. Freer, AMn 
BrLlikr. ft. ll. Prlel. Frai* 
Behiiont. Chas. HtJ«her._Oo. 
Burdeit Broa. Plshi 
Uliplow Frankll 
BoH'ern ft 

llfiwu, Clark I' 
Itf-Anus. Tliu 
ittiii-h. J; A. 
IVlUff A 

I'diitts. John I-' 
CsrllHle,. . 

fn.f . R. 0. 
fmin. it, K. 
Outlier, K«l.- 
(Uatke. Uarrr. 
Olark, 0«o. H. 
run* nfer. 

nr. Uw D. 
(ilnrli, wai. it. 
OiiiwAy. o. ii. 

CMificr PrM \\ 

ammi, J. Uf- 

Croucher, W. V. 
Va))- A Hail -■ 
Ciiu»», >'r«r)k 
fWark, Jsa. H. 
QaMal. l?'rs«k 

■5pftfe V.K 
Carriyk, Tbe 

{j.-lHl-lllllI, I 

Iliiyea,. Jiuies I 
ilaiftlit A ■ 

' [T . I»eaii 

lulines Hilrtou 

ihm-iiu. ciias. 

I illiiikl, MriillK. 
lllftRlim, J. <► 

nafaah ww.-ii 

iinti'iiijii'ii Jaa. 

llnlnie-H. Jtuk 


■i W. Hisidey 

Mmta llrus. 
I nl I until KHUN 
lldirlfli-ii. !«■ P 
ltciii. Wlllw 

fsrr«y. Brrl 
j|«le 'Wslisr M 
Harris llsrry A 
Ma.lckm, W.; P. 
ItHllelt J.I/ohIh 
llulc'a Wl* 

I ' ''lH'H 

Hiilrv. fii'ltni 
iiiiiullloi. il«rl>t 
lluw , .1 (lee. K. 
'I(tlbi)wh>iy. ii- 
Uiillium, n 

I in:-. I'', i* 
JoWithl. KSin 
llouao, freil ttj 
llsrdar, Wm. II 
jimneii, iwoma 

Illi-Ury, ''■!! 


■ . Harry M. 

ifc.M.iiti; llsrry 

llnrniT, JlMI 
linn*. "' F> 
Hubiirii. T. n. 

w. omer 

llliHI. l»l" 

Marland * , 
,. . )|olll«nH 
Harrises, H""/ 

«MMRMV| N. 'I- 

ii.ii Alts-rl 
tkirlb. Muk - 

llfiiiluwuy II. A. 
lloglin. J'Sltl J. 
MarrliiKlon UK 

liiv tun, Frr«l 
■Ii'ihih, )■:. 0. 

.tlOMH. Joll" Vu 

ttnti\*K* WHfnl 

Jouc*, Curt 


Mori. John S. 
JniHia, Irvlm 
Jaob Mr. * Mrs 

Jtia. Ti 
NIcIiuIk; C. W. 
Null. ltd., ft, 

Nul'in- M,iiaU'al 

xFtiHiis.' w«. , 

NrtUiiianii- Ih'ii.J 
Nt'Uini Ulflbi 4 

1 " is'tf Yoriiifi*'* rt MAi QK" 

rrtariii'H ■■«*.,* 
wrBit iiiiitr n 

Wek'll. J* 

w.iriiir.-. jlaiiiii 
nain.w trie 
Hnta, I'.. Ju... 1. , 'I- 
lia>h«ii iiarrt K»i>. Joll.* 



.— At t'.is ilran.1 tliwrnllgUM 

Ii, Mnnagarsl Hi'*'*"/* L K ?2 
lit. An*: .211.: Willi IVSMM 
Iniwiaural aurMlnn. . ' r Arl- 

k» ,..n. Dllr.- 

lHnil.,,11 A , 

hi Hllrlrlsk ntallt .v.- -.i-. 

Ilie Mank". as Ilia Iniuwural »|trai.llOd. . 
ronii" will follow. ., .... u ., ,/,..» 1 1,. 

iiiu,iJ,i,i'bii»;I1uii»!» IS W-JpnUJI 
iiiunnitvr).- "™»li.liB of a Wife ntiw 
S3 lii.iiBim last ■ work, In sgM of »»*■*»; 
irenie lu.l weallier., 'I'llls week 'J'"°*' 
HoallH" • will |ik, H» annual engagement. 
Seal week.' '"''lie Kye WllnOMa. ■ .- ...?■.. 

tini'MKiiM tAUrlfn, lick, ueneral njaua r r 
-^•Tlio will olien Mii|il. ^. Willi a tine 
Hal of viiiitlevllle.lawklnga.. • .. .-.„„:..„ 

tnwu-n TliBMaB (lucupli , It. IW oe«j i. 
in.nagecl will effl Muoitoy matinee, A|lg. -». 
wlll.'fl.nlln.wrlallhirlo.jlfert, ; 

UaMtllKI Tliniiali 

will ouiin Mum. 

:.,iH«^«™'Wr B s.| ! |»on. riM, 
agcr). -'Hi" noaiBMi will open Hepl. I, wit" 
,ff ±S3ViST*iKA, ltB -Wood^warriWi 

meut Pp.. niuoagerst.-'llie «•*»". */ l * R" 
orianUedl, who w prese... e AH ? r «f 

FHcndshlp ' as Hut no 
MiltiUMUT TllHATlti.. 

iirfii. proilurtlon. 

Waller Huiiford will 
of this house. The 

bo .the local, .tnaiiaac. ... .,.. : . - 

work Is iH'Irttt rap dly pushad. and Hi i» m 

3d that ' th'e mit 'will be In rcadlnow by 

fhAii ran- PaIik (Hani Henjaraln, n.naBi,#*r|. 
—H..rrei»|ilo.and,thfl KamlH m**LP* mm 
to ha llio-|w|Hitar drawing nrtt, I POJtWjfJ 
from Mft.fV.rn from ■'MephlHlopheles wer»* 
tlmiwn Ml Uff,i».Uw«i''^»J,7 l ,; 
inii-U", I». 'IM. . y,r .™"?-.{ , liBffii!i? i ' 

week Included :' lsM"kit,M«H 


Ulc dancers: l.llllan Hort-y H*B, H ''^' 

l.loyd, an Ausinillan singer, and he i.-tn'tP 

Urothers, violinist*. The eruption of Ml. 

Mm wiitt n nliiliili ffuturi'. 

Urt werk l*rige ! s HiiiMl. will. Maud- IUhJ. 
ml a* mdolsti.seored.-a UK.. On ticJawu lUt 
IS" wew: Poutilil^ ItaU and llm, lit e* 
oerl Vvcle act: ttperll oil the lapeze. la Old 
TedcllVtirg the ads wersc U Verr . Mars, 
ilcu lu n pleating dmiclug.act ; Will Kheri 

Hrisiks In songs. 


Frilpun, Jim- 
I'riliee. II. II. 

ITBIK-I* elMI. <■' 

<;. i -'.m 

Perrell, frwl 

P.iwler, Krcil U 
Vrtvw Ursa. 
Vent. Harry H. 

I'iihIit. I<ml.« 
I'llKlMixli. I'rftftnt 
Piinibani I.H1 V, 

(illiler, CJim, 

tirsiv, Billy 
OrlfBttt, John 
norfasia, Ji A. 
Oregorjr, 0- J* 

i.oorUrlHi.l. . 

Osrnr h 
[lanlner, hiv* 
iWrtmut, Hurry 
(lw«dniiiii. H, ■ J 
Uruviiu, I.. . L. 
uresi .Jlii*r.i 
day* C. U.' 
f.ruliba, Hr.K.B 
(Jouluc, W. J. 

Kalr*. Brim. 
Ketnlsl, I-'" 
Konat, ImuIb 

.|nv. Hurt I<. 

{fmiettc, P. 

Crrniawi llsrry 
Keuiplcr J.i^iii 
Kebo, Jpiimle 
KnTUiiatiitli W.ll 

" 'nlxlil Alfi'«li; 



I,IiihI.-7. Will M. 
U'llllM'lH, Juliil 

1*1111 1 * r.ihmi 
leflell. Prank 
Im, -Veen. Ham 
l.aWrence Wnlt. 
liuwr *)!<.■»(, Al. 
Faiilteane, Marry 
LsiK-H Krvrnnl 
IjitiHlu, (i.fll. 
Iifoiilianl. ' • - 
: ..Ji Protii'ts 
I'm'!' t'. A, XI. 
loiter. Df.. J 
l-.H)it, Dr. J, V, 

l-t>CJ-iilU«'.-. I 'ri-it 
MlClfT A I.Mdl-r 

Laue. Leopold 

Otafclauul.—At,thr Mt"*'4*'l»«,' , *i^- ul j V & 

ford Ht.M'k i'o., In."P«»r ller ('l.lhT^u h rh.»e . 
bud .'AceJInot jMnOW week ending A MM. ,IP, 
The shuip r.impatiy. In 'TTha I owerof Truflt, 
SIMM "New York. Hay. I»y Hay ' foH«a«(.. 

MMKUTr.— Hlshop's ipnipapy ii hl»*ye'l J^j, 1 ** 

"Ulrone-Olrofls" iscrona week), •J»av, Jreyf 

narked .houiWH. ,-, I-. . ■ .' "v. 

. Bm.t. — Keatiirea , 27 , anil week : 
I.jniti,, Kallnowakl. Ufa*.. Billli«.rland, 
llurlln. llotliwell Brown's Oaloty <llrl«, 

Hie hiograiili, _■ •-.,-■ --\~ .1" 

Novm/rr.— Aliroellona 27 »'«l,"« ,k i : ,„ A '' 

arnl.l'rank tlraliato, ni«J* msiistjr of ttt 
Libert/, ligvc lotmoea' 

l,aellyjn ; "r|ie l.ltilr Mln Her" -wjfk -ewjljig 
111, The >ni TOtniuiiii'.lii "A »HI» «»»» 
I'lijl,': 211-211. "The I|Hy tlM> I'rlW'. 

ti..! In 
2ul Jreyf 

is, lili*' 
■ud, url 

lrl>, anil 





'September 1, 


Gc M T 


Vnu may h»*» a alectad your ionui for this Bcaaon. bot one might go wrong, therefore be prepared 1 with "CU it I. v."— You probably, know Juat enough nbont this song to have realized that It la tola* 
be a blf hit. We hevrjttat opened a New York office for tin. benefit of our profeaalonal frlenda, and we want yon to rail If convenient. >' not, write. _ Of con/ae^whenwrHlng.aend neceaiary progrej 

to __ 

if >im«r« ankuawii l<> ui, "BOB** ADAMB I* oar prefeaalonal manager. And will ««• that you are well taken care of, whether in peraon or by mall. Lota of new tonga 

BECAUSE yoijH ll.titi in CfJRLV*' looke Ilka onr big hit. ■ ? *, .. ' 

ag, sead neceiiary proneiS 
to select from though "N017 

59 Dearborn St., 


1431 Broadway, 


On SEPT. 1, 1906, the firm of PITEOT & GIRARD 
will dissolve partnership. The address of each 
up to October 1, 1906, will be ROOMS 716-717 

AH Contracit made wild the firm tn date hold Rood. Artlaia wrio have left PhotographflwUfhoerapha 
aDctPrennMatirr Iti oar ''aresliould vail ruraame before Out. 1. itn Oct. 1 all ontatendlnjr commit- 
•loot will bu placed in lite hand* of a Collector. RICHARD PITKOT. 





Competent Man to run Maolilno And make lilmnclf . uacf ul around' Theatre. Prefer one who can 
a|ao do sign painting. Addresn quick, j, 

JUJJB DIXMAR, Care of B. I-'. Keith, Office, HI. Jamea Building , New York . 





Good booking . is what you want, 
and good booking is hard for any at- 
traction manager to get at this time 
of the season. It is to your advant- 
age to c me to us for hurry dates, 
because house managers make it a 
rule, to send their open time to is 
whenever there is a cancellation, 
knowing that we are the. largest of 
the independent agencies, and most 
apt to have something to fill in. 
That is only one of many reasons 
why you ought to know about our 
facilities before going elsewhere. 
Wiiie today. ED. F. ADAMS & 
CO., 127 West 40th Street, New York. 
(Engagement Dept. also). < 



miit'iH write. Join on wire, 

". A. BERGMAN, RtiRnvllle, Ind, 


Miihi he ■(rood, ' Other* write Long, mire neuaoD. . 

™ ™ . ■ ■ ,! ...'.■ . UllApY STTJOK CO., Kent Ohio. 1». 0. IIARTMAN. 


Wehavatin nahdalirseniiHorlnieiit of nlJttiiMy Uficd F.VRNINO 410WNH,l>INNEIt, KE0EPT1ON and 
Twfc UOWNK. MhosH UiiwiiK lire perfect lit- every respect, of Ura latost Mjrlaa. and art mpeclHiiy 
MUlttiblu for wuiir in IIIkI) V\n*n DfaniMlo I'roduotloiiR. WwhIho haven full Hoe or 8KAL', MfUKKKl,, 
MINK f KKMlAN LAMu UOATK and t'l'its of all kinds, which we beg v»n to kindly eall and lutipcct. 


Telephone, <M8 atnill.on a^nnru.. 

4H1 tltu AVE., OltV. 


New feature A«'N: Will o' the Wisp, Radium Dance, 4 Seasons, elt\ These alrone: ftmiur. sola .re 
money tuskers. M llrllllnul Pointed Herp. Cloak Slides, $10; ill for »«. For 1'onlug: white. Velvet Cloak, 
Milk llrcsi silver i.Hi'*. :■" Rich Col'd HHde*. for rir,. Serpentine Hllk Dress, l.u JOKtlhu things to 
draw. OailiurdBraalllipoil lint. PROP. HIIIBI.DS, luro B'dw.y, N. V. qulot; bargalna. 

••auvsuras 0OWLII8 TRIO," noybltt aerial gymnasts, pe&tobwo 

LITTLE MARCHIARITE," Tin with C.ntury Wonder. 
» 5,000 FOR HXR EQUAL. IA.0OO 

Hooked solid with llu. WuMlorn Mgrs. Ana. Permanent Address, caro 

CLIPPER WESTERN OKFIUK, SOI ABlllan.l Wont, 0hlc«r, o, [II. 

WANTED QUICK, Jack Mien's Hinstreisl 


V Of lilt-da, uciniAiK, and mechanical aoundfi. 
) A tliree-yeu r uoKttjremeot to the rl«iit purlieu. 
I Hiiite i.Ke, tmlary, aod full pnnu-uiarH ludrai 
f letter. Pholdb returned. Slleuce a polite 
I ncKaiivu. AddreHa the l.VMAN II. 1IUWG 
. afOVIHO PICTUHE Co., l»7; South River St. 
I Wllki-K ■ Uurrv, Pa. 








Birmingham, Ala.; Little Rock, Ark.; Dallas, Tex. 

Houston, Tex.; Fort Worth, Tex.; 8a n Antonio, 

Tex.; Bhreveport, La. 


Good Rajertolre Aclor, Uo, ; l 1 S8,J J iu. en " e " 

Vaudenllli Ads, Pianist, »iS« 

Union, Carpenter, ,ffi 

W. A. DILLON. O.n.v., N. V. 

P. B.-Wou d llkn to lio.r ttum Will lleaWn. 




Gomel Soloist. 

Up In band. Oroheatra work. Solo work a 
specialty. Only first elatm leHponmble purlieu 
anawor. innn AVBNVB A. New York. 

TWO I KUMllOMCH i 1 IIAI' UKURIHBll, with Vi;i[in 

1TONK PitA VBH« He mire Htate Halary, _ _ 

JACK ALLBN, Dlnghamton, 

inathimeiit ; UAR1TOH 

STKINU BASH, that doulilcfl any 

Pay own. KelieanialH now on. 

"aw York* 

WW TMI) ft U1CK, for the COUNTRY JAY, 

Oliaraoter Man (Mlfer lloavj), Ohatuicr WODta (M« MOM), suite luwou auclall. Ku«)olnou 
wlro. 1'ONltlvely no .muteum. AildreHH J, IIOWAUD BAvKAS, Mfr., 

■ u» r rpllton,o.. »: Urloliavlllf, u.,»l; cambrl(Ho,0.,atint.>: Coaliootons. 




p«..nt "THE HEBREW GONDUCTOR." »rP««kB. rt . 


Wbo inaimgod Imperial VilinlovllUi Uo,. will learn 
or lucrative ttMnlM. AittleH «>r «0 on 

M-HRAI., WHg. l'Hti Hi. v P linarti\ltdilr., hU 


AT MHKIM'V AI. lilt SI II' I', 1, 'Oil. 
Now Willi IIK0. KAWOKrrSTOi'K, MllllicaliolH. 
Tile orllllMl "SPIKK" MiNKIL. Willi KLFIK 
I'AV'H "UKI.I.r. Ill-' AVKNUM A." Blimllill ami 
DanolnB. Juvonlto ('oincilliiii, Tor. add.. 

MlflTHOPOl.l'I'Aa) IWTKI.. M. I'aill. Hlllll. 


Itonlillim (Nil lwiiul.»lilii«;», WjahM «ll|»i|C- 

mint immoditteir. Addnw Mauikk. iikih.ii, 
»T Oxforil HI roc}, flilladiilplile, n. 

» o is i*r e: «, -v 

AND ALL.THKA'flltUAI.UO0llB. Kc«uerj naluted 
clit'aulyand unlcviy. 'AmatourH Hiipiillcd. 
OlfAH. K. mUU, «J W. 41.1 Ht., Now York CltJ. 

WASTED QUICK. « B «»mffiS 

PICTl'HR UUTFIT.. Hlalo Ju.l what y..u 
liave. HOjOOF, ('. 0. L l'A.._MIU._W.; .FAVI-rlTK 

FICTI'HR OUTFIT., Hlalo Juat what 
have. HOjOOF, I'. 0.. l'A„ »Utl. M; FAVI 
U ITV. HI. | ilHDAVMlBB AND l.l:i:» 


OAN Tot •'JintC'VIHWr TBAINr. 







Addrow USOAR K. COOK. 0. IL.tllilo. 




run Stags ^Lwieo^ weekly _(_.!]_ yew artiuml 

Want to lie»r f rum 

el h, at uiieo. Uaumrn. Moimluaue 

Hot xttiir," vttftoty wtr.tim- 

_ ikiu* ArlTttfji, Sliiiterri, 
Fflimlo liiiiHiri-uiitKorii, WrentliTti o-ln A). MAY, 

r ■■II in if iiii|"ii miiiiiiim □, 11 ii:min n, nu m ■. mill, 

furmeriv Vlt\\ Ht. aatl 4lli Ave.. N. V., and Itvoll, 
New liruiifiwtok, N. J. 


HiiblNKSS. Flaunt, Novdij had, b. r. Oomodlan, 
H. and II. man preferred. Fertuauiui posllloti. 
I'eopie in all imei, wrlie. Add'ma 

UK ALVKBKZ, JIIDlata, Noll. 

in (a> ^a »ii " 

Versatile Performers for 

Medicine Co. 

SIokIob and Uanolnit Sketolt Team. Alio come 
dl:in. aatur. uo lltult If you are worth It. Tlckela 
X Mown, nil F. M. sTisKit, KlUKiiuiiil, w. Va. 


Jilt. Top. 40ft. Mlildle 10ft. Hide 
W.lla. N..18, 10 Tl.r High. Two w. .r 

Band i , .imoal n.wi Drani,,.. J. K. EDWARDI, 

:: :■ ' uaro of OLIPPKR onioe. 


Who can Double Brupn or Cornet, Man for Tom 
Lady for Marie. Muat disn the parta. HuHtiinji 
Candy Hntchcr, Bona canvim Man who can handle 
Heutaaud IIkIiih, How* Uonller, trood CampCuok. 
Salary Aure. I.ontr neiaon Souili with 10 dIl-ihh 
for Winter b. (IILLMOK, Oivllle, O.Seut. l; 
Kremuut, U M pur uddroHs. 



Join on wire. Oilier people, write. 
Cllllf RAINttn'oHTII. Wlllier, Neli. 



Hltul fiti'k-ti Team (mau mid ivlfe). Lady for IIIih- 
trnted Hoogn. Novelty net. Notlvkcta. I pay all. 
If In town, CALL. HURT JUKL. 
aoa w.42d st.tnolmont'a Cafe), N.V. 


Some Black face Parta. RD. BKl.LKVILLK, wire. 

. Camlirldgo, Nebraaka. 


TtintrraateatTttbior 1'iatforiii atrmciiuii on earth 
Is the 3-K jad OalapookB with 8X10 I'uliiUuu, 
Jib. LUliree. WM. RfHft.SO"J. 

a Van Norden hu, No. Cambridge, Mass. 



Of All Kinds To Send 
In Their Open Time. 


Aodr... TWO 8HOW0 DAILY / 


General Manager, Interstate Amusement Co. 
Booking Offloe • ■ ■ Ma)estlo Theatre *Bldg., Chicago. 



I'uiiiK HtroDgSlDglng ami Dancing Aet in one. Must i-hange for a week and play pans. 

AlaJ A.% X>ZA.3WZtS^r a . 

Long engageniem. Htate lowext Hilary and all particulars in first letter. Will buy a set of "Carmen" 
"^nerj 1 - Address GBO. li. miMmkhk, Mgr. Summer's Park. Hamilton, ennui*, 



will, gp.olalll.a, Rlrong Van<l.vlll. l>nl. ■..■«. Olher ,>r»i.l.. wrll.. Adilr.H 

EDWIN li mini (TOOK CO., tllsy Cnlr., Ki. 


The Hitl. i;etiturj Attraction jirenonllng, tlila imeiiualled repertoire, Vanity Fair, " 

ahlna, TM.lua, JI.«.i,i, llnd.r 1'wo Flail, Willi lloau or.N> 

Octuroon. Hauagcrs iI.-mi-Iiik tnw A 1 attraulloD, addreae \X bine w nAl.Dllil! 

b deilrlng t 

, Lea MUer- 
ev.da, .nit 
hi iv \v a i.imnv Boom 501, 
Knlckerhocker Bldg,, 1402 Broadwnr.N. V.CIlf. 


Wa.n-t«.d, for Btooh and R.portolru, 






Flit, weoHIIyoil are O.K. Addreaa WALTER ARMIN, LYOBUMTUBATRR;Bt,',lo»epll,Mo. __ 


OP DHAMA, I'llKK. CU1HRDV Oh IIIIHI.BHt.IllC. It Toll can 111.00 TWO V.IWUI. 
people tliot can play charactor or Oomedr purt> to the liost of nadl'actloii. • 


Ar. AT I.IHKItTT, will, an BNTIUBLV HEW 8PKCIALTV, .nlitlad, TUB 

*• p> o na/ k at or b> u m ." 

Why. «», we have anon, MASTER WALTER, 10 years old. who can ploy paMe' and a Jm 
meelaitr. 1'erniauent addrem 1114 Tlllliu a\'|.!niik, N..vr V. 

ood slDKl 


THK NEWLY MAHHIBO MAN . . . . . . . . '. max lllUulM 


Anew team with | a new act. it. miii » of new Oomedy. singing and Dancing: Finish In one. 

Aug. in, Krtlbn, ridla.. fa.; Sept. a, Waalilngtou I'.rt, Bayimut, N. '.; sept. loV&oieh'., provldeme. 


Singing and Dancig Comedian 
and Heavy Man ' 

110HIIIJNO BRASS, other Repertoire People, write, slide Trorohono and oilier Musicians. 
• sobbv FouriTAiai, memnwa, N.D. 


Including Band and Orchestra. 

September 1. 



"IT'S GREAT." The whole company is whistling and humming it." Your coon song is making 
a great hit." Think it the best coon song written for many a day." The chorus and title sound 
gOdd to me" are some of the expressions of professional singers in their letters to us about our new 


Our new llluatiated Buckeye Ballad, A floating melody, with waltz ehorui. Ilanduome Slide 
now ready. Ifln New York, nee illtlet at ALFKRD UAHNTJI Ac CO., No. i;ih K. 14th At* 

A catchy marVU time ■•iitlint'iital liallail that i« making mi liu'niiinii.iinil.H ivlmi over anng. 
Worril and melody holh himmI,--TUV IT (HIT. 


MAR-LiOW FUBl^XS.HX.N'Gfrr €30. 9 Portsmouth, Ohio. 



Kelth'H Theatre ..... 
Keltli'a Bijou Theatro 

Keith's lueatre 

Keith's Theatre mmuiMi, «. ». 

""i New Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. 

Boston, Mass. bijou Theatre Altoons, Fa. 

Bostoo, Mima. Shea's Theatre ltiifTuio, N. Y. 

. . . . Providence, It. I, Shea's Theatre Turouto, Can. 

. . . . I'awtucket, B. I. (\>ok Opera House llocheeter, N, Y. 

Keith's New Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. Temr.1* Theatre Detroit, Mich. 

Keith's Prospect Theatre Cleveland, O. S. Z. Poll's Theatre Worcester, Mass. 

Keith's Theatre Columbus, O. S. Z. Poll's Theatre Springfield, Mass. 

Keith's New Theatre Portland, Me. S. 'A. Poll's Theatre Hartford, Coun, 

Keith's New Theatre Manchester, N. II. S. Z. Poll'a Theatre New Haven, Conn. 

Keith's New Theatre Lowell, Mass. M. 95. Poll's Tbestre Bridgeport, riun 

Keith's Hoyal Princess Theatre. London, Eng. 
Keith A Proctor's Union Sq. Tbeotre.N. Y. City 
Keith & Proctor's 23u St. Theatre.. N. Y. City 
Keith* Proctor's fitb Ave. Theatre. N. Y. City 
Keith iProctor'B R8th St. Tbeatre..N. Y. City 
Keith ft Proctor's 125th St.Theatre.N. Y. Cltv 
Keith Sl Proetor'ft Theatre. .Jersey City, N. J. 

P F. Proctor's Theatre Newark, N. J. 

F. F. Proctor's '"hentre Troy, N. Y. 

V. F. Proctor's. Theatre Albany. N. Y. 

Ilnrrv Davis Orand Opera Hoitfle.PUtsbijrg, Pa 

irhnae's Theatre Washington, EG 

Kernnn's Marvland Theatre.. .Unltlmore. Md. 

Grand Tl nitre.... i Syracuse, N. Y. 

' t ' Alao Boolcln* tor 20 Parka and fl«aahor« Reaorti* 

Pcrtormera will beaent themselves by keeping tkla offlea Inform** of 
their root* and open time. 

B. F. KEITH'S BOOKING OFFICES, St. James Building, 

0. K. MOOOOON, Booking ManatfT, 
I, ■ . NII3 to nan Hi. James Building, NEW YOHK CITV. 

S, 95. PoII'b Theatre Waterbury, Conn, 

S. & Pull's Theatre Wllkes-Uarre, Pa. 

8. Z. Poll's Theatre Bcrantoo, Pa, 

Colonial Theatre Lawrence. Mass. 

Empire Theatre Pateruon, N. J 

Empire Theatre Hotoken, N. J. 

Valentine Theatre Toledo O. 

Trent Theatre Trenton, N. J. 

Dennett's Theatre London, Ont, 

Dennett's Theatre Hamilton, Ont. 

Dennett's Theatre Ottawa, Ont. 

Dennett's Theatre Montreal, Que. 

Henderson's Music Unll Coney Island 

Celeron Theatre .....Jamestown, N. Y. 








Thoao doubling i>mia rIvoii preference 


Loiiilinii Udv to feainrc, S. ami l».8lnler Team, MiiHlolani 

.Hooked Hoild tor !U weeks. 

iu.luan.l.Gree.. .toy, »fc tf«™" N H tE , €....» B.y. Wl.. 

\A/ A IM T E D ! 




l'lCHCl.'. B. DBMTON, Mgr. B.nttiia OMUMMH 

■■■..,; ' All.<l»rt»,U.T.,WCcllorg7;l,HWIOII,O.T,,WCL.kol3. 


you *S&. .'»; ; . o » ;l te. in Aa,t,..; iM , i ]o m 8hOT , < , Ro> „„ to v.., 8e p, t ;„„,r,l ia ,: M porro. l ,.. 




Sept 13 ancl'M, Oct. u,H .nil ST. Nollilnd but popular ptodtfmaOOU ' __ 

T. o. aMAiwaaws, "«"■«•■•■ 

Actors' Society of America. 

Members ate reqnrated t« ootll/ tlic smrelary rtM !«>«»!»" SffilSoWSBS i-nMHInit 
N. U.-UANAIIKIIH will Hull II to tllolradmnluge tu coo»ull ™ "'^Vf., sifoinil, »e" 
H* i-i-i i in: i.mi mi :, it™. 





. II. J. I.Altll i\, Pnprl.lar. 
WANTRD— all Hoi, „f roHluro At«. No ant 
WANTKD- Din Novolly AclB for All«. 13. 2» a" J "■ 

8IO fkiiv, ■•■■|.r. 

ur ! r v",r , ?Vr"w , m° a "'- A iSiras!Sfii— ■ 


Ili-nvy Man, .luv^nlln Woman ■* -a*|j»t>li< 
of nlarlng tomt* hsavloM, irniirillmi 
wllli itronK apueliiHte*. .Iuvmjii.. Mat> 
In ulna illu»ti*»imK», HiuithmXciMul 
vol..-, I machine and tllaHc. 
C-liararlvr Mau with •jMiclultlvi; kooiI 
Stage ' Carjionler. mu«t -, bv rt^»H i'»w»ii 
elwtlrlvlan and piuy •mull parli* 

Uhik eitguirenicnt, ture Kiiii.ry . UiiaI be aide (o 
Join hi onc»; no time for correapontk'nee; Htutf 
all UmL letter. AddretiK 

H102 UlnneHou Ave. si . LohIh, No. 

P. H.-HDfill K. M'CORMICK. wire. 



ftlno B»!»b Drummer thai douiilei bukc or orehe*- 
tm; niiiKt tic able tu handle hUiinluril immle; kImi. 
oilier jiuod Tom )ieo|>lr for IjuIkiilc or Himimer and 
WhilLTrtcanoli. »how rutin Die year around. A 
two-car allow. Wftnt a goud A No. l Colored Bu»s 

SIllRIT. ' 

W. C. DICKEY. Mgr. 

I'llllTK: AKHIimilllOD, 111., AUIf. -11; MllKOTl, III. 

8c pt. I; Mutoe, 111 , bept.ll: Wapello, III., Hi-pl. i 
H. , worth, II., Bnpt. b; llllflHOII, 111., Bept, 6; I-: 1 
Paw,, III., Sept 7; Mlm.nK, III.. Bept. «. 



chiiiiKO fnr week, put on act* and make tliem tic*' 
niir to play piano given prcferuuee. Other MM 
>peclaltj ..■!.,. n- w.iovan play piaim, write. Thla. 
kIiow never cfoHim. Now In ourllfith ronieituilve' 
week In Stale or Oeontla without 1 loner tnotw) 
bad). If yon c*n make guod and deMlru lung, num-iv 
flt)liHKcmcnt l 'w..u>»i«uuKaii In tlrm Ictn-r. Will, 
HMtid tlckctH. Addr«HH J. W. BIT/,*!., Mgr. Meyer 
Conoort Co., Mad I Hon, Morirmi Co., fla. . 




Kree Bamplee, UontraiilH, Tieketii, EDVolopeu. nto. 

CROSS mdmjukwh »t,. CHICAGO 

Pk«. BTAIIK MUNKY, li.c. BOOK OF ODTB, !00. 

Seymore Hotel, 

48-54 Soutb Ava., Boobester, I. T, 

JOHN A. DICKS, I'lloi'. 

Ilecenlly enlurireil, talon tl up. 


one or ttii! "Irnyn" called mi me laHt week and aahl 
wd don't all kmiwa good IMDS wlion we Kte It; 
your mouk. "l.KAHV'H AtliKVWAV," la 
a K«>od i. in!, I aiifrlit n> liavo utuwerod .vonr 
ad. In itio UfJPI'KU Iuub »ffo. Well, render, fiw 
aend a eont Tor a prof i-^, copy. It'a n nrt j to olio 

shot In your favor. ._ , „_-' ... 

MIAN. 11. COL.KH, Mlrt<ll«t»wl»,Cnnw. 

1A7 AWT ED 9 



Wendy work anil good wageH. , . . 

TUI-INTON BILL FOCT.SU 0»..-TrcppMi«,N. /., 



MANE LUC1LF/ (French) 

Kellable manager! only, addmHH « 

WW H Aft A II HT., Ht. I^ouIk, Mo. 


AT AfAliKM V OP II mid, I. A K HIV 111 I), N. 1. 
, - iOIIN"huSW, Mgf. 

At Liberty, Billy Price, 

lilack Face, IiiHh, Siuslnir, liancliiR and Mono- 
Ufguo Uomedian. Houcr aod retlaide. Wire inc. 
j;iiMi», MO. 


To join* Uatr PiiiicIi nit Art. AddreHH . 

IM V.nli.ll HI., imi.t H..H, N. I. 





IMHHHl •'lltt'l'N.- 




Aintrica's ramous Acrotals. 





World's rameu Artistic ' Cyclist!!. 








II. .,1 Kinl II. nil 




Kr.nili AnuljHl. anil Com.lly Ail. 

Joe La Flour, 

TUm Llttla Fallow On Hid lll|h l.addnr. 

N ovtiliy, Whirlwind, Acruiiuf in ItmiHation. 


Eccentric Qonidy Sketch and Drum Solos. 


TUAricyni AK1> WlltB. 


■ ■ A MAHHIAUK llllllKKU. 




(irnc.fiil, Aiil.ilr. Ai-rolmtlc flkatur.. 


The Inooni purs 1)1 o Hand lialnncor. with ilia 
KiiioK roit I.I KK. 



KucnifaKud for nost lama wlih tLoAdam 

l'iir«|i*lli{ll U Si'li,. Hr.w ' Clrrii-, HnVitH TOW 

opnn wnuki for Vaudovlllo (IiIh Wlnior. 
HiduAitoiH, AMIKKT MIlTllKltUNO, Sl. Jamott Miilldhig, Now York. 





< oximrlnnrod dramatic i>ro|iln iliatdu h\u-i i.iimi ■*, Hlnirliiff and Danolntr O'liiii'dian mid Hoiilirnlle 

linn ihmlimli urnl i iln h[ii<-ln:tlr- !.. fr.iinn-. MTD.K UlHb rarMlWDl purfit llli.l KI'KUIAM'IKH. 

Hkoltin Tt'inn, CoHlorliniilm. Hliti-k Wire, Uflli JlUUltrMUl Hlloiil Aola, Ulark Fan). Dulirli ami Irish 
Hlicctaltlot. I.iniir hi-ahuii.. Will mlvanco (Ivkota to (inod pou,»lf. Kultnr, rollalilu, oxiiitIoik^iI nuniile 
only wanted, who can play and droaalhoir part*. If yon htum; dooit wrii.-, utih drink wttli thla 
allow K<>in yuu ft now Jolt. Your, money itvory wnek with thl* hImiw, FIHH'I' VHU.IN TO I.KAU OR- 
cIIKKtha and Donhhj lu Ihmd, olio who nun Arian(i«. ttohur. Iiit»lllnu Aiciil Hint, ran ihimI. Mint, mid 
two-UIII I'oMtci-a, AddrcNaA. D. M.I'IIKK, €ar>* M.I'IIFK'H lllu i lOMPANV 

. . 4J . .„.„...„<. u .a.« -. Ht'pM ami fi, UIUNI10N, Haiiltoha, Uanadu. 

WoHli-ni Addrein, FLKftllNU, HAHK, Canada, ' 




hrtirprn II mill VIA. H. ilully. J'urlk. Itim Imvi. I.niglil Job, on MrynHAmnuiia 

<l hiH llinlr inrniry. Ju»l jual i>|iiimi'iI n Irnit «f U 7 l.ii'l'K, Ml A I. lllll>.> ,\ ami l>HI,||AM 

■•AUK PAIIKWAV, » ilrlv.flvuv ulKUterl wlllo. I.m. mc.I.I „ii .■iwrl.TNl-. "'*" 

,/, , WI'AUMWI III.IMI., Mti. Ill Wml »U Wri-i.|,' I1h.hi wi, New Vink UltK. 

WHY NOT bal 

.ii, i 



O yon Imvn nol ftlrniiily jmn -\uwA ymir irniiku, why not mull your 
onlor Ui im. It will receive prompt attention, Money i eturni-d, If 

not Hfttlrtfacuiry. 
Bend for oauiogiio 0. wii.uam jiai, (inc.), ■ 

UQ W. dotli Bt., K. Y. Qlty, 'i lioora Kuatur Adora'Hocloly. 


KmllioriilKiKlnitcllIni: Hprlntrllrlil, ll.mlln.n, Minii. Newark. Huuxlli'lil, lllillllciillir, Hurlammilll, 
)»jinn, Hiirimi, Kiniiioy, M. UfarpaoL oii.o; itl,riiiii<ntii, HuiKiiii .ml oimiiim., inu.: Wnltwiuit,' w. 

\».; IMnurii, .nil llrninwvlllo. I'». kikhiuiiii wi'»h to nmt-clua m:u. H'.li, lull uitril 

mra .ml Iuwi-hI aaliiry In flr.i i.ii, r. Holm- I iiliuli. oiiuli llmi*. No iii-i. l,H, irimil llil, ilriull. 

Now liullilltiit ii im iw.ouii tlmane In H|irlliKll,.|il .ml Nuwurk, (I. 0.11 uao Kxiii'Mi'iii'i'd v.uduvllK 
1'l.ulala, lllualmllKl HIllKcra und Uii:m HiillHKiira. Aililraaa 

Ul)» ADM, <lf|ilil»ln Tll.Xr., .|,rl,, K ll.l.l, Ohio, 



.»! lAtdlna r.nily, l.i>nillut; Mini, Mrnvy Mnii nfli] Wiimnn, H.nnll II. Kniilin-lti., r.l.lil I'lim*. 

il.nii ThMW ill. MB «lK-lillll,-« iglvi'ii l.ti-fi'i ,.. Al:l'li!iiii.rlilV..f, Aki-iil wllli trunk. Htlila 

ill 1 In llltl. Mnkv II low— ll'K i.ur,.. I - I..r,n, .■ II ,.„, ■ la.t.-.rl itna-nli'.r. I!il ill Hluu- 

tli.Blir, plfaan wrllp. CIIAS. Ii. COI.TOX, 10IJ I'm. |iii.t HI., ludlainpollii, lad. ^J 




■September i 

«♦ rtt 



Afuricb, Chan. tV'lA 1 '. II. %'tioA*, tnifr.)— Cleve- 
land, 0.,.«7-tWt>t. l r i 
Aintell'n OmuillaUa i(IW. C. Kutt, nigr.) — Sheldon, 

Arlhigtun Alack "<P.i*V. FelcUer. nwr. )— Waalf 

Jtifctoii, Ph., 37-Hept.. I. Rochcnter »-H, 
Aubrey .stock, Mlttelitliki Urwt.'— Harrlaburg, Vt., 

27-8ept. 1, i:... '-: ' 

"Ah Ye Him" (Wm, A, Brady, mgr.)— Portland, 

Me.. Z7-8ri.t. 1, Lewmkiii 3-8. 
"At UK Old Crt»* Kokfln" (Arllitfe 0. Alatnii, 
injir.)'— New Huveli, Cdou.; ' W-Hept. 1, Newark, 
S. J.. 9-8. 
"An Toll) In the Hllla." HnMerti. ■ W. F. MamVa 
iNenblit Scotellc, lligr.1— Miiralinll, Midi., 31, 
'■ ihw Kept. ». Buy City 8, teuton Jlnrliur », 
I, Ounheji, luil., 5, UMmwMU 0, Elk- 
, tenth Bond n. , . 
"An Told In the. HllhV' Weateni, W, K. ManiCa 
•(P. C. M.-MHIfi), mgr.l— Mnnhfleld. Wla., 30. 
.stereo* Point ao, (IthimI HfliiMx at. Antig» 
teiii. 1/ Wmium 2. nil OWN B. wiiiwaier, 
M|G|».. ,1. Little hn .(", .KerRirn null 0. Wall- 

Jul N.iikk.. »., IUmE K - . 

"XgTold In the Hllla," Oniral. W, V.JUm'H 
(Karl Dow, tngr.)— Chkngo. III.. SU-flefit. . 1. 
Chicago Htlglita 2, Aurora 8. Klirlii 4, Marengo 

.>. mfmft it,.ttockferd 7. Fn-enort 8. ■- •■■ 
"Ati.the Wbrlil'n Mercy," Hitciiocr ft.Ahorn'n (Ho- 

Inrkl Oi I'riir, nigr.)— Colnmtm-. 0. t 37-30, In- 

•HutmHollH, Intl., 30-gept, I, Milwaukee, Wla., 
•<34t- ' ■ - i 

"Jtmmi" flfiiTlil J. Riming*, nigr.»— St. limit*, 

Mrtjt 211 -MOtt t, KiiliKttn City 3-8. .. 
"Adrift In New York" (.1. K. .V'kertnan, mgr.) — 

Newark, N. .1.. 27-Keut. 1, Holyoke, Mann., 3 3, 

Mnhcli-nter.-N. I!;, fl-8. 
'•Arrival or Kitty," Kjntrni (O. H. WIIMlMN Co., 

mitrH. )— Toledo, O,, 20-Keiu. I. Cliitlhalii. ,OiiL, 
'Cn., :i. Ht. TttniilHH I, Stratford 3, Berlin o, 

Call 7, Kl, .Catherine* 8. . 
"Arrival ot.Klttt/'.Wcaierii («. 8. William*. Co., 

iimrKi— VnCivll. !'«.. ittt, Krlc :I0, New <!m>llv 

;i. Hi'iH. I, t'riukllli if. i>H.,Ci1j.4, Tl- 

■Hwtlllr C Knuc <)., ItJltef T. VnlmifHUnvn. Q.. 8. 
"An Alnent-nii lIuliieNteiHr' iHikI'IIchIoii-.Ioiiih 

AiuutM". irn.. nivr-.> — WHterloo. III., 81111. 1, 2. 

«i#htllle 8-5, MlifUlmiil 8-8. 
"Ai-i-iMm tlie ruclrte'' fOWUW K. IllHiKfy Aniuw. 

fn.. blRM.1— Mllwuukw, WIh., l!)l-8r-i.t. 1, HI. 

I'mJI. Miun.,.-.fl-8. . . ,. . 

"At orinui ur«k ( " K.-.J, <MqwaMnh Rutm 

(C. I,. Crniiu, .tuilt.) — Ne.w l^uiwloii, -Cimii., H. |ii. 
:i. Norwlcli 1. New UrlUlu 5. Mew Bocltelle, N. 
V:, II. KiiHtnii. I'll., 7. Ailcnluwil H. i 
"An AclKt->criitle Trnni|i." .Kltn-y ft Hrltton'ti (8. 
V,. Cejtvr, nifir.)— Iliiiiinioiiil, lint., Kent. 2. 
Ii.invlllr III,. 3, Aiiim. in. I.. 4, Kmnkfurt 5, 

MflDlMI H, H''ii"-'iihill 7. Crown fiillit 8. 

.B j 

iihi'iiL-iir Dale* (i)ii vi.i ik'liiHca, DIBIM--N V. City 

■ if*, Imt'.'tlnKe. 

n.'Ji. Ululiy ((>. V. Arllnir. nmr,)— lMttKburg. 1'n., 

27-Kej)t. 1. iJltii'liihull. O., L'-H. 
IIUI'M^SK, <Wi| — KiniKTlIli'. Tn'ini., Mli • 
Ilrowii, Kirk U. T. .MiH-ntilcy. HW< )— lUitctou, 

I'll., fMMK. I. 
jjjiutiuK, Kpniiii ,(Knrl llnritexN, umi-.i — wiikcw- 

Biti-Tf, l'u;. SWWpl. I. . , 
]lurw>riK, .KiM-l.llliM). K. ItuMtintMi. i»Kr.) — Witter 
. tfJivit, N. V.. ^7-Sc|.U 1. 
Illlrm-HH, Knrl U'rnl A; nivr.) — Uur- 

IliiHKUu Vt,. U7 -Keul. I. 
PM m B M, Knrl (KtKiik K, Htierry,'" niKr.)— Ntirrlii- 
. t.iwn, Tn., U7 H.'i.l. I. , 
Ik'iiiieltMoiilton (W. A. Pnrtello. iiiKr.) — vn 

in. N. V., -J7-K*-|.i. 1, NnrwMi 841. 
Hmj-li' 8tuek iKilwhi Ilnrr}-, mipM—OrvNt lioiul, 

Khii., 17 Kettt. 1. Chiy CVlitrr :t-8. .'tt 0«)Hh11imim U'eree K. Ihlitttli, m«r.) — 

Atiuiliirkn, nklH., 'J7-8t>i<t- '■ |-n>viu|i 3-8. 
"Jfroftu ut llnrvrinl" fllwiry .Miller, inpi.) — Mil 

,w*iiktt'. W'A*., UT-Kqit. I. 
"Iiitlfunl'n M'IWi"- Llnewln J.. C*rter*M— ChlniK". 

Hi.. S7. Imtefliilip.. - 

■Itille-or .l«m,n" Ml. II. KIiI.mi. niitr. 1 llllf 
ItiililtlN. Mlull.. ■ .20. ■ttewl (Illy Hit. CHilllliie 31. 
Mtiiihlrf rtriit. 1. TmrerHe City 3, I'eliiKkey |, 
H»"It Hln.-4lurle. ('mil, 4i Hniilt 8tc. Mrtrle, 

■ ilt.ili.r tl, MtiiiUlliiUi' 7, Ohutntiiiif 8. . ,: 
••llmieii »( Kfjrt" iCliw , Hutliiter, iiiuc. > -f-V^rt 
, JervK.N. V.. Ml. AVlille MIIIm, l'u., 30. Nitnll- 

«uk« 31, I'lvtmiiiUi Kejit, 1, \AHk llnvi'ti !l. 

Mount .Tcwelt-4, JuiiiiiwnilmrK 3, 8t. llnryn 7, 

Kmie H. 

"UertliH, tlip- Hi'ivlim UHeliliie (Itrl" (A. 11. w.mhH, 

liiwf.i ■ I''iil.i, l'u., 27-Mept. 1, Ilntoklyit, 

N. Y., 3-H,„. • ., .,-• 
•'Hilly, I he KM'*. (Dei) IUhh. nitfr.)— 1'nterwiti. N. 

A.. U7-2tl. lloUikeii Jtll-8e|H. 1. . 
'Wit Jlonrldl Jim.'? Kllmt *t OhuoIo'h (Dnnlol 

llnil, aii(iM---iMil«'iifW, III.. Xr|tt. 2-8, 
"Itunk-fi'H Chlhl." riMem <llrtriy Wliniunm. iiihi l 

.-OullimtniK, \\'l»_ 21), I'urttifre :vy 8h>nitlit<>ii 

:u. 1'mlrle. iln t>lileii Kent, i. I.« Cronw 2. Du- 

ruiiit .1, MetiDtuinilH 4. lllilmiewn I-'iiIIn 0, Htnliley 

■I, AW.iHxrnr.1 7. tlrnml Rn k H. . 

"Itunker'naillJ." Wi'Kivru A K. II. I'erry. iii|(r.> 

— rViiiptfiti. Ml.-li.. 2t>. f*acni(|n: r 3(). I'Vnrllli! 

Hrtit.-l. South lluvi'ii 3. Uitiiutlt 4. Ilmtrunl 0. 

I'W I'mv II. 1)1 (*!'«<) 7, Mlll'iH'lltltl 8., . 

"itoy llHilml Hie thui" ((TIiiih. K. llhiiiey Amuw. 
BE, iiii,^h.)— Ki-wnrlt. N. J., 27-8ri>t. 1. I'IUIn- 

■ Ot-lnUlHy r«„ 3-8. .■. 

"PjiMer , Hruwii'H. Hulli'ity" (M. II, UiiyiiKiiul, 
mkr. t — Tunmln, Cirn.. 27iHejtt. 1, . . 

"Hiiml)tr'^'I><inHliier" (Vniui- fc flulllvmi, u^lh.1 
r-rnivliliiiiT, It. I., 27-8vtit. 1, llolivkeu, N. 

— rtUr«-rr|,nrl. 111.. 2d Kept. 1. 

Dtwiie, Alien tKenfiey ft WnilUII, mnw-l-JUre KcrklMff-^llllnin (Imii Kerkhoff. mjrr.)— Norton, 
■Hiy. N. «.i-Om., 2tt. 3il. Nwth HyWy 31. K«n.. 27-He|it. 1. Mcl'bemni 3-8. 
New UtaMow Hri,t. I, lUlir«x 3-5. H|.rlugUlli Ktnnilw-IUiwrU. lis. B. UimwU, nmr.J-Ciillfor- 
OlffiMrf/ ifotMkiiij M. B.. i B. ^ ^ nTT. Mu.,. 8*nt. : ; 8..; ; •■ ■- — 

Do I'ew-BllKkltc 8t«ck (Thou. H, Ue 1'ew, ntgr.) KMHf 8lotk.,tJewell heller, mpr.)— Clinttanooga, 

.teiii),. 37-lWrit. 1, 8onieWt,,ky., 3-8. , 
h'tttcfcwlioq^r 8tock (lUWl ■*. J* f J. ■ nww-)— 

Vwwnkwfe. N. Y.. IMMtlJ, Y<hiIwt* 3-8. 
•■KttUfWttnv*." ■Wwrtflrt (L*on Allen. Wf;)— 
Cirtrrrille. 111.. a». llenlu.»U Marlon Hqit. 1. 
WiIiichIi, Ky.. 3, MiMOHhClty, HI.. 4. 

I,«rlnier, Wright (Wnl. A. Brliilj, nmn)— Bowtoii, 
Ix^j^^l^. ,, "Ji^_ ; _!J.'■ *(W r " A.^J linker. *&,} •l*&**: 


'kmS Brttt! I ! -W«tMltnni fc-ciirt-8, Rert- •vmnti$BUm?Km t nm Wmtk (lOrn D-| 

hPl.i 4 lliiriu-B, Volga ^, Brookiug>>. 7. j'urknr. fflar.)— Uuuium, ai«.. a>..iit...*iH 

^OtttMLOTtfoSry? iWip. W-) ■ Ka»l|».t III, Udr Hnrlwr Herjt.l. \Wle V'-.- 

- NcwLVrt, Vt-. rtfi Klchfonl 30, SwirltWI 31, A*U"xt« ^.Togun-O, Bath K IWUklami h" ' 

SHlnr»i|*le. In., BT-p.^K 
i- . Www, riorn, No. 1 (J. H. Ilotiiuur, uurr.)— 

, KluflBt). ii L au-rVi.i. I. Atlmtn ;i-h., 

I*e ,Vt»MN, Him. No. 2 IJ. II, ll'iliiottr. lUBT.)— 
BeMln. Wi«.. a0'H«i>i. 1. lk«tnetim> 9-8. •'■ 

"Dura Tlicrne." A. ILwIatnl A ClirTonl'H (Hurry 
i*t*Mli. DiJirJ.-r-New ('untie. Iml.. jtO. Omnvt*' 
tIIIIo :I0. Bkliniimd 31, MuUclc Kejit. 1, Ihimll- 

"Porn TlMrtie," It. Bowlnnd ft ClIlToril'H (lO. J. 
Chniiiielli io»r.>— Belolt. Win., 20, Belvhlere, 
HT. :lp...BoelieUe ill. RoekCord i 

*4)or« Tliorne," C, Buwlantl A CllffOtfTtf It.- K. 

Toril. tugr.l -.MlUwulnr, Minn.. Willi I, Si. 
Ulou.1 2.. Went Hupcrlor. Win,. 3, Anlil^inl 4, 
Dulntli, Ulnn., .V> Jlll.litnir 0, Two lfnrtnra 7, 

Cmmt 8. 

"UeTll'n Aitctli'ii," <;han. H. YiiloV- l'lithuk'liililu, 

I'a., 2.V8f|it. 1, 
"Uftlry r*arni"--Allinny. N. Y., 27-20. 

Klmer Ktoek (K K. Moultoii, uinr.)— Ihrfriilll, I.e»|H Htia-V 

N. II.. It*.*..!, "f i . 27-8*t)t. 1 

KvjMin KtoC'k .(fifiimlon Kviiiih, uiiir.)— Uctrolt. "I.loi. nml 1 

Klk-h.. 27, HMWitnltp. 
"Rye Wltm9«ti,7" Mnoiln J. Carler'n — Omiilia, 

Xobr.. 211-211, Ht. J.w.'ia.. »lu„ 30-Keiit. I, K«u- 

■uiM City 2-8. 
"r>*ry1>o'iy. Works But raUwr" (A. 8. Welwtrr, 

mar.)— Ilnmllteii. «., Hept. 3, MltMlrttiwii 4, 

Hfldijh " ■ -. :. ! .. 

"Klitfit HellM," Ilroa. Byrne— Ltwmiie, &Ihmk., 

31, Boston Me|it. 3-8., 

-■• ;t ■ F ,- - 

I'nntiirn. IXlKtlli fTlie Klrke I,ti Hlielic Co., nigra,) 
— N. Y. City 27-Hept.'l, Villi Illfer, Haw.. 8. 
J'lehln, |J*W, All tUm^St, Y, Ut|,M Inilf Unite, 
mn, Boh (J, C. Stattliewn, limr.)— Anhllry 

Ht. .AIimi'i* Sent; U. . , &■. \„Jjl 

N. Y.. 8ept.,l. Nlatnra Fiilli* «. Alilc* 4, Bt- 
mvu 3. te Roy ii, falniyra 7. Newark A. ,.; 

•on iTWnWw urouiaw' jvww * J88S3& 

niKVB.I—nBlHrawrc, Md.; 27-8ept. 1, IMttaharfe. 

■Oh!:: rimer .^.pklna". . (Frank 8. , DiyWhou. 
iunr.)~ CoiiiieatilvlHe, ,lf 
., P 

1). Fltzgetnhl, 

8e[.1. 1 
Loeken, The ( 

Mo., so, r 

I. llurton 

lien tile N. 
" (W. 

i Will H. I.«Kke, mgr.)— Mound City, Feruehl-Oypwiie (C. - W- Ptmehl. nigr.)— Knox- 
;,„.!» I'll r '11 Atehlniii KML. Kel.t. rtlle. Teiin., 27, Imlrflidte. , _ ... 

Allrnlnwn, l'a., U, Ik'ail- 

Filslniiiiiinn, _ 
1'urk. N. J;, H»i-i. 

l'i-»iii"'iV, '^rl'iine— Norfolk.. Vn., 20, TarteMk N. 

(I.. Si'|,i. I. Wllwtti 2. <hihlMln»ru 3, Hnlelgh 5, 
. Ihirhiun HV tir*n>iuiuuro 7. WHiMlou-8akai..t>. ; 
t-VrrlB t^Hiieillmm (Hahy Itnhb. tuxM— MiiiIIhou, 

Win.', 27 Kept. I. r,a Cnrnc 3, Wlbunn, Mlrih.. 

8*8. ■ ■ v, l - 

l-V)il#iK Miuck. ifiattkrn I Geo. U. Fentieflf... nmr. ) 

— W.iri^nter, MnNa., 27-Wpt. 1. Wu.iiwckrl. It. 

"ihinlliw ArrpWi". I'lut-obi J., .C|flff*#— Cliarlcw 

filtjf. In., 20..MiiMin niv :m. Fort Dodge 91. 
llH»U . FntlH. Hept. I, Kl-loru 11. Harnlialltywtt 4. 
ihtWitinoHii S, Uttmunrn ii, Muaeatliiu 7, Midlne, 

,ewk, mgr.)— Otig, Nehr., 

"lie Moiwe," KMMtern (Henry B. Iln irk, 

rtigr.l— N. Y.CIty 2T | H itfflnlte. , 
"r.l.ii AM H»e Won*?." Weateni (Hwiry B. Harrli, 
. WCf.l-7 dlk'HIIO. 111.. ■2I.H«lt. I. , . 
"Mttk atrBinrr*r" tCnwon A liBckctt,. nigra.)— 

N, Y. C1U-.VT. IwdeHiilte. . 

"Little .lobhhv Joiim" (Ooban A Hnrrk, oigrn.) 

— N. Y. Cll'y Kent. 3-8. 
"Mghtn of Frltoo" (Arthur J. Ayleaworth. mgr.) 

— Heattle, Wiiuh.. 2K-8e|it. 1, I'urtlmid, Ore., 

'■Utrlp' Oiiknnt." F. I, CartH-iitrr'a— Cedar Unp- 
Idfl. la,. Sept. :i. 

"Little Ilomwtfiid" fWm. Macauley. mitr.l— reo- 
rln. 111.. Svi'i- 2. lllootnliigtoii H. MiK-oln I. 
(Illilton 5. DmiTllle «. Olney 7. (X-tltralln 8. 

■'Mghin.or (hHJbimi. M Nortlierii llh.11 , S (eele. mgr.) 
-New BerllU, N. Y-. 20, Whtloti :m. H«»i|ilr- 
Minwi. Fit.. Sent. 1. nirwt City By I'"""*''"' 1 
•I. .Marathon. N. Y., &, Tully 0, Mneedun T. 
l.lvunlii 8. . . 

"Mfr'n HlnUke'^Oaklniid. Nek.. 30. I.y«m..30. 
necatiir 31. Hejit. I. I'emler 3. Kiikthuii 4. t'nit- 
(fr 5, WakeHehl il, HurthiKton ,7, Wiiyim s. 

"Irfrta.mvern"..(NUvii. A Co.. nigw.)— W«i hMO. 
Win.. ft». Fuiai dn L:iu 90. Cirewi Bny Si«.l. 1, 
Applet'-ii 2, Nwnah I, F.hii Claire '5, nutcr- 

L'erry, mgr.)— Lady- 

"l4tr, Coniera of the .itiiHIi.'f. kllnu A (ImboIo'h MaV-k." AnTiw l$m*~'ri.'~fcto?~mtr'. \— New 
(Frank OkkinV nnrr.t-Dayloh. h.. . 27 : 20. 

liidlauapulia. Did.. 3-3, 

Mnnieii. Rol*rt (Win. A. Brkrty. mgr.)— Sydney, 
N. 8., Can.. Bert.. 88, Nimt tllaegow 7. 8. 
nek. Alldrew (.lamen II. Decker, mgr.!—, 
Ilmir.ird.. Miinh., 30, 1. vim Sept. 1| Brooklyn, N. 

y., ;t-u.. .... 

Mrlnlyi* mid Heath (Klaw ft Krlanger, marn.)— 

(ini-v Ofjeue (Win. A. Brudy, iiixr.)— Trcntqn. 

N. Ji. 8e|»t. 7. 8. ... 

(IlliiKire. IlHnioy tllnvlln ft Meolnl, mgTH.)— N. 

Y. City Sept. il-8.. 
OlfToitl-Uuerlntt— riarlhiKton. Win.. 27-8«pt. 2. 
'Oiay.-tliaddiw. 8ttiek |D. M. Benn. mgr.)— CI M r- 
Jleld.,I'iL. 27-8elit. 1. Dn !hda,3, llrndfonl 4-8, 
Ornhaiiie. J-Vnllumul — Brudfiml, Fa.. 27-Sept. I. 

.New Caalle 3-8.; ,. ■• . 1 
Ulhh'r'H Stoelt (Chka. \Y. (Hldcr. rakr.)— Mnrl- 

lidro,, 27-Kept. 1, Hwuvraworth. N. II., 

Cliinnft 'fx-iiMnaii Shirk (OlawM A I.eiiiuiPin, mt-vs.) 

..Atlanta. Hi... 27. hnlftliill.'. 
"<;lrl ItuflVeM" iCIii.H. }■:. Illinip.r Aniline. (.'■'.. 

lajfiit. »— Trenton, . N. .1., Sept. 3-.", HnrrlNhiiic 

l'H,V V. J<diuniowtl 7, AltimiiH 8..: « 

"Uanihler of-Hie. Went" tA.H. Woiala. nwr.) — 

ll., N. .1., 211-20, Trenton 30Se|>t. 1. 

I'hlliHlelphla, I'h., 3-8. .,, . 
"Hlrl from Hnppylnmr' (W. II. Iron*, mgr.) — 
'8ohtlr nethleliciii. I'H.. Sept. .'(, Lauafonl I, 

Mount Cm-marl 9. HltHMiiahnrg 0, Hask-lon 7, 

riyiiipulh.8. . i. 

"tllrl and the tlahihkr"— Jemey City. N. J. 

Kept. 1. Baltimore, Md., 3-8. 

N-, V.- City 27-Sept. 1 
Murphy. Tim (T. B. 8 
,V«.. 30. 

Snundew, mgr.)— Norfolk, 

Slum!. Louif, and Cluij Llpitiitti (Shutiert Bpm., Ku«wH'Bnw. (OMl. K. lllauey Ammte. Co.. Ml.) 

nigrn.) — HM09.I Milan., Kent. 1-8. 
Mortimer, Lillian (.1. L. Vervitoe. mgr.)— Ht. 

Lhnln. M')., Kf|d. ,3-8. , 
Melville, Ufwp (,J. K. Stirling, mgr.)— FoUthi.-, 
Midi.. Sept. 3. Monroe I, Adrian 3, Jacknun 0, 
Itallle I'rvek 7. lUlniiianMi 8. . . 
Myrkte-Hiinler Htnik. KaHlerit (W. 11, Hahler. 
mgr.)— BhiRliaintDll, N. Y., 27-8ept. 1, ttll- 
. HamaiKirt. l'a.. 8-8. 
Myi-kk-IIiirter Stock. Weateni . (KWtf J. Hull. 
IrtKT.)— Alloonil, I'll., 27-Hept. 1, Washington 
. WSt, 1 
MIlL-liell'K All Htaf Phivern (ftl. W. Cook, mgr.) 

—Herkimer. N. Y„ Sept. 3-8. 
Myrkte- Harder Stock. Soiitbern (Bert Leigh, niKf.) 

FrankHii,- 1ml., 27-Ke|it. 1. 
Marks Slwk 1T0111 Uarkn. nuti'O— rort Arthur, 
■ Out.. Can,, 27-Sept. 1. ftft WIMIhiiih 3-8. 
Murray A Maekey, ..Knalerii (John .1. Mnrmy. ' 
gen. mgr.l— Heikhner. N. Y., 27-8cpt. 1, Am- 
nterdHDi 3-8. ... 
Murray A Maekey, Wentent (Jirtiu J. Murray. 
niKr.)— Dn lloln. l'u., 27-Sept. 1. liidlimil :i-S. 
Morgan- I'eitple — I'araunit, Kuii., 27-Sept. I, l-'ort 
Smllh. Ark., 2-0. 
Ulnlm. tlavl.KB. D. Htalr, mgr.)— Cwlar Katdda, WetrtiiKilltaii. Sloek (Clllfonl IWTCh mgr.) — 
> ■ Miirhin. Krtii., 27-Sept. 1. 

IL ' HtilUian ,Amuae,, Co., UajgaMI Hlwk~Kno.ivllle, Tetin., Sept. 3-8. 

AltgllHia 1, , ni|;ui 

L'tiikr Noutllern skien/', Wenieru mum-' p , 
I'irker, niKr..»— I'lttnhtinr, PL, kTBent i 
. Agon. 0..13, Woryillk 4, Fwtorlu 0. TohMu us 

."Under -Souiheni Hkleo," Central 1 Ilitrrt \i,„\ 
l'grker, ihgr.l— l^gilDntmrt, linl,. Sept. I. Smut 
Iteod 3, Blkhart 4, .KiiUuahjy, Mkh„ r, |V, „ 
gliio .0, Benton Unrl»r 7, La I'urte. In>'l ■> 

"Unule Toinla OWn,':. At. W. M«rUn'a n':.i "« 
MnrtCn. m(tr.k— Detroit, Mh-li.. WAni. | ' ' 

"CilpjD Tom's* Cghhi.l' HtetnonV, BtKlern il' 1 
Jotiea, mgr. I— Uemn-d, N. 1., 211. Atlnnilr IlLh! 
liimla 30,. Long liraneli 31. Sept., 1, Ornn«. " 
.Morriatown 4. MiuUaon .3, Bnutituii II, Kauil! 
Ilethlehctn. l'a., 7. Raaton 8. ' f *"" ttl 

"Uilele. Tooi'h Caliln.',' Stctwm'n. WchIitii fWin 
KMible. ..mgr.)— Mount Clemena, Mk-h.. >"j. 

"Uliclc Joult I'et'klna," Weateni,. II. II. r>WH<e'K-. 
Burke. Ida., 20. Wnrdner ao. Omer ft'Mnw ill 
Davenphrt, Wnnh., Kepi. I. Siwkane 2. :i. Knrm' 
Inglon 4, OnrHtdil ."», I^cwIhUhi, Idn„ 0, L. 
.i»w 7. CulfaK, Wimli.. 8. , ' ,w ^ 

"Cnele jonh I'lTkftin." Soutliem, IL II. Knu^'a 
— Alhert Lee, Minn.. 20. Blue ttnrlh ;ill. K«ll,.. r . 
vllle. la., 31, Itaplda Sept. 1, HIoik \„\U 
S. Dak.. 2. HIoih city. in.. :t, (>,, m ..„ 4, gg 
aoiirl Vjdley 5., Aulintii, Nehr., 11. Mmind ciiv 
Mo,, 1. I.ila. Kim., ^. 

"Ctlqle JOiih Spriicehy." Run tern. Hiuikh k. ft* 
nrg— Wnpnkonetn, 0>i 20, Dtdpboa an. Vmi 
Wert 31, Fort Wayne. Ind.. Kepi. 1, llimthe-' 
ton 2. L.t«aiiK|njrt 3. Kokooi.i 4, Marlon I, linn. 
kirk fl. Atideraon 7, Milinle H. 

"Uncle Hprnuehj." Wen tern, Ilnnkx ft Krli- 
)tec'tt~Wnii|iaen,' Wih, 20. Chilton an, KmrMim 
31. Stnrgrbn.Bny Sj-pt. I, (Wikonh 3, Aullg.. I 
ItliliieluudiT 9. 1'lllHliMtl, Anhlalnl 7. 8nin>rli.r « 

"Ihielo Josh Sprucehy,'' Konlhehi, llnnkx A I'm' 
EVc'h— Wllllanmport. Hid.. 21), UnnvllK 111 
30, Bo-^rille 31, Kankakee Sen. 1, H.,,-i,i. hVl [ 
3, Dundee 4, Klglli f.. Aiirnhi A, 1'ei.rla 8, 

"Dmter Ntirlheni Star." (lonhm & }leniH>t>'n d'.ir- 
e»t laham, inter. ) — Toledo, it,. 2<l-20, Y|>sllaiili 
Mich., 90, Howell at. J<H'k«.ii 8eii|, I 

•■Uncle- Tont'H Ca.M11." Terry'n IW. U. 'Dleker 
mgr. I— Bethany. HI., 30, Mowen.pjn :tn, \V. 
Hiiniptlon 31, MiiHim Herii. 1. hloiir»i> :t. Wn- 
petto I, Hvywurth 5, iltidaou (1, Kl Vi\*u 7 
Mluoiik 8, * 

' ' V 

Van. Hilly II. 1 1'. II. Sullivan Amime. Co.. nggv ) 
— Brooklyn. N. Y., 27-8ept. I, N. Y. City ;i«. 

Van Dyke ft l-:ntoli (F. Matk, mcr. )— t.'titiri. i„n 
III.. 27-Sept. 2. MiirphiHlx.r.. 3-8. . 

Van Hnreii Stnek iBrayhain A Liiindnt, mgr*. 1— 
"Qita-ii uf toe Areiiil.' Slepheim A Lin on a— Hi- aHipiw. l'a., 27-Seiit. 1. Wealneld 3-8. 

tlhinitinlla. Ind., 1 27-21), paylon. (.. .10-Hept. 1. *• Volunteer OnrMiiInt'' (Win. It. flray. mcr l- 
"Utioen of the Clreun" iClmn^K. Blgitey. Aiinwv. Waterrllle. Me., 30, Augnntn.lll, Hnnlliier Kept, 

1, Biiiigiir -t. 

"Vljhige I'trnou" (Wee. Mnck ft. Co,, mjx-O— 
ItatiOTer, PMu 20, Frederick, Mil,. ;iu, ll.ipc.^. 
luivii 31, Chanihernhunt. 1'a., Sepl. I. Uttrllttt- 
luirg, W. Va.. 3, ■ Frvatlitirg, Mil., 4. l.'Mini',,iiin^ 
9. IMedmoht, W. Vn., II. iMnNll 7, DftVb «. 

luu, In., 27, Indennlte. 

Iferry mid l'rennly (F. I 
nrolth. Win., 27-Hept. 1. 

"1'lt" jWm. A. Brady, mgr.)— IlarrlalMirg. I'"., 
Kept. 3, 4, Liirntiwtrr 9, \orlt tl, Altooua 7. 
Jnliiiatown 8. . ■ , . ' A . . 

"I'opulurUy" (Cohan ft Hartla, mgra.)— Boehea- 
ter, N. V.. Hept. a-0, Buffalo 0-8. 

"I'ower of Money" (A. IL Wood*. «!*;>— Brook- 
lyn. N. Y., 27-Sept. 1, l»ro»ldeilce. It. L. d-8. 

"flat Relation, " Dlirk ft Kngetie'a .((,. A. Netmn. 
mgr.)— Notdearllh?, Iml.; 20, Tern* Haute .10- 
Sept; 1, I'eru 2. Andc-raoti a. Clinton 4, pan- 
vllle. III.. 81 Kankakee tt. Coal City 7. jKIjtIii 8. 

"I'hantom DeteiHIve.',' Itowland ft ClIlTord a (Dim* 
Seymour, mgr.) -Chlrngo. HI.. 2«-8ept. L 

"I'alr of Cuimirv KhU.' 1 Knnteni (C. 3. Kinlth. 
Iligr,)— Pnrngouhl. Atk.. 2», Fine Itluff 3V. IJt- 
tle llovk 31. Hut Springs So|»t. I, .TexarkMHii, 
Tex., 3, (Migrlew 4, Khtvreiwrt, La., 3, M011- 
rdo 0, itiMtau 7, Marnhiilt, Tex., 8. 

•i'alr of dnintrv KhK" Weateni tC. J. Hiulth. 
mar.)-- Wointalock, 111., 20, Klghi 30, Uiuulw 
:tl. Jollet Hepl. 1. IMolt, Win.. 3, Ilarvkhl, 
III., 4, Hockford 3. Freejiort 0. M.uiiat Cuiroll 1. 

"l'olley I'layem"— WuMhlnitloii, D. C...3T-9epl. I. 

"I'anhandle IVte"— Biilllmoro, Md.. 37-Se|il. I, 
■ '* 

"Queen 4 the Hl-hhlndem" (A. 11. Wooda. mgr.) 
—Camden. N. J.. 27-20, Wlliillngioii, Del.. 30- 
4*0|it.- 1, FliltadeUdifa. l'u., 3-8. 

"Queen ..ol ,tlie White SIiiti-h" (A. II. Mowla, 
mi:r I 'IVtlwIo. 0., 2'l-3v. 

mKrw.)— Sprilitfucld, Mttaa., 3U-Sept. 1, 
Toronto, C1111.. 3-8. 

Itogem Bma.— Atlantic City, N. 
N. Y. City 3-1.1 

30-Sept. 1, 

,' IT- 


Hermj 11. • Srlnm ,tP. It ' StilllTan ..Autunv. Co.. Mii V aoetd Stock— Knosvllle. Teiin.,, Sepl. 3-8. 

nigra. I— HarrlalNirir, Fa.. 27-211. Kltinbrlli. N. Mi,,ii.-ltl Hrw.'— lllllahoro. ().. IT-Mrgi. 1. 

4i, 90-Heiit. 1, WUkea-Barre, Fa., ll-ii, ■Bcruiitou MrCtillmn Stork tW. H MeCtilhmi. mgr.)— Fort- n -. i>i . . lati.l. Mfc.,27. hideflulte. 

HnvanL-IUlU.ICliaa. K- Htaiiey Amnar. Co., lugtn.) Maientlc Oilnedy tW. Heywnoil, mgr.)— Bridge 
-I'lilln.lelphlB, Fit., «7-Sepl. 1, Ilrouklyii, N. ,„ >tli onpi., 27-8ept. 1. 


#8;. .,%■• 

11k Ihv-iiif 

i'.)— Mem- 

■ D*arf" Uiuiien B.ninellf, 
... iVun., Sent. :m 
"liurghir and the Waif Austin. Minn., 31. ,\l 
ln-|l I. .'« Sept. I. 1'iiilli.inli a, llaHlhiKM.4. Aim- 
ktl 3, Frlticcton il, MonMwIla 7, SI. Cloud 8. 
., v ■ O . . 

' ciuii'.-. Whi. II. (Chartea Frolnniini'mgr.)— N. Y. 
.City 2. Indefinite. 
Criwnniu. llenrletla, (Mourk-o Canipladl, mgr.) — 
. Ih,| Miikn.. Sepl. N. 

Cot'otirnn, June, ( Arthur C. Alaton, nigr.) — Itelle- 
vllii', 111.. 2U. Mni-wliult, Mn., 80, U.\luglon 
Held. I, Ai.'lii-oii, Kan.. 3. Tnpeka a. JitiH-thai 
J9ty 4, Ahllene fi. Newton 0, Wlehllii 7, Ilnteli- 

'.III. HI. 8, •; ■ . . .-.t •• -■.- '. 

Chfltp-I, Liter. Then lie, Nurlliern (tlleii F, Cliaae. 

iiigf.)--Ceiilvallw. Mo., 27-Sept. 2. tlkuicU, la., 

Century Kttiek (HarrlNon A Kiitherlnnd. nigra.)— 

l.d.i, Kim., 27 Sepl. 1, ,Spi-|iii:llel.l, Md.. 2-K. 
Cnii.-i- KiiH'k (Walfaen II. Putter, tiwr.l— SSiuiea* 

vllle, II.. 27-Sep.t, 1, Manath'td 3-8. 
Cnrudl ('■■• (Imi Cnrmll. mgr. I — CI*rk«lwK, 

W. Vn..-31*Het>l. 1. ltlchwood. 3-8. 

— . mgr.)— 

Chauiirey-Kelirer < tl'rct, Cl tAgJIWMtV. 

Kittwvllle. ra., 2T-Kept. I. Slieuaudoali 3-8. 
Coaler. Slock^-Oorry. I'n., Kent. 3-8. 
Cnllfonila . Klwk (Siiitili ft Kredeekka, nigra.)— 

Kaeniiiieiilo. CaL, 27-Sept. 30. 
t'nrlvr'Klnek tWatliiiv It. ( 'inter, mgr.) — Vutiiler- 

tirltt,, l'a.. :;o Nrpi. 1, Cnrvv n : K. 
''Cntlngo VVhkuv" t Henry W. Hnrage, mgr.) — 

X. Y. City Si»|d. 3-8. 
''Cape Cod \m\t* (Mfhler A Co., nigra.)— Boa- 

Ion, Mnsa la , 27-Kept. IS. 
•'Clieekern'* It:, tiiirdner, mgr.)— St. Fun), Minn., 

HMfc I. 
, •'Cimillnn" (Lnula Miller, mgr.l —Hartford. 

Conn., 20, an. llrldKeiiorl 31, Sept. 1, Jersey 

City, N. .1.. 3-8. .■ , -. ,...■■ 

•T..w-l'iliWlicr."'W. V. Mmtii'H .(J. II. 1HU, -Mgr.) 

— Chleatfo. III.,' 37-Sepl. 1. I>ea>n. la.. 

2. 9, Stnarl 4, Ciajuell BlunTa 9, Omaha, Nehr., 

'■Cnuitty Clmlrmiin," No. 1 (Wall M. Leatle, lain. 

mgr,>— Ihauilon, N. J.. Sepl. K. 
•'CIhv linker." Itmvhmd ft Clifford'* H«*HA i.rny. 

mgr.)— Maulnlee, Mlfh.. 20, Traverau City 30, 

Kant Jutihiu 31. (Vt.vne City Si'lit. \. .... .. 

**Chater'a Uat Fight" (J. K- CIHTont, mgr.) — 

Boelon. flltn . 27-Seiit. \. 
1 •'Convlcfa Daughter,'' Kd, Salter a— Brooklyn. 

N. Y.. 27-Kepl. £ 
"C.mntir Jay'' (J. II. nniimiiu, mgr.)— Seining, 

Uv, 20, Cnrrnllton 30. Clirlehnvllle 31. 
•"Cnrac of Drink" ti'luin. K. Btauey Amtiae. Co., 

nigra:)— Hronklyu.N. Y-. 27-Sept. I. 
•Vowl-ov Oltl." Weatera tlvllroy ft Brllliui. 

nigra. 1— Lincoln, lit-. 28. Clinton 2». Fnnm-r 

City 3(1. Sullivan 31, Bloonilugloii Sepl. 1. 

Allium 3. . ■ , 1 * . 

"Cemvn »t Thnnia"— IIHdge|MirL Conn.. 27-20. 
"Chlnalowtl tUmrley" t.\, II. Wooda. mgr.)— till- 

cluimtl, tl.. BfrMflti I.; 1 „ , 

•■Child of the Jtwt linen t M . ft 1ina:'-K. lllatiey Aimtae. 

i'.i,. nigra.)— Wlhiilugltai. Ihd., 27-20. Citiudeii, 

N. J.. ItO-Sept. I, llnltlmiiic. Mil.. 3-8. 

' ■ o- ■ ■ ■ 

Drew, John ttlmrlen Fro|imnii, nigr.)— N. V. City 
Sepl. 'I. Indefinite. 

Dl\er. Henry K. (W. X. Lnwrence, mgr.)— \. \. 
City 27 Sept. 8. ■■ 

Dane, Uacai--Brooklyu, N. ft, 17-Beot 1. ... 

Hall, Jeaalc May (At. Trahern, mgr.)— I'tillmlel- 

phin. l'a.. 27-8ept. I. 
lliuittnga. The Four (Harry Dull, iu«r.)— Warrni. 

B.wlttjWlFw UI...YotiligHlown Kept. 1, Heaver 

Fn(la, ,t'a., 9, Akron. O.. 4, ../iiiieavllle B, Dcki- 

wgjl ,0. Keiltnil 7. Mkldtrtowii 8. . ■ .. ... 
llhilhielcl'i'n Jnijicrliil Stock (Julio A. Hlnnpolelii, 

lUgr.l-rKvntoii, O., 27;Sc])t. J. 
Hovt'n Cometiy (II. fl. AHeti, mgr,)— Anna, HI.. 

27-Kept. I. Carml 3-8. 
Huvward, Omcc (U«o. M. (iittta, mgr.)— Irfuveii- 

worlli, Kim.. 27.Seut. 10. - 
Ilniil.-rr-iiii Slock (W. J. ft IL H. H<anderni)ti, 

nigra. l-;C«iilrBl City. In., , 27-Sept. 1, Cohim- 

hln Jiidclloti 3-7, Otniimvii 8. 
ltllliniin, Muude IW. 0. Dillon, mgr.)— Fltlntteld, 

Miiaa., W-Sejit. 1. .-. 
Herald 8.1-iaic Stock (Hitter ft KnindiauiNJOgra.) 

— Onlgcvllle, N. V.. ST-Sept. 1, Lyoua 3-8. 
HiM'fller, Jack. Slock— Ceilnr Raplila, la., 27- 

Hlldreth Hloek (W. It, Hlhlreih,. nigr.)— Hot 
Klirlnga, Ark.. 27. Imleflulle. 

HarrlH-l'iii'klnw.n Stnek (Hunt. II. lliuil'i, mgc.) 
...v-|4WlnKli*,.Ky„ 27-S*»L,5. . . „ _ 
VHyiweiltc"- (Charli-H I'rohiniip, mgr,) — N. Y. 

liiy :io, iini.-fi.uii-. « . ■ . l... 

"Iinnii* Kolka" iKIaw ft iKrlauger, mgra.)— I'hlla- 

■ Irlpi. I.i. !■:■.. Sept. 3-8. 

"Heir hi tin Uwirair'-CTne Klrke I.n Shelle Co., 

nigra. 1— N. V. City Uvot. a, Itideflnlie. . 

"Her Only Kin," Llnmlti J. Ca^ler'a— Aajiland, 

()., 30, Klyrla 30, AVroti 81, BiirlM-rtuli JeW. 

1. Mtmalleld 9. New Lexington I. CrookHVlllo :>. 

Caiiilirhlge 8, Ihunea^lhv 7. Hellalro 8>.. .. • 
"Holy t'ltv." matt tkirmn ft IleunetCa (Henry 

itlaeknller. mgr.)— Alpena, Mich., 20, Aiinahlo 

llO, Kant Taiwan 31. ■■..',: 

"Holy City." t>iaat, Ohm ft , Bennett'* HA 

Comte ft Fk"iher, mgra.)— Denier, Coin.,. 20- 

■ilaJl'lUwiii llnya"— Milwaukee, Wla.,- ?tl-8ept. 
Is. Uiuiavllle, Ky.. 3-K, 

'■Her Flr<t.F«lav Stop," C. V. Whltaker'a— Clu- 
cluuatl. IK, 20-8epk I. . ■ 

•ihioaler .llrl" itlua c.ihan, mgr.)— Aurora. Mo., 
27, Monet l 28. llogera. Ark.. 20. Fort Smith 
30, llo-vMcllvhie 31, Little Bock Sept. A, Hot 
Springs It, Flue Hllin* 4, TexurkHtin .1, Shtvvc- 
porU l.» . 0. Moiuih' 7, JackHun, Minn., H. 

"Hogrta Afliuy." Hni ton Fowell'aitC. >'. l-'rnn- 
cla, iugr.)~- ran Madla,ou, la.. Sepl. .ft!. Kulln- 

' tiiirg. Tit.. .3, Falrhnry 4, SprhigOehl 0, Bearda- 
tinvii.", Jaekwajvlllc 8.. a < 

"limine of Myatery" (Mltleiilhal Rtoa. Aitniae. 
Co., mgra,,)— Buffalo. N. Y.. 27-Sept. I. 

"Humiiii ll.artn" IWn:. F. .KHilv. mgr.l— Kan- 
ana Cite. Mo.. mi-Sepl. 1. Jopltn 2.. SprlngUeld 
3, Curthage 4. Nvvudn' 3, l-'ort Scolt. Kim., U. 
I'ltlahiirg 7. Clinuulw 8. . - . ■ ■ 

•ilnn* H.iiimiii" (JgWfM T. MeAlpln. mgr.)— -Wyo- 
ruing. 111., tftt-ai. Mai-kluuw Sen!. 1. MaaouClly 
:i, Feteratairg L Albeng 3, Vtnlen tl. tilllTOple 
7.>IH1lalMro S. . ; 

"IKiw HeartM Alv Broken" (Mllteiillml Bhia.* 
Anmia'. Ot, t nigra.) — St. 1.011I-, Mo.. 2U-Sept. 1. 
■i ■■ 1 '-.:;- v 

"In Old Keuiiiekv" (A. W. Dingwall, nigr.)— St. 
Faiil, Minn., I. 

JniueK, Luiiln iWiilhu-e Monro, gen. mgr.)— Red 
Hank. X. J.. Sepl. 3. Liineanter. Fa., 4. .11- 
1iH>itn S, Wheeling. W. Va., 0. Canton, O., 7, 
Mnnatleld S. . _,v 

Jenvnim Big Klia-k- (Then. Jeavona. mgr.)— New 
KeiinliiKtmt. Fa., 27-Si-pt, 1. <:Bmegle 9-8. 

"Judge mtd the Jurv" iCharlea Krohiunii. mgr.l 
— N. Y. lily Kept. 1. liHlcHnlte, .■ 

'■Jidiiinv Wine." .Stephen* A J.hiton'a — Oranil 
Itankla. Mich.. 3tl-2», Tnleilu. O.. IlU-Kept. 1. 

"Jerry from Kerry" (Fatten ft Fletcher, nigra. 1— 
Hmftiiiry. Out., Can., 30, Foil William 31- 

a,,,.... - k . 

i,-iii-ii. Berlhn lllarrlaun Orey Flake, mgr.)— 

Fltlahitig.' t'n.. Kviit. :i-8. 
Kellar. Hurry I Dudley MeAdow. mgr.l — Ne.* 

llrltnln, .l^ouii.. Seiil. 3. Holyoke. Mann.. 4. 

Norlh Adania .1, llleua I'atla II, Oranvltle 7, 

Btirllngloii, Vt.. 8. . , ■ 

Kiii'ndl. IM U. ft Welnh. mgr.l— Knlem, N. IL. 

27-Kepl- 1. Nnaltun 3-8. 

Kennedy, Janieu |Hplt» ft Nathanaoii Amtiae. Co.. 

in urn. )- rin. in-. 11. Mana.. 27-rh-pl. 1. Fall River 

-HMienter. N. Y., 27-20. Syracuae HO-Sept. 

H, Y. City 3 8., , 

Bay a, Johnny and Knmia (E. I). Sink, tngr.)— 

Toledo, O., 27-2. IMtlBbnrg. Fa., Sepl. 3 8. 
Itliluiritaon Stock (Frank M. ttlrharihuni, mgr.)— 

UoliilllhtiH, Iml.. 27-Kenl. I. llreehlleld 3-8. 
llenlfroiv'a Jolly FntllrliiderK . (J. N, Heiilfiow. 

mgr.)— Decutnr. litd., 27-8e|d. 1, Shelhyvlllc 

Iloae siiKk (j. s. SkkltulL mgr.)— CrHtiklhu t'n., 

27tKe|it. 1. Khill'iiii 3-8. 
■itjlflten" (Kdnm-il A. Bnideii, nigr.)— Ililliidel- 

uhhl, l'a.. 27-Sepl. 1. 
"Hilletl Off the Turf" (A. IL Woiala, mgr.)— I'hll- 

adelphhi. Fa., 27-Hept. 1, 
Bace for Life" ft*. IL Sulllvnn Aninae. Co., 

nigra.)— rKew Hnren. Conn., 27-211. Springfield, 

"itoynl Slave," Count. Cordon ft HeuiietCn (Col. 

C. W. llohertn. nigr.)— Kenrnry. Nehr., 20, Lcx- 

liwtou 311. Sterling. Colo., Kepi. I. 
"Hoy ill Slave." Went. Uordoii a Itennett'n (H. T. 

sielaou. mgr, 1 — Lovelaml, Odo., 20, Liaigmout 

an,: Boulder 31, iiohleu sept. 1. 
"ItHgKcd Hero," L. De Coiil»»va's (.fnniei II. 

Itlunlea, nmr. l — Shenandoah, l'u., 27, BlinaiiH- 

IfUrg 28,.1'lttHl.iii 20, -Slttthigtiai 3V, Fusion 31, 

lleuillffs.HenL 1. ■ ■ -' 

"Koihaliee of (Vwn llollov" (L. .1. Slevln. mgr.) 

-Little Fall*. N. V.. 28, Fort I'lulu 20. Oa- 

wi'go 90. Sodiia 31. Niagara Fnlla Sept. 1, An- 

hum '1, Utlca 4, it.ini" 9, llluti 0, l^wvllle 7, 


Snpng. IHIdn (W. N. Lnwrence. mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 28, ludellulte. 
Kliihl. Iloae (Henry II. Hnrrla, mgr.) — Sew|anl, 

It, I. ..28, 20. N. Y. City Kept. I, ludelllilte. 
Shea. Thiamin K. (Nixon ft Zlinmciiniiii, nigrn.) — 

Lynn, Maaa., Si>pL 3-H. 
Sidney, tlcorge (A. W. Ileruian, mgr.l— Mlildh.'- 

town. N,. Y., 27. ■ New burgh 2N, IMnn'* 20. Am- 

Mleiilum 80, Sclieiieofidy lU.Utka Sept. 1, Sj- 

Mcnae, :?-3. Itwlu^ter U-8. ■■;• 

Smart Set (Harry Hill, mgr.)— I'latntteld, N. J., 

Seul. 8. . . ; . , , 

Souiheni. Chiiiuu-cy L. fltohintl A. OalHirne, mgr.) 

— Aahevllle. N. C. 27, imlellidle. 
Slnler'M Coniedlann (Win. Kralre, mgr.) — London, 

O... 27-Sept. l. Medina 9-8. 

Mattlee Stock (Ward II. Mill Ike, nigr.)— Loudon, 

Out., Can., 27. Indefinite. 
"MlHpair (Charlw Frolimnn, mgr.) — Chkiigu, 

lit,, Sept. 2 13. 
"Urn. Wtirgn of the Cabbage I'ntcli" (Llehler ft 

C»., nigra.)— i'ltlMhurg. Fa.. Kepi. 3-8. 
"Mini of Her Cliolro" (Citw. At. KlinnioiiiR mgr,> 

— N. Y. City 27-Sept. I. I'hll Iphin. l'u., -l-s. 

•■Motinnhliier'n Daughter," W, F. Maim'a (Hoy 

Klngntmi, mgr.) — Dea Mohiea, In.. Sept. 1. New 

Chn. Minn.. 2. Mankato 3, Albert. Lea 4, lllne 

Knrth 3, Loiiveriio (I, Flaiidreuu. S. Dak., 7. 

I'liientone, Minn.. 8. 
"Midnight, Flyer." Northern lAnaon Vamey, 

jngr.l-T-tl'wo IllverM. Wl«., ,20, Applet on 30, 

Kniikauua 31. Heaver Dam Sept. 1, Watorhiwii 

3. JntieaTllle :t, Oi-oiioinowoi; 4, I'oilnge 3, 

Hlniightoti 0. Kdgerton 7, Watikeaha 8. . . . t 
'■Midnight Flyer." Weateni. (Kd. Aii.lernon, utgr.) Sterling Kluck I Win. Triplet!, mgr.)— Maltland. 

_ _ Y. City 27. Hldennlte: 
Wardeld. .Davltl, (Davhl Behtaco, mgr.)— N, Y. 

City Sept. 1-29. 
Wllwin. Al. H. iShlne.v R. Kllln. mgr.)— Treul 

N. J.. 27. Reading, Fa., 28, HarrtMhiirg 2», 

Hngeratown. Md., 30. Cuniberlaud 31. Alhnaia. 

l'u... Sept. I, .lohindowii 3, Caulun. ()., 1. New 

I'tillailelplilu .1. Cuslii-'liru il, Kleutnfivllh' 7, 

Wtipplliut, W. Vn., 8. 
Weber'a Alt fitata, .(Juaeph Weher, mgr.)- Cht- 

rugo. III., 27. Indelltille. 
Wllln. Nat M. 4 Win. II. Currk. mpr.i-N.u inirii. 

N. Y., 31. Montt-eal. Can., Sept. 3-8. 
Waller Wllnon (Clum. R. Bhiliey Amitne. C>., 

nigra.)— S. V. City 27-Sept. 1, Brouklyii. N. Y„ 

Ward, Han <K. D. Stair, mgr.)— Fall lllver, 

Mnaii., 28, Lynn 20. Newport. B. t., 3U. 
Wlllliitnn, Lottie (Clum, \i Blimey Aninae. C..., 

nigra.) — Treiilnu, N. J., 30, Faternnn ,'Hl-Sepl. 

1. Newark 3-8. 
Williiimn ami Walker (M. H. Itiiym I. nigr.i — 

N. Y. City. 27-Sepl. 1. Brooklyn, N. Y.. 3-1.7. 
WluliliiKcr mm.' Own I Frank Wliiuliigfr, mgr, I— 

Mfii'ltl. Win.. 27-Senl. 1, Wuunaii.2a. 
Weilnuin.> (tiny It. Alnawurlh, mgr.l — 

Clear Lake, la.. 27-Sept. 1. ■ 
Warner Comedy .(Bui IL Warner, mgr.)— Klmy, 

Wla., 27-8e|'t. I. 
WhIIih-K'.'. Tbcutre, Northern (DuMoaky linn*., 

nigra. >—H.H'k lattiud. HI., 27, liidellnlle. 
Witllnck i'hentre. Southern (Huldiinky Urn*., 

nigra.)— FltlHhuiK. Kan.. 20-Sept. 8. 
" 'Wuy DpWn Knat" (Wm. A.. Brady, mgr.l— 

N, Y. CHy 37-8ept. I, Utlca. N, Y., 3. Tiny I. 

KrlieiKH'laily fi, Rochi-nler 7. 8. 
•"Way Down Knnt" (Win. A. Hnnly. mgr.l— St. 

Julni. N. I).. Ciin.. 2T-30. Frederletmi III. 

Calilla, Me,. Sept. 1, Furllninl 3, 4, Angliata 9, 

Wotervllle II. llangor 7, 8. . 
"While 'I'rlnco H.iinn," Lincoln J. Carter'a ♦• 

ciil.'iiH", III., 211-Scpt. 10. 
"Way of i the Traiwgrennor." Chan. II. Yale a— 

Wnahliiglon, D. C, 37-Sept. 1, Baltluiore. Md,. 

Sullivan Amuae, ni 
Si'i't. 2-9. PllWH 

kiiii'k. mgr.)— Utluwnrth, 

. 3-S. . 

Klark-Crhim ill 
Me.. 27-Sepl, I. 

Kevalmie Dramnlle (Mux A. Arnold, mgr.l— Stan- 
ford. Me., 37-311. lirovetun. X. II. , Ho .Sepl, I, 
Sherbrovke, tjue,, dm., 3-8. 

-Dniceville, 111., 211. llrnlUwinnl at). Ileury 31. 
C.oiln S,-i>t. 1, Molina 2, Cnleiihitrg 3, Cimtou 
4, Moiunooth .7. ttiirllugtoli, In., tl. Wuranw, 

-III.. 7. quiiicy 8. 1 

'■McFndilen'H Flnta." (Ina-Htlt'a (Howanl Fowcra, 
mgr.)— Orunge. N. J.. Sept. I. Anuanolln, Md.. 
a, Wliichenter. Ky.. 4. Sliimilon, Va.. 6, Clmr- 
lottimvlllp (I, .Lym;hlnirg.7, Hoamike H. 

"Mr. Blarney .from livlnnd" (UIimb. K. nianey 
Amiiae. Co., mora.)— Cleveland, O., 27-Sept. 1. 
•lluletlo 3-3. (Iiiiih) ItupLda U-8 

"Mania - Broken Promtac," I. L. Veronw'a (Ed. 
Decker, nigr.) — littaburg, Fa., 27-Kept. 1, 
Cleveland; 0.. 3-8. 

"My AVIfe'n J-'amllv," Eaatern (Freeman Fkke, 
mgr.)— Anlitiihula. <)., 30. Krle. Fa., 31. Dun- 
kirk. N. Y., SiiU. 1. Nlaiwra Fnlla 3. Wnrnaw 
.4, I'mv 3, lloriicllnvllle II, Cauaudiilgim 7, 
tleneva 8. • . > 

"My Wlfe'n Family. •' Cenlrnl (Frank Cook, mgr.l 
—-Ithaca. Mich.. 20. Orand Knpldn 30-Sepl, 1. 

"Mr Wlfe'n Family." Weateni (W. M.-Co.viin. 
mgr.l— ttl|Mrii. Wla., 20. Chilton 30. Fort Wash* 
Ingtoli ill. Manitowoc Sept. 1. Two HI vera 2, 
llaclno 3. Frecport. 111.. 4, Helolt. Wla., 3, 
Klerlllig. IU.. «. Clinton. la.. 7. 

"Menacngor Hoy" (Archie Maddyx, mgr.)— till- 
itniu. III.. 20. I'axlon 110. Wlltluntapott, Iml.. 31, 
Boawell Kept. 1. Uxfnrd 3, Atlka 4, Veeilera- 
birrg 3,,Mtiiiteatimn (I. Clinton 7. ■ - 

"Mnater W.irknniu" tl' Hunt, mgr.l— N. \. 
Lily 27Si-|.|. I. l'hlliiilelplila, Fit., 3-8, 

"Mlihilght Kaiaiie" (Kd 11. Ix-ater, mgr.)— Mon- 
treal, Can.. 27-Kept. I. .. , 

"Mlutnter'n Kim." Maemitey ft Patten'" (It. K. 
Itulleilge. mgr.)— (ialva. III., 28. Hnnhnell 20, 
.Moumoulh 3d, (laleahnrg 31, DnveniKirt. In.. 
Sept.. 1, H'fk lalaml, III.. 2. Kewnitee 3, La 
Itoae 4, Toluca 3, Dwlgtit 0, Falfhnry 7, Otta- 
wa 8. ^ 

Delta Si,... 
fi, IMoiew B. Miincoa 7. Dnrnugi. 8. 

New. York Slandard Slock (Standard Aniline. Co.. 
nigra.)— Cnrbnmlate, l'a., 27 -Sept. I, N. Y. 
City id*,' i.- -t. . „ ■-■ 

North Broa.' ConHiliiinn- Lnfayette, Ltd., 27- 
Sept. 1. 

"Xlnelv nml Nine"— Albany. N. Y.. 90-Sept. 1. 

■•Nettie, the Ncwa Clrl"— Chteliinntl, 0.. Sept. 

O'Neill. 3aiiH'n (Llehler ft Cu,, mgra.)— Chicago. 
ML. 27-Kept, I. 

Oleott. Clmuneey (Angiiatua I'llou. mgr.l— Mln- 
neiiiwll'. Minn.. 211-Sept. 1. Si. Haul 2-H. 

tFNeli. Nuiiee (MeKw llnnktti, mgr.)- -Spring- 
Held, Maan.. Sepl. 7, 8. 

daman Sim'k. (John Ohihiiii, mgr.) — Uruuiwlck, 
Md.. 27-Sept. I. 

"Our New. Mlnlaler" (Jonenli Conyera, mgr.)— 
Uiganaianrt.- Hid.. 20, Kankakee. 111., 3(1, Kl- 
gin 31, nelvhlere. Sep1,.l,.Haehie. Win,, 2, She- 
boygan 3. Onhkoah 4. Apldelou 3, Oreeli Hay 0, 
Oconto 7. Mrimiuliiee, .Mich-. 8. 

"On tlie Bridge at Mldnhihl." Kaaiern (Artlinr 
K. I'emwti. iimr.)--llellevllle. 111.. 2S, Mm - 
phvalwiM 20. Mn Hon .'til, Cairo 31. 1'aihicali. 
Ky,, Sept, t, Terre llnule. iml , 3-3. 

"Oil fhe Bridge at Midnight, - ' Kllmt ft OanroloV. 
Weateni ll. K. Colin, mgr.l— Mlwuula. Slotil.. 
20. Spmgne. Wanh.. 30, Nollti Yaktnm 31, 
KllenhnvK Sept. 1, Scuttle 2-8. 

"Old lamr rrom the Ihnrery" (Chan. K. Blaney 

Fierce, nnrr. ) — Monmouth. HI., 22, .Mounckcin. 
III. '23, Allflnio«a 21. Ceilnr Rapid* 3a. Mm- 
■ hniiiuiMi 4M, (ir.oi.i 11 27. Newton CK; Amc« 
3n. Ferry 30, - DwmOii .il. CreMun Sepl. 1- 
"Our Old Kculucky Hoiue" tWui. Ikywued, uinr.) 

Mo.. 21 Sept. 1. MiuichPhlcr, In.. 
Sllea Slock— Tun iiel ton, W. Va„ 27-Hept. 1. 
.slim/, j, «., Sl.a-k (Lawrence l'clermiii, iiikp.)— 

Bnlon. Itntige. Lu.. 27-8cpt. I. 
"Shad.»w Ilchlml the Throne." L. De Onrdnvn'a 

iJaini-a IL Hlunlen, mgr.)— N. Y. City 27 Kopl. 

1, (ieneva. N. V., 3, Niagara Fnlla 4, .Medina 

3, Ht. Catherhien, Can.. (1. Ilanillloti 7, 8. 

"S hiy"— I'lllnlmrg, l'a.. Sept..3-H. 

"Seualor'a Vncallon" (Will J.lllwk Amuae. Co., 

nigra.) — tHileago, 111., 27-S*-ii(. 1. 
"Kncret ..f Follce" (A. 11. Wooda, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 27-Sept.- 1. 
"Ktriuiger In Town." Slepltcna ft .Lliitmt'a — Cold- 

water, Mkii., M, Hauiimnid, Iml., 30. In- Knlh 

31. La Salle. 111.. Kept. 1. 
"Kwi'eteat.UIrl hi Okie" (C. S. Iluble, mgr.)— 

line Blijn-. Ark.. 20,. Little Itm-k 30, Hat 

Spring* 31, Arkndelphlii Kept. 1, I'rrncotl 3. 

Hoirt' 4. flnwivllle. Tex., 5, Uallua «. Fort 

Worth 7. Clelmriie 8. 
"Stolen Story"— Chlcti go. 111.. 2U, tmlelln|tc. 
"Sign of the CroHn" (II. «. Craerlu. mgr.)— 

lluilaoit. % V.. 20. cilcii 3U, Ihilnvln 31, Kt. 

Cntlierhiea. Out.. Can., Sept. 1. Fort Huron, 

Mkii., 3. Saginaw I. 
"St niggle for llohl" (Aiihnr .T. Wooda. mgr.)— 

Shlillnlmrg. Win,, 21). lintleHlk :ih, Benton 31. 

st.K-liii.ii. III., Sept. ]. Blknlnih 3. Apple 

lllvei' -1. Warren J, OregoirU, Polo 7, Bavuiiitu 

"Sminy South" fJ. C. Hockwell, mgr.)— Nttii- 

tanket Bench, Maan,, 27-Kept. 3. 
Tyler. Odetle— Chicago, III.. 20-Sept. R. 
Turner. Ctarn (In W. Jaekaon, ingr.) — Westerly, 

It. L, 27-Kept. 1, Brockton. Muaa., 3-8. 
Taylor Slock (II. W. Taylor, mgr.)— Brockton, 

Maaa., 27-Kept. 1, Olouepnter 3-8. 
Tucker. Klhcl. Slock l.Maek Broa.. nigra.)— Los 

Angeles. C11L, 27. Imlcllnlte, 

oil, Colo., 20. I'nonhl .10. llotchklaa .1!, t,.,„|-. k i Sl.a-k U 1 Tiiniienl nwr 1— Htn.miH 
Sept. LMoillroae 3. Ouray 4-. Tellnrldu m V I'n n-Keid ) lt "" KSl ' ■*'. ««""■ 

"Two Mr. Weatherbya" (W. N. I.nwreiiee. mgr.) 
— X. Y, CHy 27, indetlnlte. p 

"Ten. I'roiid to Beg," Lincoln J. CiirlorV— lihnl- 
atone, Mich.. 20. Mnrtpictlc 30. llaiteoek 31. 
Calumet Sepl, 1, Luke Linden 2. Uhitemlug 3, 
Munlaliig I. Mniilalhpie 9, Snnlt Kle. Marie II, 
Sank Ste.Mntie, Out.. Can., 7, CltelK-ygan, 
Mich.. K. ' 

■ Told I11 tin' 11111m" (Wtll .1. Block Anuiae. Co.. 
nigra.)— Chicago, HI.. 27-Sepl. K. 

"ThnriM mid Orange Hloaaoma." A, Itowlaml ft 

Cllffonra (Fred Wnlli igr.)— SI. Liaila, Mo.. 

'JtlSept, 1. 

"Thorn* mid Oriiner Bloaaomn," B. Ilowlnpd A 
ttllfford'* (Frank Winch, mgr.) — Benton llar- 
Inii-. Mich., 20, Klkharl. lud., 30. Tinw Hlvero, 
Mich.. Ill, Cnldwnler Sept. 1, Battle Creek 3, 
Junenville I, Jnekwm B, Hllkdnle (I, 

"Tliuraa mid -Orange Hloiminia," C, Howlnml ft 
Cllffoi'd'H (Jack Taylor, tngr.) — Aurora. III., 
Sept. 1,. Kenoahn. Wk.. 2. WitakegHU. 111., 3, 
(iwuukiMhii 4, Klkhorn. Win.. 9, Woodntock, III., 
II. Behdt. Win.. 7. Koikford. 111., S. 

"Tell Th'.itMimd Ihdbirs ltewnril" tK|a-ni'er ft 
Almrii. nigra.)— Bit It Imore, Mil.. 27S«it. 1. 
Buffalo. X. Y., 3-8. ^ ' 

"Thorn 111 Her Heart" (tl, T. Ollck, mgr.l— 
Chiirlolte. Mh-h.. 20, Bellevue 3ii, lllilndnle 31. 
Adrian Sept. 1. Toledo, tl., 2-9. 

"Toant of ihe Town" (C. Wei*, mgr.)— StailiHnn. 
\a.. Seiit. 3. Chariot lenvllle 4. Lynchburg fi, 
Hleliiiiond 0. Norfolk 7, Xewiairt Xewa 8. 

"Time, the I'ht ml the Hlrl" (M. 11. Klinier. 

Utgr. I- Ohtengn. ll|„ 20. Iiideilulie. 

"Two Merry IT: «" IM.Veim ft Vetter. inijM.t 

— Alldi. In., 20, Buxton 30, Hell plain 81, 
fan Oily 8e|H. I. Oe-tnr flaplds 2. Wnierlco 
.1. Iowa Fnlk I, Iloloteln 0, 0, Cherokee 7. 
Lmunr b, ' 

3-S. _ 
"W.niuin of Fire" (F. II. 

mgra.)— Hohuken, N. J.. 

"Warning Bell." (loidon ft Bennetl'a {Oatvln (Hl- 

maliie. nigr.)-^Hnrlluglon, N. J.. Kepi. I. J'lie*- 

ter, Fa., 3, Dovel'. Ih-I„ J. Siillabary, Md,. .', 

Cambridge (I, Raajou 7, Aminiadla. H. 
"When Women Love" (Hplta ft NatlmiiHon. mgW.I 

—Tweed, Can.. 20, Oainiiiwitte 30, Napiiiiee 31, 

I'ktnu Kept. I. 
"Weury Willie Walker" (ftMll A Ntidmtiar.n. 

nigra. l~U'haiiou. N. II. . 20. Chiretiiont m. 

Hitrlugllebl. VI.. 31, K e. N. IL. Kept. I. , , 

"While Capa" (Joneiiti W. Cmioly. mgr.)— Had- 

ford. Va.. 211, Hhielleld, W, Vn.. 3d. LyurhlmrK. 

Va.. 31. I'ulankl Sepl. 1, Uanlaiailnii'g 3, > «■»■ 

lugtoii 4. lllutmi, W'lVn., 9, Clmrleatoii ll, li«u- 

lon, o., 7, I'urtaihautli 8. 
"Woman of -Mynlery" (Boy D. -Wuy. . mgr.)- ■"■ 

llliliwa, IJ... Sept. 1, Mmahalltoffii 2. Oakn- 

Hwan 3. i.Vfbla I. What Clieer 0, Tvlctto ii. B«aaj 

7, Fort Dnilgi' N. ■*,..■, L „i 

"When the Hurveat Dnya are .Over"— Pcckaklll. 

N. Y„ 20. Yonkcr* 30, New Koebrlle 91. Spring- 

Held. Milan., Sept. 1, Holyoke I, NeV Urllnln. 

(\nin„ I. 
"Wonderlii ml"— Trenton, N. J-, 20. 
V . 1 

Yohng. Marie (Shaw ft Unllnghcr. nigra. »— i'j-1- 

iveln, In., 211, Wnverly 31). Oange 31, Anal In, 

Minn.. Kept. 1. Alla-rt U-a 3 I'arltian L 

llnnllima .". Anoka 11, ■FrJuceloii 7, Moiilkelh' a. 
"Yomig Hutralo. King uf the Wild Went" liliw*. 

K. Blaney Aninae. Oh, nigra. 1 — laailavllle, b>'-. 

2tl-Hi'|il. 1, Cliicliiimll. O.. 2-H. , 
"Yoii Yonaon*'— I'lltnbiirg. Fa., 27-Bepl. 1. 

Atari Opera (Milton ft Sargent A born, nigra.)— 

Newark, X. J...2H-Sept, 3. 
Bulger, Harry (Henry W. Savage, mgr.l— lUiatiai, 

Muaa.. 27-Sept. 1, N. V. City 3, hidcfliille. 
Butler, Hcku May, and her Ludh-a' Hand iJ. 1- 

Spnhlt. iiu/i-.)— Denver. Colo., 27-Sepl. 8. 
Hlivck 1'nttT Truuhtiilinirn (1(. Voolekel, iuki'- ' " 

IMtitaviHc, Ala., 20. Corinth, Mlaa.. 30. M;ia- 

iiIiIm. Temi.. 31. Join-.tlioro. Ark.. Sept. 1. I' 1 "' 

Hltitf 3. Little Iloek 4, Hot Sprlnga 3, Camden 

II. Texnrkaiia 7. .Mnraliall, Tex., 8. _ B 

• llnlH-n I,. Toy land" — HiiHImore. Md.. Sepl. 
Cnblll. Marie (D. V. Arthur, mgr.)— X. »• "» 

27. Iiiderlulle, 
CatvlhoriR-. .loaeph (Klnw ft Krhmger, int;'" ' 

HlHTalo, N. Y., 30-Sept. 1, Chicago. III.. 2. "' 

Curt In Mualeal (Curlk ft Lewla. nigra.)— «■ 

Jweph, M».. Sent. 2-2S. _ , „ 

c.nivity'N Ilhit.-n B11111I— Chlengo, 111., 20-se|d . ,;'■ 
"Oaptnln Ciircleaa" (It, C. Whitney. nlgM— Tic 

run to. Con.. 27-Sepl. 1, Dprroll, Mich.. 3-8, _ 
"Coming Thro' Hie Hve," (Ho, W. Lederrr ►— 

Milwaukee. Wla.. Kept. 2-K. „. 

FlHcherra Mllltiirv Hand (Chan. M. Flaclier. wgr.l 

—New Orlennn. La... 20, .lialetlntle. ,. „ 

FalriiiHii'n Hoalon timeerl Blind (Wm. It. Kerr, 

mgr.)— Atlantic City. N. J.. 37. liidellnlle. 
"Kmty-llve Mlimlen from Itronilivay," K.i^ |,M( 
(Klnw ft Krlmtger, mgro.)— CotimibiW. 0., seju- 

"(Jlniierhroail Mnn" (Bilwnnl A. Braden, mgi'-'T 
Bnaiklyn, N. Y.. 27-Sepl. 1, Trenton, X. -I- •■• 

. ♦■!■.': I'd,, it, 

"Cay New York" (Joe ivtlbr-ill, mgr.l— SlbW 1- 

tnwn, X. ¥.;• 30. Jiuiienlowu 30, Dunkirk •"■ 

Kiie, fit.. Sepl. 1. Cleveland. O.. 3-S. 
"Olrl from Park" (M, K. Illee, nigr.t— « H "' 
,tiatlan Ikaeh, N. Y„ 37-Sept. 3. m .. 

HoMwr, De Wnlf (Hbiila-ii Bros., mgra.)— Brink- 

lyn, N. V., 8e|U. t-8. , , 

llerntd Hi|imre opera— Clef ehntd. O.. .37-Sepl. ■■ 
Ilrnrv, T. F., nml hla B1.111I— laa Molliea. In.. -T, 

Howe, l*imn, OrehPHlrn— !,mtg Braiieh, N. •!■■ -" 

In definite. 
Hogmi. Bildk (Unrllg ft Senmon, jiigrf.1- I |e- 

tndt. Mich., Mt-Beni. 1. 
"Ilia Honor Hie MnTor" (Wm, It, SHI, mgi-f- - 

Drooklyu, N, v., tkpt, 3-8. 






a MMterplMv by • MASt^rhmnd— AIITI1UH (IILLGHPIK 

" *" * -mmwtm. Ivin l.rllv. ,!..„ hla I,.. ,.„,.. "*i„ P m-t. M»k.> lilt. Ho.rl tlrovr Poiuarr," :>i>l llu'i Ki.ln. HllMKi, Thli Lyric I, vrcl.lcd to «h« 

If Von want ■ .,.>,„. r ., .... . „V"" , " t "' ■'■•lodl™ l>>- t HAT. I.OITI; Ill.tKI:. 
C f _, ' C ™7 ' * "N »f Ihl. Iltllir... Him BE \t -111.;., „,..- Il.iil KVV1SPIKM >„.. »n<l VOI'lt Tl 1 \ AUK II .rinl for 

^..^.p^rlf^-* you keadi ati^ir keart'' 

"!^~£"P ".*?"' ""' **» '"T, Now In p„.„, ,,n,l llr.lln. ,1 to S.vrfp 1 1.. Country, liy AHTIimi BIM.MPIE, tent III., I 


t."'?*l9 , ^rtf^ *&•"'•" '""•""'•'"■"''"'oik of "(.paid Y«» Bend My ll»»rt" Sow 

9 1 

CHICAGO 4.FFI0K, dr ami SilCUrk street, 

"H-ri'in. flirt' 1 1. (Spit* A Nathanson, nifrn>.)— 
MohtwW. >Vt J. Z9.,Mlddlet»to.30,;GraaTU1e, 
\ j„j<i, BntAuii. >*., !#yt. I. i 

Ioi'ila aimI h ' s Orchestral Bnml— Detroit. Midi., 

T.ilSf&s'tLleblepACo., nigra.)— Chicago, III., 
27 -Sept. IB. 

Kilties MM (T. P. J. Power, mgr.) — Burling- 
ton, In., 20-31, Dnwnp«t S*pt, 1-5, Cedar Hap- 

Lnmbtuoi's Roral Venetian Band — Philadelphia, 
I*o.. 27, Itideniill*. _ „. 

"I anil of Nod" (Lyman R. Glover, ingr.)— Chi- 
cago. 111.. «•*«*•>- ._ , , , 

Mar Etl-ia (Charles- Frolinjan, mgr.) — London, 
Keg., 27, Indefinite.,., i 

"Uahl una the Mtuiinir" (Chan. Marks, gen. 
lflgr.»-DBluth. Mflia.. Sept.-*, 4. 

"One HOIMI Town" (Ned Wuyburn, r 
Cltr 27-sept. h. 

rollnril Mlllimtlnu Ojiern (C. A. Pollard, mgr.)— 
Montreal, Can., 1 27-Kepr. I. , 

■■Prince *if Pllaen (Henry W. Savage, mgr.,— 
BortML Mas;-.. 27-8ept. 8. 

'TUT.-'Pair, MP 1 (». C. Whitney, jngr.) — De- 
troit. Mich., :.0-Sepl. 1, Flint :», Port Huron -I, 
Suglnaw 5. Bay City 0. Lansing 7. Muskegon 8. 

'Tegtr Horn Furls" (Madlaon Corey, ingr.) — 
Cincinnati. <^.S?pL 2° 

mU-^Ti*. l - M niint pl * B! "»«t ; >- Somerset 4, 
HMMIali , troslburg, Mil., 0. MartHisbiirg, 

w. vo.. i, OuaOmOmm, ph.. u. 

Janoy Utxifa <j„i„, 1. Solan, mgr.)— New Of 

(Ned Wuyburn, mgr.) — N. Y. 


leans, La., 211-Sept. .. 
Daly s, Win. .rush — Sncnmlncn Park. N. Y.. 27* 
Sent. 1, Montreal. Can.. It 8. 
un'ii'f B "»-' <»'!'>' Ue line. mgr. I— Itlculleld 
SKuA *•« 211, Stamford .til, Hnxhary :il. 
PlirftUIll Sent. 1, Uobarl :(, Delhi 4, \Vuliuj. 

Flelu'K Al. O (Doe. Qulgley, mgr.)— Inillaniipo- 
Ita. iRil., 20, Dnyto.1. o„ :io, Coliitnlms ill. 

Cha«auooira. Tenn., 0, Knoxrllle 7, AnhevIDe, 

Bfl., 20, Coliimliia SO, Pontile :u. iinrrlxhurg 
5*% ?■ wh»» : <- WUaW-anm 4, Meraatan 
•>. Cni-l Hindu le li, port Jervia, N. Y.. 7, Middle- 

Oonon'a (0, 0. Pearl, mgr.)— Canaan, Me., 20, 

lielfimt .it), Dover 31, ■ 
G »y BMt.; (G. It. Guy, mgr.)— WlndMor, Vt., 

.10, flooilntnc* 31, [.plipnon, N. II...,Henl. 1. 
HayerlyH (Fred D. Fowler, mgr.)— Itlcbmond. 

Va.. 27-Reju. 1. AlUoJl. Un.. ;j-8. 
Ill Heary'K— Lentl, d. link.. 20, BIHIngx, Mont., 

45 WES r 88ih STREET, N EW YORK, 


<s& oo. 

■Pair HiiKlle. PfteJV'twmard Hakomb, mgr.)— KarHanua , ( Billy (Geo. I,. Barton, mgr.)— Nevada. 

linltlmuie. XoV 27-3e<)t. 1. .... Mo., 20. Ttipeka. Knn....'ll), Alelilaou III, I-eaven- 

•toyaL gtanaUU Buna i* M- Finn, director.)— woiih Sept"l. Hi. jlrWli. Mo.. > n. Piola. 

, Sept. S-B. 


Uninhn, Sfeltr., 27, indefinite. 
Itoval Artlllerr Bund (Joseph D* Vlto, mgr.) — 

tlaltlmor?. Mil., 27-8e<)t. 8. 
■•Bui , Feather'! — Burlington, . Vt., 20, Montreal, 

Can., Best. H. a ' • • ■ •' '- 

"Hnval Chef (Hntry Ilrrtwrt, mgr.)— Miles City, 

Moat., 29. Rlllttig»--H>, UvlngRton- 31. Boxeimm 

Hcpt. 1. Buttc;2, II, Anaconda 4, Great Folia ... 

Helena 0, Mlahoiiln 7, Waltaee, inn., s, 
SclielT. Frlrtl (C. B. -Dlllluglinm. mar.)— N. Y. 

Oily Kent. 1-22 
Smi*n and hla Band (T'Oin Phllln Sniwo, conilnc* 

tor.)— Philadelphia, Pa., 27-Sept. II. 
Slater nn-l his Brooklyn Marine Bnml— Brighton 

Bearh, Coney Inland, K. Y-, 27 Seiit. It. 
'■Social W|ilrl" (Khuberl Bros., mgra.) — N. V. 

City 27. Idellnlte. 
"Snltan af Ma" (MndlMin Oory, ingr.) — Norfolk. 

Vn., HI, Sept. 1. J. i 

"Sleeping Bemity nnd the Beaut/* W. 

Ulle'a— N. Y. City 8e;.t. :t-«. 
'■Hargenat Kilty"— Philadelphia, P._ . 
Thomaa, Theodore, OreliCHtrn — Clilcugo, 

Sept. 1. 

"Tinirlala" (Rhnl**t, Bros., m«r«.)— N. 

27. llHlefliiHe>. 
•Tenderfuoi" (Clias. WMU, gen. niRr.)— Mllwnn- 

tVe.' Wl*.. Kwit 2-8, , 
Williams. Untile (Ohnrles Frohman* mgr.) — N. 

V. City 27, liMWIiilte. 
Wills. Mimical (John it. Wills, mgr.)— Hovannoh. 

(!a.. 27-8ert. ».■ ■„»*•■ 

"Yohkre Confud"* (John P, >8Ideum, ■Mnftr.)^-To- 

ronto, Out.,,, 27Se9t. I. . 

iii-lii.i^iiiin: AND v \i i>i;vii,i,i:. 
Avenue Girls (Geo. Hale. mgr.>— l'lttabiteg, i'a., 

Vt-.Sfpt, l.'AIIOOIIH II. 
American Biirlesqitera — Coahneton, O., 20-Sept. 1, 

Mnrktn U-h. 
a.i in-. Geo.. II.. Vuudevllle (A. L, Bnvllie, mgr.) 

Mount Vermin, «)., 27-Hent. 1. 
• BriHHl't.' Mnrpv 0„ Miiriivrivv 17 " ( J - s - Rnynor, 

mgr.l— Chicago, 111., 2(I-Rei>t. I.. 
Bl., i. uis (.Ihiiii-j- Hyde, niBr.) — Brooklyn, 

N. Y.. 27- Sept. 1, Providence, H. I., :i-s. 
Behmau'a Show— Brooklyn, N. Y.. IT7-K>l>t. 1. 
UuhcmhihH ( Ilnrney Glnirtl, mgr. )— M Ihvaukee. 

wi... 2H-Kept. I, Ht. L'iiiiI. Minn., 2-9. 
Picliclor Clilhr— Bnltlroorc. Md., ,Hent. 11-8. 
BoMon BcJIcb (Jnck Singer, mgr.) — Providence, 

% I, 27 -Sept. 1, Pblh Iphlu, P«., UK. 

Rr.jinu.TH ( « un". Cromwell, mgr.) — Dulnili. 

MlntlL. 20-Hept. I, UlimqaiMills S-N. 
Broadway. Gaiety Glrla (Jamcx, II. Curtln, mgr.) 

— Brooklvn. S. Y„ 27-Scpt. 1. 
Cracker .lack* (Harry Leonl. mgr. )—N. Y. ■ City 

Sept. D'fl. - .... 

Cliiin.imtjm Glrla— .Teraey City, N. .T., 27-Bept. 1. 
Colonial Bi-llea (CIuih. Falke, mgc.)— Bnltlinoyo, 

OB., 27-Sepl. 1. ., 

Cr lair* Vuudevllle— RlltaliPtb town, N. V.. 27- 
Bept. 1. 
Da-tiiy Iinelieaa (WeU'r k Itnali,- miara.)— N. Y. 

City 27-Sept. 1. 
Daly's, Wm. Joah, Dixie fterenndei'B — Now Itrnna- 

wlck. M«.V 27 rtci.t. l, - 
DremnlADil- Rttrleaoiiern (Frank CaMcr, rn-r.i — 

Detroit. Mich., 2I1-Se|it. 1. 
Empire Itiu'leiwitior* (J.' FenrieBPy, mgr.) — Louts* 

vllle, Kyi, 2u-8e|>t. 1, Clncliinntl, li., 2-8. 
Kmplre Vnmlevllle (.1. K. Motea, mgr.)— Little 

Hock, Ark.. Rent. 3-11.. 
Fay Foster UiirlcMHuera (.T. Oppenhelmer, mgr.)e- 

InillanupollH, hiil.. 27-Scpt. 1. 
Greuler New York Btara— Philadelphia. Po., 27- 

Kept. 1. 
Hk'h Kclioo] Olrb (Alfred Mayo, mgr.)— Montreal, 

Can., Kept. ll-H. 
Idea In (Mini Mlllliinm, mgr.)— Cleveland, 0., 27- 
r Sept. 1. 
lmtwrlula (Jeaae lim-na, mgr.) — Knnana City, Mo., 

mmUL l. ■:■■■ 
ImioreulMaiils (K. W. Chlpmaii, mgr.)— Piovl- 

ileiifp,' 11. 1.,' 27-Hent, -1; - 
Irwin'*. Fr«t Big Slifltt'-r-N. Y. City 27-flept. I. 
-Tolly Glrln (T. K. NcCreary. mgr.)— St. Paul, 

MJiin., UO-Hept. 1, Dmulh 2-S. 
hnlckerlioekera (Loijls llohle, nipr.)— Flltnburg, 

Pa,, 27-Bept.l. Indlnnatiolls, Ind,. 3-8. 
Kmrnekl wmm (BoU-rt Gordon, uigr.)— Torunlo, 
„Can., 27-Hept, h 
Mfrry Mikan («. K. Patton, mgr. >— Mlnnrapn. 

Ba, Mhm.. 20-aept. 1, Totwhu. Kut)., ;i-r-, St- 

-Toaepii, Md., 0-8. 
Merry Bui MWHHl (Win. Ballnuf. mgr.)— Clneln- 
, nntl, ()., 20-Setit.l. Clevelmtd 11-8. 
Merry Millions (CliaB. W. DaulelH, mgr.)— Buf- 
„Mo, N. Yi, 27-Sent. 1. Detroit. Mich.. 2-«. 
MooiilWit Maids (David Kraua, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 27-Sept. 1. 
Mlaa New York Jr. (Ilatrlo n. Pierce, mgr.)— 


THAK-ALGAU. no 111 K.14, N.T., Or. Kcllh»a, 
load, or MqkIc, Power. Hnoma too,, lie. |1, 
tl.MdtriKMtotiwaak. W.D.UANNlnAW.Prop. 

Wabneh A UHdiaoD, CHICAGO, 


IMadoqhl q. TBTiJevH lepat.rni mgQ I n vlWI. 

0. 0., I'rop. strictly 
Ameriokn nun. $h-1d stogie; 

M HMton. Mns... 27-8fnt. 1. 
grw Cmturj Olrl,.— llilliiMj 

......fllilll,. PO.i 27-Sfpl- 1. 

Mw !.oii,l ( |ii Holelt Olrl. (Cliff W. (Jtnnt. mnr.1 
rMMw. N - J.;.27.a.|il. I. Jpr«y Cltr :t-8- 

Nlrllt Owl,— Olliclrilintl, O.. Sept. :l-fl. 

How smell'. Lmiiloi, nvllw \\v. 


mir.)— tiltlmotr, Mil., ST^enl. 

Rollly'* WfM.l-H (1'ut Itellly. mrr. lr-Clilcn«o. III.. 

20-H.nt. 1. 
R»"e Hill', KnnllHU Kollr— «lt,eluiiatl.,. 0.. M- 

liiitintriy nitl. UVtfr'fl. CUtk. mile. 1— noeliraler, 
. N. Y., ar.Sept. 1. Albany n-il. Troy «•«. , , , 
Slot Win*: fllri. i <\v. PViiorwy, our.)— 1'bltaiW- 

BUS PVi.. S7.s»bt. l 
UioroiiBlibrcHl. (I.. .1. Olurwrirtli. nier.)— nnltl- 

man, Mil., urot. :|.g. 
Tlwr MilM ll.iy tlro.ll. tn«r.l— N. V. Clly 27- 
_ »PPt. 1. 
ltreuilMb Century MnliU— St. I.pnl». Mo.. 27- 

Repl. l, 
I'ncle.Sdin'B DniUrbter, .(Olio,. 15. Tnylor.: m«e.) 

— 1-rwlilMirc. ff. I., Sept. »■«. 
*t«Uy Fnlr Otohett M.itebe.ler. mitr.l— Howlnn. 

Ma.,.. 27<8epl. 1, Kprlniilleld no. AllMPy. N. 

YTtuwrti 'Bitelpflqiier. (Pnm Roblnraa, Ihi". roKr-) 

.. — N..V. Clly. nipt, 3-8. 

lntlttee. Doodle (llfrl. (I.otij, llnrrl.. mcr.)— Motl- 

irenl, Can.. 27-Sepl. I. 

ollfn'j, A. <i. «i«„. «'. QnUre. m«e.)— nolierl, 

Oklrj.. 20, rlny<ler JO, Alius Si, l'retlerleli Sept. 
.„!. Vernon, Tex., .1. 

Alltn'.. Jaeit—tUMji.oitoii, N. .IT.. n-«. . 
tullun, Cbow • Wf.ten', (Woi. II. C6««e. rrnrr.) 

rrCaUn,,.!!,.. 2U, Bt. UMne. N. B., CM.. M. 

It John IT Sept. 1. YnmwWb. N. S., », Olnbr 

_ .ma ill, - • 

lloeliealer. ... 


... .i,'!-. 

Knii.. 4, Pittstmrt! t, Joiilln. Mo., »,' Siirinulli-lil 

7, Rogers, Ark., «. 
Prlmrose'a. Geo. II. IF. ,T. Dinine. ingr.)— Sira^ 

toga -Spring*. N. \ f , 20, %toji ao,,.Cohoea 31, 

Amsterdam Sept. I,i 
Rlrlmni & Prlnxle'ft, (Rnaco & IIollaniL ingra.) — 

lli'velstokc, B. C„ Can.. 2ll, Vernon .10. Arm- 

Htrpng ill, liuderhs Kept. 1. Knuiloona it, Aah- 

■Tuft 4. Vancouver 5, Naimlmn II, VlcloCn 7, 

New Westminster K. 
nice & Conh-y's— Cnnynn Clly, Tex,, 20. 30. Here- 

rnnli.ll, Texlcn. N. Mex.. Sept. 1, PmialH :t, 

Roswell 4, llntfcrman *i, Artcsla IT, Carlahnd 7, 

P*eoa,.aVx. 1 8. .. . 
Vogel'a Uohn W. Vogel. ingr.)— Ihtrneaviile. I)., 

^7. WamKi W. Va.. is, Wiiymidiiirg. Pn.. 

20. Cmiorisliiirc 3d. .McKcesiairl III. Sept, 1, 

Htetilwnvllle, II.. It, Wellavllle 4. Alliance ">, 

WoOrrter li. AHlrinml It ltnrl>erloii s. 
WesCa, Win. II. (KjihIihiI U. Rlcjihy, ingr.)— 

Klonx l-'nlls,. S. link., .11. Yankton Sept. 1, 

Klnnx City. la., 2. . Norfolk;, NYlir.. 3, Coluia- 

liiis 4, Ilnsilngs n, Lincoln (t-K. 
. .... TKY1 Sli'lW.- 
Alton k Afnlernon'ii— Greincastle, I ml.. 20, Cn-i- 

imrt'UO. Bedford 31. Kliiorn Sci.t, It. WunlihiKton 

4. .ii,-i-iiiiii.i ;., Fort- itniiu'ii it, prliK'ctoii 7, 

Mount Cnririel, III., S. „ . 
Biirmim a: It'illl-y'i* — Stheiieciady, X. Y.. 20, 

Wntcrlowii ;in. i i.e. i. In 31, Auburn Sept. I. 
i Wnran-v H, Sulnmnm-ii 4, Dunkirk B, Jumes- 

lown it, Warnm,. §a , 7, Oil CH.v B, 
BiilYnln • Hill's Wlld.MVrtr, Oil. Wm. I'. Only (Frwl 

B. llnlcliluHoii. mgr.>-— KltfChiii'li. Ccruiuny. 27, 

Fnlda 2H, -Jlniui .tit. Worm* fid, Mmii-lii'iK-kcu 

HI? .Mi''-; Sept. 1,, 2. I.mcmhiirc. I.nxcnittiirg, 3, 
■ Trier.' Hitiihuiv. I, Cotilenx ■*>, ltoiin d, Dureii 7, 

V. llhidl'iich K, II. 
Run-h & lt.'l-v Irlliln-lilm-. Allji,. Can.. 211, 

lln.vnioml 111), Cunlslon 31, Great Fulls, JIoul., 

Sepl. I. . ■ 

rn Ini-' ■ I.divvJII.', N. Y., 2S, llnoiivlllc 211, 

lUcbUeld Horlugs 30, Norwich 111. New Mllford, 

Kl.. NfiH. I. 

FureiHuuth & Sella llroa/ — Maiyitvllle. Cul.. 20, 
Karriiiacnto IIH. Polfux 31, Ki-wi. X(V„ Sept. I. 
Oiiklfind, Chi., 3. -1, HaulH Ilnxu S, Vullejo n. 
Almiieiln 7, Sun Pnim-lmt K-10. 

(.iiUlmir Mm. ' — MlLllrlllHI.ItL., 20, KtOl'lll NlHi- 30, 

Cnrrc'etloiirlllc :'i,' (lllnwa S<'|it. 1, Ida Grove 3. 
KeiiuVily'x Wllil Weal (.W. .11. Keiuuily, uigl. ) — 

IhMtoll. 'Miimi..'''.!7--ScH. 3. 
Rajnlwek's, Curl— Alolierly. Mo,. 211, ColiiinMii 

HO, Mexico 31, rh 11 1 lco lllr Sent. t. 
Lucky fill IV -lhil t'loml. Nebr.. 2d'-Sepf. I. Le- 

Iiiidou, Knn., 3, KhIhiii 4, lliirmiik ."», Maukaln 

|I.. KuruciKo 7, i ' i|., m i i, 4 

Mcllnirn'H— ivhinla, Wis., :m, Amlierm 31, Scnn- 

dlimvlii Hent.,1, I'lij.. uivcr 0, Bed GliiiiIIc 7, 

y..t.llklM-11'eI. • ■. . . ■ T 

JIoPliee'a-i-Brnhilr'n, Man,. Can., Kcjit. 4. B. 
.vuickar'a.' .Aimrew— kiiiuaiuth, Ky., 311, Mllford 

31, Mount Olivet Kept. (. 
NortN A llowe'K— I'lferahiirg. 111., 20, Ji'inoy- 

Vllle '(«>: tiraiiite I'liy :«. rnriinsviile Sei>i. I. 
PnwyiM' Bill's Wild Wi'T, Col. I.lllle'a— Miiiihury, 

I'm., :-■■'. I/>wlKtriwil 110,- Huntingdon III, HdIII- 

doyabntg Kept. I, Joliiialowu 3, Mimicigriii I, 

JenUnaltP, r>... Mount Pli'iiNint 0, lirowusvlllc 7, 

.Miiiioni-Mlii'la I'lly N. 
lllrmllnu ItniH. 1 — tlahko-ii, Wis., :», Fond du hnc 

ItU, Jau.'r-.lllr 31, Mujinw Sepl. I,.,., 
lt.ii.i.ius'. Frniik A.~ Oolediu, Pn., 20, Austin 30, 

Cross Tflrkitiall, W'i'il.viiic. N. V-, scpi. t, Coir 

dersiinrt. Ph., 3, Port Allecany 4. 
Selts-FtoPi'H— ChlijkrtHli.'i. hid. Ter.. 31. King- 

rWifr. Dkln-. Sept. l.iWIchlta, Knu., 2. 
Silver's. Ber»—KliiildN>nn, Mich., 20, Defnnl 30, 

Klngat in 31, Hllvcrwiaxl Sept. 1. 
Stnrrett''!, Howard S.— Gixhen,. N. Y., 20, Middle- 

lown ID. HI. 
WnUniw'H. B. F..~ Irehnunn. Up., 20. Maishlleld 

:i«. Mrjatrti Ark.. 31. Xcoalio. Mo.. Sepl. 1. 

M'elib Cllv 3, Mi.iii-M -I. MaiiNllebl a, West 

Pluina d. Wiilunt. Itiduc. Ark.. 7. .ToneHlairo K. 
WnMlilnini A |l'Alin«'i:--IIiirlforil. Cmin.. 27-20, 

Bristol 30. WlnalHl 31, Torrlnifton Kept. 1. An- 

Honla it. New Hhvcii ,4-i>. 
Wheeler's, Al, !•'.— Milford. Msas., 20. 

IIISCKLl. \ m:oi s. 
Dotitock's Animal Arena (Frank C. lloslock, msr.) 

— cohpr Island. S, Y„ 27-Sept. 3. 
IHOHdlii k irpou's HIiqw— AIihh, Kan.. 27-Hoiil. 1. 
Buckley'a Moving Pictures— Alpeim. Mich.. 2n. 3d. 
Cooke Comedy Co.— -Uellport, N. Y. f 1, 

Sayvllle 3-8. 
Cole Bros/— Callettshiirg, Ky.. Se|it. 1. Coving- 
ton, Vit.. 2, Pnileevortc, W. Vu.. S ( Cllflon 

Foriie. Vs.. 4. 
CrillkMlmiik— Tlfton. X. II.. no. mil M, Ilrl«l.,l 

Drumiiiont'l AimiBp. Co. (Oeo. Driiiinnoml. m«r.)— 
Culoulalr. I - "-. 27-Sepl. I. Xutnlell. .S. Y.. 

ti,.'nrVla Troulm.toiir, (Win. McOnlie. niltr.)— In- 

ilepnliilenn., Wlp,. Sn. .10. Doilfe 91, Tl llt n T 

leau Sept. I, tlal.*vllle :i. 
Howe'.. UWM II.. MovliiB I'lilnre.— Baltimore. 

)l,l.. 27-Hepl. I. Wllke.llarre. I'a.. «•«. 
Lee Broa.' Hnra It'. II. Lee. iiwr. — I r Wo , 

11/ 1.. .10. ai. Wnrreu Hcpl. 1, .IMillUpaitale 11, 

MeKo'to"'. '«'■ "■■j«! Dr f l $'!"* ""T"- 

Mlillnr,! Clly. 111... SMI. I'^alelb, Hepl. Ik. 
I'nrker. C. w.. Amuw. Co. ICrnmer A Tim, 

msr..)— O.nwnloinle, Km,.. 27-»il»t. 1. 
Piimnbnfllkn'e, I'rol.. Anlltiol fthow— M ualtlnkton 

llntve Mil 111. Mopt. 1. 
Reiui nro./ Obi I'lnntullon Sliow 1.1. v.. Ilprilt. 

liurr. >— W',i. Mb,,,., 2II-.1I, Waterloo, In.. 

Hent. I, Xii.bnn 4-7. „ . 

niinp. Jr. »,„l Mr«. iAukimlu" Bapp. BB.I— 

"fellle. III-... 2j ;? £ r M| ^ M | „.,„ 

I' k lion; i,, ioi n. cbuk hi., ciiieago. 
Rui'opcan, 93.o0 per week; with prlviitc biilh, 97- 
TnrkiHh li .Hi, l oo, 11. H. IIUMPIIUKY. I'rup. 

I10TKLHT. DKMS, lafl-lM Went MiukelHt. 
(ndlanapollH. Ind. convenient to all tlicatrCB. 
Best Utile Hotel In Indlaonpoils. Actora* luiea. 

fluriic cunposKO and aiuianokd 

oy ut iDitrumaut or naoabor of initrumenta. 

*onga,word» and mnalo, aketchca. etc.Send a lamp 

)HA8.L.LEWia,4» Rlchror^dSt^Cloc^njm^O. 


(Copyrlplited), 3 different books, loo. AH klnda get. 


in, Air. "on «»"•• jew 
arkvllle, Midi.. 27 ; !ii. 

m, I-'ratik. m-r^W 
ii.,i_..» -if. j..,.i i 

J. Barron. Wla., 3-n, Itlc 

Luhilslniin 30rtciil. 
8emUiil'' S (Wci»^ o. Mack, nigr.)-St. Thomus. 
^^ff±gaM^to Sept. Ht." 

•75 TAKB8 MonoyMftklnRattowrcadrforthc 
roid. Al onifll for hmnll. i.-wtra, Lodge ail 

It TftKKW An<l cniA %UQ. Circular for RAMP. 
OBO, A. H1CB. 4 Cflderwood Si., Aulmrp, M. Y 
"lOO'l-ltTTBBIlKADri or Knv., J6C.; poalnge, 

'V'.lr'M TiTi. r..^ . <H\r • fiMit Tone. Tflc. 

8ci,2O0 0oDtract«, 
etofv^nlpleri. '" 

iimf Tone,7ftc. 

■ ; ffltua, 20C-J nan jone, tov. 
inllKiKR on., IfOfrire. MIHl 

Front and Hack Iteinllng, each trick lllimtrated 
UPC. ' Morphoi'B School, R37 N. 12th St., Phlla., Pa 

AHPA WK1UIIT PltOIH ( l-IH IToiinr-i'S 

new ilCMb mid hiooil. Wonderrui for nervousness. 
Price. 12. Send for booklet. ASPA COMPANY, 
227 Fulton Street, New York. L'niowh iiffcuclas, 
lirug Hloro, 405 iltll Ave; Hiuir Store, 334 
Httt Ave. 

AT I.IBKUTV-A-1 Pianist, Sight. RCAdcr, 
Tiunspuijcr. «nf>erond Iteilaldo. 

W. M. I',, Box IOI. Miller's Fniis, Mass 

LlOKllTY -.srnmg Lccllirdr. A good 
Olllce worker and u genuine nioiicv gollcr. Vnil 
tivt the people, I'll do the rout. Will ilnatmifriitis 
and play' neecsHi.ry, No hooic omny 
other i|iicer hablis. Salary or per cent. AddrcfB 
— I)-* 


J -id Slrcet. We-l 
of. linutdwn)-. 

Kvs.s.lfi. Miit.*n.J. alccoiidyaVir 111 Ne.w York. 
Seati live Wei K§ III ud von cc. 1UVII) HP.LASCO 

U I. A N (' II K It A J 1 !■'. s 
In "rilKtlHll.nKTllF, tiGLMKN WKAT/'a p)av 
til 4 acts • r i in- 1 of * n> Venc c.iiir >i liln - -l, v 
DAVID BF.I.ASCO.- Kxtm Mmthc* Lulwr liar. 

OK I UOl V OFrit'K, 10 Wllh.i.11 Hlreat. 

Hr. James ailvcrion.npn. 

,, DCS MollfS, |r>Wfl. 

TO MANAUKliN— I have niir- 
cliiocil tb«i ititcrcj-t or W. A, liickinuii In the lour 
of Chan. McDonald In (tin Van wiuklo. Ail hook- 
ngsmai by Mr. Dickinan will i>e rnithhilly car- 
ried nut. A- C. Or hois. ManaRsr. oittce, Tilti 
Race St., t inilnriatl, O.. Normandy, llldg. 

FOUL SAI.rO, TK.Vis, used oiiv wcok; one 
one lb II. '!'., ouo 70 H. T- one m it. T., one itflxso. 
Make om-r. ; BOX 1H», ■ bA l'AYl-m'K. INB. 

<;ltOMli;illl Slorcnptlcoii-." for Bong Blll»- 

tretora, i.uchircrs, 112 r.o: full size. Hend for cut. 
(ironburg atcro. Co..l42^K.lloward Av..lMoxt,MI*H 
"WANTBU, "I'KWKOUMKIts Mr Mediciiic 
OiM ui-.i can change for week. Thou; playhis 
organ or piano preferred. Answer al once nnd 
bo ready, to Join on wire, AddresH 

• TUB (IQltnoNH, Brownvlile, Canada. 

WANTKD-Tivo Clrcua Ihielng ClmrloU In 
good order nnd cheap. 

MAUIMlltKOO,220 W. lIHIh SI., City, 

FOll BALB-tiOUtit.K llKl.l7 KUI'IIONICM. 

For particulars, iiddn-M GKO. II. MILKS. 

Per, ad., I'KTKRHllHRfl, III. 

FOU SAI.K New PUllltlllfr lln; 'I iv, price 

fSoo, eouipptfd lur Moving Picture or Vaudeville 
S how. Address C. V. K., anw ot C LIPPK It. 

of i lie urn on, Marvelous Juggler 1 , Buck and Wlbg 
I lancer; also an elegant rJinah of a dmihle-hiion 
Fire Ibilon. Add. .IAS. 0UNK'|A)4naN. 204 Cage 
si.. Ilennlngtoif, VI. ■ Lato of Field's Mlnstrcla 

I'OIt SALI'lOIt K\l -li f) wot- :■ I M 'hI lli 

Criterion Since opl I con, Triple IHk^oIv. liajf, a Sets 
J . i ■ r i - 1 ■ j Colt'rt Picture ' Mili'lilne AlliTcilIlietll, 
TMUtV. Mechanical. Mlscel. and Song Slides. 

CHAS. FOVK, l.'-STMiSI... Monidc, Midi. 

AT LIBRHTV, arier Srni. fi, Hie TIIHKK 

SkKTCH, and CHILI) ARTISTS. Change lor 
week. Curo KHIICIIFH-II.D'S U. T. C. CV, 
.Ml tol.eli , Ind. Sept. 13. Blu oin liigroti.- 

wavi i:t>, Tiomlionlst ami <liirl«in«i- 

lat (double violin or piano). Navy Yard Bund, 
Portsmouth. N. If. UANBMASTKlt, Reliiewald. 

Lew ICLas. .IX WlUon.. m«r.)— a 8| - h . Acti Hp | r u omuei, n«fj Ait Outilt, 
N. Y.. 2fl. 30, I.nn.U. Otit., Can., SSJ8S^n!^mn**3^\^S^J' ar * MU ' t 

^-iia.uamiiton fiepl. 1, aeveUnil,.0..'8-r' 
DotiiicUyA Hatdeld'n (Tommy Donnelly. 
BrownarlUe,fP«.,:30, Mohongaliela .31, 

Ctrcalan. for STAMP : «Mfc A'. 11 .'^'. 

4 under wood St., Auburn, N Y, 

WANTl!. ' - l-i'i Uni'l ■ Diicfiii-.Ciiini'ijMiiiH, ll [in, 

imieh and II. F. Must i>lay Haiijo, m. and I). 
Cliiini'e for week, ai-o Snubiette, play Piano, 
S.and H. Stale all. Medicine Co. Hob Caeell 
mid Mon/.'). write. S, U. Brown, lllH Superior St. , 
T oledo. Ohio. ■ ' ■' ■ ' [_ 



Tlinl, can do under work, also be able to do fnui' 
ground inuka mid work a'lalgllt ; ono ilnlnir danc- 
ing iirefcrrcil. U'lru or wrdc al (dice mm per route: 
Aug. 30, Slamioi-il, N. Y.: 31, Pine lllll, N, Y.; 
Hi;j.i. 1, (toxbiiry, N. Y.; 3, Hoimit, N. Y.; 4, Hellil, 
N. El Band fl, Walion, N. Y.; ;, I'almjra, N. V. 

Adtircwt FitKo HILL, -euic or lie Hue Broi.< 
Miuatreii. ' n _; ■ -i -^;_ - " '■•; 'j_ 


..: ■•:: fur nit 


HmlclnnH In nil Hiich, wrllftj Dmae. ,l,,ul,l ng ntiipo 
Riven prulerciicc. Itcpoilulrii people, wrilu. 

J. 11. K1MIUHK, M.r.. ItoolHlIk lllll., Aim. 21- 
.Sept. 1 1 Kliznlieiluow),, Ky., Bepl. a-H, 



\fi li A raiiiii. 
IV. ILCONF. Wl, lllla. K»n«. 

Stevens' Comedy Co. Wants, 

Owing to dlaappulntmeni, PIANIST, LEADINO 

clliltv. Halltry sure. Otliei'H wille. Tell all In 
Drat letier. Name lowest. Puy jour own. 

IIAHltY A. HTKVKNS. Tim allante^nilbtra. 

Al Sketch Team, Sirift.i- Irish mid. lllnckaFace 

Bong and Dance Oomeillaus. Musi fake Organ. 

A l Milttlcal Mini. AM iiiuhI put >•■! acta nnd iimhij 

t ne in go. Llift"g« for wcch. open inliabs Hep. 10. 

Addresa, by tetter only, 

'ion CIIMIfTY.Mgr. ChrUty's C>mediariH, 

Manchester. Iowa, Hehiwari: Co. 

M'AV Villi K'l'ltKA'I'ltK, H'v, llfilhUMiiM". 

KLAW.V KIll.ANUKIl Mauiigois 

Kve. 8:li. Mats. Wed. ami Bai. Host seals. Jl. 

LAST Klaw A K.rlaiiger'a , LAST 

WKKK lllff'UriKllHiit'Trilsti WKKK 


l/i-i Week THE HAM TRUE I.H-' Week 

* * * Moti.. Si1n.iT ^^ «"'« Tmra lay 



Smlrl £ Kessnor, Charles Harris, 

Vinton It Clayloa, 
Tno 3 Wtitou, 
Tn» Two Lncklei, 
Birbaek A Harris, 
Harry Burns, 

3 St. I'cllx SitterB, 
Billy Oiston a Co., 
lewis I Lewis, 

Thompson & Scrlda, 
Tno Travdlcjraph, 

Tie Vllagraph, and many others. 


K.HI 14,1, HI. U.llra' Uol.Tn.iIa7 




!■'. 1 -. ■ ' I , HI. l.ii.ll. ■.' Mm To-ilny. 

HAM IIIWK-l.lvhiK 1-lulurrn. 

At Liberty- Advance Agmf. 

Sober and riil.Uc. Kcl.rcncra Hie heal. Ai:ureaa 
Tllos. I'OllU, 
Orand Opera Ilouao, H cjLcLvllle, Olilo. 


Of lllltll Cln.H V niiil. vill.- Tl.rnlro.. 
M. MHVIlItl'Kl.ll ,111.. I'HKrl. : 

All A|,plli-nlli,liH l„r Tin,,' Must Ko Aililrfvapil 
lo c. K. iiuav. ll.n.klrii: Miinne»r. 

. >lajrH I|.. 'llinilrn lliill.llnu-. I'lllliljli.. Ill, 

H liber's '»".■" Museum 



Adilrcaa J. II. ANIIKI1HIIN, Ultr.. fw Hbovn. 



If you have hem RcciiMuneil to using ttpo 
pilliicd ciiidt yon wlb at once u-cogalxe Hie 
lis great advtininue Inmi a aoclal alatidp.ilnt 
makes tnc dilerc-ii^' in price not worth uotisid- 
eiuiiou. ah the appearand) or a verson niakea 
tlicllril liiipn hhi.iii, ho dnea (he npuearaiieo or 
four card liuprdHs those to wri'ini it is liaudcil. Do 
n«tf tticy y<ui (--mi ' |i<iiin ori'Mi typi> pnni<-il caul 

nil y mi ; ic Nieinh liinl Imve theill to Hfi'Opt 

II lor (lie Helm noti-ilelc. for etlifiaveil cards aro 
ieeonl/cil ut muiii |ii.[ iiku a dlaiiioiid. The en* 
graving 1 , iirlliLOLmiidinmeriillarn second to none, 

and price t am as low u» u |..U0le lor n superior 

arilc e. You can't ilo bettor i loin place your order 
wiiu us, a i we lire rneotrul/cd lender* tu ouriiiiu. 
Ken, Price. Sp. Price. 
1'iiile and 108 nU. enu; In Script. ,f|. w *i.;:n 

" 'Online., il id H.-W 

" '• " ' llomin., 11, IU , 3.4H 

Kngraved eu-il plaies lirronu« nio ju-opcrlT *>f the 
eu-miuer t.t lie used In (lllllla. onleis. We |il'lnt 
ui'.i ed*. rmwyoiir plale rors'ic Wille ror samples. 
A poOil wllll.rllltf 'em. J. K. CAIlll KMIHAV- 
IM1 CO., Un line. ml. Virulmn. 
W • # - £ T ±J 


•" 41 W. ntll ST., NKW YOHK 


VIIV KI.TY .'ll'KHll. AltTIHTH, 
,. ' -TI1K liAIIlf WITH TUB (XAK10NKT." 

XI OKIIHAItll ST.. l.c,:,.,Mix, \V. 


fr^llHlM WHtllluK KnrypcHll llllln wrlto.HtHIMiK opnii 
me a nd iirmH. i»ibia, "AmKli," mnflitW- 

Adgle and tier Lions. 

Tonrlnir Kiirland fur 11,0 Htimmor. AtlilroaH N. Y. 
Ul.lrPKIl omen, la Cnuiliourrl Ht., W. 0., l^ttuUm, 
Rniiiand. N. y. miiii xm. u» Ka.i. tna hi., w. y. 





VllllKHI.I.K IWTI1I1 . 





would Ilk,, 1,, wnrlc for II lllirk'„|Ui< Show, nnd 
,„ would lira, till Yll.I.K. 

, . , Adilnma TMB HiLII'I'lill. 

WIE8MAN'8 D008 

(ireateat of all Bog Acta," at Hie Kamlly Theatre, 
Hiimiioklii, Pn., this week, hnvu hoiiiu open dulea 
ancr MepL it. . . . - ' ■ "' ■■ ■ 



llippodronie, Nashville, Tenn. 

W. II. B0HD1E8EB, B R r. 


A Second Hand Basic library, 

Iiiciudlbu S'aiidnni Hvnrtnrca and 'Sclrlcilotia, 
Address AHTII UH A. HOLDKN, 101 llciu born Ave,, 


Hep . Itur., PArfcH, Comlo operas (bin aeii«<m, for 
New Lyceum Theatre, HprliifHeld, O. Addresa 
C. it yiSllHlt. Prop.. HITS HI1N, Mgr. 


'I'd writ." or coinr. li',!,,,-. All In fnriflVPll. 
I I'A K, IKII'I'MAN. Ix»nn»|mtl . Ind. 


W. WOOD («. F.ofUrl). 

n'MILL ST., Sf» llt'dlonl, Hiuh, _ 

Composer ol Songs, Parodies, 
Sketches, Honslogoe], &c. 

Tlio vi-ry Irotl orlirliutl mnlrrlul hi modemle prleoa. 
Ahvtt.v-.ii.rew on IiiuhI. Will.- r„r .Hiiiplt-a Muf 
jariwIM, ;•.'! N. HI-HUT , l'l,l' n,l„lplim, I'h. 


T.» clone gii csiate, parllrsiiiii'i-ai a imrgain a 

Sevi'iitj'-I'oot Photograph -tor, 

AailOoiUsnCiv l 
for haggagi', >-ic_ 
MKfl. (Si.? ror pli 
Vernon. 'H, 

n lie Jilten-d luaultpiirehasir, 

Apply lo ATP. VtikNON CAIt 

lioiogiiijih and particulars, Mi. 



M.tTKIl TKAMH. Hlnuli' Hpoclnlll,-. mid Olinrila 

UllllL'M. tlllll llllVl- lotllt rllHiijf ,.,,ii.|,, . 

.itiK .tlll.l.KII. I-.. .p. ,.„,l M|r. 

p. h. -v., Miitin..,-.. nn Hniniay .How, 



Te.niH prcrerred. Old frli'itda deal ring liooklng 
l l . l . l J'( l '. , .'.. w . r . , . l .V,_ ,i, '.» ,lt '."- ., H l"'" Sept. :i, iiMrfl. AI.KX 

rh Tlieairo, :h>:i oh 


OHIUIIVAU. iimi I I'-'l'O-IM TK 


.liiiMM.oiiUKH ami si i vii' HI'KKCIfkM 

Written to order. (No iirlnicil irasli.i Trial nnlui h 
at fl lo fi and up. kkank YI'NKKH, writer ot 
Oomeillim, lu Knsi Lincoln Ave., Oshkosh. Wis. 


wants aialk pahtner 

KOH VAIIIIKVII.I.B Atri'. Miihi Iihvp llooil vnlen. 
Huvu lliltl Unilnitii, „„,[ iijir, u t,x pinion,,., 

A.lill'".. ,1/hjV Ilim-Hl. I.AWTliV, ii, t. 


FiirChnractiirs, -mni- Jtivenics. LOWHI salarv. 
Pay 0*11, (rlils show ha* been mil seven Hail 
.YiMuiiii i'I.mijii.i. lamnwii .i, Fiii(i», 

' ^fllleld" V. II. 



to douiile Cornel. Only rollahle, ti'inpitiiiin 
lillislclaim omployed. AddnHw K, K. CIlOUKKlt, 
opera limine, Limit, <.., Au(t, HI, Nclil. I; Oimru 
lljilWl, IWIplios 0.._Se|it. .*M. 


Floating; Theatre, 

(mum;i, iiiotihovk ami hlidk. 

Prcferciii!)! to Iiiiiiiilliig liraiiiulu- or Vauduvillo. 
Also cx|nill M. P. Operator DnuUllhg llruss. 

GAR FOR SALE, 6711, PULLMAN, Six Wheel 

Trucka; arrangeil lo aceofil.nodrito.ib people; four 
i lain rooini, kitchen, Hit. baggage room, ilfl. 
< ''iiiii ;iiiKtj:,u,!..ii.T., wltliono luiitml n'Jlft.M. P.; 
seats, iitiiks, shigo and scenery, acetylene git* 
plant of lu llftiits. Will aull Hoperaieiv or iro/ellier. 
Address 0. P. KII.KII. 
<|t CA)-no| |-:ilci-'H HIlow, l,'nilsvl||c. Ne b. 


Hand and 41/ l.ttAllqra, <orii.l 111 reel, r 
ami Hi e.iO'l Vl»lla, (uriifl, ||, mill I , 
I'lieolo, Klutf, PIimiii, 'I iiMiiLini.t pi || 
Violin Director. 

Atldtrea s 1IOX ig'i. Pitnl'H V alley. |.T . 


Owing lo diHiippi iitit riiciu, I am n|ien for oilera lo 
iidviuicii any rtipiilniiiu itiinii-ium, niir n'iflil or 
rep. 1 horouirliiy oxncrietioed, ai on prima; inn 
route, iKink or ooniraci-. ami gunrani--u rcianiia, 
lluHIHinallne hi .linger* only send imsi terms, 

__Ponrji Sliow Prltdjutr. Hanwun hi i'iiHa..,i;a , 

Wanted Quick, Coraet, Alio, Trap Druninir,' 

HiidTiilianr iHHlton., lor tlio li,„l,.-Kna Dos and 

Poll, Hliow. All, Ilea. UIIAK. CIIAPKI,, IUipi 

Ijiad.r, .caro ol |p..i,..i'i.> hi,.,w. won. wp; wu 

Wnntad to ( Buy,| 

i.hoh I'alr lliill illoiirlnit llollor k(hi.i. Adclrjw 
H IIWKI.sli, 'MaiiHiior llroauilanil, cliaiiuura- 



September i. 


.....i yon .1.. know ih. .« ..i hi. ma. w>n. !h- MI..I .r OM*Mtmtmtw »nwt f^^Tj^jr7^^^^ , !l^£Sim£mA.BSSP t ** °' <«.ir 

.ifi.1 the bl K nil or ..i< <-.•»„... he I...-, had, ..nrt we plr.lco oui word thai ll.i. ll.l ..r .our. I. lis. »Ht ■■■ ■"■■ ■JJ SSSSil Oti*l? aSV n.,l.~i 
(...lotion m a v.r.alll,. crealor of melody, and a. ■ produr.r „r ,irlvl».l .lag* bail.™, will gladly .l.«. any n »"'J* r [J 11 ',' XSHJSI ™ ™. c"„ -all rt^ "" 
Vmli.. lli.l «. tav. .1 lh> Ih.l g., « III. .1.1, b.t.ln... imlu.ll,., |.iii»ln.. nr.ang.r. room., bat anew, all, n »»■»>■ » y».un.»n,„„„ , f 

Von know lli»'fain» o« OUo RDWAHDS, 
.acell.aef.. In adtllllnrt, HatMnll for a tnoiu 
OUS Eini'AIIM, who haabnlll up a rep 

•tag* hi. nmnbvr. belter Uinn ho ran. Heinrmbnr that wo havo all the Improve, 

yon can't call, wrllo. Leo, Bcir. On* Kdwar4l* and KelU Arutlt, are always ready- to teach you our or any -other publication.. 














;J •— mr OUR BIC LOVE SONC ,*■"■: 





■ _ii6 lit. 




now Mm 

GUS EDWARDS MUSIC PUB. CO.. 1512 Broadway, dgfe N.Y. City. 


Competent Repertoire- People In all linen. Ststo what Specialties, If an v. Can plarc a good Slater 

TONIII. IftlliplcIC Will .ilol.l', AhUlly CMJI'llllHl. Mtlflt Julll oil Wire. Manager* 111 Illtl., III. rtll-1 

Ohio Hint wiiui u IiIk Hi,na Orchestra tdiuw hi-ihI open lime. 1 linvc lour weeks open. 

AddrcssK. A. UAKllINuroN, Princeton, lnd.. week Sopl. 3. 

WANTBD, for |g 



Those doing HiicdultU'H prcrcrr id. (Jive full iIcsltIiiUoil and lowcut salary first loiter. AiId,seM 
■ AUMNB STOCK CO., WiUgaW, Ind. 

MftimKci-fl In .milium, Ohio, Kentucky mid Illinois, send .open time, 



fun II HO 
Sep!, 3. 



cr 111gJi 

earn «.r 


Tenor ami RniMwt Mariiono. Wlro or write <iulek. 
IULIjIIOAHI). Clnciiinml, (>., or route. J. A.COHl l(N, Manager. 


Dayton, Ohib; ing. 2.A, 


(Play Some Heavier) 

HftiM, t>e or gomt appearance ami mwo A 1 mortem wardrobe. (Hail to hear from c*>oti RKPKKTQIRK 
l4.i>M,K Ht nil lloiOP. . AiklrvM GM«>. M, I'K.MlKUOi, Manager, 
Worcester, HM4.. week Aug..-:: ; Wooiwukot, It, I., week Sept. u. , ;'., ; 

I ,/W ANTED, ,;•;., > 

Double Bass and Tuba, or Tuba Band and Orchestra; 
Cornet, Trombone or Alto, Double Props. :i 

■Don r l write, but wird. others, wrlie. s\ Ocorge, New lirunswtci. Aug. ::n; St. Johns.3l,BODt..l* 
Yarmonlla. N. S.,Sepl. a. ■ • ,. UI'kuANK, OIIACE .1 AVEaTOK, 

Wanted, for Tinney's Concert Band, 

... '.".. -WITH T, II III 





Coajp my pjiyn transportation. Address 

{ tQYP BOBROWS, Kearney, Hebr. 



Man for Leads, Man for 
General Bis. 

Other iisefnl Dramatic and Specialty people. It 

you Hro not. tbero with the f w>d», ih-ii't write. 


Now KcTiKlngion, I'a., week Aug. in; CKrnegle, 

Pa , week aopt. 3. 



Muicotla. Wis. 



Combination Sleeping and 
Baggage Car, 

salt.; riiijilslictt cumpieie; .tool wheels And 
equipped for fust pa.wtuttcr norvlec Addrex. 
KD.MiOILI., Gen. I'd., Stieltiyvllle, III. 



on Ml inBliiiiucnis to Riri'iiRtlicu-fttid enlarpc tor tonit Souliii'rn lour; Cornets. Clurlonois, AMob. 
Tnmilioiicp, HnweimmLlmmis. t Alw» KlfUlM tor bmrm or ioot. AiMnw c, 11. TINNKY. .Rome: 
CatteUBbtirc, Kv.,fii'|tt7t:fov»ii!:toi). v».. hppi.2; Kniireveri.W.Va.. Srpt :i;('Hrton Forge. \a„,ti(»|i^# f 




coiaUnnus, omo. 

Opera House- and itnad Compttnles furnished 
.complete. Avuiinc Scenery to enny lu trunk. 
Asbestos- Cultalnti. Prompt delivery. Lowest 

prices. Sexonri Hand weenery on hHUO. 


2d Hand M. P. Machine. 

Palace Areh.l). C. (Dye Scenery). Hep. People, 
wrllo") Props,, Ucn. Ill/ Man mitt others. Pick A 
Chance, where aroyour 

. . KD. A. BHAM. Toronto, 0. 

Al Piano Player and 

Touns Ladv for Illustrated Sonss. 

liOl T 6K OI'KNS SKPT. 5. 1006. ' ' 
AddrOM II. W. RO0EHS, 
Mgr. Dijon Theatre lk>.. whceltng, w. Vn. 


Kilhon Sprint: Momr work likenrlinrm. lllg fav ■ 
.. , , ; CI Urcrnwit'h. St.. N. V. 

Fully prolcetcil uy'^op'SilglitX For Bfdf * r- 1*** M ltoyalty, 4 Art Melodrama, 14 Characters, new and 
original Idea and a mire nucces*. Wr f iirilier partleiilars, rttfltM 

WKi.Tr; UN IJKAMATIC AtlENCY, P, J. RIDGE, Mri., tfl U Salle St., Cbleago, 111. 



At Liberty. Play part«. Amaieure, don't write*- 
JOHN J. BAKUh'TT, w Eighth Ave., ASewark, 8, J* 

Western Dramatic Agency, 

. 127 LA SALLE ST., near Madison. CHICAGO, ILL. 

OFFICE OPEN FROM 10 TO 10. I IKSK 1100 U FOR M AN'Ar, I'.ltS. 

Manrtgers w.dUdr rollut.le people in all lin.ncheH or the theatrieul profeEaion, write. 




KOT1CK.— We can furnish the beet dramatic people— LEADS, Heavier, Churucteia. Jurenllea aod 

ftcnct-al Huttltit-iej reoplc, Soiibreltcs. etc. Also Vaudeville and MliKrel Tcople, Sons and Lmcce 

Teams, sister Acts, Singers of ail kind,, Musical Aels, Piano Players, etc. - -.--:- 


NOTICE.— We Invite people In all Hues of the theatrical profession, that wl-h fln>t claps engage. 
merit-, to call or write. P. J. RIDOU, Plamigfr. 


Al Corn Decorator 

To We charge or decorating While City with corn for closing carnival. Mum bo experienced. Write 
at once, with references, Mating where yon have decorated with corn and salary wanted. 

PAUL D. HOWSE, 6en. Igr,, White City, Chicago. 

KOTK.-Whlta Clly wants a tin.- .Men J -Go-- Hound for I.rxt aeason. Sea. 
linoto. and fall rlflscrlptlna of your machines. f' •'. 


Supporting MI8S LOTTIE 6LENI0BE. ■ 

\VA\TKI). fKfEKfOiliEPEorLF. with wardrol» and some BlUUiT. Compunr l«ot«I 
_;" Z, , , , , , .. ,' ■«■*. "«*■ 'alary reasonable and all patllculara ar»t letter.. TlckcH ad- 
mck (Fair date" <-'AllT£R, Vandcrgrllt, Pa.- Au 8 .30, 31 'and Scpt.l; Corry, Pa.,Scpt.3«nd 

MUTHI.-Want cicrer People lor my one piece attraction, opening, about Oct. 1. ■ 




»T. 17 FOR SEASON '06-07 


For opening and later. 10 cents from Doston. 


Address C. \i\ SHBAFnVManagcr. 




-J RltniE«nilC SIIMCTori piir,,.i l£ 



»KY MMIIM;. . . .- . . . KCCBNTRIC-DoHCIWe. 


SUSS l.,»M n a,.ir,i«rj ( " ' "ouiniqitc acta In vandcre. - Reliable i 
SPECIAL I up-to-date anenta tor limn class vaudeville houses arc rcouc.ted I 
I to communicate with TOM mayo before Sum "!.-.! w 

I rirnnf cnvviit "in. iiaim .-. " 


Cure or 

iii. Address 
SOENIU THEATRE, Mlnoespolls, Minn. 


(Sapporllnit LILLIAN I.EIOHl •" ''" 


Those dolun ■ceclaltles prelerred. Also Man with Moving picture siachlne stTuSall nnt.ietK'- 
Op.f» nonse manager, send open tune. Address ROBERT ' grand" General DeU^y.Jop'iu, »«• 





MAIN STORE. 412 «tu avc mn «r-^-.. »., .. *# «.-»-%# ■ 

STORE .r. ,ti 2 », 6 k T,!i & VE -» °OR« 25TH ST., N. Y. CITY. 

"0. 1 raw., a lack, 110.26; Mtaek,flO.TB; 32 lath, $11.25; 34 Inch, $12 25; 36 Inch. $13.25; 38 Inch, $14.25; 40 Inch, J 1 5.25. 

I.*l. «D I«. .. .— t ..... . *P°V TronU, Oaaraalaml for 10 1E1IW. INCLUDING LOCK*. 


MUw..k... wi..i Bn«klra, n. Y. 

...»..«, ouincn, »iu.;b; az lath, (11.25; 34 lack, $12 25; 36 lack, $13.25; 38 lack, $14.21; 40 Inch, J 1 5.25. 

*„ I PROF.. 281nch. $7.50; 30 Inch, $8; 32 Inch $8En-uini.h «a. ic i.-i. SK? ^rf»kt o»«ni»tw<l f»r 10 YEARS, including LOCK!. 

""' writ. V°r c.t»*o K B on p,ot. Tr„„k., £=2 V W '"»' W- 80 ! 38 lack, $10; 40 Inch, $10.50. STEEL CUD, 28 Inch, $5; 30 lack. $5.50; 32 lack, $6; 34 lack, $8.(0; 36 lack, $7; 38 Inch, $7.50; 401m 

S l BO l>rr cent, reduction while they last. AU In good Silo"' "*•«■ «*l An .eramnl.tlon of odd. sad end. In SMOad Hand i>od Shop Bolted, Ball, Om r aad oth.r good o> 

40 lack. $8. 




"American Projettograph." 





?.....i>ma ,1'lDiniia HlWal TUT a- mm a 


<i>ay*y«yva ) ^«v«v«v4V%, 




Model B Oxy-Lithe Outfit $29.50 



4 1-2 INCH, SI, 

NEW BONO SETS, S 5. g. H ., (3.SO UP. 





809 FHiBBBt St., PHIL A., PA. 

FILMS vnd 

Let me send too my catalogue. Up to date sub- 
jects alwajB on band. Stereoptlcona and Moving 
Picture Supplies of every description. Prices to 
meet the demandi. 

U HsXTZ. aw East ad Street, g. Y. City. 

GOWNS f s°x r a^ 


cava on hand ft large assortment of slightly worn 
Evening Gowns.Dlnner, Reception and Tea Gowns. 
Toese robea are perfect In every respect, and are 
especially soluble for wear In HIGH CLASS DRA- 
MATIC PRODUCTIONS. We have a mil Una of 
Sea. Sim Coats and Fun of au Unas. 

MM. H. STARR, 867 Booth State St., CHICAGO 


At moderate prices. Large stock, Immense 
•srlety. illustrated Catalogue Free. New Mam- 
moth Catalogue Just leaned, 20c. Just out, List of 
ww books on Magic and new list of bargains In 
tncka A. ROTERBERG, 170 Ontario St., Chicago. 


The Tiffin Scenic Company, 



;. l :» i J7a8wellUneof SILVERWARE, JEWELRY, 
ESPWl ,ncl NOVELTIES at prlcoa trial aro 
nght Headquarters forl'ucatrlcal Jewelry. Write 
b, "MKfKMcalalogne.scntfree. TheoldrellaDlo 
■ u. CHER A CO., u Wabash Ayo., Chicago, III. 

• ( 

Tell It To Me" 


-)??** 10 oa all trains and news stands, or by 
ir -.11. »5o. Address EZRA KENDALL, 
_j Cadwoll Are.. Mftvlleld Helghta, Cleveland, O. 


1 4TALOQUB, 25c. ; BOP. CATAU, Be None 
wr.'J'!!! »• a agont for Uabatma. 10c 
. w l>. LBROT. 108 Court St. Boaton. Man 


0. SHtNDHBLM, 118 W. 
28th St., N. £ The up-to- 
MAKER. Send ■tame tot 
am Price US Jut oat 

Carry Your Own Piano 

And Feel Sure of Your Act. 


(We nave many letters like thU one.) 
Castorland. N. Y., Aug. 7, '00. 
Have given your Baby Upright a thorough 
test It 1b a perfect success and a good 
drawing card — the show would not be com- 
plete without It. I heartily recommend It, 
and consider my money well Invested. 
MRS. ANNA C. FONDA, Fonda Comtdyjlo. 

Traveling Shows and Orchestras, Vaude- 
ville and Concert Hall Artists 

Know from experience how frequently the pianos furnished by halls and thea- 
tres are unreliable and unsatisfactory. You rarely, If ever, get the tame 
kind of piano two stands In succession. While at one place the Instrument 
you get may be all right, the next two or three may be all wrong— out of 
pitch, out or tune, rattly, etc., etc. The only way to avoid this, and to always 
feel free from worry on this score, Is to carry your own 


This wonderful little Instrument, although only 3ft Din. high and 3ft. 
61n. wide, has a remarkable piano volume and a clear, sweet tone. It Is 
tuned to concert pitch, making It especially suited for accompaniment to 
the human voice. The weight is only 250 pounds, and two men can handle 
one easily, especially when carried In our quick -packing traveling case, illus- 
trated at the right The piano la a drawing card In Itself and the low price 
places It within easy reach. 

SPECIAL OFFER. — The regular price la f 100, but we are making a spe- 
cial offer. Including a stool and the quick-packing traveling case mentioned 
above. Write at once to the factory for Booklet No. 41. 



And AU Who In Interested in laglc, Sloignt of Hand and Conjuring. 


Is NOW the ONLY MAGICIAN'S PAPER published In the United States. Is In Its fifth year, and Iibb 

never missed an issue. It Is the only magical paper in the world not owned and controlled by a dealer 
or performer, hence Is Independent and Impartial. Every number contains EXPLANATIONS AND DE- 
SCRIPTIONS OP LATEST THICKS, SLEIGHTS AND ILLUSIONS, all furnished by the magicians who 
are performing them, liberally Illustrated with half-tones and other engravings. The only magical 
piper having a regular corps of correspondents, giving monthly news of ihe whereabouts and doings 
of magicians in all parts of the world. The only one that keeps Its readers posted on all the new 
books and current writings on magic. 12 large pages, size "Collier's Weekly." Published 15th of 
every month, at $1.00 per year; 50 cents for o months, 30 cents for 3 months, or 10 cents single copy. 

Published by A. M. WILSON, M. D„ 906 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

All dealers In magical apparatus are agents, and sell THE SPBINX at same price as publisher. 



Good Inducements to Capable, Sober Men. None Others Need Apply. 


Superintendent laggage Stack, • • Baron I Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. 

BOUTS.— Schenectady, N. Y„ Aug. 20 ; Watertown, N. Y„ Aug. SO ; Oswego, N. Y., Aug. 
31 : Auburn, N. ¥., Sept. 1 ; Warsaw, N. Y„ Sept. 8 ; Salamanca. N. Y„ Sept. 4 ; Dunkirk, 
N. Y., Sept B ; Jamestown, N. Y., Sept. 6 : Warren, Pa., Sept. 7 : Oil city. Pa., Sept. 8 : 
Butler, Pa.-, Sept 10; McKeeaport Pa., Sept 11 ; Connelavlllc. Pa., Sept. 12. 

Facifio Coast Amusement Co., 



at all times, FIRST OLASS ACTS Or ALL K1BD8 
that oaa deliver the goods. 

SOLS BOOKING AGENTS: AL. 0NKE5, Family Theatre, USth St, New York City; 0HA8. WBAY, 
906 American Bank Build., Seattle, Wain.; OHB1S. O. BROWN, or 8. Clark St, Oalcago; ARCHIE LEFT, 
111 Eddy St., San Prenciaco, Cat 

Cars Wanted, Spot Cash for Two 70ft. or Longer BapgageCars 

Host be in first class Bhape or I don't want them. Also Combination, Sleeping and Dining Cars, folly 
inrtinped witb steel tired wheels, etc.. for fast passenger trains, 70ft. or longer. Immediate or later 
ry. What have yon got? FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE for cars as above, 4 fine Min'ature Dens, 
by Sullivan A Eagle, Peru. Ind.; a small Miniature Cages, 4 Hand Wagons, 2 Tableau Wagons. 
et Wagons, 4 Pony Chariots, 80 Sets Doable Baggage Harness, one Soft. R. Top, complete, used 
'" tiro 40ft. middles, complete walls and main entrance, used 14 weeks. All 
A. D. MtPIIEE Sept. 41 maid 5, llr» B don, Man., Cms., 

Care HcPhee's Big Company, or Fleming, Sask, Canada. 


made by _- 

2 Ticket Wagons, 4 Pony 

12 weeks: one 70ft. Top, with 

at Medina, N.Y. Address 




One who has had Circus and Car 8how experience. Moet be capable of taking full charge of company 
Ifneceaaarr and nnderatand advance work. WAMT A WORKER, NOT A KID GLOVE MAN. If 
ion drink at aU. don't write. Give foil particulars and state Mlarj, etc. Address A. D. BcPlIEE, 
' , care llcrhee's Big Compsnj.Se.t. .and 6, Brandon, Hanltolia, Canada. — 
Western addreal, Fleming, Sask,, Canada. 


is made especially for the Profession. It Is In the form of a rose with five petals. Each petal can be 

lined REPEATEDLY until color Is removed. Used properly, each rose will last over iwo monttiw 
ir e an riA carried In vour purso or handkerchief without stalnlns either. It Is not affected by pefspl- 

of aStoijr toilet prbpahatiowb. 



Short aad Itaga 1-..U 

Hall ordera ailed, fit guaranteed. 

Tel. MB Madison Square. M0 Suttn Ave., near Oat St, N. T, 

—nub — 

always on hand. 






We write Maalc to your words. Introduce and 
nopularlEe. Send In MBS, 
POPULAR BlUSIO PUB. CO. (Inc.), Bait* fiU, No. QU Dearborn Bt., Chicago. 


.» ,„„.->,.■ m. cord la .T.rr heart. Writ, for Free Prof. Copy. 
It toaean a com •g c ' l J^ BtLT aroaic PUB. CO., Auditor!.— Bldg.. Chlcgo, m. 

DO TOU • • 



SKETCH for Iwo males or MONOLOGUE for one. Suitable for 
Vaudeville. Minstrel or Concert Either one for a Dollar, 
stamp, or silver. M. H. LINDZMAN, Box 1U, Brooklyn, N, Y. 

«<1 (1th Avenue 

(near nth St.). 


1508 Broadway 

(near 14th St). 


Ou.ranteod Flva Ysaira. 


Ealabllslied (7 Yean. Shipped C. O. D. on receipt of MOO. 





THE BELBER TRUNK AND BAG CO., 1»» Claaabla Av.., Pallad.lphla, Pa. 




ALL STYLES of all the LEADING, MAKES In first Class Condition. LOWEST PHIVE8 




lfln.,|T.I0i S81a.,|8.t0: Sola., «0.BO: aSla.,110.00: ttiln., 112.80. Clrcui Trnnlu1,S4ll8lH, 

EM. BUI Trunk., IOl28llS, lailde, f 12.00. Llt,o Trunks, <2Ul38Viaia, Inline, I18.0*. 
Ippat oa reclpt of 88.00, bat. C. O. D., except over 800 miles, then remit whole imonat 
•IIIONB » CO., OHNTBAL TBDNK riCCOBT, Bat 1884. B W.cor. 7th and Arch Sta.,P»l!A 



Send (or Now Theatrical Catalogue. LEATUEROID MFO. 00., 031 B'waj, N. Y., near Spring 81 

MANAGERS, Attention! 

If yon owned a railroad, perhaps yon aro satisfied to carry heavy 
excess breeding trunks. But ir you want to save excess baggage, 
get a HAL tronk. 
Send for Catalogue "0." WILLMaU BAL (Too)., 
^^^^^^ 110 W. 40th 8t., N. Y. Oily. 


WANTED, Vau.i«llli Papit, for 20 Wh. 

Circuit. Bend all open time, photos and plenty of 
literature. REPKItTOIRK I'KOPLE that with Drat 
olsHfl eiigagemcnts should write or call. Oanplaoe 
at unco. Only first olaas act* treated with. 


For Stock Coapiolsi, for Ripiitoln CospulN, for Astam. 

LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN TBI WORLD. Bocks tor home aaaaae, 

ment, Negro Play,, Paper, Scenery, Mrs. Jerley'a Wax Worka. OkaV 
loane Freol Freel Proel 

BAnVBL P11E1C II, IT W. »9d St., N.w lark 



largest stock in America. Wigs made to order, roll Una of paiat*. 
powders and oold cream . Bend for catalogue "O," to either placa. 

w* west sflth St, H. Y.; Ohloago Opera Hooto Bloox, OLUcago. 

FUNK*CO.S T Jd p S,^ 

MoVlCIIER'S THEATnn, chloaco, 111. Telephone— Central, 00e. Send for Catalogue. 




34 EAST 201li 8TREET, NEW YORK. 



And the Lataat and Moil Popular Stylos In Ladloa Hair Omtlaa. 

A. HI. BVCH & CO., 

119 W. Wlarth aHraaat. m - - , ■ WgUjMfc 


* w 104 East nth 8t. , New York, (lerman Barings Basil 

EUROPE BDlldiD f- Tel eph op o^ »»_ Qramercy^ "- 

dress, sTanetig. 

1 printwi matter and taf . tree. 




I. 156 WE8T B'WAT, I. T. TOOLBlAl* 



September i. 

OAD THAT LEADS TO HITVILLE. We will show you the way. Ask us. " We a 

se songs will land you there; look them over. Here is the song they are all talking about, tl 

was. Did you sing '-Nellie" ? If you did you can imagine what a hit this is going to be When we 8 

One of the sweetest stories ANDREW B. 8TERLINC ever told, one of the most beautiful melodies HARRY VON TILZER 

chorus slides. 

;*'S© rVI EN E W O IN ES \A/E 


■TIIK. coos ivovklty; 

■ D /% - H 

.the yrnisH SKlUCflAllB: 


mmm* } 





,'. ' i '": ■'". : . 



Registering Turnstiles 

100, perfect condition, Juit 
■Ike cut, wltli font leaver, 
Hnulntiir from 1 to 100,000. 

uii - voo.oo 

BO oooond hand ticket ohoji_- 
porboiuii each aflH, 



UtMiUiT and aervlceablo. 100 to 110 voltece: ISO in o barrel. 

Price rami DO In sninll auintltToa, oe'li Oc 

190.000 mine UN nbovo, lirnnd new, in full cum loti, oaon,.....10« 
10,000 now, It) camllo power lanipa.oach ~, 1. 


Printed foroae at the Kir" 
nlttnni have never been 
•modi 2.O0O to a rolli coniec 

iitlvdly numbered. Denom- 
inations: to, lie, Wo, Mc. 
IUffcmnl Colon. Price prr 
ISO In Iota of 10,000 fto 

30,000 now, 10 cariillo power lamps, ooeh lie 
5.000 Lamp*.u«ot1, nulural colore, ruby, union, ambor and opal, 

Tented and aurvl<ionhln. Trice each.... 10c 

90,000 aamo an above, brand new, prk-o each...... ■ Joe 


w. oil; bmt nialloublo Iron flttiiiun; alrnplo In con 

mmlo of ion 
„ aoned h ar d- 
oonatructlom fold 

(mrfectly flati strong, durable and comfortable) will not werp| aro 
or aupcrlor to any ottitir make; brand now. 
Price, In amen lot* $0,00 Special Price en Larger Quantise 


Wrlto for our Bpoclal wo 'tinge Catalogue No. 8. A. «Tt». II ooa 

came a eo-iiplcto Hit of all kind* of Kl tic trie a! Huppllo*. general amu*ernent material men yon are 
"onitantly purcliunlna. We havo fnrealu Kirn Hose, all klmU of Flrn-flfflitlnfr Apparatus, Klontrloal 
Hupplle., Fliiuii, Hunting, Furniture, llouiohold Uoods, Plumbing Material, Machinery- In faol 
everything "under toe aan." Addrois v 



8et«. SQUARE INCH- rt ■ wuls 






Wa know we nave the but burner erer nude tor uii In a stereotuoon « BoAtf 
nelut Machine j Uo for Lighting Tneatreo, Medicine Oi»n end oiroueet. 
Addree. Room U, ltto. lor temple. 
V/M. M. CRANE COMPANY, 1131-33 Brood-oy, H.w Tort 




14 Leicester St., Leicester Square, London, W. C. 

rORBION NIIIISl HII'TIONM, - - - - - 8s. M. PSA Y f** 

PHOFKSSIONA1, AI>VKIlTlf*BMKNT», - . »«. Od., Slnstl. Columo loch 

advertisements wlU be received. Copies on mo. 

Dazian'sTheatrical Emporium 

NOW AT 142-144 W. 44th ST. (Near Broadway), NEW YORK. 



Send Hi, good poem, • good melody or » complete wort, We here no rewrite writer,. All let 
equal treatment end consideration. All letters anawered promptly. 



And Trick Apperatas. 

TOST A OOHPAHT, Ml Filbert St., 

(KstabUabedMlO), PblladelpMa. 

AW Largo Catalogue for Stamp. 





llu the 



Write ve for 


ttaj Tea H.e*ld lay 



In preference to any 
other Holloa Picture 
Machine, BlfGatalogU* 
of Lautanu, Film*, 
itlidci, Acoeuorlta, ete. 


481 Chemical Jioult Bldff. OUIOAO 


Advtmee. Prlvlteje, Baigajc, BU»ek, Am- 

taomoblle end Blerrw-uo-HoBBtt Cart, 

60ft. long. Dealrablo for Show/ and Carnival Com- 
panies. Reasonable tormi. Write for parttODltrs, 

Wo. UK) Mopadnook Building, Chicago, III, 

J. |w. mmm, 

If anufacturer o( 

tn Silk, Wonted and Mercerized, 
and nil kinds 


ml Ridge Ave.. Phlla., p>. 

Flie Magical Apparatus, 

Grand Kn,l or Century, fully 
Illustrated. I1O0K CATA- 
LOOtlK, 2ec, tree lij mall 1 
OataloRiie of Parlor tricks free 

MAUT1NKA A CO.,Mfr».. 
403 Slxtb Ave., N. Y. 

JD ^V\7 UTilUI Xl \jJZL Xll ts> 66 PKET OVER ALL 



Bend Us Your 



turriT 10. in BT. LOUIS 





Enables anyone, without, former experience, to 
become an accumnllatied dancer. Porfull parllo- 
uiara Bend 2-cent Btamp for circular, Prospectus, 


Toother of Stag* Donclnf, 
Kin.' lloll, Hojeatle Thealr. Bolldlof, 
50th St. aid Bth Ave., Now York City- 




How I. the time to hove them ],, I. All letters auwetod promptly, 


Boot. TO», Il.nhottoii Dldg., OHIOAOO, ILL. 


MRS. L. BCHEUEB Wlalica to Inform tho 1'rofcBslon tlmt »ho uoa 1" »'« k , 
■wins. k. ovnEUBR for the coming reason a Larger and Finer Stock of 

o ., ? V Jf!^ , !! B • alHW *< "BOEPTIOM, AND BTREET OOWNB, 

Ocntlemen'e Pull Dreie and Tuxedo Suits, Street Suits, Prince Alberts, fall and YVInttr 
Orercoats, Inverness Capes, Ktc. Prices "JUST RianT." Wo hove Bulled you before, vrt 
can suit you again. MRS, ,,. scheubr, 024-U20 Sonth street, Pin.., P«- 
Branch Store; S10 W. Mulberry St., Baltimore, Jl.l "■""»> 

Katz, Theatrical Costumer. 


Also KmiROlDKRKD DRESSES for Specialty Acts. 

" -xinotok 

n» LEflNQTOH AVE., near Mib Street, Kew Tort. Tel. son Puu*' 

September 1. 

THE ifc^EW 


ever composed Why wouldn't it be the biggest hit In the country ? This song 
Write* for them. , 



beautifully Illustrated with extra 








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September i. 








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M. Lecoq, Chief of the Secret Service Bureau, Paris, receives a cablegram, 
reading: "nlffnny, the American Jeweller, noils to-day on S. 8. New York, wltb 
consignment of diamonds ; shadow him. Signed, U. 8. Secret Service, Washing- 
ton, K C." 

A clever detective Is detailed to watch for smuggling— Aboard the 8. 8. New 
York — In the Btaterooms — On the trail of the smuggler. "When Greek meets 
Greek, then comes the tug of war." The smuggler secretes his jewels while the 
detective Is watching under the berth. Discovered I The detective Is locked In 
the stateroom. 

Great scene on the dock — Landing the passengers — Search by U- 8. Customs 
officers — The smuggler's baggage la passed — Detective escapes from stateroom Just 
as the smuggler dashes away from dock lu cab. Pursuit In hansom through New 
York's busy street. At the Astor House, caught with the goods 1 Hands up] 
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Copyrfrht, 1806, by tin BTim Qwn PnblUMm Comp«ny (Limited) 

Founded by 


VOLUME LIV.-No. 29. 
Pries, 10 C»ntl 



September 8. 

Mi55 CHpP er '5 

Anecdotes. Personalities anil Comments, 


STAGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Lillian Mortimer added greatly to her the- 
atrical fame, as well ns her bank account, 
last season, by moans of the successful run 
of her play, "No Mother to Guide Her." Her 
clever manager, George P. Drlscoll relates 
(\ couple of Incidents out of the many that 
happened during the tour of the company. 

Miss Mortimer, who Is a great lover of 
animals, has two of these, which are hy no 
means the least Interesting among her clever 
company. Both a horse and a dog are the 
personal property of tbe star, and. con- 
sequently receive considerable petting, flhe 
always has a stock of lump sugar In ber 
dressing room, this sweet bribe often being 
necessary to the good behavior and correct 
dramatic support of the actress during cer- 
tain scenes of her exciting play. 

One night, during a performance, she was 
giving them a small sample of the sugar In 
one of the entrances while awaiting ber cue. 
80 deeply interested was she In her occupa- 
tion that she did not hear It. Horn", one 
gulckly whispered, 'Tour cue I Miss Morti- 
mer I" Forgetting to toss asldo her handful 
of sugar, sbe rushed on to the scene, where 
the next bit of business was for the villain 
to gag and carry her sway. ThlB dramatic 
climax, however, was amusingly averted by 
the appearance of the horse and dog, which 
had followed the actress on to the stage for 
Ibe sugar they knew to be In ber hand. The 
villain could not get near to the heroiue be- 
cause of the situation— the dog Jumping 
nbout her and barking, In expectation, and 
Ibe horse whinnying for the sweet bit that 
had always followed bis request. It was an 
unexpected and sensational finish to the 
scene, which created as much Interest among 
the audience as the uansl ending. 

One evening, In Milwaukee, during SKas 
Mortimer's short walk from the hotel to the 
theatre, she passed two small boys of nbout 
eight and ten years of ago, who stood in 
front of a bill board, discussing some of the 
actress' artistic printing thereon displayed. 
She overheard one of them bemoaning the 
fact of his Inability to sec the play so vividly 
depleted on the three-sheet. 

"Wot's It about, Billy?" asked the other 
youngster, who evidently could not read the 
printed title. Billy, whose education had 
hecn advanced a step further, slowly spelled 
It out, balking somewhat at the word 

"I guess they got the letters mixed," said 
Billy ; "It must mean, 'No Mother to Be Good 
to Her.' " 

"Gee! but I'd like to Bee that show I" ex- 
claimed the smaller boy. 

"Well, we can't, fer our papes ain't all 
void ylt," said Billy. 

"Would you boys really care to see the 
play nt the BIJou7" as'wd MIsb Mortimer, 
stepping up to them. 

"Wouldn't we Just!" exclaimed Billy. 'We 
hain't never been to a theoyter." 

"Well," Bald the pretty star, "you shall 
nee a play to-night," at the same time hand* 
lug them the wherewith to do no — a silver 
quartet each — then hurried on to tbe the- 
atre, with no further thought of her kind net. 

Later lo the evening, during the second 
net, where the heavy man cruelly striken the 
"girl" severnl tiroes, there was a commotion 
In the gallery, nnd a shrill voice cried out : 

"Say, Bud, tint's de goll wot give us de 
price to git in We oughtn't to stay here 
nn* let dnt chump lnmtmste her dnt way. 
Come on !" 

But on looking about them nnd seeing the 
olhers apparently enjoying the scene, they 
bashfully subsided Into their seats, evidently 
realizing that the situation was a part of the 


Joseph S. Fox, of UoiiBton, Texas, rotates 
a Jefferson story Hint is told In tbe South. 
The Btnr of "hip Van Winkle," during one 
of his Southern trips, took a train one even* 
ing flint wns scheduled to land him at his 
destination late that same night. Tho train 
was & Blow one, and had been known fre- 
quency to be many hours behind time. 

Jefferson had not Intended to hava his 
berth made up, but when Informed that the 
arrival of the train would be nearer sir In 
tho morning than twelve at night, he decided 
to turn In and rest. 

"This la a terribly stow train," remarked 
the actor, as he watched the busy porter 
from tho Boctlon opposite his own ; "are you 
buro It will be an nil night trip for us?" be 

"I reckon 'twill, Bun," replied that sable 

"Do you think we'll reach St. Joo before 
1 awako?" nBkcd Jefferson. 

"Deed, an* yo' will, Sub," replied tho por- 
ter; "dat Is, ef yo* take one 0' dem naps 
like wot de conductor says you once took." 

"What do you mean?" naked Jefferson, Im- 
mediately understanding tho reference to bis 
play, hut wishing to draw ;he darkey out. 

"lie sea dat you once slep fo' twenty 
yeohs 'fo yo* woko up, Suh," exclaimed the 
porter, with wonder In both eyes and vulcc. 

George 8. Probert. light comedian In tbe 
one week's run of "Cousin Louisa," mode an 
Immense success of his part, tho critics agree- 
ing that tho play would have run a Benson 
If a few of the other parts had been equally 

Probcrt tolls of an experience of bis enrllor 
clays, When be was a beginner, with a cheap 
barn storming company, that had been play- 
lug lu bad luck. 

Not wishing to stop over at a certain small 
tuwn unless assured of a fair house, Probert 

was sent a few hours ahead; to ascertain 
what tbe prospects were. 

He was directed to tbe hotel keeper as 
being the one beat able to give the needed 

"What kind of a show town Is this?" he 
asked that Individual. 

"Oreat I fine !" was tbe enthusiastic reply. 

"How loog sines you had a ahow tore?" 
was the actor's next question. 

"Two weeks, and If a good thing came 
along Just now, 'twould go great," declared 
his Informant, 

"What was the name of the last ahow 
here?" asked Probert, wondering If the one 
he represented would fare as well. 

"Can't think 0' the name Just now," re- 
plied the landlord. Then quickly turning to 
his clerk, he said: "Say, Fred, here's the key 
to the storeroom ; ran up itatrs and see 
what name la printed on them trunks up 

Needless to say, tbe telegram which Pro- 
bert sent to hla manager advised skipping 
that town. 


It has been known that some landlords 
with whom theatrical companies have board- 
ed, and to whom their board bills were still 
due when tbe actors left town, have gone on 
for several days with tbe companies, In the 
hope of collecting later. 

They have frequently accompanied these 
unfortunate debtors both on and off tbe 
stage, for sometimes these landlords have 
been blessed with vocal possibilities — or have 
thought they were. 

Apropos of this situation Is an account 
where a musical company bad been having 
a hard time to get from place to place. Al- 
ready tbey had two landlords In the cast, 
substituting for delinquent members of the 
company, and Incidentally traveling a few 
days with them In hopes of getting their 

The manager approached the ticket window 
of the little depot, on landing In a town, and 

"What sort of a voice has the landlord of 
the place opposite the depot here?" 

"I think he has a basa voice," was the 

"That'll do fine!" exclaimed the manager 
to one of the company at his elbow. "We'll 
need a bass for the next two weeks, won'r we, 


Stammers, William West, Frederic Knights. 
Cecelia Khoda, Pearl Revare and May Gabriel 
distinguished themselves In their respective 
" , and It la with sincere regret that we 
■ ior Day, the 



MISSOURI. expend $200,000 In inwwmU, jmmiin* 

HiMuuiu. -jS int0 thft largest of its Wnd in St 

St. Lonla_At Delmar Garden (Turner »AAB£U W& M 

Lewis, manager), for the closing week.' 1402, ^Vnext season. . .'Henrietta Brown, who so 

with Richard Harlow as Queen Isabella, was ." „Su| Iy c ned Maud Fealy's place with 

on view. Mr. Harlowls queen was done In !^ cc a ubur bai 1 Stock Co,, has been engaged 

tbe same excellent wa/tbat won him honors the mnmm^m . ig07 n 

rears ago. and the audience enjoyed his work J^tiS Suburban "...The Century, Olympic 

Immensely. John Young's Ferdinand was a J*J"$,jgjg wlll opeil their doors for the 

»UDS! $&H*SS3!!!-*S3&. Sao? °" S ept. 2. ' 1 1 


Philadelphia.— The Summer parks will 

. n» be closed within the next week, and the 
Wist Kso FlmanTS (L. Obert, manager), public will then begin to wend their way 
— Last week a splendid production of "Leah, tbeatreward. The outlook for a P^mmt 
the Forsaken," was the offering of Ethel season Is encouraging, all the big manu 5 a S' 
Fuller and her company at the Heights. In taring plants have plenty of orders aBead, 
this, as well as in former roles, MIsb Fuller , nere j 3 a comparative freedom or laoor 
leaves nothing to be desired In her portrayal, troubles and the prospecta are big lor tne 
The sincere work of this skilled player has popular priced houses. 

won for her many loyal frlenda In the two Ltbic (Messrs. Shubert, managera).— TM 
seasons she has played St. Louis, and they pall season will be Inaugurated Saturday, 
are hoping that next season will bring her gept 1, when "Vcronlque will receive Ita 
for a third Summer engagement The sup- ] 0C al premterc. The engagement Is for two 
porting company gave a good account of them- ^eekB. 

selves, the Lorenz of Jack FerrlB being eape- park (F. G. Nlxoo-Nlrdllnger, manager). 

" —"Home Folks" is the Labor Day attrac- 
tion, Sept, 8, and continues for two weeks. 
'The Devil's Auction" was well patronized 
last week 

GnAND Opera Hodhb (G. A. Wegefarth, 
manager). — Helen Byron, In "Sergeant 
Kitty, is scheduled for 3 and week. "Raf- 
fles," which was seen for the first time up- 
town Aug. 27-Sept. 1, drew fine and appre- 
ciative audiences. S. Miller Kent, in fhu 
leading role, scored heavily. "The Burglar 
and the Lady" follows. 

Gikard (Miller & Kaufman, managers).— 
"The Master Workman" 8-8. Jessie Mae 
nail, In "A Southern Vendetta," drew big 
houses last week. The play Is full of action, 
and enables tbe star to display her abilities 
to good advantage. "A Woman of Fire 

People's (F. G. NIxon-Nlrd linger, mana- 
ger). — "Queen of the Highbinders" 3 and 
week, following a week of excellent returns 

Its season last week, with the following but . 
Manning's Entertainers, Chris. Bruno J h 
Mabel Russell, Georgia Gardner and Jcvnh 
Maddern, Ethel Whiteside, and the Thr« 
Juggling Barrett*. Business continued cod 
throughout the week. h uu 

Grand Opera Hodbb <Nathan Appell m-i, 
ager).— Rosabel e Leslie, in repertory, haa* 
successful engagement 27-Sept. 1. " J * 

daily' well -acted. Fletcher Harvey made 
handsome Rudolf, and Roland Edwards, Ed- 
win Archer, Harry Scott Margaret Hatch, 
Bertha Harcourt, were weft cast 

Suburban Garden ( Bros. Oppenhelmer, 
managers). — Maude Fcaly made her reappear- 
ance, and also bid farewell in "Barbara 
Frletchle," last week. The Fitch play was 
presented In the usual splendid way, and 
Miss Fealy made a charming Barbara. Wal- 
ter Edwards, Walter Gilbert, Wllllard Block- 
more, J. Oorden Edwards, Arthur Buchanan, 
I'erin Lnnders, Lisle Leigh and others of tbe 
big cast gave able support, The play 1b 
mounted beautifully, and attendance was 
record-breaking. "David Gnrrlck," with Wal- 
ter Edwards in the name part, Sept. 2. 

Alps. — The special feature of last week s 
fine programmes was the solos of Joseph 
Sheebnn, favorite and well remembered tenor 
of grand opera days In St. Louis. Nnban 
Franko still wields the baton, directing tbe 

Alps orchestra. Kainer's Tyrolean Singers done hy '■rt u i efl oft the Turf, 

are booked for a return engagement Sept. 3. Forepapoh's (Miller & Kaufman, mana- 

Fonma* Park Highlands.— The Royal gersj—Thc a tock will produce, week of 8, 

Hawaiian Band was again the chief attrac- ft. |Wi fl i Highwayman.* Bertha Crelgbton 

tlon last week, proving to be tbe best draw 
lng card Col. Hopkins has had, nnd he an- 
nounces that they will be retained for n 
mouth longer. The vaudeville bill Is headed 
by the Okabe Family. Japanese acrobats ; 
Maud Rockwell, the California nightingale, Is 

Seattle. — At tbe Grand Opera House (John 
Cort, manager) the opening of the season was 
Inaugurated with the Stewart Opera Co., 
presenting "Babette," Aug. 10 and week. 
"Two Roses" 20 and. week. "Dorothy" Sept. 
2 and week. Tbe house has been newly deco- 
rated and refurnished throughout, 

Seattle (Russell & Drew, managers). — 
The season opens Sept. 0, with "On tbe Bridge 
at Midnight. The Cbas. A. Taylor Co., in 
"Stolen by Gypsies," in and week. 

Third Avbnuh (Russell & Drew, mana- 
gers). — The Taylor Co., In "Deadwood Dick," 
Aug. 10 and week had crowded houses. 'The 
Female Detective," 20 and. week, closes this 
popular house until Sept. 10, when the Taylor 
Co. returns for an Indefinite period. For the 
future the Third Avenue will he used only as 
a stock theatre. 

Star (K. J. Donellan, manager). — Newpeo- 

Sle 27 and week : Mason and Mason company, 
if) Diamond Comedy Four, Herbert Brooks. 
Fete Dunsworth, Jimmy wall, Kolllns and 
Kllfton, and moving pictures. 

Orpiieum (T. J. Consldlne, manager). — 
New people 27 and week : Peres and King, 
Leonard and Drake, Sldonne Dixon, Geo. F. 
Keane, Raymond and Clark, Lawrence end 
Hherldan, and moving pictures. 

Pantaqeb' (Alex. Pantages, manager).— 
New people 27 and week : Broadway Comedy 
Four, the Klnsners, Mabel Earle, Maud Still, 
Arthur Elwell. and moving pictures. 

Notes. — Manager Cort left, 25, for New 
York City, on business. , . . .Manager Russell, 
of tbe Third Avenue, gave a basket picnic to 
sixty-five orphan girls, of tbe House of tbe 

Good Shepherd, at Woodlawn Park, 24 

RuBsell h Drew have leased tbe Seattle for 
tho next four years, and will present tbe 
Stair & Havlln attractions there, making tbe 
Third Avenue a stock house, 

Tacomn. — At the Tiicoma Theatre 
(CharlOB H. Herald, manager) Juvenile Bos- 
tontnnB Sept. 2. The Tacoma will open Its 
regulnr Eenson 8, with William Collier, In 
"On tbe Quiet." The bookings are unusually 
good, and theatregoers here are looking for- 
ward to a brilliant season. The societies of 
the Norwegian singers nil over tbe Pacific 
const arc here, and will give a concert 20. 

Grand (Dean B, Worley, mauager). — Week 
commencing Aug. 27 : The Mimic Four, Al. 
Johnaon, the Qhnmberlnlns. Montle Collins 
and company, Burke end Urllne, Master Har- 
old Hoff, In Illustrated song, and motion pic- 

Star (IX M. Owens, manager). — Bertha 
Knntvold, a local actress, made her debut In 
Tacoma on Monday night, Aug. 20, before a 
large anJ very enthusiastic audience. Alt 
during the week the Star wnB packed, and 
tho mnnngement could desire nothing bettor 
thnn the reception their new Btnr has re- 
ceived. Week commencing 27, Allen Stock 
Co., Nn. 2, presenting Bertha Knatvold and 
Tend Brnckelt In "Zora." 

Crthtal (W. J. Tlmmons, manager). — 
Week commencing 27 : Mr. and Mrs. John T. 
Chick, (he Musical Spragueltos. Little Gene- 
vieve, Trlxedo nnd Robinson, Tom La Rose, 
l-i Illustrated song, and motion pictures. Good 
imainof"-:. Running three performances in tbe 
i vi>nl:tg. 

,. Miliar (formerly Penny Arcade) Is still 
doing n big business with scenic railway. 
Pictures changed each week. . 

4 *» 


Whose picture appears on the front page of 
this Issue, is on* of the younger aspirants fur 
stnge honors who Is coming to tho front. She 
Is n clever actress and one of the most grace- 
ful dancers before tbe public. Sbe made her 
tlrat Impression on Now York audiences In 
"The Country Ctrl," In 10O3, nud since then 
has Ih-cii steadily advancing. She joined "The 
Social Whirl" Co. Inst Spring, nnd opened 
with tin; organisation of the Casino, this 
city, playing tho role of Germalae Du Monde, 
In which sho Is still meeting with success. 


and Arthur Maitland will enact the leading 
roles. "The Climbers," well acted and hand- 
somely mounted, drew well last week. "In 
Mlzzoura" next week. 

Standard (Darcy & Speck, managers). — 
"Tho World's Verdict" will engage the at- 
tention of tbe stock 3-8. "The Lighthouse 
by the Sea" drew fine houses last week. 

Blanei's (J. P. Eckhardt, manager). — 
Harry Clay Blaney, In "The Boy Beh.nd the 
Gun/' 3-8. "The Millionaire Detective," with 
Howard Hall, played to big returns Aug. 27- 
Sept. 1. 

National (Joseph M. Kelly, manager). — 
Local audiences will witness, 8, for the first 
time locally, "The Gambler from tbe West." 
"Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl," drew 
crowded houses last week, that greatly en- 
joyed this strenuous style of melodrama. 
"When the World Sleeps" 10. 

Hart's New Theatre (John W. Hart, man- 
ager). — The opening attraction for the Fait 
Benson, which opens on Labor Day, 3, Is "The 
Man of Her Choice." "At Cripple Creek" 

Keith's (H. T. Jordan, manager). — Ned 
Nye and hla Rollicking Girls and May Belfort 
head the bill 3. Other entertainers are : Ar- 
cher and Croaker, Al. Burton, the Cartmells, 
Prof. Dubois, George EvanB, tbe HarveyB, 
Murphy nnd Andrews, Mabel St. Claire, Tex- 
arkann and Walby. Willis Family, Zara and 
Stetson and the kinetograph. Business con- 
tinues big. 

Bijou (George W. Rife, manager). — Star 
Show Girls 3-8. The New Century Girls fur- 
nished lively entertainment and did excellent 
business hurt week. Carr's Thoroughbreds 

Lyceum (John G. Jermon, manager). — 
After ten weeks of stock burlesque, the reg- 
ular season opens 3, with the Dainty Duchess 
Co. The bill Includes the two burlesques : 
"Chile Con Carne" nnd "The University 
GlrlB." The olio names : Gladys Carlisle, 
Kcanlan nnd Stevens, Keeler and Hnwley, 
Pnntzer Troupe, and Herzog, Adams and 

Casino (Ellas & Koenig, managers). — The 

St. John. — At the Opera Honse (A o 
Skinner, manager) " 'Way Down East; 1 
opened a four days engagement Aug, 2<; to 

big business, at advanced prlcea, and pwl 
good performances. Warre Cook, Percy I'lim 
kett, Daniel Roach, J. A. McCurdy, i nn . 
La Pierre, MIbs O'Connor and Alice "oi'oa. 
nor deserve mention. Culbaue, Chace & Wes 
ton's Minstrels 81-Sept. 1, Robinson Otmrn 
Co, 3-8, "Kerry Gow" 10-12, Herald Bouan 
moving pictures 13-15. 

Notes. — 1'. McAdam, of Crolse and Mc- 
Adam, managers of the Glace Bay Theatre 
Is In town after a visit to New York, where 
be secured the Robinson Opera Co. fur a 

tour of the maritime provinces <j | 

Willard Stanton, representing the Jere Mc- 
Aullffe Co., was in town 25. . . .Nora O'Brien 
who haa been vlBlting ber sister, Mrs. Chaa' 
Fltz Randolph, left for New York 28. 
— . » 

Hamilton. — At the Grand Opera nouse 
(A. R. Loudon, manager) the season was 
opened Sept 1, with Lew Dockstader's Min- 
strels. "Dolly Varden" (Lillian Spencer) 3 
Shepard's moving pictures 4-6, "The Shadow 
Behind the Throne* 7, 8. 

Mountain Thbatrb (Geo. H. Summers 
manager).— Summers' Co. baa done excellent 
business through the Summer presenting 
repertory In a very capable manner. Week 
of 3, "Tne Prince of Tatters." 

Nom— When the Savoy, the successor to 
the Star Theatre, Is completed, Hamilton will 
have a handsome vaudeville bouse. The 
building la well on the way, tbe front being 
the finest hereabouts, and the manager, J. 
G. Appleton, expects to ring up the curtain 
on the first week In October. The Savoy will 
be elaborately fitted throughout, and will 
have every comfort for patrons and perform- 

s ■ 

Toronto. — At the Princess (0. B. Shep- 
pard, manager) "Captain Careless" came to 
capacity last week. "The Ham Tree" Sept 

grand (A. J. Small, manager). — "The 
Yankee Consul" drew big business last week. 
"Me, Him and I" 8-8. 

Majestic. — "Buster Brown's Holiday** 
had good business. "Queen of tbe Circus" 

Shea's (J, Shea, manager), — Crowded 
houses last week. BUI week of 3: Eleanor 
Falk, Perkins and Fisher, McRea and Poole, 
Howard and Howard, Qulgg, McKey and 
Nlckerson, Le Brun Opera Co., Sisters 
O'Meer, end kinetograph. 

Stab (F. J. Stair, manager). — Kentucky 
Belles did big business. Yankee Doodle Girls 

Hanun's Point (W. J. Robson, mana- 
ger). — Big buslnesB rules. 

Mdnbo Park (Wm. Banks, manager).— 
Big business. 

"Winnipeg. — At tbe Dominion Theatre 
(D. Doujtlas, manager) week of Aug. 27: 
Heiena Frederick, Woods and Woods, lilg- 
gins and Phelps, tbe Daltos, Woodford and 
Marlborough, and the klnodrome. 

Bijou (Nnah & Burrows, proprietors).— 
Crowded houses every night Following for 
week of 27 : Madame Lizette's troupe of 
trained dogs and cockatoos, Isadore Silver, 
J. W. Sherry, Dora Taylor, the Staffords, 
Valdare Trio, and moving pictures. 

Unique (Nash & BurrowB, proprietors). — 
Still doing good business with illustrated 

Bongs and moving pictures. 

Whose picture appears above, la now doing Boston Belles will beam upon the patrons 
one of the ends with Haverly'B Minstrels. Hla week of 8i They wlIi be £ een tn tDe bar . 
size and style of work are happily mingled, usquea : "Patsy Bolivar's Vacatioa" and 

and is meeting with grent success. 

of equal Importance. La Toy Bros., John 
West and the Rader Bros., with their Little 
Sunbeams, comprise tbe balance of the bill. 

Grand (John G. Sheehy, manager). — "Ari- 
zona" was tbe bill last week, with Joseph 
Green aa Henry Canby. Clarence Heritage, 

K. J. Farrell, Eacamlllo Fernandez, Thos, thing wftl be ready for the opening, 10, when 
Heme, Jack Ferris, Snllie Duff, Ima Bradley, the Champagne Girls begin the Fall season. 
Bernlce Buck, Alma Powell are Included tn Eleventh Street Opera House (Frank 
the good company. "Behind the Mask" Sept. Dumont, manager). — Tbe burlesque, "The 

'Patsy's Day at tbe Circus," with vaudeville 
numbers furnished by: Clarence Wilbur, 
Frankle Bailey, Crawford and Manning, Rice 
and Walters, Amy Butler and Harry La Mat 
The Cracker Jacks next. 

TaocADEno. — Manager Wlllson Is superin- 
tending the finishing touches to the $25,000 
worth of Improvements that are being made 
lo this popular place of amusement. Every- 
ill be -— 

Ottawa At Brltnnnla-On-the-Bay (J. E 

Hutchison, manager) the following bill de- 
lighted large audiences last week: Valveno 
Bros., Swan and Bombard, Mr. and Mrs. Dan 
HIatt, the Four Livingstons, 

RnssBUi Theatrr will open the senson 
Sept 7, 8, with "Dolly Varden." Kellar week 
of 10 i fair week). 

Grand Oferi House opened the season 
Aug. 30, with "A Desperate Chance." Pol- 
lard's Ooera Co. week of Sept 8. 
i • -■ ■ — 

Gueipn. — At the Royal Opera House (0. 
L. Ulgglns, manager) Sheppard's moving 
pictures Aug. 31, sept 1, Stoddard Stock 
CdV'8-11, "The Arrival of Kitty" 12, "A 
DeBperate Chance" 17. 

Note. — The house has been painted and 
renovated throughout, and new scenery 


Havlin's (Wm. Garen, manager).— A big 
production of "How Hearts Are Broken" was 
presented last week, at Havlin's, by n tho- 
roughly competent company, with Eugenie 
Besscrer In the leading role. J, K. Hutchln- 
Bon made a good impression, and the large 
company was well received. S. R. O. was the 
rule. Lillian Mortimer, in "No Mother to 
Guide Her," 2-8. 

Imi'kkial (Mr. Russell, manager). — Mana- 

Ser Russell Becured a winner in "Thorns and 
irange Blossoms," last week. An evenly 
balanced company, headed by Edna Earlle 
Ltndon, presented the play In a convincing 
manner. The cast Included : J. J. Kirk, Guy 

Dniley, Lester Howard, Dorothy Fairfax, me [iren» ugcucy oi xouii ;• ..- 
Kline Walker, Roy Laldlaw, E. J. Caldwell lnntlc City Will Goldenberg hns sue- 

Roller Skating Craze" and "Akker'a Quality 
Shop" made a big bit, and will be continued 
for the current week, 8. Business was big 
the previous week. 

Bn Aden ntma it's Dime Museum (T. F. nop- 
klns, manager). — The tattooed bull is con- 
tinned ns the big card la tbe curio hall week 
of 8. Other features holding over are: James 
Mnndy, Captain Mnck, Texas Mamie, Mile. 
Olo, Joe Cramer, Mile. Equlnas and Mons. 
Zazelle. In tbe theatre are : Mae Russell, 
Adams and Mack, Slefried, Bennett and Stirl- 
ing, Mabel Lockbart, Carter and Clark, and 
Lupin's clncograpb. 

Notes. — James J. Reed has resigned from 
the staff of The PhilauelpMa Record, to take 
the press agency of Young's Pier, at At- 

St. Catharines. — The Grand Opera House 
(Cbas. H. Wilson, maaager) has been tho- 
roughly renovated, and painted, and presents 
a very neat appearance. "The Sign of tbe 
Cross" Sept. 1, Shepard's moving picturea 8, 
"The Shadow Behind the Throne'' 0, "The 
Arrival of Kitty" 8, "The Mayor of Toklo" 11. 

and Chae. Mason. BuslnesB was splendid. 
•■The Phantom Detective" 2-8. 

Columhia (Mlddleton & Tate, managers). 
— Tbe ploaalng bill last week embraced : 
Adelaide Herrmann and company, De Haven 
and Parker, Lee Harrison, Ray and Broscbe, 

Kckhoff and Gordon, Lynn, Fay and Young, _ 

the Ortoro Japs, Belle Gordon, and the kino- Lyric, at Broad and Cherry Streets.' 
drome. - ■■' -• ■ 

Gayktt. — Rice & Barton's Eitravaganza Altoonn. At the Mlshlcr (I n Miahior 

Co. furnished the amusement for the opening, ma n" K or) 'Tatntlna the Town" Ww weii 
laBt week. Mr. Barton and his clever part- ^celved Aui: 30 Sunday" 81 Al H Wil 
ner. Bert Baker, presented "Two Married LZSTSLS^f SfcJ LltSe D&esn ,; R W 

ceeded Gua Schlesslngcr as treasurer of the 

Casino George W. Lederer haa disposed 

of his Interest In the Casino, which will be 
hereafter under the management of Ellas & 

Koenig A permit was granted last 

week to the Tliompson-Starrett Co., to build 
the Adclphl Theatre, which will adjoin tbe 

the Two Aahtnns and several specialties. 
I'hll Sheridan's City Sports 2-8. Attendance 
wns Bplendld. 

Standaiid (Leo Rausenbach, manager). — 
Tbe Twentieth Century Molds pleased two 
large audiences dally last week. Among the 
entertainers were: Toma Hanlon, Billy Noble, 
Grace Foster and Max Rltter. Imperial Bur- 
lcsquers 2-8. 

Man won Tarr. — The Four Sullys, In "An 
Interrupted Honeymoon," were headllners last 
week. The Lippineots. Wm. II. Wlndom. the 
minstrel tenor; Two Graces, tho Great Rlcb- 

8, "A Hugged Hero" 11, 
"The Half " 
Egypt" 15, 

"The Hall Room Boys" 14, 

l Spooner 
Gillette 13, 
"A Trip to 

■entii Avenue (I. C. MlBhler, mana- 
ger). — The Myrkle & Harder Stock Co. did 
food business Inst week. The Avenue GlrlB 
opt. 3, Oriental Burlcsquem 4, Little Egypt 
Burlesquera 11, 12, Williams' Ideals 14. 

Lakbmont PAnK (0. C. Hartley, mana- 
ger). — Billy Johnson's Creole Belles had big 
houses last week, closing tbe season. 
Notes. — Pawnee Bill's Show Is due at 

«■ » 

minstrel tenor; Two Graces, mo ureat men- HollMavRhurir Hr>nf i im™ v«„«» 

1&g<2&3£*^ m flIS ° ° n * "-gW^I^^n- kmgyforSy^S 

wUnSLS nlnnEv —The Stanlcv Stock Co K" of the Eden Musce, In this city, and now 

appreciative audiences, last week. Mr. Stanley J - lu w V,h « W h R at JSSSL « r wm£ p...™ 1 w" 

, Mi™ aiim hmwiiinir the lend nc ro os. ivS wnii an automobile at White Plains, N. 

An amusing little Incident Is related In 
ronnectlon with a visit to Liverpool, of Paul 

Cluquevalll, Ibe great juggler. I'nseing down 
St. Johns Lnnc, at tbe side of George Hall, 
he noticed a blind beggar woman. He at once 
drew n coin from bis pocket nnd attempted 
to place It In the tin strung 'round the 
woman's neck. However, he missed hla ninrk, 
nnd the coin rolled on tho pavement. Mr. 
Clnqucvnlll was more successful on lih sec- 
ond attempt, hut It was rather amusing to 
notice a man who can balance two billiard 
halls on top of another on a cue, bungling a 
little operation Itke handing n coin to a 
beggar. — Liverpool Courier. 

\., n few days ngo Contractor P. W. 

Finn, of this city, who built tbe MIsbler The- 
atre, has boon awnrded tho contract to build 

nnd Miss Allen hnndllng the leading roles. 

Glour <H. D, R'ce. manager). — At the 
Globe, laat week, the bill consisted of : Tho 

Mnrttnes Muslcnl Act a clever aad entertain- - fhMtrp mc B^= ^ j r . ■■ - .• 

lng turn : Hyde and Robertson, Germnn com- Vt^iS™ Rr^SS22^-SK?A Sfi 
cdJans; Donulo De Rocher, the Great Doran, ^J 1 ^ - „£J? 5wan%. w LLJ 6 *? 2 * 140 
On« Hanst black face comedian; huh Bla- "*t, with as tngc 40x80 feet, and the pro- 
MNmaTlrf Hineto- ?« nl « m .f»'cet wide by 88 feet high. Tl 

graph, with new pictures: . Manager Rice's h 

offerings are carefully selected, pleasing, and 
worth seeing, and the result Is that this little 
house 1b packed to the doors every perform- 

Notes.— Tbe West Rnd Heights Amuse- 
ment Co. hns purchased ten acres of ground 

house will have a seating capacity of 2,100. 
■ ■ — — » ■ ■ ■ 

nentiinar. — At the Academy of Mnste 
John D. Mlshlcr. manager) Al. H. Wilson 
Aug. 28. "Little .Tack Horner" 20, 30, "Won- 
derland" 31, "A Ragged Hero" Sept. 1. 

Orphecm (Wllmcr & Vincent managers). 

Adjoining Its preseut properly, nnd tbey will — This popular place of amusement opened 


On Saje at Pennsylvania Railroad 
Offices, and Afforda a Most Ac- 
commodating? Form of Trampor- 

The general passenger department of the 
Pennaylvanla Railroad has supplied the ticket 
offices of the system with full stocks of the 
mileage books, recently adopted, and they will 
be sold to travelers on and after Sept. 1. 

These books contain coupons entitling the 
holder to travel one thousand miles over any 
of the lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad 
system east of Pittsburg, Brie and Buffalo, 
Inclusive, and the Cumberland Valley Rail- 
road, and are sold at a flat rate of $20. Tbey 
are valid for use for one year from date of 
purchase, as stamped on the cover. 

The Introduction of this ticket supplies 
every demaod which could exist for a ticket 
unhampered by conditions and unrestricted 
as to personal uee, and gives to tbe frequent 
traveler over tbe Pennsylvania system the 
benefit of a two cent a mile rate. 

Tbe advantages of tbe ticket are obvious 
and manifold. It may be purchased with the 
Bame ease as a card ticket, or any other ticket 
not requiring signature or witness, Tbe name 
of tbe holder does not appear upon it, and 
it Is good for the transportation of any one 
who presents It, end as many others ac- 
companying him as the mileage limit will In- 
clude. Any member of a firm or an employe 
any offlclnl or employe of a corporation, any 
member of a family or a guest may use the 
ticket just as If any one of these persona tici<J 
been the original purchaser. As a matter ot 
fact the holder of the ticket enjoys all of its 
privileges to the fullest extent of Its trnns- 
portatlon value. The ticket will be accented 
for transportation on any part of the Penn- 
sylvania Railroad system east of Pittsburg, 
Including the Cumberland Valley Railroad, 
for distances exceeding two miles, except in 
certain specified portions of the territory 
v/lthln the city limits of the larger terminnlft- 
H Is valid for passage on all passenger WW 
Including the limited trains, wheMac;"rn- 
panled by the necessary extra fare ■llw 
man charges, with the one exception of Hie 
Pennaylvanla Special, the elghteen-hour Kan 
between New York and Chicago, on which no 
reduced rate ticket of any kind la valid. Taj 
popular feotures of the new ticket comwcnP 
It to the consideration of those who travel 
often. Anyone may buy It anyone may, oss 
It; no Identification of the bolder is require). 
nnd the price Is the flat rate of two cents j>« 

*«-FefflOR6S 0F ™SP66KLY SHOB/ «««»*»« -P.fifGfflDS. 

£t&dy Agnes Gniress (Iti'nona Winter) Lefty (Belh<Stone) Aldcrrmn Bri&s Udylsobel . L&dy Roa* Elhelbert . 

grving an imitation of Vernon • zjonyc/umhei'maid (R.ClAwner) (Msylf&udiiinj (Grace Fields) QJohnMiyonJ 

■Mr. (triable, /he hndlord ■ 
CCA&rles Buffer,} 

pevezisihe _ . _ 
| "fod,mit-e&dlue<tiPl3* 
inspipingzttitocftom . 

MA»n«iL» Jimfifackev MfieCroix. c/aAn&tAer 1 w lewA&ms BtriMto&ey Jim Dixon louielynn. 



September r 


For those critical professional 
players whose artistic reputations 
are partly dependent upon the fine 
tone quality of the particular in- 
strument they may play. These 
instruments have no equals, and 
fill the bill for Vaudeville Per- 
formers Who BUST HAVE THE BEST. 

Used exclusively by WM. H. BURK, 
wro was the first to introduce the harmonica 
into vaudeville, and is acknowledged the 
world's greatest player. 



Canadian Office. 

76 York St., 







82.60 and 83.00 IMPORTED RAZORS FOR 97c. 

Twenty- five thousand fine Importt-cl travelers 1 SAMPLE RAZORS will be placed 
on utile, for this month only, at !>7i-, each, These razors are from some of the 
leading manufacturers of nuon tn the United States. England and Germany. They 
are all HIGH GRADE SAMPLES. We secured their entire stock at a ridiculous 
figure, and now offer them for sale at the low price of t)7c, each. The assortment 
comprises ill the well known ttakev, Including the WADE & BUTCHER BRANDT, 
BENGALL and fifty popular brands of all the famous makers, la fact, we have 
been Belling the same Identical razors sb high oa ¥2.00 to 13.00 each. Every razor 
Is guaranteed perfect and set ready for use. Any razor sold that does not give 
perfect satisfaction can be exchanged. WE GIVK SPECIAL ATTENTION TO 
MAIL ORDERS. All razors ure carefully selected, honed and set ready for use. 
You should take advantage of this great sale, as these certainly are high grade 

Soods. A chance of a lire time to buy a good razor at one third Its real value, 
rder your razors today, while you think of It, as this ad. may not appear again. 

B. BRANDT CUTLERY CO., 105 Chambers Street, N. Y. 


The treatment of aupernuon, hair la something that requires the greets,! 
nicely and care. X. BAZIN'8 depilatory Powder is the result of 
much study of the cause of and problem ot destroying these growths with- 
out Injury to the surrounding skin or leaving a scar or the slightest deform- 
stlon. X. BAZIN'S DHH'ILATORY l'OWDBB Is absolutely safe and de- 
stroys the hair without pain, a simple, dalntr way of effecting a core. 
Send to Department "C for our little pamphlet on the snbject. "FOB 

HALL A RUOKBL, Proprietor, and Masnfactnrera of SOZODONT, 
...... . 2I5 Washington Street, New Tort 

For sale at all Or.t elaaa l,n, .fare, or sent h, mall In aealesl 
paokaarc. for Boo. 

* f -,.-''- ; 



haul ■• - 


. . 1 


laaaaaVk'.',. VAJjM-S'S 





RPT •?•;'■'••'> 




Wc can mako a Imlf tono from photograph you 
ftimlhli: sot up jour mime, address and sot In 
type, and rirlni fiofl l.etlcr Hearts, s'.xll r r ,3.50, 
»» Hay St., Knolvllle, Ten... 



The Perfect 
.Liquid Rouge 

* FOR Wo will send, pontage prepaid, a Mo. 
OK*"» Dux of Powdorma and a 60o. Dottle 
iCvti "f Miiiililunim. Addrcaa 

Derma to., (Inc.), ft K. lit h St, N. Y. 


Repertoire People, Ail Lines, 

That double brass; Bouhretfo with Rood special- 
tied, MuhIcIhiih, H. and a, and Bingo Orchestra 
Lender with iiiuxlo. Stop at hntcK Mu»t jntn oil 
Wire. CHESTER GKNTKK, ViTDou, Texas. 

Hep. and Vaudeville 
and Jiiiimrt'i Coa. to nitty i-it night stands In a 
circuit of 4 good towns III Con tier! lent. Sharing 
term*, liberal. Wc want Al aitrautl'us only. 





Richard Toennes, Box 344, Boanvllle, Mo. 



With Ho. Ion, Sent. 0. 

pflta, Sept. ' 
Will, Boston, Sept. 10, 11, 1 

With Phll.delpfi 

iJ?"P}- »• ' 




8«|>t. I to Sept. 15. 

1. 1. B. B„ East 31th St. Ferry. 


Mfr. of OymnaBtio Apparatus, 83ft E. 46th St., N.T. 
formerly of 118 K. 18th SL Horlioniai bars, leap, 
lug boards and bars, barrels, crosses, globes, etc- 

NeTTnrU — The season Is now fairly un- 
der way here, all the houses being open ex- 
cept the Umpire, which Is undergoing exten- 
sive alterations, and will be opened about 
the first of October. 

Newark (Lee Ottolengal, manager).— 
This theatre opened bright and fresh hept. 
It, with Robert Kdeson, in "Stronghcurt," 
having a good advance sale. "The Prince 
of Pltsen" week of 10. 

Empibb <H. It Hyams, manager).— The 
mezzanine floor of this bouse has been en- 
tirely renovated, and the bouse gene-rally 
remodeled and made quite up-to-date. It 
will open about Oct. 1. 

Phoctoh'b (F, P. Proctor, manager) . — 
This theatre has continued business In a 

tirosperous way through the Hummer, and 
luslneas Is brisk as ever. This week: Eu- 
gene O'ltotirke and company, In "Parlor A ;' 
Geo. H. Heno and company, Mme. Rlalta, as 
a special feature, tn her mirror dance; Alf. 
Grant and Ethel Hoog, Dorsch and Russell, 
Cbas. and Fannie Van, Emerson and Rotten, 
Newman and Knowles, and the pictures. 

Columbia (M. J. Jacobs, manager). — The 
second week of the season here finds "At the 
Old Cross Roads" doing a goodly share of 
the general business. "Adrift In New York" 
opened the season last week with fairly good 
results. "A Slater's Sacrifice" week of 10. 

Bl&ney's (J. H. Bucken, manager). — Lot- 
tic Williams, In "My Tom-Boy GlrL" this 
week. "The Boy Behind the Gun" received 
good attention last week. "Bertha, the Sew- 
ing Machine Girl," 10-15. 

waldmann's (W. 8. Clark, manager).— 
The season began with the accustomed dash 
here Saturday, Sept. 1, with the Morning. 
Glories. The house has been renovated and 
painted, and the opening audience enjoyed an 
excellent burlesque bill. The Trocaderos 10- 

Oi.tmpic Pans (J. W. Wefers, manager). 
—The Aborn Opera Co. la still receiving 
fine support, and In "La Perlcbole" Grace 
Orr Myers Is pleasing this week. "The 
Merry War" drew well last weeke. In the 
garden Joe Smith's tenor solos are as po- 
tent and welt rendered as ever, and In the 
open air Gorman's diving horses are re- 

Electric Park (C. A. Dunlnp, manager). 
— This big home of varied entertainment 
still draws large crowds to both indoor and 
open air shows- , Amateur night, at the the- 
atre, Is still a feature. 

Hillside Park, — The hippodrome and bal- 
loon ascensions are the features. 

Notes. — Treasurer Sol. De Vrles, who wss 
In the box office of the Columbia, and further 
identified with Manager M. J. Jacobs for 
many years, now has a position at the New 
York H<ppodrome. . . .Former assistant treas- 
urer, Clayton Lomax, of the Newark The- 
atre, Is now treasurer of the Columbia, and 

Kuianuel Blum Is his assistant Ed. 

Miller, who wbb formerly in the blx office at 
Proctor's, Is now Treasurer Robbing' assist- 
ant At the Newark .... Leon Evans, of Wald- 
mann's Theatre and Olympic Park, was re- 
cently presented with a handsome diamond 
Masonic emblem by the staff and employes of 
the park, In the way of appreciation and good 

» ■ - -■ ■- 

Pateruon. — At the Empire (A. M. Brug- 
geman, manager) this house opened Aug. 27, 
to crowded houacs, and continued to draw 
well for the rest of the week. Bill for week 
of Sept. 3 : Nina Morris and company, Barry 
and Halvera, Von Klein and Gibson, Alpha 
Trio, Zona Klefc, Cooper and Robinson, Four 
Nlghtons, villa Holt Wakefield and the 

Buou (Maurice Jacobs, manager). — The 
London Gaiety Girls Co., beaded by Pat 
White, the popular comedian, proved a good 
attraction fast week. Itlalto Rounders Is 
booked for week o* 3. Watson's Oriental Bur- 
lesqucrs to follow. 

Lyceum (Francis J. Gilbert, manager). — 
"Billy, the Kid,'' had good bouses ug. 27-20- 
Lottte Williams, In "My Tom-Boy Girl." 
played to crowded houses SO-Sept. 1. "The 
iiurglar's Daughter" 3-5, "The Woman of 
Fire 7 ' fl-S. 

a— e 

Trenton. — At the Taylor Opera House 
(Montgomery Moses, manager) "Wonder- 
land," Aug. 29, had big business. "Buster 
Brown," SI, did well. "The Little Ducbew" 
Sept. 1, "The Gingerbread Man" 8, "The 
Black Crook" 4, "Man aud Superman" Q, 
Kva Tanguny 6, "Little Bo-Peep 1 ' 14, 15. 

State Street Theatre 'Frank Shalters, 
manager).— Al, If. Wilson, Aug- 27, ploused 
a good slzt-d houBe. "My Tom-Boy Girl," 
'J8,29 had satisfactory business. "The Gamb- 
ler of the Vest," 30-Bept. 1, did well. Cecil 
Spooner, In "The Girl Raffles," 3-15; "Paint- 
ing the Town" (I, "A Southern Vendetta" 
7, 8. 

TnENT (Montgomery Moses, manager). — 
The opening bill for Sept. 3 and week In- 
cludes : Charlotte Perry and company, Clarice 
Vance. Four Melvln Bros., Ferreros, Redford 
and Winchester, the Shubert Quartette, Jack 
WIlBon and company, and the Trentograph. 

Jersey City. — "The Girl and the Gam- 
bler" had a good week at the Academy, end- 
ing Sept. 1. The Champagne Girls, a very 
clever road attraction, presented a strong 
olio and fared finely at the Bon Ton. 

Academy (Frank E. Henderson, manager). 
— For week of 3. "Carolina." Week to fol- 
low. "A Rocky Road to Dublin." 

Hon Ton (T. W. DtnkluB, manager). — The 
London Gaiety GIWb week of 3. Rlalto Round- 
ers to follow. 

NoTr.. — The Bon Ton has been completely 
restocked with new scenic sets. Ed. Cadugan 
has again assumed control of the box office. 
— e- 

Hutu. ken.— At the Lyric (H. P. Soulier, 
manager) business Is good. "A Woman of 
Fire" Sept. 2-5, "The Burglar's Daughter" 
ti-s. "A Bad Man from Mexico" 9-12, "The 
Life of a Policeman" 13-15. 

Umpire (A. M. Bruggeman, proprietor). — 
This handsome amusement resort opened the 
regular Beason 3. 

*) »» 


w.t*iiiiiKton. — The Washington theat- 
rical season Is fairly opened this week, only 
one bouse being closed, the Belasco, and that 
wilt open Its season on Sept. 10. 

Nbw National (W. H. Rapley, manager), 
— The season opens 3, with Stanley Dark's 
"Man and His Angel." "Babes In Toyland" 

COLUMniA Theathe (Luckett & Dwyer, 
managers).— The opening. 3, presents "Little 
Jack Horner." "Mrs. ".vlggs, of the Cabbage 
Patch," 10-Hi. 

Relasco Theatre (L. Stoddard Taylor, 
mnnngcr). — Season opens Sept. 10. 

Academy or Music (J. w. Lyons, mona- 

fer). — This week, "When the World Sleeps." 
tost week, "The Way of the TranBgreesor" 
had crowded houses. Dolly Kempler, In 
"The Gypsy Girl," 10-15. 

Majestic Theatre (Ira J. La Motte, man- 
ager). — This week marks the opening of the 
regular season, the house having been oc- 
cupied for the past four weeks by colored 
troupes. The opening bill la "The Girl from 
Broadway." Last week, "The Policy Play- 
er" (colored) had large business, Florence 
Bindley, in "The Girl and the Gambler," 

Ta'cbum Theatre (Eugene Kernan, mana- 
ger).— This week. "Hughey" Kcrnan'e Wash- 
ington Society Girls. Last week, the opening 
of the Benson, Carr's Thoroughbreds did ex- 
cellent business. The Avenue Girls 10-lG. 
The Lyceum has undergone extensive Im- 
provements during the Summer season, and 
h now up to date In every particular, It Is 
hnder the direction of the Empire Circuit 

Drop it, trick It, or if you can think of a 
more severe test of Jialety, please make it — 
we accept any challenge. Our exclusive patent 
safety lever is the reason why accidental discharge 
it impossible, and it lifts the 


out of the "went-ofT-by-accident'' class. This lever must be in place before 
the revolver hammer can touch the filing pin and can only be raised when 
you purposely putt the trigger. 

Our Booklet "Shots" Mailed Fr.e J^teTlBft;' 

owner o( firearms should know, and goes Into the details and illuslutes by sections! 
views the peculiar construction of the Iver Johnson. 

Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Revolver I Iver Johnson Safely Mannerless Revolver 

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IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS AND CYCLE A River St, Fltchburg, Mass. 
New York Office: 90 Chamber! St. Pacific Coatt Branch; P. n. Beckeart Co., 2330 Alamerta As*., Alameda, Cat, 
European Office: FkUiubenl Hamburg, Gcrmanv. Maatsri ef Irar Jobbjob Btoralsi Ml Slaals Bsxral Bnoteww. 

Co., James L. Kernan, tbe former proprietor, 
having sold his Interest. 

Chase's Theatre (Miss II. Winifred De 
Witt, manager).— This week; Tbe Fays, tbe 
Ellnore Sisters, Johnnie Stanley and Grace 
Leonard, Marzello and Millay, tbe Columbia 
Four, and the vltagrapb. Last week Morrow 
and Sbelluerg, Ferreras, Katie Rooney, Wil- 
ls rd Slm-ms and company, A. O. Duncan, 
Nora Bayes, Twelve Toozoonln Arabs, and 
tbe vltagrapb filled the house at every per- 

Luna Park (Geo. E. GUI, manager), — This 
week, rhilllplno Band, In the Shell, and the 
La Noles Brothers on tbe Hippodrome btflge 



Denver.— At the Orpbeum (Martin Beck, 
general manager) an excellent bill drew large 
nouses last week. The bill : Paul Spadonl, 
McWatterB, Tyson and company, Flsfce ana 
McDonald, Argyra Kastron, the Musical For- 
rests, tbe Rosalies, Median's dogs, and pic- 

Elitch's Gabdeks (Mary Elitch-Long, pro- 
prietor). — "The Pride of Jennlco" was the 
attraction of tbe Bellows Stock Co., In tbe 
theatre, last week, and big business resulted. 
Jane Oaker was Princess (Jttllle, and William 
J. Kelly, Jeonico. 

Cubtis (A. 1L Pelton, manager). — 'Tbe 
Holy City," last week, was well staged, and 
proved a good business bringer; "Tbe it oval 
slave" Sept. 2-8. 

Cft xstal (G. I. Adams, manager) . — A 
varied bill pleased good houses last week. 
Tbe bill : Marquis and Linn, tbe Zennaralles, 
Lillian Mason and company, Bessie Tanabill, 
uscar Lewis, and pictures. 

\oyu.i-* (Henry Lubelskl, manager). — The 
bill last week drew large houses, and In- 
cluded Gilbert's animals, McCloud and Mel- 
ville, Richard Walsh, Bessie Crawford, Joe 
t. Buckley, and pictures. 

Notes. — The Bellows Stock Co., with Jane 
Oaker, will open the Tabor Grand Sept. 4, 
with "Zaza." Tbe house Is newly decorated. 
......Thomas W. Walsh, Waterbury, Conn., 

correspondent of The Clipfbb, Is here, at- 
tending tbe convention of the International 
League of Press Clubs. Dan L. Hart and 
Bister, of Wllkes-Barre, Pa., are also In the 

tarty The Dayton Sisters and Devoy, 

Helen May Butler and band, tbe Weratzes, 
the Zola Sisters, and Wayne Abbott are at 
tbe Tuilerles Gardens. 

» ■ » ■ 

maim;, v . 

Portland— At the Jefferson (Cahu & 
Grant, managers) "The College WlOow" 
came Aug. 24, 2D, "As Ye Sow,' r 27-Sept 1, 
uud both were well patronized. " 'Way 
Down East" 3, 4, "The Old Homestead" 7, 
"The Volunteer OrganlBt" 8. 

Pour land (J. ]-:, Moore, manager). — Tola 
bouse opens Its regular Beason 3, presenting, 
3-8 : Toby Claude, Four Everetts, Written 
and Gladdisb, Willie Weston, Carter, Waters 
and company, Thos. J. Keogh and company, 
and klnetograph. 

Gem Theathe, Peak's Island (C VP. T. 
Godlng, manager). — For the closing week of 
the Summer season the stock presented, 27- 
Sept. 1, "Nancy Hanks," attracting very 
large patronage. The company holds over 
for Labor Day, 3, for the closing perform- 

Camd Cottage Theatre (B. V. Phe'-an, 
manager) . — "For Love and Honor" wiis the 
offering by the stock 27-Sept. 1, to fine DubI- 
l-.ess. The closing of the seasou occurs Labor 
Day, 3. 

Hivbbton Park (D. B. Smith, resident 
manager).— Gorman's New York Vaudeville 
istara attracted capacity business 27-Sept. 1. 



Manchester.— Keith's (Frank G. Mick, 
resident manager), completely renovated, 
will open nbout Sept. 17. A large force of 
painters, decoratoi-B and scenic artists are 
working night and day to have things com- 
pleted in time. 

Park Theatre (John StlleB. manager). 

•iloity Toity" opened to S. K. O. Aug. 30, 
and gave satisfaction to continued crowded 
houses ,81, Sept. l. "Weary Willie Walker" 
3-0, "Adrift In New York" 0-8. 

Notes.— The Adam Good Co. played 
Nashua, N H., last week, to crowded houses. 
I<rank Twltchell, who for the past twenty- 
two Bensons has been connected wltn the 
company, Is still the "man in front." Harry 
How Is the representative ten days ahead. 
...... h rank Hartford, representing a .syndi- 
cate, was here Aug. 30, with a vfew to se- 
curing land on which to build a new theatre 
n YE*f"h to lir be run , ln connection witli his 
Concord, N. 1L, and Portsmouth. N B 
louses, and others on the circuit ' 



p.,?«. , 'r!^ n, M c "y-— AtDelmar Garden tbe 
Curtis Operatic Comedy Co. finished a week 
n tJ&SP'L Po " B8 « Cafe," and hnd B. R. 
hi ..iv , the garden returned to vnude- 
vUle, with : Joe Garxa, the Man-llles, the De- 
oys the Klngsberrys, Glaydys MIddleton and 
the Busch Family. Opening business was very 
good, ■ 

v-H« 0D n£ ,B ^T"^! 11 ,or 20 « n< J week : 
Vetter Bros., Eunice Powell Jack Iipnunn 
Russell and Devlrlne, and bijougtaph ' 

Notes.— Rlngllng Bros.* Circus advance 
car was here and put up banners for Oct. 3. 
u:«Va5 B S?S b ??!l P^P'o followed In, and 
have the rest of tbe town well covered .... 
£he Empire Theatre is undergoing extensive 
repairs and decorating, and will have a bet- 
ter house than before. 

a. .. _ VERMONT. 

nurliusrtoa_At the Strong Theatre 
(Calm A Grant, managers) Earl Bur/eSs Co 

..J;?* 1 Feather, 20, pleased a good house 

smr" 1 G,ri «<*■ a - s-ass 

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Pabu Extract Department, Ivtiwaulxe, Wk 




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O'Hulll..,, Ilubber <o. L.w.11. M»i iL 




njo rld cf Players, 

S, d v o\ America since Aug. 1 : Leatcr Loner- 
25? Toaeph O'Mearo, Mary Anderson Hough, 
S ii FerrlsT Arthur Roberts. Geo. D. Uolt, 
Shftmns F. Mulligan, with Jackson & Reed, to 
252X N^nce O'Neill. For Andrew Mack, 
"'ft the management of J. H. Decker: J. J. 

,m 'Rhodes for Spencer 4 Aborn. Fred- 
i'-lck Forrester, with Edward i E. Brnden. 
JK Edward IN Cordova for '"The Shadow 
Kind the Throne" Co.; Mark Harrison and 
u i Florence. For Mzon & Zimmerman: 
niiwr J- White and George H. Wender. 
vmma Campbell, with Valerie Bergere, In 
viudevllle Hobo Marston, J. S. Cornell and 
iMHle Le Hoy to support Oscar Dane. For 
S l Glaaer Stock Co.; Louis Chevalier. 
life mrd Lyle and D. Allen. For "Mjipah.; 1 
nnder the management of Mr. Kennedy : At. 
Kl* Lang, Lew Woods and Edltn Bel- 
inws Benjamin Bradbury for '•Carolina," 
under the management of Louis Miller. 
Kthel CUfton for Proctor's Stock. Howard 
v'nlicr and Joseph 1 T firmer, for Llebler & 
Co la "Mrs. Wiggs, of the Cabbage Patch." 
For Shubert Bros. : Fanny Maranoff and El- 
mer Booth. Miss Dudley, with Mr. Meaghan. 
Margaret Lee and Louise Renney, for the A. 
w Dingwall Co. Maude DIckcraon, with 
■*Our New Minister," under the management 
of Joseph Conyer. Hallctt Thompson and 
i' F Rutledge, for Weatfall & Kenny. Wm. 
Townsend. for "The Mummy and the Hum- 
m'ng Bird" Co., under the management of 
Jules Murry. Wm. Gerald and Wm. J. But- 
ler wilh Maude Turner Gordon, In vaude- 
ville. For the 8aa Francisco Stock Co., 
uuder the management of Frank Bacon : 
Izetta Jewell,' A. Burt Wcsner, Eloulna Old- 
castle ond Milton Nobles Jr. 

Wii. W. Lapoint hns resigned as business 
Kauagcr of the Claire Tut tie Co., to devote 
bis vnt're time to the Hrayham & Lapoint 
ptmictlons and houses. He h3s just placed 
bis new CWI1 War play, "A Union Lass," 
with several Western repertory compoules. 
Katbryn Brayham, owing to tbe serious Ill- 
ness of tier fftther, in California, has for six 
months been playing vaudeville dates on the 
Const circuits. She will shortly be seen In 
her husband's (Wm. W. Lapoint) new play, 
"A Green Mountain Gal." Miss Brajham 
una been playing her vaudeville engagements 
as hate Hope King. The tlrm of Brayham 
S. Lapoint will also have on tour this sea- 
Don the Van Huron Stock Co., the New Eng- 
land Players, and "A Lamb from Wall Street." 

Ni<rrs Cohan &>'s 
"King of Tramps" Co., Western, Leoa Allen, 
manager. — This company opened In Otter- 
Leln, Ind., Aug. 11, to good business. We 
played Fowler to S. R, O., and have been 
playing to packed houses since opening. 
Koster: Leon Allen, manager; Richard Boss, 
business manager; Elmer McClure, treasurer 1 ; 
0. L. Patton, band master; A. J. Domlnlck, 
musical director : M. K. Turner, stage mana- 
ger; Forest McGHIlard, Victor Foust, t.lln- 
toa SteelBralth, Mrs. Dot Steelsmlth, Mrs. 
Bertie Allen, Louis J. Rossevelt and L. A. 

II. Wilmot Yocxo, manager of tbe'BlJou. 
Comedy Co., writes : "We commenced re- 
hearsals Aug. 20, will take to the road Sept. 
li, and are booked solid to May 30. I hare 
engaged, through my 'ad.' In Tub Clip- 
ped, tbe following people to support my 
talented star: Malzlc Adums, Mue Wlllard, 
Alice I'uvett, Llllle Arniitage, Frank Waldo, 
T. Chan. I'uvett, Ralph Merchant, William 
Conklln (fifth year), W. B. Mersereau, H. F. 
Green, A. J. Mackey (fourth year). Wallace 
Store and Chas. Shepard. Baby Marguerite 
with her specialties, will be a feature. On 
July 25 there arrived a new manager In tbe 
person of H. W. Young Jr. Although he 
lias only had two weeks professional experi- 
ence, he seems quite contented." 

T. H. Delevan writes that he has just 
closed a four years and three months' engage- 
ment with the Kennedy Players, la Hannl 
bnl, Mo., and has joined the Nellie Kennedy 
Stock Co.. in Wllkes-Barre, Pa., which Is 
booked solid up to May, 1907. 

Allen Coitus and his company, In the 
musical comedy, "The $10,000 Beauty," have 
been playing all season, aud are booked solid 
fur next season. Roster of the company : 
Allen Curtis, Harry Lewis, Al. Bruce, Harry 
n right, Fred Cutter, Marjorle Lake, Gladys 
JHddleton, Ed. O'Malley, Mayrae Prager, 
Glndra Eagcn, Ethel Smith, Mabel Culvert. 
Lisle Hurler, Dorothy Blaine, May Robinson 
and Claire Crawford. They opened a three 
weeks' engagement at the Lyric Theatre, St 
Joseph, Mo., Sept. 2. 

\ot£s from the "A Life's Mistake" Co., 
Sauford & Von Cllne, owners, W. H. 
Vol Cllne, manager. — We opened our reg- 
ular season at Oakland, Neb., Aug. 28, xfl, 
and arc booked solid until July 4, 1007 in 
the best one night time. We believe we have 
one of the very best plays and the strongest 
company on the road. We carry sixteen 
fieople and uniformed band and orchestra. 
Inn being a nautical play, our band Is cos- 
tumed In the regulation navy uniform, neat 
and attractive. The theatrical conditions in 
this part of the country are most promising, 
t rops were never better, farmers have plenty 
or money, and we look for a long, pleasant 
ond prosperous season. 

ING exoagbments : Albert Dttsblngtou, with 
Trto to Egypt:" Taos. Curtlss, Madeline 
Garcia, Maude Edwurds, with Rose Stock 
Co.: Walter Dale, with "Shadow Behind the 
Throne;*' Kate Collier, with "The Gypsy 
win; Josle Bowen and Baby Blancbard, 
wti "Human Heorts;" William S. Davis, 
with "Deserted ut the Altar;" Jack Klen- 
;ton and James Goodrich, with "Girl from 
terns:" Gertie Lvnch, Reglna Lynch, Ro- 
salie Lynch, Phyllis Lorraine and Edna Du- 
ra«t with 'Tainting the Town;" Edward 
Connelly nnd Katharine Von Glatz, with 
Those Primrose Girls." 

Mauiq Kklleu, formerly with Sam Ber- 
nards company, and Edward B. Martlndell, 
mst senson with "Mexlcana," hare been en- 
gaged by Henry W, Savage for "The Man 
1-rom Now" Co. 

Notes prom "The Girl From Happylnnd" 
< o., under- the direction of Jos. Hurtle; & 
w. n. Irons, with A. Jack Faust os business 
manager.— We opened the season Sept. 1. 
■HP n *e booked for a tour of forty weeks In 
ail the principal cities of the United States 
y?' 1 Canada, The roBter of the company Is: 
•uiidrod Stoller, a prima donna and come- 
dienne ; Chns. Blake; Victor Vobb, Mile. Rer- 
"nn, a French danBeuse, and her first Ameri- 
can appearance ; Mnrle Gillette, Arrhur 
juries, the Kenyon Quartette, Elsie Elvla, 
tutorial Trcvelle. and twenty show girls. 

Clark Rosb Is creating the character of 
i*opey Jones in "Ruled Off the Turf* Co., 
under the management of A. II. Woods, 
„ Dt:x Hown Informs us that he closed with 
A Runaway Match" Co. at Rlciimond, Vs., 
lV'/r 1 9* t0 resume his part in the Gaynon- 
ollock Co., with which he was associated 
"it season. 

IIenbietta Cboswan's company this sea- 
son. In the comedy, "All-of-a-Sudden Peggy. 
1 composed of Edward Mackey, Ernest Stal- 
WgL J. R. Crauford, Addison Pitt. John 
Marble, C. A. Chandos, Kate Meek. Ida Wa- 
lkman. Jane Marburv and Ann Warrington, 
-iijls year, as last. Miss Crosman wilt enter- 
fain the members of her company at the 
Highlands on the Hudson, for a few days 
immediately preceding the opening of her 

Selma Herman and her company has be- 
gun rehearsals of the "Queen of the Con- 
victs." The pi a y u by that prolific author. 
Theodore Kremer, and the text, tbe life and 
adventures of the late king and queen of 

»««» T £ a *5H , 8wwu . Shipman & Co.— 
Anna Day, who Is starring In "When Knlgnt- 

nhea JliYA ^m' 1 '" «W» «•««. comment 
renonrsals of this pay on Auir. 27 at 
the Murray Hill Lyceum. Miss Day will be 
ffTOil l" thl9 ' ^ cr flr8t stellar ^as^n by 
b ■ e Ji# !i!. n L <:ompfln I r » tbe Penonnel of whlcb 
t-Ii Al ™ Swenson. Ogden Stevens, Thomas 
ESMSro 8eIbk t 3ohn Alexa'oder, Kd- 
Jo«?nh w« n, i "r anf t y X mn e> James Warren, 
Joseph Wood, Lewis Duncan. E. D. Wilson 

iSffi r^Sffi Ijl J! ,an H °y n c Frances Fay 
Staran Hcalev. Maude Stllson and Fannie 
Hayes. Ben 1), Vernon will act as company 
mniinger, while Edwin C. Barry will exploit 
the fortunes of the star and company as id- 
\nnce manager. The opening performance 
\L? e pe ?"l n W , UI le K lveu at Fltchburg, 
Mass. on Labor Dny. Madame Lydta M. Von 
MnkelBtcln Monntford the famoua lecturer on 
the Holy Land, Is concluding her tour 
through the Et'glish provinces. Her series 
or recitals in London proved so successful 
\ul 'n&ftS l. b f lef i our through Canada and 
the United States she will return to the Eug- 
Hsh metropolis. Mine. Mountford will return 
to New lork. about Sept. 10, nnd open her 
season In Canada In early October. The tri- 
umph of Marie Naretle, tbe famous Irish 
prima donna, in tbe opeulDg weeks of her 
tour of Australin, has been a source of great 
delight to her many friends la both EDgland 
and America, and the entire Australian press 
hns been unanimous In Its pralBes of the 
great Irish singer. The demand for scat a at 
the opening concert In Sydney was so great 
that It was necessary to extend the engage- 
ment for seven consecutive nlgbtB. Imme- 
diately following the announcements that 
contracts had been Mgned between Sweely. 
Shlpman and Co. and the Klrke La Shelle 
estote, for the rights to "The Bonnie Briar 
Btisb. A. J. Small offered to book the com- 
pany over his entire circuit, including a 
week ut the Grand Opera House, in Toronto, 
Can. Jessie Maclacman. tbe Scottish prima 
donna, will return to the United States in 
early September, with a specially Belected 
company of Scottisn players. Miss Maclach- 
lan hns spent a delightful Summer In the 
Highlands of Scotland, and writes that she Is 
In better voice than ever before, and eager 
for the coming farewell tour of Canada and 
the United States. Miss Maclachlan will be 
supported by Douglas Young, Scotch lyric 
tenor; Murray Grubam, piano soloist; John 
McLlnden, 'cellist, and Robert Buchanan, ac- 

Notes from the Rowland & Cliffobd 
Attractions. — "Thorns and Orange ■Blos- 
soms," William Mong. in "The Clay Baker;" 
"Dora Thorne" and James Kyrle MaeCurdy, 
In "The Old Clothes Man," opened Sunday, 
Aug. 12, and the artistic and financial re- 
sults -were gratifying in the extreme. Fred 
Walton has been secured to pilot the des- 
tinies of the first named attraction, with 
Edna Earlle Liudon in the title role. George 
Denton is busily engaged rehearsing the 
Eastern "Dora Thorne ' show, which opened 
Aug. 10. Sadie Marlon has been re-engdged 
to appear In the name part Thomas J. 
Smith, for years favorably known as tbe star 
of The Game Keeper," has been secured for 
the comedy role In "The Phantom Detective," 
Arnold Baldwin appearing as the detective. 
Fred Clarence Rh'ers is putting on the mu- 
sical numbers, and In conjunction with the 
Hall Sisters, will Introduce bis specialty. 
The American Newsboys' Quartette will also 
be with tbe production, Interpolating their 
well liked act. This attraction opened at 
tbe Alhambra Theatre, Chicago, Aug. 10. 
Danny Dougherty and Kid Sharkey will re- 
appear In the arena scene with v 'Tbe Old 
Clothes Man." Lem B. Parker has been 
called away, owing to tbe serious illness of 
his mother, and Frank Heal, general stage 
director of the People'B Theatre Stock, will 
superintend the rehearsals until his return. 
Joe Santry has been 're-engaged as advance 
representative. The People's Theatre Stock 
reopened Aug. 16, with "Men and Women." 
The stock, with the exception of James Dev- 
lin, who will play the characters, remains 
practically intact. 

Notes from tub Brothers Rotek "Next 
Dooh" Co. — We opened Labor Day, Sept. 3, 
and have thirty weeks booked solid. Our 
company numbers sixteen people, with a 
new line of paper, using three big doors for 
picture frames la front of the reserve sale. 
Our route runs South and West, playlDg 
back East in the Spring, In time to open our 
big "Uncle Tom" show, under canvas. Our 
scenery for "Next Door" Is new, many new 
trick effects being Introduced for the drat 

Billy E. Moiirissey, who Is doing Juve- 
nile leads with T. J. Gould's "Lights of 
Gotham" Co., whlcb will tour the South and 
Southwest, Is also doing his singing and danc 
ing specialty. 

. Notes from the Southern Stock Co., 
Alden & Williams, managers.— After camping 
for about two wecbB we expect to open our 
road tour. Our roster Is as folows : Arthur H. 
Alden, press agent ; Harry A, Alden & Chas. 
Bymin Williams, managers ; William B. 
Alklns, stage director : C. B. Williams, stage 
carpenter: Royce Cyril Clarke, juvenile 
leads; John Robinson, master of props; 
Jonn E. Slptou, comedian; Verna May Ham- 
ton, lends : Marie Williams, general business. 
Our repertory of plays Includes : "A Prisoner 
of Mora," "A Drunkard's Warning," "When 
the Heart was Tender" and William B. 
Alklns" big production of "Ten Nights in Ar- 
kansas." Walter J. York has also signed 
with us for the coming road tour. We are 
all enjoying good health. 

Jack Co.vnous and Frank M. Wilcox 
have Joined the "Sonp Bubble" Co.. under 
the mnnagement of Harry Graham, and the 
company opened at Vlncennes, Ind.. Aug. 18. 

Noths from Lintox, Ind. — Work has 
commenced on the erection of a new opera 
houne in this city. Tbe thentre Is to oc- 
cupy the ilrst floor, and the Elks will have 
quarters on the second and third doors. 'Ihe 
opening attraction will be given about Thanks- 
giving Day. The house sold for first night 
at live dollars a seat. The attraction has 
not as yet been selected. 

Notes fkom "My Wife's Family" Co., 
Western. W. McGowan, manager. — After a 
season of flfty-two weeks, we opened tbo regu- 
lar season of 1900-OT at Wausau, Wis., Sun- 
der. Aug. 10, and will cover the same terri- 
tory as Inst season. Lorraine Kcene, the 
talented actress, will play the lead this sea- 
son, and Dorothy Vnughun has been engaged 
to piny the actress, the part so successfully 
played bv Miss Keene last season. The com- 
edy parts will again be la the hands of those 
funny fellowB, Appleton and Perry. Other 
members of Qua successful organization ore : 
Mario Del Veccblo, Edna Ward, Helyn Gal- 
vlna. Ethel Hopper, Evelyne Vail, Chns. Del 
Veochlo, Lawrence Murray, J. J. Couriers, 
Leo Dumont, John Adams and II. L. Luw- 

Jah. A. Nebmtt writes: "I am with the 
Depew Burdette Co.. engaged for comedy and 
character comedy parts and my original spe- 
cialty, in Texas wc get The Clipi;eb a 
week late, but it Is never too late to he in- 
teresting. I got the only one In Ft. Smith 
last week, and bad to hand It 'round. 

Wm. E. Neff writes: "I Just closed » tlx- 
teen wecki' engagement, doing leading busi- 
ness with the Iteiger Stock, at Albuquerque, 
N. It, to Join one of the Morey stock com- 
panies, and I expect a long and plMMnt en- 
aagement. The Old Rbliahle reached me 
each and every week during the Summer, and 
I hope that I will heve the pleasure of lead- 
Inir it this Winter season. ' 

X3K0. F. Howard, character Impersonator, 
has Joined the Actors' Fund of America, after 
nelng In the business over twenty-fire years. 

Electa Page's Stock Co. will not bo out 
until next season. This season Miss i Paw 
will be featured as the aoubrette with tfie 
No 1 Roe Stock Co. She Joined Poll's Stock 
Co., in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 22. 

Notes from "At tub Old Cross Roads" 
Co. — This attraction opened Its sixth annual 
tour, with Arthur C. Alston, proprietor, at 
Plalndeld, on Aug. 15, and Is now making a 
short New England trip. The tour this sea- 
son will extend as far West as Kansas City 
only, and will be devoted to the larger cities. 
The company this season has been selected 
with great care, and compares very favor- 
ably with any Manager Alston has ever sent 
out with it. In fact, that Is one great feat- 
ure of this manager's companies — they arc 
rover allowed to deteriorate. Prominent 
among Its members arc : Ulta Harlan, -tosle 
Slsson, Flora Byam, Inez Bayard, Margaret 
Miller, Wm. Brummell, Oscar Grey Brlegs, 
Harry Dunklnson, Philip Conner, Jos. Mar- 
tin, Frank Cochran, F. S. Roberts and W. 11. 
Grubb. Manager Alston has engaged the 
Hippodrome Quartette, ond they arc a special 
feature with the company. Rod Waggoner, 
nho has been Manager Alston's right band 
man for several seasons. Is handling the com- 
pany in advance, and Forrest E. Crosman Is 
vltb the company. "At the Old Cross Roads" 
is one of the standard road successes, and a 
tour of grent prosperity cau be looked for. 

B. L. Paul writes: "My 'Dora Thorne* 
Co. opened the season on Aug. 7, nt Water- 
villi 1 , Kan., and from all Indications the 
company Is going to prove the best that we 
bave ever had In this territory. We carry 
the finest production In the way of scenery 
that the Kansas City Scenic Studio ever 
turned out, six beautiful drops and a wagon 
load of handsome set pieces. The laBt act 
showing the Illuminated gardens of Earls- 
court 1$ said by everyone to be the equal of 
any set ever produced In V. S. I have sur- 
rounded my wife, Mamie Sheridan Wolford, 
with a first class company, and thus far this 
season we have broken two house records, In 
spite of the heat and earllness of tbo sea- 

Billy B. Van, 'n bis latest production of 
"The New Errand Boy," began his season 
on Aug. 20, at tbe Colonial Theatre, Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. The play Is In two acts, and was 
written oy Geo - "" 
by Carl Hand. 

written oy George Tottcn Smith, the lyrics 
by Carl Hand. It Is an entirely new com- 
edy, and gives Mr. Van ample opportunities 

towards displaying his quaint humor. It Is 
suld that the prettiest hunch of chorus girls 
ever banded together In one production will 
be seen In tills play. 

E. S. A.nuehso.n, Mamie Lincoln Plxlcy 
nnd Geo. W. p.nrlow have signed with P. H. 
Sullivan, tor his forthcoming Droductlon of 
Theodora Krcmcr's latest thriller, "A Woman 
of Fire." 

Leon Victor, formerly with P. II. Sulli- 
van Amusement Co.'s "A Race for Life," hns 
been cugaged n? business manager of "The 
Queen of the Convicts." 

Kamiierokii's Theatre, Brunswick, Md„ 
hns been thoroughly overhauled, and new 
Bcenery, ekctrlc lights and opera chairs have 
been instulled for this season, which opened 
the week of Aug. 27, with the Osman Stock 
Co. "The Denver Express," "Lights of 
Gothnm" and "'Iho Girl from Texas" will fol- 
low In September. 

Enoaoements for W. E. Nankeville's 
"Human Hearts" Co. : Lincoln J. Pluuncr 
and wife, Rose Emerson (fifth season), for 
parts of Tom Logun and Ruth Joskin, In tbe 
Western company ; Mary Thompson to play 
the blind mother (second season) ; John 1>. 
Vomit (second season), for Moses Jones; 
John Halght (second season), for Jimmy 

..Messrs. Cohan & Harris have Blgned a 
contract with Eugene Walter for a period 
of live years. By tbe terms of the agree- 
ment Cohan & Harris will have first call on 
all plays that Mr. Walter may write during 
the life of the contract. At present Mr. 
Walter Is engaged In giving as much pub- 
licity as possible to the announcements of 
tbe tli-st production on any stage of George 
M, Cohan s new American play, "Popularity." 
Lillian Aluektson has been engaged to 
create the part of Ruth, In "The Measure 
of a Man," In which Robert Drouet Is to 
star this season. <Mlss Albertson closed her 
engagement with William Norrla, In "The 
Streuuous Life," Aug. 18, In Chicago. 

Davy & Leslie, former managers of the 
Casino Theatre, Worcester, Mass., have 
opened a dramatic and vaudeville agency, 
ami school of acting in Boston, Mass. 

Atlanta, Ga., Notes. — The beautiful new 
theatre that has just been erected In At- 
lanta by J. B. 'Thompson, has been leased by 
James L. Glass and Guy S. Lemman, who In- 
stall their stock company for tbe Winter. 
The house Is one of the handsomest thea- 
tres, with prices of admission at 10, 20 and 
30 cents. The company Js now being or- 
ganized, and the plays for the Beason se- 
lected by Arnold Wolford, New York repre- 
sentative. Mr. Glass Is the manager of Won- 
derland Park, that Is belug built in Atlanta 
for next season, and this house will be run 
In connection with tbo park. Edwin Fos- 
berg and Helen Courtney, leading people, 
and Donnn Troy, leading soubrette, have 
been engaged so far. The house will open 
Sept. IV, with "Along the Rio Grande" as 
the attraction. 

Mal'rece A, Francillon, advance agent of 
the Arllngtons, writes : "Wc have been play- 
ing In Colorado Springs and vicinity nil Sum- 
mer, doing line business, and have received 
the endorsement of the press and public. We 
open our regular season for tbe G. A. It. 
reunlou, at Cambridge, Neb., Aug. 27, and 
after our fair dates, go East, presenting a 
new line of first class royalty plays, with 
special paper for each. Our compnny con- 
sists of: Walter Arlngton, manager; Maurice 
A. Francillon, advance agent ; C. D. HatMeld, 
Thos. Pawley, Mayme Arlngton, Ogarlta Hat- 
field, Leo Mode, Genevieve Cunning, Helen 
Conemas, A. J. Cole, Jack Frasler, It. J. 
Blctben, C. W. Cunning, John Hamilton, 
and Inez and Ody, child specialty act. Your 
valuable paper Is always welcome." 

Roster 01 tub Western "Quincy Arasis 
Sawyeu" Co., under the management of W. 
O'Nell, en route to the coast : 11- N. Dudgeon, 
Dale Devcreaux, La vera Titus, Frank Vlalch, 
Hob Tuttic, Paul Machetle, Chas. B. Hamlin, 
Walter B. Smith, F. C. Heasev. W. II. FIgg, 
Jane Tyrrlli, Alberta Keen, Clara Coleman, 
Nellie Itankln, Abbio Woodman, Margaret 
Gallagher and Elizabeth Wilson. 

Notes from Uuuuitr Suerman's Attrac- 
tion's. — "My Friend from Arknusaw," tour- 
ing the Pacific coaBt : Oeorge Murdock, man- 
ager; E. M. Cregmlle, advance representa- 
tive; Fred Hubbard, George Olml, Ralph 
Stuart, Boy Watson, Prof. Harry Rodeu- 
baugh, Beatrice Gordon, Geruldlnc Davis, 
Fenny Iloulton. Season opened at Itel'evlllc, 
III., Aug. 20. Roster of Mr. Sliermnu'* "The 
Village Vagabond," Northern tour : Ed. B, 
Rogers, manager ; Charles Leon, advance rcp- 
leBcntative; Cecil Lionel, Fred Collins. Ar- 
thur Olml, Chns. L. Douglos, Anna Marvin, 
Lillian Winston and Jcancttc Douglas. Sea- 
son opened at Springfield, III., Aug. 28. 

Tub "For Her Uonou" Co. opens its sea- 
son Sept. 1C, at Stamford, Conn., under 
direction of Bobme & Smith, who are en- 
deavoring to make their attraction one of 
the best melodramatic offerings for this sea- 
son. A complete scenic equipment Ib carried, 
and a One line of pictorial work. The com- 
pany numbers twelve people, as follows : 
Bohme & Smith, proprietors and managers ; 
Harry Richards, business representative ; 
Karl Filing, musical director; B. Ralph 
Browne, Anna Marlon, Annetta Falardunx, 
Anna Smith. Grace M. Irving. James II. Mc- 
Laughlin. Albert Smith and Theo. Monahan. 
J. B. Swafford, for the last three seasons 
manager of tbe Gardner Theatre, Gardner, 
Mass., has been appointed manager of the 
Cummins' Theatre, at Fltchburg. Mass., In 
conjunction with tbe Gardner Theatre, by 
the lessees, Messrs. Wallace and Henocks- 

cLaudb Boasdhan It with Mecauley it 
Patten's "The Minister's Bon" Co., playing 
the heavy. Do ret u Morris (Mrs. Boardntan) 
Is playing characters with tbe Stone Hill 
Garden Theatre Stock, PeorU, III. 

Notes and Roster or J. D. Chunk's 
Gbxatm "Uncld Tom's Cabin" Co. — We ore 

In onr seventeenth week, and' business has 
been good all season. We have lost two 
nights so far this senDoa, on account of rain. 
Wc have not turned people away, but the 
show has a nice balance on tbo right side of 
the ledger. Our cast la about the same as 
when we opened. We expect to stay out 
until tbo latter part of October. Mr. Chunn 
was called to his home at Carrollton, Mo., 
on account of his father being 111. but on his 
return to the company be reported blm Im- 
proving. The old gentlcmnn celebrated his 
eighty-second birthday Aug. 13. Next senson 
Mr. Chunn is going to put out the biggest 
"Tom" show ever seen In this Western coun- 
try. He fa hfivfng a new seventy-six foot 
car built, and It will be a two car snow, with 
a big street parade of Shetland ponies, dogs, 
hurrowH, banners, a female drum corps, nnd 
n steam calliope. We will carry an eighty 
foot round top. with two forty foot middle 
pieces. Everything will he gilt edged from 
stake to halo ring. The following people arc 
with the company : J. D. Chunn, sole owner 
nnd proprietor ; V. C. Wcstlnnd, business 
mannger ; Lou Brooke, stage manager ; Robt, 
Norlierg, leader of band, with twelve Mlo- 
lata; Gus K-jllmer, orchestra lender, with 
eight men; Buck Mclnilrc, boss canvas man; 
II. D. McCorkle, boss props ; F. S. Putmnn, 
Dove Jakes, It. G. Booth, W. J. Stone, It. 
Herron, II. 1). Hart, Geo, E. Robinson, Joe 
Carter. Lyoll Albtets. Mrs. Marie Brooks. Mrs. 
V. 0. Westland, Emmu Russell. Joe Gnllowny, 
Cully South. Ralph Love and Little Gerald. 
The "Man in White" Is on hand every Sun- 
day morning. Joe Stiocnfolt and Clyde Sale 
are doing good work ahead. 

Jessie Ernest has 1 signed with Mclvlllo 
H. llaymond's "Semlnury Girls" Co. 

Frank L. Madi>ocks has closed with the 
C. W. Park Stock Co., and signed with the 
I'eruchl-Gynzeno Co., No. 2, for characters 
and general business. 

Geo. W. Scott, late of the Adam Good Co., 
Informs us that this Beason be will direct 
the plays and manage the stage for the Avery 
Strong Co. 

Dorotiiv B. Vauoiian Is with the "My 
Wife's Family" Co. < Western). 

Notes kiwm Howauu Thurston's Co. — ■ 
Howard Thurston and a compauy of sixteen 
people. Including Wlulleld BInkc and Maude 
Amber, Beatrice Foster ami twelve stage as- 
sistants, left New York Cllv for a tour of 
Ihe world in April, 1005. We have vlstled 
Honolulu, the Fiji Islands. New Zealand, 
AiiHtralln, Tnsrannia, the Phlllfplne Islands. 
China and Japan, and are now returning to 
Llay a Bpeclitl engagement at the Tniplng 
Theatre, Hong Kong, China. Tim Till plug 
Is managed nnd patronized by Chinese ex- 
clusively. We have met with continued suc- 
cess nt every Btaud, playing nine months In 
Australia, four weeks lit Manila, four weeks 
in Hong Kong and six weeks In Shanghai, 
to tremendous business. Of the countries 
visited so fox, Australia has proved ihe most 
profitable. There are great possibilities In 
Australia nnd New Zealand for good com- 
panies. The people are especially fond of 
Americans, and never fall to give a foreign 
company a "bumper" house the opening 
night, but they demnnd merit. One never 
feels n stranger In the land of the Hitmheru 
Crass. Our tour has been very successful, 
and at Manila, Hong Kong and Sliaugha, wo 
played two extra weekB. Japan was u great 
dlsappolutinent to iib. Since the war the 
duties have reached a prohibitive point on 
everything used by a foreigner. Yokohama 
nml Kobe ore Ihe only two cities containing . 
a foreign theatre or hall, nnd there are not 
more than fifteen hundred Huropenns In 
cither place. The JtipnnoHe will not attend - 
the forelgu theatre except to collect ten per 
cent of the receipts for taxes. A circus, or 
any performnm-e not depending on language, 
will do well In China, as the Chinese are 
fond of amusement, and will pny a high 
price for admission. 

Broken now, Neil, Note. — A new Masonic 
Temple Is being erected here, with •. finely 
equipped opera house on the ground floor. 
The new theatre building will In: managed by 
L. II. Purcell. The building Is expcclcd to bo 
open to the public on Sent. 24. 

Recent engagements for Harry Bcrenford, 
In "'ihe Woman Hater." are II. 11. Sleight 
and C. Y. O. Pugh. Hcbcnranls have com- 
■enctd. and the Reason opens Sent. 8. Peter 
Rice will be acting; manager with the com- 
pany, and Tom I'hllllpH will lie In advance. 

Mas. Helen Gm>nh died Aug. 1U, at Lnkn 
Geneva, Wis., aged seven ty-scven years. She 
was the mother of the Gloss Brothers, also 
Chas. Gloss, of Gloss unci Son. 

Kthel Roiukhon reports great success ns 
a promoter for State und county fairs, thin 
Slimmer, In the Interests of Felix Reii-h, con- 
tracting for several thousand dollars' worth 
or business. She will resume her vaudeville 
engagements Sept. '-', opening at the Or- 
pheum Theatre. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Roster ok Klmer Waltekb' "A Million- 
aire Thamj\" Kastern. — P. J. Donohue, man- 
ager ; Kid Koster, general agent ; Harry Co- 
hen, second advance ; Geo. Elmore, Bingo 

Gavin Dorotiiv Is again with the T«l- 
son Stock Co., nt Doling Park. Springfield. 
Mo., where he made a favorable Impression 
last Summer, with the snnm company, bended 
by Lorena Tolson, Mrs. Dorothy (Virginia 
Harvey 1 and dnughtcr, Virginia Dm, are 
spending tbe Summer at the former's home, 
In Marshall, Mo., whore they will remnln 
until the middle of September, when they 
will Join Mr. Dorothy. 

Chandos Bbenon, who has Just closed a 
pucressfiil senson as mannger of the Brenon 
Stock Co.. nt Pujcngoula, MIhb., hns signed 
as leading man with the Hogan-Snlroy Stock 


been engngeil by Robert Wayne for the 
People*! Theatre Stock Co., at Evonsville. 

Swain and Powers have finished nine me- 
cesHful weeks on the JoneK & O'Brien and I ho 
Bijou circuits. In "Julius Helm's VIhJL" Mr. 
Swnln writcH: "While in Marrpiclte I landed 
a nineteen pound lake trout, nnd In Hault Ste. 
Mnrle, la nn hour's fishing, wc landed sixty- 
three of the tinny tribe. We are hale and 
henrty, and feeling Immense," 

William W, Lapoint Is at work on a new 
comedy drama of modem American life, to 
be produced by Frank W. Mason, with flu. 
F. Hall, next season. Palmer & Thomas, a 
new producing firm, have leased "Wall Street 
Robbers," "Amid Flnmos of 'Frisco" and 
"Kentucky Justice," from Mr. Lnpolnt, and 
will send them all on tour this season. 

"A Romancb or Coon Hollow" opened 
Its thirteenth season at Greennort, L. I., Aug. 
4. Ten nlghiH on Long Island were very suc- 
ceflsful, we are Informed. 

Roue, Mayo and Juliet, burlesque min- 
strel comedians, open their second season 
Sept. 10. They are featuring harmony •ring- 
ing, with three robust mole voices, and the 
trio will Introduce eleven different styles of 
eccentrle dancing, T. Jay Rome replaces 
Fred Rome, and they carry special scenerv 
and HthogrnpliH this season. They are due 
InChlcngoHept. 24. 

Gerald Lawrence^ for four years leading 
man with sir Henry Irving, has been en- 
gsged by George C. Tyler to take the nlftCH 
of Conway Teorle. who was to hove played 
the part of Jim Melville. In "The Dear Un- 
fair Sex," with Rills Jeffreys, and who has 
been Incapacitated by a severe Illness. This 
will be Mr. Lawrence's first appearance In 
New York. 

Jorei'H Allknton, who for the past years 
hns been connected with tbe Jeffersons and 
other well known productions, has been en- 
gaged by James II, Wollack to play the bash- 
ful boy. In his revival production of "The 
Dairy Farm," 

Felix Hanet will open bis tour In "When 
tbe Harvest Days Are Over." at Peeksklll. N, 
Y., Aug. 20, for a tour of the Eastern States. 

Hohtkr and Notes thou Al, W. Martin'r 
"Uncle Ton's Cabin" Co.— Our season 
opened \ug. H, at Pant, Hut., to tbo biggest 
business In the history of the local theatre. 
Indianapolis, Dayton and Columbus all proved 
(ns usunl) big winners, and our business on 
the Dlccson * Talbot circuit was at least 
twenty-five per cent. In excess of that done 
In previous years. Our opening at the Cleve- 
land. (.)., Theatre was n "lurn-away" at both 
per form aaccs. That Manager Martin has a 
first clnAB company and gives n fine perform- 
ance, Ib evidenced by the enormous nualneas 
he Is now enjoying and alio by tba liberal 
and most favorable newspaper notices ever 

flven by an "Uncle Tom's Cabin"' Co. C. W. 
..nnpstaff Is mnklng n big hit ns Logree: Babe 
Mnck keeps them In roar* as Topsy, and Davo 
Buyer Is funny as Lawyer Murks. The mili- 
tary baud of twenty pieces Is a distinct and 
Buceessnti future, nnd so the "only ouc" goes 
on breaking records. Rosier : Woody Van, 
ChOH. Wesley, John K. Kane, David II. Boyer, 
F. K. Do Brnue. Joe Winters, C W. Lnng- 
Htnff, Fred HeDble, K. H. John, Geo. Pierce, 
Geo. Edwards, F. Long, Geo. Fulton, Roy 
Wakefield. Mack and Mclroy, It. Robertson, 
O, K. Kccnan, M. A. Miles, V. Hockstuhl. T. 
K. Mnloy, A. Urcrhl, H. T. Hadcr, W. A. Mc- 
Cartney, T. A. McAllister, Aug- Nuwnmti, 
Harry Miller, John Crowley, Emma Behind, 
Baby 'Bcland, Freddie Bookman, Ida Lang- 
staff. Maud Harrington, Minnie Johnson, Ratio 
Mack, Grace Mack, Grace Le May. Grace Mc- 
Vey, May Warrington, Artie Leslie and tho 
Three Graces, Mack Slaters; Al. W. Martin 
proprietor: Kd. S. Martin, malinger; II. U. 
Whlttlcr, business manager; J. )■;. Scnnlan, 
agent ; W. A. McCartney, musical director j 
W. Van Andii, baud muster ; J. Crowley. Hinge 
carpenter ; D. Ruder, electrician ; K. Smith, 
properties; II. Miller, master of transporta- 

Buenos Ayren is to have a theatre built 
on tbo most luxurious lines. A capital of 
ninety thousand tmunds has been subscribed 
by n group of rich men Interested in theatrl- 

four prlvntu boxes, four huudred aud eighty 
stalls, three hundred balcony stalls, and four 
hundred other Bents. 

Nutkh niU.M THE nttENON Stock Co., St 
Futigngoula-nn-tlie-HiMieh, Miss.': "We closed 
fourteen weeks ut Andersim Park Casino, Sat- 
urday night, Aug. IS, to n packed house. A 
reception, was held an the slngu after the per- 
formance, nnd refreshments were serveiL 
HomjiielH aud presents were showered upon 
Hie members of the company, i'sih-HuNy MUh) 
Kane, Miss Downing and Herbert Itrenon. 
The latter was presented with a gold watch 
fob by the Woodmen of the World, Mcranton 
Camp, No. li:i, In recognition of his services 
at their plenle, !». on which dnte there were 
two tliuUKiinil one hundred puld admissions 
to the theatre. So great hnH Hie success of 
the company been that S. H. Itush, general 
manager of the Pasengonla Street Railway 
Co., has Increased the amount of the guaran- 
tee, nnd given Mr. Bretion a contract from 
May t to Sept. 1. HH)7. Franklo Mue Kane 
anil Helen Downing have been re-engaged for 
next Hummer. Herbert Brenon has been eu- 

fnged for the leading Juveniles, und lleleu 
>own'tig for Ihe Ingenues nnd suubretles, nt 
the People's Theatre, Kvuimvlllo, lnd„ for 
the Winter. I.uwrouce Itarbour and Claudia 
Luens go with the Burke Stock t'o„ Fall 
River; J. II. Huntley, with Allen Doone ; 
Wnitlfinuu Burkharilt and Percy linrbnt, 
wilh New Orleans sleek (-otmiiiiilc*; Kugeno 
MacGIIInn ret n rim to the Itusli Temple Stuck 
Co., Chicago, niiil B. J. (Pink) Murphy also 
goes to a New OrleiniM slock company. 
Frnuktu Mac Kane, lending woman, nnd 
Chandos Brenon, malinger, have under con- 
sideration many excellent offcra, but will rest 
a I'ouplo or wuekK. 

KiiWAiin II. Ward n'piirta meeting with 
success in the Hebrew part. iiIho in Ills spe- 
cbity, with Viuieo ft Siilllvnu'M "The Bur- 
glar's Daughter' 1 Co, 

I.illik May Witim Is proving hor vorsn- 
tlllly this seupon In playing tho heavy. In 
Charles T, Aldrleh's ''Secret Service Sam" 


returned from the sunny South, having ployed 
twelve weeks on the K- & K. circuit of North 
Carolina, uuder a guarantee, and are taking 
a much needed rest of two weeks. Wo 
opened Aug. 20, In our old territory In Ohio, 
Bowler reiualns the kiiidc us lnat seuson, with 
two exceptions, Hdwurd C. Slewurl und llel- 
olne Hurt a went replaced by K. V. Kvnns 
and Kthel Ks'.her. Kntlre roster: Wm. 
Krutea, £<>lc owner and proprietor; Jos. II. 
Slnler ((mirth season), Win. P. Hlielden 
(foarth season), W. T. Wilson (ncrond WM* 
son). Robt. Percy (third svimon), 1-;. Clark, 
!■:. V. Kvnns, Stella May (fourth seiiHon), 
UypHy Day (s<!cond reason), Kthel Kallier, 
I'Mmi Percy (second hciihou), Klhel Msther 
business representative; Robt. Percy, musical 
director. Wis bave all new plays, with eight 
fair dates for a starter, and look forward to 
a very proippwus season. The "iiiun In 
white, ' like TitH Ol,u Him.iaiii.i:, uppcurs 
every week. 

ItiLi.r O'Day Is engngud with "Tito Man 
On the Box" Co., thin season. Tho coMipuuy 
goes to San Frunclso ami back this seiiNon. 

S. K. Arn-omi wrlu-s: "The ■Win-o' Tho 
Wisp' Co. will open Oct. ID, at Lockport, N. 
V., und will play but few one night standH 
during the season. KchearMulH begin Sept. 
10. Mile. Jenno La Pel b- tier bus spent most 
of tho Summer In llordeau, France, with 
relatives, but Is ready for her season's en- 

f:ii|fcmeut. P'roin present IndteulloiiH h)iu wUl 
m sceu on Broadwuy before the end of this 


PjiI.miiuke StHTHKH, I torn thy and Anita, 
have been playing vaudeville dales In und 
iiroitiid Chlengo, and have licet! mnklng onim 
a hit, they report, In their high cIukb Kinging 
act. They have slgnud for this season with 
Stephens Hi Linton's iiiiislrul comedy. "My 
Wife's Family" (Western). Dorothy will piny 
the Ingenue, Sally Nngg, and AiiKu Ihe Juve- 
nile, Dolly White. They will lalroducu their 
double singing net In Hie bill. 

NaozHi ami Ahamn write; "We have signed 
with *A Wise Member' Co., for flic si-iihiiii, to 
play responsible parts and do our novelty net. 
We were compelled to eaneel our vauifcvlllo 
ImokliigK, including a return dais nt Pastor's 
Tliinilre. and several other leading vuudevllk' 


TUN coMl'ANr KNiiAtjr.D to support Florence 
flftfe, la "Love's Victory," Includes: Hallcit 
Tho m i man, Warren Conliin. Wllllutn Kelley, 
Harry BleklHiiu, PHri) F. UiMIciIko, John !■:. 
Ilynes, Frank Millwood, Luc-ret la Shaw, 
Helen Leidle, Carolyn He Forrest, JoMCphlnw 
Claimant nnd Jane 1'awney. RehenrsnlH be- 
gin In Ibis city Sept. II, and the tour opens 
ut St. Catherines, Can.. Sept. '-'4. 

Tub yciuNO Irihii comkihan, Allen Boone, 
opened at Sidney, V. II., Aug. "n, nnd will 
piny U. n principal cities of the maritime pro- 
vlru'i-H and New Fni'lnnil, prior to a tour of 
the West, after the holiday*. 

Ii.iH'iK.c of the musical comedy, "Uuclo 
Sam's Daughters," which opens Sent. ;i, at 
the Providence, It. 1. Imperial Theatre: Kx«- 
ciillvo staff — Manager Charles R Tnylor ; 
advance agent, Hurry Newman ; stage manii- 
yer, Leon Krol ; wardrobe mlHtress, I.oru 
Ocighton: carpenter, Chan, f'arey: electri- 
cian, Jake Johnson ; musical director, Kd. I. 
Ferine. Member* of compnny : Hawtrll and 
Hears, Kennedy and Kvnns, Sndln Hueited, 
Boyle and Howard, HIitKolt and Winters, Lex 
I.n Rohch, Dutch Krrol and Stella Chatelaine, 
Carrie Monroe. Mllllo Sherwood, IMna Mor- 
ris, Helen liOgan. Vina Carr, Kmlly Cjueena, 
Mildred Davenport, Lr Vera Finmerett, The- 
resa Kerwln, Llllle Kmmerett, Marie Landls, 
Lorn C'rcrnlns nnd Orace Raymond. 

(I. Gordon Hamilton anu A, T. Storcii, 
of the Carroll Comedy Co., are patients In 
the Onnley Summit Sanitarium, at Cowen, W, 
Vo.. wltb typhoid fever. 

RFriB Naiipin, late of tbe J. H. Garsldir 
Big Stock Co.. on Sept. .1 opened her neasoti 
at the BIJou. Wheeling, ;W. va,, as n perma- 
nent singer of Illustrated songs, 



September s 


flitting Rudy for your Fill Campaign, Remember wi are Headquarters tor 



SHORT VAMPS. M for Calliope. 




617-519 fffk AVE. ' 


517-519 6th AVE. ' 


617-519 8th AVE. 


611419 6th AVE. 


Made from the Terr best tin, we black enameled. espe- 
cially made for professional use, baring a tzar with oom- 
£ ailments for Grease Paints, Powders, /-a kw 
omb and Brash, wigs, Etc., Etc. Has *Jt7sf*t 
doable action lock, with two ken, at *• V/e 


ExpresslT prepared for tbe Theatrical Profession, wiaran- 
teed to be absolutely pare and never become rancid In 
any climate. Pot np In pound Screw Top Tin cans 
at 40c. t balf poond at See. 



0»r Hew T.eiHlt.1 Catalogue s»it free pi must, 

uaudepiiie and minstrel 

Tin: Musical An.vts were tendered a re- 
ception at the Itljon Theatre, IMqua, . Aug. 
14. by tbe Knight* ot tbe Golden Eaglen. 
Mr. Atlnms was nurprlaed when be saw one 
hundred of his brother members seated In 
the reserved Reals awaiting; blm. Mr. and 
Mra. Adams, known as the Musical Adams, 
open for the Western Vaudeville Managers 
Association week of Bept. 3, for nine weeks' 
work. Mr. Ormsbay, -who owns the Bijou 
Theatre, at l'lnua, and Is a member of tbe 
Knights of the Golden Eagles, was present 
at ».»e reception. 

Mis. and Mrh. Nick HuaiiEs, and Mas. 
Mattjk O'Brmk Kuoiit have just returned 
from Kurope, where they spent a six weeks' 
vncntlon. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes are booked 
solid until December. 

Arthur Ahhton, female Impersonator, la 
filling an Indefinite engagement at tbe Gran 
Varledndea, Havana, Cuba. With him are 
the following dancers : Senorlta Mona-Trapa 
Srta, Millie ItoBura Martlne and La Petite 
Marie. They wul remain there until De- 
cember, and will then play tbe Cuba Casino 
until April, then go to Mexico. 

Wilmamr and Mki.diirn were engaged for 
a second wek at Idora Park. Youngstown, O. 

KoiiLin and Mabion write: "We opened 
week of Aug. 13. at the Crest Theatre. Wild- 
wood, N. J., with our new comedy musical 
act, and went big." Ai.riKiLT has Joined hands with Nora 
Herr, doing a. comedy sketch act, and re- 
ports meeting with success. 

Mll.LKKR, UOSFILLK AND Mll.I.NEfl write: 

"While playing the Electric Theatre, Farm- 
ersvllle. Tex., flaby Ora Mlllner was present- 
ed with a hoavy signet gold ring, by tbe 
residents of the town. She la the hit of our 
act, and haa made many friends." 

Char, Dowlino and Char. Dn Vnn, form- 
erly of the liud Farnum Musical Trio, hate 
severed their connection with that organisa- 
tion, and are preparing to Join an act which, 
they write, promisee to be one of tbe strong- 
est comedy aud refined musical acts In vaude- 

NoniiAN Is with me Donnelly 4 
Hot field Minstrels, doing the Interlocutor, 

and singing baritone In tile quartette. 

b Xa Hrllr Trio, composed of Kauf- 


man, Fuller and Kaufman, have Joined 
Hyde's lllue Itlbbon Olrls. They play prin- 
cipal pnrta In the first part, and close the 
olio with their specialty. Introducing thelc 
original novelty. ; The Slng-n-prone.' r 
<• Gnuiini, fencing master, writes from Rer- 
llh, fjRmany, Informing ua that be Is filling 
fciiBHBciiientfl In Europe with Peto Arnnka, 
tbe iemale fencer. 

Wbknku and Gould, German comedians. 
have Joined lunula with Kdlth Knowlnn, and 
'will do a refined, up-to-date fifteen minute 
'Dutch comedy singing aud talking act. They 
tare "booked solid, working clubs for tbe cotn- 
-Ing season, under the team name of Werner, 
Knowlan and Gould. 

Lbon*. awn Buna Wayne opened Aug. 18, 
.at Providence, It. I., with the Cracker Jack 
Ce., this being their second Beason. 

Bbn W. Dawhon, manager of tbe Brandy- 
wine Park Theatre, Wilmington, Del., In- 
forms ua that business there this season haa 
been better than haa ever been known at that 

MAitriNXHTTt asd Syi.vrbter, who recent- 
ly closed thirty-five weeks for tbe Western 
Vaudeville Managers, are now playing tbe 
AVeefern fairs for Barnes' Western Exposi- 
tion for eight weeks, when they return Enat 
for ten wet»kB, and then return West for- the 
Orphean time, with Kobl & Caatle circuit 
to follow. Their act, they say. Is a big suc- 
. cess everywhere. .,-_-. .. ^ 

Gko. W. Moui.ton, the "Real .tube, has 
tbe Kimtern fairs booked to Oct. 3. He opened 
ait UnmN Kails, Me.. Aug, 'J8, bU fifth 
tfonsecuilve vcar nt that fair. 

Tub bostku for the Music Hall. I.lvermorc 
Fall*, Me., this season, Is ns follows : I. Guy 
Nhnraf, manager and proprietor; Fred G. 
tlnebel, treasurer: Geo. W. Moult on. nsalst- 
nnt treasurer : Alfred Morrison, chief usher ; 
Alec. Vomerlcan. stage malinger: Joe Donen, 
nntpa. Tbe house l» booked solid with tbe 
best nttrncttons. 

riiAB. unMU. In his comedy bounding 
rope net. la meeting with big success. Ho 
opened on the Orpheum circuit Aug. 20. at 
Salt l.nkn Cltv. and has the Inter-Stnte, Hop- 
kins, Kohl & Castle circuit* to follow. 

HvnxKH and I.bvina, "The Tramp and the 
Conjurer," write that they have met wlih 
mi'veaa on the Sullivan & Conaldlne circuit. 
They hnve played twenty-three weeks. In- 
cluding return dated, mnldng tbe best Benson 
of thrFr Uvea. They open on the Crystal cir- 
cuit In October, then go Bant, to open on J. 
E. Jncknon'a circuit, nnd nlso on the Sulll- 
vnn & Cmialdlnc Eastern circuit. 

RrmtsTK Mavkk, of the team of Wllllnms 
and Maver. while playing the Majestic Tho- 
nlre. Chicago, week of Aug. tt, was taken ma- 
denlv 111 with nervous prostration, nntl lind 
to lie token from the stage In the middle of 
her song. This occurred at the Friday mati- 
nee. Thev were i*onij(cllcd to close, nnd nl*o 
cancel three weeks' lime In order that she 
might recover rompfctcly before opening a 
lour of fortv weeks for the Western Vaude- 
ville AfH.wlnlleii. They ore resting nt Ke- 
wnnee. lit, and Mlsu Mayer la under tbe doc- 
lur's cnr- 1 . 

l.t:i»N Fhikdman la doing the press work 
for Melville B. Wnymoiid'a ihc Gorman's Mln- 

L. C. McLaughlin, singing and mono'ngue 
net. Is meeting with big success, and be has 
been offered return dates wherever be ap- 

Arthur Lakh, who has been spending tbe 
bummer at Houston, Tex., begins bis *r>a- 
son 8ept. 3, under the direction of tbe West- 
ern Association Managers. He Is booked 
solid for forty weeks. 

Eahl Flynn is with Al. O. Field's Greater 
Minstrels, having closed at Electric Park, 
Kansas i.lty, Mo., some time ago. 

Sanfobd and Darlington, after eight auc- 
cesaful weeks on tbe Jackson circuit, will 
open Sept. 10. at La Crosse, Wis., with the 
Nflsh circuit to follow. 

Commodore Footk and his sister. Queenle, 
nre plniing an indefinite engagement at White 
CitV, Chicago, III. 

Ackbb and Collins report success In their 
sharp shooting net. having added several 
new f<*ats of shooting from the highest part 
of the theatres. 

Jesbib Trot, of Hunt and Troy, informs 
us that she wbb presented with a beautiful 
diamond ring by Jack Hunt, white playing 
with the Tayton SlBtera Co., at Little Bock, 
Ark., week of Aug. 6. The team Is In Its 
third month with this company, and Is meet- 
ing- with success. 

T)e Hub Bros.' Idbal Minstrels Notes. 
— We have been out five weeks, playing to 
the largest bouses the show has ever bad. 
All the Northern New York time wbb big for 
its, especially Malone and Gouvernenr. Can- 
ton was our banner town, as we played to 
capacity, tbe entire house being sold out at 
four o'clock. Tbe weather was very hot, but 
the business proved we have established a 
life-long reputation there. Our beautlfhl first 
part Bet nnd new waidrobe produces a scenic 
picture that never falls to draw a liberal 
round of applause. Our feature parade and 
solo band are tbe strongest we have rver 
carried, and is. without doubt, the finest bbu- 
slcal orginlzatlon ever connected with a min- 
strel company. Our rotter remains unchanged, 
ns no one has any complaint, and all are 
well pleased with the success of this com- 

LiLLiH Mat Hall Is now convalescing 
from pneumonia, and expects to resume work 
In a few weeks, wben her friends throughout 
the country can again welcome her among 
them In the profession. 

Wtoand and Del Mont write that they 
are still gaining laughs and applause with 
their saxophones. , 

Gracr Frances, "Tbe Diamond Glrl/'statea 
that she Is feeling much better after resting 
two wecko. which she was compelled to do 
on account of being ill. She will rest two 
more weeks before returning to fill her en* 

fin eat Dm Viliiib writes: "I closed mv 
three weeks' engagement at Coney Island. 
Cincinnati. O., Aug. 11. It was my moBt 
pleasant engagement of the season end very 
successful. Owing to delay of trains, I was 
compelled to cancel Avon Park, Youngstown, 
0.. Aug. 12. 

IIarrv Stone, formerly of Wood and Stone, 
and Dot Windsor, cooa abouter, report big 
success with their new act, entitled "How 
Long Will It Last?" at Steeplechase Park, 
Bridgeport, Conn., week of Aug. 13. 

Williams and Melburn produced their 
new act at Idora Park, Youngstown, O., re- 
cently, for the ilrBt time, and the act made 
aucb a success that they were engaged for a 
second week by Manpger Stanley. 

Colk and CisBMBNS, after a four weeks' 
vacation on their farm at Benson, Neb., 
•opened on the Kohl & Castle circuit Aug. 
13, nt the Olympic Theatre, Chicago, fol- 
lowing at the Majestic Theatre. Chicago. 
They are doing a new act, written by Joseph 
Mitchell, and they claim It Is making more 
thnn good everywhere they have played. 

Harbt Dunbar and his troupe of perform- 
ing goats are playing the New York fairs 
as n free attraction. After Oct 15 they 
start on a tour of twenty-five weeks, play- 
Inc vaudeville theatres. Mr. Dunbar In- 
forms ns he Is booked solid for parks and 
fatra for 1007. 

Acker and Oildat have separated. Cbas. 
II. Acker has Joined hands with Wm. Lester, 
late the German School Teacher of the Avon 
Comedy Four. The team will be known as 
Lester nnd Acker. In "The Little Emigrant," 
written by Mr. Lester. Mr. Gtldnv joins bis 
wife (Nellie Nice), of the Twin Nlces. 

Mai'dr Carwkll writes from Paris, France : 
"I open nt the Prlntanla, In Paris, Aug. 10, 
and remain there until the close of the sea- 
son. This makes mv twenty-fifth engage- 
ment In Paris within tour nnd one-half years. 
In October 1 leave for Denmark, nnd later 
on go to Holland and Gcrmnny, and return 
to New York next Spring. I hnve been very 
successful over here, and like the continent 
very much, but will be very glad to get back 
to America again." 

Ukkn.uid K i.i no writes thnt he haa written 
n mouolouuc for Will S. KolllnB. of Merlden, 
Conn., who will produce same In vaudeville 
ooon. He Is also staging a new act, entitled 
"Keep Off the Ice," for the Petmont Sisters 
(Anna nnd Helen-, nnd a monologue and 
some nnriHlles for J. J. Keeler. 

IIaMH and IIaktt. "The Merry Pair.** 
Just closed three weeks at Bnrtholomay Pa- 
vilion, Ontario Beach. N. Y., following at 
Myers Lnke, Canton, 0. They go to Indlan- 
npolls for two weeks, nnd open their recti* 
Inr season on the Ammons circuit nt Marlon, 
Inrt.. Sept. 17. for nine weeks. Their act 
"Willie and Tlllle." thoy Inform us, has 
been n big hit this Summer, with returns 
offered everywhere they have appeared. 

Yacklkt and Bunnbll, musical comedians, 
are tbe vaudeville feature with the Maude 
IHUman Co. 

Sanderson and Bowuan, who received 
forty weeks of bookings from the Western 
Vaudeville Association, opened, Aug. 20, at 
tbe Grand Opera House. Grand Rapids, Mrcb., 
and are billed as an added attraction. 

Frank Lewis), slack, wire performer, re- 
ports meeting with success with the Wlllards' 
Show. He has Joined hands with Thomas 
Nicbolls. The team will be known as Lewis 
and Nicbolls, and are booked solid until 
May, 1007, In their double slack wire act 

Werner and Gould, German comedians, 
have Joined hands with Edith Knowlan, late 
of the team La Vole and Knowlan, to do a 
refined new fifteen minute Dutch comedy 
singing and talking act They are booked 
solid, working clubs for season of 1006-07. 
They will be known under tbe team name of 
Werner, Knowlan and Gould. 

Diamond Comedy Foub NOTES. — We are 
booked solid for thirty-eight weeks on the 
Sullivan & Cousldlne circuit Tbe act has 
been much Improved by tbe addition of Wm. 
Han now, a former member of tbe Orpheus 
Comedy Four, and Wm. Peterson, the tenor. 
The act la considered by press and public one 
of the best singing and comedy quartettes 
seen on the Pacific coast 

Winters and Wilio.v report meeting with 
success over the. Jske Wells circuit 

Tub Prtchino Brothers sailed Aug. 25 
to open nt the Alhambra, London, Sept 10. 

Casper and Clark write: "Our new sing- 
ing nnd talking act has been a success at 
each and every place we have played. We 
are closing a very succesful week at Chestnut 
Hill, with Gloucester, N. J., to follow Sept 
3. We play a return date at Guvernator's. 
Atlantic City, N. J„ within two weeks, and 
open our regular season at tbe Howard, 

Williams and Melburn for the first time 
produced their new act at Idora Park, Youngs- 
town, 0. The act, they write, was a decided 
bit, and they were engaged for a second 
week. The team Is booked solid until Oct. 16. 

Ed. O'Connell, manager of the Parlor The- 
atre, Port Angeles. Wash,, and also mancger 
of the Topsy Turvy Trio, was Initiated In 
Aerie No. 512, Order of Eagles, at Centralis, 
Wash., recently. 

Hi Tom Wabd. "the Merry Minstrel," has 
signed for tbe season with the Great Santell's 
Vaudeville Stars, and reports meeting with 
great success through the South with his 
comedy acrobatic table act. 

John F. Burke and Chas. Burke have 
again Joined bands, and report fine success 
with the High School Girls Co. 

Trilbt Van Balled for England Ang. 22, 
where she expects to remain several months. 

Gkkat Howard Is doing his character 
change and male soubrette act with the Zu- 
lelia Musical Comedy Co* and not with tbe 
Jubilee Comedy Co., as was stated. 

Cook and hadlbt's Ladies' Minstrels 
are still a feature with the concert of Cum- 
mins' Wild West The roster Is : Spot Hadley, 
Hob Fay, Master Hyde, Bob Cook, May Cook, 
Hell Donald, La Pearl Sisters, and the La- 
va rdes. 

Rawls and Von Kai:fman, and Luct and 
Lvcibr are spending two weeks at Cedar 
I'olat, Sandusky, O., before beginning their 
Tegular Beason. Lucy and Lucler open In 
Cleveland, on tbe Keith circuit Sept. 3. 
Kawls and Von Kaufman AH in some Western 
time, then open on the Poll circuit Dec. 10. 

Tub 1*byors are playing parks through 
Indiana and Ohio. They plav Pastor's Sept. 
10, and then atart en tbe Keith A ProciQr 
circuit for sixteen weeks. 

Mubhat. Clayton and Drew write: "We 
have canceled burlesque for this season to 
play vaudeville time, and are booked solid 
until JtKM. We open Sept. 3, at tbe Howard, 
Boston. The aet is meeting with big success 
wherever we play." 

Mabios Blaku- will play the rube charac- 
ter In the first part, ana a comedy Irish part 
In tbe burlesque, singing one song In the first 
part with tbe Uentz-Santley Co. 

Brn S. Trabk and Abe Lavignb, formerly 
of Fugarty and Lavigue, have formed a_part- 
nereblp, und tbe team will be known asTrask 
and Lavlgne. They report meeting with suc- 
cess over tbe Jones & O'Brfcn circuit through 

Gur Johnson, Miss Pierce, Irene Sulli- 
van Inez Lee and Harry MeCalley, of tbe 
Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., have Invested In 
property near Ocean View, Va. 

Jambs II. O'Neill wrltes>: "Grace M. Rus- 
sell, Flo Russell and myself art enjoying a 
vacation of three weekB In Colorado Springs 
and Manltou seeing the sLgnrta. We were 
through the Garden of the Gods, op on 
Pike's Peak. We open Sept. it, at the open- 
ing of the Earl Theatre, la Pueblo, Cot, 
with Lincoln, Neb., and a retain date at the 
.Crystal Theatre, St. Joseph, Mo., to follow, 
and our Eastern dates follow that We have 
been doing very well with our act with 
plenty of good work offered mts." 

Tub Qcakbr City Quaj»bttb, Harry 
Ernest, John Healj, B. B. Bathwlck and J. 
W. Scanlan, are booked boILoX and are now 
finishing the Keith, circuit They open their 
Western tour Sept 17, at the Majestic Tbea- 
tce, Chicago. 

Elliott, Be Lair, and Elliott write : "We 
are doing finely with our new comedy acro- 
batic act, entitled 'An Act of Action,' and 
have just signed contracts for thirty weeks 
for the Western Vaudeville Association, to 
open Sept. 3 or 10." 

Lb Clair and West, who are resting at 
their Summer home,. Sea Isle City, N. J„ will 
open their regular season Sept. 17, and are 
booked solid until, the first of the year. They 
will present their comedy playlet "A Drop 
Into Society." 

Shields and Gaol, ring gymnasts and 
perch equilibrists,, are la their fifth week and 
second season as vaudeville feature of Rosa- 
bete Leslie Stock. C<x They are also ploying 
Important parts, and are booked solid until 
May 1 next. 

josepiiinb Coles, who played the open- 
ing week at the Entplre Theatre, Des Mtolneg, 
In.. 1b booking in conjunction with Summers 
and Winters. 

Wallib C. Kblly, "The Niagara Judge," 
joins tbe Orpbeum Road Show at tbe Co- 
lonial Theatre, New York, for a season of 
thirty-six weeks. He opens at the Palace, 
London, July 1, next for six weeks. 

1KB Or, iv Kit. comedy comedian, haa Joined 
hands with Billy Scully, and wilt soon be 
Been In vaudeville with a new skit 

Jknning» and Jewell, who opened at 
Baltimore, week of Aug, 20, with Roble*s 
Knickerbockers, report that their act waa a 
big success- 

Howard and Scott, who played Toronto 
week of Ang. 27, have Cleveland, Detroit 
Rochester, Syracuse and Pittsburg to follow 
In the order named. They report meeting 
with BUtcesa everywhere they appear. 

The following vaudeville acts are with 
the Jack Hocfller Shows : Millar, handcuffs ; 
tVistle; and Collins, Louise Hess, Clever 
Conkey, Nina, electric dsneer; Spedden and 
Paige, the Newels, Fred Langly, Zutfca, and 
the Sharrocks. 

Tub Columbia Amusement Co. Includes 
tho following attractions : Bice and Barton's 
ltlg Gnyeiy. Dainty Duchess. Bon Tons, Van- 
ity Fair, Bohemian Show, Hyde's Blue Rib- 
bons. Panslsn Widow*, New York Stare. High 
Rollers, Morning Glories, Trocnderos, Boston 
Holies, Cracker Jacks. Trans- Atlantlcs, Run- 
away Girls, Rcntl-Santley, Bowery Bur- 
lesquers. Majesties, Fred Irwin's Bir Show, 
MnsQueradera, H. C. Bryant's, Al. Reeres', 
City Snorts, Golden Crook, Jersey Lillies, 
Rose Ilill. Night Owia, Knickerbockers, Roes 
Sydell'B, Bnchelor Girls and World Beaters. 
Bessie Rosa, "little girl with the big 
voice." who haa been Binglng at Wonderland; 

Boston, for the last four weeks, has been 
engaged for the Salem Cadet Band, as solo- 
ist, for two weeks, at Wonderland Park, Re- 
vere, Maw, 

Copeland and Copeland write; "After 
spending fourteen weeks In Ft Worth, Tex., 
at tbe Standard, as stage directors and stock 
comedians, we, with Minnie Warden, will 
once more play dates commencing Sept. 16, 
at the Lyric, Joplln, Mo., for C E. Hodklos. 
with his entire circuit to follow, and will 
continue to play dates during tbe Winter. 
We leave here with a complete wardrobe, 
and from the looks of the three 'fat' trunks, 
one would hardly guess that we came 'clean' 
from San Francisco after the earthquake." 

Wm. Josh Daly's Minstrels were at Sa- 
condaga Park week of Aug. 27, with River- 
side Parks, at Montreal and Ottawa, to fol- 
low. The company consists of; The Elite 
Musical Four, Instrumentalists and vocalists; 
the Hijou Comedy Four, comedians and vo- 
calists ; Kennedy and Wilkens, and John 
Foreman nnd Harrv Breen, comedians. 

Lily Seville returned to America after 
having worked six weeks during her visit 
In England. She Is booked up until January, 
when she will go back to England. 

Harvey Brooks, monologlst and Jos. 
Hamilton {late of Hamilton and Simon), 
have Joined hands, und are presenting a 
strong black and white singing, talking and 
dancing act In vaudeville. 

Harbt F. ■¥■■■■ ■■_ "Antique Belle," has 
canceled his vaudeville engagements to ac- 
cept a position in the ofifce of tbe Great 
Northern R. B. Co., at St. PauL 

Summers and Winters, who played the 
opening week of tbe Empire Theatre, Des 
Moines, la., report they were a decided suc- 

Bert Wkigin and tbe Ramsey Sisters are 
with Clark's Runaway Girls for tbe season. 
] he show opened s; Corinthian Theatre, 
Rochester, N. Y, Aug 25. 

Bert .Marshall, blackface monologlat and 
parody ainger, was re-engaged for a second 
week at Point Gratiot Park, Dunkirk, N Y, 
closing show both weeks. 

The Tossing Austins have received con- 
tracts for nineteen weeks on tbe Keith cir- 
cuit, which will take them up to January, 
1007, with seven weeks straight In New York 

Max Witt writes: "Both of my vaudeville 
acts are meeting wlta Immense success, and 
are solidly booked In the Keith-Proctor cir- 
cuit. The 'Six Sophomores and a Freshman" 
(with Hurry Pllcer), opening at Poll's, Haxt- 
ford, Conn., Aug. 27, while 'The Four Sing- 
ing Colleens open their regular season on 
Sept. 3, at Keith's, Providence." 

■MM Henry has been engaged for this 
ceason by the Interstate Booking Agenoy, as 
traveling representative. 

The L. J Gobman's Amusement Co. write 
that tbey have booked a great many fairs 
this season, and thut their park season has- 
been a very successful one. 

Habbach and Harris, who recently closed, 
ten weeks on the Flynn circuit of parks, are 
this week at Tony Pastor's, with the Gus Sun 
circBlt to follow. 

The Vebdieb Sisters are visiting their 
Bother, Mrs. M. Vincent, In New York Pity. 

Harry Rich's Georgia Colored Minstrels, 
^r?".,, 11110 ?? 1 ** 1 ' P'*y«l to standing room 
at Povilloo Beach. Keyport, N. J., week of 
Aug. 26. The company includes; The C.em- 
catos lonr-ln-Hand Quartette, Payne Trio, 
Richard and Richard, Fallon Bros., Ada Bote 
White end Brooks, and others. 

The Renos. Dotty and Denny, write that 
they closed a pleasant engagement of eight 
weeks with toe Wlid & Rich Players at 
Oneida N. Y ? Aug, 23, and open with North 
Ban Cemedlana at Kewanee, HI., as a spe- 

clsj Taud eTiUc feature act. 


* — 


... , k „, „ Stdkbi, July 23.. 

All tiaatits are well patronized, wulle tbe 
music balls ace crowded, and o'len refuse 
admission. Ine Tlvoll, under the able min- 
osemenl of Uarry liickacds' own eon-ln-law, 
tdwiini Jlana lauoominK. Business was never, 
better wUb. tbl, house than It Is now. Varco, 
the mad ouisklaji, continues to be amomc 'he 
principal favorite* at tbe Tlvoll Theatre On 
S252"*.. oJ * M ta hai1 "" "«> oette • re- 
SK^SI " ^.i>P«blhS. and plaved capl- 
l .;l' , , ?*-*" H twenty-seven various mil. 
sisal Instruments. The graceful serial act 
M Aleiander and Bertie quite met the Laste. 
of the audience, who generously applauded. 

turn. Bclnn, tbe strong man, posed tor sev- 
eral mlnules toward the close of the seosa- 
tlonal welgM lifting exhibition, and showed, 
a phenomenal chest expansion, which was 
cnpa.ently oat at all proportion to even hi, 
Mgnlarent physKiue. olive Lenton, tb» 
dainty senov who was formerly an eetaU- 
llsbed favorite at the Castlereagh Street 
house, renewed her acquaintance with Tlvnll 
audiences, and was accorded a royal recep- 
tion.. Among the other new comera were the 
Lewis Sisters, an artistic song and dance 
ccunle. who dance well but Sing, lndiftar- 
entfy. Howard Hall a baritone* of gSd 
range, also had a hearty reception, ^od 
should grow In favor during tbe week. Little 
LllI entered npon another week, with every 
sign of undiminished popularity. His quaint 
dancing continues to bring him special 
honors, others who assist % aloii?Tro- 

Mta Leech (whose picture song, "In the 
Shade of the Old Apple Tree," tu caught 

rM^„ ta t II , e -„ il " 8 i er , Ierc ?, C1 «*«, Arthur 

i. ?. n nK t . lle ™' 1 ? l J ,1, ..° f t Her Majesty's, Theatre 

edy »< t\ tlllam Colliers repertory. Ills Hrat 
piece was "On the Quiet." 

At the Theatre Royal, the stralghl-out melo- 
K U *S! ,, » Wl i h ,. l '> ln * Colors," Ti7 provided 
01 i£ HP" Holt Co - Houses, are good 

The Atheneum, a now music lull onened 

"•St* s , l , x .„' I10 , l " h8 . aso ; ls Joln <: «i«"ently. 
The Criterion, tbe Lyceum Ball and the 
Centenary Halls do all their share 




a. .,. n .. CirEjowK, July 24. 

At the Open House, Waa. Hsvlland. sun- 
ported by Edyto Latimer and company 5s 
playing to fair houses. ■ *■ " 

,4 d « L Keeve lus c °me and gone, and the Tt 
Toll Theatre ot Varieties knows her no morT 
She proved a very powerful magnet, and 
drew pacted houses every night. The nresent 
SEC? 3 : c ^. mprl J T 9 s "«al good turn,, and 
attract B ood audlencea. A crest favorite Is 

2K5 , CoTle ' ?*1 nc '»"' oesefve, the suc- 
2S L'f L i 8 Ba , lnei Ue '» » One roiedlin 
and his twn lo eagerly looked forwaVdta 
He las a style which Is unique, "nil his 
facial expressions keep the audience la roars 
of Isughter. The Bounding ra«S>Ta.n 
I S r , b * r 1 'i error , m « s carrying throSgn each 
S'A*' tnW " nd •"'«'« style. Boyd 
™ d ..?," taln ., are <? nt favorites, snd thel° 
E ItarW entertainment Is a good 
Sift. Ml " , GI "« I » I' a neat little rerformer 
and her work on the bagpipe was m S ™ to 
win over many enemies of that much abused 
Instrument. Mile. Alexia Is a clever dwer 
:° d ^ tn i d !', c ".. ncr own creation "The ,S 
v^.lTW!?' -" ■ '" ' ■ by Mona. arte* 
lolsnde Noble offers a fascinating turn and 
deserves the repented encores for her clever 
performance, titty Tims possesses a falTw 
good voice Kathleen Orny'ha'ulyfmprV.sea 
Mi .a U .J » ,un \ Co,lhl " "t" 1 ink? were 
Tl. Ti.„ifi°l" lc * n ^medians and dancers 
1'rodllil 4",™°°*' e ro ), MI °S the picture. '^A 
l rodlgal Son. completes the programme. 

riTil r ^ eeep t ion. n,C,, '"* ""' ^^Shf% 

(AKDr -s 

(OAtlt) jp* 
CUM. ':'-'■ 

: , Fivitorrs 

■ 'X ist o««ct 




TrrTneaI?.^^ar b ne,{n , i't: 

hood send us ten cents for a iubbIs 
packet Any Jobber will snpplj stora- 
SeepeTS with Cnlel.t.. " "* 

ptitladelDbiA. 1T.S. A. . and Tnronto. Canada' 



are waterproofed^ Ehen. 

Wrinkles and! frayed edges im- 

Always fresfr— eTways stiff. 

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At collar shops. or of us. 
Collars 25c. Cuffs 60c 

•** Waverly Place, New York 


After Shaving 


BORATED talcum 

^ISV and insist that your barber 

Ba use it also. It Is Antl- 

SE I septic, andwill prevent 

AJ"Bf" any of the skin diseases 

sEuBBBBaaw oltcn c °ntrlcted. 

^BBBB*^ A positive relief for 
Sunburn, Chafing, and all afflic- 
tions of the skin. Removes all odot 
ofi perspiration. Get Mennen's- 
the ovnrinal. Sold evetywheie M 
mailed Tor as cents. Sample frn. 
Try Mman'i TloUt tBorsted) TMoun. 

Newark. N. J. 


71-81 WOOSTER ST. 

(Bit. Sarle, and Brooms), «•« *•* 




The best Rain made for wear and aj>pean\n«. 
Also a full Una of lower priced SATINS In » 

[flDTlllUv IIU Send us tour manuscript. *• 
rUKIUnCO MUt arrange and publish. 

SONG P0EI8, 701 Manhattan Bldg., Chic's JS'l 1 

September 8. 

Clipper Post j<m ice. 

Ir» ordf r to «Told nltfakei and to 
Insure the .prompt delivery of . (he 
letter* . advertised la t hi* Hit, an 
eaTClOB* alalaly ftddretfed mast be 
■eat (or each letter, and a written 
order (ar the letter, alffned with, the 

: ffwll aaaae aad address aad the line 
of basin"* followed by the wader, 

1 moat also be enclosed. 

FleaMe mention the date (or Ham- 
per) of the- CLIPPER la which tka 
letters sent for were atlver'l.rd, 

f y - . LADIES' LIST. 

AHwortb. . Ardls Otirer. Msrlon 
Allen. Ids 

AiUsne. Kdlhle 
Allen, Violet 

Ratbonr Jetwks 

tfrooks, Jeanne, 

UttaJt, . ! 

r ; Franrei E. 
' Beislcy, Bessie 

UKral, Era 

Urattle, Anbrey. 

Bell, - Augusta 
- Boovler, Adlne 

Blanc, Ellta- 
.*' belli L 

Butler, Ida 

Uurortte KdnnC 

Bryan, Blanche 

Ucaumonl Alma 
' Maker, Eunlcv ; 

ntawn Wrt ff T 

Beat tie, 
„'-Mrs. Aubrey 
Bradford haw 
Blackford Lottie 

■ brixiol, Jessie' 

Itarker Beatrice 

Claire Oertrode, 

Ciln, Mlra 
s' llalnler 

; Callahan Bertha 

Carlton, Lillian 

Cimpl-ell I'aulin 
. OSxhtnau Mr*, f 

Cuts sen Uargret 
1 (JpSflC, LottS 



■ Hiana. J. 
Hjrrtr. Cole 
H ck«l. Grow 
lllck.y Geo. A. 

llellcr * 

!8R.- , §BV*-> 


Oay. Kva 

Ooodklb k'lorenc 
Gaines, Aphle 
Hienfell, Kitty 
Gardner Mm. E 

Oarnella Ma* K 
Green, Bonnie 
Gordon, Ruby 

Giant, Marc 
Gordon MnileeM 
Glllwerettl Mil.i 

Sirs. 'Atfatt 
lluttcu, Ethel 
Hall, Florence 
Holmes Dorotbr 
Hill, Leila 
Hussey Mrn.Gt'0 
H aril and. 

Angel ioc 
listen, Alice 
Hayward Mm.T 
Houston Beat tic 
Hunt, Alice T. 
Hall. Marry 
I r Tins, 1'earl 
Jaque*, Addle 
Jordan Mrslluth 
Kow, Mrs. J, " 
Klbbey Chariots 
Kftha, Lottie 
Kellogg, Bertha 
Kenton. Hattie 
Knlftbt, Grace 
Kanfmao Fanny 
Lutona, Kva 
LeUInne Louise 
he Mar. Ada 
La Porte, 

Urn. S. M. 
LewK Madge 
I.i?" Is, Rachel 
l^?cnr. Ilnxel 
1«ckhart Mabel 

0w[>, Millie 

Bisjiai Knai 
Ordler, Mile. 
G'Brlen, Kitty 

Pearl Emma W. 
i'att ridge. 

Frank le 
'ellctler, Dora 
I "a nl. Madjre 
Phlunipy Evelyn 

■Mrs. George 
Quay)? Faimtljn 
Rial, Inline 


Mm. Will II. 
Ranwlell, Ktim 

Rohan, Adrletta 
Ryan. Carolyn 

■Silas L. B. 
Rio, Violet 
Rlalto. Mis* 
Rosenthal. Bae 
Scott, Ada 


SotisH, Mile. 
Olive Kellogg, Bertha Sheppsrd. Ritth 

"issle Kenton, Hattie Sully Mr*. J no. J. 
Swan, OUye 

Mr*. Jim. 
Scott, Bc**e 
Sell nil tz. Louisa 
Stern, Cecil 
Starr Francis D. 
Hchflpfrr Guaalc 
Sullivan. .Verna 
Sol. Donna 
Sanforrt. Llnnle 
Tow lea, A. La 

Travis, Sadie 
Tyson, Lena 
Turner. Dorothy 

Tarr, Dell K. 
Tboniaa, Norma 
Valyare. Oris, 
Veola, Mme. 
Vernon. Till 1 1 
Viol*. Fmlly 
Vendles, .Tousle 
ViiUghn. Rae 
Vlda. Mile. 

Waldorf, Evelyn 
Warns r, Affle 
Era Dorothy 

Moss, Lola E. William* Maillri 
MaMoo, Paula Wyndham. Mae 
Morton Dorothy White. Molly 
Martinez Olorlu Williams Mr*. J 
Mlaci. Mrs. Ida WHIard. Amy 
Mac-Lord . Wood, Junle 

Sisters Wsaenfnhrt-r. 
Marks, Mattlo I Bertha (10c.) 
Murtln. Tere^i Washburn. Ren* 
Meliwtte HlotorarWllHon, Josle 
Monte, Ray . Young. 
Morlii, Pilar Mrs. Harrv 

Neville, Zenlta ■ Voting. Edna 
Memeycr Emma, Voting, Dslay U. 
Nlcolal. loin Zaha, Mlnle 
Newman, Katie Zenh, Emma 
Nape, Viola [Zolta. Mile. 
Norrla, Mlrlum .Zampa, Miss 
Owen. Mrs, a.m. 


AbramorT, 8lg. Coolman, Edwarda Eildle 

JUssce A De Witt C. El|>». Martin 

lAtralne Clazton, Elvtowl School 

■ Altera, Great . Beaumont of Mavlc 
fhdre, Victor Conkllu, C. Ellwood. Mr. 

*. AlircoQ, Ignaclo Curran, — Euhlln, ProLJT 

Atkerman.. Paul Clarke Chai&D. ElMCiiharth k 
Arnold, Billy Carey, W. A. Henderxon 

. AlTln, ,Pe(er Clifton, H. U. EokliofTat Gordon 

.Andrews, Jack Catterly, Mr. Rlwood, I'rinve 
Akhtontt, Two Chanlln, Erwootl Slock 

AjPlni, H. ■ Sidney (10c.) Co., R. J. 

. niat Joe ' Chexter. Chsa. Klrhsrdt. JohnD 
Alhertswi E. C. Connolly. J. C. Early. \V. B. 
A^ramofT. 81g. . Clark II. Carnon Eraim, 'feil 
Andcrwi, T. C- Crane, John E. Edward*, Al. 
AtJierniaii. ' Curtl*. Walter Fox, Al. II. ' 

■ 7? •■.'.Kdtlle C. Clarke, Cliaa. G. Francis, 

: Atnliriioii, Four CaiH*r & Cupiwr ■ Geo. C. (tel.l 
AlTln, Pete Caltler CliacLee Farrcll *1* Roy 

A«ey, Pierre Crane. C. H. Finn, T. L. 
. Allan L'ly**M S t'unliigliam W.C. Frlnk. F. I. 
Arnold, .Max A. 'Clyde, Jilo. Fox, Al. II. 

First, Barney 
Faure, Julea 

Geo. II. 

Ferry, Mr. 
Farm* worth. 
Cook, Mux Walter 

Connor, Geo. ILrFfckett. Gt*o. 
Cooper & iPlorello. Billy 

_ I • ■ Roblii"Oii Fltigeruld A 
'wu J.Galfny Condlt, Sllan I (iildey 

Her. Geo. A."Chl|>mun, E. W- Freeman, John 

Burton It Daley, Fred jFiwlnl, " 



Lionel R. c, 

. Maitliewa, s. a. 

Bins* inSI h, iHSH! ™* 

H™ '-hlc UcCartby. 
Ulekett, Geo. I wTiiili j 

l " nt, A ,. k* KU * * >*«« 
Gtarhling Moate-Mrro 
Harrey PereyJr. Troww 

Miller Edgar M. 
McVicar*, Julias 
Mill*. Jerrle 

M :[.;.,■:■ I i-!. 

., . L. Clare 
Morrl*. Mike i 
M.vll »ro*. 
Uiilllmi, J. ». 
Major. II. 
Aurtlier Myers, ]|. tt, 
Herman, Brown iMoran, Harry 
A Jonea McNuIty, W 

Hunt, Harry 
Howard A 

Ha* well, Oau, 
Huntley, G. A. 
Hsrbach. L. E. 
Hel'.on, Chaa. p 
Ilnswy, Geo. 11 

Hlckmau. Fred 
Hlll*. Harry 

Capt. Sidney 
Hemesuln. Alt. 

McGarry, L Wra. . 
Manning. E.Wm 
McNnlty. Will y 
Uurpby, J, J. 
Mc.Nainee'n. The 
Morrh, Mike 

galremont Lulu 
ittl*. Alice F. 
i Citlf. Mayne 

Winuh: D. 

in. Uua 

■ CbiVls Mrs. flf 

■ OorHn Lillians. 
Drew, Rose 
Donaldson. Reba 
Doooran MrsJasiI^wla, Dorothy 

, Drew, Elaine M.Latona, K»,i 
. Da' 1», Mr*.- Lane, Laura B. 
. 2 Chos. E. Le Blanc, 

■ JJjlmore | Mr*.. Louis 
7 . Mrs. John, La tour. Roae 

Fsnnle Llttleneld, Kiln 
e'Mond, Btdab Langdon, 

Mile. . Katherlnc 

Helen I^Page, Collh 
.. . Leigli Lander MraWm. 
teL Irene loo. Mamie 
__£ Myrtle - Mlakel. Corn 
. DiWa. Jr.lletle Montague Amber 

T)a*en|iort Edna Moxley, Kath- 
. Dc-Vere. | or 1 ne E. 

I 'Mrs. ft Mht* Murray, 
' Deloiar, Kathle<<n 

, » sirs. ■ Jules Murray. Mae 
- Dalroy Mw.Jack Miller, Kitty 
" Dp Porta*, Mae Mason Mrs.H.M 
' Dosil^. Rnia 
JUstn. Nellie 
Dow. Margie 
. De' Loon. Flora 

Dakin, Era 
' Merson Ilorenc Mlnco. 
' RarL- Edna . 
Khrle. Julia 
.» Mrs/ _. 
, Ejaps Mrs.E.C. 
FTwood, Fruncid 
Eerie. Julia 
EVaim Mrs.M.F 
hike. -Klhrnor 
Fox. Marie 
Fa mum. Hud 
Kartnna. Cecelia 
Klorello, Alene 
. Forrest, Edith 

ThcMcFay k 
arrlngton K.P.I Fmlrick 

Hanson John T, 'r* ■-' 
Hoey, Jolm 
Hoppe. Cuy 
Herbert, Louis 
Harris, A. L. 
Hubbell, T. C 
Herbert, Mwh. 

H. Bn*>ks 
Heath, J. We* 
Howard. H. B, 
Healy, Edgar 
Hanley. Lt« W 

Harris, (leo. E. 
Hooper. Harry 
Hayes, Brent 
Holmes, F. M, 
Harrey, Bnrt 
Harrlgan, J. 
Haye*. Leo 

lngoldaby Clias. 
Imbof, Roger 

phone, Tbe 

Carroll J 
Indian, Wm. A. 
Judge, Joe 
Jen kin* JamesC. 

Harry B. 
John*ton r,r. ; j! 
JohuMton, J. W. 
Jennlng* A 

Jones, urvlll- 1 
John*on Carroll 
Jsme*on. Bo!i 
June*, Henry 

Jordan, F. M. 
Kelly, Chas. J. 
Keuney, KlhertC 
Kochly. Alliert 
Knlll. 11. J. 
Kimball, Julius 
Kendal, Ctia*. 
Kubeler, ciu-,, 
Kllmeitt, K. 
Konpe A Kopite 
Kehu, John It. 
■KeHtcTeu ADcun 
Klein, II. R. 
Kay. Harry B. 
KrniiM?. O. 11, 
Koehly. Albert 
Krltdifield 1A 
Kelly,' Clmn. J. 
Keen. Julian 
Kane, P 

Allan Ulyasea S Cuninghnni W.C. 
. Arnold, Max A.'Olyile, Jiw. 
.Alfin, Pelc. , (Crockett. Wok* 

Bvicktey, Jerome ,Coidter, Fred . 

Burelt, August OoaM, Mgr. 
' Barrett. Joe CI Ms. Geo. A. 
; Best, D. C. ICrawford Bpm. 
•Brockwny. F. L* Uullaiiin Jo*i 
■ BuiHrdt, VjTt.HCdrmoily Jaa.F. 

Bruiiln, Mom. Crockeit Will F, 
.BdkH, Billy.' 

Banks, J. k 

**»*,■ Frank 
'jer Claude C, 

!.'■!■: i ".'■ Dao 

Lynch. J. W. 
Lewis, Edgar 
l.-i.ii:. Morey 
La Vardo. 

f,orella, Odle 
l^e*lk>, Frsnk 

LoiteZ & l /)]■€! 

LaVcre Dr. Jas. 
LoTe.A Rollnt 
Leslie, Frsnk 
Lamp, John 
Leritt A!< 
Lee. Robt. H. 
I.c Barr, FranK 
Loralne, H. 
Lalor, Fred 8. 
Lew, The 
l-ennon. Lestor 
Lyon*. Sam 
!.■■'' . :■..■::. theater 
Lorenx, John 
Lewi*, Frank 
I . ; uti'-i i o. Pete 
Iai Tell Bros. 
Ixmdon*. F<iur 
LafttycltP. L. 
I^VIne A Alma 

Marlmr, Jame* 
Mclntyre ArthF 
Miller A May 
Melville, Harry 
Mantell, I«n u 
Moore, Cha*. 
Miller. Henry 
Maleey, Ben L. 
Mack, I^mI* 
Moore, tleo. A, 
Moore. (3eo. R. 
Morrl* A Morrl* 
Myers, Hoy 1L 
McBrtde. E. J, 
MorrlK, Mike 
Slllo, Vic 
Myers, Sam J. 
Morrl*. Hoa-ard 
Mitchell Ben).*' 

Carl I). 
Mayfleld. M. 
Meany A 

Millar ClydvC.C 
Muller, W. Kog. 
Mots. Adani 

Carl Ii. 
McLean HarryE 
Mentscr. tiro.K 
Matthew*, c. C 
Mackln. Billy 
.Mountain, Dr. 
Moore, Charley 

Biiiii* :■:, 
Newman Howard 

New York News- 
boys' Qitart 
Nichols, C. W. 
Nelson Harold! 1 
Nngent, John 
Nnhm. Slmou 
Newman. Al C. 
Owen*. A. L. 
Oabom. F. U. 
Opel, Henry 
O'Brien, Nell 
Nelson's Coat In. 
Orvlllo k Erring 

Orth A Fern 
Tlieliw Euk»«iiA 
Pickett, Willi* 
Plnarri, Al. 
Potter A Harris 
>ck, Percy C. 
'len-e. Geo. L, 
Peal*on Glll-eit 
Polaro Bros. 
Peter*. Matte 
I'lndar, Al. 
Palmer. F. S. 
Calmer, F. J. 
Parks, Jame* A 
Paul, E. L. 
Phy*Ioc. I^wIm 
Prke. C. L. 
Plleher. Fre.1 
Pearl, James 

. Frank 
Syl Tester, 

Smith. Fred A. 
Stewart A 

Smells, 0. E. 
Sahdrrson, ' 
„ ■ Cari W. 
Sully Family 
Soul?. II. T. 
stilli. Ix-on ' 
Sctiultr. Wm. J. 

Ccd. W. J. 
Salntonde, J. II. 
Sharrock Hsrry 
Spann, Nyrou 
Speed, Billy 
Silencer. Frank 
She*, Will E. 
Sprugue, Tom 
Sterne MorrlsE. 
Stowe. " John F. 
Sonter*. Bi:rt 
Symouilt. Jack 
Smith. Wm. 
SutlliTe. Elmer 
Seymore. Dare 
Sulllvitii, James 
Sullivan A •: 

Co., J. L. 
Stanton tlerbtlt. 
Suark*, Chan. 
Miunk HanyC. 
Sulllvau Jas. R. 
Simons, Murray 
.Simon. A. A. 

■ Harry 
shook. Ed. 
Smner*, Carl 
Xftnsou. J. B. 
Sylvan AO'Neal 
Symoud*. Jack 
Sutton, Bob 
Stefner. Al. G. 
Sweat man W.P 
Smith. Walter C 
Stanley, Mr. 
Smith, F. O. 
SallsnurK, I^nn 
SteldilUK. SI , 
St. Julian. — 
Tlppel &K I Intent 
Tenney, E. 
Tays. Dick 

Capt. Hiuh 
Tlioma* Fre<l 0. 
Trayi-or, Frank 
ThompMUi, Epfar 

Tenny. Ernest 
Tminha Fred. 
Toy*. Musical 
Thonnse*. Tbe 
Terrlll Frank E." 
Tenny, Cha*. E. 
Tlioina* August. 
Thor. — 
Thnrljer. Pliilll. 
Tatem, Fred 
Thell, I*mls 
Tucker. Frank 
Turtiey. Kd. 
Trattpert Harrv 

C. & II ell- 
Van C A Fanny 
Vail, f>lwln W. 
Van. Harry 
Vice A Viola 
Veolette & Old 
Vardells, The 
VanAudeu GeoE 
VlcJtery HarryF 
Venutu ltatTnelc 
Vail. Dr. 

Edwin W. 
Vernelo, E. M. 
Vernon, Curl 
Vilonl. Alfread 

Sickle E.L. 
Well*. I, cm 
While. Freil 
Wheeler Will O. 
Wllllnm*. C. W. 
Weinman Jesnl' 
Wate'rhury K.M. 

M Japanese ball game, .toura of the: world, 
rerrla wheel, etc.. es Hfde'%tirictroni The 
vauaevlllc bill for week of Sent. T Include*: 
Tbe HoQulM Bros., Ben Tiiridii, and Lnvlns 
Dc Will. 

Notes. --The many filmuls of Morrl* 
•Murks, treasurer of tbe.Greenwald and Urtld- 
,iyln Theatre*, wrll be, grieved tu learn of the 
death of hi* *wlfi>7 Aug., 34. Telegram* 
of condolence and mnuy ./ Iwaut Ifnl' flnral 
offcrlnj:* were received-' fruui the araletBdoa 

all over the country .Tnptnln W. H 

;Mrown, assistant mnnngvr of the Tulane And 
t rescent Theatres, has arranged for himself 
n lwBUtlful little office In the Tulane. where 
he will gladly welcome Ills legion of profes* 

hlonal friends t'hnries K. (IVtrstint 

Havles. was n Crescent <?ltv orrlval last 

*«li I'nder the personul direction of 

Manager Tom Winston, the Oruheum Is being 
handsomely rctutirhcd for the opening 17. 

< i | 


Powers, Walter* Watcrlmry, 

A Crooker 
Rice, Leon F. 
Roses, Three 
Raymond, Lew 
Rand, J. F. 
Ritchie. Arthur 
1 s ---■ i - 1- - . Gus 
Rowe, Chas. 
Robinson, Mr, 

(Old Man). 

_ N. Jr. 
Waftjer. S. 
Woodsloe, Wm. 
Whltmy, II. S. 
Wnnlhe. Mat 
Whiteside. Jack 
Waller'A M izlll 
Webb, Walter 
M'iIh mi, Geo. II. 

aWhsJaW. Geo. 

]Wh|tcomb, Don 

Itnrry E. Welch, Rube 
Rlggs. Chaa. tWgilenitnde J. A 
Riiualdo. Eil. -Welch. Ben 
Rider. E. D. (Witek. Eugene 
Bitter A Wilson, Clint 

Fanshaw Welch. Rube 
Reno. Denny Winter* Shi. R. 

Roberts. Carl 
Rose Original 

Rollins, Ralph 
Ruasell. K. II. 
Roth. C. 
llediiHiud. Eil. 

league, James Raymond. 
Lahakati, Max Mnurlcu F. Wellborn Hell.T 

I>o. Frank Rio. Otto Walter*, (hjo. 

I.iivlne, Arthur Itussell, Joliti Walton. Duleh 
Lesler. Chas. T. Roach. Daniel William* & 
Is? Barr, Mr. Ilnlm-lsoii J. L. ■■ Pullman 

.Merrick. Thus. Ilolierts, IL Voung l^stnto A 

Marrlon A Slmm*. Alruli Young, James 

Thompson Stewart. P. Vuutig. Billy 




Washer Bi 
Wood A Stone 
Walter. Geo. W 
West A Benton 
Winters. 8M 
WJIUani* Fmlll 
Weston, Willie 

Bronslon Efflm 
, Bracket!, R. A 
Belmoiit, Harry 
Blondell Edwnnl 
Brown Artlnirll. 
Black. J. A. 
■Bfowu. Ctlffbrd 
■near, w. 8. 
Hrowu, Dick 
Purge. Albert 
' BticklMirn W.H 
Bnbam, Harry 
B.rookS, Ham- 

§- llton i. 
rltta, Bill 
ntkweii, elms 
Bahcock. Theo. 

rluirose'Dupie, Geo. 

Drane, Sai 
Dell A Fonda 
Dutton, Wm. 
Drlscoll. H. 
Dc Stefanle, Joo 
OulKin, H. 
De Vere, I^slle 
Del more. Geo. E 
Delmore & 

Dnrlelgh. Dan 
Dennis, John W 
Davlk, Joseph 
Douglas. Elmer 
Dee, Roy 
Dnnlap, Bob 

■Bqbtne A Hurtth iDonal, Alfred 

Huniirli, George Day, Geo. rt*. 

Bunilianlt. t Demon t, Roht. 

-^." " ' Tubhs Delmar, Harry 

Bloom. Jack iDcnlutm, W. I). 

Jsrtlett. Owe:i 
Sqrr^tt, Jos. 

•Bw. Dick 
Buriis, Jesso 
Bptler, oeo. 
BUue, Joe 

•Renseno, Frank 


Dotson, Howanl 
Dk-kerson. F. t 
Dealing, Arthm 

G. Frauds 
Don-Ian. Wm. 
Dnimntou, F. C. 
Herbert 'Delmer, Jack 
Paul O. 'Dekar, Morris 

Bradford. Hurry Dewey. Wm. 
SggtM. Wm, IDelnwre. John 
(Bellcliilr, Beuy Dugau. 

&pl| I W. Tlffaiiy 

" * - Harry Daniel*. Harry 

Bnrna. Vlnil H. Darrell. Mgar 

gBond. Harry Donals. Charlie 
rsilimry- Harrv Daly & O'Brh 

Barrett. Mr. 

Mrs. jos, 
Cardiff, jio. 
Carpenter. L.D. 
Clikr-pelle. Pat 
liplllu*. E. N. 
Wlsly WayueN 
vsrminlr. »a*.F. 
''ro.s**lt Whiley 
'V»»>J. Kelcer 
**iinulrl2ham J 11 
Poeier A 
-V Robinson 

- 'oitiior. Ram. M 

L'lHo.. John 
Clifton,- H. H. 

. . . Leon 
FJtsgtrald. Dick 

Fagau, James 
Flake, Freil 
Freeinan, Jno. 
Flood, F. A. 
Fanlser. P. K. 
Felke, Chas. II. 
Frye. Geo. 0. 
Forbes, A. 
Ferguson. Mr. 
Freeze Bro*. 
Greenwny Harry 
Glllmore, Tho*. 
Golden, Geo. F. 
Gandy, Cha*. K 
Gleason John V. 
Galvlii JtdHiuyB 
Golden, hue 
Gllnseretly Tony 
Grlffli). Harrj' C. 
Green. Chas. U. 
Green, Ssni 
Gardner Child- 
ren. Famous 
GUlls. B. J. 
Gideon, T. E. 
Gardener. Jack 
Green, Al. 
Ooins, Gn* 
Garsa. Jo*e 
Oarslde. Ja*. S. 
Galllmore. A. 
(Jolden, (leo, F. 
Jtfant, Elber 
'Green. Horace 
Gniet A GriKt 
Oyver. Roy 
Orlflln. Gerald 
Gruhain Clw*.E 

Devenjwrt. Carl Greene, Oetf.IL 
Dutton. Win. Gllnserette. Mr. 
Douglass * l-'or<1 Hall. A W. 
Dsvl*. Mich. Hilton. Wro. 
Dunlsir Harrv J Huhhard, 
Fsmernlils Hsiry II. 

Dellhrtn Dr.W. .Ilnrtn. Link 
Dsviilwin; Handy, A. tt . 
De Moe. Billy Hsiulln. Ricbnnl 

Dawson Ball 
Delsvoy. W. 
Dcvcmwrt C. M 
Ktlery. V. 
Kvaus. Clsre 
Erlm Melville 
Edwards Ralph 

I Ii nlc. Jame* 
HiHlgJns, Woml 
Jloskvn, Geo. II 
Dodge* A 

Launch mere 
Hertel. J«rry 
Uainmonil, J. II. 

Wheeling. — At the Court Theatre (K. B. 
Franzhelm, manager) VoferaiMlnBircls. Aug. 
1!8, hod foir returns. "The Wizard of (Is. 
IL had irood business. "Bankers and Hrok 
ers." Sept. 1. did well. Coming: Lam 
James «, "The -Mayor of Toslo". 7, Al. wll- 

(Jnixn OHpA IIuiMK U'haa. A. Felnlcr. 

ninnagcr).— Tlila popular plavhoiiBe will ojien 
for the senson, with Itlmmelelb's Ideals. 10. 

Buou (ri. W. Rogers,. raanager).-^rhlH 
popular vaudeville house will open with the 
Two Lawrences, Kdwards and Vaughn, Jessie 
Hereiord. and moving plclum. . 

WHKKLI.NU 1'aiik M«co. A. Mcl.fltiglilln. 
manager).— Attendance und attractions were 
good last -week. People for week of a : CAM. 
K Canlo nnd educated dog. Bwneralda, WR> 
l!am« and Mclhurn, Caprice Lewis, und Or- 
rllle and Frank. '„'..,, j 

XnTKH.— The Wont Virginia State Fair and 
Exposition Association. 10-14. have thing* 
moving Into good shape: already the people 
ure bringing horses to he iniartercd, and ex- 
pectations arc that this -will, be the largest 
fair ever held here. C. It. Traty. for- 
merly manager of the Western Lglon ■ Tele- 
graph Co.. who was well known^ln the the- 
atrical profession, died Aug." 3&;hM-«N 
burled by Wheeling Ledge, No. ^8, B. P. O. 
Klks, on .10. 



New Orleona.— Tbe Tulane (T. O. Camp- 
bell, manager), opens lis season Sept. Z. 
huv ng a* Its initial attraction. "A Message 
from Mars." The preliminary season will 
lust three week*, when the regular season 
will begin, and Manager Campbell promises 
a string of the very finest attnictlona. 

Crbhckvt IT. C. Campbell, msnager).-- 
-■■his house opened it* doors Aug. 'M, to S. 
WO "Br Illght of Sword." hv the Baldwin- 
Melville S.ockVo.. was the>blll. "d^rough- 
out the week wa« murh appreciated. "Con- 

^AtSSmuiffi&mtm mnnaner).- 

colored orgnnlzntlon. enjoin Rood week * 
hnslness. openlDR Aug, li«. The Jersey Lily 
Itarte*q»eS will open the regular season 

Ailaaia — At the GrnnJ (II. L. & J. L. 

l>e tilre. managers) the season oiienH Aug. 
.10. with Itavld 1'rwier. In "A Mtmmjm foui 
Mars." Nell liurgexs. In "The Couiily Fair," 
Sept. 1. 

Burnt (Jake Wells, inaunger).--IInverly'H 
Mostodon Minstrels open the season Seirt. 
.'I and week. 

Cakinu (Jake Wells, mnnnger). — (Juyer 
and O.Vell. St. (Inge Bros., lleded and Hid- 
ley, Chas. Fulton, Stunrt linrnen and the 
earaernatnph made up tbe bill week, to 
big; business. 

Stak (J. 11, Thompson, manager). — Busi- 
ness continues satisfactory. The Mil last 
week Included: Carl Copeland. * ny Xnrrln, 
Morris nnd Parker. Mny Ilnyre, Shvvtlon Mind 
Wilson. Hire and Bice, Geo. Milton, Ludlow 
Allen, Llllle Mny und moving pictures. 
- --■— ♦*♦ 

Chase A Lihtkr have engaged Melha Liv- 
ingston. Olive Iturleson nnd Muttle Webb fur 
Iheli- Xorlhcm comp any. 




TRAFALGAR us- 111 E.U. N.T., at. Keitll'l, 
10M. ot Dew... Rooau Mo., Tic^ II, 
I1J, <ly; tlMto M weci. W.D.HANSIQAS.Prop. 


Wabuh A Madlsoo, CHICAGO, 
0. 0. Vang, hart, Prop. Strictly 
. American Plan. $S-I5 alofle; 
Taadevtlle patronaga invited. 

PALACE HOTEL, 101 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
European, tut pcf week: with nrivsto hath, $7. 
Torkish Balh, loo. H. B. HUMPHREV, Prop. 

FOR SALK.-r>O0 Costume*, ?5 Wigs. Must 
leave city; will *cll at a aacrlnee. OARER" COS- 
TBMB CO.. 329 Nicollet Ave.. Minneapolis, Mian 

mueii tonrosED ASO AHBAJIOBD 

or any lnstrnmont or number of lustra menu, 
wnrs, words and mono, aketchea, etc. Send sump. 
lHJH,L.Ltwia,aag Richmond St., Cincinnati, 0. 


Cop7rhThtcd) L 8 different hooks, 10c. All kinds act. 
MORPHET'8 BCHOOL, S37 N. I2th BL, Phlla.. Pa. 


Front and Back Bending, each trick Illustrated 
We.' Morphet'a School, 837 N. 12lh St., Phlla., Pa 

MUSICIANS Wanted, Pianist, VlolinlM. Clario- 
net (High and Low Pitch Insls), Cornet, Trom- 
bone and Trap Drummer wlfh Tympanl; first 
class and reliable, for high grade 'yceiim con- 
cert work, t ave Ing. Address THE SALIHKURY 
ORCHESTRA, HO Monroe Street. Chicago, III. 


Heavies, Leadsi 


General Bus., 

AT LIBERTY on accountuf closing with Davis- Goodwill Co. ;li weeks. ■.*-;« Ta»iots, lilted. 

Wire IIRIHTOL, TKNK., week Hcpt. 3. 

WANTED, Vm WANTBD, and wanted at 

all times, good Tersalllc Sketch Tcania, Musical 
Teams that ran slug (and have vi Ires). No tncom- 
p jtents In an; way need apply. I Incut of accom- 
modations in our own overland train, south 
Texas nnd the coast, away from Winter's Man, 
and 40 weeks in every performer making good 
ltutyon muKt make Rood. No xalary too high If 

J ou nrc IT. Burton and lie Alum, wilto. Prllicecs 
eta and all ladles and gentlemen of aidilty, ad- 
dress Blackmore's Pantograph Co., No. 10, Huh- 
hard, Texas. 

BKF.TCI1KS, ETC., to order. Prices and 
Al references for stamp. Samples (No, i). Parody 
aud-Hiafc-B, 10c; 3 Parodies, 15 tings, «r, 

2100 ltruAtl HI., Prnv., U. I. 

CLAniO«KTTIST, doiibles U Violin, would 
llko- to bear from leaders who want itntidtlmis 
musicians. Ohjcctadviutccincnt. Amyonngman, 
■Inglo, don't line tobacco or linuzc. Wish lo locale 
In good town or cltv. Experienced. A. I', of M. 
Ref. given, i.-.u-k llox •iU.Ciniiu-li nimr-, Iowa. 

AT LIBERTY, Lecturer ami Ufllce Worker, 

tts per wcok, expenses; or 3ft per cent or medicine 
sales, lo per cent uf groxa receipts. Sober and re- 
liable. Hennlru ticket, For Sale, K.*ler Organ, flO. 
Prof. Mmirutus, llli W. nth St.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 


sight reader and transposer. Uing season, Kood 
ireatmontand sood salary to good man. Tickets, 
if you need them. Homo of you Eastern Piano 
Players had hotter come West, where yon get 
your salary every week nnd something good to 
eat. We arc piaylnir opera (muses anil Mopping 
athest hotels. Address ipilck, Dr.A. K, llerren, 
care of Modern Itemed; Co., Thornton, Cerro 
(hirdo Uonntr, lowa« ■ 

| |FOR SALE— Handcuir Act, Maglclnn's Oulllt, 
Eiro King Act, Trunk Mystery, Aga. Scuond sight 
Act, Spirit Cabinet. Trick llamUuiK Animated 
Hrawlnir Illusion, (*lrculurs fofSTAMI'. 
OEO. A. RICE. 4 Underwood St.. Annum, N. V. 

"UnONDERU giereoptlcolis" for Song. Illus- 
traiore, lecturers, iu«; rtitl ai/.c. Send for cut. 
Urouherff Htero. Qi.'lUI E.lloward Av.,HIIo.xI.MI»h 

"WANTED, ENGAGEMENT, hy a |\«d clover 
young I,ad; Amatour. Sings and dances. Flno 
coBtumcs; very neat In dross and appearances, 
(lood, reliable dramatic managers, adanw MISS 
RURTON. care Prof. Rayno, 214 W. tHilu St., India- 
napolis, HuL 

ONLY THEATRE in Town nf 1,000. Scniimc 
capacity. BOO. For open lime, address 

A. W. HOWELL. Box If., Teilco, N. M. 

WANTED.-uievar Lad; Partner in Ringing 
and Dancing Skoich; one with c.vperlchco pre- 
ferred. 1 am a yonns man of fund habits. 

Address C. RASE, care of Prof. Rayno, 
214 West Ohio St , Ipdlanapoiis. Ind, 



TOST A COMPANY, Ml Filbert St.. 

(EBUbifibed 1870), Philadelphia. 

t^ Large catalogue for siatnp; 

FILMS WANTED.— Wanted, »,00r.fl. of fltat 
cia*fl Moving Picture Films. Slate length, coudt 
tt nn , makei , and price of each Film. 
- Operator Wealed for foreign country, must 
be well recommended, experienced in both gas 
and electricity, and sign two year contract. Slate 
■alary, experience, reference* and full particulars. 

For Salvor Ezchaags.—lO.ouoort.. of Films, 
Edison Exhibition Model Kiaclilne, Machine Trunk 
(Taylor make). Slides, Oas Outfit, Undo Turn and 
other llthos. Send for Hats. 
- Address 0. ILL, care of CLIPFKK. 

WANTED, FOR REI'gRTOlRE, Leading Man, 
leading woman, heavy man, Juvenile, general 
tins., comedian, loubrcuc, character man and 
woman man for props who can act, man with. 
picture machine (play bits); those doing special-^ 
ties preferred. Stale all lo first; make It low, it's 
sure, bpen Hcpt. 27, near boston. No fares ud-, 
vanced unless known. Loos engagement to iho, 
rlgnt people. Morrill- Wilson, 75 Central Ave., 
Chelsea, Masa. 

WANTED, to strengthen show.Tcrfnrmcni all 
lines of the med. business. Al Sketch Team pre- 
ferred. Mast fake overture. Salary best, no limit, 
altyouarewo'tli. Showncverciose*. Tlckeiryos. 
Boo/ersrno. HaRRY F. MII,LKK,eluglcvlllc,fe«, 

WANTED-Good Sketch Team who can do 
singles. Also good Pinulet. Must be ablu to read 
and transpose and willing to do stralghis In acta, 
If needed. Salary no object to therlghtpcoplc. 
Tickets IM know you. Address Doctor, itox 220, 
Roy s 1 1 on.. Minnesota. ■ ■ 

100 Letterheads or Km,, HOc; postage, 
He; half-tone, Toe.: 32ds, uu., etc. Samples, 
Ic. ' COURIER CO., Morrlce, Mich. 

HEAL, Live Medicine Lecturer; sober, good 
reputation. Must have Iho clip to get the money 
and do your part. No fake business; everything 
on the level. We have the goods, flood salary for 
right man. Write, call. Dr. Livingston Med. Co., 
3S South Street, New York Oily. , < • 

WANTED.— Pianist, Lady, fake and road; 
also lad; good feature act; salary *i' per week, 
transportation. Must he good lookers and neat 
dressers. Send photo, will return. Also Man, 
Moving Picture Machine, Al, carrying at least 
3.000ft. good, assorted films, 6 sets snog slides. 
Those having bum outfits steer clear of inland. 
Tlckoiarno. Booze lighters, cigarette fiends not 
wanted. Stale salary, lowest expect'd. biead; 
engagement for Winter, all parties, possibly Sum- 
mer season as well. Frunkllu Brooks, please write 
Address E. L. HH0OK EB, Mgr. Hon Ton Opera Co." 
120 Kit ward St., Toronto. Can* 

•20 AUTOSCOPES, llcturc Machines. Penny 
or Nickel Slot Machines, (i Mreath Perfume Ma- 
chines. Good payers, very attractive, throws 
knives for prizes, 1 Sampson Punching Machine, 
1 Rag Puncher. Will sell at a eaeririce if taken In a 
Iol H. ( iaher , a-j g Nicolle t Ave., Mlnneapolla, Minn . 

LECTVRKR AT LIBERTY? -Strong nrlicc. 
Straight in ac'a. Extract teeth. Salary or jiei 
cent. Don't need ticket. ' Wbnld go Into partner - 
■hip wtih good sketch team. Address 

PR. J. W. LEE, Larm-d. Kausns. Pawnee Co. 


our big city 
and xMcr 


I lines Tor our 
h, sKeich am 


Medicine Performers In-att ' 

show, Irish, black, Hutch, 

teams, piano piajer*. Must Join on wire, no turn 

to correspond. VYe work In Richmond, Va., for s 

I" weeks uuder our large canvas. Would like to 
hear from good long haired Indians, OREUON 

iVfii KM, I Tom Wln.lon. iinwl.- 


( All ju rdocH tiro cmutionod itu;ainHt iu- 
clostng inotiey with letterri to uh, 


Wo in o in receipt of cninptuiutH l'ruui mntty 
who !i nvo lost ui'iney l.y setnliti|.; il tliroL'K'li 
tbe muil, which tlcm^nntrrttes that that 
method of mnlting rcmiltaucea 

is not safe: 

If PorIiiI Mouoy Onlcri Cb.ok or Dr'lt jh 
sent anil is Btol< n from Hie mail, a duplicate 
cm bo ob'ainocl and lliero will be no ktia of 
money, but tbero will bo a Ichn of time, 
which may bo of tho utln'Kt importance. 
Wo will guirantoo nil n?rfi0tiH ngainHt Iiihm in 
Bcudiiicusrwoiitauccs IF THE l.ETTKItS 


Wanted Quick, 


Seven pieces, at my new rluk nnd Miualrc, Hot 
Springs, Ark., Kejd. 16. Ycar'H uugstretiient to 
right men. wire 

UA1T. W. 1>. AMENT, Kankakee, 111. 

Wanted, Medicme Performers of. AH Kinds, 

fiord Comedians, Musical Acts. People plavluir 
nitrumeiiis preferred, iiarilctilitrl; piano fakirs, 
fltuic all am) lowest lit llrst idler I pay railroad 
only. Week opera huusus. I never closu. No 
'tickets advanced. I've hcon lliere. address 

Kt. Tliomari, Ontario, Cuiiada 


{or lent show. Comedian capahlo <»r putting on 
cts right and changing for otio wcok, Man u> do 
Uaftin, Punch etc., Fred Peak, wrlle. Rest. " 
treatment and steady work. 




i'omedlun, rtoubrcttc, 'I ticn. Bus, Men, Leading 
■mi, Heavy Matt, Character Man and Woman. 
Mind Join on wire. MAX A. ARNOI.H, Manager 
KKVBTONK UKAUATIU VA)., Mhcrtirooke, IJiiubec, 
Sept. :t-h. 



wrlura to (inlcr, butiKlit and mild. Ail'lrc, 

AI.ICK IIUWI.ANII, MO W. tint I'lacn, CUOM> 


.Kxperlenced Piuni-i or Juvenile I'jirts. Rep. or 
Permanent Rtock. lis IRVINU HT., Sowark, N. i. 

Wanted Quick, Lady Clarionettist, 

Pur lung cngagemuut In liest cafe In clly, . Ad 
dress LKAPKIt. l.adlc»' Orclieslra, 

Tho Auditorium. 1W Main Hi,, Norfolk, Va, 


Wire Walker, Junulcr, Hlnger, Eccentric Ringing 
and Talking Tunis, forono week. H.C.nrH. In all 
i. Boo/,e.' NO! ONROKTA. N. Y, 

Wanted, Piano Player Who Can Play Piano 

and Organ, Head and Pako. Prefer one who can 

Double Htage. I'-eMii Medicine I'eopli:, write. 

IHL O. W. LEHT KH. Ilmn dl. fvrle i.e.. S. V. 


Jiuii Agcnrv; esiaidhhr-d, itwn. Iimlaide ingrs. 
'vstilliiit clevrr latent, address PUOE. RAVNO'ri 
HCHOOL. •iM West Ohio Ht„ lndlaua|Mills lud. * 

Wanted, Tuba, B, and 0., 

AIM tUHVKT. l/ilia Hi'iiHOD Kfllltlt. 

MY. WHKBLKII, WslllngforU, Cuou. 



Olvcn liv HAH IMCKKIT In 1110 in, Aug. 3, IU00, 1 

will on trti' 

l>th IHY UF flKlTKMBKH, tllOII. 

At Nos. 2iii« s. -il ST.. st, .KisKi'ii. Mlssni'i:r, 

BICI.l, tin fiilliilvliiK I1KSI UlllKI) I'llllP- 
KHTV »l I'l 111.11.' AUCTION III lllo lll|Illc»t 

bidder tor canli In liaml: Tlio 


.1 It., AM) 


Consisting of Rnhos.Tlgllts, Wigs, Rulli'l hllillH 
and comploto CuHtumcs, all practlraily new. 

00? L, CHAFFOHD, Hortgagee. 


, Hki'tclit'i, Mi'iiolojiiio,, rarnilli'... lie., 5 
I IioiirIii. unlit, oxrhHUKcil, wrllloii. ro- 
| written mill rovlHoil, Wo Diinrnnfvo uvrrji. ^ 
* thing iveriirulHli. IMittouliir, riirvi-.siniii|i, W 

' Intirnatlonal Vaudeville Supply Co., ' 

I Viilloilo Place, HlllMIn, N. V. • 




Owing te dlsappulniuicui, .shifrltm and Dancing 
Coinuillan, two useful acinM and riiwlsi. I'ayjuur 
own. Mlata all In first ti-ticr Join oh wire. Eh- 
\VAit|>HHTiV'K 00., Ccn'l llol'y, l^ulsvlllu. Ky. 



Musi lie siftht Reader, Arrange and Transimso. 
Mnkc sidiu-y iciiKouaiilc. Hi'ason'H on gage men I. 
UntiikiirdsV-don't. .Inst cut rid of one. 

II. I.. HTKWART.Hcpt. :i and week, (iuolph, 
Olilalhij Hept. 10, .Sprhiglilll, Nn va.Sfofln. 

MEDICINE PERFORMERS. l''ace,lrli>handOut(di Comedians. Jugglcra 
and cotiiorMoJilsts. Must hu aide to cliange fur 
week *ir lutigiii 1 .- 

HKKSON A DALY Co., llcrnian, MlnuL-^iitn. 

At liberty After Sept. 12. 


i mill 



I.AIIY Oil OKNTIiKHAN, iilin llial ran mail ami 
arranito tor Vanili'Vllto Do. 

KI1ANK ItANKi:, RUM l.iiki'. tt'ls. 


Jnol'H. Parks Shows, 
Trombone, Clarionet and Alto 

To D.mUutW Tiullu. Adilri'sa C. il. CUOI'EK, 
lllcliliiinl-i.A'a.. 8npt.»; i '■• wliiiru Hi, Norton 11. 


Stotson's Dncle Tom's Cabin Go. 

Heavy Man, Cymedlnii, Man ror liuiiurnl HiihIiium. 
AIn> ijjninurici' l.udy ami *.h llif who can HIiik mid 
I'lay Paris. Planu I'layiT, Clnrlom-l, Leader 
orchestra who Duti'dea trim, Andrew as per 
Kastom Hiiule. LKON W. WAHHIIUUN. 


Clover, young, ' good voire, appearand) and 
muilcrn wardrnhp.. Htali:nt;i:,-h(.'(glii. wnlnlit, ex* 
porlenco, Miiliiry. Address FRANK M. DAVIDSON, 
« k, Aridovnr. ; tfjjJo;l'H , j. KhvondCliy. I 'a. 

Stetson's Tom Co. Wants 

Cornet and Piano Flayers 

Mlato salary. Wrilo or win-. Upper HandiMky, 
oiiin, Hcpt. T; iiuuyrilKS, (Jalluu lo. 



Wi: liisiritct and prepurn you for the Hinge l>y 
until, and kcctirc eiigairciiu-iiiH. Niuul siuiup for 
imrtkuilara. in: hHam:m CORUI'lHroNDrlNCU 
HUI10OLS, llox W, Htiiirli Rend, 1ml. 

Wanted Immediately, 

linly I'crriirmorB. L'lhit cngageiiiiMit to rlghl 
ones. Oponnh Wlft-or Nl-dl lo. Addrcas 
JACK RwSKOiiNO K tlf HAL L , HrracKO, M. T« 

Il Liberty, iiie'Smallesl Man on Earth; Opea 

for hurlnsrpiij or one night at Week atnnds. 
Ilidfthf , art. (In.; .wulgjit. sup,. Ago 10 ■ AddrcsH 

For Sale Si 50 Takes Half Interest in a 

in', in, v Ruttor. Popular mm uli/lil ulanil. Hiii-olat 
lianiir. actniiry. ciu. Bnakod in wimliB w far. 

AitilroKn .HjO_H\ WllilalWrlT., Hyraeim;. 

w in NHKi> of m wmHUMtiiiy 
BABBY 8BAY, 723 I. 16 St., Phlla,. Pa. 

_^'AKOIJJK», IITU .- W lilTH toll MAMI , I.KH.__ 


|10 bins 'i I'lno iir Turtle Head Smikcs broke tu 
handle, i nutfooi lung. 
HOl%:!f-N. Ninth HI., P'lllHdflplila, l'a« ^ 


MfJ iii«*ehftniriii show tor Mill- efienp, Jtisf Miry 
llilng fur llifr Fairs, .Teul or platform. Lint fri'c, 
c:iian. niKui. 
s Van Nordfii Hi., Nu. t:«mi-rnlire, Massif 

Wanted, Pjjno Player, Novelty Act, and Other 

People, wrlf?. Hioho who wiulo htfare wrlto 
again. Two week stand*. Hlaftf salary ami all lu 
:irm loiur. "J1H" LONU, aituiuiitu. ind. 


!EmB mzsyr- *stoni£ 




. « i » 


PROl'METOIlft. -. i 





Advertisements— ( 2.80 per inclt, single col- 

Advertisements «ct Willi border, 10 pet 

cent, extra. 


One year, In advance, $4 ; nix months, 92 1 
three months, SI. Foreign pottage extra; 
Single copies will bo «cnt, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cents'. 

Onr Term* sin Cn»l>. 

T11E CLIPPER l« Issued every Wednesday 
morning. The lost four (ndvcrtlslng) pages 
UO TO rUESS on Saturday at 11 a. it., and 
the other panes on MONDAX and TUESDAY. 
Tito -Forum Cloalnaj Promptly, Twe.- 
dn j , At 10 o'clock A, M, 

Please remit by express, money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed with letter Is nt the risk of sender. 

Address All ComiiiinilcntliMis to 
TUB NHV7 YOB-It ('l.liTKIl. 

.47 West 28th Street, New York. 
Jtco-isfrrcd Callij Adilrcis, "AwnoniTT." 


of Tiir CurPKB Is located ot Iloom 504, 
Ashland Ulock, Chicago, William F. Bryan, 
manager nod correspondent, where advertise- 
ments sad subscriptions : oro,,,rc,co|yed at our 
regular rates. 

Located at 48 Cranbourne St., London, W. C, 
John II. Carney, manager nml correspondent, 
where advertisements and subscriptions nre 
received at our regular rates. 

TUH CLiri'RB cas nx obtainbd, wnoLE- 
n.u.K axd uktah,, at our agents, Brentano's 
news depot, 07 Avenuo do l'Opera, Paris, 
Krance: M. Llllenthnl, Frederic* Btrosss 
101 (Tetmlmis Hotol), Ilcrlln, N. W„ Uer- 
ninny: lllomond News Co., 07 Prndo, Ha- 
vana ; Manila nook and Stationery Co., 128 
Hseolto, Manila, P. I.l Albert & Bon, 187- 
130 King St., Sydney, Australia. • ,] . , : 

the vt. \v wiin, i i.i PPI :it prilill.iies 
....1> "«•■ viIIiIihi, ana Is dated 
fro m Tivtr York. ... : ' -.; t .. ., l , :,. 


No Ho ..lie. ii> Mull or Telegraph. 

Annn«8HKH on wiikiihauouts sot alvBN. 

BOl'OHT, liRFKIl TO Olltl 1.1 HT OF BOOTH 


H..8. II., NVwnrk.— We hove no knowledge 
of the whoreabouln of ihe pnriy. Ammhi 
a letter In HN of tliln "ilia', nnd we will 
Duyvrdne It In our letter lint. 

it. w. h . niituiiciphiii, 
R. C, Ut. I'nul, 
it. (1. New York, 
J. 11. a, Wilmington, 

A. ft, I'.He. in"] ., „ „ , 

Annuity.— Mm niinwer to H..H. IT., nbova. 

Nm Vohkku.— 1, It wim nit im ted nt the 
nwlnmxl caraox of Konrieonth Stmt ud 
i-'inii Avoune. II, Hit hlttlinlnce Ix k(v«h 
ii" Ui'HiroliitnJ, It. Tile old lion riteanmoutri 
l.e«nn nuinlnu to Coney JkIhiicI-Ii. 1881, 

11. W. II.. Akron.— lliiliei'n Mimenm, Four- 
teenth 81 rent, nenr Fourth Aveniio. 

W. M.. Nt HlerllnR.— The show wna never 
In KiU'ope. , ..... 

- W, J. P.. New York.— The Manhnttiin 
Conii!i.,v Four mi orDluiM In IWH, nnd bo- 
rn iiie- one of the lendhiB eomed.v »iunrtelten 
In the nrofi'HHlon. The qtmrtetle not been 
nlirond i in* live or Mix year*, hut rehirnft to 
this country to |itny .•nKnarmi'iiti- In thin 
country duruu the i-omlnjr Fntl and Winter. 

<i. ».. Hprlnirlleld. — Wo do not know. 

V. II. K„ IjwIlM'rlaiHl.— Auilrwit T. II. 
Wlnnett. 11H2 Ilrondwiip. Stiw York City. 

A. It. (!.i Troy.— The Kellli liooklnR nticncy, 
St. .InineH lliilldlnir. New York. 

W, t*. M„ Ni'w York. — HPfon yon iHHtn 
o|M', yon hnd hetter ninke niiplh-ntlon 
to no niiiyor mid Ihe tiro de|Mirlment. 
Hevernl iiiillleti dnlnn HluiMnr -IHIMUMI linvc. 
licen Htomied. 

It. th, .New York. — Ailtlrcm Junto Mi'Cree. 

li. C 8.. IliiIiAd.— AddroHH Miii'ilnkii & Co., 
■Ih.'t Rlxth Avenue. New York City. 

I.. M.. Wenllu-rrord. — AddroHH K, Vnn 
Wyi'k, Clnclimnll, 

Miih.1.., Man trail.— Will rh our route lint 
eneli week. 

J. If. I*., (!reen liny.— AttuMM Pnrey & 
Wolfnrd, Knickerbocker Annex, New \nrk 
' City. 

It. W. »., liulmqne. — AddreM Oenrw Htnrr, 
In rare of the Ilnrmim ft Hnlley Clri-uw, itu 
tier roiile In rhlH iHrtue. 

t:M>t:itWonu t Full It Ivor,— Tho mule hoa 
not been imuonuced. Wnteh our ronle lint 
eneli week. 

It. .1. II.. Mil ford.— John Itoblnt.on. who 
foinuleil IliihluHon'H I'lrcus In 1821. died In 


\V. 8., C'leveliwnl. — It, Mnken n run of live 
when ho nlnyH Hie live. 

J. 1. II. . Mu.HimvlUn. if n plnyer Ir nut 
(Oflra he In only comiiellwl to bIww the oiion- 

I. II. !>.. rMrolt.— In aevcti-tip, If the 
diMlur ii'fiiMCH to jitve. lie uiUfl run the innR 
No one IniH the iirlvlllKe nr mnkltti: the 

nisi i:i,i,\\i!oi s. 

I>. M. K.. Houlli IMvinoiHh.— No on" ever 
went over Nhiem-n Falln nnd llvwl to tell It. 


FBOOI OUR OWN cobukbponkbst. 

Clipiicr liiircan, 

4H Cruuboarnfr. street. 

Lcleeater . Sqtjiire, . 

- London, W. C. 

AL'O. U~>. 

Iji'^plte i) very hot and disagreeable wijek 
thofie i»|:in'ri' of amuMonient, offering Kalenhlt* 
«liawfl line had ready nurchafiei'M. and lit. 
goodly unmberti, too. Tne, bolls have bad, 
perhnpn. the better . patronage. Next wboI( 
two oew nloya will be olTered for the np- 
protal of iiondoD thefltregoern. On \Vednen- 
dfl>\nt the Lyric, n iinunu. *'iititi.*d "The HIn 
of U'lllhim JnckNoii," will have }U prewtet'.v,. 
The following night, "The Morals of Marctift" 
will be done for the llrst time at the (Jarrh-k. 

James Welch, the well known KngllttU' 
nrtor, lum married Audrey Foro\ -who -waa. 
In ordinary life, Amy Flutter, the daughter 
of * liOttle Venne. Mr. Welch- war tonnerif 1 
the tinHimrxi of a ulster of Itlchard he ilal* 
Hemic, the i»oct. They were divorced about 
Hi nut ago., ■ 

Tliere wuh a time the Comedy used to tie 
regnrded ftfl a unlucky lioiiHe, but 
"Itnftii'H," itu current attraction, neemB to 1 
have broken that npell. On -Monday night 
the. piny reached lis one hundredth perform- 
ance, and,' even dni'lug the Inn wave, good 
bualneiifi prevails. A month ngo the an* 
nouhcementM were to the effect that "seats 
were lt'iniy for July and August. " Now 
I hoy rend "ready for Heptember and Octo-' 

A hostile demonstration, wna made agnlnst 
Mi'H. Lniigtry nt Folkestone Inst Wednexduy 
night. At the Victoria Tier 1'ovlllon A large 
crowd, which had assembled to witness, n 
ircrformnnru by Mrs. Lnngtry, were Incensed 
liv the nclreas only perfonning n rtouth Af- 
rleun eiilsode of 111 lie dramatic power, and 
only lni;tlng twenty minuses. As she left the 
Pavilion she whh followed by a hostile, hlHs- 
Ing crowd, urn) underwent the unusual ex- 
perlilncc of being escorted bv two iHillcemen. 

When "l'Dter Ifnn" Is revived pt the. Duke 
of York's Mr. Frohmati will provide a. hew 
home for Cyrtl Maude, who will be the oc- 
cupant of. tho. ML Mnrtln's Ijtne Theatre 
when ihc revival Ih done. Dion Itoucl^utt, 
who Is now In New York, has renewed his 
cniitrnet with. Mr. Frohmnn to tnke charge 
of all the plays to he presented nt the Duke 
of York's, 

If ':The Hlu ot William Jucksun," which 
bus Its llrst twrfcrnmnce at the Lyric on 
Wednesday next. Is a success, another the- 
aire will. ho. found for It. In October, when 
I.ewlp Wnller returns from Imh pt-ovhiclnl 
i "in- to do "Itohln Hood" at that house. 
Nlnti Iloiiclfnutl will piny the lending role 
In "The HIn of Wllllnm Jackson," which Is 
by the authors of "The Hcullct rimpcrnc.1 1." 

On Hi'tit.: 10 there will be a very Intercut- 
I rg cricket match played nt I-ord'a Court 
iil''ki'i ::r.Hiinis, bet w'teir actors nnd loiikcys, 
the. proceeds' of the. gate. to. he glvcni to the 
Steeplechase Jockeys' Fund. The nctonr 
team will he scleeied from the following: 
t.eorge hJdwardes, Itobcrt Kvert, Huntley 
Wilght, Fn-il Wright ft., tlcorge tinives, 
Kohert Nulnliy. Louis Ilrndllcld, Fred>Unys, 
V. O'Connoc. Wi Ui I'earee, J. A. K. Siiiloiie, 
and W. Dnwv's. , Among the Jockeys: M. can- 
..iin. 1'. I'nunan, K. Ciiniuiu, Jlnooy Muher, 
Ji II. Martin, iX Wllllnmson. n Wooilinml, 
ii I'lmiuiuT, J. Wontlmnn, It. Cnrnlnke. W. 
.Mnilicws nnd \V. Hollery, , , 

It' was recently stilted that It was. wrong 

be In. tat, revival of "Alice In Wonderland,' 
Ht Christmas. y 

Marie Tempest 1ms accepted uu engugti- 
meiit from the management of the Palucu, 
for- a JlwlLul iierlod, prior to her appenr- 
ame In the play written for her by Mr. 
Hutro, and to be produced.- by Mr. mlunu 
This is the llrst time that MIkh Tempeflff 
name has figured In the regular progriimmf 
of a variety house, and the Palace has added 
another to Its successes It scored 
secured such stats as Mrs, Tree and Lewis 
Wnller, Miss Tempest Is now In Pranrtt 
The date contemplated Is about the middle 
of September, and Miss Tempest will slug 
tour songs, two accompanied by the orchestr* 
and two by-the plttno. ■ : ,'- ; ... I 

The Moulin Konge. In Paris, will In Octo 
■her bo tinder new management, with Hem) 
Hoy as managing director. The opening piny 
bos been written bv three million*. 

Leaving Mont ha nip ton to-tlay to fulfill cn> 

ftammti In Month Africa nre: Kitty Loft us, 
ed ]•:. llox, A. I>, Itcibblns. Miniature Muryi 

nnd 'iiniiinv. Arriving from douth 
Africa to-day or«: Moyd and (Jlifain. Colilnl 
aud llawley. Yolande Noble, John K. Coyle 

and Mile. Alexia. 

Kit Inge has licen meeting with exception- 
ally, brilliant success at the- Folk's Mavlgny; 
t'ot-Is, where he Is still a contributor to Die 

■.hi lf„ 1... , ,...t .: ■' . .-. I I. Jl„. ,,ffuri 

TtlllV"' ifa has 'refifsed'severhi tempting offers day, In order^thnt Mr. 
to remain on the continent for the Winter. 

reprtlrs until -, Kept.. 3. A am told that this 
b- the first' time the >une basbeen.dark in 
three years. J«9W Bpirrow and Harry ijawa 
have jolned.bands la an agency entetprlse, 
and .same will .be. known' a» the Uiilverss 
iiv"motk-aiid Variety Agency. -Mr. .Sparrow 
will- also.'look after tlte management of .the 
New Kmplre, ■ Citmberwell, to lie opened a 
week tKM Monday- I-elpBlg,,tbe enrd and 
cola man, who, returned from a successful 
Mir : at the Kolles Marlgny, Porls r last week 
Ha- been seennrd by tue Hymans ?or their 
South African halls. He sails, from South- 
ampton .on Bcpt. 15. Seelcy, and Vest nre 
also passengers on the sume boat, ■ .. 

The Harmony Kuitr close to-night their en- 
enufnicnt ot the Hippodrome. On Monday 
ihev commence the Moss & Stoll tour, open- 
ing at the Kmplre, Leicester. They will 
play In pantomime this season, having been 
bf wked by Fred-Karno. ' 

Fred Nlblo, whose success at the Palace 
has been something out of the ordinary auc- 
ccms one achieves ut that house.-wns to have 
closed his lung e,tay last Saturday night, but. 
the miiiiagement Induced lilm to gl«.up a 
cnnlfnenlal pleasure trip he had pranned be- 
fore returning to take up his work n the 
mates. As a- result Mr. N'lblo remains at 
the Palace next week, and ttvo days of the 
night being Frl- 
) may snil on the 

of any critic to give his views of a new play 
on Its opening night.., A Nihil or fourth night 
was .HnfL'csted.mi thai more suitable time to 
Judgeof the merits of u ptny. A, writer on 


suit 1*uko CIO-— At the Orphcum (W. 
L. Jennings, resilient miuingerL week of Aug. 
'J7 : IlcrnU'o nnd Mo.v, Ueo. Yeoman, Kelly 
nnd Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Kdward II. Kc,m|>H, 
Wilfred Clarke, assisted hy Then. Uktsrw 
nnd company. In "What Will llnpnen Nextr 
« iiii I i. roniPdy Trln. Illll week of Sept, 
:t : Wlirred (Nnrke, Hickman Itros., Yermm. 
Ma O'linv. Musical I'urrests, nud llussell 
iitlil Held. 

QBAVIi (A, M. t'ox. innhngcrl. — (leorgln 
llamer. Aug. Stl-I'IL In "The White Blnve," 
did good business. "Cnmllle" .'10-Hept. 1. 

cviimi I'auk (Win. tlulhey, mnnngen. — 
Week of Aug. lit!, 7.1ttri*n TMvesty Co., In 
-lrlavolo," did an Iminehse himlness. 

was .Hngn'ested.nn the. more suitable. time to 
Judge-nf the merits of a plnv. A.wrltcr on 
Tlw. Wctktfi in*i>titrh hiis the following to the mnnnfler of the 

He Is undecided m to the exact dote of hit 
return to the States. , . ■ ■ -i 

Hurt Karle, the clever banjolst, who IntelJ 
concluded a six months' engagement at tnt? 
Kmplre, is one of the best numbers on, the 
bill nt tbe Alhnmbrn, Brighton, current week! 

There Is to be a big International fair and 
carnival held at Olympla, In this city, next 
Christmas. I am Informed by the manage, 
ment that Amcrlcnn showmen ure pnrtlcm 
Inily desired, nnd <thnt they enn be assured 
of- n iH'iu-iv welcome from their KngllHh 
cousins. . Olympla U. probably the biggest 
covered amusement place In IH world, covert 
Ing, ns It does, some nineteen acres, and hag. 
been Ihe London home ot .the .Jamum & 
Mullev. nnd Itnffalo Illll Hhows. In uddltlon 
to the main bull there are a donen or more 
smaller halls, all ot which will be turner. 
over lo side shows. The price of admisUoni 
will he hix pence ■ ( twelve' cents), and tha 
that:' price, the visitor can h'h* a circus, a 
vnndev!lle show. Various aerial and sensn^ 
llonnl acts without extra charge. Military 
bands will- piny nil day long, there will be n 
free dunclng room and a skating rink, nndj 
nliiiehcd .to the premises nre lager beer 
rooms, tea rooms, restaurants,. etc. A strong 
and Inlluentlnr. indicate is running tin] 
show, which will be an annual affair, .(mo 
of Ihc Amerlcnn shows already booked til 
Hale's Touih of the World; An ostrich 
farm of California Is another importation) 
from the Ktntes. > For the Ilnle show 
Messrs. Wnrrlngs, of London, will put up two 
big Pullman cars for this exhibition, The 
company's managing .director will probnhlx 
leave London for New York about the (Irsc 
of Beptcmber In search of further American 
novelties, A large number of Frcuch nni| 
tlernmn shnwmen have obtained coiicchuIoiih, 
■to the fair will be thoroughly cosmopolitan 
In elmrneter. 

Hransby Williams, who ranks very high as 
a character actor In this country, leaves .to- 
day, for New York. His IMpkens characters 
nnd other studies have scored lu all the prln* 
■ 'jmi halls of. London and the provinces. Mr, 
Williams, will' play the Keith-Proctor houses: 
•In New York. -, '. 

.Johnson and Wells send me word from 
Leipzig ihni they scored a Mg hit on thelt! 
opening at the. Crystal Palace, on Aug, in. 
At, the, finish of their act four curtains tyns 

week to follow, the closing night be ng Ffl 
day, In order that Mr. Nlblo 
Saturday boni. 

say regarding same: "tlie suggestion mndo 
that the third or fourth nlglii, and not the. 
flrid.nighl of u play, ought to be selected. for 
criticism Is, I should have thought, hnrdly 
worth cntertnJhlng for a moment. Notices of 
ii iH'iv piny nre puhllrihcd us news, and the 
uiniorlty of Ihc people who rend them do so 
In order to get mi Idea of the dnsa of enter- 
tainment put on. The public Interest lies In 
ihe |ii;iv. not In the criticism, nnd the l>pst 
noUi'c Ih .the one which tells the plnygoer 
rii'iivlv what he luny expect to see. For all 
nractlcnl tiiirposcs this can be done' ns well 
iitiih'eillnrely nftor the llrst perfdrmiitice ns It 
cilli after ihc fourth. With musical comedy' 
three or tbiir weeks may muke o change, but 
In nil. other cases, If the nlny li jrood nnd 
tht* .east is nil right: the llrst uight shnultf 
be as good as nny oilier for the jiitrpose of it 
ciltlelniii or n notice. Whether thut notice 
siiopld or nhoiild not be Blgned Is tlie concel'it 
of no one hut the editor of the Journal or' 
the man who linn to put his signature to hla 
opinion.',' .: i , '•'( 

The into J. L Toole mndc his will so long 
ago that at least one of ttin henucnts will 
revert to Ihe estate, owing to the death of 
the lienetlclury before the death of the testa- 
tor. I'm JfohchisNr Umi'thnn states tiuit 
In beouenlheil £4,iMK) to Henry Irving, 
and, this hmount will to go the resldiiurv 
tegnfec. The entire viilue ot the estntc will " 
nut be, known until after Ihe sale of the ef- 
fects hi Ihe Slnldn Yale residence. Several 
clubs and lnstttutlnns with which Mr. Toole 
wns ciuincclcd will receive mementos. Among 
the money bcmiests are: v. tun to ibe sous 
of Henry Irving. i"-M>m> to K. J. Low tie, 
(tie same amount to hls,s|ster and .his wife's 
Klster and sihnller amounts to a large riuui- 
ls'i> of frlendH mill stnge atlendanls. 

C. M. B. McLennan Is very busily engaged' 
nni the next production, entitled '"Nelly Neal:" 
to follow "The Hello of Mnytnlr." at Hie 
YnudcvlUe In October. The music will be 
composed by Ivan Caiyll. and Ihe name 
part will be plnyed by Kdnfl Mav. 

Tim passing of the Weekly Unv of Rest 
Act for- workmen In Paris has brought up 
ihe rptestlnn rif a weekly day off for nclors, 
who now have to work seVeft days In the 
week, The oucRllon Ib .nnuiMng nmoii c.v 
dted discussion,, tor tbe eipcli th'ttTtre ou Bnii- 
dnv and week days hue become, or ticeinqd 
to. hcenmc, necessnry. for the happiness of 
Pnrlslnns. Ilul the feeling that . itetcifs 
have ns much right to a dny'n rest ait 
grocers' nsslsituits Mowl alronger eretv ilny, 
and It l*i likely llml Iwfoi'o long nil the the- 
atres will he closed on one day eneh.week In 
1-nrls ns lu Loudon. It Is cermlii, however, 
thatrthti closing day will not ho Sunday, for 
nenilv nil the Piirtstnn houses glvu two per- 
toriiminoH ou Hint any. The da.v choseli will 
hrnhahly he Mondny. for Hint Is a had day 
lor the Paris box ufllcvs. .It Is wild that one 
thfntre on Mondny Inst took In exactly 
llilrty shl Hugs. 

. Last Btfndiiy Biiultc Ilnneroft. A. W, Pi- 
licro a lid Clnivles Hnwlrey, who nre stajlitg 
nlMiirleiihan, were Hie gnosis of Kills K<1- 
wonl at luncheoii. The following night the 
king ntioiided u p<!rforiiinnce of "Die Lur-tlgo 

their, reward, so they wr'te. Fred TriiHscll, 
the mnnngcr of the Hippodrome, nnd one o( 
the heHt liked maungers In London, left n day 

or two ago on his holiday. He has taken a 
trip to Madeira. Carl Hertz, tbe Illusionist; 
mnde his llrst appearance In this count rv 
since his recent trip to America, at the Hol< 
born P.inplre, where he Is bending Hie pro. 
Urn mine, nh Monday Inst. Ills many lllu.' 
mIoiis thoroughly mystified the audience on 
the opening uight. hut Ihc star trick wns hN 
latest iiiuMiui, which he calls "The Itrldnf 
Cham tier." 

A. !■:. i'lckcrlng. who a, few. vonrs wus qm 
slstant manager of the Allmmnrn, hut who 
reslKiied Mint position to take up u moan* 
uei'lal engngement with the Hymnns, At .in- 
hniinesbnrg, is on bU wny .hack to London/ 
to take up the duties of acting manager of 
the Palnce. , 

1 have been Informed Hint Belfast ,1s to 
have. A new variety house, or, as thev'<sny! 
ovec here,, hall, -It will tie known ns the 
lllppodroiue, nud Is being erected on a site, 
i adjoining the Paluee. if will he opened In 
about a yenr, under tho mnnngemont of some 
I-'ngllsh nnd Irish theatrical people. 

■ Hi'eently Interviewed. Harry Uleknrds, the 
Australian mannger, said: "we nre generally 
ncccedlted with being behind nnd below you 
(Knglnud) In Austrnlla, but I assure von 
we .in' not. Our music hall Is how what 
tho Ktigllsh iniiiingorn ure trying to muko 
Ijl., The beat people In Sydney, Ade- 
laide, Melbourne nnd Perth attend tho halls, 
hut not In. exactly the snme wny as here. 
The ihentrcs. of course, nre yet In a higher 
position, but there is not Ihe gult botween 
the, two that still exists In HngTund.'! 
. Sybil Ariindnle., .who has won many suc- 
cesses nt Ihiiy'si nnd tho Umpire, especially 
at the. latter mm durlnu the pnst season, 
bus liecn engnged by J. Mncrendy Chute as 

Le Dfmilnb Kouge" bnd a banner open- 
ing nt the Palace on Mondny, the.. .house 
being pnrkt-d to the doors. . A description of 
the act nnd of tbe young lady's .work Is un- 
necessary. The I'nlaee (Jlrls render valuable 
assistance to the red masked one. Fred 
Wright Jr.. a great local favorite In mu- 
sical comedy, also began on engagement on 
Monday, lie wns favorably received. 

Colby and May, whose net needs no In- 
troduction either here or In America, hove 
been In town for the past .four weeks,, play- 
lug i in* Mow & stoii houses, at Btralford, 
Ilncknev, HoIIowny and Shepherd'a Hush. 
Thev go to the Kmplre, Cardiff, on .Mondny 
next *', ,iu(l M. nlwnys occupy either the 
top, to bottom of every bill on whjch their 
n union npiienr Anno Kenwlck Is at the 
Hippodrome, Asbton-uhder-Lyne, this week. 
She hns met with big success on the Hroncl- 
hvnd tout', and Is bntiked up for some months 
lo come, ... 

Kelly and. Ashhy nre taking a : short rest 
owing to the Coliseum being closed. The. llrst 
of the coming month they open on tho con- 
tinent, where they will remain until Decem- 
ber, when they return to Knglnnd to Journey 
over the Mostt & Stoll tour. 

Frank (Jernrd, secretary of the Variety 
Artlsls' Fedorntlon, informs me thut ilelegntcs 
from Hie T. A. K. nnd LA. L. (International 
Artists' ',oiIkci will. meet the president (Mr. 
Mudge) mid representatives of the White 
lints. In New York In about n fortnight. An 
allium hm of the White Hats, the V. A. F. and 
I. A. i. Ik ileslred. 

Wllllnm Francis nnd David Dny, of the 
well known Knglish music publishing: ljrm of 
1'i-nhels, Day ■ Hunter, left yesterday, per 
S. % "Celtic," for New York, lloth gen- 
tlemen were accompanied by their wives, ntnl 
the visit, which will lie of n month's dura- 
tion, is' largely of the onture of a fumlly re- 
union, nml will give them no opportunity ! >t 
iniiKriiiuliitlng tlielr sons, Fred Dny and Wll- 
llnm l-'iniii'ls Jr., on the rapid strides made 
by the iinu in the Stales. 

Sydney Ilyninn .sails from ^outbnmiHon 
Hfipt. 8. for New York. Mr. Hyitmn will 
Hirnhlnp business with ptensure, aud secure 
some American nets for the South African 
hoiiseo. ' 

At tli? Snrrv next week Mele^'ahd Mora 
•Will nresent. for the llrst time In this conn- 
iry, tlielr latest scenic production, Intro- 
ducing n novel pot-pourri entertainment on 
bntird ship. When the net was first done In 
South Africa ti short time ago It met villi 
Instmitonpoiiri success. Cecil Movton Yerke, 
Windham dulse, Hn* Forde nnd Sltnetn 
Mnisden will be In the cast of "The Knrth- 
(pinke." the new Hippodrome aensnllonnl 
apectncle-'- .' t. . - . 

♦ ■» 

principal boy fur his iinniomlme, "Hiunptv 
Dumpty," nt the prince's, 
Christ mas, 



. There Is n prospect of thi> Lyecum revert- 
ing to pmvlv driitunllr purponcs. Xcgntln- 
llottn are lu progi-cnn for securing a lease of 
ihe theatre from the Court or HfliikrUptcy, 
v.-hleh Is now ucllug ns Its IrUBleea, with a 
view lo tho house being npeued At pelmlar 
|>rlces for lite preseiitntlon of melodrama. 
The new venture Is started bv a llnnticial 
Mimpnuy enllwl the Twentlelh Century Tlic- 
nll-e Hyndlcnle. 

At ihe Porte HI. Martin Tlicnlrc, Purls. 
prepf fit Huns iire now active for the produc- 
i Inn of the Prury Lane itniiiomlme. "Cin- 
derella," to he hhiuuht out about Hie second 
week In Bepleihber. The llftleih nerfonn- 
n) |.e of "Prince- Chap," at the Crlleiiun, 
will be celebrated on Tueiidny neit. The 
Muni |ierforinnnn> of "The Old Ilelilnd. the 

counter," nt Wyndhatn's. will he ntven on i, After which, as announce' 
weeks ago. Ihe mlislcnl plnv will |ie sent on 

MaE . I. After which, as nnripuflced Aottie 
weeks Ago. Ihe mlislcnl plnv will he sent on 
'n provluelrtl tour. It Ii|1b met Mth fnYor.nt 

Jm ItAiihMAy Is In his fourth sennon on 
Ibe Melville circuit. 

WyniMinrn'B. Mnrle aiiidholme .hfls lieeh eh- 
rhged la nn|»ear niWr Hie innnsgoinrnt or 
rirytnoilr Hicks, Her flrst nppcarntiee will 

May Helfort. who wns nt the Pnlnco a few 
weks aoo, Is off for the Stnlon to-day to ful- 
llll coiitrnctB. on, the Keith-Proctor elreiill, 
for n pnrlod of thirty-six weeks, . . 

. tine limb! It extremely dlilleult to nnd even 
stnttdtug room nt tho Tlvoll nt present. I 
Attended the i-errormnnce at that hall on 
Tuesday last.. and, while It wns suffocatingly 
llht inside the hull, I found standee* live 
deep. Thnt la a record for n hot Summer's 
nlklit. Hut the MrwH for this renin iki.ble 
MlrdliAWl Is .oiinlly explained. The ottrrctit 
vilbw Is uroliably the striingest one, tho. Tlvoll 
mnimgv-uioitf lull ever olTored, and niidtntht- 
edly one of the strongest progrntnnie.4 nny 
Lohdiin hull hns ever given. Nellie Wnl- 
Ittt'o, mi eccentric, com rata line, was num- 
ber one on the bill. Rho is clever In her 
eccentric way. .mil made mind with the ntidl- 
eluce. 'lorn Uottwell. comedlnn, was picas- 
Ink- .Alexiltidrn DnghiAr proved to he v»*ry 
vUraoUlO, ,Tdul Cosh-llo Is so well luidwii 
Hint I need say Utile nboitt his worb. Ills 
brt'scut songs even better Hum his toe- 

iter eforln. Lehn Vefdl, inhiiic. m-oretl he;iv- 
lly. I'nm, KdW|irdes, venlrllmpilnl act, was 
»,. In ugh frphi (Inlsll. UiiBsell Wnl- 
Icil, ^Tltc Lutlv In hluek." Is n thiin dresied 
ttk a feliin'e. hul the act Is different frnln 
dl hers, liinsm'ich ns Mr. Wallace dun* nut 
Ify todlsgiiluc hts voice. HIn coitiedc la 
vy/'y good. And he has the nudlctlce Uuiiihlng 
tU the time. Ailnlc Put-cell wns hilled t.. 
Mljow. Mr. Hntlett. but llhiCFB.pievonted her 
iiplieniiiilre. Kduit Alexmuler (Mrs. Hilly 
Farrolh deputised for Miss Pnrccll. Tlirnt«*. 
\*w uppented nt n few hnhra* notIc», nrid 
wltlinuf art ynreheslrn rehenrsnl at the Tlv- 
oll. Miss Alexdlutel* ihnde u renlly big hit 
for, tier ..nlnglllfr. Alice. Hollander, tho n- 
iti.tikilMi Austl'nllnn cnntrnllo, Is naiith nt 
ille Tlvoll. Hlie is the same favorite as 
heretofore, The snme trti.y bh snfd of lltiri-v 
Flagson. who is. to bo nt this house imMl 
bis pantomime season nt Dntrr Lnhe openn 
Aflrt Heeve, Who Iin*» n person All tv (lint 
WAuld tnnltV'ller"a favorite with nny nmll- 
ein'o, miule one of tho big hits of the slinw. 
j-'lie bus i il-'llgbt fnl wnv of slngbu lier 
ciitrliv dlttlcR. Harrv Ltiiuler WAr to have 
followed Miss Ueeye, but sjie did not iiflhWr. 
Phil Hay. Hie patter comedlnn, deputled for 
Mr. I.ntulor, The I.ntitclsi closed the nhnw. 
Thev did some good comedv ot-itibatle work. 
The Tlvoll, south Shields, Is closed for 


WcHtcrii llurc-itu 

of the New York Clipper. , 

Room Mil, A.iiiiuut, Chlcaso. 

"MUnnh;" Tllln Wheeler Wilcox's nlny of Bib- 
lical lire, comes this week to McYicker'n The- 
atre. Tlie flush Temple Theatre opena its doors 
Sunday afternoon, tot. L\ with Hobert Mar- 
sbntl's ' Ooforsecn." KUIe .Jnnls, In "The 
Viimlerbllt Cup," nt the Colonial ; "The Land 
of N'oil," nt the Chicago- Opera House, and 
"The Stolen Story," ut the Studebnker, 
plnyed in crowded houses Inst week. "The 
Love Koutc," nt the (larrlck. did well. "The 
Lion nnd tho Mouse," nt the Illinois^ nnd 
"Told In the Hills," nt Powers', prospered, 

. Illinois Thkatiik (Will J. Iinvls, muna- 
ger), — "The Lion and the Mouse" hns one 
more we?k to piny nt thin house, nnd will 
then mnke wny for Philip SnuBa's (irnnd 
Opera Co., In "The Free Lnnce," for a short 

. PitWKiis'.TttK.VTnR (Horry J. Powers; man- 
ager).— "Told In the Hills" will close Its 
prosperous engagement ut this house Hept. 8. 
"Ihe Sfj.inw Man" follows. 

Colonial Thkatiik (Oeorge w. Lederer, 
manaiter).— Klsle .In tils, the clever little 
enmmltenno, In "The Vnnderbllt Cup," Is 
tinning people nwny at every performance, 
and the star and her company nre beeomliig 
greater fnvorltes ench week. 

H.imiw*K Tukathi: (Herbert C. Puce, rohn- 
nner).— "The Lovo Itoute." Fdwnrd Peple's 
new iiluy, mnde a decided hit nt this house 
the pjiRt week. Tlie cast Is n verv at rone 
one, or which Wllllnm Court nev It* the lend- 
ing mnn, and" Odette Tyler Hie lending wo- 
mini Tlie enftt nlso Inchidcn: J. r Mnr- 
lowe. Olive May, Frank HohertB, Lilly enr- 
thrpw, Wllllnm Xorthrop, Herbert Avllhg 
Mhner. Booth, Walter Thomas, F. (J. 1 Henin. 
Artliur .1. Cnalliter, 0. O. Nlcholls nnd 
Charles Cnrte. ..Judaic Foy, In "Tim Karl' and 
the fllrl," follows. 

. »Tit|»KiiAK»lij TiiUAtnii (It. R. Unrmeyer. 
mnuirt-r .—"The Stolen Story," Jesse Lynch 
uillutniB' .plnv of American newspaper life, 
Iiiik srored n lilt at this house. 

CiiicAu-o orKtiA Hoi'sK (I), h. mint, mnn- 
n B er).-~"The Uhd of" Nod" will tnke to the 
rond Rmt lOfjffl which date n stock com - 
pan:- will tie nstnlled. Netaitlatlotis nre how 
pemtlng which .nitty resuU In the engfitto- 
ineiit of Kiitherlhe Orey ns lend ug woiniln 
".Mrs. Dane's Itefjiiice" will I* the itZ "lnv 

HitANii t I'M tA tnt'Ht: (Harry Aakln, raitnn- 
ngefl.— .loe WebVs All Htnr Co. is nfiSBfl 
^itt 1 "^** m 1 *** nt every .norforniAw. 
■^ s 1 ^' 1 ,.l rcflB ! rr '"" , wJ"tned tils ,-ompnnv 
"The Wlxiird Of 0»t" will follow. '"'"'"J- 

McVtcKHA'A TllKATiiti (flnii-fle C Warren 
ninhngerl.-KlIn AVheeler' WuZ'r "Ml?pnh" 
bns been 'riveted As the Attraction opening 
afternoon Hebt, 2, fur a run. B 

U Hallk TilhA-riiK (Mort. il Singer, mnn- 
nger .--'Tie rinte. the PlAce ahd flic <]}"" 
nuitliiues to. he a Mtrong mngnrt. l-'loreilce 
IMIhmolt ntll Cecil Leah. Pn the tad li g 
imrtR, Are prime fnvtirlles. niunug 

tlUUT Nnlit IIKIIN. T Hkatuk (Fred C, Fb- 
crla, mnnngen.— "I edfohl's llupe" goes on 
nsJIvely ns ever, with capacity bnslnes*Tthe 

nt'KII Tklll'LE Tllt-UTWltRilllAKcth Scho- 


Would HormN'h «JUl 'l.-nr tli.- FI.^U 
I'iiIomh IIhiiUm Wen TUil— -'WimiIiI 
;. IIuv.- I » 1 «- it lUit tor <uiif urn." ' 

"My little Son, when 'about, a year, and 
a half old, began to have sores conic out 
on: his face. I had a physician treat him, 
Mit the sores grew worse. Then they be- 
gan to conic, on his arms, then on other 
parts of his body, and then one canic on 
his chest, worse than the others. Then I 
called another physician. --Still. he grew 
worse. At the end of about a year and a 
half of suffering he grew so bad I had to 
tie his hands in cloths at night to keep 
him from scratching the sores and tearing 
the flesh. He got to be a mere skeleton, 
and was hardly able to walk. My aunt 
advised me to try Cuticura Soap and Oint- 
ment. I sent to the drug store and got a 
cake of the Soap and a box of the Oint- 
ment, and at, the end of about two months 
tile sores were alt well. He has never had 
any sores of any kind since.- He is now 
strong arid healthy, and I can sincerely 
say that only for your most wonderful 
remedies my precious child would have 
died from those terrible sores. Mrs. Eg- 
bert .Sheldon, R. F. D. No. I, Woodville, 
Conn., -April 33, 1965." . 

nt this house week of .1. Leonard and Lnule, 
( 1 • 31. Mitchell, Huryen, Delnhd, Jlmmle 
Lucas,; Willy I'lehstcin. Murray K. HID, llcn- 
nlrigB, Lewia nud Hennlngs, Henrv I,ee, 
IIIiips and Itemlngton, Minnie Dupr'cc and 
eompnuy, and (,'aron and Herbert nre alRo 
on the bill. 

Oi.YJinc. TmiATUB (Abe .Incohs, mnnngori. 
— i:ni-roll and Hnrke, and Mills and Morris 
nre. the starti of the bill for week 
of S.M Others arc: Lucille Itnndnll, Mylex 
McCnrty, Powers nnd Freed, Nettle Fields, 
Ituse nnd Mills, Williams nnd Thomas. Snvnn 
and Mcltrlde. Austin Walsh, Eckhoff and 
(iordon. Pnplntn.. and Smith nnd (,'mnpboll. 

lUvsiAnKK'r TiiKATni: . (William Newkick. 
man;iKcr).-T-I>allon and ltohsOn. I.n .Vere and 
Mndxen. and- Frank. Hulli are the headllners 
of the bill for the week of X The bill nl»v> 
includes : Kates Ilrotliers. Kni..ryn lVnrl, 
Lynn. Fay nnd Voting, Marvelous Howurdn, 
Augusta (Hose. Forrester and Courthupp. 
IlniiHou nnd Nelnon, Adelaide Herrmann, nnd 
the klnodrumc. - 

Pkoi-lk's TntiATitR (Joseph Pilgrim, msn- 
ncoi'). — Roland fc X'tlford's "The Mnn front 
Texas'' is inidei-lined , as tho. attraction for 
week of .1,, This playhouse nns been entire- 
ly decorated and made now during the four 
weeks that It has . remained closed. Last 
wees, ■•itiiiiistnrk 1 ' played to pucr.^. honscn. 
For week of 10, "Mine Jeans." 

i.'HiTFitiox Tiikatiii: (John H. Hognn, mnn* 
ngeri .— "Old Isnaes of the Bowery." which 
scored a hit at the west side plnvltnuses, i< 
the attraction hilled for week of Hent. 2. 
The nlny has mnny thrilling scenes and elec 
trlcnl effects. Last week, "While 'Frlseo 
Hums" played to good business. For week 
of 10, . "Yon Yonson.'' , 

lh.TOti TiuiATJiK (Wllllnm Roche, maunger). 
-r-"JI«r First Fnlfte Step" Is the ntlrnctlot 
for, week of ti. 'The Phnntmn Detective" 
crowded .tills house Inst week. For week of 
10. "'Jj'he Confessions of p Wife."-. 

-AcinKiiv TiiRATiiR oviiiinin Roche, maua- 
Rprl. — "While 'Frisco Hums" opens for one 
week nt this bouse U. Last week "Old Iiiancn 
of the Bowery" closed to good business. For 
week of 10, "The Four Corners.of the Hnrth," 

COLl'Miii-H- TmiATiiR (Weber Brothers. — "The l^oiint nnd the Convict" 
In bllh-J to appear nt this house for week of 
.1. Lust week "The Cow Puncher" plnyed to 
good business. For week of 10, "Old luanrs 
of tho Bowery." 

A1.11.1 Mitn.i .Tiikatui! (.injucH - II. Brown. 
mna:i«!erj.— "Big Hearted Jim" Is underlined 
to nppenr nt this theatre week of II. Last 
week "As Told In the Illlla" drew big crowds 
to this house. For week of 10, "While 'JmMO 
Bunis.'.' ,, 

mm TiiRATiiR (It. T. Motts, mamgeri. 
— •Ihe.ehnoge of hill worked wonders nt this 
Slate Street house. "The Mayor of Dixie" 
.parked ilils house to the doors. It will re- 
main one more week, when It will make way 
for "Tho Queen of the Jungle," 

TitncAiiKim Thkatiik (I. M. Welngarten. 
mannger). — Al. Reeves' Benuty Rhow, one of 
the best companies Ip burlesque,, will bo here 
for week of «, Lost wcok Hnrry Bryant's 
to. clnHed to good hunlnCHB. 

Folly Thratiii: (John A. FenncRsy. maun- 
ger).— Foe week L of II the Cherry fiiosisoms 
Co. will l« the bill. Last week Miner's Uo- 
heinlans hnil good hiiRlnesN. 

Wiiitr Citv (Paul D. Howse, mnnnperi.— 
An entirely new list of features will he of- 
fered for week of 2. with the exception of 
Morlti and his Band, who will remain one 
more week. Jewel's. Mnnlklns, Big Otto's 
wild animal show, the thrillers, tho "Laun- 
dry. "The Chlcngn Fire" nnd the chutes nro 
nil well patronized. A new bill will lie given 
In the vaudeville theatre. 

RivKiiviKW Paiik (William M. Jolmsoa. 
mnnngori — Patrick Conwny nnd uIh .Ithaca 
Itfliid will remnln nnolher week. l'nln'H fire- 
works show. "The Last Davs of Pompeii." 
will nisn remnln nnolher week. "The Jungle," 
•W 10 ?;. Hf)l-0< '" lfl "Deep Sea Divers," 'The 
llirlllei's," "The Laughing .Gallery." nnd the 
o her forty shows tire nil doing well. Rlver- 
ylew hns drew more people to this park since 
It hns been open, this season, than It did all 
Inst wcuHoh. 

Hank Boner Paok (Leorinrd Wollf. mnnn- 
gfi;).— A hew bill will be offered In the vaude- 
ville "- 

mnnager of ttlh house. , "The Lllrl" to). 


kJI&t& w LS^W* ..(William Newklrfc. 

pnm, iwho .will ahpenr h Ohnrles tTlt-l^tt*^ 

"Th« bnerlO." arT b«l«f .k the IciSA 

lie thoatl'e. Vessfll's Hand'ornd n 
.rent lilt nt tit*- - 
nlmther week. 

jill(.v. .The thr 

ore nil ivell mtronlseil. 

Rlent lilt nt thlR hnrk; nrtil they w ||| remnln 


rt'#S»K- CnptiiTn iimvclson,' t.lio ski Jiimp- 

...Idltet land will have » non- 
J1W.V. . The thrillers nnd nil the, other shows 

I. .;. .• — ii|"iiui unwuiKon, ine ski jiim|,. 
St'jJ ,| "i!;'" 1 "? l . , 8'' "I' eoraei's next week, nnd 
HM will amiln he offered tn' the. one snlv- 
HlKtlio inystnlv of'Kllor. This resort wns 
wt'll iKirronlsr-A Inst wcok, nnd tlie senson 
lijiR been ollfof the most prosperous In the 
history of this resort. , 

HimSl.v I'AllK (ji. J. MilMock,..aUI»lRrr>. 
■— ™ lliomns Oreltoafrn, with Alfred Quen- 
5I, flhntlst, nnd llrnnn Htelndel, 'oelllst. will 
rflilnln one inort week. Then this popular 
North Hide resort nUd eoneert pnvllloh Will 
eloee for Ihe seitsnn. . . 

CI.A1IK StIiHct Miirepsi (IaiiiIs. M.i llednes. 
rannntror).— The citrlo ( hull nttrnetlonn will 
COMIn of tiwenty-two olrls, sinners nlld danr- 
crs. Ihe.GeorBC sisters, nnd llnndalls. In 
the thcittic there will nlso lie a vnlldeylllo 

I/iNiiox Dimb Mr«HB>t, (William J.,sme. 
nev. mnuiljicr)._Thc nirlo hull nitrUetlnns 
L?;'i,,"L <, '' k ..f, f *. VS.' 'T»»y ncrtlHo. sword 
w; Uer: Mile. I,a Verne, inntoetlullist.. ilnd 
1 1 ??."• ,'!'" f , nl .''"J- n the Iheiltre will lie: 
Mil Alt llunluulon. Ahe Vnillne, Mndse ff<- 
SM* (.corse Sherman, nhd the Mldivny 
darieers. . 

ArtEnjrjTtt.— reier J. Hmltli. Imritorlo 
2 !lS2i,r*"&. ''!' «™ weeks plnyed At t,hv 
tji doyllle thratre 111 ,WllHo Alt'. Hum hren 
hooked l.y nnyls J< rMiwehfll for' ten nleets. 

n«Ii."i- £ f W J , "Ti" m the 

nans J Churchill elfcnlt.. .Totin Col- 

SS/h »"<>•/»' "!«,ny yeAis.Jias iLmE .In the 
employ Of the Western Vniulfyllle Jlsnasers' 
K**? c A. I" 1, '" "o"' on his rat-ntloh nt rMiin- 
tock, MlHi... ...I.-redh nnd t)nre were CLtf- 

sheil. n thnnMirli elrenlt of fits i.bHib booked 
hy the Western Vaudeville Mnnngers' Also- 

rlson wllfaplirhr Iq conjunction with Joseph The Jnnoi'cnt Ma 
K. Howard. ^Ttlfllr.aDuut will be made In In- 

illirihnofis, , "Rep'h 10......Mn.v lluryea and 

\v A. Mortimer. *ho loire been playing l-ld- 
,„iim1 DaV'n s«etcl!,,"Tlle lmnoBter," have dls- 
sn'Vett partnership, nnd Mr. Morllnier's place 
Si Blled trt Chai-lea Delnnd. They opened 
In It. l<oui". and arc; now dirthe Kold'A 
I'notln circuit. -,, : . . . Vnpllltu strained a tendon 
while <lar)rlrtg In Detroit last week. 
..;. ..i.TUoi Avon' -Comedy Four have 
rearranged tll'elc ad.' 

..Ward Johh- 

lB .nd. -A good olio Includes: Kmma O'NeH, 
the Seyoni. Mr. and MrB. Urry Shaw, and 
lliiulic-a nnd liazelton. TOs homo opened 
Its Reason lost week with the Miss New York 
Jr. to. as, the attraction, to capaolty busi- 
ness. ' . /"• j 
1'ai.aci: It.'. II. Wnldron, manager). — Tlie 
1 ranH-Allnnllc Hiirlosquers provide Hie ett- 

(ertalnnjent here .this week, 'there are two cents for tbe of the. patrons, 
snappy burlesques nnd a strong hill or vaudd- 

XoTkh. — there have been a few chaoses 
In the staff Bt the Nelson Theatre : Fred lltic- 
llngntno Is atnae manager: A. (I. Honney, 

treasurer.- and .David MorBe. electrician 

Kthei t'uinmlnahont. who has beeh visit Ititt 
frlenda in t'hloopeo Kails, lias returned to 
Huston .John l-\ Webber, of Northamp- 
ton, has signed for the role of Jack Ilnrrcll. 

In "Alnrollnl." Commencing Sept.,:!. ft 

certain number of seats for the matinees at 
Toll's will ho reserved, arid sold at Iwonly 

slon. forrn'rlv musical director at the villa promised. Hood crowds sow a llrsl claw 
Ibtymarkrt^nnd } njestlo Theatres, will. ns- show, alvell by Hob Mancliestar'a Cracke™ 
silliic a' like; lloaltloh^wlth Proctor ■ Fifth jacks during the past week. 

I.j-nn. — At Ilia I.ynu Then Ire It'. (■. Har- 
rison, manager! "New Hlght Bella' wns «lt ; 
ncsscd by a good house Aug i!H. I'sp 
Ward osrne an. prcmnllng his now musical 
eomMv, "Not Vol, lint, Soon." to fair bust- 
liens. Andrew -Mlu'k .aiipcnred Sent. ,1. 10 
big business, live Slock Co. :ig, Kennedy » 
l'ln.vcr».H>.-l-V , ... , -J. 

AliplTohli'M llllirry KaUes. manager).— 
Tbo wit week, which opened 117. showed l Ml 
Ibf house bus mil lost any ot Its lu.pillnilt.v 

Avehlle Theatre, New, York . . . i . .(leorge Fox, 
wlio-nnssbsen praying -the. man In the moon 
at- -the Chicago O|iora-. House,' will enter 

llntcheller, ituinaacr). 
The Hcltman Show and Frank I), fli 
Congress of American (llrls :l-M, 

„ .„ ... . „. for all performances were wllncsoed by largo 

Lowell — All of the pnrk theatres closed KMii-C T j,| a week: Thomas ami Vnyno, 

Labor Day, Sept. :i, after excellent scnaons. Jitaoni Dnv and oompnnv. Morcnen Maun- 

Nearly all of the ouldoor amusements will , f u cn rlo mid v'lnlel Allen nnd company, 

runtlhue as long aa woollier ncrinlu, and K ,'• M H kannrd Kane. Sidney Hum 
Sunday conccrls will lie offered. 

production was the heal staged, 
..lately costumed and moot genuinely meri- 
torious that Mr. Field has ever given here. 
Press Mdrldgr. Hoc t)\ilglcy nnd llnrry Vnn 
t'ouscn scored heavily. William Invcrslouo 
sept, 4ii, "The Whim of in" week of lo. 
i'Aug •i'liKATnK llilckson & 1'nlbol.l, ninn- 
Bgeni),— "Young Itllffojo, Wnn of the Wild 
Yvesl." fnred well Aug. •S.I-: 1 !.. " luc-n of 
the Arena." 'JT-Ull. packed Hie home M 
evorv Itarftirmtm*. "At ll>» Worlds Mercy 
no- Sept. 1. "The Four Corners of Hie Lurlh 

' «i».\sti Oitnu IIoimk fShofer Zlcglor. man- 
ager) .—I'lio uprnlng of Inn high class vaude- 
ville acnaon week., of Aug. UT wan III III;' lis- 
t»rj' of a joolety iivant, the house belug 
linckod at ev-TV performance. The house Ml 
Irctl refreshed during the Bummer. 'I W 

•" m-'-^yiM^ja Cnn*nie , r'wli, | 'i,c-,'ee;i jji "vaiulevli lo <M* • ^Vflrr^^wrf.Vfiii.nS, well dro«.o.l 
- ".—on., nnd w|ll nupenr In the Autlllotliiill n » (1 Hll „ 1 ™ 1 ,|,| y ,(ii b ,.,I. to very hlg lnisllless. 

The Twenllelli Cenlury Mnlds week of :l. 
tlAVKTV llhlw. Sluiyiie. iimililgai'l.r Work 

nciiulred nn Intcietl In rhc.Bttlurttaii .Hrca- Frank c.'onk. Henry Myers. Tom Kit/ward*,' 

(no UtrtM, recently mntrnlletl by Kdwnrd and exlfa vnoilevlllc by the Musical Secley, 

Frlebcrger. ntltl thru Herbert C Duce, maila- «elr)» Iljisst'll. tbe Marlins. Shldons Itros., 

g«r of 'the Grlrrlck' Tbcntra, has been np- Jnmcs aMSWHI. ntul Ihe Whllcscope. 

polnlcd dranthtii; editor of Thv MliWh'-UVsf Wai.kkii'h HUMIIU IL. II. Walker, mana- 

VawlMM..' Chnnnlng: l'ol nek. getiernl pteaa ger).— lit mrlo hall ,1-g : Mnlxonl's «lll.lll)0 

IH-rseiltntlve for ' the Blinbert enterprises, mystery, Iho Ureal I'ellonl, Illusionist ; 

Is dramatic editor of Kmlt/i's nnd AlnnUr' 
inngsalttw.. .-., ,-. There Will be n special 
\A\m-j lisv fhe'Oarrlck Tbeutro 
/ ♦»♦ '— 

Bll««Ai:lll Mh'l is. 


lloston. Willi the opening of live more 
homea, on Labor. IHjr, our, list l» now eom- 
Iiletr.'and tin: season of ilHtt|'U7 Is In fhll 
swing.' The new offerings Include: "The 
Virginian.", ot nv. Holils JWrert: "The Lion 
and iho Mouse,'' at the 1'srk; Wright Lorl- 
merv In ' "The Shepherd King." at tie Co- 
lodlali "Julio llonboh." nt tin Mnjeallc; 
Hap. Witrd, .in "ffot.Yef, Hut Hoon.", at the 

Young Illllcco, Juvenile bng piincbor; iho 
■lilggllntr Thorns, nnd liny I-'.lmore, long 
hnlred liuly. Stiiao show: Nellie Hartford's 
tli-lclit Light llnrlcsi|iiors. llllo: Milrlln and 
Doyle. MsJ. l-'ngllsli. Illunclie Isirlng. Ilooc- 
Campbell, Kdua Kern, Mattle Campbell, 
lllnnclir ,Crlpps, nnd living, pictures. 

Nll'KBhnOKON' l\V. II. Wolffe, Illullsger).— 
In null, hall 8-8 1. l'mfs. Donovan and llos- 
vert, Hindoo box mystery: I 1 '. ,1. Dngan, cloy 
modeler, and Walter Wentwnrtli. nged con- 
lortlonlsl. Stiigo sliow : lloston lliirlesipicrs, 
Dllot May I'olllDs, llertlia Carey. Annie Hobs, 
Maud cramlntl, Jnmes Walsh, t'lius. Allen, 
and ttosh Sisters. 

WosbKHMM* I'aiik (F. c. Thompson, man- 
agon. — A two. week's carnival. ojiens nt He. 


(John I. 

TMs.coay vaudeville house, opctis fSSSmm 'l,a'«'buiir«newbox" oili.'eon Iho 

around riisir, iiisklng a very nllraellvc cn- 

linnec, being llioronglily np-lodnlo In every 

""c'Iii.osiai. IAI. llnyncH, mnnngeri.— This 
llieslrc will open :i. wllh vnudovllle. Iliu 
house baa .been renovated and redecorsl oil . 
and n lintulsonie miinpie has la-en .erected 
For the ntrance. The bill lllls week lli- 

, lllXOI 

Hie Opera House ((.rant )t lmar na<log ilny and night on Improve- 
For Her Soke" played In ,,.ei ta. The liinisc will be reuilv foe I lie npeu- 
llll. "Bight Hells" Had | n „ „„,) v ||| prescnl a beautiful npisniuioo 

i .i . 1 Shnnnon. resltlent wio'd''Ws'ine"sB iirs'ep't.' 1, fiflSOInl mntlnee. _&.' "jhc" rarinlu 'goV's'VliV.' •S»)£'VjMgl 

llAIll.lWAVSI.lolm l. h ,^7 l 1 ; ,, 1 , ;J 1 ' lls ' i r i ,,|i.i,B nankHl. iSS . Ilurgcss Co. week ni II. Ilm fioHe's Knlckerlss'kers liolillnif Hie hoards. 


wllb Mr. .and Airs. Sidney llrew.. Ilcurjio 
Tbalrher anil (linrles Krnest, 1,0 Ttlnr His- 
lera, I'ntll Ln Crrll*. Hnlnien Hnilbers. Its 
zarto, and Ihe vllngraph. Matllife dally. Mr. 
Shannon luls been In town illcrctlng Iho 
brightening noil 'refiirnlshlng of the bouse. 

ftiMTos (J. II. Tcbbctts. manager).— Kvery- 
ililug has boon put In readlnew for the open- 
ing, l.nbor Day. The house has Inrn palnjotl 

lolic, and "Fight llolls," at Iho (Hand Opera- vcrc Hedch on Labor 'Day, and tbls^resort 

IIoiibo. The "slbck curds arc*: "Mistress 
Nell,"- at tho Castle H.plnro: "The Itilllroad 
of Love," nt the IHJbu,- and "The White 
Csp*,'' ut the lJowdoln Sntutre. "t!ope,Cod 
Folks," at the lnniloii, (llll "TbeT'rlnce of 
I'llsen," ul.tho Tremoht. are eoullnued at- 
Tlic . tiri.iinnn begins business 

will have as special feiltures llennetl's 
"llaltle oi Flowers." llcssle Hosa. song se- 
lections.: Darling's trained ponies, I'ror. La 
lloin, bolloon nscensluus, nnd the Snlem Ca- 
det Hand. 

I'aIiauiin I'auk (Geo. A. Dodge manager). 

The second season of this resort will como 

ihriingboul. mid «Mf! sets of scenery odileil 

The cntcriiilners for the weok will be:.llol 

and I! 

Ylddeli, n, , 

Ilolierls. and the lloslotl bioscope, thai will 

again. Is' n standard feature oaeb wei'k. 

Amateur nlglil, 'ninrsdays, nnd dally niiitl- 

""mkmtios. 1 — W. l\ Ilerry Is In lowo, In nil 
vnlH-e or "As Y.e Sow," which opous an cn- 
gaitMnent at Ilie.Olioin House soon....... 

riddle ll'irtt' lo nanln slniio manager at lo; 

lllitbnwny lain Mol'nbe. goes wllh Al 

cripple. Creek" Co. Ibis senson, nnd bus no 
Important port. Ills brother, James, Is Irons. 

ill'l'r al fin Ilalbuwny John Iliinuoii. 

rdllucHy or tho. Ita hawiiv stnae force, will 
be slmllarlv occupied .i|l tin Illinois Iboalro, 

cluilen: Lewis .McConl and isimiisny, lllxoii 
ndCroger. Solbliil onil tlmvlnl. Marrow i|ud 

tractions. -The.l Ornlicuth begins business —The second season of this resorl will como i ftn illtoli I'tiilllno Haxou, John Is' Clnlro. Ah 
Willi -a strong validbville bill, and Koltb's loan end on Ijilior Day. Hiislpess bos been ullla Voo itnil Mr. nud Mrs. Was. O'llrlon 
and' tho oihdf 'houses 'nave a.irnctlve cards, fair dlirlng ihe season, nolwlllistnndlng a wor 7. ||„, rioainu bill at Iho llainplun llem-h 

Sr^Ku/^'en'riy-Z fiJRvX mPf ™ '^ ' 1X ' ri ' , » '""" F 
Irs Wlilt' iiev^riv. Jeainule'and Fstello Wordclle anil company, ami motion 
'■ . ..... ..-..» — .'.>.. u ......_ o-.i win pictures. 


llulyokc- At Iho tlpera House (Jaioea 

II. H'l'oliin'll, manager) Hie lairne lilwyo Co. 
did aood bnsloess week of Aug. *J7. " I Im 
Ninety and Nine" Ml "Wlicn the llarmt 
Hays Are Over". Sepl. II. Kellnr -. "Winn 
Knljtlithooil Wns In Flower" n. leiirlo.l'i 
Crosnian K. "II lliippened III Norillnml M, 

"Tin llolllcklng tllrr 18. , 

Flh'lltM IT. F. Murray, innnngorl.-- 

"Holly Tolly" plnyisl lo itood bunlnms Aug. 

ST-SII. House won dnrk IHISeiil. I. "Adrift 

. In Now York" Ml. Clark's lluuaway tllrla 

Chlcaao. . . TO Uveal W'nlluu Is doing « u«. "The Mayor or Lnogliliiud lota, llenli- 

ffinao-j ,v,i:J,i_. ffi_ M,.iuv».. a Huntley Co. HI-I-- 

pbenonieiiol blishless hen 

Sullivan & 

olin Is" Clnlro. Ah- 

Hoi.i.ia-sW'ttHKi.', ,|lsasc II. Hlcb. maaaeeri 
— Tin rpgiiitli' 86tlsi>n optllis here on Mop- 
■ilny nfternoorl.-'ll; when Duslln Ksrnum be 
glns'a-forllllgllt's ehgngeinent, In "Tin Vlr 
glnlnn." ggoM: company are: Frank Canl 
IMjIu, neiihelt . Mliason nud l''r;nik Nelson. 

succCsslolt of stormy Saturdays and Sundays. 
Mtitnomi llot'U'.v.utu tiikai'iu: (.1. W'.. tlor- 
mon. nrihsger).— Hill for week of It, In. Ihe 
cusllc lilcillre: Itellmmi and Mool-c, Itrobst 
TrIO.- Chcstol' lllodgclt .loliostone. TsliilOr 
and tlllborl. Ihe Two lliickells. nod lleofgo 
1 A lino hill of variety allrncled big 

were Mil' cjosing I 
Casino last week. 

whoso former good work Is well remembered Davis. 

here. „ . , . ' crowds ins! week. 

I'AUK- (tlhos, 'Frolialan! Itleli * Harris. Noni'SlokoA' Vahk ICiirlc Allierle. ninna- 

liintingeis).— The tlfth season of this liouso gcrl.— Dill for U nod week : hie u. Oil llros. 

ahdBi*. the. present mansgemeht opeus on and NIcbolKon. W'linlen and West, Aniiinn 

Iiabor-Day, 'wl It; "The lilon and the Mouse': ami llnrlley. the Nudos. and Chick. \nul|c- 

as line ulli-acllon. ' Arlhili- llyron and tier- vllle drew well Inst week. 

initio Ciighlah will head the. cost. 
H'omwial (Clois. 1'iohmaii, Hlcb A Hnrrls, 
iniinagel)<l.'— 'W'rlglii l-brlhler Inglns bis 
foorlh Hoslon , engagement. In "Tin Shop- ... 

her* King:" and opens Hie regular- season anil Hanson, Jennings nod llenrrew. Jl lie 
nl Ibis house on Molldoy afternoon: 11. The Psycho! lied Ihe komogrnpli. .Business Ml 
iiipllotltog company.- Ihls year Includes: t!ol'l been al ton ajrtcn al season. ,»,'»„,.« 

irkBtrom, • KthelUert Hales. Mark Price, • Nofan. -2- A new reottrt. tho Theatre 

LKxiNinoN I'aiik U.T. Ilenson, mnnngor). 
— This Is the ■ Until week of t lie season ut; 
this resorl. Vaudeville will be oB/crrd by 
" ill! nnd May Burke, (loargo, llusey, Fields 

08 S 

navin Olireatner, Hniilucl I'orrcst. Aiaric comioue. locmeu m nvui.Bj m-i.-b... »-• 

ShotwclLlOTehb Atwpod, Murgnrel Haywood oimoed, lo Ihe public Aug. .1'. Moving hlc- 

nod Jlnriei, W'ard., The ■ o.ngetscineht Is'fOr Hires slid llluatrnted songs will he Ihe offer 

llncc weeks. Ing. nl an admliaon of len cents. H. B. 

Ma.ibhtic (A. L. Wilbur.' .manager),— The Murk Is tin pronrle or. anil » -_''■„ ™SS2_Jr aensqii here hegW Shtutdny evening, the manager of the. lioiise ...... Sully "rjen 

I. Willi the first locul Tiearliig or ".lullc lion burg .has Icen reappointed super ntendent of 

Ism." 1h frlili-h Liiitls Mann add Clara Lip- Ihe llnward. . . . . .I'rank psnlels. In «r- 

ann .opened, a fortnight's. ongiiBcnicllt. geaiit Drue ' Is booked for the Ho ll« Mt- 

Hon'rON (Uwrehce Mi'l'nrty, manager).— J7,. ,...■:.),. Kennedy, former at Keltlis 

•I'llls Is. the second Week of Iho engagement has Joined. Ihe .business, slufrof-thc uipnenm 
of "(Mne Cod I-'olks." a rlirnl drama, which 
bad Ha l.rst presentation here Aug. 27. ..'Ilio 
plav was' well li-n'lVi-il. dud hillck praise 

Woreeslee.— Al the Worcester (Alf. I. 
W'lllnii, cesflleul mniiiiBeri Anna h*n ray 
slarlH, ll .SI'COlid week Sspl. 9. Last week 
Iirovcil lo Is: such .a sllccessrol one Ibal her 
ifiniingcrs sgi'i'ed to hold over. In I be colu- 
mn" ore: Timeline .Homier. Will Slalls.nnd 
Jilclmm and. llixin, who furnish Iho Inler- 
toi'illntc vnlitlevlllo, . ■, l, 

FaA.VKI.lN SullAIlK (.1. F. Burke, resident 
malinger).— "Dnvld lliiruin .lo, Holly 
Tolly 11 it. The Fenls'rg Sin* Co. drew 
ootid hoiiKcs Inst work. Ntmee ONell KI-IJ. 

I'.lllk- (AH. T. Wilton, reslib'itl msasgerl. 
.--Week of :i: Miss Now York Jr., Including 
Iho MnJesllc Milslcol Four,. Die Vodimirs. 
Iiane iJJigiiscin. llloimor llovere.. Mae Yulr. 
'I'hl» programme opens tin Wlnier season. 

I'ol.l'H l-l.iC. l-'rldtlle. resident manager _. 
—The vaudi'vllle senson opens ,1, wllh Nellie 
McCoy and Ini; illorloos lH]ison (.Iris, ( raw- 

riio uiailligeinolil am Iicea Hint ufler Ilio 

..prnlug week Iwo sliuwa a week will Is' 

louik.Hl for Ihe sciisoii. (lay .Masipicni s 

lll-la. Bnae Sydoll's Isuulon llellco lll-lfi. 

Kaiiiiiavk.— Well's llanrl llnlslied lis s mil 

week 1. 'Hie engageinenl was n hlg success. 
"Ilessis. o' Ihe Burn" week oi :l. 

WlMllaWUim— Lnsl aw* Connl I '• }}"* 
ami Ilio... Hrolhers Do Von. and Claude Itinr 
irnde gissl. Business was the best or tbo 

' IVlll'l'K Citv. -Several persons were se- 
verely Injured by a cor Jumping Hie Irin-k M 
ihe eViik- railway, W. Tlie oiher park nl- 
Irncllons ncc doing well. 

Notb. -Weber's Iliniil will ploy nt IbcSlnlo 
Hill- week of HI. The Iteiloolo Aralis nasi 

several other vnndevllli Is will also appear. 


Lulnjclle.- -The (Iriind ogered "Arlroliil'' 
Aug. 'J4. Norlh Bros.' Co.. In reperlory. '.'7 : 
Sciil. I: "Johnny Wise" b. "Coning Tbn;, 
I He II) e" ll, "Thiirns anil Ornuge Blossoms 
7. "A Mild i.010" H, "Under Soiillieru Skies" 

i'AMli.v.-'I'lie bill opening week "f, Aug. 
27: Kd. and KIIMr Deiigon. Oeorge hvuns. 
Sarnsal. I. Duval, Curtis \inice, ami III" 

'''"Niiim~Tbc l'.inilly Theuliv bos ohuiigod 
Im.ii mil llil losliriigb Is no loiiKcr con- 
nected w II I" now controlled by. Ill 

liicoi'poi'iilpil coinpany wllh o. rapllal ami 
," 1 iliMsBH. comprising Joho Wngiier niu 

Luke Itlllf.'. or Iho Tl ■•„* Hlllger Brow K 

Co.. anil H. w. Maurice. The la l er will i- 

liiic g" use nod will n con - 

l" .'s.tlie re, lellng ot I lie 1 Ilea I re, wll i >> 

Z'i KfflS S."n Xr'ch!,!!^,,!^^ 

muter th" new mniiilgciui'llt . 

I'lie Coliseum 


lillii I'urii, rillUny and Fox. Keno, 
Melfnsc. Uminel Dcvoy inul co 


i'lveu for Hie excellence of ihe cast and the 
scenery: The engagement ends ..Ne'lit.Jo^ahd 

end Melfnsc. Kmincf Dcvoy inui swpsny, 
ilrowSTatlJ He Lores, Jolin and Berlliu Blcln 
end llle rlccl roiruiili. 'Hi" Sniuiner Slock 
l o., loll hr DnnW Ityan. closed a successful 

" l '""mi IakV '|Woi'..(.'onsol. SI. Ily. Co.. niou- 
ue, ' is oooacu w mt iwig n.p ituci'sl — rW'eck o' ll., J. W. (loruiaiis Alu- 
E L. Kennedy, forinerlv at Keith's. S , u , tT, i hatlo rs. 

'"""""""""" '"'w u ,rtV('m IF ll..lllgel..iv. ninnugerl.- 

Week or :i,.lullidii Itossa and the iismil per- 

iiiiincnl all rncl Ions. Beeves' American Band 

proved a drawing, card 1. 11 

1'iM: iHf JaiIk.— Wcel 

.MinixTAiN I'AgK Cakiao I Louis l'elllss'cr, 

mnndgerl.— "Miles Aiwm." Inst week, drew 

record breaking houses, ',1'lle Casino sillson 

.closes Lubol* llllv lllglll. 


New lleilfnril Al Ihe Now Bedford The- 

aire iW'm. B. Cross ilianeri Andrew Muck 

came Aug. llll. lo S. II. o.. In spile or worm 
wenllier. "Hup" W'ard, HI. ciiine lo good 
bnsliicss. Week of Kepi. II, Beimel t & Moill- 

Hatiiawai'k IT. B. Haylb ilingcr).— 

Fall vaudeville season opened Aug. 17. ro n 

big week's business. Hill for .week or •( : „ 

Sitook MlnstrelH, Kiiufiniiu Slslors. Haul will probably linve polo again Ihls senson 

srepbens. Arthur and .Mildred Dryland, Win. 

Ln Hello. Waller Imnlcls, Ferguson anil 
Mock, and Hie vllngl'fipli. , „ , 

Savov (Wm. II. Shine, manager).— Moving 
Idclnres nnd spccbillbs drew well Issl wiyk. 
I'lelnrea nnd Madeline Buckley fur week MS. 
' Tn.ilillnn. — At IheTaiuiloiiThenlre (Caliii 
& Cross, miiiwgei'si-lhe Kennedy Co.. iveck 
or Aug 27. gave exoellenl sstlsractlon., to 
largo houses. Tbe Adam Uinhi Co conies 
work of Sept. -I. .Tim llrlslol County 1'iilr 
opens .Luhor Day. for four day*. 

Notkm. — Cbeslor llolilier loins I'urcell. Iho 

hypnollst. Sept. 4 ft'. C. Iilekoriunii 

openn with Tom Shea 24, . . . . .Fal. F. Hol- 

"lllp' Van Winkle, 

'I'bomiiM" Jelterso'n," ln 
*lll follow. ,.''■• 

,_Tlll:j|ftgi' (Jbo. II. Bohooltel. manager) 
'Tbb I'rlm-c of I'l inn," with Jess Dandy 
and Hie olher favorites, had a splendid re- 
ception here lost week, mid remnliia for nn- 
other-wcak. This' In the urrli visit of 'tho 

gprliilineltl — At ll|e. (,'olirl Sipuirc Ihe. 
aire ID. I). IHlmorc. muuiliierl "Carolina, 
a Sollthcro melodrama, In lour aclB, by II. 
(Irulloii Donnelly, nud singed by Kdwiuil I'.. 
Kosc. wns, given lis llrsl nmliirllon. on any 
rft h« alory concerjis 

"ujmVg'oea'liraiivunci'or Fred Wrlghl' w 


ax » 

i.r :i. 

stage bei'e ort Aug. 27,. , 
;— ciirollnil iTollwer. nn Innocont nialdon "J Iho 
Clirolluo lllnes. anil her lover. Jock Dnrrell, 
•...son of Ihe, Soulliecu soil.. ..Mucli as ( :""- 
linn regrets It. she ciinuol relorn -lacks love, 

Ita -alio hns secrcllj uiorrlcd Itlebnrd *lla» 

pi«'e'-to'tiiV''Me'mon't.'''lt ! 'wiri 1» rollowed. who. IIHng of her, now g be. a al pnl lions 

*m%$ ,nr,^„,^, M r^n. ^^M^« 

frne state of ulfalrs, socks revenge, bid Is 

'.. .iiJ a. i_ll I I. [.. is* .in it k: I II I'nl Itlll 

Mllirnukrr,— Ktlwlh ThaBlltlllser opened 

, his seasou .11 Iho Hhulierl Suiidiiy. Aug. 2(1. 

he boy balloonist, wW bo Iho principal at- nnaHHlnj lioory W'oodrnir. Ill "Brown of 

Irni'llilu. ... .„ Harvard." It Is l ploiisure to rupiill Iho 

Nutk!— At Hie N. H.'Fiilr (Wor. Agrl. Hoc., B ii,,essrill week of Ihls worlhy allrnellon. 

inniiagersl al the Agricultural •Irniiiins, .I-- KxcoUonl ollendniice ruled at every pllr- 

bc vulKlcvllb. nlt-iactlolis will Include: f,,,.,,,!,,,,.,.. .Mr. Woodruff snireil a pronouticcd 

. '. l..r-^-\" .:,• . i 1 .i... I....... ll,,. ... . tt t ... ■ 1,'ilillii li'iiiy. In '•Tint 

I-I,«sibvIII«.-TIio llrnlld was IMlcked to 
s It O the openltm lllglll of Ilio ivnyno 

Mf..,*U t'.t I "By lllghl ot Sword" was well 

S v oi. i'le Wayne Co. will ploy fl jtk 
Rim." Mr : iwo wicks. an.l wll men ■ s'gln a 
ciio of Iwcnly-llve weeks al Hie 1 copies. 

iVJil'l "»-(looil bouses n lb ts'iforui. 

traces ,.r"lkey nnd Abey." The piny gnvo 

Mnl .iiK"s'l"»ijllT I'AIIK closes urier week ..r 

Aug 2d Vi,T hill Ho Hi, Herbert I"" 1 

w "ling MtW Wollor. llnrry .lolson. Ilrten 
II,,!' pes Ilio Mnrdo Trio and Ihe klnodioioo. 

r.siic'a I'aiik. -I niisnn crowds tor coo 
wen tier and good nllro.lloils holll In and 
o, ," or llm Iheali". Jftj l »Jg* .**.'flg 
Hand Is giving lw„ ' "He- «mc, rt Is. ami l 
twice dolly vaudeville nelllilM I 
nnd Lewis, Ln Adelhl. Iho l.u Mollie 
ll.'KtlruB innl Hi,', klnclo 

Ntrri'.s.- -Th" Tl" 


Is growing In 
lidded Iwlco 

noniiliirlly. hn.l new pictures lire added l»l',i 
wok Iv Milling,'- llnllnhaii. <d »n8 Sinn- 

mi i ft rk .lives lo |oln "Tbs Nlnoly, mid 
S in- '".'. lil was g von a farewell dinner 


mid n lieiiulirul sciirr pin 

lle'cvi's'TiiindV'Dliivoiorrooiiliig ll"' l««|i . 
Four IsiroloDs. In |in aerial nel : Iho wall, 
Mvro Troupe, llnllnn Ti-oiibadonrs. Hi nollvo 
ii.kii line:. the t.lylngslon Tronno, n loan} "t 
trained linffoloes. iho huiniin lioinb, bpllouii 
act, and Liindlh nnd Miller, wresllers. 


,, ,1,0 lllle role. I'lddl.. F„y. I Ml. w *tfjK,*|^.V^."wnS^^«#W, 

Karl anil Hie Hlrl." Kepi. IMS, Ll tfc 3S il I" "» m '>' >h " 

Davii,s,.n (Hher ■• llis.wn innniiiiei'l.-; ' "'', J 11 '. , ,'„,,, Hluslt'iill'il songs: IW 

Season opens Willi • Coming 'lliro' Iho llyo i' '"',., |||' IUM | ll,„ kllil'llromo nlll'oclcl 

a-5. "The College Widow'; 11-15. . "t" .."' ' 

AitfAMiuiA (.Limes A. Hlgler. inoniigerl. 
— "The Hall doom Hoys" pnl In Inst week 

». with the Ural local ... 
let, Hut Hoon." "Hop" Word's new comedy. 
Lucy Daly heads the aupportlng company, 
ihe engagement la-for one week. ' 

<lau.M1l Dl'HitA ItiU'HK (lioo. W. Magee. 
nuggar). — The current, atlrnctlon. opening 

Unhid lo kill (lis man. as Cnrollni ref uses 
t, llscloschls mi gulgg lllllkes Ihe is 

„r this ,r«ct. polsmis Jack's mind again 

mil Illver.— At Ilio Acndstuy of Music 
(W Frc.1. ..Ybison. resident nmuagcr) Henry 

I 'Harris I aeulrd Hose Slobl, In u new 

comedy. In four acta... by .In. Forbes, cii- 
I Itlod "The. Chorus lanly. for the Hist tlno 
and stage, Aug. 27. Andrew Muck, 

lo BiillsfiK-loi'v niicinliiiiee. rToKncn lA'sler, 
111 n whistling siB'cblllv. won lil'lui'lpiil 
honors. "Till, Tenderfoot" .sunes 2-H. 

Ituoi;.- .Muilligei' John 11. I'ler.s- oimlieil 
the season 'of lids lions.' Aug. '20, Willi 
Hlnncv's "Across. . Hie 1'aollle." As usual 

""llS'TllKlTm: (Michael . I. Dillon, inni.' 
ugerl.-.Tlie season opens Kepi. II. wBh J 

Poor ileilll ." Tills house Is booked llirollgl. 

Hlnfr A llovlhl clrcull Ihls scaso . 

I'aiik IV" , '- ,lu'H.-Wcck ami. 
IbbAiiu. HI. Mii.IIsoii Couiily Fair, which In- 
cluded Will C. Heck Shows, till g,sal ollo,- 
llonn. and Ihe Is'st of liuslness rcsullo.1 .lor- 

lunnier season of stock, ending Inat Salur- 
ny night a} the (Hobo. JolinCrnlg awl bis 
'•nnipnhj' open at' Ihe Hllou Tor a Fall and 
Winter season., The -oinnlng hill Mondnv 
ntlernooil, :i. will be "The llnllioad of Iaivo. 
Mr. (Jralg and',. Mary Young will head IM 

HinvnniN tJoiiAitu IG. K, Isithrop. mnnn- 
m).-— "Tt|e Willie l.'ops",. Is. the. Lothrop 
Stock Co.'n bill for tho current week, nil 
"accessor to-'INtiDodv's Darling." which was 
inpi'bly presenlod to Ihe usual crowded 
houses last week. . „ -j 

, Kbitii'h IB. I'.' Keith, manager) .—iJibor 
J'sv marks the opening ot the tall nnd 
« Inter, senaoa here, .and a strong array ot 
cords are: Col. , (Jaston Ilorrieveriy. Crcssy 
»n.I Hayae. ('Hire Bersac'n Circus. Ned Wsy- 
bnrn'a llaln Uesra. nallry and Anslln. Mal- 
Hiews and Aside v. Paul Klelsl. Jack. Hard 

Alice" .Washburn : 3M'V^!X« 

oinoev Mxe, vc sliiu : Louis .111111 c. , „ " 
i,ini„>. I"",,,.. manngor: John 


iomu. ,«n<- Hup-.w litu< 

Jo llll 

V'fliUer wns 

MiSftli^ ": 

was 'pleasing ns Carolina, 
charming as Stcda .tordnn. 

I'blln May waa 
"When the :lar- 
1. "Holly To'ty" 

Frank llurk. - 
slon. and F.lhel Filler wns ns .■linrliilijg as 
ever. Week ot Hepl, 11. "The Cotton King. 

HoKT.iv Tiikatiik (Clms. Hclileslnger. uiau- 
nger).— Vaudeville week of Hepl. H. . 

NlVKKUiunis ID. II. Iluftlnloii. minugrrl. 
—Week of 11: Kelly and Kelsoy, am. I.nselb-. 
Alice Slslors. Kdltli Itoberls, nnd Mckolscopc. 

"n(Iti"--W K. Monslield. Wllllum Harris, 
Henry JB. Harris nnd wile. Holwrt Edison, 
nnd James, Forbes nnd wire, woro presetii st 
the -opening performance of "I bo Chorus 
l^uly, at Ihe Academy of Music. Aug. 27. 

North Ailains.— At tlie Umpire Thcnlri 

. 'liiriir.i'M Ipertv Williams, manager;. 
2bl» new vaudeville bou«.' Itotmatljr, ."•* 

J". Yldillsh coinpnn,,' 11 »a» f/fflJ',? 
"Not Yet. But Boon.' in : . A l»t is, 
"ll lUppcned In •"ii"'" 1 , 1 ,"!' 'f.-dinf mana- 

9*8 < " - '';.,,g"men'l. Sam S A 1» North A.l«m«.-At the Empire Tbisilre 

»,,)— Me now ma igeniea j jj Sullivan, managerl. "At Crli.p'e 

Shllberi to,. Inc. 'I'lnoi '.''..• . ,. n , neck,' 1 . Aug. 211. o eased a good alsed.'o.ldl- 

holise Aug. 25 wlh U» II bl» ' ompi y^ W, ff. „,;,„„,, ,„ ...,.,,, , JH „ „„,, 

In "Aliout Town, slamlliig mem ' 'I* » « prln.-e." HI. had line business. sn.K gnvo 

» Z*M tSlUnarad 'Heart and ..'client MllsCacllnn. "A sl.ler's Kscrlllcs. ■ 

Sent 1. llrew two fine hoilsen, end -pn'oseil. 

Mamie lllllinnii lis. exrepllr.g .",. when '.>!- 

Inr will be iho -allrai'lboi. ,, 

IIoosac Vaii.iv I'aiik— -A strong vl.ole- 

vllle 1,111 nllrnctod during 11,,' closing week. 

., . iir oo.l lii.-lodcd : Asher and I'lllterson. Ilerl 

^i*"S''<MW wiek'a b">K Was ftfll, AJIc B and PetadlM. Ultn. Curtis, nnd 

nruiHl liv aildlnic IlfKi'ii f--''i lu Hh livlulil, 

Willi H H'vv mIii-I 1'IwuIiik •'>■>• Tl|<- ll|lll<lli'll|> 

uiiJur wlili'h Miiiiiiiti'i- Wlnlrr worknl Innt 
Ni-iiHBiii in iHHiklitK. linx lb**rt*fan* imh>h .Ioii*' 
nwny wllb, innl a nuiiilii'i' of liltf ih'Ih nr« 

XiiTBti.— I'niil llcrijninlii l«fl Innl wifk ror 
New (irli'diiM, where h(> will do Hie |ircllinlti- 
nry nrMR worlc f»r Hip liniwii-Hiik'T Tip., N«- 
f.irf Jolnlnic Annlo Idtwicll In tli<> i-H]*»rliy 'if 
i.imirii-ri. tmii'iiKiT. . . . . .M.'n Kmlt. formerly 

Willi tin- 'I'liiuiIitiiDsi'i- mil. Mi.iwii link*, i-uiii' 
tttnitt*. hnri hIkiic.i will; \Vnic<tfilMilM nnil Kpm- 
imr, Id k<j hIiphiI i>f "Till! Woinilll 111 (In- 1 'huc 

Ah! ill- Miller, net'licw »f Hit* lute (tuirur 

p*. .Mllli'r, Ih ii'Hklim k<mmI iik Irenfitiri'r nf the. 
.Mtinmlii'i. nrld kWck in-umhui of tiiiiklnit' '..-. 

murk In Die iin.fcsniun Kolmrt Mifrr- 

tiili. «f "llmwn »»f llnrvnrtl" Co., w«« wvt-rrly 
Injure!* 1,y n Mlmrt elrenlt of win* In tlie ele<- 
trlc-al m'IMhk In the thlnl art, TliitrMlny 
iilkjlil. Ue ivji.w limllv liiiinci, fllHMlt • In- furl' 

innl ImriilM, innl miritnhieil .-nix mi IiIh lefi 

illin. He h, lion-.'vi-r, ex|H't-leil ti» In- uhle l» 

ii'. i line hhi ''l-i''<' In <hii sixiipniiy tiv Huiidfi.v. 

4'orrti. s.'ltiiH. innl .letuile Wnleh, nml llw klu*i- 
dt'ittiie. ' '< 

+,-•. 1— 

NOIITII < \ IIOIj in a. 
lUrlnHc. — At tin' Aouleiiiy III MUMrtl 

Mnrrny.nml .Murk mine Ural. 1- , 

IjATTA. Takk Aijijit*iiii»s«. — The \\. A. 
IVlHiH Hhifk I'n. tiiliMliliefi IK |ili'-iiiiiili'iinl 
run. ond bM weiither Jin«t Hfl ileh-rreiiL Hnrt 
on Ihe ihimIuchn. 

Nutkh.-O. V. Keiler, Inle nf Chlivii,'". 
Mnrlnii. Intl. nml llnrler'H Theittrr. hi Wn- 
Itnnh. Iml.. will nmninre the Acinlemy hrw 

HiIn Hi'iiH'-ii Mnrx H. Niillmn, Inle. iiiiiuu- 

uvr of llw Aiiiilemy, will he intruiiliKeil with 
n *J'h« Coitnly fliHlrmnii" nn iH'lliirr nmniiKer. 

W. J. Hf.NKIlH'T wflten 
more. In tin* new emiHily. 

" u,':lH(ili lit 1 

ll|i:n-llr nodi- 
I'liiiK. 'Hti.r"nnii* in'iieily mo iiiiiiieiiH.* lili". 
Mark I -him-. Mill ■Inhnwui, IliUin (-'ell*. 
Ir< .lit Wi'mI, ynve exii'lleilt ytiniiuit, nnd tho 

"Kvelenn Ihin 
.,. 'The Arrlvnl of 

Kitty.' «ji I ilif ki'jihoii ni the CfiHlno. To- 

Icilu, O, Ami; Jlf, t«'fore two — 

i-:hu Cl*tlrv.— At ibv CltuuU lC *>« -Myyn, uiuy j a n u nittfurcU mwm." 

'*$$& tm '4 % 


arans wirw toirk 

HEW AHoTERDAB Wnl „ r u roU iiw»y. 

Kl.AW* BRLArlUBH Managers 

Even. It 8.19. Hallneel SATURDAY ONLY. 

Henry w. Savage oiTera for a limited engagement, 

IIAJlll* miLUIH, 

In tjhe Mnnlcal Fanta.y, 
•The* Man fi-om Now 

flrenl Caal of Favorite. 


H'wjtv. 44111, 4f,t]l 
. Hat*. Wed. and Bat. 

Kl.AW .1 ERLANOER Manager. 

Price. 8f>r. ,ooc, 7Go.and 11.00. No Hlglicr. 


Bill OOMPANV Of 100. > 


ntcosn YEAR IN M-.VV YORK. 
Beau live weeks In advance. DAVID UK1.A8U0 


In 4 acta or the period of '40— Scene California— liy 
1MVII) BELABCO. ... ., ■• 


O'Brien & Buckley, Maddox & Molvln, 
Chns. B, Lawlor & Daughters, 
■■ ■ Chadwlok Trio, 
Maxwoll & Dudley, Gavin & Piatt, 

I'ost & Russell, 

Alaroona Trio, Evnns Trio, 

Tbe Harringtons, The Belfords, 

PtYrrlBb, Ventriloquist; 
Amorloan Vltagraph, and Other". 

the Eaat mi li St. latiHoa' Hat. To-day. 


If ml If |J1 .BjirloHiiiie nn«l Vaudeville. 

tiik - K. 'lull. Hi. Ladles' Mat. To-day. 


M» 1 Ilial U IV . It, W ATB0K-TIIO Mornioln. 

Of IIIkIi < In.- v I,', 111.. Theatre*. 

M. MHYKltl'HI.l) J1C. I'UKH.: 


All AppllclllloUH for Time Musi He Allill'eHHCll 

to 6 K. mt ay. Dnokiug Manager. 

Maj e>tle 'I'liealre Biilldlhg. rlilcttgo, III. 

Huber's «.'. Museum 



Addtoaa J. II. ANDERSON, Mm,. aa above. 






IW OKHKAHO Kl'., I. UN 1)1 IN, W. 


ArtlHU wanting European time write, Btutlng open 
lime and term*. Oalilo, "A OON1C, " LONDON' 







ALWAYS* wonii INU. 

Davo-HANZETTA and LTEAN-araoe 

On Muxarr circuit, .Hiiumokin, i'a„ Tula week 

THE ' 




"OreHtos, or nil Doff Acts, » ki tlio Family Theatre, 
Matianny City, Pa., tliln week. Have some open 
dates after Hcpt. IT. THOMPSON and SERIDA u 

Hinging. Talking ami Dancing Comedy Act. 
•Sept. a; (.rami Opera Ilotipo. Pittsburg. 

Kept. 10. Keith's Theatre. I'liiiadoiphia. 


Are YforklngtlllH week at WKNONA PARK, SAY 
city, Mien., and Pius. mivii.LK tsontlic 

faun in N. II. Willi CHESTER. 




Learned liy any mau ur boy; Hinall cunt, send 
to-day 'iv. stamp for particulars and proof, o. A, 
Smith, iiuoni to, .wo Knoxvllle Ave.. Peoria, 111. 


Will locate or Iravol. A. K, 1I011NSTIKK, 
Car<- of Utivcinator'a Theatre, Atlantic CUT, M. J. 
l'lTinanoni address 458 N. Ainurloau M., PI)Ila.,l'a. 


Woman for Ophelia, Child for Kva, riaim Player, 
doublo brass; Orchontra I.eadiT, doiihio In band: 
Trombone and Drnm», it. and O. 8Uto loweit 
aalary. Adilreaa (ISO. »*KCK, 

'214 W. 4Jd SI i, N. V., 0OUHIKH (Mice. 



MUVURKTTB Oil imik.i'k. 

AildreaH IW S. SANilAMoN ST., Clilengi), 111, 

For Sail, a Complete Uncle Tom's Cabin 

Outm, iit'iiilv nmv. Tent, son. Hound Ton, will) 
■ion Middle, llniirt. Donkey. l'«oiy. AIho aTralned 
lion. Ha» iieeu imed ror luiraile. Iml In itood fur a 
ilri'iiK. II. N. SUIlUI.'IV.. Aikliy, Iowa. 


W1VPPT. Opella, Eva, Topiy, Hark* and 
TFaillliil. Deacon, HarrlB an»l St.Clitr.Tom. 
orcheatra leader, piano player, both to double la 
band; clarionet, B. A- O.; alto and cornet to double 
Bfage. Winter tteaaon opens Oct. 16. Htop at 
hotels. No parades. Can place AT OKOETVarlta 
and Deacon and alto who dotibieflitafre. 

CardliiKlon, O., Sopt. 7 ; Mount, 01 lead, O., Bttfi 8; 
Caledonia, O..Mept. 10. 2__ 


Wants Quick.;, 

Flratclnae ji'Vkkii.k human', r. and itreiov- 

(MDOclHlty preferred), good ADVANCE Atll-lNi, 
PROPERTY MAN, wltli Hpcclalty, lo do lilta. 
Al„ S EVANS, Mirr.. Ilnrhln, Ky. Two weeka. ' 



Who doublo li. and u. or Staao, lo join oh wire. 
No drlnkera tolemtod. Ludy with a Child for 
M.'lilt. and Mary. CotitluuoiiH s^awou. Oooil ac- 
coiimiodiilloiiH. Adrlro-s, i,^ per roulo In :.lii j - 
papiT.HKOWN A KOIIKKTd, "Ten Nlfilita" Co. 


For stock or repertoire. Adilreaa 

nou i-:. RICH st., cohmiimp, 0. 


OUTFIT. MUSI lIHVe lots'or iiodil FilniH, Also 
sisirr Team hiuI riuno I'luVir. 

_ llUKAli ALV1N, (Vi Jay St.. Alliany, N. Y. 


mill 1 . Hooked Intra onlnrlo iiud Soutli lofleorgla. 
Addro*aNEWIJSKEAHIi,oiiturhi. Fares advaucd. • 

Do You Wish to Get Fat? 



tireatest discovery of the age,' Increases your 
weight from t> lo lo ponmlH u month. Wonderful 
brain and nerve ionic. I'rieo fz oo, Uend for ixiok- 
Ict. AHI'A COMPANY, £!7-tl3U Fallon Street, New 
York. Aitorioy, Druir Shire. 40f« otti Ave. 

WANTED, iron 



That double stago. others write. All letters 
iwisworcd. Can place sood people uf all 'times. 

ivrmHiicri! lultlicKH, 0. M. 1'KIUHOUI-:, Proprietor 
Uncle HI HnHklnsCo.. LaCrosHe, Wis. ^ 


Versatile .Sketch Team, Mim to do Hood Straights' 
In Acts, Wack Face Comedian capable of ntnuliiK 
the, staff.; ; dancer preferred; Silent rert^riiier, 
Traps, .miffs, Wire, etc. Must be able to work in 
».<:.-«. And an At Mule Plauo Player. If you 
hoo/e, don't waHte your tlmo. Only, me**, people' 
who know when they aro setting the best, write 
all Unit letter. 1'KOF. JA()K TKOY, 
1QQ7 Lynn Ht , l'arkersbtirg, W/VaJ' 



1411 HUMNANDU ST. ft 
IVIM'BI, at all Union, guod Sketcli (Tcaliui, 
Single UdleHHiid Slater Aota. '*■:■■ 

.Ml lliil.K t LEVY, Plnlirli'torV 
WM. N. HAYTER, Ho-. Miinnger. 




l«li AND BAOOAQB •Alt.'' .' 
Send doaurlniion, photo, and lH»t lorroa, tlrat lot- 
tor. Aditi'i" h EiiANcis o. Mccarty, 
Mur. of Attraeilona, Hream City Park, station D, 



Comedy old man for Josh with good Specially, 
good uluglng Soubretle, Heavy Man to doubio 
snare drum or brass, strong Cornel Ptay«r and 
Orchostra Loader to double brass or roed.^i*ng 
scasutt and sure money. Address N. K. TUCKKH, 
Manager. Hepi. o, Chambcrsbitrg, Pa.; 7, Charies- 
luii, Vu. ; lo, Muyortnlalo, I'a.; 11. Uarret, I'a. 



LOU jT^A.'VVjRj^JV^j© 


Now being featured with Koystono Dramailp.Cp. 
KKYSTONG DKAMATIC CO., Mherlirooki>7 t'Mf., 
until Sept. a: after that, N. Y. CLM'FKU. 


Wjly ute' plays that don't draw whou you tun -get 

"H*art« Adrift" 
First time outside of the large cities. Great line of 

printing. Write for terras and oXclpslv* lerrllory 

wowiier.OAKUNlKiAUKN.H.'il ICway.Ncw York. 


Manager Harry or Burke's Fall River. Stock says, 
'"Hcftru Adrift' drew the biggest week of tils 
Spring and Summer season; capacity etfery perfor- 
mance." Same thing happened in Philadelphia. 
Brooklyn, and San Francisco. 

Uohal— Put It on and have one capacity week. 

The other winners: "Wife In Namr> Only." 
"Tbe Oood Nsmarltnn," and *'Tlie 8en- 
»i«r'- Wife" con now be secured. 


That cun direct. Other Repertoire People write. 
Address C. K. ANNKNDALti, 

(leneral Delivery, Pittsburg, Pa. 


Change specialties ror week. Work with woll- 
kuown comedian. Prefer ouo who playH piano 
some. Age, helgiit.wolght, experience, salary, and 
what yon do Drat letter, bend photos, will return. 
COMKDIAN, earu Perry .V Freely Co., ltj-ucB,.,Vns. 


Ttiat fiikf organ. Sliiglus lo and all, Tenuis l»nm! 
all, after Joining. Muhl .loin h«ro ou wire. Am 
on route and copping It every day. Tell all. Mere 
till 16th ttupt. DK. TUM KLL1SON. 

Propliettaiown. ill. 

At Liberty, 



HARRY UEI.TZ, Tavloravlllo, III, 

At Iitbcrty, Soubrette 

Willi SPECIALTIES; good In acta; Ural claaa 
null, uerforioer. Tleaul. 

. CORINN'E PI.AISS. Munndvlllo, Mo. 


Ueuticman and a performer, unaugo Tor ouo week. 
Halary la sure. Aim. (|iiluk and stale all In Ilrst. 
WAl.TKHS A KIILHV, f.JI StmlanlS(.,St. Iritis, Mo 

Arranged, romiKiaed. I^)W terms. 

A. KUKTSMAIt. 41-2 K. lf.lh St., N. Y. 

K,DE - 

Tho greatent Toiil- or 


r Pii.tmrin aitraciloaon en 

t-i tin- :i-K>'rd OatPipoDka. with 8\io Paiuiing 
List free. WM. NRI.SON, 

s Van Nordeu St ., No. Cambridge, Mass. 





Tho undersigned Is now booking for season '06- 
■07. Beating capacity, 2,000. For time, write or 





wltligood band, on per cent, under canvas. Good 
co'a can get the coin here If you have (ho goods, 
aa-CasIno Is closed.nnd I have the best locution in 
the .i:iiy. Can seal i.uuo peop.e. Minstrel and 
vaudeville Go's let me hear from you. wtt. stage 
and scencrr* Address i 

IIAKRY BOLUS, 106 Walnut St.. Manalleld. O. 


I'op Sale Cheap. 



Send for largo llata. Wo buy llllna lo any quantity. 
0. L. HULL A CO., lion E. &Vtll St., Cllleago, 111. 





War Family TJioatre. Monenacn. Pa. 



A FEW. .He i UK 


AridrcM HOI1EHT I1J1ANDI, Sprlnglleld, Mo. 



Un in vaudeville. DOUBLE UN bass ou 

TIIIIMHONB. Nolloozera. Addreaa 
MUSICAL HlllEOTOR. Hartford Opera Home, 



Address BILLY A. WAiiD, Mgr. Hooligan's 
Tioulilcs, <:algory. AMioria, Can. 

of an lutereBtlog uaturo, not to interfere wiih 
other dutlcH, to a reliable and iutelllgeut profes- 
sional man who Is traveling, not less Hum thrco 
daya In a town; not to soil- goods. AddreBB, wlih 

T. E. r.. Park Row liullulng, Now YoiK. 

Warren Wonder Show Wants 

Doctor registered in Mo.; also sober Med. Perfor- 
mers that can change for one week, good fi, P. 
Hong and Dance Mao, and a Novelty Perform, r. 
i-rank Vitro, write. Tiokein- ve*. Write or wlie 
STYNKRand LA VKTTE, Oslioru, Mo., wuok Sept. 
8; pittombarg. Mo., wock of Sept. 10. 

Complete Moving Ploluro Outtll. j;w60; Edlsuu 
Machine, Films, Hong Ulldes, Trunk, Sheet, etc.) 
solne Papers. Address b. N. 11UC1IANAN, 
, otuN. Avon St.. Hockford. ill. 

mm mm, mum, mmm. 

Sliow Printing for »how People. Write for prices 
on anything you need. 
AMERICAN 1'lllM IMl CO.. Manistee. Mich. 


Summer seasons with Quy StocK Co. AT 1 . 1 it - 
KRTY, KniMKTT liiT I'l.KTON Agent, Man- 
ager or Treasurer. ArtdreRjj LINTON, Ind. 


LIEKSI/.E, working, electrical 
client, novel feature-!. 
043 K. O.nlrul I-nrk Ave., 
Kil flat, CHICAGO, 11.1.. 



ii' or cane: t ':■■:• 1.1. Sulilert lo exaoil out loo . 
h'RIU) I). (,'A1.1I« KI.L, li, Iowa. 


sliow that in on the roml. I am a aliowman, no 

angel. Till all III llrnt leller. 

A. II. SI.OCUM, lien. Del., Cleveland, 0. 


Topsy or other parts; K. L. SUTLlFF,Tuba and 

DoiiiileUass.SinallPatts. Address 

K. L. Ht'TUFF, lwd Brown Ht , Philadelphia, Pi. 

3, . 'September s. 

OLABS A HtM, 15 8BIT8 Ml R. * BIAB8 BPIUli, W ; eHM WR ft, 


Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

Exhibition Model Kloetoscope, J 1 1 5.00. Universal Model Klnefoscope, $75,00. > 


';' i . - ■ ' ' . ' . ■ "! 


A Thrilling Irish Melodrama, in Seventeen Scenes. 


KATHLEES .„.,....:.......:... .r.......KITTT O'NEIL 

TKIIKM'E OMIOH.K, Kllt/llmi'S toUT. ...... ' • •• WALTBIl 41 It IS n'lll.l, 

CAPTAIN il,K«ltt'lkl,ll. An JrOA Atnuifonl. ........; II, t. UASCOM 

DIIIJAN. CTrai-JIeW'a ll'lllfnc/ Tool • ij ••• S.....W. 11. Ullll) 

DAVID O'COMVOIl, AalWeei.'ll MUuT.'..V;...k.. ;...•"•.•.., ..••••.»•« B*U*! MlWa? 

FATIIBH O'CASSIDV, TIlS PilriSh J'r(Mt;.....|.i... ■> II. 4 I. All KK 

DANNY KELLY, *VI>!uI Qf Tireim :.... . > ... t ;..j i «P. MeDOVALL 

KITTY O'LAVBllY, An Odd frU/i character ., ^ <...: : iJIWIII CLIFFORD 

BLACK KODY, Tim Robber Chief • ........0. F. SBABRKT 

RED UABNKY I )• ■_ J>. R. AlLki, 

DARBY DOYLB ! 0/ (fie Robber Band |.„ ■».. J i.*'«'»l»'<lS 


The Iniult, 'I'he Hold Tip, The Robbara 1 Cav«. Serving the Paper*. The Chaie, 
Kathleen'. Home, The Five (Beautifully Hand Palnleili, Tli,- Alolnrtlo,,, Kath- 
leen In the Robbera' Cave, The Dragged Wbl.key, The Unite., The Angelu. 

The Village Dance, The Wedding. . ■ 

Henri fur lllu.lrai, d Deicrlpllve Circular No. 30SI. ' 
Ho. amn. Ccale VKCI1TV AAN. Length, 1,000ft. UU.a A. .100.00. 




We lake this opportunity to heartily thank you for your generous appreciation and many compli- 
mentary notices ami klad expressions of our humble efforts. v ' • • KDISOKfMAN'F'G'CO. . 



Send To* Iltn.trated Dr.crlptlve Clrenlnr No. .08. 
No.naoa, fed. VKAIIOIIIA. Length, TSBft., Claa. A, .111.711. 





'. The tfeettng-ITpe Proposnl— Vision of toe lloiurvuieuo oi.,„iii,ii'n luhno I'uinliy oli]ec.tlon»- 
"Waiting attheOburoti"— "Oan'tUet Away to Marry YonTo-Day." ' ...; ; t.'. '.,'..'. , '. 

No. 0.bS, Code VECIITPBKK. Length 170ft., t In.. A. 








nig Horn" Saloon — Meeting between Hero ana Villain — Entrance of English Tour- 
InltiaUngthsJl'eudcrreej—r^nectloo lor Salvation Army Lasaie — Arrival at the Bancs 

—Cowboy Sports, Trick Riding, Throwing Lariat, Wrestling— Departure of Siege Coacb 
from Ranch — Attack by IndlooM — Running ITlght (8 ecenea) — Capture Blago Coach and Ab- 
duction of Girl— Indiana Espar'-- 
Ranch — Cowboys In F — 
dorse — Reunion Hero 

Qfl b-1 
. Cov 

lana 1 Escaping and Covering Trail— Arrival Wounded Stage Driver at 
Pursuit— The Klght— Thrilling Rescue of Olrl from Madly (jalloplug 
> and Heroine—Death of Villain. 
Wo. 0)150. Cod* VAVASOUR, j Length, 1,000ft. Class A. 1150.00 '* A * 


NO. 0»T». CiHle VKIIANTINAH. Length 77l>rt. Claa. 'A. .11.1.00. 
H *. W .Mi A ,'!?,.P. I1P . A A?l ,,, ^:. T *!_ A ' I " , ' K » ID * "LUAU" OR NATIVE FEAST. 'lIMIFT. 






No. Oliln, Coil. VAULTAUE. I.rnglh. DUOrt. <.!.., A, .UDSOU. 



AMBRlSA»°ni N m BB A. ,,T J, R »» K *'"»lve. Into ■ l.u.t pleture of • ■»«««> 
—fcElr , A™ u,lu i. w, '?riliaolve. Intnnn AtlBHIOAN KLAii waving tothebreele, 
which In turn tiluolve. Into a .Inr-llt haekgrnuml, th" atirf nftlr SS5 
■nnnaeuvering, .pelllng the Mrard. "OOOD NIOHT." ■»»*■, »■«. 


M<h OHIO, Code VAUDEVILLE. Length 0011. II... A .17.0(1. 
loan far Latest Cntaleaa and a circular.. '■■ 


"""ehHa 10 " arnSa FA0TOnY ' ORAHOB, II.' t. ~ V' 

iVm * ABEW8 : , ^^^^^ 'n^JtS: 8$ teJS&.'tft 

AT LIBBBTT, « II AH. .1. Y©U1\«, 

iUTWa. >^°™^l*j^™mH^m-vai. one Piece Preferred. „, 
auoreaa MANSF1RU), OHIO, OKN. DKL., until Sept. 9; tneu IllcUvllle, Ohio. 





' • Page. 

Mix Clipper's Anecdotes. Ktc 708 

llUlicbe Ste»o — 8*etcli 738 

Little WdhJ Murphy— Sketch 158 

Kestiires of the Weekly Show 759 

world of Player, i . ....•; ._.,._. 2?! 

5125ft; " 4 W 8 - B ' O. at night, and 

Hi tt, S" ■'•:*' the C«<">7 Miner's Amer- 
w a SSTa&S BP*** "O"" 9 To« 

Uiierles Answered. 
Our London Letter... 
Our Chicago Tetter... 

On tbe Road/ ■-. 

UMt b» Telegraph.. 
Voud«THfr Route List 
New York City...... 

A -Novel Picture 

Under tbe T«to i 

Miscellaneous..... .....' .• 

Deaths •<» ,ilp Profession 


Washington., , • '...'...., 

Missouri,..-... ....7 



New Jersey 




708. 770, 777 

This Hit l« mad* np ■■ ue-arlr ac- 
euttt •■ It la poealble to stake a fiat 
of vaatoTftlle bookingi, To laaaro le- 
■ertloa In this department the ofc»* 
of thp theatre or park, •■ welt ■• tk« 
•My or lowa, MVf T aeeompaar eaofta 
book Inar eent a*. 

Brobst Trio, Boulevard, Medford, Mail., 3-B. Dllka, 'BttfJ * Dllks, Pork, Wind Gar. Pa„ 8-S. 

Brooks, Jeanne, Marwln, Findlay, 0., 8-S; Lyric, Dixon, Bowers * Dixon, Spring Grove Park. 
Terra Haute, 1ml.. 10-15. . torlniMti, 0.,_8 ° 


n^&mSS%S^^'^^ i - **B * Colli... Altoons. P.., .1-8. 

)_ra HtOT.. were favorltea.j. . . . Ad „ r k „„,,„ Klwrtoo Part. Portland, Mo.. a-eV 

707, 768 At PalrmoilDt Park IlilnVt.'. Mill,... n^j Ad « lr * """'■ K'verton Part. Portland, Mo., 

770 771 and a ballooon nacrn, on .itJnrtU : ' B " nl1 **""■ U ' ™""'« *•*■ BMW «•■ H* 
•7«o _ u uuuuuon nkCennion attracted. A, bum a Mnek. Rr..l.iitii,r,ri.'.. I'h n.. IM*. 

. voa 

. 771 

. m 

. 77a 

. 758 
, 772 
. 773 

District of Columbia.. 

Colorado i 

Maine....... . 

Now H.Bipshlre 


Vermont.- . 

Wort Virginia..'..-. . 

UnlRlflna ' 






Sortti Carolina 

Michigan .... 

Rhode Island 

Iowa * 



Maryland , 

OreMn. .-,... 


rtehraeka'.'.'.'.'. '.',.... 


Dtfcw-; ..... 



Tennepee. .......... . 


. 788, 773 
. 700, 771 



. . . . V T00 

. .. . >toh 





. .... 70S 


. .'. .-.- 7011 
. 771, 777 





. 771 
. 771 

l attracted, 
i. — Al. G. Fl 

B • P«o«Bl houae, at Macanley'a. .""The 

Hall Room Bojb," at the .Masonic, dlew n 

(TOwdcd house The Avenue was packed 

Sunday, to see "Queen of the White a'avea." 

• capacity houaea witnessed the. Fay 

Jionter Co.. Sunday, at the Rucklnirham. . . 
I-ontalae Ferry Park Poylllon was crowded 
rmnoay, to see a fine vaudeyllla hill. 


Netf 1 



•Whlrl-I-Ois*" opened 
'J'raTftnty Stara. I 

CBMTRil- — TblH b0UH la clone*! on ao- 
ooiidt of tbe ktreet car strike. Kolu and 
Hill's, opening ia postponed Indefinitely. 

OHPHROM. — (At tbe olmtt'H). Bill onenltiK 
Htpt. 2 : Tbereae Renz and norsea, Mayme 
Heulqgton and ber Buster Brownies, Ben 
Wfllrb, tbe Three Alvieias, Max Hlldebrondt, 
Margoret Wycherly and company, Dixon 
Bros.; the 8R.vaBI> s . and the Orpbeum motion 

'Notch. — The Forepaugh- Sells Circus will 
extilblt !n this city for tliree days, comiucno- 

log- Rulurdiiy, Rept. 8 .Charles L. Acker- 

man. the well-known lawyer and theatre 
owner, anffered from a slight stroke of paral- 
^rIii recently, at Son Mateo, and Is now, un- 
der tpe care of physician*. His condition Is 
not considered critical, and It Is believed he 

\y|l I recover aooii It was announced here 

on >ug- -2, on nbsolute authority, tbat with- 
in less than eight months Oakland will have 
sii Ofphoum. The site selected Is oo Twelfth 
Street, near Ctny, on a lot 80x200 feet in 
Hlie, and a building already designed by Archi- 
tect Walter J. Mathews will be erected, at a 
cost of about $100,000. 

— I 


Minneapolis — At tbe Metropolitan Opera 
Houae (L. N. Scott, manager), week of Sept, 
2, "Checkers. 1 ' Opening week, Aug. 20-Sept. 
I. Chnuncey Olcott, In Ms new play. "Rileen 
Aatnore," carae to large houses. "The Sign 
of the Cross" 0-12, '■Ram Houston" 1S-15. 

BuotJ Omra Houhr (Ttaeo. I.. Hays, man- 
ager).— Kor week of 2, "In Old Kentucky." 
Last week, and the closing week of the 
George Fawcette Co., "Woman Against Wo- 
man" wan given, to fair houses. Week or 
B. "Across the Pacific." 

Orfhhitm (Martin Beck, general mana- 

Ser).— Bill for 3 and week: Ethel Robinson, 
lacapt's dogs and moakevs. Carlln and Otto, 
Bryan nnd Nadlne, Sheck Brothers. Mc- 
.. 771 Mabon and Chappelte. 
il\ .Lvcbuji (I. C. Speera, manager).— Week 
f* pf 2, Daniel Frawley Stock Co., In "Sher- 
lock Holmes." This house was dark laat 

, Uniqt'b (John Elliott, manager).— Bill for 
3 and. week: Alulnl and company, Kmlly 
Walt, George Hlllmen, i,>Kette poodles and 
cockatoos and Irene Little. 

Dewey (W. A. Singer, manager). — The 
Brigadiers 2 and week. The Merry Makers 
played to fine houses laat week. Miner's Bo- 
LemlanB 9 and week. 

Noma.— State fair, held midway between 

Minneapolis and St. Paul, week of Sept. 3, 

wilt attract large crowds to tbe cities from 

the country districts. The opening day Dan 

' scheduled to go against bla own 

A good racing programme for each 

the week Minneapolis playgoers 

ve an opportunity tbe coming Winter 
of seeing Georgene Hays, a Minneapolis girl, 
who Is playing this year with a company, in 
"On the Bridge at Midnight." which will be 

. 771 
. 771 
. 771 

. 771 

. 772 
, 77.1 
. 773 

eeen In Minneapolis some time during the 
Winter. MIbb Hays made her debut la Min- 
neapolis about three years ago. with tbe 
Ferris Stock Co. She has devetoped more 
than ordinary talent, nnd Inst season waa 
with "The Little Outcast" Co. 

The Theatrical Seaaou Marled la Fall 
ItrlaK With Labor Day Oueolnai, 
'ami Hummer Reaorta Are Rapidly 

-Tbe Fall aeasou 

St, Paul. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
House n„ N. Scott, manager) "Checkers" 
opened the regular season of tbe house Aug. 
20, and buslneHH was good all the week. For 
week of Sept. 2 (State fair week), Chauncey 
Olcott, In "Eileen Anthore." The advance aalc 
Ih very heavy. "Told In tbe Hilla" (M2, "The 
Sign of tbe Cross" 13-15. 

t»suNi> (Theo. L. Hays, manager). — 'Jin Old 
Kentucky" duplicated lta previous successes 
here last week, and Immense business was tho 
rule. "AcroBs the Pacific" State fair week, 
2-8 ; "At the World's Mercy" week of 9. 

STAn (J. C. Van Boo, manager) . — f he 
.lolly Otrts Co., with Kdmond . Hays, ilo "A 
Wise Guy," camo la for popular approval 
and big business last week. For week of 2, 
tbe Bohemians. 

OnriiKUM (James Robertson, manager)- — 
Business continued good laat week. No change 
of hill Is announced for week of 3. 
i Rhfirb (Sam Fink, manager). — Business 
waa excellent last week. New people for 
week of 3: Marcclla, Helen Mlgnon, Debbie 
Vedder and Blanche La Mont. Those bold. 
lne over : Flossie Noah. Thelma Wayne. Car- 

I'Hii.aihxi'hia, Sept. 4, 

WM' formally opened with Labor Day mat- ro f| nn d Gardner, Gertrude Leslie, Brady and 

I nf es at all theatres "Charleys Aunt Hamilton. Gibson and Nash, the Daleya, and 

had. capacity at the Chestnut Street opera n )r di e Van Hawk. 

Mrntion. — The Minnesota State Fair opens 
3, for tho week, and from all Indication*, will 
eclipse nil previous oneH. James J. Hill, tbe 
treat railroad magnet, will dedicate the new 
j.lve Stock Amphitheatre. Dnn Patch will 
try for a new pacing record. This will be 
Labor Day, ami the nrganliatlons of both 
St. Paul aDd Minneapolis will make the Fair 
Grounds their headquarters, Innurlng a big 
opening. Strangers MM been arriving for 
the fair for two weeks pnst. With good 
wenthcr, tho attendance will be a record 

breaker Julia Dean, who married Orme 

Caldara, well known lending man, In thl- 
rago, 28, la nn actress well known In St. 

IIouM Blanche Ring was warmly wel 

ltd In "MIsb Dolly Dollars," at the Gar- 

l. "Veronlque" had a big crowd at 

Lyric Keith's hnd capacity ntter- 

nooa and night Helen Byron, In "Ser- 

jeapt Kitty/' attracted a big bouse at the 

Grand Opera House Tbe stock produc- 

t|oua of "A Social Highwayman," at Fore- 
na,i,ih'«, and "The World's Verdict," nt the 

Standard, merited favor Burlesque shows 

warf well patronised at the Bijou, Lyceum 
and- Caaluo, and tbe uptown combination 
Imjiies ha* capacity. 

Chicago. Sept. 4.— The three Sunday open- 
lOfa .were "Mlzpab," at McVlckcr's: "The 
Free Lance," at the Illinois, and "The Un- 

rorssen," at the Bush Temple Attractions 

row running are : "The Vnnderbllt Cup," at 
i fin .Colonial ; "Twiddle-Twaddle,' 'at the 
Grand opera House; "The Land of Nod," at 
ill* Chicago Opera House; "Told In the 
unit,," in Its last week at Powers' ; '.'The 
Time, the Place and tbe Qlrl," at the La 

Paul" where she wan born and lived for many Mgg 
yenra. Mlas Dean Is the leading sdy, with HWJJ 
Edwin Arden. !n 'Told In lne Bit a." Sua KJgT 


last season lu "The Little Gray 

Adsnui a Mack. Bradrnbunrii's. Phlla.. n-t*. 

n k White. Spring Late Park. Trenton, __ 
:i-S: tllpnodroiur. Or*>an Oily, N. J.. 10-13 
Ailamn, Mimical, BIJou, Rockfor-I. 111., 3-8; In- 
dustrial, Moltne, 10-in. 
Ailauiliil ft Taylor, OrpheuiD, Omaha. Neb., 3-B; 

Orplieiitu. Kansas Cttj, Mo., 10-1B. 
Aliearn. Jacquelyn, Ootbam, Bkls., 10-1S. 
Aitern ft Baxter, Peoplp'*, Ricelslor Spgi., Mo., 

3-8; BIJou. Duliitb, Minn., 10-15. 
Aliearn, Chns. ft inc., Hoag Lake, Woooaorket. 

R. I., 3-8; Gotbam, Bkln., 10-16. 
Aherna, The, Fair. St. John, Can., 3-8. 
Alpha Trio, Empire, Patersoo, N. J., 3-8; Em- 
pire, Hoboken, 10-H>. 
Allison, Mr. ft Mrs., II. ft B., Bkln., 3-8; Proe* 

tor's, N. y,, mi;,. 
Albions, The, Ornlieiim, Cnlumbui, InJ., 3-8; 

Star, Monde, lO-lfi. 
Alarcons .Mrxleon Trio, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 3-8. 
Alvin ft Ketiney, Onkronl Park, Jeannette, Pa., 

Alrleras (3), Cliutes. Snn Fran., Cal.. 3-8. 
Atlne, MIIv., Piirk. Wheeling. W. Vu.. 3-8. 
Alvin Bra*,, Uasrncle Park. Newcastle, Pa.. 3-8. 
Almond, Tarn ft Kdlth. Oolham, Bkln., 3-8. 
Alberto, Fair, Taunton. Maaa,, 3<s. 
Alburtui ft Millar, Kmplrv Tonr, Kng., 3-8. 
Allen, Heart ft Violet, Auditorium, Linn, Maaa., 

Allen ft Tfeclr, Amalenlom, N. T. 0., 3-8. 
Afltnet's Monkey*-. Temple, Detroit, 3-8. 
Aide ft Armour, Fotr, Kingaton, N. Y.. 8-S. 
Albns, Orent, Music Hnll. Brlglitou Beach, X. Y., 

A Many. Mile,, Hippodrome, N. Y. C, 3-15. 
Allen ft UVuly. Aoislerdam, N. Y. C, 3-8. 
Allen, Josle, Keith's, Providence, B. 1., 8-8; 

Pnwtncket, 10-18. 
Allaire ft i.fmi, Iiijuu. Wlonlpeg. Can.. 3-8. 
AlMflrc ft Lorraine, Lakealde Caaloo. Akron, O., 

Aibene ft Ln Brant. BIJou, Jackson, Mien., 3-B; 

"iron. Flint. HMB. 
AlthotTa. The, Hippodrome, N. Y. C, 3-18. 
Altlien Twins, Poll'n, Bridgeport. Conn.. 3-8. . 
Ainerlcna Comely Four. Fairvlew Park, Dayton, 

0., 3-8; Akron. 10-10. 
American Trumpeters (4), Or|ih*um, Omaha, Neb., 

American Newsboys' Quartette. Imperial, 3t. 

Louts, 3-6; Bijou, Memphis. Tenn.. 10-16. 
American Qlrla, Atlantic Qarden, S. Y. C. 3-8. 
Amoun ft Hartley, Nommbeaa Park, Boaton. 3-8. 
Andemon ft Goluet, Union Hit!, Gloucester, Mass., 

3-8; Trmiton, 10-10. . . 

Ape), Lillian, ft Co., Oolnonbti. Clrtclnnatl. 3-8. 
Ardello ft Leslie, Majestic, Clnctnnatl, 8-8. 
Arlington Comedy Four.'Proctor's, Troy. N. Y., 3- 

8; K. k P.'a S8tb St., N. Y. C„ 10-15. 
Archer ft Crocker. KelthV Plilia., 8-8; K. ft P.'s 

Union 8q., N. Y. O., 10-15. 
Amnberg ft Morette, Traymore, Bklto., Md., 3-8. 
Arnold ft Gardner, Grand, Dayton, O., 8-8; Mid- 

dletovn, 10-ltl. 
Arlington * Helston, Happylnnd, So. Beach, N. 

Y.. 3-8. 
Awliton ft Knrle. Idora Park. Youngstowo, 0„ 3-8. 
AHliei- ft Psteraoi), Itye liacli. N. Y., 3-8. 
Anil ton ft Marline, Gran Varledndea, Havana, 

Cuba, s-ift. 
Aii-tln. Claude, BIJou. Kenosha, Win., 3-8; BIJou, 

Klivtwyinin, 10-15. 
Atiatlo, Geo.. Fontaine Ferry Park, Uulivllle, 

Ky., 3-8. ' 
Austins, Tosalng. o. O. II., Syracuse, N. Y-, 3 8; 

K. ft P. B8tb St., N. Y. 0„ 1016... ; . 
AuathiB, Great, Kevanee, 111., 8-8; Danville. 10- 

HmIU-v ft Austin, Kel'tr*. Boalon, S-8. 
Rarnea ft Stevena, DIJou, Plqiu. 0,, 3-8. 
Uiilley ft May, Fnlr. Humilu, Minn.. 8-S; White 

City, Dulutb, 10-15, 
Bally ft 1'lckett, Hlabland Lake, Wlnsted, Conn., 

Barry. Mr. ft Mrs. Billy, Keeney'a Bkln.. 3-8. 
Hurnea ft Uvlnu. Novelty, 8tockton, Cal., 3-8; 

Lyric. Son Fran., 10-15. 
Bnlley ft Fletcher, Poll's, Hprlnsfleld, Slaaa,. 3-8. 
iiii.i»-vri. The, K. ft P. Union Hu.. N. Y. 0„ 3-8. 
Baruold'a Doga ft Monkeys Poll's, Hprlnrtleld, 

Maaa., 3-8. 
Baxter, did, Caalno Park. Blughsmton, N, Y„ 3-8. 
Bairy ft Jolmauu, Lakcilde Casino, Akron, 0., 3-8. 
Barnard, Ceo. ft Hasel, Willows, Salem, Mass., 

Baker Troupe, Henderson*.,, Coney Island, N. Y., 

Barrett Slaters, Alhambra, S. Y. C. 3-8; Or- 
pbeum, Boston, )o l.v 
Bates, Louie W„ Orystat, Deuver, Col.. 8-8. 
Barry ft Dairy, ltoniouu, Grand Baplda. Mich., 

Balsers. The, Keith's, Cleveland, 3-8. 

Barry ft Hslvera, Umpire. Pa tenon, N. J., 3-8. 

Bayes, Nora. Sbea'a, Durtalo, 3-8. 

Uaroes, Htnart. Victoria, N. Y. 0., 8-8. 

Barnes ft Kdwlns, BIJou, Piqua, 0., 3-8; Or- 
pbeum, Chllllcotne, 10-15, 

larger Xros.. Curlsbad, Mineral Wells, T«x„ S-S. 

Beau ft Hamilton, Lakeside Onsluo, Akron. 0., 3-8. 

Benton. Khrood ft Munle, Oastle, Wheeling. W. 
Va., 8-8. 

Ben All, Hassan, Troupe, K. ft P. 68th Street, 
N. Y. C. 3-8. .. 

Bennett ft Stirling. Bradenburgh'a, Pblla., 3-8. 

»ut, May, Gaiety, Albany, N. Y., 8-8. 

Boys' Trio, BIJou, Decitur, 111., il-B; Peo- 
'h, Oelar Banlds, Ia„ lfl-15, 

Beyer. Den, Novelty, Bklti.,.3-8, 

Dedlnl, Donat, Orplieuru, Allentown, Ps„ 8-8; 
Orpbeum, Beading, 10-15. 

Belford, May, KelUi's, Phlln., 3-8. 

Belford, Mr. ft Mra. Al. U., Pastor's, N. Y. O.. 

Bronne. Tom, Garden, Baffalo. N. T-, 8-8. 

Bradley. Sally, Scliarfer's Garden, Columbus, 0., 


Bruce. Betllna ft Co., K. ft P. Union Sq., N. Y. 
C. 3-8. 

Brown ft Jenkins, Scbaefer'a Garden, Oolumbu», 
- 3-8. 

, Jack, ft Lillian Wright, Lincoln Park, 

. Beiirord. Manx.. 3-8. 

Burke ft Urllne. Grand, Bflllngham, Wash., 0-8. 

i Daniels A Burgess, Lyric. Cleveland. 3-8. 

John ft May, Lexington Park, Boston. 3-8. 

b-W : 

Bnriva, Harry, Park, N 

Bargeis, I 
l"tr». Jo 
Burf on A 

is, Daniels ft Burgess. Lyric. Cleveland, 3-8. Donala WL&Wm, Detroit, 3-8. 

"tan ft May, Uxlngtnn Park, Boston. 3-P "*** " ■■ Wl " ™*- " r 

Brooks, u. 0. 11., Grand Rapid*. Mich 

Y. C, 3-8; Dreamland, 

Coney lslnnil, N. Y. C, 10-13, 
Btirffci ft Barnes, Music Hall, Brigbtoa Beach, 

Hu"tn*,"Ai.. Keith's, Pblla., 3-8. 

Baecrry, Laura, Lakealde Casino, Akron, 0.. 3-fl. 

Bush, Frank. Majesllc. Chicago, 3-8. 

Boawye State Quartette, Poll's, Bridgeport, Ccao., 

Buckley, Musleal. Family, Paterson, N. J., 3-8. 

Byrott ft Blancb, Orpbeum, Lima, O., ;i-H; BIJoo, 

Mlddletown, 10<1A. 
r.vrbo ft Laugdon, Poll'a. New Haven, Coon., 3-8; 

«oTI'i, Sprlngtleld, Maaa., 10-16. 
Cattery; A Grant, Schaefer'a Garden, Columbus, 

CaSlo 3 ft"Otto. Ornbenm, Minneapolis, 8-8; Or- ^TLf^S^X^SStJ^SSk&L 

liUim. Kaaase City, lo-in. ( L$ W- ,b.,l£ v k v l , mc ?A 1 l * M " ,,lll «'«"' 1 

Carlton & Terre, Majeallc. Kansas City. Mo.. .1-8. ,JS3, fttffaSlM: ri.lcVJ -i a 

Sgai ft De Verne. Lyric, ClevelaBd, 0„ 3-8. Egfi "i \ , JSSU M "ifl?i StTTaSRl^sLa. n rt 

Campbells. Ttte, PmIFi Park. l*n»enwortb. Kan., ^iV"".-? , "^fc ' ?W ,lc ' «>l«g<>. »■»! «■ *>■ 

3-M Family Park. Hnlalla, Mo.. 1015. *-- l -' M inHSPHft. '"L 1 *- 

Diamond Comedy Four, Grand, Tacoms, Waata., 3< 

8; Belllnghim, 10-15. 
Diamond ft Smith, Proctor's. Troy, N Y„ 3-S. 
Dillon Bros.. Ramona, Grand Baplda, Ulch., 3-8, 
Dome. Orpbeum, Bkln., (1-8. 
Don, Kmuia, Grand. Bolton, Kng.. .1-8; Kmp., 

Portsmouth, 10-16; South Royal, 17-22 j 

Ralbaui. London, !24'2U. 
Downey A Wlllurd. Bljon, Alpena, Mlcb.. 8-8 1 

BIJou, I't. Huron, 10-16. 

inala (.11. Temple, Detrol 
Dockrny. Will, Colonial, Lawrence, Mass., 3-8) 

K. ft P. 135th St., N. Y. 0., 10-16. 
Dorrel, Kleanor, G. u, 1L, Itidlanapnlls, lis. 
I>uylt> ft flranrer. Lyric, Joplln, Mo.. 10-15. 
Honertr's Poodles, Colonial. Lairrenre, Mass., 3-9. 
Doherly Slaters, Pmetor's, Troy, N. Y., 3-8; K« 

ft P, Bain St., N. Y. C, 10-16. 
Drew. Dorothy, Tower, Blackpool, Kng.. b-8; 

Kmp,, Liverpool. 10-15; Kmp., Manchester, 17- 

2i ; Hip., Hull, 34-30. 
Drew. Mr. A Mrs. Sidney, Hithaway'a, Ixrwell, 

Maaa., 3-8. 
Dunham, Caatlng, Rfvervlew Park, Chicago. '3-15, 
Dunbars, Tbe. Kmtdre. Dca Moines, Ia„ 3-8. 
Duryea ft Deiand, Majestic. Chicago, 3-8. 
Dtmree, Minnie, A Co., Majestic, Chicago, .18. 
Dubois. Prof., Keith'-, Phllo., 3-8. 
Dtiffln Itedcay Tmuiie, Olympic, Clnplnaatl, .18. 
Durnnda, l.e u , Kelih'n. lloslon, 3-8. 

Carroll ft Doyle, Howard. BnMtun, 3-8. 
'^.rey-Cotler Trio, llowsrd, Boaton, 8-8. 
Cnrtmeils (,1>, Kellh'a, Pblla., 3-8. 
Cnrroll ft Clarke, Olympic, Chicago, 3-8; Majestic, 

Chtoago, 10-16. 
Caraowule Hlslers, Jelters, Soglnaw, Mich., 3-8; 

Valvaretta, Bay City, 10-16. 
CarteV ft Clark, BradenhurRli'a, Phlla.. 8-8. 
Cata Family (4), Pautagea, Taeoaa, Wash., 3-8; 

Pantagts, Portland. Ore., 10-15. 
Cameroti ft Klanagnu. Kast Knd Park, Memphis. 

Tent).. 3-8. 
Carlton, Thos. J., Manhattan. Norfolk, Va.. .18. 
Casper ft Olark. Uuverualor'a, Atlantic City, N. 

J.. .«-«; Hulwr's, N. Y. C, 10-16. 
Caelhle'H Dogs ft Ponies, Grand, Indlanapolla, 

Caroo ft Herbert, Majestic, Chicago, 8-8; Hay- 
market, Chicago, 10-16. 
Cauda (ill/,). Vale, Kansas City, Mo., 8-8. 
Carson ft Wlllard, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky-. 10- 

Carter k Waters Co.. Moore'a, Portland, Me.. 3-8; 

Trent, 'treaton, N. J., 17-22. 
Carherry ft Stanton, Cryalal Park, 8t. Joseph, 

Mo., 3-8. 
Ontoo ft Verner, Lyric. Cleveland, 3-8. 
Clilhlem, Orace, K. ft P. 23d St., N, Y, 0„ 8-8. 
t'bnmerorH, The, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 0.. 3-8, 
Christopher. Lakeside Park, Dayton, o., 8-8. 
Cherry ft Balea, K. ft P. Union Sq., N. Y. C. 

Chealey, Herbert B., Orpbeum, Sprlngfleld, 0., 

Chadwlck Trio, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 3-8. 
OleinewKM, 0. O. II., Grand Kaptds, Mk-b.. 8-8. 
Cleritioiitos, Tbe, Academy ot Music, Lehanun, 

Pa., 8-8. 
Clifford ft Ortb. Bell, Oakland, Cal., 3 8; Unique, 

Santa Crua, 10-15. 
Clark, Harry Contoii, Brldgeiwrt, Conn., 10-16. 
Clayton. Frank, Orpbeum. Hprlugfleld, 0., 8-8. 
Clark's Dogs ft Poiilra, Lyric, Clevelsud, 3-8 
Clsmle. Toby, Moore's. Portland, Me., 11-8. 
Clark. Georgian, Jeffera, Haglnaw, Mich., S-8 ; 

Bay City, 10-13. 
Corblay ft Burke. Gaiety, Albany, N. Y., 8-8. 
Cotton, l.uin, Klwoud, hid., 3-8. 
Coutlno A Lawrence, ltamoua. Grand Bsplds, 

Mlcb., 3-8. 
Conroy, Jobu ft Mamie, Casino Park, Blnghamtoo, 

N. V., 3-8, 
Columbia Comedy Four, Chase's, Wnshlngton, D. 

" ,8-8; Km/dre, Pateraon, N. J„ 10-15. 

Mdy, Arllinr. Klytdnn drove, Tncaon, Aria., 3 16. 
rMwaHM, Torn. A. ft S„ Ikiston, 3-8. 
Kdward's MOM Buys ft (llrls, Fontaine Ferry 
Park, Un l« vllle, Ky„ 3 8. ' 

Kiinnin A lldwnnis, K. A P. Union 8i|„ N. Y. c, 

IMiiiiiinls Sisters, Anderson, ImL, 3-8. 

Klltiore Hiaters, Chase's, Wnsblngton, D. 0„ Ml 

Vtclorla, N. Y. 0,. .10-16, ' 

Kllnn, Ham, Cook's, Rochester, N, Y., 3-B; 0. 0« 

1L, Plttabarg. 14-15. ' ^ 

Kmmy, .Mine., A Mil Ornbenm, Boston, 1-8. 
ltinplm Four, ShCMlj's, Newiwrt, It. L, 3-8. 
hmroett, Kugcne, HolTiiinn's. Halto., Md., 3-8, 
RaWIIUII of Music (4). Temple, Ft. Wnyti*, Ind„ 

F.mnlw City Ouartelle, Orpbeum. Riwlnn. 3-8: 

ortrticum, Bkln., 10-13, ' 

■"J*l !? on ir ,,y Y°*lt K - * P> ""In" Sq- N. Y. 

(*, 3-8: Keilh'B. Boston, 1IM6. 

E* , f l " , . , lri.V llll 7"' , n' °- "■■ PIHsharg, 3-8, 

Kake. Will, Alamada. Cat., m-lft. 

Ksmeralda, Pnrk,' Wlirelhig. W. Va., 3-8; Lai 

side Caslnn, Akron,' 0., 10-1.1. 
Ijsles, Kil. Henderson's. Coney Island, N. Y.. 3-8. 
Ktlianto, Nautili, llltipodrome, N. Y. 0., 3-16. 
Kvaiis Slaiera (3), Jnuctlon Park, New Brlghlon, 

Rvaas, ciibh. K ft Co., Keith's. Olevelaad. 3-B. 
Kvers Geo. W„ lVmjile, Ft. Wsyite, Ltd., S-S; 


8-8; Anmtprdstn, 

Evans Trio, Pnslors, N. V. 

N. Y.. IO-IB, 
Evans, Ooorge. Keith's, Phlla,, 3-8. 
Kveretta (4j, Moore'a, Port laud, Me.. 3-8. 
Faiilaa (2), Empire. Plttsfleld, Mass., 3-M ; How- 

iirii. Boaton, 10-10, 
Fayblo, Adonis GrBiiO. Col. Spim., Col., n-8 ; Boa 

Ton, Salt Lake, U., 10-15. 
Fattst Family, Fsiiujiii, H. ft B., Bkln.. 3-8. 
Fnrrell ft I* Itoy. psrk, Merldan. Cuim.. 11-8. 
lays, The. Chsao's, Waahtiiglnti, U. 0., 8-8, 
Frrnimlr-Msy Duo, Forest Park, Ht. Lonls, 3-8. 
I-erry. Wni. J., Odeoti, Indepeiideuee, Kan., tl-Nt 

l-jrlc, Ft. Smith, Ark., 1016. ' 

terguaon ft Uupw. Cascade Park, New CaBtle. 

IVrsusoti ft Mack. Ilalhawny's. New Beiirord. 
Milan., ;i «: Hulbauay'a, Lowell, to i.i • ' 
Iifircroa, Tltat, Trenioq, N. J., 3-8, 
Fields A Hanson, Howard, Boaton, R-16, 
Fisher, Mr. ft Mra. Perkins, Hhea'a, Toronto, 

Flake ft McDanou|b, Clinics, Han Fran., 


ConatUy; Hugh, o. ,JL t Poughkeepala. N.'y., 8-8. Fltsgeraldft Ollday, K. A P. n.sti, Rt„ N. Y. C. 

Cogblaii, Row, A Co., Columbia. Cincinnati, 6-8. »-H; Coh.nlai, Liwmice, Mass l I-1D ' 

Hrie P. I It ™T VlC ' C,udnD,U * 3 ' Hi "■i"*"". "J-M*}"*. *«P«w. * Co., Ki'plre, t»S Moines, 

^ctMsW*^ n ■ p!& ] '^ u 

CogBn, Octaviua, Dominion Park, Montreal, Can., Fllliduo Band, Luna Park. Wnablngtaii b 8-8 

H.^.n^..-, u.„ ., a l ' 1 ?' , "' 1 W"',' 1 - Asadainy. Chicago, h-*'- AU 

Sprlngfleld, Mass., 3-B. huuihrs, (ihlcnao. 10-16, ' 

Brockton, Masa., 3-8; Flelda A Wooley, Alllsmlirn. N. Y. 0.. 3-8. 

saw OSS *. J ^" , t!"■ () 'n'lP"n'. Lima, O., ».« s 

Mass., F tigers!.}. II. V., Nhaedy's, Newport, R, 1.^8-8, 


Cook ft Mndlaon, Poll's, 
Cowper, Jlmwle, City, 

Fltchburg, 10-16, 
Cole ft Clemens, Habbatla Park, Taunton, 

,3-fl; Hsyinarket, Chicago, 10-16. 
Cordon A HastlngH, Monroe Pork, Toronto, Can,, 
■ 3-B. 
Collins ft Hart, Mwlu Hull, Brighton Beach, N. 

CouMhoj-e', Jnne, ft Co., Haymarket, Chicago, 8-8 
Cooiwr ft liobtnMou, Kiuplre, Pnieraou, N. J., U-8. 
Creaif ft Dayne. Keith's, Boaton, 3-80, 
Crawford ft Delancey, Orpheuoi, Portsmouth, 0„ 

Crickets. The. K. ft P. 58th St., N. Y, 0„ 3-8. 
Clotty -Trio, Keith's, Cleveland, 3-B. 
Cromwclts, The, Oni-den, Buffalo, 3-8. 
CralMf. Long ft Cralue, 0. 0. H . Newark, O., 

8-8; 0. II.. Miiucle, ImL. 1016. 
Cuttya, Six Musical. Shea's, Buffalo, H-B. 
cumniXiigs. Master. Lyric, Cleveland, 3-B. 
Cullao, Jps, H„ H. ft B.. Bkln., 3-8. 
Cunningham ft Boas, Lake Comnounce, Koullilng- 

tOtt, Conn., 8-S. 
Dnvls. Edwnrds, ft Co., K. ft P. 2»d St., N. Y. C.. 


Humrlor, Wl*„ OM: 

1'k'iih'ij k nllll.r, llljon, Hunar 

llljou, IVIiiiiliwif, (Jan., IU1& 
l-'l.vnii, Jne, Oofiinilila, ( :i m, 

Sim''' na" 1 "' " all "" m ''""• "rami MaulO,, 

KIock ., Tlie. Mr, ■'am. Yon, N. V„ M 

*«l'l l"Wl '"<"■■ Ilniwlfk Park. 111. - N. y., 

U»: Allanllc (l.nlrn, N. Y. 0, 10H. 
Ite. Will II.. ASK .'t. Warn,., Ind., Ml 

Main Htrwl, 1'wwlm, 111., 1U1». ' 

H! * D« Ban. o. 0. II., l'ltt.min, ».». 

m, D.H., Olympk', Olil.u,.,, ]|.H. 
I 1 orlwa ft 1/orbea, l'lyn»i|th, Fo., »■«. 

Ii&.ii. * Di,, '"»""l* I'ara, B.»lo... 
Ko«« ft'Aliw'r, Illjonl WIfIiIIh. Kan., M, 
inrroil,, MtMlCHl, <>r(.l n. Hull l.ulir Ollr, V„ 

m v. . 

IllJi, N. V., ip-iO, 

DDloth At the Lyceum (C. A. Marshall, 

Hilia'l 'fTUrjsibla^siorj.^'a't the 'Stude- RSJJEJ oi'ott"grcaSnt«l hi"/' new, play. fSS * Price, Crr.lal, Deti . 

Inker : "The Ix>ve noutc." at the aarrick, and MBHS ..thoie" The acenei are laid In and n.iimaii ft Waoie, lioulcyum, Mnlfonl, Mn„.. 8-6, 

the last week ol "Bedford's Hope." at the .„',„« Dublin Ireland, and the play la ln ifiverly, Willie, Union, t»«m. tlou., »■*. 


lit/eat. Northern. 

.The usual cnangea In 

The time, of the play. la. 180M. Be Ant* The. Athletic Par. BolT.l. ».«. 

frtiie absea The time Or tlie Ditty IS lovsv*. ue Anns, mi-, nmmit. »"■■■. *""'■""« "i""*.. . 
concert! and specialties at the parka and «J" r *Vn e ry and costumes are all new and Beltelalre Bros.. Mrirvlp, Flndlay, 0.. 3-8; Malu 
waAlilv r.h anM . .,f Kin a a. rh a MraioaHo Hsu- ' J " \9**I&-ETZjSK? .k A .„ i a itiLlmr nnrt HI reel, PeorlS, 111., 10-16. 

weekly changes of hills at the Majestic, Bay 
market and Olympic occurred. 

'Bp&TON, Sept, 4.— Big holiday crowds were 
lb evldeoce at all amusement places yester- 
day... . f . .Houses opening for the season, 
onfl the attractions, were: Colonial, "The 
Hhepberd Kink;" Park, "The Lion and the 
Mouse r , HoIhi, "The Virginian ;" Olobe, 
"Not .Yet, But Soon;" BIJou, John Craig's 
Htofk Co., in, "The Ilallroad of Love;" Or- 
iihfuiu. vaudeville. .. ."Julie Bonbou" opened 
the Maleatlc last Saturday night Other 

68th Street, N. Y. C„ 
J., 10-16. 
Brighton Beach, N. 

Berenice ft Mascot., Denver, Cot., 3-8. 

Berne's Circus, lu-iiiri, Pblla., 3-8. 

Bison City Quartette, Star. Muncle, ImL. 3-B; 

Phillip*, Richmond, 10-13. 
BID. Bk-ycle. Manuton's Pork, St. Louis, 3-S; 

Wonderland, Indianapolis, 10-15. 
Blmoi, Bomm, llr-r-r, East Knd Park, Memphis, 

Tenn.. 8-8. 
"Big Show, The," Kccney'e, Bkln:, 3-8. 
Blessings, The, Moiitmoreuce Park, Quebec, Can,, 


! ■' ! '.,' '■" v I"' ,'n i!!Spbln M a?IIet 

l.'olkf," at the Boston, and "The Prltice of done since the house flist opened. uv«aau g , « ' 

Pllsen," at the Trcmont The vaudeville 8old out ,he first day. and "i""'"'^™™ ™ Bumcnard, Eleanor. Poll's, apringfleld, Ma«., 5-8. 

end burlesque houses bad strong offerings. i, Mrd t0 get nt any of the pertormances. BIlincll k j JtMCi on-heum, Webb City, Mo., 3-B; 

WisnmiTiiv SftfiJ- 4 The Washington "The Mad and the Mummy rjept. o. j. Lyric, Gslena, Knn„ 10-13. . 

SBSSi ^BfSff£ffSS»A KSSM:KK«,;, 

ihe National twice "Little Jack Horner" 

had two big houaea nt tho Columbia.. 

''When the World Sleeps" rilled tho Academy. 
"The Girl from Broadway" was well 

Dillon ; liodney ODoonoll. Arthur "frettl 
Corney Delaney, Daniel Jarretf, McDrlde, 
Chaa oil. L Wneon. John Dunne I Captain 
McGuIre 8 William Walter. ;OToole. Oeorm 
llrennan: Laugherty, Ned neardon : nelly, 
QuincyC- B»»" "■■ Klleen O'Donnell. Hor- 
ence Lester: Kate I'ltzgerald, Mildred Bef- 
•• eHr: Kitty Dunne Wllln Keys: Mrs. O^. lai,- 
neifbiirB: "Eight Bells," at the Grand Opera n i M o, Gertrude D. Btanley; Nora O Toole, 
House : "Mistress Nell,'' at the Castle Square, , *,, 'j|,.vlne : musical director, Qua BDlwr. 
and "The White Cape," at the Bowdoln Mr oicott nas written four new songs, which 
Square. : Continued billet : "Cape Cod ™ ' .Yig" Tncre never was such, business 

::!?a*TI,orn7 , "•■"■■< ' " : 
■■The Convict's Daughter" 8.,'Checkera' 10, 
11 ''Oulncv Adnms Sawyer" 14. lb. our 
New Mb "ater" 17 SbepaA's pictures 2, and 
wlU .taw o" every .Sunday for. the aesjon. 

flic.lved nt the Majestic. 

. , . Wanliinutou 

S™™' (WriT. f,on r .ree, 
S __rlil« houae opened lta doora Ai 

ng. 2H. 

ton gert.— This house ?l»-™" ■'","."" ,, 1 „ , (orn , for.1. Ma.»., a-8: Il.tli.w.y.. Lowell, 
the Hnd. turned hundreds away at hot l'e"o'm nm ^ J|[rry ft ,, IMWil an a 

niurk A Jones, Victoria. 
Black Iluisun. II. ft It., 

V, C, 10-1S. 
Dlotulell.. Kd., ft On., Orplienra. Bkln., 1-8. 
UorileTerry. Col. Uii.n.ii. Keith'.. Iloalon, U.S. 
BorNtil ft Nevarr.. proctor',, Troy. N. Y;, IO-IB. 
lliirliiii, ArllMir ft Mllilre.1, Itatbnway'a. New Bed- 

fonl. Main., UN; Iliitlmvi'.y'H. Lowell, 111 15. 

Lyceum. The I.'aya headed a great hill aneos. 'lne ""«""'"" " " "„Z, ,|, ow ■■rb, go™ 

at Oto-.e,. crowding tie house aflernocn and ^^J^^^^ffVTSm^ »"« 


Uimcinxati, Sept. 4.— Four more theatres 
opened Sunday, and the dedication of the 
new Olympic called out a crukh . . . . . At tlie 
orand.Dlgliy Bell Onened In "The Kduiatlon 

of Mr. Plpp." llie Korcpaugh Stock Co. 

nnd Herachel Mayall received on cntttutliisllc 
welcome ln "ITie Heart of Maryland, at 

Boblnson'a Crowds greeted "I'eggy from 

Paris" at the Walnut Street The Co- 

lumjjla had good slzeil crowds. 

TheJoly (llrl» Iturle«(|tters week of Sept 3. 

nrjo (Joe Mnltland, moaager) -All seats 

are taken'.herc. .The companyJwt_weck N 


If 4' II 'II, I lie i j..... j . 

15l.lnn Ch,ck_gave a hassrdou, a t 

-.._, 8-8, 
WultL-rs ft Crocker, Hoag Lake Park, 
Woonsocket, It. I., 3-8. 
Bottomley Troujic. Kipoalllon. Pittsburg. 1 15. 
Bolicmln.ii Trio. Illjtiu, Jfickson, Mich., 3-8; BIJoo, 

Kalamss.-», 10-16, •■ 

Bouili, Ihpe ft Co.. Alhambra, N. Y. C, 3-B. 
Bradley ft Us vis, Inlet, Gloucester, N. J., 3-8 1 
llubcr's. N. Y. C, 10-15. 

Leonard. [M ureaauaM n. ■-.--- iyy' M(1 
,, nose and company. Jack fooie, Jan. sic 

SfU' crowded the Lyceum. .... .Tho Empire »»«««■ writes that 

JB»«sa.«!SPL«a. Si5i*i.Y.'i^l ife -JE5SPI. tSSSl %& , 

engaged as leader of or- 

• , . . i. „- a.- An aant 

tSpGTi " ¥L rWe rt^vv^ru. t^M 2%®&SVB l & *•*' 

mandoualr. . . .German day fcatlvltles simply became "» c v l .™,?,, l ' B „"'„,"va., ha, been sent 

Jamtned Chester rark. cbestra at virg inia JHS}?' 1 ' blJ ^ | . V a„ under 

K.Naaa CUT, Sent. 4. -The Orpbeum gWgaS, 'A gff Mgltia WtML* 

opened Ha season Sunday with a packed the ^ h ^S of which order, be was a member. „,., ,„,. ..„.. 

m.tlnee, and wa, sold oul at night, with, a rylilM. "' *» k CD ol mll , r |,| fever wta the n £ K * nnsrtl, 0. o. H„ Plll.borg. 

line v.i Seville bill ... .The Majesllc opened A " Ter V r Begone ani wife were with'. Ponies, Celeron P.rk, Jsmeatoi 

h:i ^S^r&M"^w b ^ zsuftjsp***—- 

Brunlns, Leu. Ornheum, Boston, 8-8. 

Bright Broe., Illp., Hamilton, Kng., lf-23; 

Gaiety. Birmingham, 24-39, 
Brooks ft Vedder, Washington Park, Bayonne, N. 

J„ 8-8; Kcltb'a, Providence, 10-16. 
Brsati, Selms. Poll'a, Bridgeport. Coop., 3-8; 

Boll's. Waterbary, 10-15. 
Broad, Billy, Island Park. Easton, Pa., 3 8; Hip- 

iKxtrome. Ocean city. N. J.. 10-15. 
Brown ft Wllniut, O. II., Grand Forks, N. D., 3-8. 
Brltt4>ns, The. Relelialleo, Coin., Oer., 1-16; 

Haalbto. Mannheim, 16-80; Empire, Ixnidon, 
' Eug., Oct. 1-A1. 

Jiuwstuwu, N. J., 


p. Richard. Newport. B. L, 8-8; Platta- 
„., N. V.. 10*6. 
Hulls, Geo., Bordevard, Medford. Mast., 8-8. 
navis.ft IVIIaon, Boasmore Garden, Far Itock- 

" y„ «-i8. 
id, ft Co., 

nu'vi'tW W.. K. ft P. Union 8i|., N. Y. C. 8-B. 
Dnvla, Laura. Athletic Park,- Buffalo, 8-8. 
Duveoport, Kilns, Umpire, Des Moines. In,, 8-S. 
n.-icre Louie, Cryatal, Milwaukee, il-N ; BIJou, 

Dubuau«, la., 10-15. 
Dnlloo' ft Itobeson, Huymarkct, Chicago. 6-8. 
Du.rtOh Sisters ft Dc Voy, Lvadrllle, Col., 8.8. 
Dnhornr,, Lea, Family, Ht. I/mis, Q-S ; Grand, 

Jollet. 10-15. 
Davis, Tom, Trio, Hippodrome, N. Y. C U-16. 
Darllok's Dogs ft ponies, Sbeedy's, Newport, n. 

Dsgwell.Aurle, Columbia. Cincinnati, 3 ■« ; Hop- 
kins', /xiulsvllle. Ky., 10-16. r 
Daly's Minstrels, ItlverahU.- Park, Montreal, Can.. 

Daly, Vlnle,. Victoria, N. Y. a. D-8. 

De acoio ft La Due, Fnlr, Trucininisliiirg, N. Y., 

:i'8: Fair, Ureene, 10-15. 
Do Witt, Bums ft Torrance, Wlutergarten, Berlin, 

G«f„ 3-30. • 

De Cor. Hurry, Hire's, Kokomo, Ind., S-8; Grand, 

JnlWl, 111., iO-16. 
Dtmnmt'H Wild West. Fair, Taunton, Masa., 8-0. 
Ds Hois, Count ft Bro., Temple, Detroit, 8-8; 

Cook's, Rochester, N, Y„ 10-15. 
De Lnris, Chevalier, ft Co., Olympic, Cincinnati, 

Deane, Sydney, A Co., Auditorium, Lynn, Maaa., 

De Camo, Ouas., ft dog, Park, Wheeling. W, Va., 
3-B. Lattealdo Casino. Akron, 0,, 10-13. 

Deltons (11), Keith's, Providence, 8-8. 

De vtrne, Thelma, Lyric, Muskogee, I. T„ 8-6. 

Detaoas ft Gracetta, Fontaine Ferry Park, Louis- 
ville, Ky,, 8-8. 

IV Fay e Hlsters, Henderson's, Coney Island, N, 

i>elluore A Dnrrcll, Klectrlc Park, Newark, N. J„ 

De Berema, Mile,, Orplieuni, Bkln., S-S. 
Delaiore. Blstera. Shecd*'", Newiwrt, It. I., S-8. 
Deltrni, Mile., Illpnodnniie, N. Y. C„ :t-15. 
De Verne, Thehiiu, Lyric, Muskogee, I- T>, 3-8: 
, Lyric, Ft. Hmltli, Ark.. 1016, 
Del- a -phone, MuuiiIou'h Park, St, IaiiI*. 38; Lake 

Vine Park, Terre llsule, ImL, 10-15. 
Da Voy ft Miller. Hosart's, Uucasler; Pa., 8-8. 
De I .aery a. Dancing, Lyric, Ft. Smith, Ark., »-8> 

Lyric, Ardmoie. I. '.',, 10-16. 

" -i, W. Va., 3-8. 
. jonty Island, N. 

i., it'll roils. Waterlmry, Conn.. 10-13, 
De Hnd, Orace, Kcbscfor's Oankn, Columbus, (>., 

De Haven, Hose, Beptette, Alhambra. N. Y. C 

De' Mont Trio, Rnbi-rt, Raat Knd Park. Memphis, 

Taut., 8-8, 
Dciir/h, Btta Fyvle, 0. 0, H , Grand naplds, 

Mlcb., B-S. 
De, Mils., Fair, Nashua. N, II., S-8. 
De Mutt.*, The, lleuderaon'a, Coney Island, N. 

Y-. 3-B. 
Delmaa, Geo., Crystal Park, St. Joseph* Mo., 3-8. 
Dierlok*. Bros., Jrffera, Haglnaw, Mlcb., H-B; 

Larakin, Bay City, 10-15. 
Dlion Bros., Chutes, Sao Fran., Cal., 8-10. 

, 14. 

Prcdo ft Dan, MmjMjkjtL Pnrk, Chicago. 8-8. 

franks i ft Franks.^ frunria and, Mass., li-8. 

Fries sisirrs, Lyric? Clavelaml, 8* 

I- rederleka. Howard, 1 Imslnii, -tl-8. 

Franket, Fannie. BIJou, Decatur. III., 3 8. 

Freetiimi ft Walsou, Huston, Foil Hirer, Mass., 

3-8; Howard, Bosloo. 10-15. 
I rencfi, Henri Oolumhln. Clurlnnatl, 8-8. 

tiler ;. Itow, ft ffiy BIJou,, Minn., J 
Ftilurlly Winner. (Jrplienni. Bkln.. 3-N, 
llimlner ft .Mnddi-rn Orplifiiin, Allentown, .Pa., 

Gardner ft Htoddard. Majestic. Krle, Po., 3-8; 

Ilatbaway'N, Now Bedford, Mass.. MJ-lfi. 
Gsrd.ifr. Happy Jack, Keith's, (, 8-S; 

Moore's. I'nrtlnnil, Me., 10-16, 
Gsrdner ft Vlnrenf. Orplieuni, Denver, Col., 3-8. 
Gnssnian, Joae|dilne, K, ft P. 2.1d St., N, Y, C„ 

Garleila Bros.. Orptieum, Kansas City, Mo., 3-B; 
"■•"'in, Nah., 10-16. 

.TenTple, Detroit, 11-8; Cook's. 

Orpheuqi, Omitbn, Nah., 10-16. 
naylord, Bonnie, Tenipli-. " 

ItiK-liester. N, Y„ Ilf.16. 
Gsgitpiuf, The, K. ft P. Union Ho.. N, Y. 0.. 

Ml Pmelor's. Albany, N. Y„ .Bin. 
(lorlnr ft Graff, Berwick Park, Ithsi-u, N. Y., B-B. 
Gavin ft Piatt. Pastor'a, N. Y. 1% ,.-B. 
George ft IlarrJltgtiui, Fall. Hberhnsike, Con.. 3-B: 

Fair, Nnaaaii, N, Y„ 10-15. * 

Gerald, Musleul, BIJou, Muniuntle, Mleli., .1-H: 

Ben's, ItKcanaba, 10- 16, 
(lennro ft Bailey, Orpbeum,' Bkhi., 3-H. 
"Gems, The," K. ft P. Hiilun fh]., N. Y. f]„ 3-8. 
Onlger ft Walters, Lyonum, Bostoii, 3-ft; West< 

nilnsler, Provldenea, l(i-ir,, 
Oehest, Gertrude. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y„ ,'1-B. 
Germinal, Hlg.. Allininhrs. S. Y. 0., 8-8, 
Glllen, 'lorn, Knne, Mahuney City, Pa„ 6-8. 
Gllliniirn ft Carroll, Lyric, Terre Haul*, Ind., 

Olltiseretlh, The, Proctor's, Albany, N. v., 8-S. 
(Host', Aniruala, Hnyifiarkol, Chlcsgn, 3-B. 
Gobi. Anna If., Collins', Colunthns, (>., fi-8, 
Gottloh. Mr. A Mrs., Lrrln Park, Ft. Smith, Ark., 

fl-8; Lyric Park, Anbnore, I, T„ 10-15. 
Guide. Anna II., Collins' Garden, Columbus, »., 

(infiirih A Doyle, Palace, Boston, il-8; Murray 

Hill. N. Y. C„ 10-15. ' 

Gould A Hurntt, Music Hall, llrlglittm tteaeli, N, 

Gordon, Cliff, Proctor's. Alhatiy. N. Y„ 3-8. 
Giinloii. Dim A Mae, Meyers Luke, Cantou. 0>. 3' 

8: park. Wheeling, W.Va., lo-DV 
Golden A lltigltea, Cflutrnl Park, Allentown. Pa., 

3-8; Hprllig Lake Park, Trenton. N. J„ 10-15. 
Gnlillii IIiihsIiiii Troiipe. t,'lik*ago, -*j-8. 
Gourley, Keensn ft Gourley, Rtiudra, Plttsflvld, 

Mass,, 3 8. 
Greene ft Werner, Olympic. Cincinnati. 3-8. 
Green llro'i,, Mnutilon's Mrk, Ht. fxiuts, 3-8 1 

Cook's Park, Mvantvllle, ImL, 10-18. 
Gregory I'antnnilmc I'ti,. DmilisK's, No. Beach, 

N. Y, C„ 8-B; lumari/s, Coney Is land. 10-16. 
Gregsons, The. IIIJiiu.Duluth, Minn., 8-8. 
Grant, Sidney, Celeron Psrk, Jamestown, N. Y., 

JIarrls. _ 

Hayes A Johnson, Keith's, Cleveland, 3-8, 
Harrises (4), JUyrlc, Cleveland. :, -c 
Hart, Bessie, /Crystal, Detroit, 3-8. 

Harris, Beauregattl, A 'Co,; Temple. Buffalo, 3-8. 

Hayes ft Johnson, Keith's, Cleveland " 

Harrises (4), JUyrlc, Cleveland, 3-8. 

Hart, Bessie, -Crystal, Detroit, 8-8. 

Hart ft Deuetle, Chestnut Hill, Phlla., 3-8; I* 

land Park, Knatoo, Pa.. 10-16, 
Hawthorne A Burt. Shea's, Buffalo, 8-8. 
Haydn. Fred, Crystal. Toledo, 3-8; Crystal, Klk< 

Imrr. ImL, 10-13. 
Haloes, Lula, Wonderland, llevere Ilencb, N- Y.. 

Hsrreys (4), Keith's, Phlla., 8-8. 

f September 8 

Harrison, L*-e. R, o. II,. Indianapolis, a-H; Co- K-.xvtkly 
ItrmMii, Uhi**lmmtl,-40-J8' * ••- ■**-■ •-*. --•v 1 ' "-Koupe,' 
Hurlaud ft HuUl-iM, Luke Cernpounce, Southing- Kulifrr 
. 'Ipd, C&Mi., 3*8. ' : .'■' -, ■ : 8-8. 

tltiitsi.ii ft Nelson, Hriy marker, f^trr/ko, 8-R. 'Rrn.6*.*i, I'd*. MtrHlc* nitf, llrl^fon B*Mch, N, 

jfuvcH. KA, v., priMivum, Cniiiieothe, o., 3-8; v.. as, 

Gf-phcnm. MiinsthMd. 10.13. , ■ , .- ... Ktia-llaUfc-llnsiie/JErle, -PV. 3-S; 'Detroit, 10-133 
llnvwnrtl, Cmwv ft llnya-mit. 1 G. :tV II., Indian- i,.i'G*-f:!o, 1'nlr. Kido-i; Id.. .* 

J u Ctslr A West. fJeeMt Pier, 

_■ -.iniijp* K* iiiijwniiii • ', ■"■ ■ »,. 

liuolli,' "-SlToliiml'l'i. rliii-lmiail, in. is 


Mrntth .. . 

■ Urantl.' ItaMlltim. !«'•• 
■ lluuuii A ..lyi-al/iitl. 

iiiiii, ,.i, ,<:<„, >n,i, *„-,,,, 

kcMiiX' ir»»»iw*t*i h, j.. .?* 

Dull-Hi S- llilrrK , tlriili1mii,-Wl>tlll«hl'lil,-0., :S-tl| 

• '"HWIII.m. Ill-Ill.' ... ,„ . 

•llialiir ,: AMflhtlc Cltf, 

laaiui *jV$* 
UalWft Ik Vara. KiWrilj. lilncktiHI, 'Dal., 3-8; ' Iji" (Mi, Mf.-.. 1'fllr. Wall.n,.' N. V.. 3-S, 

. JlBiir, Win' Kr««.; HMf. ' 

llunVr, K.)llh * la* Jr., Prii-tal, Kokoitld, In,l, 

Ilatiri-y C -IMni-. llliililaiiit IHifk, lfaf|airt. 111., 

lliim-it/wil.iiii. Allialubni. S. \. (.'., M. 
IlilM-la, I'll?,*.. ll.iwftril, BoMMha% „ . 
llmuon * X«ta.n..llny!n,ir»»-l, Cali-aw, »■». 
llatrklna, Mm A,.' l.fri,-. ypvrt«"«li i'- 9 - 
Hrtlleii ft llflj-H.' liantan. liiifraw. J-8. 
|lSIm'™i:"li..lj»ii. TaMi'iiii*. F.IMrlc l-atk, KW- 

HimlijiNh,' Jw-,' Ok-nlniisy Palk, ColllMiua, 0-, ,V vranklla. ! •fci.lftBMJBb 3 iV 
l-nl., ' tenant, In-.. 1*1,1 "J T "»S3ffi™' 
Si!', 111..' \V<il/T*Wi«m|itmi.-.r.iil»., St-W.. ■ 

llnllnUoj * WWI, ;.W|nMi» »«« 'ji'""',,, V'*' 
MIrll.. Sm Itlvi-nilik, Park, MM .>"'""■ 

1 lnn-uiiri, Trunk. - Klnialaril. f/, a* 

llahillloli BtOT.. «lati Pal*. «» C ™ , "!;M , , , > JiT",,',? - 

llanMou ciioii.', ii. <>■ II.. ' inrtnksjapgm, 3*. 

l'airjlloii *' Ilrikika. Crll«l«.'l>rlil|H'l»n, N. J„ 

lUnwrt. urn./.»iil». V.'""^?":! S?4 „ic 

11,HW S: Haliu*. I,.n|i-. JipiiIIii, Mo., ,l-*i I-jrW. 
•■ VI. ■ KitaWvArk., ia-15. ; •' 
Hull.' I.villii. Aiilnlcl-'lnui, N. ^ . 0., I.-8. 
lliilor llHrry. (IrnUciini, flprliiKlK'I'I. O., 3-8. 
ll.iriiji""., Vliiiil'r 3- H«k mm, K. I.Wcr- 

llSi'./i'Mor. Miii.10 H,li. Brlnlilon Doacli, 

llr'rriiialVn,' Artrtnl*. llajiiiatkot, ClllBjko, ■»■». 
lli-Vmiuil. (Irral. Uakturil Park, OrWIliNuril, !•«., 

' 'IMdrtbc -»>,lqoilna. l.lBt'laoatl^ 8-8... 
sfr(rw»' Itrll.* MiWnNnwnQT Pilrk. <JiM.'ljcc. Can., 3- 

.»: rail'. Niirwtfli, IVmii.,' 1(1-1.,. 
Mrt,«(ta.. 'I'liv, l'o»>,i.W(in-i;al>r.. Miihk.. Ill-l.,. 
Mtl,itlU''& JMifrtT.. Mmnik|W,' »t. l^lllla, ;i-8; Km- 

lIuriHir. Ilorlmi *• Hernial, Claloly, AllMuy. N. 

v.. :t-«. .. . ■ 

Murtiliy ft .Vii-lri'wK. hVllli'H. I'lilla.. :l-S; I'roctor a, 

.Wwark. N. J., Ift-I,',. . atm 

.M mi , . v. rliijk-ii Ht l»r«w-..ll„WHr,l, Bostoa. .1-8. 
.Mnlvi-y. lion. Oyatal. rK'lr.,lr, :i-8. ■ _ 
l.aiiki'.Jiv>lf,' (/nliitrlii'. "iri'licuni, HohIoti,' .I'S. Mnakeiik-n, i.v<- Mn>^Ur. Hjiihhh Clly. .1-8. 

ijlftwWar.' 'Timi, WIlih+rHaf Park, ' Pnliiani, Jlnna., -'Atnrray It Imw\ ii. If. It., l J Hlalilir|[, 3-8. 

Mini*-, KM. UiivilfiJ. l!irfTali>. !I-S. 

n, Park. 8t. Jowuli. Mo., 3-8. Warreu A WJIpW BliiMi. "^drfolarV Va' iU 
,lr. Aa.lp.VO.; HI Anal- -Wak.««ld„.WUU -Holt.. .Mmplr.,. ^alorioo? \ , . 

', OrkminaliHa; Mich., fnijwrlijlit''Ma'tl>,. | *'lJ l ,., o, 0^11., Pllhi,„„' 

Iri'lipnin. Halt Ijifcej D.. _10-15., 

Kellu'a, liosti.1 

- . J.. 3-8, 
lalwIAr,' r. rr.Tlik*. Xowinrl. It. I., :i-8: PlalM- 

imw. N. r., Jihlfir . .' 

I.o'Krtlo. »!.. IIIJi,i!,An).lrtoo. Wl»„ 11-8; WJon, 
. iim-ii Itn.v. Mi-la: til>,u. Marioettiv 1*-1«. 
I,anlla,tr K WMIIama. IWnt Laki,, rwakflh Slaaa., 

ESy * SioiVoyr'svir? i-coVhTiiK-a'sri..- w^^m,^;,,^^^^^: M 

llii^ fi KIIK Oljiiii-i'-. C'liLenTO. C-S. Wat*m. l-'rwl, & Murlww/.UUiPni, llwvuM. (,„ 

i:,i|iliiH«ii. KtliL'I. (H-phcuiD, Mburapcliit,- Mlun., J- too. J-P 

mj l>miililli>ii-\V , iiii|ll-?Si ( OHi'-, JO-lft.. JVitW*.l''lcljM, .\nHirdiin. X. Vi C, 3* 

Ui^i.i'siuiif'.'ii'l' i''>«r. AociorvV'WtWor,; K 

\Vomtwli.»«l Vtftk; KeTpre IteacU, 

awn. Hr^-ii 1 

r.oiw ■ HH.M.'/ niiflwt Tiirfc. Riwlin, <lir.,3'R. 
a«tCTB. ft Lavlne. OifonV take r*rk, Antiliton: 

y., ..-8. ' WaWi,. AuhMii. ,t>l,vii.|ile, Ulligu)p>, :i-'si' 

Hulleii' A tiitti'll,' "h".' A* 'i'C !.;«S(., N. V. C, 3-8: Ifcoporn . iVll L _ 'i*«P'Pl^ »j*tr«1t...3-S. 

.'purrm-V, A1lMiny f N'. V.,J0-1."». 
lilynry, fjkMiVy, .\. A S„. IVwIon; ;i-S. 
Xflffi'. T«m. A **o.. Oivmiiic, OJiHilnntill, 
.Str««n"!«ri», I'll..; : *-8. 


i.iimmI,. 'A HI,!-!.. k.*iH>yV. )lhln„ :■ ^. * 
LnMiitr, -St He. fair, Tmlntoii. Mukk., »-0.- 
),nti<ll. Ktl., mii^lmmtoii, Ni V„ 3-8: «clt«ncct(,ilr. 

1*1 fl" ■ ■' - 

....vkIIh, TIi«. Tower. Jt1nrtl.|itwl. Rnjf.. R^;- Albert 

JlnM. -Jfl-13. ■>,. 

UMIa'^ IWtiit (ti). lt1**o. Vrniil ilrf Lac. Win., 

:.-K; lilwit," <W1il»wh, ..Ml>. , ' 

l,n(nr Hr<M., URMNli Slilffntlkw, 3-«. '-".-■. 
l,n Jima, Tlieo. ft Ciirtilll*, JMJon, Hay City, -Mich., 
■ :i-»: ■■:.*''■ 
i-d i V"ir A Mnnlcii, Uitjmarkpt, Otilrmp*,- 3-R. 

I.iidiiir HlakTX. Hfilliriiviiy's, l,fi\V«'ll, MnM«., 3-8.. 
tariff,* Mlw.'ftlm'M.'HHffalifc «•»• V . 

I.ii Vi-'lli? iV (Irnnt, Uklaly, Albany, N. t. OS, 
l,n. : II>!X t HmlanJ, Iloafnn, 3:8. ■ ••. .-, 

I.ii Vim-, Kil,. llaiiwiid l'ark, flrnnd Hnpidn, Mich., 

, 3-8.. ■ . .; .:.,..■ 

\M Tiiakn. Hill. (Ii-idicum, .tlnfotv Ilia,. IV-fi, i( .« 

KiimlHiiit A Jt»n«I«lin Orpblnni,. PorlMjpnffln. O., 'JQA&jr Kiii.lMt- . Vnnrfovlllo, Hoiiilpr*in'«, mUf 

Lluitfilwi;. "«"!'^; s l* r A n * *'t?*!:,_ l ' flp ^ -ffcriW**!"!.. NIiirt ft's'lnor.'Hiw*!;-, N«. Hi-ndi. S. V._. 3-8. 

Wuriror.. Ih wm, Ci-yotul,- Denver. Col 
Wnnl Krcw., Proctot's. Albany, N, y 
WMtoii, Al. II , Ittfti-iuiiiA-iiri-ilic-isiiy 
iiCan'.. :i-S; Audltorliiiw. Lviiu. Mu^ ii 
VVchlwuttti, Vent j A TeilOy, CunOirldB. 1 H V 
Wwlcii A GlatldlDli, iMoore'tu tortlaml. Mi- 
WatfltJ taw,, (li 0. n„ , Orahd. IUiiIiIm, Ukh 
Wiildi. .Junies A CtOU, I'nrJi, l.'lni k^mix, \V 

'JH;r!. RlcnnlV Tim 
Willie. -Mot ' 

jfrciiii, MrrrJa, O. "O. H, IncUannuolld, 3-8. 
RiiiiipU, 7,'Htli. A. A !<., BirttOD. 3-8. 
KwMrif-A'lWvlKi Olymi'lii Pftrlr, Sfchew-port, I*«. 

Si! Tl'imVe* A x"U" ftirn. Sfprlti^ilel.l. lOtf ft Oiwirtt. Temple, Kr Wayne, lud., 3-8} w«,, .i«hii, -Dijon, Norfulki Vn.. a-8. 
Mww :T -^ , . Murlwi, Flmllaj-, «(.. 10-lfl. Wewon.- Walton- ft Worn. Hownrd. 

■■ ItosieH A Hcl«l; OPi'liBlilo,- Salt takfi. U., 3-8. 
ltiierliig, ilovnu-, CnrataLPark, 8t, aoaepli,-:Mo., 

yaimo'n fc* Clienter, Vaavouirer,' Can., 3-8; Vic- 
toria, 10-1 B. 
Siivnii A McBrlde, -Olympic, ClilciigD, 3-8. 
huto, O. Ii.. JHohb 1'our, Bug., 3-Oct, "" 


N'flt & SlAW, Orystiil, Jlllwnukec, Wla 

("alum "I. So.. ChlrniTd, lff-1."., 
Nwila. ffcHllffftv'!!, .'Irani BnfAiK MicU.. 3-s. 
Newel I A K&to, BMHl JoltnniieHlHirtf. S. A 

• 3-Oet. «:■ XRMkj Caiw Town, Mwr. 0. 
Newimfr, 'rrrliik. O. rf.« II,, Raadllif, Pa-. 8-8 
, ti, .0. 11.,- Ciirlumdiile, 10-1" 

.Niiikr ' 

r. Kriuicr, 
. -'urilaml. Mv„ .',* 
Ki-' TM?- A "' - |, *0 tt ** ,u '? Kerry Park,. Lun, SV l!ir, 

Wwil'itl'* lAoan, >)rpnriiin', -'HenVlliic, Pa. ';l«. 
Pair, Hyracnsc, N. y., lO-lR. ' B " 

W^gjy gg"^ Hock- Sw. ■?«!*, R- hltMajBL 
()..■ S-H ; -Meyers take." I'tintoit, iy-15. ' 

Weirli, Jnc, Oolmnbla. (Tlncinoatl. 3-8. 

Wttekt' Hen, Ohntw, San Fran.. C«|., 

:ti UafeKtio. Clilciimi, Ml Oritliciim,. KsMWMhW Vlorciiee, Auditorium. I>yim,' 

,,. ,,... | A, Id I" D,in,l.ii-i Tknn A Mnnn>n4. flrVHtal.' 

ttm, KHtle, Jmieikiii I'ai'Ii. Sew Brtshton," Tii., 

«..„ il-8( Knlrtlow Park, Dayton, 10-13. 
l.iirnyfUe. .)i*al, Victoria, -"N., V. C, fl.». ' 
l.ii « l.i r, L'Iinh., ft Dftngfctcr, l'astur'fi, N. 'V. C, 

H-s. . • . . ■ ait : 

Iji Ornl«, Paul, Untliawuy'n, Iflwcll, Xlaaa., 3-8. 
i ,ii Tell Brox.. Mlnr. l'furln, ,UI„ 38.; .Family, 

Diiteniwrt. Ia„ 10-1B. ■ Tt .- , 

Uvmn, Kiik>. - aiien'f, Dnnuoi 3*8. ,; , 

l.tininreli, l-'tHliclini, atHlfroy'a, ,Urnnl RnnlilH, 

. Midi., il-H. ,' , , 

Li- Clulr, Ilnrrv, llaits. I.i»ke Purk, Wooiwocket, , 
ft, I., 3-8; Bridgeport. lO-iC. 

" a ii., Plthdmw. 3-H. 

Sllftitimn 1.4' t. Riittili-e, PnterHOii. N. J-. 3-i*. 
X6rton . A Mcliolfa.-i, K. & P. 1,'nlon B4*<.-j*< T. 

' t,!.;- 3-H-V {Viloiili.!. tawrwiw, Mow*.. 10-13. 
X.'.rlnii. N»l. Alnlimie. Ht. Jemepl). Mo., 5*8; 

tawrrtii-e, -Kmi., .H»-13. 
3b.wllu« imw. K. A P. fiSth St.. N. Y. 0.. »-8j 

PhW-fi.r'-. Athniiy, X. T.. 10-J3. 
North, B.ilri>r. Mn.viuV, ta« - AiiKitlef. Cal,. J- 

•• — • iia-ivii, nvii, wmn (inn v rim,, uai., iJ-o 

Yi " -> a Whnlen A Went. mmMmn Park, Baetun a r 
JIMP., 3-8. while* ta-Nnrt. Taniiton. Mws.. 3-8. 
intlen, Dean A * flDDdera, CrysUI,' ta*ann,wrt, lvhltmnn Ulaiera k ItoWin-on, I'oII'b. Jlridi:i>iH.r< 
iSi., 3-»r Crystal;- .Tat-Wort. 10-16. r -i'ik. 3*. * ■• ■ ' J ' r '"- ,, ' > " r, > 

Infonl A Dnrllnfftonj BIJoui I-n Crosse; wl».. 10- wiilUv Stunrl, ft Co.. It. ft ft..- BfclD.. 3-« 

Whfeler MlBte* ft ilttll. Lyric Puvk, Miiskuirir 
I._T.,-3-8; Lyric Park, Ft. Smith, Ark?, ii,'- 

Whltekr A Bell, SteeplccIiaHo Pier, Atlanlh; (.'It;, 

White- ft La Mart, Fnlr, Taunton', HUM., 8* 
WIUlnniB A*J,'in;ker, Altiaiubra, N. Y. C., n-8. 



U| ' 

Balvajiffls (si. Clinics San I"nm., Cal.. 3-8. 
*-»niin<tfT!<. Chnlk, Keltirw, Clcvelttiid, 3-8. 
3c*att. Currtn M., 'fnniblliiu; Bun Park, Briilgctou, 

S'liieH'tl* Lloiia, Talaqncfla Park, Attlehoro, Maaa., 

Wott AWllwni. Einidre, UulHikvii. N. J.. 3-S; 

K.. ft P. 33d «!.. N. Y; C. lfl-13. 
JVhHltert t^mrtctle, TiTtit, TVeaton, N. I., 3*8. Wlllo AHns^im, Wbeelluc. W. Va.. 10-J5. 

Schlrliart, Aii«iii, Cryatnl, -Itetralt, 3-8. 

Iletiw "LftilJ!lillnt Wily." Cimlno, BltlRllamton, UwIh. DOfft (i. O. 11.. PlltajHinr, ML.' 

neiiiH, iflwni -wvi '. Leonard A; taal-, -MUjentk, Chleatto. 11-8. 

Youi.k & CotlilU, Hhclipot Piirk.WllnllHgton, I)el„. i^iinoa, l.«l>ert Bort, 1'axiantf Park, I 

-jjEjl biirtf, 1 a., J-»*. ■ - ' 

IteuV. I'm* A Liiverule, Piiit»ii3 Park, Harrla* 

HeS' Tom*. 3 K«1IM lUrm-re, Pai'l", Fr., 3-30 } 

(Vnlrnl. Dwwdoii. Ocr., (M. J-3I. .„ 
Hernld Knuare i tinarti.tu*, Orplioum. AHentoirn, 

lllUMall Trio. Q1|tM|lle, ClilclniilUI. 3-8. ' 
llim'lni- U-wt- ft ll«iiilii|i» s Mnjeatlc, Oblcano, 

(1--4J Hwymurkcl. Olifa'aiai. 10-W. 
HeflH-rl. Mono,, lteliwlek Purk, Klnilfn, N. Y., 

Heiiert A Roijew, Kk-clHi! .Park, lUUMM City, 

licniiey ft Uraliam, .Stiir, Ailaiit", fia., 8-8, 

Umnh ttm, ii\Uw. Pnlnib, Minn., ns, 

lA-ffel Trln, ■ Wditdorland. IteTeie Bench, Mnnfl., 
. 3-8! Pdrk. lTHfl.1, N. Y., 10-15. c 

i.i'. ritxhiivh ft Ilciiile, Vniltiri.iKo Park, , TjHMM, 
. 1).. 3*8. ..... ■ ' 

iMU'i' ft Ai-ker,,.f)«rrli:k. Wll»iln(,loii. Del., .1-8; 

VoimitM l'I-r. Atlmtlt: City. X. 4..* 10-10. 
Liitllf ft WlllliiuiK. Kanitlv, 81-ntx City-, *».,' 3-8. . 
|^> lieiil. iJit-rit, llinolfc;* HolK-keii, N. J.; 3-8; 

Xoim-. IIoI-mH. F«ire« Park. KaJnaa City, Mo., 3-8. Seyuwur A 11 11, Howard,- Boatcm, 3-8. 

Nimtinn ft Brvco. Lyrh- Tiiontre, Ardmore. I. T., Heftoft ft OwdBi t^wlmic. Hpakatw, .Wat*., M* 

■ :t-H; Bn«W, Oklahoam. Okln., 10-lfi. 8er lie. Lilly. K. ft P. VdIor 9q.. N. Y. C, 3-8. 

Nnrninn. Mn.-v, iiri.he.iin. ta» .Miwleo, Cnl.. 315. Smiley, AlMlejl,,A. A H.. Boston, 3-8. 

Noble*, MUta! A Dolly, (jotlwm.Bkln.. MfKOf 8pekec, WUkea .v Co., Lyric, Clevelnml. 3-8. 

elly. Bkln.. ln-15. Enrerana-, Margaret. Mieralou, Ban Fran., Cul., 

>y ft GmIT, Tuiabllnc Ban Tark.' I'ottsville, 

H'n Diun'. Cpmirr'M, Coiioy Maud, N. Y., 3-8. 

lililHli.-Caid. B j*.- MnHiMitle -Wtj.. »-8- 

i.-h.-in-k. Chun., ft Co., flli.j,!»Hc, dhlcnno, 3-8. 


lllL-Vinini™ 'Brmir'itrplieii.11, Hiiii LkW.% if.,' 3-8 

itriitifiiiu, DwiTi'n Col.. 10-K.. 
Mill. Mm ray K-. Mnje-ill.-. CU1««», 3-8, 
lllhbi'rt ft Warren. Slur, lluunllwl, Mo., .1-8 
iili-Mlihoriii. Tbe..l<yrl(! P«rk, Ft. Hailtb. Ark., 

'a-8;' L.vH.: Purk. Ard-m.-ro, 1, T., W*IB. ^ 
IIIiil"* *■■ Jt-'nilliu .Mn^ilc. ChlciiKO, U-8; Co- 

■ liimbia. 81. 1-ihiK W'l.-i.- 
lllll ft Hill, Keelti-y'9. Bklli., .1-8 
-MidtiiiMikM, Mualiml. VRM 

llrtliinii!' Al. 15-'' ft Minnie, Hnlniiurter. BluUfall, 

jjnr.,:t:*r.; twitahalh'o. Coin, io-30. 
llomllid. Ilnrrv. K. ft V. Kulun Hi]., N. Y. O., 3-a. 
II-llduwoi-tliH, The. Park. AlUol. .Mm-*.. 3-8. 

lion. Air., Mow Tour, Km... a-uu. 

HuliHi'M .t IMlWtoji, J'nrk. Ittockloti. Mima.. 3-8. 
Howoiiti., MhI'VL'Ioiih, llayiiuirkiit, Chlentp), H-8. 
tiowuiil. tleo. F„ Conner'n, Coney lutruiil, n. Y., 

lioiuiejV. Hklll., W-Ia. 

I.e flnlr ft llnrt. N.mdts. llklii.. 3-8. 

I. ■ AL. <;i-.i:i'l. Milwaukee. .WiV.,. 3-8. 

\a! (toy ft WiNidford; Or-ilu'iuii. Mlniien.*oll». ilJnn., 

3.N; OnihCum. kiiii-nM CltV, M«i., 10-JC, 
UnnuclH, Jlny, MnidiiUtmi, Norfolk, Va.. tl-9. 
U'HlLe'H I'wi-tile Ulri-iiH, Fnlr; Bntavia, N. Y., 3-8; 

CiVTrtden'klll. 10-13. 
tairtiuxy Kriii.,.«. U. 1U. liidlni|ni<olln. 3-8. 
Le llvr ]lro3 M Fitlr, Taimlon. Mann., ;(*8. 
L'-wlM-ft ('liiii'lii, TiiHivlero; ChletiE", iI-15. 
Li^fHe ft Wl.lliim-i, NoTi-lty, Oinnim, Xuh.. 10-13., 
Levy, .Miri. .i i j1 — i . ft Co., Mnmiloira Purk, St. 

tanK :i-8: CiKik'ii i'nrk, KvuiinvIIIu, Intl.. 10-13. 
Leonnnl ftllnitMo. U<f~-V:i|-d, Boatim, 10-10. 
Lee. lli'in-y, M.i|e-.|lf. ClihraKc .3-8. ■ , 
Livy, Hert.i Uljon, Didiillj. Minn., 3-8. 
it (lanleu. Reicra LimlMny'a Monkey**, Wiillo Oily, Chluuttu. 3-13. 
l.Uli'iix CI), Full* Tniiiiloii. Miii-h., ;.-il, 
Llli-ihieotlp, 'I'lic. C'miI/m Turk. KvuiikvIUc, lud., 

3-8; duller l'nrk. Clxelimutl, 1U-13. 
l.i.i:kliiui, MtiM. liimleiitmrsh'M, I'bllu., 3-8. -. 
•iiilw'tjea Itfj, -l-*iilr. Tannton, Matw.. 3'8. ' 

N-ihlelt A Mardh-UI. Kmplre; IKw Moines, la,. a-R. 
XiidoM. Fatiit>ni CI), XnrumneKu Park, Boatou, 3-8. 
Xye. Xrd. Kelth'-t, i'hlla.i 3-8. 
'O'Brien A Havel, slic.iV. Buffalo, 3-8. 
O'Brien ft ' Burkloy, J'n-tor'H, N. Y. C 3-R. 
■O'Brien. Mr, ft Mrs., K. A P. Union Sq., IS. t. 

C 3-R". 
O'Duy, bin, ori-iieitm. 8slt Luke. U.. Ml) Or- 

lilieiinj, Dl'H. - ?!*, Col., HMJi. 
Oilell A ului.-v, Oler.tnnu-y Purk. Cotumhns, 0., 

tl-idiii. Helen, Ce.lnr PL. Somlnsky. O,, 3-8. 
. OHtpw (.'Si, Heiiili-rMoii'ii, Coney HUM, N. Y., 

yilvo, Troujie, llendemon's, Cowy itflaod, N. Y., 

3-8.. ■ ■ > ■ ■ 

n.Wt'H'i- MlnutrelP, Oanh>u, Bn3ulo. 3-8. 
r.Qlm ;■ ArUwr- Spring Ororo Park, Sprlniifleld, 0., 

trittiiirke A QltHaui, Colonial, No. Adams, MaBB., 

3-8. ■■- - , , 
Drib ft Ft+ii. K. A P. 23d St., N. Y. 0„ 3-8. 
UmrM ft Chnrlen, Cnahio Park. Bliigbniatoii, N. 
' -*Y„i. ».»»-, - 

oturo .hum. BIJoii. DiH'nlnr. Ill- 3-8. 
nTiKile, ..hiiik. Jtljou. Duliith. Minn.. 3-8. 
Owen. Jtnby, ft Co., Moiimc Purk, Toronto, Can., 
'3-8. ■■ 

AshUnd. .Pn.,3-8; 

S)bor», .BlnDcbe. Pell'-- Hartfopl. Conu 
Poll'cXcwIIaTen, 10-13. 

WleknlT, -Biihy Irina, Grand, Jollet, III., !U- 

Bljmi. Kcnoabn, Win., 10-13. 
WHsmi Bro«.. Oolanihln, Clnclnnntl, ."1-8; Ohinnlr. 

ChleaBO. 10-13. ' ' ' 

Wilsons, 1'Iyhi-r, Fair, Taunton. Muss.. 3-0, 
Will-on, Jack,- ft Co.. Trent; Trenton, N. .L, 3-h. 
Willis Family, Keith'*, i'lilln., Ilj-ir.. 
Wl-t»u A Katon, Corinthian,- lltn.'lieHter, H, Y.. 3-8 
Williams ft-Mulhiirn, Park,' WheelliiK. W. Va .';■ 

S; Lake Bide Park. Akron. O.. 10-13. 
WIIDmiis A Hen*. Colllna' Uarden, Coluiubu!-, l> 


?!' *T-'-L* r ^mS It "if Wlllhuns ft -Mayer, Foreat Park. Kansas Cliy. 
^h#rma.vft t ne .^it. h. ft P. 58th St., N. Y. Jr() . ;-.$: r.otety. X ft rlii ff ncl.L IN.. ]t *.ir,. *' 

WIHlnms ft Thomas, Olympic: 'Chletifu. " 

... 3-8: lUiiL-lnmlrm. 10-15. 
Shrivne. A |.. Ui. iml. Hiiinlli-m. O., 8-8. 
mock Brw-.. Urplienm, Mliiiicaiiolls, 3-8; Or* 

lilit'imi. iiiimiiii, Nel>.. 10-15. 
Short ft simrt. . Cenlrnl Port.-. Dmtklrk, X. Y.. 3-8. 
Hhaw. Lillian, Pull's, Bri dip-no rr. Conn., 3-8. 
8hnimon. LiiTlnla. CO. n.. Iiiillanapollf. 3-8. 
Slierry. J. W.. IHJnii, Duliith. .Minn.. -l->i. 
■Winbert Oflartette. Trent, Trenton. N. J.. 3-8. 
M;lle)dH, Kiln. Hipp.. Hall. Enff., 3-8; Hoiborn, 

I^mdon. < 10-13; PnL, Oroyrlon, 1T-Z3; Btar, 

Lii&don, 34-23. 
Hlmttmrk, TMly. Kiwuey's. Bkln.. a-8. 
SMi-frlcd, Brui ten hnrfih'a, Phlla.. 3-3. 
MUMM iliHlcal, Hownrt, Boston. 3-8. 
Mm .Vinit, Xrinmii: Park. Mllfoiil, MaH.s„ 'J-$; 

Hriokrihle Park, Athol. 10-15. 
S-hlrl ft Kesuner, Doric: Yohkcn*. N. Y„ 3-8. 
Smltii ft Lu Boko, Boston. Fall Blvor, Mass.. 3-8. 

Worid'a Comedy Four. Cook's. HuvlieaUT. X. Y.. 

:m: a.iA s.. n. y. cv lo-m. ; 

WW FranclN, Park, Duuklrk, N.Y.. 3-8. • 
Wolfes. Mnskal. White City; Cbjoan. 3-8. 
WoiniiK'KiBtallloax. SUea'a, Boffalo, 3-8. 
Wyehcrly, Marj-arct, Cbulcs, Sail Fran., Csl., 

3-S. . ■ ... 

Veonians. rj^-irfte, Orpheum, penrer. Col.. 3 M, 
Ymlw, Exhibition. Tonmto. Can., 3-8. 
Yorke- Comedy Four, Miner's, Bowery, N. Y, C-, 

YomiK, Tot, Loeai'Kport, lud., 8-8; Frankfort, 

Youuv, F. i'.. Shea's, Buffalo, 3-8. 
Yunn.i Athlallc Purk. Buffalo, 3-8. 
Zanvijn-, llie. (lunlck. Wllintn«tou, Del., 3-8 ; 
notlmni. HUi... 10-13. 

I^iniint-il BniK.. Liiinlfe, Leudvllle, Col., 3-8, 
LukeiiH (-1), (1, MTV ' 
X. Y. «,. 10.18, 

Liny ft l.liuler, Ktdlli'a, Clevuliuiil, 3-8; G. 0. 
J - i * i * ■ : : - 10-15, 

"Ti & Vsmm* T ' ,ro "" , • °" n " M1 iSSt^StT&iJf^J^M:, 

Hoivard A 'r.lwlei*.' Pitxtanit Pork. HnrrUbur*. Pa.. 

iloM'ard ft Xonii. Viriorla. X..Y. iU ML 
Hoffiimii. Ktlth-. Boi-ky Point. II. Li-lM*. , _, 
llvrlou ft ta FrUkn, II-kih Luke, WtH.imoeket. P. 

I.. 1 3-8; Brook- Ilk- Pink. Athol, Mnas. t 10 15. 
Mono. A Huott, KellhX Cli'tdlund, 3-8; Tclmtle, 


OnTs,'Tl.e. i-Woodlaml park, 
Fair. Ciiha. N. Y.. 10-13. 
Patrlv-e. .Poll's, - .Hurlm-ltfld. Mass.; 3-8. 
Pirn Anici'Iiuir Fonr. Hnmllion, 0..-3-8; Mlddle- 
"town, 10-15. 

nStom-mm, Onm, x. y.. xs. 

■ Pnrlsli, Pnstor's.N. Y. C, 11-8. 
Plltshurif, 11-8, Victoria,, L'atiy Bros.. K\|n.Httlon. Toronto. Can., 3-8; 
'-. OolmnburfJ Hi, Nulls. 10-13. 
Putty-Prank TnHJM- WMMMMM N. Y. C 3-i5. 
Pmilo-Mlmh-H (I), Fair, 'Staten Island, N. Y., 

HiWifi's A Luw; Lyric, Providence, 3-8. 
S|.hiiIiIIiil' A Diipnce. Mnjentlc, Krle, Pn.. 3-8. 
S|-ook MltiMtrelH, New Bedford,' Mass., 3-8; Fall 

• KWor. 10-15. 
Hidcfr ft Grinder, Inman's, Coney Island, N. Y., 


Itaul, Minn, Wiistiliiitlnn. Simkftne; Wash., :»-8 j 

.■'li-iiml. I'atrlJiotd. on*., fo-in. • 

Ho'inrd Slstei-H, limiilDisoirs, Coney lalautl, N. 

Y.i 8-8. '' Trio,,, NY. c. il-8. 
- T 1 1 ''.ii'.'.. H M. -. , I'm ..urn. Conn., 3-8 ; Novelty, 
' Hkhi., ioi ... 

Hi'liiies .v h-wls, Jl?n*s. B^'alinba. Wis., H-8. ■ 
llii-t.Hi A l',|ltii». Casino. Bye Beaeli, N. Y., 3-8. Mnsh'Hl. I'ltwnieket, it. L, 3-8; Cohttdal, 

Lii-iri-iti'i'. Mas*.., 10-15. 
IIuhhI llrn-.,* KalftlVW l'nrk, Diiylon, O.. S-f. 
Ilitxi-y. llfo., l.t'\ini;i,.n l'nrk. llostoii, .i-s. 
1-Mriiwt r Mr. " 
• tXiirn., ii-8. 
HUkilK'N. 'Mr. ft Mrs. Nick* AiiiHlenlaui, N.- Y. ('., 

Ilijrti.* Tiiereso ft Kiidle.' Ailaiillc Harden, N. Y. 0., ' 

mains -A MVlnlyre. Templr. Di'trdlL 3-8. . 
Hyde, lleulh ft W«l-*h. I.yrw Purk. Piu-simis, Kan., 

:i-«; LvrlM Park. Mnskeiwn, I. T., 10-lfl. 
Hjilo. ll<>l> ft llei'jlui. Itosiolt. Lowell, Mmhs.. 3-8. 
liikTiun ft I'ronln. Wnodlyn Park. Camden, N. ,1., 

, 11-8; lUhMMlrome. y.faii.Clty. tO-13. 
" limuMt ft Hum, 8tirln)(l>i\H>k I'uvk. Hi). Bond, lad.,, 

' 3-8 f Miilli i*l„ Peorlli, 1|L, 1H-I5. 
Iliimui, Win. Ai. ft O'J II. ft II., llkla., 3-8. 
.iHinvs ft DhyIs, IlUon. PI. Huron, Mich.. 3-8. 
.I;t,'iju-'ii, Albert, ft Bid., Festival,- .Clnidmialt, 

..„J«inr, 3-8; Gliasc'f, 
Wnshliigtai, !*..»*.. .'rf*fttu ' 

Luliv, ISdna, (ir|iln.'iiiii, Jlosloii, 3-8. '■"' ' ' 

Lmiille ft Ituinlull, Oljiiliile, ChleiiKo, 3-8. 

Lhi-its. Jlltilnle, .Maje-itli-, Chlifouo, 3.8.' 

Lm-kles, Tlif, .vtlnntii' Ciiidcu, N. Y. C. 3-8. 

' >m. it,- Ktslem, Moiilimeliluh Baltliutire. 10-13. 

Lynn, Fay ft YihIiik, lliiynitirkei. CJilestfu, -3-U. , 

LyHler ft rmik, Fiiinlly; LniiciiHtvr. Pu„ 3>8. 

Majeslk Trio, oridivmu, Knnsus Ulty, -Mo.< 3-8; 
ili'l'ln-nin Oawliti, SfOWi 10-13. --'-.Y 

Mn«i{.i ft I'm. . Bmplru. llolKikeu, ■ X. J., 3-8; 
Kellli's, PravldttDve, 10-15. 

I. C, 

Pearl, Kutherlne, ttiiyniarkct. Chlcn|o, 3-8. 
Peud leu-lit-, The. ■ Ushrldue, Muss., 3-8. ■ ■ 
I'erHonl, Cninllle. Ktur, Heutlle, Wash.. 3-S; 

rerVi-, cdarliiUel ft' Co., Trent. Trcnlon, N. J., 

Phllbtiwil. Lyrlii, I'lsveliibd,' 3-8. 
Pll:colo MldifctN, Keeney'a, Bkln., 3-8, 
WnW.l Mrtlale. WpM Toiir, KnR., 3-Oct. 22; 

Vi>ti-.ipi.l! Inn, l.i-Jiii.iii, z:: .in. 
I'0-Up ft tao, K. A P: Uiiloil Hi|.. N. Y, C, 3-8. 
I I'idk, KoIHiih ft On rmeir Bisters, Temple,' Detroit, 

^n^^.^^m^i^h^^ 1 -^ °" ^^ffl 1 ' ®*°' s,,rh " r "'"* '*** Spr,u,l0,!W ' a - 

Potl-lers (3), oiontnnity Pork. Csdumiitis, '0., 3-8. 
I'otter ft llnrrl**, Idea, Fond du Lac, Wis,, 3-8. 
l-rlllte. Ardmi', Honton, -3-8. ' 
Pruiiijilii .Miisliul 'I'rlo, Fitiully, Ueruntou, E'n., 

• ■ 3.«; ■.■■■:; 

Pitvlilhis. Y.. Crystal Purk, Ht. Joseph, Mo.. 3-8. 

Prytm., The. CVrtn'r PL. H-iudilsky, O., 3-8J'Pbb- 

Idr's, N. Y. C-. 10-15. 
Pulley. Baby 'l.uelln, Huniautr-;, Pa.', '3-8; 

1 Kiislon, ■ 111-15. v ' 

Psychs, Mine,, LextULjion Park, Boslon, .3-8. 
Fiillry'- ftlnek AiiieTltuimj Balto., Md., 3-8; Pitta. 

■ iHinr, 10-13. * ■ 

Piii-kw <!!>._ Temiile, Detroit, 3-8; Cook's, Ro- 

Marekicy, Win*, "uij-niwlc, Ho.' Bidid, jllil.',,' 3-8; ' Quaker City 'ijtiiiVtette, II, ft B., Bkln., 3-8. 

tlntiitLMHwuiikit!, Wk.-lO-IB >* Uulnluns, 3uwIIuk. Clib-a-fa. 3-8. 

1 Urr . *i'T H ".' W.* 1 , 1 '"$> ■ , 1 ,,w *« n -*- ,*;.-, X- 38. •iluliiti Trio. Giulfi-oy'-.. NMml Kujdds: Mirk.. 3-8. 

Jttnlo ; .*l ilo, | ( iik*sdi. Park.- Akron, p.j"IJ-fi. '■ <>iliihm Twins. Bchaefei-'a Harden, Colmnhus, 0.. 

Mn in i .-i A iiL.i in ii, „ii inn-lit, ■. I'M ii". ' ik ■ . ' ' 

M.Mwilii ft Millliy, .UlnW's, WiiHliliinton, IV C, 
Minllii ft Ulil«ivuy. Atlantic- Garden, J^Jft' C.' 

MaUriW (3), Yoiihk's Pier, . Atlantic Clix.'.'N. J,, 

3-8; tkinTentu tor's, Atlaniiv City, ib-.r.. 

■Mtl.-I., 'I'.iu.l , AuistiTilmii, X; Y. i '., ;i -.. , ' 
Mr. A Mm, tk-iie, Pull's, Brltt|te|>or(- Miutlns, The, .V. ft 8., Busioii, y-8. •■ * '■ 
' Jludtlox' ft Mi-tvlt., Pusli-r'N, X. Y.C.. 3-tT. 
Miitloiis ft a-Ii!.--. , Kellh'H, DoHtoii. 3-0/- ' 
Mudlnittjiu i-uiiatlv F.iiit-, <1. o. II,, PUIaburc 3-8, 
^luutell's MaVluneltos, Bulk*. iloiiL, 3»;- Hnu- 

kaiiif ( *WiUili.,--10-13. . i ..,. \ 

Mucart! Win.lL, Keriivj's. Bkln.. 3-8.-"' „. ' 
Marlins, The,- -V. -A 8.. Ikutoii, 3-8. 


.:.n !,-!■ :i J'Viiillv. -i ". : i- -.- 1 1- - I.'iiim". Am-t.-i i|„in. Ilol., 
. ,3-13 ; Melllul. ILttmver. 10-31. 
'.Tnvk, Mr. A Mix. Celernu Purk. .Ismcstonn, N. 

y.. 38. 

■lolisen. Herr. ft Do., OlciUniltiy Purk. i>>|imilms, 

U.. 34. 
.Ii-inii'tle ft BoberlH, lloslun. Lowell. Mass., 3-8. 
.liitithiKK ft llenlfii'w. Le\ lit*. tvu Purk. Bliston. 8-0. 
'.lemil-e ft ElUwiirlh. Lliieolu Park, New lledfui'il, 

MhHH,,:t^, ft- Mtiek, IlUon. Norfolk, Vu.. 3-8. 
.Lihiit-uil, CIichIit ft lIUHluetl, Iltiulevunl, Miilfitrd, 

Mass... J1A. 
Jolnp-'litiin. Mnslnil, lll.iOk|MHjl, Kn-t., a-8; lEmp., 

l.lier'HKtl, 10-15; Kui|i., Mmiidieatert 17-221 

llliip.. Hull, 2I-2H. 
.Itilinit, -kduiiiy. Mlisle Hall 

V.. a 8. 
iimt ft i.ii.'iiiniiil, fnliinc. lOnti Claire. Wis,, 3-8. 
.Kuibtiis, I'lylniF,' Ikniihiliui Park. Montreal, Can., 
■• 3-8. ... 

.Iinilan ft llnrvey. Oniheum. Bkln., 3-8. 
.-.lotii's ft Bnttuu, OakrunlJ'ark, Jenimetlo, Pa.. 3- 

S; Atlunlk* Guillen. N. Y. C 10-15. 
.luiieH A Watlon, Cuiiin's Garden, Oulumhus, 0-, 

,3-S. • - 

^tuilpor Bros., Mohawk, Reheiieclndy, ■ N. V„ 3-8; 

Anoutjr. Bliivlunulon, lo-L'. 
knles Bros.. UtiyiumkeL Chli!llKo, 3-S; MnJi'Ntle, 

("ik-nc.i. 10-15. 
Kinie. Leoimril. Aiulilnrliiin. Lynn, Muss.. 3-8. 
hnnl'iuiii HlstPii-, llntliawny's. New Ileilfiii'd, 

Mas-., 3-8. 
KiininV I'atitomlme t«>,. Ooli.nlnl. X. Y. O.. 3-8; 

Orjiheiim. Bliltt., 10*13. 
Knriiati, .1. 1'.. troiiey Island. K. V.. 3-13, 
ImiIhii'. Clins. ft Ada, tlvati Cln*o Ihdl, Mer-leo, 

• ii-ir.. 

K< 'in. in, IVindby. Falrvl-.iv Park, lliiytoti, O., 3-8. 
Kelly ft Kern. Oi'i.heiiiu. si. Paul. IMIim,. 1013. 
Kelly: ft: Adams. 'Fiveta-dy, Purk. XVwtsirl, R. I., 

.Kelly\ft Iti'iiii.'Ainlltorlum. Lynn. Mnss.. n-8. 
Kelly K Im'1-.V. I'.ljnil, Full lllvcr. Mil--... 3-S. 
kidljr. fl-ilii ft Mm. Oruud, Jidlel, 111., :i-8; Onalle, 

Klieotl'i's. Kewport, tt. I., 

K.-nticily ANWIIkeus Itlverslde Plifk. MoWrral, 

Can., 3-8V ■Terrnee l'nrk, Ottawa. 10-15. 
Keilfh. 1'hon. \, ft C>'.. Moure's, Povlhind, Me., 

3 8. \ 
K<h'(i.». (.trpl m Poitsiiiiiiilh. U.. 3-8: 'New 

Bmiilwuy. MhtilMnwu. to.|3. 
iJ. ■('.*. .y.i'iiu, 1-iiiiiitiA Pntersoii. x. J., a-8: Km- 

Idro. . Hobukoii. 103?. 
Klndmll. ft Lewis. G. O, II.. PI.l-d.urK. 3 8. 
Klititer,<Oriilii>lt)N, I'-irtatuUiilli. U., :l-8. 
Ktrlji ft Cllftoil. i>iitheuni.i.Mlniieai*ollR. Mlun,. 10- 

Kl"ln. Oil llnw. ft Xh-lioMim. ' Xiirttml-e'iA Park, 

lliMti.n, :l-S. t 

Kt-I" ft Klein. Wemma lleiteh, Hay City, Mleh., 

Hleist. Mimical. KelUi's, Boston. 3-8; Moore's, 

I'orllaml, Me.. 10-15. • , 

KnelRKel-. Lew. I'milVigvii. Porllaiul. Ore., it-its. 

Kohl. Gii" ft Marlon. Iltjoii. Superior, Wlc, 3-8; 
HIJoii, wiimii'iv. Can., 10-13, 


Atutioiiey ft Lake. Ili-sileubnriili's. Plillal'.^IO-IG. 
Maivu.T.rliis,:Oi'pltt*iiiti.. Ihlivt-r, OoL, ;Wt' * 
.Munvim; XeVai'm ft. .Marei'iia, Cisik's, 'itocbestur, 
' X..-V,, a-Sj-NliCii'tV BiiITd)(s -10-tfl, : :■ ', 

Miiiislleld ft Htiruey, (I, II.. Bhtomlutfitoii, Intl. 
• il-Si.Uv ll.f Bmlfovd. UI-15. ■ 
.Mitiiiiliitf'H Kitler l AIiiitk. Alhaitlbru, ... 
Micinhull ft taiTUlm*. Keltll'H, lloslun, ll a 8. •. 
.Vrm-dii Trio. Ltik^lde Cnslim, Aknrti, OV. 3-S. 
Mar-tuls, llllc. Vh-lovla, X. Y.„p., a-tfr; :. 
•Jin Win'. Duvi! ft •I'orcl.*.' CntmL I't.it1iirtd,-1 
Oj'UnUtt.; Tacoiaa, 10-15. 


QuiiiC Maek ft Nlekerson.. Sltea's. Toroiitn, Cnn., 

■3-8; Keith's. CteVeltilid, 0-. 10-15. 
ItayuioiKl*-. (lotlfiiiy's. Grand Rapids, -Mleh., 3-S. 
Ii, 3-8 J Audi- 

nliifcUni. Intl., ■ Itiiyiiniiitl ft Crtvrrty. iir-.hi-mn, Boa ton, 

». .- : '-"-' ■ |,or|nm, Lynn., • 10-15, ■-.-• 

X-.; Y. .,C.V 3-8. 'Kity ft- Tuytor. )Voy«Wiler, Mass.. 3-8 

_. )Vori\iileri Mass., 3-8 ; Boatou, 

BiiuKoncs. The, .Oryatal. FrnMkfdrti lnd„ 3-S; 
Orjstal, BlWood. 10-15. ■ ■' 

«C. J- Ralslon, Bobby, Ml Imx.a l'nrk. Pnin.-im. Mass., 

* s ii-l neri A ■ Thomas, TroHidero. S. 
Family, Scranim*, Pa.. 10-15. 
IIUIHHU1 ft Crawford. 'Oakfdi-d Park, Jeonuetlu, 

Pa... 3-S ; BoUthen. Park. Plttaburif. 10-13. 
Rliiplcy ft Leonard, Chase's,- Waahluntorl, D. C, 

Sle-li'iir-' /■ W'i'">i., TumMIns Dam I'ark, Brldicc- 
tOD, N.J.. 8-8. 

Sttiison, J. Bailey. HiHinefer's (larden, Colmnhus, 
«'.. 3-8. 

Stein- Bit*'. to Family. Mltea's, Buffalo. 3-8; Colum- 
bia. Chii-hinull, 10-15, 

Stanleys, The, AuiMehluin, N. Y. C, 3-8. 

Slanh* ft All-ten, iiriihettm, Porumotitli, 0., 8-8; 
Orplilnin, Llmti, lu-in, 

BtAkUBl A Kutli', Hathaway, New Bedford, Mass., 

Bltiar't A Kecley Sisters, Bijou. Rvnusrllle, Intl., 

Btirk. Knby Toble, Alhlome, lots, Kan., 3-8; 

Ahil.m*.', IMllHl.iii-:, 10-15. 
St. Leon ft MeGnslck, Alenxur, Deliver, Ool.. 3-13. 
St. -loliu A ta Fevie, mrenldr Park, Sngltmw, 

MMi..- 3-8: Temple, Delivlt. 10-15. 
Si. Belmo, Jus., Fair. Port UU'hmoiul, 8. I., 3-8, 
8t. . Finn., Leo, Tiiiiibiiiij; itiiu Park, Pottsrlllo, 

SI. Claire,' Mubel, Keith's. Phlla.. 8-8. 

St. iTulluit, M., Mimley's. So. Beach, N. I., 3-8. 

Sully- ft Phelps. O. U.. Norwich, N, Y., 3-8; O, 

II.. Hiidw-n, 10-15. 
Siimzel ft Hum II, Gnind, Marlon, lud., 3-8; Lyric, 
t Terra Haute. 10-15. 

Sin ton, Lmry F.,Ali*doiue. Bowman, Mont.. 3-8. „ 

Swlekard. Mr.: ft Aim., Brook*(do Park, Athol, Hevero's. Sinn,- mttomam — N. Y. Gliy 10-1J. 
,-Jlnss.. 5-3. ' "*'nr ■ Her . U-jtior" fBoImw ft Smith, nigra.)— 

Swor A Wei-tbtouk, G. 0. Ii., Grand Ranldii, Sltuiiford, Conn.. 15. 

Mich., 3-8; Bl>>ti. Kolamnwu,, 10-13. "Faiilutiu" ' W. ft li. ' Hniilon, uifM.)— Atlantic 

SWiiu's Il>!>es. riilr. Taunton. Muss., 3-0. Oily, X. J„ 3-5. 

Syl venter, Jones. Prlngle ft'Slorrell, Vleturia, R. Gollmnr Bros.' Shown-— Coneurtllu. Kan., 8. Oliy 

Y. C. 3-8. ' Center -10. Mlnnenjtolis -J1, Slrong Clly J". 

Tiiiieim. I-Vllx ft Claylou. Ilnn-f Ijike Park, Woon- Miivlnu CI, ILiteliliiKut. H, Great H,'iul !*■ 

— -ket, R, L. 3-8; Wootlaldo Park, Athol, Mats., 

'Q7f TltB HQAU. 

Sill. 1.1. imp I l.lHt^ Tim. Lute 

for ( li<M«ui---.f Ion. 
mrafM, Earl -Wiileitown, N. Y., 3-8, Diden** 

hur« 10-13. 
Riir-reNM, Hurl (4M.- K. Rubtiison, irti{r.)— law* 

n-nee, Mums., 3-8. Marlboro 1015. 
Runn-Hs. Knrl (Frank Hi Kherry, mgr.)— UbUWI. 

Pa.. 3-8,'lIunovi-r HM3, 
Biomlwnj* (lak'ty Gtrls (James II. Curl In, IW.) 

— X..Y. City 10-15. 
Ihulow ft Wilson's Mlnslrels (Lawrence Barkiir, 

uiyr.)-.-Huuke])Hiick. X. J,, 3. .Kuglewoisl 0. Suf- 

rcrn. N. V., T. Warwick 8, Husscx. N. J.. Jo. 

Xeivton-11, Wasbliictoii IS. .. • 
"Itnadar and Uil Wnlf" (Shaw A Gillugbrr. 

niBi-s-l— -Aiioku, .Minn., 0, Pidm-i'loti 7. Mwill* 

eello-8. Kt„ Cluud 0, Mlluou 1U. Mma.ll. " PHie 

C|ly 12, Suuilstoim )5, liwi Illvoi. Wis., I... 
Crawford'n Comi-illuna— Osiige Oily. Knii.'. 0-15. 
Coloulnl iii-iir-. (Cltiis. Falke, mffr.) — X. Y. Clly 

Canadian Jubilee Nlinjcrs <W. T. Oury. tiigr.)— 
Bl-ucebrlilKe. Ont.. Cun.. 10, Jliintsvllle It, 
- Burks fi'ulls 12. Snubrldue 13, South ■ IHver II. 
Trout Creek 15. 

Fiiilk-l I a. i.ii l,i, X. 11.. 0. 7. HlUlL-OUk Bi 

"Clay Btikey," Rowluiid . i< OMffuvd't*. <JuM!|di 
, Gray, iiigr.) — Muniuctle, Mich.. 7. Cnliiiial K. 
take Llndon 0, -IlMiiifK-k 10. iHlipemltig li, h> 
.eanuba 12, Marinette, Wis,. 13, 'Ocuotli II, 
GreeuDny 15. 
Daniels, Frank (C. B. DIUIiiKhaui. miiT.)--AI* 

latitlc City,- ,N. J., 3-5, Hartford. Conu.. 8. 
Dulley, Peter? V. -(Hum S. A Leo Shtiliert, mgi».) 
All.ui.lo City,- N. J , 

flurrlolt TwH.s.Mttian Clh\.' Bell: Slwlfaj? ,3-10. ■ ' IbVft-iln. A Lynm... Pumlly. Shumokln. Pn„ 3-8. 
Ma^wtdl, Jas.,A.A-8. ( Imslon 3-8. SJj. . llanwy S|-.|ei*s. K.uidte, llolyoke. SUh» 3-8 

MiiKwell ft Dudley, I'iihIoi's, X. Y. C.;;tr-8. Lywnui, Biwdm. IMS, U J V "* *«n-*"-, '»o, 

Jliiya ft Hunter, Ktiiidri-, -Ih's Jlolues. ;.i.. :;s. 
, MKeiu't , s..IUj| l '0;ft> Jlnnkiv*. (irplieum. ' Ht. Paul, 
Mlun,. 3-8i * li iHtt'tiiu. Mhiliealiolt-i.- 10-13. ■. 

Miuii.ii ft D--IIIU', caiih-n. ituiTnio, as. ' 

MuL*k. Tuny, Anw1Wi|aiu, X, V, C, 3-8. 
MRtbh.ii, -tll-Jglltiff. Bl>ni. " 
llljim, ..pjdelviii. Hf-ir 

OMikosb. WuJ.j 
llljon, Apjdelv.ii, 10-15, _ ' •' v - 

Brighton Bench, N. 'MiircVllne, irtpiWiltoiue, ,x: Y, C 3-15,- •' 
Met'lellnii. .tin-., itiji.ii. IimI'iiii, Mlnu.. '','1-8. 
Millairy ft MorgAilj i HIJoii: Hny City, Ml«li. 
Mellouahl SlHlern, Sliee-ly'i., X.m\|hhL It. I. _ 
MoCnVlliy, Ui*k, A Co., K. ft V, '23il Ht.; U. Y, 
" 3-8. 


Tniinii. Chestnut lllll. PhUit,, 3-8; inland Park, 

Elision, Pa., HM5. . • 

Taliilee ft OfiuMt. Boulevoixl. MetHprd. Maita..3-8. 
Taini. Billy. Family. ■'Hitiullioii. I). I 8-8; Ornheum. 

1 Portsumutli,' 10-15, . . ■ ■ 

Tunneaiis. The. AlbleHc Park.- llnffaia. 3-8, 

Taylor.. Bessie. Kmpliv. -HO Mollies, la.. 3-8. 

real. : Rayiuitod, HIJoii. Berul-tr. 111., 3-8; Blloti, 

EvaiiBvlllo. J ml., 10-15. 
Teniiy; ltoxluu, taivell, M«ss„ 3-8. 
Tenley, Eleanor, 'llnwa rtl, Boston. 3-8. 
Tevlfy, (ji|iln*uiil, Los Annx'ks, Cni„ 31 

Hdliilmiis, Flying,- Athletic l'nrk, Buffalo. -3-S. 
Rlisiiis A- Bunks, Hip., Norwleli, Knj-*., M-a 
Buy A Horry. Purk, Des Mnlnes, la„ 3-8; To 

Itaokelts (2). BoitloTard, Alislrord.' Mann., 3-S. 
llnirnyetle's Ddifs. 0. O. II,. ludlnuapolla, 3-8 1 

Columblj. Cincinnati. JO-IS. 
Rndo ft BcHninn.- KelHi's, Providence, 3*8; 
■ Kvltb's. Iloslou. 10-15. 
Itmlford ft Valentine, ('upe M, S. A„ 8-Oet 

&, ^WK 01,ltng °- y ' 8i nSffFt^%&^ 

MeKlssk*k ft Sliadnay. BaltlmOiv. 3-8; .(flttaburg. Rao ft B-ZiJn. tl. ?" II.*. Indlauapolla. 3-8. ^SSf" * * amt ■"•"■A 

HttKUiDoU ft Rwd, HIJou, Jnckvm. sfe., "tVB ; %8L^K£%ft Mjr ™ 1 " ,,He - - R Y " 3 " 

BIJnii, Mini. 10-15. . .. . Ra-ls & Von Kaufman. Liikevlew Park, Torre 

i'arlhy, Myles. A Co.. Cblrtgo, 3-8; Haute, Ind., 3-S. ' 

i.unill.v,- DuveiijKirt, la., ■ 10-13. ' ' lteno ft Abuseo, Mwlden, Conn 


(.'amllyti „., 
Me.Laln SlslrVrt. G. n. li,. Mnnc|ie*U-r. It, U., ,1-S. 
SleCuiH* ft Omul, ilnleiy, yprlngtleld, 111;, U-8; 
. . Fair, .Sandwich, 10-t5, 
Melvhw -4l. Trim I. 'hentoii. X. .!,. .1-8,' - 
Merrltt A Ireland, Caiiluo,- Rye Beach. Hi Y.,- 3-8, 
.Mel. Miirveltviia. Crynlul. IMrult. 3-8. > 
.Mrtnolie-l.u Xole- Trio. -Keith's. I»nivld©ik;e, 8-B. 
Melrose ft Khoer, Trnymore'w, BaltO., 3-B. ■, 
Merkel NUtei-s. Hlpjuodrome, X. Y. O.i 3-15.' 
.Melwy T 


Plum Island, Mast-., 3-8; 

v ,„. , „ , mi „, . 'IVnvollo. Haymarket. Cbluifw. 3-8, 

henu-woud Park. PlUuburg. Trlr, Helen. Hnlhuway's. LowelL 

Lelly, Piim ft Mil. i. in 

n[iwiirJvi;i'.". I'll.".. 

Kelly. JoTmi Ti. ft C..;. 

♦It-uy Trio, Empire, Uu« Molnea, la., -,'|-8, 

■redllll SUten-.G, o, IL. I'l|lt.bur«, 3-a,. 

.ver, Bed, Empire. PlttHllehl. -,Mnsa., ff--3, 
....w.eiiKet- ■ tliyyn'- Trlu, Kveiiey's. Bkln., 0-8. 
Mi'Iiimii Trio, Ulyiaplii. Paris. Fr.. 3-30-; Clrcni' 

i.-arre. Amstehlnni.' Hoi., OCl. 1-tB; Apollo. 

)>, tier.. Id-Mi. 
Mllluniu, chit'-., o'lirliit'-i. Ohwler. X." J„ 3-8. - 
Mlielit'll ft I«.it. G, II, 11.. Pill-bill-K. 3-8. 
Miller, ('ante Belle. Foresr Park, Little 'Reek, 

Ark.. 3-8. , - 
Miller ft |.;dw.nils. KiiUhh.. SlirtwyKan. Wis., S-Si 

.l*'i*d dll tae, Hl-15. ■ . • 

Millers, Mu*ili-iil Ittt. In-aven worth, Kali.. 3-S; 

Sedallu. Mo., loir.. 
Mhehell A Hnwnltw. Star. Monesson, Pa.. 3-8. " 
MlielHdl, O. M.. 'MaJ-vtlv. IMilcago. a», 
Mllrhelln |,;i. l-'ntaily. llln*,-h.iwioii.- S. Y„ 3-S; 

Midiawk, .Vhebeelady. ln-1.%. 
Mlllnnl BiSim. linn a Ihdn. -TonMu-f So. America. 
MhWleiou Maltlklns. Kptlmr Park. S|*rlng. ' 

i'hl. IK. .- 
Mlllefr'lilii HIsM-i-s, (.Mtmin. X. Ti 
MltN ft'Ih. (i1yni|il.-. Clik-iiuo. 
L " *'n,'- Slidl 5F 

, MA 

Reno Will ft May, 
• Lowell, 10-15. 

**-4l° . & A .1V ri !; **'- m "y- ''»'«yetie, ind., 3-8; 

Murlon. Flmtlay. 0., 10-15. 
' ItP B!ilS K 'Mi.lT ,0M "' C 3-8: Acnilemy, 

llelttek, V'arl F.. 

■Bedford ft Winclioier, Trt-ut, Trenlon, 'S. J. 3-8* 

Kvllli's. Jerwv Citv. 10-la, : ••«-», 

Jlctins.Thi*; Oysint Park. St. Joseph, Mo.. 3-8. 
Itemhiffto'i. Mavim*, Chutes, Sun Fran.. Oat, 3-8. 
Reynaid, 1x1. 1\, Eniidip, Hol«oken, X. J.. 3-8- 

K-I'li'-. II..M011, 10-15. ' 

lb u«. -TtteiVHii. Chutes. HturhVan., Cal., 3-8 
llekluw.: Be.'Mnss. Rink. Niudivllle, Tenti.. 3-8. 
Betn.oriK CI.. Poll's. XVw Haven. Conn., 3-8. 
Hlelmrds Brut-,, 1 loiHleiwu's, Ooney Island, N. V., 

like ft Elmer, I'l-oolor's, Trov. X. \„ 3-8,* K. ft 
P. 2ihl SI.. X. V. Ol, 10 15. n 

Rli-e ft Walters, Ca-Almt. Phlla., 3-8. 

IMii' Fmiilly. horiu-y Park, A lien town, Pa., 3-S: 
Pjirk. Knuton, Iti-lr,. * 

UKkurtlH % Chris., orpheinn. Ilkln,. .1-8. 

llkhtiCiM. HIJoii. Oiaid.a. Kelt.. 3-8. 
■«1tfl\o.ConW.1v.Fd»r. COltuubla. Clnelnnati. .1-8. 

lthilios I 11. K. ft P. 23d SI., N. Y. C.. 3-8. 

llliilflm-r-, *P«e, BHHnusr. MonL, 3-8. 

RVhan.s.' Great, Sptt: take Park. Trenton. ?*. J., 

lth» ItmH. (!.), Poll's.' Woreeater. Mhsa., 3-8. 
JtU-lmnJMiii. I,:iven.ier. ft tin. . Tkdiniir Giirih-u, 

HtiRtitls-ck's, Carl— 81. Jowph, Mo.. 3. 'Carrol I hm 

4; Kan-ma City 3, taaveuworlb, Kau., 0. OMo* 

wa 7 lulu 8. Pittsburg 10, Garll)U«e. Mo., IL 

Joplhi 12. Cherry vule, Kuu.. 13, Iiidt-ia-udeino 

14. Tultm 15, 

Henry'-i, J. .£.— Elmo, Kau., 5, Dillon 0, Hi* 

. nioiia 7, taat .tBJClDJH 8. 

limit's Silver Plate Show— Sonlhwlck. Man*.. J 

1 Grunby, Omu., 8, New Hartforl 10, XorMk 

"Human Sluve" (Sweet ft Brown, m-a-rs.)— Will- 
met-. Minn., 8. Wutertown, S. Dak., ». Orion* 
vllle. Minn., 10. Hlmioit, ■ S. Dak., II. MlH* 

_ hank. 12, Wheatnu, Mbui., 13. ■ . 

'•Hoiw-Heehei-fl-.jM. W..-JK'1*e, iuj*r.>~SL Jmm'I*. 
Mo., 11,10, Kediaia ill. .Clinton 12. XvvsdB IJ. 
. Plttslmrrf, Kau., 14, .SiirliigUehl. .Mo., 15. 

IiiiiIn.' OrdiPinlrul Band (A.M. Tomllus011.jngr.1-* 
Dcholt. Mliili.. a*8,'Clileii«o. 111.. », kitleiinli; 1 - 

' It -Jlnpia'iii'd In Nordlantl"-^-Illineu, X. Y-, ■'• 
Troy 11, Si-hcnee. lady 7, Albtmy 8. 
Jerry frani- Kerry" (Pnlten ft Fletcher,, nigra.)— 
Portm-fln Prnlrle, Mnu., Can., 10, lllndBtou-* 
1 1, Mluuetlosii la, 

"Mr. Wlfe'a Family" (W. McGowau. m»M - 
Dulutiiue. la.. «. ("oilar Rapids V, Amiutosa 10, 
■Mmittokylu 1-1;<Mtmm*.Uiic .12. Blollnt-, 111.. '••■ 
Ottumw;.. lit., 14, tlrlimell IS. 
MeasBjic ■ f rom. Mars" (Etiipimd ph-ini, mn|-.» .- 
New Orleans. Lo.. 2-8, Jliuninotit, To*., ["■ '■•"■' 
.veslmi, U. Ilouatou 12, Snu Aiiloitlu 1JI. Wacu 

_ Ui.Fort Worth. 15. ■ 

"Moiifnnli," IL' D. Curey%— N. 1 Y. 'City 3-S.' , 

XorUi' Br.m.^Conietllans— Twiiton- Mo., 2-S. Mo* 

.,,r;-i J o l :i'n u ' li:U,c ' * ,8lt ° 8i N « v >-<»'^^^ 

Tunjln. Ben, f& Btirt Park. New Orleans, La.. ,W IU!0 Vl* .WW WesL Ool. Lilll6'a-^le..l-" 

HbrlcJiavlllc 11. Cii«ibr)d*,o 1'- 

Boston. ... 
Thorne, Mr. ft Mrs. Harry, Novelty, Bkln., 3-8 

Howard, Boh ton, J 0-1 5. 
Thorne. ft lluidtiworth. Acme. Sacrommito, Gal., 
3-S; Novelty.- San Fran.. 101,1. 

" Pltlsburp. 3-8. 

Lowell, Mass., 

Thornton. Alloc. Howard, Boston, S-8. 
Tliomas ft Payne, Aiidllotlum, Lynn, Muss., 3-8. 
Thels, LtiU, a IL. GuMsbom. X. C, 3-8. 
Toys Miish-ul. OlenlhiiBy'Pirk. Columbus, d„ I- 
"• Bill's. Kokomo. Iml., 10-13. 

Tolwlo ft Prlee. WlnlerKiirten. Berlin. Her., 3- 

30; Rouarher's. Viemiu. Aiik., Oe(. 1-31. 
Toklo Jupatii-se Tronis*. Fnlr, Taunton, .Mass., 3-8. 

Tnlsn; Mora Park, Youngs town, 0. 

ft Jmnon, Majestic, Chlcajro'. .10-15 

. 3-8. 

Cesseiim, The. IMp-todmiiie. N.' Y.'d. 3-15, 
'V-'!"'; / : ' l "^ oe „ TtvuU Trrnloti. N. > J„ 
Vlettwlu,- X. Y; C... 10-15. 
Vulailom.. Tlie. Hownnl, lloslon. 3-S, 
\aldln-rs. The. Fair. -Orange, Conn., 3-8, 
**-iiGoli-e A Cot rely. (Inveriiator'a. Atli 

vtllf-. 0.. 10, .. 

l-o-dmcloii 13, Newark 11. 2nneHVI"e 15. 
Pnliitlug the Town," Clins. IL' Yule's— Bult I 
. litoiv, Mil.- 10-15. 

3-8; Sol I*- Kb, to Clicim— Cuniidlan. Tex., 7. AhurlP- 
8. ■ Trinidad. Colo., It. 

N. J., 

31, . -M L K, J-: 1 i ,flP - Sloll"*. "'•• Wl ; Gaiety-, Gules 

Imfg', 10-13. 
Miirrlu ft K miner. IVilonna.le, Hallo.. Mil., !.-«. 
M.miamw's CiH'kutw Ckeus, Exhibition, SI. JolnTi 

Oan", 3*8, •*..'- 

trely. (hiTeniaioi-'s, Atlantic Clly, 

Van, Billy. Orplienm. Denver. Col.. 10-15. 

Ian Alslyne ft Henry. Oraml, Hem,, Nov,, a-8. 

\ lTuny K., Ornnd. Hw H >. Nev„ 3-8. 

■Wb'' '' rrV * "™" < - <f ' * "• T > u ' r ' T «-. 
Vh.»-»i. The.' Mountnin Park, Humlllon, Cuu., 3- 
Vttlotil..Alhiim1irn. X. Y. C, fl-8 
J_en-a, Silk'.. Pair, Taunton. Unas., 3-0 
^S^SS^Si , " lkP ' ,T " !| - 8 : ° r l>lii*iim. 
Vut^ut ^KS^J^fff\ Sl.u.aokln. Pa.. 3:«. 

M.uiuHi.rjL ollle, llendersoti's,, Coney, X. Rhiald.M. The, Fair, LhMsila. Ni*.,'3-8j CliU-ngn. V.u! "Si 

hi' AOMiw, K. A P. 58th St.; N. Y. c 3-S ^-wSllLr^lb T* ■ • ' «• Y. c. 3--*. » 

mm. Marvclons. Bijou. DeeituV H„ -S; hi- WadSl* F^S "» °C"V^1 r '.IWSh °"» 3 * iV' 1WU Uo . m >" 1»l»olo B nRili. - ijlf. (lutlnie !•:< 

-Wkwell..' Msikle. Fontaine.' Ferry- Park, taula- Vtilm* Farmrard ' -fl o li "'Jl. '.*'■ .. ,. 1i ^ i,1h . '« well na any, man, llllt lie linM ■"'; 

1 - '<■> • • ' ' ' ■ ^ '"•■»'■«■, IV 10. j,_ fto _,„ «,„ rt ||„ n -. „,„„!. K..-L1. -™.llf 

TruiiB.Atlmiile,H, Hiirlltf A Seumou's—X. Y- CH» 

Wiiili Im-lo-i Koi*Io(y Girls (II. -Kcrimn. iiit'r-'— 
"llnlllmore. Md., 10-15. 
wWjl Jtetttetf* (j. u. Mack, mgrr.)— BllioOotti 

:"- ..'4>» ■ 

A Xovcl Picture. 

Tlirtinrt*- G. (-tiitlirl.t, Cormiir|v 11 fOol'jB*' 
iter.. hoe Just prcwnteil -to Tun Cmitto . * 
DCtitrc of Fraufc ginyen, IU' fouodur. ";'- 
lUeture Iff n. rooi! Iil:«neaH or -Iho- lotf ' « p * 
tijovoii; iliut.'- hurt of (lie i|rt*' Ike fun (ha to It won m-iiHiiiiltslnil by 
Sir. Gnilirle- with lib- feel: -ilone. , . 

ir-ln -iIoiiit In .imuell ntul iniyon. im ■* 

Jiafl some excellent work to ltls-creilLt. 

•-*jnBW"t YORK CITV. 

Ktl(b <fc l*rl»c t or'* ft I ill on 


■'.<Br-K;- Itoftflre.' resident manager). 
^Srt*W' 1 iw 1 *t-i*.^if*o ,u »-* i eH botn r pe*- 
mrmBDCfaitfllMH- Day.'stiil Houdlnl, th* tioild- 
HA fclflttl-WHs-tnei principal; attraction; Mr. 
lToudlt>! Vwork-tiewJ"' no 'cotnment.-for It la 
Mo well and favorably JcnowH Ad -Act new 
tJj' this elty-rWae "The Gems,'* n clever, mu- 
ateal '««,■*■ Whlcb.'has.'lotB.. of life And'plenaing 
features laMtv '•■ Gertfliblvlt succeeded with 
the holiday audiences. i;iie Empire Comedy 
Four .'Oust returned from a long- European 
WOf)* <r*M T V*1 received; and .kept everyone 
Inirood-hOmori May Kdouln and Fred Ed* 
wArdi' pleased la tbefr net-; Geo. W. Day had 
fi'"bndgt-'t-ef : hurrtor to present and met with 
hliV(«B l toina."ry< 'success; Lily •yevllle made a 
most ■ 'excellent InipresBlou,- and won several 
encores.- Others were; Pongo arid' Leo. Bet- 
ttpR Hnice and,' company, the Baileys, Cherry 
and Bates, J Mc. and >.rs. O'Brien, and the 
GRgitottt^ ThQ.klhetogrnph offered a Bum- 
her 0* Yotf pleasing picture*. 

BfSi?^fc«- P *°. ct<l * , » Fifty -»!■ • 


jfiggg Jggjgg : jfijto?PEB.. 


«. K *l n S.^* W WHI Twenty -tifird , Themtre.— William Itoi-k au.l com- 
punj- of Eight Lotus lllrl«, appeared ber» 
Sept. .,1,- nad .promoted ••Thebn." a bit 

reflr.tba reMna, a delirnto blue-tini ..A nlS •»»«■>«»»■ orrerina. ,wltb its own. . apecJel 
carpet^ of a brleo" S. a f d ThlSlS "."SI SS" .equipment «nd lla .overal orljlrul 

boxes have, befc removed SLSB1 B „!*S hi Ben M. Jrrorae. Kdwnrda Duvla nod lila 

:S^ n ", f '' ly ." w "• "' »«">ej »°<l lit tin." 
?.h,„"""? r ; lw '' , 1"'" lf ' 1 i>»^k ottbj riot 
'™?n» a ? ,l "",, bl11 .Introduced Chfl, 
rinltli and llio 'faro JoIuikoiih, clover colored 
•ntntatenj; ritzec-rald and oildiv.pS, 
fiWXLKH eonverantlonailsts: Mite. Saffit 
VnJffif .if""" '",'" of . equilibrium; Dnvo 
.\qwlln, who caused continuous laughter wllb 
his. many voice. ; Jobn C. Illce inefsali, i"o 
ben„Jn their familiar thnnal, iSLSKl"™ 

and. repented tbo aucctasi of several weeks 
ago matlw at a down town bouse. Others 
were: Shenn nnd Warren, n big ItUtbJH 
number; Orth nnd Korn, one of the be m net a 
of its kind on the itllfl ; the. Kenr itlnnns, 
joflepnme Cnfisraan ami, her pickaninnies, the 
Uooaey Mb, Mullen and- Coma, nnd 
bnce.Lhlldera. The motion plctarcs con- 
tinue. ., 

iJOSE fWKJ**^taa!*B*li«8 Ti«»tre 

(Shubert * Plel^j toanflger^.— The reopon- 

UpJn'ihelr^fu'nririar tho'ugh "nuBhtar'Dro- l £? of lhls ' l Deatre on Tfinrsdoy night. Aug. 

Loyec;": 'The -Cflcket*," 

pkekett^ftetttrt. (Jft)nes K. Hftckett, HSW \ ^^rfr i Sortna . ^mour, sopinno, 
innger).V'.T he "»lc. Stmtiger," d th«e nSnlh .lP&a£'&!2h l ? advantnge .; Chan, 
tt rarcV by- Michael- Morton, wblcb. wfia SS" riin rk il ^ 1Uc f» pIeised ln a rauslcnl 

lit, Aug..S7. wan originally 
"u at the, Grand Theatre, 
and, later at the The- 



given Us^ilrat .American -pfoductlon ,at this 

Eofln. Monday, of ■'-"- 

fitted Oct." ;0,,;1C 

m;M«?« 1rP*i. , 

atre' 'Hpytfl. CaoterVury, where |t enjoyed 
ftich' , t.hat Meanrfl. Cnrzon & Hocjt- 
ett wcro'fbtliKed- to bring tt to this country. 
Of the'Siipj)6ftlng;compnny, which la : made 
'tip of ErigifBhployerB.rtwo were In the orlg- 
infll' production, ■'offd mmt of them are new- 
(omerci to- the United States, The story tello 
of the efforts ot Cap't. i Dlok Allenby- to In- 
duce b Iff wife to abandon her affiliation with 
ef seer (ailed the "Soul I lantern," the leader 
of which Is a scallywag named I'aul Vronnky. 
Mrs. Dick's t lint! [s ko taken up with the 
nect'-thpt sho' hns neglerled her borne, her 
ruialinod npd her baby. The action of the play 
I* supposed to traritiplre la term than three 
noitrs oii'tbe. afterhooil of a December 24, 
the ■jtceb'eV oceorrlng at 3, 4 and II o'clock. 
4|ec. Howard, a' friend of Dick, who ban 
nijidp confdnerjable rabney tbrougli exposing 
the tricks hidolged fn by aplritnollstn, cornea 
to the rescue and bring* Tom Peunyman, bin 
Dsalatnnt, who" Imnewonatcs Dick's baby nbd 
sneceedj In 'upsetting rbe entire hduttebold, 
breaking up the r'ftou! , hnatere:' meeting, 
which T« . In •prOKre.'js In the parlor. "Mrs. 
Dirk. Ik mode' to believe that her husband, In 
a fit of potrow at her neglect, haR committed 
tjirlclde, and" his RoullinM entered the bnny. 
The return of her husband 1 , bilnglhg the- real 
baby, ber decision to'dhnniton soul hunting 
for the less ■ephemeral occupation of making 
her ..home -happy.- urni the dlscqmflturb of 
Vronaky at Wb* trickery-, being exposed, bring 
the^play to h happy climax. Master Kdwanl 
(.arrntt, around whom the .-work baa evi- 
dently- been, written, la a diminutive piece of 
iiUai[inliy,i niK] his work as Tom ivnnvmiin 
stamps' blm (in a comedian of more than aver* 
ukoi nhlttiy. It-: ls.ntated.that he h only 
thirty-AAVeti Inches • In belihti and ' he cer- 
tainly looks-no i nil i*i-. When he Is, masnua'r- 
a^lng as the one year' old bnby he doeH.tbe 
mo« ublooked 'for^ things, .Ritcu as drinking 
whlskey> atfd; smoking cigarettes, but In nplt« 
of.', these dlfliltiislontng actions . he , imperson- 
aiei o liiibv in a remarkably clever' mariner, 
bis yoiltuEuPfacc and. actions aiding In the 
iiliisUiu. In 1 , ii. certainly one of the.iriost talent- 
ed-o/ithe blidcct-^dmedlaim-thBt have nmic m 
tiVatf shows {tfim abroad. OeotRC.E. -Betlamy 
KWe:a ratheri'uheven^por^urmabi'e of 'Paul 
Vrouf3ky.--btit' ttir-jftiiilt pn>ti;il>lv lien wlth.tlm 
nart.ntfd.ndt ;wltli^.he".nctbr,'s(or at.-tlmes^Hc 
whs Strong : ii ml wmi w n^n! i imi for ItK'work. 
May Biajiiev.-vvbo.has-becnBceii i!i itiiH coun- 
trv before.v did' wait v In^iiie;exogKerflted' role 
of -the Nurse,-' The ollier» did well. The 'cut 
iDifDUtvOflaeral: Allenby, Orlando Daly; 1 Cap- 
tatn Pick AllenUy. Athol Stewart; Sir George 
I'escock, A. 0: Poultuu ; Alec Howard. Eric 
Blind ; Tojju I*enoyn*an, Master Edward Gar- 
rnt t ; Punl Vronaky, George R Beihiuiy | 
Kames.'.CbarlaB Goold: Mrs. Allenby, Kate 
ujihorne; Mrs. Dick Allenby, Hilda Dick; 
Lady Peacock, Helen- Robertson-; Kfllc Pea- 
co>k. May Blayney : Nurse, Dora Hole; ■'. Tbo 
buHlneaa Btaff o( the theatre la: Hi:B. w t .i- 
net.' general managsr;' Jos. li. Dillon, press 
reprewntBttve ; Edward V. Uorinley, treas- 
urer ; iEdward- Kochkellar, . nssldtarit treas- 
uter ; .ll^nrv Burokf rauslcul dlteetor !• Julln9 
(ielher, , F ,Bisgo .'-rarpenter. ; Thomas Browne, 
chief elccttfcian ; L. M. Martcil, properties. 
The aecottd -week of "The little Stranger" 
begad. Sept. -it. 

, ... ■ i: m a musical 

Dan Sherman. Mabel De Forest and 
SnCKlA thP ! r 'InughlnR bit. "ShliWrcrkeJ 

*Pr!!!Lgg < ^f^^* d . ffiffr fwmnijy bit' 

a ha et of Geisha" R& , .i££ b £ In *'t hnt lc "arke<! the return to 
S'J^Wv."?.*' m V a ^ T nnd P'ojeij »f popu- 
lar Lew Melds. Mr. Fields' new tome will 
now rqhk naone of Broadway's prettiest the 

Mtes, in Its new drew arid npjwlntmcnts. 
Tnier;sombre color scheme of the celling 

bouse wn.8 fllU„ 
that thoroughly 
the hill. -Im ' 
at. this bonse, 

The/oi..., , , 

noil walls Is no,w benutltled In rich red and 

gold, which, colors blend harmoniously, arid 

tne general tenUrncy lo garlshness In our city 

theatres Is not obaervnble. The rehnlnlltt- 

rougniy enjoyed every number "an i,, 0Q ° r H2 ,liea , tr ?' ln tn? wa * of upbolHter- 

■Two shows a day wllfbe the policy Sfi SSBff SRlS - ^! u f!! bc *' n B° ne,nl - 

Wise. „ j«Miyr The vehicle 'selected for Mr. Fields' renpiK'nr- 

he .motion pictures closed""the"s*boiv. " The 
l % en.ln every part by. an audience 

anre bad been prepared by people, well und 
favorably known In the miislcnl comedy tieid. 
The tltl« Is. -About Town." It Is in two nets, 
nnrt was first produced nt the Opera House, 
Provtdeoce, R. h, night of Aug. M. The 
book and lyrics are by Joseph Herbert : music 
by Melville Ellis nod Raymond Hnbbell, nnd 
vandevliirsta^lTasleen^TnVrftlert hv m7 *« produced- under the direction of JnMan ^"f ' n,tt L? nfl -H 1 ,* c J?"v ? oUn i F°l5\ " 

WE2B2&&&B&M ^^5a&»s. , Kssrsa,s. Wtem&MtiflGti 

Savor i rheaire (Frank McKee, mnna- 
"v ' m ~?W* ''orlies has made his, bow as a 
playwright, In "The Chorus Lady." and al- 
though he wears bis honors modestly, be has 
every reason to feel proud, for be has given 

J p ■ i ^ ul P |a J eu '«r, some time on 

, Girirr.c'k TtseafrA "(CnaTi\Tro^inaW,'mair 
anr>.— Tb« season was ushered in at this 
theatre (once uwr« under Mr. . Krobttaan's 
xaaugeiaetit) Wedneeday evening.' Auif. 30, 

wb«m AVitiirin. II. Crane appearc4^in tbo first 
American performance ,<of "The -. Price of 
Money,- a four- act piny;, by -Alfred Sutro. 
It was originally produced under! tho 
title of "The Perfect Lover," at. the Im- 
notint Theatre. London, Ens.,. Oct. 14, iJiOS. 
the rout uf riches, poorly luindlod and ap- 
preciated, in told. In a. pathetic story. -Joseph 
and Mark . Tremhlott, bmthprs, bare been 
married some years, hut rarely cee one an- 
other. Mark la rich. nnd. a speculator hi 
shady trnua&ctlans. while "Joe. Is, n. poor 
scribe. Lord Walter Cnrdew had loved Lil- 
ian, Murk's wife. Man' the latter met> her, 
but ber father virtually sold bcr to. Mark, 
who has treated her brutally. Walter has 
been forbidden Mark's house, but when Car- 
dew aunuunccs his Intention* uf moving to 
Canada .with his sunt. Mlns Lesson (LllVnn'H 
godmother}, .Mark kIkiiIAcr his desire to buy 
the Cardew property, but Walter will not 
sell. Then Murk, knuwlug that the love of 
Lilian and Walter hns never died,, demands 
that she request Walter to sell, hut hii" re- 
fuses to demean herself, Mark, kaows-thoro. 
Is a fortune In conl on the property, but 
nc- one else docs. He then goes, to Joe to 
get him to pcrsnnde. Lilian, sud Jchi .allows 
hlrn the door, but learns that Martha, bin 
own .wife, wishes him to coerce Lilian. Mnrk 
Ins offered Joe *:,'>.o<)<>, and tbls will ease 
them, and enable, them to send, their daugh- 
ter. May, tn college. Much .agalnsl his 
win, .joe coasautn, .Lilian, trusting In Joe, 
as ha hits always been her friend, Is shocked 
when she, (hu)s be requests ber to. go, though 
nlie seen be has no benrt In the affair. Mark 
has Just submitted her lo grent ludtrfnliles, 
nnd she reaoKca to go, arid writes Walter, 
she .w.ll cull. John Coins, h 

WSslSSGNi ViieaVfrc (Cfiarleg tlurubara, 
ootins manngpr);--The regular te'Asou of 
iooti-07 openediaufplclousiy for this popular 
theatre on Saturday night. Bept. l, when 
Cbas. Ftohnmn presented, for the tirst t'me 
in - this cltv, a melodromo, by Ilenrv 1>. 
Cottrelt and Oliver Morouro, entitled "The 
.lodge and the.' Jury." Tha.ptere. Is In four 
ncLn, nud all of its Interest 'centres about 
the Pfe nnd condition* oC people in New 
Mexico, about IHWb, and was first produced 
at Moroacu'a Theatre, Los Augeles, Cal., Nov. 
1-. i vi p.". Mr. Krohmun has produced it baud- 
"ouinly und realistically, and the staging of 
It by Oliver Morusco left nutblug to-he de- 
sln-d, Hceulcally It wah vnry Iteauilful, 
several: scenic gems by Ernent. tiros being 
c<msplcuouH. Drnmutlc situations abound 
throughout its presentation, and . tho big 
mob scene, at Its conclusion, with over quo 
luiudreii i people, was . finely .handled, and 
urtuiHcd great enthusiasm. There are Washes 
of passion In the work which , concern 
tho hive ot a ruugh Westerner fur u girl who 
hns been raised In a burder settlement, nnd 
who has drawn IM Inspiration of personal 
freedom and plctnrewuc nelf-govcrnuient from 
the simple, seml'saviige surtoundtnKs in whlcu 
hhe hns been renrcil. This, girl, Muqulta. wM 
plnyed i.v Ida Conquest, who hns woo Metric 
I'Liilhm rsivr.r In ninny Biles ,iuilro|y nt vnrl- 
nnre with her present tWv. who did capitally 
well, her atrmigvst sceuont tho end ot act litres 

valuing prolonged nmilnuiji, uud npproelntlo'i. 
The part , of Miles t'Ullcoie. the young. Winer, 
who Ih in love wllb Mnqultu, was admirably 

!*m "Chow, 
C._ Malber, 

Kjyfnfor. the llrat time In New Yor|< 

woa most capable oroODltatlon. Sucli talented plaj- 
V.. ""■•"'"'''••Willnm H.,pper, Kllta I'rmtor 
'neat ? ' ^" r « nt e-<i">»smlth, Louise- Allen Col- 

-Vllss SijUiJ iIipu making .ber local debut ... 

Kail Ev«t,'M«,i, on Au» ■■"" ft l« down: i!* 1 ™"' at "' '? i h "?"' '» J"»U™ m»« >« added 

right human ill the way It treat, nf ih» c™ S»JJPMfttiB Drawer nnd Jack Nor- 

dltlon, Sr lift . wblch It SS ouE to «E S?,'." 1 ' tv l° «'' ■">■>»"' Sf" 1 ' tr » m "• «"<'«- 

centnil enanfur, JStim rSlctoii °aS hi. l"?l KUn '„ Km 5.?* " nd tJ ° l, < " l1 "' <"»■" "»"r 

DaSleclibParlf,". tbe latter belDa a nem of 

- aeenlcnrr. 01 Mr. 1'lelde'. new Yebfele, 5 About 
from the pltralls that nlwflva vnwn for tbe 
unwary and the Innocent. I'atflcln ' 

blgJi nilnded ^nd wlfacriflclng,' wltb a nover- „ ,-.,,.,. 

furierlng determination lo bent temptation ar'nlc ir" Of Mr ftaidVnw V.bfi.i; 
nwav from her.and ,. M ve her loved one, K^'t'bSiT innuT&S&rfjBL 

but^there , Is (he^framc _.or groundwork of 
lowel "of the 'first ^water, - " 

,,.-. „ — „.„. ,„■,„, .and the audience 
barely meets her before It has folded. tbe ilt- 
tle-lndyito Its heart... In the drawing of this 
diameter., und in the .■sketching of Hfvenl 
other. •, types,'. .Mr. , Forbes., displays - great 
cleverness,-; and his comedy. Is Invariably 
good., The; - first „ two japtf are , bright 
nrffl . , en»erta1nlTig, , the :tbinl Is. Berlous 
nnd quit* powerful, ...with Its big scepe 
cf ratttdas self-sacrifice, and the . Innt 
la: short' and. terse,, wlrh Its, explanations 
wisely - held -dowu to. very few speeches. -It 
nppcnrs, that "the, elioi;gs lady" -fs^pairlcia 
(I'Hrien, rftio returns home.ofter, a brief nad 
thrilling tope w.lth the > burlesque orgnnlzQ- 

poHsihlliiy which.. will surely be whipped Into 
a success, whon . the au>thorn avail tbedi- 
eelves of the onjwrt unities wblch arc evident. 
Mr.- -Fields', .role: of Bhron-<lllitx; Is possible 
of unlimited -fun, wHIeh, as now enacted, 
fails to glvn^hlsidellirhtful comedian the f it'll 
Roopo.of bis ability, Thla. Id a great measure, 
also a principal MNM -Of, Mr. 
Klelds. splendid, coafpany, the members of 
whicii.wo.may generall/e ln.,«ayjrtK.that all 
made the,most of the author's liner*; aud vo- 
cally, w«re.,alli.that. could Iw remilred,, Kdria 
Wallace .Hopper iMI* vivaciously charming 
"Kannle Frivol. 'The houwwris crowded to 
- doors,-- though the. olsbt vwau very ap- 
* friends 


pflrtnet -in ,bls • rVli/g.lmSlhess, and this SSSS« war atSnlS ■ liiiS t , ? HndS?B2: 

partner Dick CraWd,; gets in tl,e kihhI fiSp 5 ; Bertie Har?y fi«i ?r 

jrraces of Nora, and causes the. girl to give Jnck Doivi^.TAck Norworth • MnrnutJ ne nVn' 

film a note torjaoo nnd fnrgftbe slgoa- SCStSKBtTB 

tire. of P. O'Brien, the fathers Dfl ,ae. herti Jr. ; \iicomte Martina, Vernon "-astir •; 

N fi! , f , 'r^ w ?" fl Pi W0 !. rjed *KH£**ff V , 1 !* -Tulius, .Little Majpr; Uckey, Walter, Mr 

ylsl tB Crawford in bis apartment, at night, u 

Hummers; Wntebiann, Mr nil); policeman, 
Mr. Dolllver; Mr.< B, OGrnf ( Mr. Iteinhnrd: 
Jennie, a horse, Joseph Scb,-nde nud Mr. Dill ; 
Gertrude Gibson, ^ Louise - Dresser: Millie 

Bounder. :CoraU». Blytbe;' J.ottlo-lilniflj"ice, 
Louise Allen Collin': Mrs. Frivol, EMta I'roc* 

but .. lo . followed by "fjit,"., , who ,; 

fl|Bcovers btr ln : the room where Crawfon 
tu,H hurriedly placed her. Then Dan' nrid 
Mrs. O'Brien call upon Crawford;, Don de- 

m.'imltl hi know who Cr'Awfdid.bns bla(l4li In 

i he. other room, aud "1W L n -ffi*K &. I WS5 l « 5^-K|S JTrif^^p^aTSS iiop- 

Nora.Htehs Into view. Dan nnd Mrs. P'prtan pen, Carrie,-, Topsy Hlcjrrisi : Sndle. QwtraK 

immcdlatsly: Jump to (he conclusion .hat iloyer; Marianne, Kdlth Ktbel-MnclVrlde 

"Cat'!, Is, acultry. .Jjiit Inter on Dan leuna tbe Maude Marion Whitney ; Roso, Ray fflfaort 

ai£*i™ "W\ S. stored to his arms. MsdoBne, Jaiit> Murray : Tes Maid, Lillian 

MiHs.Slnhl phyet. the role of the worldly- Raymond ; Kate 'Dumsdlca, May Laatta Josle 

i.i an lull ti-.iiiii.i'.)<ml rfin '-I'llt" tn rllrt Ufa ■■-!.. a. _ I I. it i_ r. ■ .1. ' ■'. iT" •"-•■"»■■■" 

Wise, but teflJl/rhcarted "Vat" to tUo ; l|fe. ileaubnimils, 7 Jessie VfiSm&vfM&tiS&M 
Olloa Theatre-. (H. R. Pre. manafc^).-- sjHt nothing, funnel- ■ could Jiave been Im- Marion Whilhey.; Mrimle Tudor.. Ray DuV 
ie- Mason was inaugurated hei'e.Baturday —i—i'.- *i.-* i*3« a — i, ,i...„ i,„. ,r,.n,.,,-.- _.r^_. ,_._ bks 

Thft' ^Vl'MH ... 

mpihg Sept. 1, when David Wnrtlt'ld opened 
his; third' season' In, Ne*v York, In "'Hie 8ft- 
■fk- Master,",, to 'a capacity 1 house. Ail the 
beautiful iiuiuor nnd pathos wan enjoyed to 
Its 1 utmost,' hud Mr, Warfleld's perTolraani'e 
was na <Hrtndo|aj- ever/ Frances Starr, who 
succeeded * to*' the role of Helen Staurtton at 
the vlose ipf' Inst senpob, gave a (post con- 
sistent rind i Intelligent perfortnrince, and 
aided the HtnrmnteWnlty In their several 
scenes. The others -gave delightful perform- 
ances also. TJic.cnst: Herr Anton Von Bnr- 
wlg. David >VrinieId;'BlgnorTngllnflco, W. 
G: Rlcclardl ; Mens, Ixmls Plnnr, Louis P. 
Vernnde ; . Herr August Poojis, Leon Kohl- 
mai': Hedry A.'.Stauton,- Olinrlcs Abbott; An- 
drew Cruger, William Boag; Beverly Cruger, 
Ralph Keilerd; Mri Schwarz, Edward Ixjcke: 
Mr, Ryan, -Tony -Bevitn ; 'Al. Costelto; Louis 
Hendricks: Joles, ' liorold Mend: Wtapn. 
Harold Howard: Dannv, Master Richard 
KeflSleri A. .'Collector. T f homflH I'ettel ; Mrs. 
Andrew, Cruger, lsabelle Woldrnn ; nelen 
^tnn,ton, lrrauces Starr: Mips Houston, Marje 
Bntes': Jenny, Antoinette Walker; Charlotte, 
Jatie.Macklem; OctCVle, Blanche Nnincu. The 
riiRafei'mpbt Is for four weeks only. 

.JVfvr Yurk 'I'hvnire (Klaw & Erlnnger, 
maxiflgflrs)!- : ""The' IWgers • Brothers \ Iq 1»- 
lahu'v returned td town, opening .with ajmatl- 
nttb La.bor.Day, abd both- porformnuces drew 
crowd eaVbouSes; 'l|ue a'tars'.weroMnlilno fettle, 
nnd* everyone In. good f humor, ..and 
Marion Stanley.' ob Alice,, rande a decldod 
hit wlth'the audience. Josle Intropidl, Chfls. 
Fa, McCarthy and '.tho, others, wire alt-: up: to 
the\tnfltk.'. The erigagement-ls for 'two weeks 
oniy.*iThe"cajit:llelErlc1. Punk.'.'Gus llogeis ; 
-Mtboltta KiJox,-'Mhx.'RoserS; Alice O'grddy, 
MM'lon ■ Stithlov ; 1 Oernfil FltJgotnld, win-. 
fttd Wumip: 'AiifisttiHlit O'Hoollhftp. Josle 
liitroplfll ; .Mary. Carey, Bessie De iVole ; Dan 
O'H90lfifcCh>s. E. M.rCartpy.i'Dat Lyueb. 
*a»ard',0'torthfbf i.Dr. I'lillpot^uvun rrflfflf; 
fohy.-filirry-Cti'wftn; 'Molly O'Giifleoy.. Ethel 
intionldl ::.Sheilti ^Ithuc, Smile ; Green ; ; Pat 
«me,aV ■-■JKtnes'"C&HaiihD I; Norn, Lillian Col- 
ivBs> Maggie, .Mdrle Earrell, tlaale, - Grace 
•uWndcll ; ' -uurty, • Henry' Lenuiaim; The 
i-feGeolie\ili:flr.l« ;i i : :^ -.r ,. 

, Geosm^Opcrft nanse (JoUn.II. Springer, 
gWh'l).- "LlHle Johtiuy , 3«M'JH«ftb 
'Why 'HbrryUn-tbe title tole,: opened ;bere 
, W* r i W/ii-W BJHnfce. to- : a capacity iiotiae, 
xtiA-.tQ lowed 'tills i .'up with « turh-hwaybouse 
SP&W-j •Toin-J^wls again, nindo .everyone 
Mi.ttn"*kb ,111b, del lclously humorous por.rUy- 
ulpf The-Utiknowni and samJ.ttyan held'.up 
th forma,fl;TItndthy;J, Mcflte, ' -Bobby- Dun 
inMflin gtesthlt.-nml wis warmly applauded, 
n p i>ta clever comedlnnfl^d a good finger. 
SWIaVrrflciV made many friends In-the well. 
i.pbwn fcThtt iTole. Adejc Itnfter proved andlu 
% • capIblHtles i as ; Kiorabolle. The cast : 
Arfthdnyi AiiHtcy, ■ Jack Roftael.;. fling Hohg, 
^KHt'W^aW^nern; Timothy D.McGec y San 
i?wkgvEBRt& : -«apgood Slid USp*. \Vn t E, 
M*^nN,.tne,tJhkiiown, TomLetvlft: ' 

"jqy.;; '■WtnT.,. flMitfour; Inspector Perk Us, 
^P^aa>PenfoJil: fitevens., KdtvAM Sheehnn : 

ftulncd In tfiut |f,ne of work than- her. delivery 
of the slang. spetlebes. Hhe gave the role a 
truly' sympathetic rcnd«rlng,. and rosj to 
emotional /heights. In her .strong spooch de- 
nouncing .Crawford, at tbe end of the third 

Morion Whitney; Mamie Tudor, Ray 
more; Lola MOntez, litlllaii Harris; Annie 
Bnleyn, Jarte.sMurra'y ; t'amille (Jautler, Vloln 
Hopkins; Mamie Antimlette; Bessie Skeer. 
Tho seeond mtfi began »ept. a. , 

Academy uf Muale (Glimore ft Tomp> 

act. ,"Wltred -Lucas, In looks- and. bearing ktos, managers).— "The Half to the Hoornh 

the mWly 'sort of, a .fellow, was capital na with Guy Bates as Joe Lacy, cam o to 

iJRP.Mallory, and «.Ice Leigh gave .some de- a rousing raceptlon at the Labor Day mnti- 

lightful actlftg as Mrs. O'Brien,. a rolo which neo, and lears and laughter mingled freely 

she made stand-out with grant prominence, us tho pretty. story wan told. Mr. Post was 

Maude Kndwlton wns excellent aft .^ylvlu 
Mlmiiflou, a slmw ulil who has a "pull," and 
Eva DcunUon did crcdlwble work as Nora. 
Francis,. Bylner-plnyed'Cinwfor.d.ln^a quiet, 
effective miiunor, nnd GlleH.B)iine did well us 
Patrick. O'Brien. ... Tt.e-.icnst: Mrs. O'Brien, 
Alice 'Lclgli: Nora O'Brien, Eva Donnlson ; 
Shrimp, Francis ; Fny ; - Jukcy,' -Bcrt.LColton ; 
The Duke, Thrnnas MaguTre ; Patrick O'Brien, 
Giles Shine; Dick Crawford. Francis Byrne 

Helen Hilton; Rita Nichols, Annie Jves ; 
Lou , Archer, , Margaret Wheeler ; Mai De- 
laney, Carolyn Green; ficorgie Adams Coote, 
Amv Lee; Sylvia. Simpson; Slaude Khowlton ; 
Call Boy, Friitiels -fay.; A Laurtdryuian, John 
Adams; itogern. Thomas I>nwtence. - 

Fourteenth H***et Tlieslrc J, Wesley 
Rosettr . 


h e omrto'l)ul.Vld? v / was weji: received 
Mf.-Glln.ofe -made Iilk, usual sitcceas, aldglng 
fBverrtl.sOhgs. : Tho fullcost: ItobeKUAley, 
Harney I Glftnore : IL.-Morfou Keeley, 
v|lle- Jfinws:' William- Masterson, 

nt bis beat, .which is excellent. lErnest Lang- 
son .was second only ns Dave, and offered n 
charnclerlsutlon . which stood out In bold 
relief. All the little comedy touches of a 
man with the Innate sensu of humor wcru 
there, llelene Lockayo was refreshing as 
Kuti'. Ralph Denn, us Iltld ; Frank Monro*, 
hb Kelly, .and Louis MorrcIL, as Wlnthrop, 
nil pleased. Gertrude Daiton was strikingly 
pleasing .«» Madge, and In ber humorous 

Pntrlcja G'Brlen. Rose Stabli-Dau Mallory, Mtaea ,.idaterlafly helped In. tho Nuccess of 
Wilfred Lucas: Milly Hultzer, Amy Lesser; the performance. .Tho others were capable. 
Inez Blair. Claire, Lane ; Evelyn La Rue. The cast;, Morris. Harry Rich : Jnnet, Flor- 
'-nle Ives; enec Coveutry ; Husli.IL H. Ilashldo; Mrs. 
H. J. IC. Kent. Ada Nevll ; Mrs. i Joe Lacy, 
Janet Beecher; Mrs, Kate Urahdon, Hcleuo 
Lnckaye; Jpnve Lncy,, Ernest Lamson;.- Uud 
Young, . Ralph .Dean ; II. .Van Hensssla<:r 
Kelly,, Fratik 'Morttoe i Livingston Wlnthrop, 
Lotus Morrell; .Rill-Ferguson. C. C. gulnby; 

Spragne ;-. 'Phillip Ferguson, 
"Thy OlDonuglf, .Jolib. 






Lbng : 


Ihirby ■ \r.wniu '■'■■ 

llhrk. Patrick- joubw-;. Bcnindlile.l'e.nnlsun, 
Eva Myrl .Lewis-: Nttl Carey.. Majdr- Lri M ; 
Mrs, .llonry. t.'llrford.\ Isls atayaffd : Hts. 
ItUi dr l' Daley,: nni^lia.Wsiiop; Mdl.l e.'Mo- 
Jan. Amelia sflltqn : - Nblilf ■■ Garry, Atinle Gtl ; 
loghor., Ne X t.vyepk,.:'f|.lVen of tUe Convicts/' 
■Vnlrd- Avanue Tht-aiire {Martin J. 
Dixon, manager).— "Montnno.".. a fo.m*, act 
SB I. by -1 ifdtr.y m - Cnrey, was pre- 
serttcd bete for: the .1 rat- time. In New Vork 
SSn SfcS n-goodislbd audience. .The au ; 
Hifir.VwKo. l Is-aFso : pUtislor and manager of 
IIS fi'oJuetiou. appeared, la the leadt&irinle, 
is llm Grounm . fofcraatt of Buckhorn n jSl , U8 ..„A -j-"-.v 

onest Westeriier. Wr players- and icltar- fe 1 "^^"^ 
ffiffiR were : 3aW.9m. W"Bft J|°# • 
Melinda IClttft; X-nln Jiappy ; jflortpfetr HAtper, 

_ for three weeks; 
viotoriu Theatre (Oscar, Hammerstcln, 

ui;ttiit«ei-).- 'l'lie last performance for this 
sqiison on Paradise Roof occurreil Hunday 
night, Strht; a,.niid an. entire change of bill 
begnul u'lthfthe tnatluw of. Monday, 3, In the 
V(ctorla .Xlieatfe. The management. Htrtte 
tUnt-the* tnedtni,, and also -the- roof .perform- 
[im:cvfnr,t.Hr:'tfiii[it)i.'r just past.bnvc dhtwn 
htrwr iauqlenc««V. titan any . summer -invibo 
h Mory-of tho/thestl-e. The Hew.- bill, beflhi- 
nlug :t,, cbdiilliuM the following high 
elbis acts: ,l\llfl Great ■ Lafayette.' who jire- 
Kontt'd ytwo^iiHmhers, "The Medicine: Man" 
add- 'fTbfl ( v8ntIt;;ahd ttfi ,Uahd,".. both ■ of 
which: scored 'HtroHfcly. The first numhsr 're- 
quired lutitor-t't, pci-iilcnnfl ti den of liohs. In 
!ts:preSrtltfttIOn,rQltd although dono entirely 
lu Miilhldlilliiic, was .very effective, in . the 
epcuilUtniidilicr, :n .spectacular 'illusion, eon- 
s!jtling<of ai.hnlW and stahinry lOtirpsenta- 

oml, but gels : no price, aud loses bla In- 
formation. Milan calls, Walter, having pre- 
viously told his mini that ns Mark has driven 
her to him, and shamed ber, she sbsll go 
to Canada wltp. litem, nsa compaplou. Ills 
sunt rebels at first, hut Is persuaded, even- 
tunlly; and Llllnn Is lnforsied of the prepo- 
ratloua. She <n turn retwla, and 'consents, 
only to meet Joe, who haa had misgivings, 
and hss come after her. They tell nlm ot 
tbe new move, and he fallows, their lead, 
only making n stronger fight before giving 
ln. Walter 1ms signed tbe hill of sale, but 
has substituted Joe's name for Mark's, so 
when Mnrk corner* for the doenmeut, be Is 
confronted by the fact that Jno will 
only sell for l^D.oi'io. and. the bar- 

Jain Is made. Mark exults la. his triumph, 
or ho will make millions, ftad then learns 
thsi..I,lllan has gone- nwny. At first be Is 
enrnged; theu nonchalantly says he will get 
a divorce nod by bis bard-hoarted, mercenary 
iiiunner ho. .disgusts Joseph thai tbe Int. Br, 
not yet baring. signed the transfer, deatroys 
ll. ami With It, 'l|ls chances of the- fortune 
almusi tn his grasp. The drauiat lnt has 
trsntcd n vital , subject , In an unfortunate 
manner, lb , so. mpch that •respect and. sym- 
pathy Is .Inst .for nil the characters, ihc opi» 
pprson.beh'hvlDg consist i'ii tly, .being u drunkeu 
relative who bofrbws or Attempts to blnck' 
mull upon the' ft lgbtt>Bt pN>text. He has 
pveacbed .the doctrine that It: Is 'easier, to do 
wroiig .:han J rlchl, : ( whlch Is autagoplHOe to 
.'ill- drrtinfilic Ideas. While- Josculi refuses 
tbe .money, still., be.,ha's sent Ills sister- 
in-law awAy from . ber vhiiHhnjid to a Inyo 
ibA'the wilds 'Qf> Cauda, .rflillng; nud-.nbeti- 
lug -dlVorce-iprncevd^lKSf wbIc.n. B hut ■ for his 
fflaaU^. might >«eviir bavehccurteM, His Dffi 
ftie- tirovim .■ ,,r. utiy 'oio', other? than 1 the tfl!o 
parties. concerned, 'lo. say whether, or, not t hoy 
Rlinirscpn'rntM' or, live. togethei*.' surely* not. to 
take tbe Initiative, even though tlie offender 
he as repellent und brutal an Mark- Mr. 
Crnne was hnndlonppcd In that the character 
could not bold the sympathy be had si^uri-d 
for it lu tbe first net. The pain, sorrow, 
dcspnlr, worry and anxiety to do rlghtwero 
strikingly twrtrnyed iq IiIh features, nnd tile 
sArcnstlc lines with Mark were handled MU 
delfihtrtdl Bhlll. Many of the witty lines 
fell to Mr. Crane, whose knowledge of tpe 
proper bandljug of them luiide thorn shine 
,ike gems In n mediocre netting. W. h. Ah- 
Inj-iinn gave a remarkable jierformnnco of 

tin' fitjitv, inoucy-grrtHplng Mnrk llbtll (hit 

fourth act. when be lost control of hlmnolf, 
nnd failed to convey the proper feelltl((.' 'Wrjl- 
ter Hitchcock g&vo a manly )mtiorsoi)Ailtj-i 
of Lord Cardew, and p. Owen Baxter, was 
dryly amusing ns Collla. Mnrgflrct pafo, 
looked "stunning |n vtt first guvti, 
nnd . created ' rt mdsl (atornnte Iniprcs- 
mon. Sim lind little opportunity to 
•in mi v emotional work. Her grim apprecia- 
tion of the "Joke" life badMlluycd on ber lu 
bcr marriage, was thoroughly well' "one. Rbo 
named the part.cdrnestlv and with dignity, 
Mabel Bert was thoroughly competent oh 
Mart|ia. Olive Oliver, as the breezy, good 
hearted, cant-hating , Miss lesson, tvas de- 
Hghtful, nud her conception of the character 
left nothing to he desired. It was -the on]*/ 
really bright ' character'' In' the play. ' Inex 
Plumraer was pleasing as nay. Mrs. •'• P» 
Wast, Florence l*,ilnc.y aud Madelaluc Hives 
were competeiit hi minor pnrts. The second 
act WAS yer.v hnmlsouuv Tim past; Jo«e,,h 
Treraplett,' Wis. If. Crnne: Murk Tremble it, 
Wr L. Abingdon : Lonl Cnrdow. WnJter HJtch- 
rock: Jbhir Collls, F. f>wcn Raxtcr; Hnrrls, 
J II-ntH't- Hunt: Morgnn, Harry Lll!f»rd: 
Porler, Gabriel Itnvcncllc ; Mllnu Tremble tt, 
Margorat VnW ; Martha Trewblett, Mnbel 
Bert, Hon, Susan TiCshoii, Olive Oliver ; Mnv, 
Inex pluftimer; Mrs. Bonham, Mrs. ,T, P. 
West; 'Mrs. Mnrphllf. Florence Kdney: Mm 
ntlrtcr. Madelnlne Rives, The second week 
begH-aHent.a; , 

American Theittrr (I. M. Werd.mnna- 

for). — '.'The Ninety and Nine" opqQed :o 
tvo capacity hotises Kcfit, :t Lnhor Day, nnd 
the ■ wits UUboilpllcd. Orerlf cnie. 
nthlcb iui\ri(')d the oiiginni pertorniuiu'e, wan 
vefy ubUt'cabic, ,nnd to Jimcph King, the gen- 
eral, atngs dlteclqr, la'dpe a lot-of 'credit. 
The big scene lu act III was .applauded to 
the echo. True H. , James, was a model Tom 

portrayed by William Dexmond, who was .the 
original of. (he rule. IT. J. Glnn, as Nnvejah, 
an , Apncbe Indian; Harry Lewellyn, m 
a Chllmmnu, uud ISldnev 
.. as Mitnui'l. also played these 
rules in the uriglimi ' prcsiiutflllon ot 
tho, p)ay. Walter llale. In the (hankies* 
character of Lfster. OrffPnway ; Sam l-'dwardu, 
as Steve Olds ;Julii|i Tantivi>> ns JIlii llagge ; 
May Stockton, as L It OIiIh, und Sndlo Htiinu- 
ham, as Marthn Olds, nil dUI excjeJleni work. 
What success ."The Judge and the Jury" nay 
attain mi Broadway Is, of course, problem- 
atical, hut It eepnlnly pimped the very litres 
audience of Sept. i. Cifrialu calls fo;- tne 
prtuclpftlA were numerous, nnd m tlm, end 
of act three Mr. Moruaco was called bffora 
the curtain, when he made, n rmtt speeCh of 
thanks. Tbe Hory uf "The* Judge ami tho 
Jury" Is art follows: Mdqultti, about t^hom 
the alary centres, has been left nti orpnau 
Uirough the raAssucre of, her parents, while 
on tbclr way to LSsa Francisco. She qlouu, 
out of tho enUro. party, whs saved from 
death at the huhdl of the Iiiillinis, wb» were 
al. that tlinc bitter against the wbUes, Iler 
father, fearing an attack, burled a fabulous 
turn In gold, ouggels, and Just before bis 
death KQvvhito the bauds of a friendly chief, 
who. rcM'iled tbo little ■our, a innp, showing 
where ihe trenHuro was hidden, When the ^Ulel" 
passed lo.lbe "happy hunt li.g, grounds," his 
ion, N'avclnh, was left the parchment, add 
he and . Mnqhlta. gre\v np (ugelhei', iilino*,: 
ii !* btotiier and- sdntrr. au afreetl'iu | shared 
only by; one other, , Ml ps.clillc«tu. , The Im- 
tcr.^n rough, .honest minor. Is steadily wlh- 
n|ng , the heart., of - MAqnlth. when Lester 
Grecnwiiy,, natives, .on the scene. Moqultu 
slid , tlreeuway , nivet,. and he falls In, love 
witb'tJier. - Hi* does'. not, know of t*hlI«jote's 
Infutuntlqu for MrtqdUa, sud the roujtli 
miner' feels bis bear t sink wltliliijhba. fle 
turps, lo (Navejab for^yUipathi'.vaud the in- 
iliiiii plends Hi'*, white mvff% cause' yi'lt' 
girl. h,\t,lu;vqln. ^.Tbc Hectitid- net ^ show 
celohtfLUbU.of Mnqu)iti,'n. '-' 
nf , ecb\ttiy„cnin.'N . to 1 - pco'ss .... 
uihnl.v.bimrlllg'Atidstorlci, ofttln? great ■ wblto 
eitics.lfnseltinic »r. .'HcbiigM go, with 
blm ivway.fioh^tho sliisiinuF vitlnge, nnd-Mfi- 
•;ullA' telis -him -that , if .he- rlmlM a pin. Unit 
he'liiis given her, sU'ltlng tn tbe door of Cbll- 
eoto's old dcHciicd cabin, he 1 must gu from 
Dos Bravo* and never hkc her again ; but if 
the pin Is not there, then he hns wna her, 
sim goes lo the cabin wheu the merry mak- 

■ inpailiy,. uuil Hie In- 

iihn'si cause with Ihu 

s'.'l 'lll'l lo't lllOWH tlpl 


lug Is at Its height, and prcssos the uln In tbo 
'- but < iJ r . , 1 ' <, uw«y follows to pfegil with 


Mtinultn Is accused 
entire town, of Dos 
Or. HMHU'l te- 

■ii b)' Mamiuh ll 
idlitn who foiigd It 

Hllvoi'ton, and won applause nil tile way 
tiimuHli, . imvoiie Whipple, ah Ruth Blake, 
was; extremely pIcaAlrig, qua metUed.thn ills- 

tlnrtlon or. being fcauired, \Mi Goldsmith 
played Hud Bryflon, ..the. half wlticitbdy.'Wltli 
skill, nnd, proved one of, the best nip.qber» 

her again. While lliev are alone lii tl^J cfthln, 
Manuel, a Miexlcan, w|iosn annilty ijruunwuy 
hns, Incurred, rnMI n.hugivjoi, Against the 
doi^f, Imprisoning them, MAqultA Is coin- 
liomhi^l. though they me Hlone but n nto- 
tue'ht until Nuvnjah removes the uarrlciidc, 
Muqulta runs limit to the bouse i|rid Orcan- 
iv ii) Is shot by Manuel. MtiqultA Is uccusud 
of the sbtHi Ipg, nnd the enure town, of Dos 
HruvoH tiirbs Agaipst hoc. * 
volVer (which was stolen 
sborVn to Miles by the ludlai. .. 
after the shoollug. Mlleit liumsqUtely/siiH- 
ui'cts that Maiiiiltn did tbe sbonTlnir. nnd 
Ilv learn*, that Grcenwny nnd Muiiiitln wem 
In the cabin together that night, Just prior 
to the sbdotlug. In his Jealous way he Im- 
mediately suspects the moral character of 
Mtp.nltu, and It Is then Hint Maqultt, fear- 
ing that sliO baa lost the lave of Miles. 
realises for the first time that It waa htir 
rnsclnutloq for lite, In the Great White city 
(hat made bur listen to Grccuway, and aim 
further rcollxes how much she had always 
loved Mlbs, now when she feels It Is al- 
most, too )nle. MaqnRa pleads with Miles,' 
trying to show bun that she li unjustly 
suspectod, also Unit ' she did not sbuot 
OfeenwAy. Manuel In the meantime In- 
cites, the town of T)os Oravos agalnsc 
GrtM'iiwhy. The women of Ufa town, .ruining 
of tbe cabin episode, decide lu run both 
iireeiiwny nnd Mumllln out ot Dos Bravos. 
In, the fourth act, Greenway, recovnred front 
his .wound, comes to the front, and convince* 
them of Maqulta's Innocence and purity. 
Then "Fawn Eye," an Indian nan, pnrsh- 
euted by Manuel, points otil the "Greaser" 
an the would-lrc niiilderer, and MuipiKa la 
Mcnrcd of blame. The cast hi full : Mlluu 
Cbllt'ote, Wllilnrn Doamonil; Lester Groen- 
w«y, Walter Ihile ; Hteve lAai. Bam Kdward** 
Jim Rfigrfer. .tiitim. Tnnnen : Abe Hlodura, (Jiiv 
NIcliolK : Nnvenh. II, J. Glnn ; Tuniinlo Tlionip- 
soti. Louts Hnliu's: "Co tv- Eyed i'nison,','' Del 
DeLouls : "Hlff Hlgglns/' JuIiih Ferrari "HI 
Morgan,'* George Horcqurt ; Horatio Tweed, 
Hcbtieti.SniiHianl; MOUton, Gen. Archlbnbl : 
Lem Cbow, Hurry Lcweltyn; Manuel, Hldtiev 
<". Mnth'jr. Muinilla.loa t.'onuuest; Liz 01d:i, 
May Htrtrkton: Mrttt lm Olds, HhOie Ktrlhti- 
ham; MflHou WItcH«H.v Dcnnlson, -Matgnret 
Fuller: Ftiwa-Kye, Hftntletln Goodinnn ; Cen- 
tlpednRnl, Hose King. Tlic peeond week el 
the play begun Sept. ;i, 

Ills trntestj-'onii 

■ncij.-ln a Very. pretty, stage 
, -Mr. Lnfnycttc also gnvo 
chrjiied eoinp'oserfiaiid hand 
arqiilB aud her yt roups - of 

, Jenkins 


CltUhg, ..'iJntrv . Klttr«d8e:..-T' 
Bofib>, Bal-ry : Mis. Andrew, KeW 




tiif m 

MMIaiMejUCS: .Woraliello-Kljt. Adfle.I)«tMI 

M«u.-..j|riS 'lljan ; Karl of -.iltlMifatf. 

luiSlto -4-filieWae. . OoWIe Osiee, ; r|ielj« 

W' ICT"! week, Andrew Mock, In "Arf«h- 

-rleiirY )■:. ■ Utut. I" iSIfelfiiS 
Box,". »tnrt f u lil» "eronil «i"J ' «« 
«eek »f- Belli. .3- Nett week, MBe. Kalicb, 
in "TlnMKl-elltxr-r , Ronnfrt." ■•■-'-. •_*•*: ■ 
'^►kTlU)|%*i»»;ite .(/"ak.'.^'i!' 


miftiBrl.— JtUijr fe -fjfe. 
g5Jt.'3.' ! N»«rTee.,"P»i"l'i 

...HUM'riD^-Tlit'follopjnif nre, anndaneed- to thtB enty' theatre iufc>*Mw: Mr. 
nnil ;MM.; Nick -llu-fle. • tile ! rjlnuley,. . ToIiy 
Mick, i Allenx ntnlv lleely, l.jdla If all. and 
W»M an* Kleltls.- 
-Ilclkavo ,Tli*nlrr.( David Uelllaro, Tinn- 
' Ben. " 

nf rjir. (Mniiiiirtv Tlic mat : Trim. HII verton, 
Trile S. Jnqen; Aimer lllnko. II. De K6fre«l ; 
Mnrk llPVel-lllRe, J. I'. UiVbtloy : Illld.llrMon, 
I,Po (lold«mltll;jllUr1iiu*« lied, MMWiSnEl 
Milt iKci-ii. Kilrnuliu llul«; [.Ike McLnli", 
W.i ?».• Onike ; 'r'rnnk . tlalllle, Eilngno Wood ; 
Sofn' Qhim. Tiloa HeclftrVIck | Riltli lllrlke, 
Iieronc Wniplile- iinrtiH iiinka Ilfilorj llfir- 
coiltt; Kille;„Vin ViW; 1'niillne • KMtrlicr ; 
IWiimia liijiiKlti'fiy, ijjttherthe nmn; Arn- 
mmitllii .>larklilim, i.lllinii urnk.-i netliotiia 
Oaa't' Elorinre: 'la Croix: Sally r.'hrter, Vloln 
WIlKonl'Clddy'Tllilin,' Mlllli- Jiimca. Next 
Matt, -^rurolliia." 

.Tl.nlln . Thr-ntr.. ( i Wrinda, 
nianiilfer.,. — "Itlllnl Orf . tlie Turf," 'Willi 
orot-ftle Mini; In tlie lenillna ntrr,,' drew kood 
limiK.'K Moudny.,Fiept. :t. Thn play retieati'd 
IH» allrceNit nehleved rerentlynt nn uptown 
flip/lire.. ' llnrry llolrnnli contributed clever 
cllarncter work n« a 'darkey. '1'he rvMMllf 
aluo Inolllden: Wnller llorton. John Mlll.urn. 
I'lnrli Doha, . Clink. P. rllfUimtin. . ChnA.j be 
Forcat,, -.Harry lllnde, Rfflina 
Heyrinalr,; Hone .Hlieldoi,, .Jiflrv^ Cfcninej-,, C. 


.Vlsty Illllcti 

.--„, . Alllinliriih 

llttlni. Next week "Tlie Onmhler of i tho 

W«T.K, ........ 

(,'alicrlan Til. mre; (Cnarlea rrohmnn, 
mnnn^eri — llnttie Williams oiiutieil-her-ilfih 
week Sejir. 3/ in 'Tlie Little fjinflibr 


,:,nrK iiohs, liihr. ii. , impmnn. . i;nn»., ui> 
Fotcat, HnrryiManiell,- Harry lllnde, Slllina 
Heviliinir,- ltone Hlieldon. Mflrv Cfeniflehi C. 
Dliincho Illce, Linda, Enrle, Jierllin wAlhv, 
K.teilo : 8t. . Clair,' Ctrl! Held. Aoden ■ Iteid, 
Nrtn Held., Aitlea Ht.iOeorac, ■'— - ■ / " 1 
Jedile Moniilli, Laura - Hindi 

in the -NeiY Er- nitt).»"Bintiehe BnU-ri rofnlneneed^ her dftn paalno (Sahii H. k ,I« abubart, mana-, 
eaaaiitnieothere, »«X «*pt.-3, ln'"Tb« Ulrl-nf'tba-Oolden «r«),— 'The Huflaiwllfl" entered id tweu- 
aSne r F4t«," ' WW."' _ {i'-a*wad'ir«ak<8apt,'a. 

Mlm-r'a Hlubtb .venae .Thcatra, (Ed. 
Ih. D. Miner, mnip|{er).--t>p.'riliiy with a 
.nhiir Dl(> tontliien , tbo liroiidwnv. <Jaiel» 
Ulrl.v had ' lwi> ciuwded and eiiihii.lnnic 
bqliata .Hopt..-:i, to, wltnea« "Tb«. tnnd/of 
rromlne. '. u.lwn Ml. iklt.' ■ Thin wn« tba/nrnt 
nppejitailea of tlm uriiKillanlliin. thin, teanoii 
in Manlmttati. nnd the- outlook K >u.j for 
it, future aueceen, Kvel-Jf .|elal|/baa. been 
enredfor, and Ihern l.'tniloti lo' pluaan ho 
'.'I!'., "'i'. 1 •"' f ' . '''I 1 ?. SfflaHi John W.her. 
I.lillo ..liayininid nud I'red Ilulln madai lilill- 
vir)iiril,Jilt«,innd, tbo ptlierM. lofatbar witL.tiio 
cbiltilH, worked .luilefni »«ble. Ulbera In-ibn 
;j4t .wore;. Mind .WHartii, i.iille Hter'eni,. 
D ek Ilriiwn, . Murray Minima. John llfaket 
ii lid .iiirattlco liillnei.. the olio pr.ia.nlwl: 
Wllaon anil llaliifs, the ilimbliiE notibrettu: 
Hlnlon and liruii". In n bnnrh of nnnhabre; 
Ilrown.nnd llnrlnlelll, In a - ei.meily i tnlilsK 
.ndialnflpkiard. and.lbe llltr and IJllli, 
Coraelly four- (.lolm. W.her. Kred Ilulln, Lhbi 
lllKkor and ■ 1.1111k Hfcvena,. Next w»k. Bam 
IJeverfl'a t,wn .l,'o. • r 

Atlnnlloniiriln,i(W. Kriitiu-r 5 Bonn, man- 

ntrta).— Mtirlln and niilkwoy. coinedy.aorb- 
iintif^iim'liiiiy; the Mgw .Anjerlcan olliii 

Hiirdj, cdlnedy »Iok nit net : the CB«ttloro>,. 
comedy eercbitla: ih. Ldckltu, .Inkera/and 
dnneern. and -new muYinit plctntea nr. tbe at- 
trnetlona for thla week. ... 

MnnlirHlnn lliclltrr I Win. A. Ilrndr. 

rd«iw»,r).— manchf W.ilali, in "The Kreiltier 
KonatQ," entctinl Iht fourth and lait week 
HenJ, ». «Nett week, (Jrac. Oeorgc, lat 



September 8. 

Vlodfon Thcntre (Henry It. Harris, man- 
■ttjcr). — On Thursday evening, Aug. HO, tbls 
house ivaa reopened with the first production 
on any stage 'of "The Hypocrites," a play. In 
Four acts, by Henry Arthur Jones, In Bplte 
nt the fact that It woa on uncomfortably 
Hot night ihe theatre wos Oiled to its ut- 
most, and everyone present was well repaid 
by seeing one of the strongest and most In- 
teresting ploys that New Yorkers have seen 
Tor- some time. The story has for Its central 
ilgures n .country curate, whose lave for 
truth and I right nearly plunges him. Into 
poverty. and> a number of personages whose 
actions arc governed by the laws of society. 
Mr. Wllmore. lord, of the Manor of Weybury, 

E rides himself upon his upright dealing and 
Is 1 high moral Ideas. One of hla tenants baa 
had an entanglement with a girl of loose 
character, and she accuses him of being the 
father of her child. Mr. Wllmore determines 
that the young man shall marry the girl, 
the alternative being that he must give up 
his tenancy. Wllmore imposes upon the Rev, 
Kdgur Llnnell, curate of Weybury, the task 
of telling the young man, and of announc- 
ing the bans. Llnncll ban investigated the 
cane and has discovered that the char- 
acter of the air I la such that It would be 
ulfflcult to deMrmlne who was really the 
father of tbe cmid, and objects to the duty, 
hut Wllmore Is 'Obdurate. Wllmore ■ affairs 
i:rc In a bad way financially. His estates 
ore heavily mortgaged, and debt faces blm 
I'fom every side. Ills wife has succeeded in 
tirrnnglng a match between their son, Len- 
nard, and Helen, daughter of Sir John Flu- 
genet, the wealthy owner of Plugenet Court. 
The wedding day Is npproachlng, but Helen 
has misgivings concerning Lcnnard's affec' 
lion for her. Wltb love's iri tuition, she feels 
ilittt be Is hiding something from her, and 
i, ho Is unhappy. Rachel neve arrives on 
the scene, and applies to Mrs. Wllmore for 
recommend a tlon a to teach drawing, len- 
nard and she meot, and It transpires' that 
ihey are old lovers— that they were engaged 
to be married prior to the match arranged 
hv Mrs. Wllmore. and that Lennard Is the 
lather of Rachel's unborn child. Tbls dis- 
covery la a great blow to Mrs. Wllmore. -She 
tierceivea that the marriage of her son to 
tachel means ruin to them all, and shu de- 
cides to separate them at any coBt. Lenunrd 
really loves 'Rachel, but he Js ■ under the 
domination of his mother, ami nalf-heartedly 
consents. When Mr. Wllmore learns the 
situation he In confronted with a difficult 
problem. The demands of high morality 
do not seem to tie so exacting when 
Ills own Bonis the culprit, particularly when 
llnanclal ruin stares htm In the face. He 
endenvors to conciliate Llnnell, who briH 
sheltered Rachel when she was forced to flee 
from Wllmore Manor III and disheartened. 
Sirs. Wllmore secures from Rachel a written 
retraction nf ber relations with Lennard, 
and with this she faces Sir John, who has 
learned of the Htory, nod Is determined. If 
It be true, that his daughter shall not marry 
Lomnird. At the end of act three a meet- 
ing fa arranged for Sir John with Mr. and 
Mrs. Wllmore, Lennard. Mr. Vlveasb (the 
f&mlly lawyer), the Rev. Everoi-d Dnnbeny, 
Vicar of Weybury ; Dr. Money, Mm. Bluney 
and Llnncll. Tbe proofs brought by the 
Wllmores overwelgh Llnncli's accusation, 
and he dcmiinrin tbat Rachel and Lenuard 
lie brought face to face. Hut. even then she 
clicks to her denial,, nnd It acems as though 
the Wilmorcs will triumph, when suddenly 
Lcnnnrd rushes to Rachel, and clasping her 
In his arms, tells her of his undying love. 
Thus the plotters are undone and ruin seems 

Sure for them. Rut through tbe Influence of 
llnnell. sir John arranges to tide them 
over their financial difficulties ; Lennard 
and Rachel nro married : Helen decides to 
devote her life and money aiding Linnet) In 
bis work among the poor, and nil ends well. 
K if mu this story Mr. Junes has made u re- 
markably strong play 'of engrossing interest. 
He bus drawn his charnelcrs In a clear cut 
arid decisive style, each stnndlng out by 
itself, and everyouo necessary to the perfect 
working out of the story. The successive 
seencH follow' In logical sequence without the 
slightest straining for effect, and the situa- 
tions are led up to naturally. Tbo quiet 
i-ndlitgs of the rtr.ft two acts are fitting 
climaxes to what precedes them, but the 

fiecfj tie rentBtanec la tlie climax to act three. 
t would he difficult to Imagine a more dra- 
matic situation than that produced when, 
jtist as It appears that the plotters have won 
itnd the honest fight of the curate has been 
for naught, Lennard openly confesses his 
wrongdoing nnd takes Ilachel to hla arms. 
Tbe situation la In no way forced, but Is 
workod up to with flue druuialte flnesBO, and 
the climax 1b so unexpected that It causes 
ii momentary luudi, which Is Instantly fol- 
lowed by n storm of applause. Tbe scene 
Ik ho Intense In its Interest that It holds the 
►mectntors spellbound, and 1b best, likened to 
the Intense stillness that sometimes precedes 
u terrific wind atorm. The audience mice 
released from Us Husponve finds relief in 
thunderous applause ami demonstrative ap- 
proval, For the company there Is nuught but 
praise, Every part was In capable bands. 
and each plnyor brought out to a nicety 
every point made by the author, wbo was 
present, and nt the close of the third act 
nrielly thanked tbe oudlciicc for its attention. 
Leslie Fabcr gave n remarkably strong im- 
personation of the Rev. Edgar Llnncll. Some 
(here are who might Jlnil fault with hla 
earlier scenes as being too repressed, but a 
study of his performance will disclose the 
fact thut the soemlng repression la neces- 
sary to the artistic portrayal of the role. 
Mr. Faber wns never forced or unnatural, 
hiu ho was always ■ convincing, and when 
it is considered flint the part offers runny op- 
portunltles to over art, his success Is the 
more ran rkeil. Jessie Mllward, an Mrs. Wii- 
morr-, probubly has never donu better work 
in her entire career, and curtain It Is ahe 
lias never been seen to so great advantage in 
Ibis 'country. she was always the mother, 
aerated to the utmatB »f bcrson, the motli- 
er who would stop nt nothing; In order that 
his KticceuH In life be uttnlned. Her work was 
uulotly effective, and her strong personality 
an won hoi- audienco tliut. while tho triumphs 
nf trnth and right met with approval, there 
was a sense of regret at her failure to carry 
her unjust cause to success. Doris Keano 
played the dtfllciilt role of Rachel Neve with 
conscientious effort, and brought out every 
strong point Richard llenuet portrayed the 
role of Lennard with nice distinction. Tip 
tu tho end of act three the role Is filled with 
difficulties, as Lennard Is niado a hero by 
bis mother, while In reality he la acting as 
K cad. Throughout the performance Mr. 
Bennett carried the character to success, and 
justly cHi-ncd recognition. ■ J. IT. Barnrs, as 
Mr. Wllmer, and .folia Gleudcnnliig. us Sir 
.lobn, were capital. Tho others nil did %ood 
work, nnd lent valuablu aid In carrying the 
"lay lo Ub great sucpofs. The cast In full: 
Nit John riugenet, John. Oleudlnnlng ; Mr, 
Wllmore. J. 11. hanMi Lennnrd wilmore, 
Itlchnrd Bennett ; Mr. Vlveiish, Arthur Lewis; 
tbo Reverand Kvcrnrd Dnubeny, W. II, Denny ; 
Dr. llhiney, Cecil Ktnirston : the Reverend 
IMgnr Llnncll, bads) Faber : Goodyer, Jay 
Wilson : Mrs. Wllmore. Jessie Mllward; 
Helen Plug-met, Vlvn Dtrkott: Mrs. Llnnell, 
Ada Webster; Mrs. Blnney. Helen Trneey; 
Rachel Neve, Doris Keano ; Patty, Louise 

Seed. The executive staff of tbe hous* Is : - 
umes Forbes, assistant manager; Tbeo. 
Tteiidlx, mimical director; Robert E. Forbes, 
rreasuror : George Loom Is, ticket agent ; 
William F. Mnhan, chief usher ; Tbnmas 
Johnston, doormnn ; Mrs. M. Hnrgrenvra, 
matron; JoKCph I'hysloc, scenic artist; John 
Hurler, master mechanic; Peter W. King, 
electrician ; William Bradley, master of prop- 
erties. "Tbe Hypocrites" began Ub second 
week Sept. 3, to big hiiRlncsa. 

MntHnou Square Theatre t W. N. Law- 
rence, manager). — "The Two Mr. Wea'.hcr- 
bya" began Its third week Sept. 3. 

Ne*v. York. Hippodrome (Mesfrs.%tm J 

bert & Anderson, -managers). — This gigantic 
bouse of amusement opened for tbe season 
Saturday evening, Hept-1; with what was 
announced to be tbe record number of paid 
aumlBslons. Tbe new management signalized 
Its opening night with a magnificent per- 
formance throughout, everything running as 
though there had been no break In the way 
of vacation. "A Society Circus" again was 
offered, and last year's gorgeousness was sup* 
rained, the magnificent Court of thstJGolden 
Fountains being as. wonderful new. / J. 
Tarker Coombs, Edwin A. Clark. Mle iLft 
Harte, Mnrcellne and John. O. Bpanutwere 
last year's favorites who were warning reel- 
ed. Paul Spessardy's bears were vetf*pmtis- 
lng, and did some very good, trick*-; The 
Hippodrome baby elephant played football 
nnd did many tricks, seeming thoroughly to 
enjoy It all. Mile. Deloro I first time in 
America) rode a beautiful black stallion 
through an act which was warmly ap- 
plauded. The Alfboffs (American debut), 
equestrians, performed Borne rcmarkame 
teats, and went i off amid great applause. 
Mile. Aiiarty'a performing camel (deojt In 
America) was a -wonderful animal, and did 
much of tbe work usually seen In a horse 
Oct. Naomi Ethnrdo pleased, as usual, In 
her enulllbrlstlc act. Tbe Merkeh Ulsters 
(American debut i caused a perfect .^ihlrl of 
excitement in their wonderful acrotratfc act. 
There nre aix women In the act, and for 
beauty, charm of figure, agility and physical 
strength, they are nndoubtedlv unequalled. 
The TJessems (first time In America) are 
two youths, whose head to head and hand to 
band balancing has rarely, if ever, teen 
excelled, and the mtdlence repaid them with 
thunders of applause. Motoring In Mld-alr, 
by the Tom Davis Trto (Amerlcan»di*but). 
excited great comment. Two meji.a'nd a 
woman did the old 'cycle whirl act on bi- 
cycles and motor cycles, and then the Ira me 
work -was raised ubout eight feet .from tbe 
stage, while the men oa motor cycles spun 
around in tbe frame work. The rutty-Frank 
Troupe U unquestionably the world's greatest 
acrobatic troupe, and from tbe moment of 
their entrance until their third encore tbe 
live thousand and odd people applauded 
vociferously. Such an ovation Is- rarely 
heard, and every bit of It was well earned. 
The cast of "A Society Circus :" Boleala, 
J, Parker Coombs; Draga, Leila Homer; Es- 
meralda, Olive North; Paul Paaky; -Edwin 
A. Clark ; RadBky, James Cherry : Ladsky, 
8am liaker; Badsky, Thomas F. Dslyi tbe 
Lady Volumnla, Rose La Harte ; Flzfc Fluka, 
Mnrcellne ; Page, Rita Dean ; Gypsy Rrlde, 
Albcrtlne Holt : Gypsy Bridegroom, H. E. 
Clntt; Trlgo. D. J. McCaf rey ; the- Major 
Doroo, John G. Sparks; Hla Shadow, Charles 
Ravel; Walters, Messrs. Adams, Morse and 
Soley. Executive ataff for Messrs. Shobert 
ft Anderson : Robert W. McBride. general 
representative; A. T. Worm and George T. 
Lynch, press representative. ' \ 

Pastor's Th«*ntre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — Capacity ruled at both performances 
Labor Day, and many were unable to gain 
admission. O'BrJcn and Buckley were given 
a royal reception and pleased mightily ; mad- 
dnx and Melvln, "The Messenger Boy and 
the Actress," scored eaally in their comedy, 
and -returned for encores; Post and Russell 
did some tine dancing, and were kept at It a 
long time : Charles B. Lawlor and Daughters 
were recalled time and time again, and re- 
sponded gladly; the Chndwlck Trio, firmly 
ostahllBhcd here ae favorites, were eminently 
successful ; Maxwell and Dudley, In "For, 
Sweet Charity," wore cordially received.; 
Gavin. Piatt and Peaches made their usual. 
succcbs, and won encores, Tho . Aiarcons 
Mexican trio, sang and danced to everyoao's 
satisfaction : the Evans Trio, In song and 
dnnce, were an unquestioned success.'-' Others 
were: The Great Harringtons, ou tbe flying 
rings : Mr. and Mrs. Al. Q. Belford, la 'The 
Irish Politician," and Parish, ventriloquist. 
The vitagroph offered some good pictures. ■ 

Joe Welter's Music Hall (Joseph M. 
Weber, proprietor). — Hilda Spongs debut as 
a star was lumlo nt this house evening of 
Tuesday, Aug. ^8, in Harold Heaton's three 
act comedy. "Lady Jim," which was then 
given for tbo first time In America. Miss 
Spong'B vivacity and histrionic ability carried 
almost the entire cveutng's Interest, and as 
the play was not of much help to her, tbe 
weight upon her shoulders was very, great, 
and the credit for her personal triumph was 
correspondingly strong. Mr. Hon ton has writ- 
ten his dialogue very Intelligently, If not very 
wittily, and tbe talk indulged In by his char- 
acters carries the auditor along smoothly and 
with no discords. But nothing of any- account 
happens durl"<* the progress of tbe srarx The 
author makes "Lady Jim" WllBon(so cnlled 
because, she wns christened Jemima) visit 
the rooms of Lieutenant Northrup.iat mid- 
night, because the lieutenant Is engaged to 
her niece, Winifred, nnd "Lady JlhrV wants 
to find out. If the young man 1b thoroughly 
"nil right." But It happens that, she 'mdH 
n supper for two spread In bin robins, and 
there is a lady's beautiful cloiK.and glove 
there. When tho lieutenant finds "Lady Jim" 
there he haa a scene with .her, and' ends by 
locking her In his apartments and leaving to 
nee his llance. -Lady Jim,'' released by her 
maid and- Mujor Cfttrlngton, who Is In love 
with her, also goes to see her niece, Wini- 
fred, but tries to keep from that young lady 
tbe fact that the hua visited the lleutcnnnt'a 
rooms. However, oil Is explained 'by tbe 
young man himself, and .the play ctjau when 
he announces to Major Carrlngrhh thai be 
nnd "Lady Jim" have been married, Wini- 
fred having previously broken with 'blm nnd 
become engaged to Lord Aluiy. .'The true 
talo of the why nnd wherefore of 'the little 
fiii up or la never explained, and the , author 
leaves affairs In rather a sad Jumble. Miss 
Sjwng'H acting wnu all that confd. 'he de- 
sired, but It Is a matter of keen' regret 
that she wns not given better . material. 
Herbert Percy, as tho lieutenant,', was sat- 
isfactory. Charles Harbury was very good 
«r the blunt adorer of "Lady Jim," nnd 
Antoinette Perry, a pretty girl, iyhoac ap- 
pearance 1b very pleasing. a.cfed with 

Empire Theatre (Charles Frobman, 
manager).— John Drew began his- fifteenth 
season as a Frobman star Monday night, 
.slept. 3, opening the seoBon of the bouse. 
Every .seat was filled, and many ICM«M 
occupied the space back of the parquet. "His 
House in Order," a four act play, hy Arthur 
W. Pinero, was the vehicle, and It was then 
acted for the first time ill America, while 
its original production occurred Feb. 1 of 
this year at tbe St. James Theatre, Lonion, 
Eng. Fllmer Jesson, M. F., has twice been 
married. Annabel ie. hla first wife, was the 
daughter of Hlr Daniel Rldgeley, a self-mnde, 
Belf-conscloufl British knight. She was a 
model housewife, orderly and methodical. 
Three years before the play begins she was 
thrown from her carriage and killed, leaving 
a little son, named Derek. Filmer MM 
a governess for Derek. Nina, tbe daughter of 
n broad-minded country parson,. and finally 
falls in love with, and marries her. Hi* 
mer la somewhat of a snob, and the mar- 

riage proves unhappy. He haB no sym- 
pathy with her high spirits, and she, In 
turn, cannot keep "his house In-order. f 

great charm the part of Wlnlfred.^Lella Rep- 
too was most agreeable as Mme. Mattlson- 
Joncs, a society cntertulner. who,'. the audi- 
ence nt one tlmo thought might prove to lie 
tbe mysterious lodv of the little supper party. 
Tho cast : Lieut. Geoffrey Northrop.. ITerhort 
Percy; Major Car ring ton, Charles" Harbury'; 
Lord Altny, Uouel Walsh: Basil, Fred C. 
Patterson : Club Steward. Fred C. Patterson ; 
Winifred Granville, Antoinette rerry* Mme. 
MnttiHon-Jones, Lolls Rc-pton : Marie, Flor- 
ence Conron; Lady Jemima Wilson ("Lddy 
Jim"), Hilda Spong. ', 

Minor'* howcry Theatre (Edwin 1). 
Miner, manager).— Campbell's "Nightingales" 
are singing here this week, giving entire sat- 
■■faction, llan Gnicey. Rlchy W. Cratg, Thll 
Adnms, Billy K. Wells, Frank Thorndike. Crt. 
Oliver, Ada 11. Huruette, Gertrude Pierce, 
Dorothy lttodgctt and a large chorus pre- 
sented "A Trip to .lupltrr" In flue form. The 
olio Included: The Sisters Bliss, Rlchy W. 
Crnlg and his phonogrnph partner, tho Vorko > 
Comedy Four (Thorndike, Adorns, Wolls and 
De Grout), Mozclle, Ulustrstcd songs by lllllv 
K. Wells, Dan arson/ nnd Ada Burnett. lu 
their populnr comedy act, with Miss Bur- 
uette particularly hnppy lu her charocter' 
fours, and Thorndike and Blodgett, comic 
opera ducttlsts. Harrlo It. Pierce Is mana- 

?er ; Frank K. Stair, advance representative ; 
lavid li. Morgan, muslcnl director. Next 
week, tbe London Gaiety Girls, 

Habcr'a Museum (John IT. Anderson. ' 
maungev). — W. L. Travis. In feats of strength. 
Is seen for the third week here, null made a 
very favorable Itnpresiloo; J. C. Crelghton 
and bis troupo of trained roosters also at- 
tracted considerable attention. In tbo the- 
atre on excellent bill Is given, and Included : 
Gordon and Matthews, .Dorothy Do Hart, 
Hurry Monroe, Stone and Windsor, Lee Broa. f 
and tbe Edison moving pictures, 

finally Installs Gernldlne, Annobclles Bister. 
as mistress of hla house, to see that be has 
his meals regularly, and tbat Derek Is prop- 
erly educated. Annnbelle's boudoir, which 
1b considered too aecred for Nina to occupy, 
1b turned Into a school room for Derek. Mna 
la snubbed and scolded by every member of 
the Rldgeley family, nnd Is very miserable 
After the death of hla first wife Fllmer had 
determined to present a park to the town 
as a memorial to her vlrtueB. and a house 
party has assembled at Overbury Towers for 
the opening ceremony. Hilary Jesson, Fllm- 
cr'» brother, who Is British minister to Santa 
Guarda, Is home on a six weeks' leave. Hilary 
has no love for the Rldgeley family, and 
at once becomes tbe friend and champion or 
Nina. Stung to madness by the insufferable, 
caddish way in which she Is treated by the 
Rldgcleya Nina decides not to ntteud the 
park presentation ceremony, and the gossip 
and scandal her absence will cause will be 
her revenge. Kate, however, gives her tbe op- 
portunity for revenge far more bitter than 
ahe dreamed of, a revenge that would pre- 
vent the Rldgeleys from ever slighting her 
again. Derek finds hidden under a loose 
board In his late mother's boudoir a handbag 
containing four letters. He shows the bag 
to . Nina who discovers the letterB which, 
upon reading, prove beyond a doubt that for 
seven yearn before her death Annabelle had 
been unfaithful to her bnBband. and that 
Major Maurewarde, wbo U still a frleud of 
the Rldgeleys and a chum of Derek. Is really 
the father of the child. The boy knows 
nothing of the letters. Nina shows them lo 
Hilary and tells him she Intends to send 
copies of them, to Geraldlne. Hilary nleads 
wlfh her to destroy them at once and 
aave the Rtageleys the agony the knowl- 
edge of Annaoelle's sin would bring them. 
Nina gives the letters to Hilary and .con- 
sents to attend tbe park opening. She Is 
all humility, and the Rldgeleys. taking 
advantage of her change of • manner, com- 
plain or, her dogs, her only friends ex- 
cept Hilary, and she agrees to give them 
4jp. .., They complain of little actions of 
here, and she agrees to do better. But 
this is too much for Hilary, and be deter- 
mines to save her from a life of snubs nnd 
misery. He endeavors to open his brother's 
eves to her good qualities, but In vain. He 
then shows Fllmer tbe letters, and tbe latter 
realizes ' It' all — the hollow mockery of the 
park dedication, the studied cruelty of the 
Hldgeleya, and the true nobility 'of Nino. 
' He re-establishes hla wife as mistress of 
his household, and Informs tbe Rldgeleys 
.' that henceforth they will be welcome as 
gueatB only. Mr. 1'lnero with thin story haa 
written a play that never rises above com- 
monplace. He has put the work togetnor 
wltb his usual skill, in point o.f «.onstrucrlon, 
but In striving for the unconventional he 
has only succeeded In evolving a plot wbose 
. oqly strength la Its weakness. Letters from 
the dead when they are In a good cause 
and form evidence that saves a life or a 
reputation, may be successfully used by a 
dramatist to strengthen his play. AVhen, 
however, bhIp tbe present Instance, ihey 
form practically tbe whole plot, and 
their only use la . to smirch the memory of 
a dead woman and cast a atlgma upon her 
.living child, they can hardly- be depended 
upon to form tbe basis of a play that will 
either entertain or prove a magnet for the 
public. Mr. Drew gave a pleasing portrayal 
of Hilary Jesson. The author gave him few 
good situations, but the few offered were 
taken advantage of, and no point escaped 
the star. In tbe third act he did effective 
work, and the audlenco gave him full recog- 
nition for his efforts. Margaret Illlnftlon, 
ns Nina, had n difficult role to portray, bnt 
she surmounted all difficulties, and once 
again proved herself to be an excellent act- 
ress. She acted with nice reaerve, and car- 
ried her every scene In n convincing' manner. 
Little Leona Powers played the rolo of Dcrpk 
Jesson, the boy, cspltally, and showed her- 
self possessed of dramatic ability far berond 
tier years. Hope Latham was excellent as 
Mile. Thome, and the others did well all tbat 
was required of them. . The cast In full : 
Hilary .lesson, John Drew; Fllmer Jcrton, 
M. P., C M. Hallnrd: Derek Jesson, Leona 
Powei-B ; Sir Daniel Rldgeley, Arthur Glilot ; 
Prycc Rldgeley, Martin onblne: Major Mauie- 
warde, Henry Vibart : Dr. Dilnott, Herbert 
Budd: Harding, Gilbert Douglas-; Forshnw, 
Rex McDougaf; • Nlnn, Margnret Illlngton ; 
Lady Rldceley, Lena Halllday ; Gernldlne 
Rldgeley. Madge Glrdlestone ; Mile, Thome, 

Hone Latham. 

ftovr Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw & Kr- 
lauger, managers). — "The Man from Now," 
ii musical fantasy, In a prologue and two 
acts, book and lyrics by John Kendrlck Ttnngu 
and Vincent Bryan, music by Manuel Klein, 
wns presented for tho first time In this city, 
evening of Sept, 3, with Harry Bulger ns the 
•tar. Under Ita present title It was origin- 
ally produced nt tbe Tremont Theatre, Bos- 
ton, Mass., matinee of May 30 last. It was 
first known as "To-morrow-Land," nnd its 
title was changed several times before tbe 
present one was selected. Mr. Savage bus 
ttpnred no expense in Btaglng the piece, and 
the costumes are rich and decidedly pretty, 
the greater portion of them being worn by 
ultoruH girls who are comely and possessed 
of good voices. George Marion's stage man- 
agement had n great deal to do with the 
pleasing effect that the spectacular part of 
the entertainment made on the audience, and 
be divided honors with Mr. Klein, who con- 
tributed good music nnd plenty of It. There 
wsb a swing and pleasing catchlncss about 
Rome of the songs, and as there were a greet 
number of musical "Interruptions" to tbe 
action of the piece, the unsatisfactory por- 
tions of the work were forgiven because of 
the pleasure furnished by the music. It muat 
be admitted that Mr, Bangs did not take 
advantage of bis' opportunities, for be hud 
a chance for sonic brflltnnt satire In his idea 
of projecting blH characters foiwurd from 
11M)0 to 20(10. But instead of satire the fun 
Is contributed by jokes and comic opera 
methods, and tbe frail plot Is padded out 
with many interpolations. Jt appears in the 
story that Prof. Forecasts hau discovered an 
elixir that will put blm -forward oue thou- 
sand years, and he accordingly takes the 
principal male characters with him. In 2&Od 
they find things a trifle different from their 
own times, and their experiences and mis- 
haps form the nucleus of the situations. 
Mr, Bulger had very little lo do, and was', 
therefore; not given the chance that he no 
doubt longed for, but when he sang his sev- 
eral numbers the audience wns not willing 
to let him go, and he was given encore nftor 
encore, in Helen Hale Mr. Savage has a 
real find, for she Is vivacious, pretty and In- 
defatigable in her efforts to please, and her 
work was keenly enjoyed during every minute 
she was on the stage. Sallle r inner, who has 
c good voice, song to repeated encores, and ' 

brought a sunny, pleasing personality to jjf 
a!d hi her work. Battle Arnold was com- 
mendsMe as Matrlcula, a college president, 
and Gilbert Oregory was also worthy of 
praise. The caac : Forecasts^ Edward B. 
Martlndell: Jnek Raleigh Walter Uwrenre . 
John P. Pennypackcr, Phil Branson: Mi 
Beaaley, Gilbert Orego# ; Stew Waffle*. 
Harry Bulger; Samsonia, Helen Hale. Ma- 
trlcula. Battle Arnold; Dora, Sallle Fiauer ; 
Electra, Marie Keller ; Zerolne, Lucy long*. : 
Oomahn, William Murphy: uasollna, Helen 

HJslMWl Hill Theatre (Alex. D. Gorman, 
manager).— A fair alzed house | witnessed the 
performance presented by Bob Mancnestetfa 
Cracker Jacks. Monday, 3. The show Is hand- 
«omely equipped In every detail, and a most 
sightly array of girls, headed by Ruby Leonl, 
wore dazzling creations of the WMUBT 
art. Bob Van ■Oaten, Mike Nlbbe and Joe 
Bowers made the comedy wltb good effect. 
Llllle Vedder and Dora ^ntou had show^ 
roles in "The Society Whirl In Cupldsvl e, 
with MIbs Leonl as the Widow Brown. On 
the Gay Rlalto," in which "Come Along. Lit- 
tle Girl," was sung in unllmMed numwr ot 
verses, made a big bit. The vaudevl He feat- 
rres included : The MHlerd Bros.. In. ^ their bi- 
cycle act, of many clever tricks in MMMj 
balancing, with good comedy features ; Dora 
Denton, a vivacious Binger of popular *°vg*> 
who was encored repeatedly; Welsh inaMii- 
land, comedian an<f floubrette. In !■*«"£> 
comedy songs ahd dances; Smith and Ba>er, 
comedians of successful methods, nnd U. * 
Nlbbe and Marie Bordeaux, In their lively 
act, with a rousing Binging finish. Nature 
in Marble Halls," with Bob i Van .Oaten as 
"the bold, bad man." and Buby Leonl, re- 
splendent as Antonio, made Its ubusI nit. 
Cloto. In a catchy dance, was one of tbe in- 
terpolated numders. Joe Bowers gave an 
excellent impersonation of Geo. M. Cohan, 
sluglug "There's Nothing. New Under the 
Sun." The entire Bhow gave Batlif action. 
Harry Leonl Is manager; Tiffany Dugan, ad- 
vance representative; 'fhpmas B. Bryan, mu- 
sical director; Billy Closterman. stage car- 
penter; Joe Williams, electridsn. -ftext 
week, the Trane-Att antics. 0aw _.„ 

Knickerbocker Theatre '(AI. Hayman 
& Co., managers) .-^-FrlUl "Scheff reopened 
this house Saturday evening, Sept 1, in ner 
last season's success, "Mile. Modiste, ana 
the pleasing features were again applauded. 
A large audience was on band, which warm- 
ly welcomed the star and her confreres. Tbe 
caBt: Hcnerl De Bouvray. William Pruette ; 
Cent Etlnne De Bouvray. Walter Perclval ; 
Hiram Bent. Claude Gllllngwater : Gaston, 
Leo Mars; General Le Marquis De Vlilar- 
franche. George Hcbraeder; Lieut. Bene La 
Motte. Howard Chambers; Francois. B~ W. 
Hunt; Mme. Cecllc, Josephine Bartlett; 
Fanchette, Edna FaBsctt; Nanette, Blanche 
Morrison: Marie LoulBe De Bouvray, Ada 
Meade; Bebe, 'La Mora; Mrs. Hiram Bent, 
Bertha Holly: Fill, Frltzl Scheflt. 

Lyceum Theatre (Daniel Frobman, man- 
ager).— ■'The Lion and the Mouse" began Its 
forty-second week Sept. 3, cm which date 
Grace Elllston returned to her role of Sblnoy. 

Majestic Theatre (W. L Rowland, resi- 
dent manageri. — "Tbe Tourists" started Its 
second week Sept 18. 

London Theatre (J. B. Curtln,. mana- 
ger). — The Champagne Girls presented s 
sparkling performance here, to fair sized 
Houses, Mondnv, Sept. 1 "My Wife and My 
Neighbor's Wife," a comedy mlxup, opened 
the bill wltb all kinds of trouble. Geo. B. 
Alexander, ns a* walking tourist, led tbe fun, 
and was ably backed by Carrie Ester, who 
Is A- 1 In any character work she is cast for. 
as the servant, she doubly made good. Fiank 
Moore, as an old sport ; Wm. Montgomery, 
ns a military r6nnder: Josette Webb and 
Oltve Kerr, completed the cast. "Everybody 
Have a Good Time," by Miss Ezter ; "Wultz 
Me Around Again, Willie/' by Miss Wcab; 
a comic song, by Geo. B Alexander, and 
"Ragtime Coon," by principals and chorus, 
were enjoyable numbers. A strong olio split 
the burlesques, and presented ; Jack JrwJn 
(Young Sharkey), In Bongs and stories, In- 
cluding "Tbe Kids' Last Fight;" Carrie 
Fzler and Joseph Webb, in "The Actress and 
the Maid," full of fun and entertainment ; 
Billy Montgomery and Harry Cantor, lnjholr 
clever comedy piano work and dancing, which 
kept the house In roars for the comedy and 
anplnuse for Ita ' ■ cleverness. The Three 
Moores (Frank, Florence snd Marlon), In 
a good comedy act, entitled "The Co-atng 
Affair;" Potter and Hartwell, la head bal- 
ancing and other clever acrobatic feats, for 
which they earned hearty encores, and Geo. 
B. Alexander, tramp monologlst and singer. 
"Life, at the Seashore" presented Carrie 
Kzlerln most laugbable makeup, including 
robber hoots, as Pansy Prunes, and the rest 
- of the company in appropriate roles. Miss 
Fzler's "Disappointed Glrr 1 song made a big 
lilt Each one .selected from the chorus by 
her tp assist, made good. Encores had to be 
refused Anally. "The Tale of the Prog" and 
"Are Yon Coming Out To-night, Mary Ann," 
were well put on. Tbe costumes worn 
throughout the performance were most at- 
tractive. Phil Fisher la manager; Geo. B. 
Alexander, stage director: Charles J. Fay, 
musical director ; Albert Mooney. mechanical 
director. Next week, J as. H. Curtln's Broad- 
wav Gaiety Olrls. 
.Daly's Theatre (Frank MeKee, mana- 
ger).- — Marie Cabin began her second week 
Sent. 3. In ''Marry'.nc; Mary." * 

Dewey Theatre (Union Theatre Co., 
managers). — The New Century Girls, under 
the management of John J. Moynihan, began 
a week's engagement here Monday after- 
noon. Sept. 3, and there was a,, very large 
oudlencc present to be 'entertained- and ex- 
tend a hearty welcome. Everything sbout 
the show Is new and bright. The costumes 
nre beautiful, nnd excellent comedians, slng- 
erR nnd dancers find ample opportunities to 
display tbeir talents in /two musical and 
breezy comediettas. • The show opens with 'a' 
laughable comedy, called "The French Ball," 
which went with a ni6h from the start. The 
full cast : Moses Levi, Frank E. .Mitchell ; 
Patrick McSwecney, "Jack" McCabe ; Mrs. 
Sweeney. Mildred Valmore ; Dick Jolly. Frank 
Hays : Nellie, Frances Bishop ; Charlie Ar- 
thur, Van; Mrs. Baronby Henpeck, Carrie L 
Wlnchell ; Mr. Baranby Henpeck, Tom Bar- 
rett; Little Ooldle. May Bdle; Nellie Sylves- 
ter, Mrs. Jolty ; Annie, Tina Roth : Ml<Mle, 
Pearl Burns; Sallle. Mabel Warsbaw: Fan- 
n'e, Blanche Corcoran ; Aggie, Annie Davis ; 
Maggie, Ada Davis; Constance, Delia CuHcv ; 
Hate. Mabel Leon: Nellie, Mlna* Behalf; 
Phoebe. Flossie McCloud ; Eva, Marlone 
Itosseau : Polly, Florence Daltell : Cora, 
Josephine Bonet; Flora, Annie Wlllinm«. 
An excellent olio follows. Including: Mildred 
Valmore, comedienne ; Barrett and Belle. In 
n skit, called "Only a Volunteer." In wbloh 
they scored a hit: Mitchell and Van, two 
comedians, who sang and danced well; Hays 
and Wlnchell, In a well liked comedy skit; 
Nellie Sylvester, songbird, and the Great 
Barteii troupe of acrobats; "The Scandal in 
the Bugg Family." cast as follows, conclud- 
ed the show. In which there Is not a dull mo- 
ment. Jt proved a Httlng climax to a meri- 
torious programme, and the company suc- 
ceeded admirably In Its efforts to present a 
rattling (rood show. Tho -cast : Pinkey, MLss 
Sylvester: Patrick Bun. J. F. McCabe; 
Sammy Bujrg. Arthur ^an ; Sadie Bug* 
Francis Bishop; Katie Bnn. May Belfe ; 
Mamie Bugg.. Mildred Vnlmore: Reflov 
(valet), Buater BarteMI ; Ell MPm T^m 
Barrett: Snltz Flttnoodle, Frank E. Mitchell- 
John Smart and Trlnce Ha Ha. Frank Ban : 

rSffiS W* L " W^ "' Ke« weelHne 
Colonial Belles. ... 

aSVt? 1 ^, 9 . Harlem' Opera Dm 
(Alex. Llchtensteln. manager) opened Ita 

?.ext week. 'His Honor, the Mayor?' 
SFJ*9fe^™l Beauty and the Beast** 

'JJiTBOPOLis-Ouftlg&Seamon, manajrersi 
—"A .One Morse Town,'.' a. bright miisleni 
comedy, moved, up from, another nouse 
and met with tho warmest kind of a reeen* 
tion 8. It is brimfulfof bright lines UD 5i 
pleasing music and should have a successful 
week. Next week, "In New York Town." 

Stab (Wm. T. Keogh, manager).— "Ths 
Secrets of the -Police,* one of the latest 
melodramas. Is the attraction for this week 
Next week, "Ruled Off the Turf "" 

Kfitk & Pboctob'b One Bondhed ui 
TwBSTT-FiFTii Street Thsatee, — "The Pit? 
Is tbe offering for tho current week, in tbe 
cast are: Beatrice Morgan, Agnes Scott, Paul 
McAllister, Dudley Hawley and Wm. Norton 
who received a heartv reception. Tbe vaudts 
vllle offers; Jacobs' Dog .Circus, AL Carlton 
Lillian Le Hoy and motion pictures. ^^ 

Albaubiu (Percy G. Williams, manager) 
— Hp usjal holiday crowds were In evldenco 
at botb performances 3. Hope Booth and 
company appeared lo "The Little Blonde 
Lady." Others were: Williams and Tuck-r 
Holland Trio, WIIbou BaJJett, Fields and 
Wooloy, Valonl. . Rose De Haven Septette 
Germinal, Manning's Entertainers and Ameri- 
can vltagrapb. 

Henna & Seamon's Mtjsic Ball (Bea 
Hnrtlg, manager). — Weber & Rusb/s Parisian 
Widows opened to a crowded house 3. Tbe 
first part and burlesque are well presented, 
ahd the Bhow Is more like musical comedy 
than burlesque. It gives- great satisfaction 
to the patrons. Snlts Moore, Le Mar and 
Hart, Hickman, . Coleman, McGloln, Smith 
and Brooks and Jeanette make up the olio, 
and they were very successful 5«eit week, 
the New York Mars, ' ' 
. Gotham ( Dave Kraus, manager ). — Wm 
B. Watson's Butfesquers made tbeir first ap- 
pearance this season at this house. 3. The 
show ~tg more fncec comedy' than burlesque, 
and gave ■ complete satisfaction. Mr. Wat- 
sbn'a work Is so well known that comment 
Is unnecessary. The companv Is above the 
nverage. Next week, Jolly Grass Widows. 

Family Titrates' tEng; ' Peersol, mana- 
ger). — This house opened 2, and a large au- 
dlencs- was la evidence.'. This week's bill* 
Belgier-Ziegler Trio, Ira Kessner, Bertie Her- 
ron, Owens and De Vernon, the Hazels, Kim- 
ball Bros., and Loc Gordern. 

Pakk' Theatbe (Engen L. -Parry, muna- 
ger).— This bouse opened under new man- 
agement 3, to a well filled bouse. Tbe fol- 
lowing people appeared ; Brothers Olny, 
Jtilyea. Juggling Barrons. the Eddys. -Wise 
and Milton. J. Francis Sul Ivan and com- 
pany, and Blva Brothers 

Brooklyn. — At tbe New Montauk (Ed- 
ward Trail, manager) the. second regular sea- 
son of this theatre started Sept 3, wltb 
"His Honor, the Mayor." Next week, Raj. 
mond Hitchcock, In "The Galloper." 

Shubert (Lew Parker, manager). — Da 
Wolf Hopper, - assisted by Marguerite Clark. 
presented -"Happylaud" the .opening night 
here, SepL 1.- Starting .Thursday, and mu- 
nlng the rest of tbe week. "Wang" will be 
presented. Week of 10, Peter F. Dailey, In 
"The Press Agent." 

Majestic (W. C. Frtdtey. manager). — Oo 
Labor Day Williams and Walker and a largo 
company started a two weeks' engagement, 
presenting Melville B. Raymond's production 
of "Abyssinia." Billy & Vaa drew packed 
housea last week. * - <* 

Buoc (Mrs. Spooner, manager). — "Tbo 
Factory Girl" "was presented here 3, with 
Edna May -Spooner as Carrie Graham, and 
Hal Clarendon as the bad son. Others are: 
Harold Kennedy, Augustus Phillips, Ban Wil- 
son, w. L. West, Olive Grove, Jessie McAl- 
lister. "GrauBtark" did good business last 
week. "Leah, the Forsaken," next. 

Gu.inii ( Milton ,T. Middleton, mannger).— 
Walter Wilson, surrounded by a good com- 
pany, presented "A Bad Man from Mexico" 
here 3. "The. Convict's Daughter" did well 
Iftst week. Next week, "The Ninety and 
Nine." .-• 

Oui-nrvM (J. J,. Maloney, .manager). — This 
popular theatre opened Its doors for Its sev- 
enth season on Labor, Dny, the headline: be- 
ing-Ned Waybiirn's racing sketch, "The Fu- 
turity .Wtnnor ;'* Mile. De Serama and her 
trained au.-mala ; Chris Rlckards, Gertie Rey- 
nolds and ber Twlrly-Whirly Girls, Genaro 
.tod Bailey, Jordan .and Harvey. Ed. Blonde) I 
nad company, in "The Lost Boy ;" Dome, clay 
modeler; the ZIngurl Troupe and the vita- 
graph. . ..,- -. ; ■• 

HXPE &: Behuan's (Nick Norton, maoa- 
ger), — A big vaudeville bill week of S : Clay- 
ton White and Marie Stuart, In "Parhi;" 
"The Black Hussars," Wm. A.' Inman and 
company. In a sketch ; Mr: and Mrs. Allison, 
Quaker City Quartette, Doherty 81sters, Jas. 
H. Cullen, tbe Faust Family and tbe klneto- 
graph. - 

Kebney's (Tbeo Wenzllk, manager).— A 
very good bill is presented 3-8. the Sanger and 
Pitman Co. giving an act, entitled "The Dig 
Show," im the headllner. Others are: Truly 
Shattuck, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Barry, Bill aoJ 
Hill, the Messenger Bovs' Trio, Laxeda and 
BJake, Talbot ana Deelyy Four Piccolo Mid- 
gets artd.Keeneyseope. 

Stab (Archie Ellis, manager) .—The sen- 
sational dancer, La Belle Dwrla, makes her 
first appearunce In this borough week ot J- 
The Lid Lifters Co. Is seen In two burlesques. 
The olio Is a good one. . The Blue Ribbon 
GJris did well last week. 

Imperial (W. C Gaylor, manager).— Sam 
Devere's Own Co. week of 3. "Fun nt the 
Seashore" and "Hebrew King." two bur- 
lesques, are very good. Tho olio oonsl»ts of 
ham Devere, Schrodcs, acrobatic act ; Gran- 
ville and Mack. McFarland ahd Murray, and 
WUi£retL..Siewart. The Broadway Gaiety 
Girls Co. was well received' last week. 

Lyceum (Louis Phillips, manager).— A 
Devil In Skirts" Is tbla week produced hy the 
house company. "The Lighthouse hy the 
Sea" was well received by large audiences 

Teller's Broadway -(Leo C Teller, man- 
nger). — "Arrah-na-Pogue" la. produced this 
week by Andrew Mack and. a nnc supporting 
company.- Good houses last week, with "TUB 
Gingerbread Man." Robert 'Kdeson brings 
"Strongbenrt'.' here next week. 
; Folly (Bennett Wilson, manager).— ' Ber- 
tha, , the, .Sowing Machine Qm, ,r this week. 
'The Power of .Money" played to large 
houses last week. Next! Billy B. Van, in 
"The. Errand Boy.»\ . . _ 

XJatety (Jas. .8. Clark, manager).— rw 
New York Stars this week. Bryan's Congre*3 
of American- Girls played to large houses 
last week. . Next, the Lid JJfters. .. 

A Mm ion (Morris Schlesinger. manager), 
—'The Millionaire Detective" holds graft 
tlon here this week.' ' The Curse of Drink 
played to good business, last week. Ne-»# 
"A Child of the Regiment." . 

GnANn Family Tueatrb (Frank B. larf, 
manager).— "I^at, lu New, York" this w*** 
Last week "Df. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' did 
well. Next, "The Corner Grocery Stop-. 

Noyw.ty.— The season here opened wltu 
vaudeville,- which scored such a success beta 
last ; season. The popidar scslc of pricea 
that prevailed last season **U1 be-contlnuw- 
Hie house bos been ovcrhanted during t° fl 
Summer vacation. This week's bill brings 
mit: Foy arid Clark, In "A Modern Joantr. 
Melville nnd 8tetson, A O. Duncan. L<* Clair 
and llardt, Beu Beyer, Burke and Dempfffi 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thorne, and the Mc« 
Grath Brothers. .: . 

■Paytox*b (S. S. Allen, manager).— Tbli 
week tbe stock companv produceR "The Sou* 
dan." "The. Kterunl- City" did well hurt 
week. Next week, "The Fatal Card." - 

Gotham.-— Night of 3 saw the opening of 
the senson here. The house has MM re- 
detotnted and overhauled generally during 
the hot weather. The'pollcv of runulo| 

vaudeville nt popular prices will be continued 
thwaeason. Theopenlng list Is made iir"« 
Ht > to* end Dolly Nobles. Lottie Gilson. Mr. 

opened .V fiT a wVk'H aU R^T nd >j ,:e ^ Bp!l9 r '%** ' Mn: ilm ^ Barry. WoJIlng-s hor**. 

Septembeb 8i 

LUMP***— ',* ThB Dr M°" ■ Gorge," "The 
asset Train Robbery," Mundy a trained anl ; 
2 show and Hale's Tours are being well 

^DmImland.— "Creitlon." "The End of the 
. world" "Soa Francisco," "The Canal* of 
Vpnice'.' and the various scenic railways have 
btm the Mecca for many visitors. 

BosfocB'a Animal Abena. — Slgnor Mar- 
^^rftlla *nd his wild hyenas are the feature. 
Ihe Mil also includes Galllard's Hods and 
many other animal acta. 

Manhattan Beach. — Bice's "The Girl 
from Paris" continues another week. This 
will be the final week of the season, at Pain's 
fireworks pavilion. • 

Brighton Beach Pabk. — Dally exhibi- 
tions of high diving are given by Speedy. 
The programme also Includes a display of 

Brighton Bhach Music Halt, (W. T, 
tirover.-minager). — This week's bill includes: 
Ireoe Bentley. Collins . and Hart, Johnny 
Johns, Hallen and Fuller, Burton and Barnes 
the Great Altma, the Kratons, Gould and Sur- 
ratt, and the klnetograph. 

Hesdebson'8, Coney Island. — Bill week 
of 3: Demon lo and Belle, Baker Troupe, De 
Faye Sisters, the Demuths. Fitzgerald and 
Traynor, Olive Troupe, Howard Slaters, 
A Night In English Vaudeville. Ollle Mont- 
ford. Ed. Estus, and Richards Bros. 

Steeplechase Park, Coney Island. — Geo. 
C. Tllyou has established two regular weekly 
events here — the prize waltz, on Wednesday 
evenings, and the Cakewalk, on Friday even- 
ings. The great baby show and parade are 
to be- held in this park on Sept. 6, if the 
weather la clear. In the event of rain the 
baby parade wilt be held on the next dear 
aiy. There will be prizes for the most beau- 
tiful babies, iloest babies, fattest babies, 
smallest babies, most strenuous babies, cutest 
colored babies, best colored twin babies, most 
beautiful, decorated carriages, most original 
t oveltlea on floats, and special premiums for 
Japanese babies, international babies, and 
- -'triplets or better." 

Notes.— W. J. McElenney, who held the 
position of assistant treasurer of the Orpbeum 
Theatre for the past two seasons, baa been 

tppolnted treasurer of this house Hilly 

n. Van Informs us that bis business at the 
Maipstlc, last week, was larger than any one 

week in the past two seasons Keeney's 

Fulton St. Theatre has been redecorated ar- 
tistically, and with several other improve- 
ments' It is now one of the prettiest bouses 

In this borough David Warfleld, In "The 

Music Master," will be seen at the Shubert 
this season. It will be the first appearance 

of. this powerful drama in Brooklyn 

Treasurer Edward A. Behman started his 
sixth season in -the box office of Hyde & Beh- 

man's, on Labor Day Manager VYenzIik 

announces the engagement of Herrmann, the 
Great, and Mabel McKinley for the week of 

Sept. 17 ■Mr. Hyde is busy with a new 

play to lake the place of "Buster Brown and 
Dog Tige at the Dog Show." This piece was 
r.ot up to expectations. Manager Middle- 
ton, of the Grand Opera House, has a novel 
Men In giving away souvenirs. Each Mon- 
day. wilt give every lady attending 
the perrovvnaace a piece of china, the complete 
set of 40 pieces, it seemed to work weft, as 
a large attendance was on hand the fln>t 

Monday night .Announcement Is made 

by Manager Frldley that a number of attrac- 
tions at his house this season will run two 

weeks.. i The Alcazar will resume Us 

orlginnl name, the Columbia, tbls year...... 

i'p,~il Spooner, who Is now under the manage- 
ment of Charles E. Blaney, will play a two 
weeks* engagement Oct 7, at the Majestic. 
She Is starring In "The Girl Baffles."' 



t? It wl" ta i the tV, " ,nd - wb ° , '» ve '««* 

SSttt,. ^fig«S Hg* jg*.««* t'rlpple C«A" Aug. 10, followed by "Jnit 
mental gg£ '"Sitb' %£ W^J %TS 
trance. Tnere will lie a balcoof tier with 

" Covc^o Sl^'" SV 5 *'*•««> 
.i'S"* ™« White Rais— on and 

will l» SiiAiH "?"*!» " the aocltly 



U(c«ior.— At tbe Power. Grand (J. I>. 

von. manager) I" 

■Ipple Creek" A 
Struck Town" 15. "Two Merry Trnmpa' „ 
"The Two Orphans" 20. Imperial Btirlcaoucra 
23, "The Cowboy Girl" 25. Bualocaa waa 
uniformly fair. "King of Trampa" Sept. 1, 
"Last Lynns" .1, "Thorna and Orange nioa- 
eoma" 6. "A Thoroughbred Tramp" 6, "No- 
body'a Claim" 8. . 


mnnsger).— Bill for Aug. 28 and week: 
Kthol Gllkey, Morrli and Alllaon, Francla 
Lewi?, Hu-laon Slaters, Lonla Cooper, and 

^&%£*j r&ZSL* !S*3>S& , Bt'So'V'silfrtSl. m.n«er) ooen. Sept. 

.1 A. IfJIfoll's Iber'tv moVln. nT3£L b,!, iS ^ «nd week, with the Langdona, r*our Otura 

special feature the B^mieL P M.r.f'v^ #?,"• ■l" ,rl ? D J d T ™'- K » nn >' Krainkel. and the 

ZlobVr MR iovcral of SFSSJ'2!L*2£ P*" *Sf Trl °- ™" P"T*« 'hotre has 

of the m£ "f old Ireland SSSTaSSSZ SP" " f "Bgl " « re " <*><">«? *<"">* 'he 

Norn.— George Bash, manager of the Free- 
port (III.) Amusement Park, and Cecil 
i"C fl , rIe ?: a vaudeville sloger, were married In 
this city Aug. 20. 

„,.., .«„.« won an ova- 

I™ * The baroness has been engaged as ■ 

tCSfi featute for oeit Sunday at the same 

Theatres closed are: Broadway, Prln- 

Sfli, ?« rden ' EMS. Col0DlaI - fi«tofs 
Fifth Avenue, and Irving Place. 


Ltml>viiie — At Macauleys Theatre (John 
3; Mft 1 manHger) At. G. Field's Min- 
strels will be the opening attraction Sept. 3. 

Avenue (Charles A. Shaw, manager). — 
loung Buffalo" was sufficiently thrilling to 
attract packed houses last week. For week 
of 2. "Queen of the White Slaves." 
.Masonic (Charles A. Shaw, manager).— 
The Ball Boom Boys" Is tbe attraction se- 
lected to open the house, Bept 3: 

Bcckinoham (Whallen Bros.', manager*). 
— Tbe Bohemian Burlesquers was the Initio] 
attraction at the opening of this house for 
the season. It enjoyed popular approval In 
crowded houses InBt week. Roger Imboff, in a 
sketch, entitled "The Doings of Dr. Louder," 
made a decided hit. Fay Foster Burlesque 
Co. 2-8. 

Fostainb Ferht Park (Wm. Rclcnman, 
raannKer). — Blmm, Bomm. B-r-r-r were the 
lieadllners last week, and created deen In- 
terest. Cameron and Flanagan. In Dutch 
comedy, entertained acceptably; Robert De- 
mont Trio, acrobatic comlcB, were well re- 
ceived ; Delight Iiarch, in songs and dances, 
was very pleasing, and the Great Barrlnglon, 
ventriloquist, amused the audience greatly. 
For week of Sept. 2 : Gus Austin, Demosa 
and Gracetta, John A. West. Gus Edwards' 
School Boys and Girls, Maud Rockwell, and 
tbe klnodrome. • 

Note.— Horace B. Wild, with his olrBblp, 
"Eagle." made n number of flights from Fon- 
taine Ferry Park last week, where. he was 
a special attraction. Bis ship weighs 250 
pounds, and he claims it has a carrying cu- 

?acity of 400 pounds. The balloon bag :s 
feet long and made of oiled kI Ik, fllted wltli 
hydrogen gas. The lattice work upon which 
he stands Is 40 feet long, and tbe six horse 
power gasoline ongine with which he propeM 
the vehicle weighs 30 pounds. He traveled 
a distance of about 15 miles on each trip, 
and at nil times bad complete control of tbe 
airship, having no trouble to land or ascend 
at will. His daily ascents from the park were 
witnessed by large crowds. 


A NATIONAL Hl.'BIC snow will be held In 
Madison Square Garden Sept. 1'J to 27, In- 
clusive. Everything pertaining to music will 
be on. exhibition, from pianos to Jews-burps, 
from tbe latest comic song to the diapason 
pipes of the newest and largest organ in tbe 
country. One enterprising piano builder 
promises to show the entire inner mechanism 
uf' one of tbe instruments. Collections of 
old spinets and virginals will also be on ex- 
hibition. There will be band concerts In 
the afternoon, orchestral concerts In the 
evening, and recitals In the concert bail In 
the morning. *- 

' EtunEDGU Mbakin & Co., owing to their In- 
creased business, have taken a large suite of 
toonu on the second door of the Knicker- 
bocker Theatre Building, In addition to the 
office b they are now occupying on tbe seventh 
floor. They now control the bookings of forty 
theatres In New England. 

Kudolph Abonson has signed with Messrs. 
Wagenhals 4 Kemper, for a scries of Inter- 
ratlcnai popular concerts on the tines of the 
l/>adon ballad and promenade concerts, at 
the Aator Theatre, beginning Nov. 11 next, 
when four of Mr. Aronson's artists will make 
their initial appearances In New York. 

Wauinhalm & Kbmper announce that the 
opening of their Astor Theatre will he post- 
pone*! until Wednesday evening, Sept. 12, on 
which date It will be inaugurated by Annie 
Russell, In "A Midsummer. Night's Dream." 
Lion- Palack, One Hundred and Tenth 
Street and Broadway, will be reconstructed 
it a cost approximating $10,000, and with J. 
K. Doublet and C. A. Holland, lessees, will be 
run as a theatre. 

llEiNtticit Knotb will not appear at tbe 
Metropolitan Opera House this Winter, owing 
lo the Mlness of bis wife, who will have to 
icmaln in Germany. . . 

Oy-ALL thm varied shows which Beck the 
bbelter of Madison Square Garden, perhaps 
none is so broad in Its bcop» as Frank Mel- 
ville's- great Countv Fair. The first one was 
a great success, and tbe second, Oct. 1-20, 
promises to Include twice as many features. 
This will be the real thing, and the Garden 
will be trannformed into a fair ground, with 
all Its panoply of varicolored bunting, flow- 
ers, etc, and the side show fakirs, country 
constables, rustic lads and lassies, brought 
In from the farmland. One hundred milk- 
maids and as many voting fanners will act 
hh guides. A country paper, edited i;y a 
leal country journalist, will retnll news, and 
ihore will always be music. There will be 
n dog bIiow, with whippet races and exhi- 
bitions of sheep herding, driving, penning, 
and a rescue drill by St. Bernards. There 
will be races of every sort, and even the 
i-barlot races will be genuine contest* for 
valuable awards. In the circus proper inere 
ere tone many sensational acts. Tbe fol- 
lowing have already been signed: Castellane 
and Volo, In their double loop-tbe-gnp art; 
the Dip of Death, the St. Belmos, In their 
^ennatlonal performance of leaping through 
a circle of Iknlves, and Holdln and Wood, 
who will plunge from tbe rafters to a tank 
In the arena. One of the blggeBt trained 
wild nnlmal acts lit the world will be present. 
'J here will be a fly Ashing contest, marks- 
manship competitions, a mountain cllmblug 
i.ontest, athletic games, and the aquatic 
sports will include water polo, tub races and 
fancy swimming. Mr. Melville haB conceived 
u unique contest, and five hundred mani- 
curists will work, two simultaneously, on the 
hinds of the same subject. The finished 
work and the time occupied will be taken 
Into consideration in awarding the decisions. 
Thousand* of dollars are being expended for 
prices and premiums. An Irish Night will 
be given, when the entire aspect of the am- 
phitheatre will be changed. Irish boy* and 
girls wbo sing and dance bnve been specially 
<--n caged: for that evening, and nn attempt 
win be made to duplicate In New York, as far 
ns possible, the Action of the famous ttonny 
hrook fair. Some of the real "ould boo ib 
to be brought over, together with a large 
quantity of genuine shamrock. Tbe souvenirs 
will be black thorn Bblllalehs. and visitors 
will. be permitted to kiss the "Blarney Ml*. 
Mis. Jomphinb Schmid wUl rebuild the 

Queenaboro. -~ At the Grand Theatre 
(Pedley & Burch managers.— "His Ulgbness, 
the Bey," opened the house season Aug. 21, 
to fnlr nndtence. "By Right of Sword" 
fWnyne Stock Co.) 25. Dora Woodruff Co. 
Sept 10-1T), Whalen Opera Co., in "The Mi- 
kado," 17; "Happy Hooligan" 24. 

CnAUTAuquA Pabk. — The English Black 
Dyke Band, Aug. 22-25,' drew big crowds. 

* «» 


Uulnry.— At the Empire (W. t* BuBby. 

manager) tbe season opens with "The Home 
heeVers." Sept. 2 : "Nobody's Claim" 3. Cole 
HH -J 0111130 * *• "My Wife's Family" 6, 'The 
Midnight Flyer" 8, "Uncle Josh Spruccby" 
0, "On the Bridge at Midnight" 18. • 

Buou (Patrick & McConnell,, managers). — 
The season opened Aug. 27, with big busl- 
'-t 8 ?- Current bill: The Three Gardners, 
fl ells Bros., Nellie Havelle. Jaa. Cowley, and 
Orvllle Reese. 

Haoen deck ClRCps did big business 27. 
■ It " — 

Canton. — At the Grand the season opens 
Sept. 4, with "The Midnight Flyer." 

Notes.— Ha genbeck's Bliowed here Aug. 38, 
to fair crowds Blngllng Bros.* Sept. 17. 



6th Ave. and 20th St., New York. 






tUiUerflcld's circuit of Itljou Theatres cow 
Includes Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Jackson, 
Port Huron nnd Flint, all In Michigan. 

Topeksu— At the Crawford this season 
will be devoted to stock at popular prices. 
The MacDonald Stock Co.' opened Aug. 20, to 
a full house. 

tii'.AND OrenA HousR.—The house has been 
rebuilt nnd enlarged, and now has a seating 
capacity of about 1,800. I* M. Crawford, 
.who planned and superintended the Improve- 
ments, nenrly doubled the first floor space by 
extending the front of the bouse twenty feet. 
A mezzanine Uoor noB been added, and tbe 
boxes and parnuet rebuilt, hew chairs In- 
stalled and the bouse redecorated,' "At Crip- 
ple Cree*" was the first attraction, Aug. 20. 
to a large audience. The formal opening of 
thp house will be later. Billy KersanU's Min- 
strels ao, Jane Corcoran Bept 3, ~ . 

Novbltv (A, II. Hagen, manager). — The 
season opened Aug, 2ii, with Warren and 
Hibbard; Billy Hloea and'Wetrel Spencer on 
the bill. r ■ 

ViNtfwooD Park'IF.Y. Kelly, manager). 
— Clrlclllo's boys' band ended Its week's en- 
gagement and closed the season here with 
concerts 20. 

Notes.— State Exposition Co. races, at To- 
peka fair grounds, 10-15 (R. T. Kreipe, sec- 
retary) Rlnglln'gs' Circus Sept. 20, 


WiWiitn — At the Wonderland Park The- 
atre (J. T. Nuttle, manager) the Wolfe 
Stock. Co. Is here for. tbe Summer season, 
doing big business. 

Note.— An addition Is being built to tbe 
Crawford Theatre, in which will be instated 
tbe house's own electric llgUL plant and some 
new dressing rooms. Tbe house Jp hclng 
thoroughly renovated from top to bottom, 
and wilt he opened Sept, it by "At Crlpplv 

Under tbe Cents. 

♦ ■» 


Heiir Hoi.Tust Is the principal attraction 
with the Norrii & Howe Concert, In 1Mb can- 
non ball art. catching n fifteen pound hull 
Urea from a real cannon, at London, Kng. 

J as. A, Morrow, formerly manager of priv- 
ileges and side show with the Slg. Hautrllo's 
Big Shows, Joined the Selle-1-loto Shows 
Aug. 7. 

Thb Dorian Diiuh and Fife ConPH Is situ 
en route with the Cummins' and Main Wild 

Doc Waddbll wires the following: "The 
John lloblnsou Circus, yeuterdny, broke Sul- 
livan, 111., record of lost year. Cave three 
performances here, itttendunce tweuty-sevan 
tbourand, four hundred nnd itfry." - * 

I.arrivkh ami Lku Ji&vo tn'inrd Iltngllng 
Bras.' Circus for the. rest of the seasou to do 
their act in the concert. They report big suc- 

RnM rttoM Buff4U> Bill's Wili> Wm 
— From Vienna wo made n run of ouu hun- 
dred and Hcventy-flve miles South, to Buda- 
pest, whero we did elgu* days' good hitslnesH, 
loljowcd by tliU'ty-tbrco tlayn in tlie gouliish 
country. We re-entered Austria at Romberg, 
I'olond. They refused to "Biiraechcn Dnrseh ' 
here, and Browsky, our Vmmk Interpreter, 
had his troubles with the students. Still tin- 
students here, |n a semi- civilized country, 
mo not as bad as at several American col- 
lege towns 1 might mentlou when It comes 
to "Hoollgauism." Here the llrst bsHehall 
gome of the season was Indulged In h<>twi<i>u 
the fnmouH Devlin Zouaves and a picked nlno 
from the front, door. Score, 5 lo 4, In favor 
of the Zouaves. A' second game wns played 
.July 31, In which the Zouaves were .demited. 
Aug. 4, ">. wo were nt Krnllan, on the Rus- 
sian frontier, which wnn mir last Htund In 
Gsllcla (l'oland). We re-entered Austria at 
lilala, 0, and met with u cordial reception, 

WAN USD UL'IOK, A gentucl II. P. S. and P. 

Comedian. 'Mast ho NEAT, with NEW BTOTF 
!'iiu goes. Ohnngo at leant a nlglttii to tady «ndi- 
ence*. Hon/.ern and the llko not allowed to land. 
(■iiftrnntc^Htiady work untllHiirlng to good tiisn. 
Wou'd consider refined novelty act. loll all Urn. 
letter. Pay yoar wires. Mako salary Tlgnt, i'a 
absolutely sure. Hen lluntluy Koterulncrs, 6 li 
year. Hunter, Nurili DakotA, uojii Hopt. a, ihtn 
i'ui-tliiiul, N'Tih HaknU. llntiAia if 1 ihiaw tou, 

WA.VTEO.— Hluuk Kaoo tttid Irlili OotiiudtnliHl 
Uanccrd pruferrbd. Piano Player. Limit fio nid 
exponacs . • Mgr. Med, ^how, II I ok man, Ncli. 


for a long bchiioii South [Contortionist wirt other 
Ground AoU or any Aut that can lis do'-o In tho 
sir, on tne ground rr stage; Curoet, OUrlonot Uv 
Sand. Perrorinrm must do 2 Acts. Salary. suru 
and good traitinontto Holier Ptople. Addreiit 
Soulhwkk.Maas,, 7; ilrnubr, Coun,, s; New Uuri- 
ford, lo; Norfolk, il. Prof, I'orruio and J. W. 
H » wire lowo-t. 

FOll t*Al>E— New Wttiic Ifolrs Sllkolsliu Her- 
peiitlue l)\ ecu. $»; Pnso OutUt— Silk lirtiiu, VMvt. 
L'mik, 'i,'i dlldoii— *l'if buKk Art umnt, $18; .» 
ilorod UanuoS-ldi-s, $4; lot of Tricks nhcup; 
piirof Uetni .tJide.Tsiiioa, t«. Knoloso stamp r,.n- 
Itnr. Mm. Win. Carl. 2*1 Court M , ltochenter, N.Y. 

• WANTRli, MiiMi:lan AttctidMUlK. Mupf l« 
nohor ami reliable. String. Ushn, Cornut.U.urloi cc 
ana Viouu uruferred. ifiliurs. write Hhii.iv ti» 
conimomio jjfi.a month and Mil round. Hutu nr» 
and helgid. Write or wire. «KO l\ fiitAU.KV, 
Ikl j^. -lllrci-. B' l|n»|i"»', M^rrh PI»lnR, N. .1. 

WANTED, for Ou Alva's College Olrls, a tew 
mjre Udy MipIcIhihi tor Kami and Orvltoktru. J 
Olirl iliL't«,'Mel*plione, Hlhin Troiiiinuiu, naili»i c. 
Trap hrqmtncr, Violin 1'inyur lo Double Hit Drtm 
In Udnd,-l'lAiioPiiiyor. can always plauu Udy 
Mu-dcinu. liuvo room Tor 2 good mi 'ivund (:• mu« 
distH that cuir bing nnd Datico. Uchcaninhi i oiu- 
lU'ju-'f Mcpt. m. at Mimfonl, unt. Aodrtts 

Ur. K, Ji. ilo A ' ' 

l Al.VA . I htX 4IU, McufoHl, Out.. I oil . 
vi'iboli liundHOiuo Hf i (Kit and Kvomuf 


ItrwsL'h. .*:. to fit; Ung Uost, Tu« Uown, Aliklo 
Ut-chH, itt ding ilKUt.^ Dckbii, -m W. HUH Hi., It). 

Bultiniorc. — The regular season at Ford's 
(Charles V. Ford, manager) begnn Sept. :t. 
with a special mstlnce of ''Babeg In Toyland." 
Lyman II. Howe's pictures drew full houses 
all week, ending 1. "Little Jack Horner" 10. 

Maryland (J. L. Kernan, manager). — A 
first class bill, 3, opening the season, In- 
cluded : Junie McCree. Treloar and Temoest. 
Dudley, Chcslyn and Burns, Itossow aildgets, 
Clifford nod Burke, Elsie Boebm, and Charlie 

AuDiTOBittu (J. L. Kernan, manager). — 
Florence Bindley will be seen, 3 and week, 
In "The Girl and the Gambler." "Panhandle 
Fete" drew well last week. "Painting tbe 
Town" comes 10. 

Holliiuy Street (Geo. W. Rife, mana- 
ger). — "The Way of the ■Transgressor", begins 
a week's stay 3, following "$10,000 Reward," 
which did well, closing 1. Next week, "Queen 
of the Highbinders." _ 

Blaney's (Charles K. Blaney, manager).— 
"A Child of the Heglment" Is current, open- 
ing 3. "On Dangerous Ground" bad good 
buHincss week ending 1. "The Millionaire De- 
tective" 10. " ■ 

Nhw Monumental (Sam M. Dawson, 
manager).— Frank B. Carr's Colonial Belles 
filled the house nightly, closing 1.. Washing- 
ton Society Girls 10. The improvements here 
are very much admired, a new and Impos- 
ing front, wltu a bright and roomy lobby 
opens Into nn enlarged auditorium decorated 
In light blue, with spacious proscenium 
boxes, giving an unobstructed view df the 

8 "gaiety (W. L. Ballauf. manager).— The 
Bachelor's Club opens 8. The London Belle* 
closed a prosperous week 1. Next, the World 

Electric .Park (Scbanburger & Irvln, 
mflnagers).— A new vaudeville bill will he 
offered 3 In the German Village. Beginning 
8, the Baltimore Home Product Exposition 
will occupy the park with a long list of at- 
tractions. . ' 

ALBAton's (Bobert E. Irwin, manager).— 
This ho'jso will ooen ns r vaudeville resort 
lato In this month. Mark A. Lumber being 
iinsoclutcd with Mr. Irwin In Its direction, 
and attractions will be booked through the 
otDce of William Morris. A stock company 
will be maintained for tbe production of one 
act plays. 


Portland.— The Baker Theatre (Geo. L. 
Baker, manager) will open Its Fall season 
Sunday, Sept. 2, with a season of Btock pro- 
ductions, bv the Baker Theatre Co. The open- 
ing attrition will be "Tbe Criili." lti 

surm (Milton W. Seaman, mansgert will 
open Its doors for tbe season with "Lights o' 
'Frisco," a melodrama, based on the destruc- 
tion of tho Golden Gate City. 

Lvric (Keating A Flood, managers).— The 
Lyric "Sock Co., week of Aug. 27, presenting 
vtbe Irish Widow" ,_. _ . 

Gkanp (J. II. Errlckaon. mgmfrZX 
Hnvder. Lowe. Dave nnd Perrle MarUn, Court- 
right and Lee tbe Two Pecka, James Burke, 
iind Grandlscope. _. 

Star (J- "■ Errlckson. manager).— The 
Allen Stock Co.. week of Aug. 27, presenting 
■•A Great Temptation." . „_. 

FntTJi's (Thomas Booney. m? n «* er te M *. e 
N Vernon, Barney Mulally. Marie Dlllsrd, 
Babv Ituth. La Bolsette. Booney aod For- 
"ester, Francos Elmer, Jones and Bavelle, 
Virginia Vernon, Dan Hart. Clara Wagner, 
Rente Ford, Midget Weblier. the Great IM 
lluUan Bl™k, Claude Sctley. and Bonnie Bon- 

"'pANTAGKS (John A. Johnson, manager).— 
Sadie Hits. Dave Williams and company, 
liose City Quartette. Willie Dsv Is Dereoda 
ind Green. Jean Wilson, and the I ilograph. 
"oak" Summer Park <JJ£jg™*H 
munager) conUnues to be exceedlDgly well 

Omaha.— The Burwood (W. J. Burgeaa, despite the drlxsllng rain and u £»&»«% 
manager) opened its regular season Augf 20 ataoti « the cloth workurs. At.Tosel.en. 7, 
„, iL °.i.i HtrTS j a...,. «_ .- °.. m wi our cnondoller wagon took uf 


with tho Woodward Stock Co., In "The 
Charity Ball." Crowds attended through the 
week, and at each performance all tbe mem- 
Iters of last year's company received ova- 
tions. . The leading - lady. Lor nn Elliott, 
caught the popular Taney at once, and prom- 
ises to be very popular. A fine and finished 
performance waa given, and a very prosper- 
ous season Is assured, "The Cowboy and the 
Lady" Sept. 2. ' 

'Bijou (H. Walter Van Dyke, manager). — 
Business is ahead o£ expectations. Tbe stouk 
will present "The Old Coon Hunter" 2-8: 
Paul, the mystifier ; Grace Braghm, Band 
and -Byson; lilchard, Grace Courtney, in li- 
luatrated songs, .nod moving; pictures com- 
plete the bill. 

Orphhpm (Martin Beck, general mana- 
ger).— Tills bouse will open Its rcjrular sea- 
son -2. Tlio house has been put In llrst class 
condition during the Summer, and has a 
bright appearance. The bill Includes : The 
Kaufman Troupe, Nlta Allen and company, 
Leroy and Woodford, Three Hoses, Adomlnl 
and Taylor, Damm Broa., Four American 
Trumpeters, and the- klnodrome* 

Kfttio (0. S. Breed,' 'manager). — David 
Higglus, In "His Last Dollar, will open a 
four night engagement 2. "Tbe Cow Punch- 
er'* 0-8. "The Eye Witness" drew large 
houses Aug. 2(1-20. "Confessions of a wife" 
had good audiences 30-Sept 1. 
- «»» 


en route in 
the train, and wns'liadly damnged. We nmdn 
our last stand In Austria at Iglau, 13, stopped 
to eat at jielchenbera;, 14, und entered Ger- 
many nt yjttiui, Saxony, IS. It seemed good 
to (is to be In a count rv where our lannuago 
Is. spoken, aftec wrestling with: so many 
tongues, mostly Slavonic, tor the past turec 
mbiitha. We began a four days' engugoment 
at Dresden, 17. and turned uway thoiiHHtidH 
Et avcry performance. 'Die bIiow has "caught 
"" big here, and our "' 

Ft. Worth— At White City (Juke Swarlz, 

njanagen the Ho I lings worth Twins were tbo 
featuro In the theatre week of Aug. 27. Tho 
ontslde attractions rcmnlu the same, and 
the, patronage continues satisfactory. 

Standaiip (Frank De Benuo, manager).; — 
"Ills Highness, the Mayor, was presented 
under the direction of W, B. Frledlander, 
week of 27. The big olio Included : May and 
Miles. Cope-land and Copeland, Minnie War- 
dell. John E. Green, Klngsley and Klngsley, 
Alice Hamilton, Cooper Sisters, Texas Ed., 
W f J. Kelly, LulU Lnwton, Pearl Gllmore, 
Fay Delmar, Lcttle Cotton, Harry B. Hall, 
Arthur O. Mav and Lulu Do Mar. Business 
continued big. 

Chown I Eugene M. Purklss, manager),— 
"New York After Dark" was the stock of- 
fering last week. In the olio: Tho Great 
Uunkerr. W. E. Stewart, Bessie La Monde, 
itinii Gale, Edgar Fornn, Tbeima Holmes, 
May Chester, Hose Elliott, Willis Fessenden, 
Townsend Irwin and Arthur McAdams. Busi- 
ness continues satisfactory. 

Note. — Grecnwoll's Opera House will open 
tbe regular season Sept. 3, with "The 
Bnjah of Bong." Dandy Dixie Minstrels fol- 
low 0, 


to cqnul that of Italy, earlier In the season. 
\ qcLi.H-Fi.OTo SuoW Bomrs. — Tbo show Is 
touring Oklnhomn and India i Territory, nnd. 
bem the llrst show of the senson In ifome 
pld,ceH, huslncss la good. Every town mm 
beett a winner ho fnr, nnd the prugrnnuuo re- 
ceives more pral«e tbun over, for .sine; .VII- 
Hum Sells Iiiik taken the directorship of this 
show other shows have commenced to sit 
up nod take notice. Thu miiKlcnl progni' 
us arranged hy Fred Jewell, tho Imnd innsicr, 
t'ccelves pralso from the newspapcrx Vha 
I'corleHH Porters, tho Krtdy Fnmlly, thu Mnr- 
tctl|i, the Dlo Troupe, thu Ty-Bells, mid all 
the big nets nre ctijoyliig the new country, 
and all my that this show's Pullman cur 
wrvlcc nnu equipment surpasses everything 
they, ever before experienced In clicus mi vol. 
Col, 'Chan. W. H-vlcy, the veteran maiiCKcr, 
has lli'- hIiow ou nnd off the lot dally with- 
out, a hitch In the prnc-acdlncH. ana gives 
credit to tho expert work of Jack Blinwiitc, 
the. /'Oss hoMtlcr, who bin been ltlenllllnil v,'lth 
theJMhj mtinngemeiit for over twenty years. 


SiidW. — We are in our nlnteentb week, nnd 
dullness still remains nt the ton notch. Our 
roster remains the. snuie, and everyone Is 
wel\ and happy. Tbe "ghost" walks every 
Tuesday. Kdwln F, Wontworth nil on the 
sick lint, nod Kpent a week's rest at home, 
but rejoined the show again at Montlcello, 
N. V. Mr. Orcatt has had the best of luck 
In movlne the show, and tin- stock la In n 
tine, condition. Mr. Finn will enlarge the 
show next seuson. 

lloHTBK or Advuhtisin'i Car, No 1. of the 
Great St'IlK-Ktoto Shows, ConHolidatud: Italph 
Boot, manager:. II. M Masop, boss bill 

Foster: Geo. Bioddox. lithographer ; W. S. 
■hilllpf. banners; Vf. S. Hoover, prn- 
grnmiucr : A. C Tiirre}!, J. J. McConnelt, li. 
Hrltes. W. Ford. IL-L. Thomas, C. Tenaby. 
Dusty Bhodcs, Wm. Marehead and C. ('. 
ThoiDosou. bill postern : K. Joiie*, porter. 
Wo have been out over live months this Hen- 
son,, and have been In eighteen States. We 
were recently visited at Wichita. Kan . by 
('. H. Fredericks, C. It. Coleman and Chas. 

*** . 

IIHilKenori,-- At Smith's .(KUwofil f. 

Smith, nmnng'-r) "A Crown of Thorns," Aug, 
27-.U), pMWq to good biiHliicHs, as did "'liie 
tjuwjii'of Iho'Cffnis," yo, and "Ciirol|tm," 
:il, Henl, 1. ■ Ilouknd : "Lovcru and l.timi- 
tliH" Sept. :i, f, Hllly, tlm Kid," 4, .", "In 
New York Town"- 0, "IMtsler's Luat rUt N 
7, K. 
Puli'k (10. B. Mltchrll, manager).— ''.'he 
. Poll Stock Co, closed, on Sept. I, n succchh- 
rhe mow has cnugnt flll engagement. Jnstlng nil Summer nt-'hlu 
German tour promises house., ■Vnudevlfm X. until next rtmninor. 
Tho hill, for week'of .'1 Is: Genu Ungues nnd 
company. Stein and Kvnns, the Three Whit- 
man Slaters nnd' Willi.' Uublnson, thu iiiu-ic- 
Stdte Qunrtoite, Selma Ilrnutx, Lllllau 
the Air- - 

Shaw, fht 


than Tw.ltiH ttud thu elect ro»jcupe. 


Butte. -At the Iloadwuy Theatre U K. 
HoNlot, manager) "Uncle Josh Perkins" hurl 
good Inislncss Aug. 2.1. "On ths Bridge nt 
Midnight" bad n rulr '- 

MIdiilghi" had n fair house 20. Coining! "A 
Mud Lovp," "The- Hoyal Chef." 

GiiANft 41PKUA HutiHK (DlckP. Sutton, it m II- 
I'gcr).— -Lulu Sutlou und <!o,, In "Fallen by 
the Wnyxliii'," had rapacity buslueas lust 
week. Lfttlo Joo Mulcnhy, Male lluwe audi 
Fred I in rrn n wra loudly applauded. 

Family (F. Nclsonhi, manager). — Tho Tld- 
la>Hiix Ten Girl 'Aqwivqh, Margaret Newton 
and company, tho Threu Tuskonos, tho Tosh- 
Ing AiiH'tlriH, Margaret Hnrrlugtou, In IIIiih- 
trnted songs,, and the motion pictures mado 
a bill haii] to bent, an the box offllce rucelpt* 

a x » 



KuowilU- — Ai Stuuli's Thpalre (Frll-4 
Stauli, .inanagui') tin< [joiIm Goodwiu Stock 
Co, opened 27, for a week. BuhIiicms wbh 
goud. Ni-ll MurgcsH HO. MutiHllold Stock C<>. 
Sept. ,'(..B. AI. G, 'Field 7, "McFliddoii'ii Fluts" 
12, ^Violetta" 1^, "Th-i Mummy and (he 
Maid" M, Floroncn Davis IB, 

CltlLffoWRK PAIIK TllKATIIH (C. U. Peri|Clll, 

manager^. — The Ti-ruchf-GypKonc Co. closed 
Sepi. 1 at this lioura 1 , propitrdtor*' to taking 
the mad During tlu-ir scvcntcontli ami 'Innl 
week buslneKs w.ts excellent. "Tim Bun- 
nwny Girl" Sept. U-8. Georgia MIiihIicIh 1u 10. 

*■ » 



Buttle ( r.cL. — At the Post Theatre i !■:. 
It. Smith, managcf) "The Cluy Baker," Aug. 
23, and "Just Struck Town." 28, were fair- 
ly attended. 'Thorns and Orange Blos- 
soms" Sept. 3, Martin's "Uncle Tom s Cabin" 
4, "The Sign of the Cross" fl. "Sis Hopkins" 
7. "Hooligan In .<ew York" 11, "As Told In 
tbe Hltio'* 12, "Under Southern Skies" 14. 

Buou ( W. 8, Butterueld, manager) .— 
BuslnesR was excellent. Bill for , week of 
Aug. 27 : Auer and Dconxo, the Musical 
Beede M. L. lhtrret, Ilustrated songs; Lu- 
cille Harper, Sanderson and Kowrann, and 
clinetoscope pictures. 

Nones. — M. L. Barrett Is local manager of 
the BIJou tbls season, Millard Hitchcock has 
licen secured as stage maoager (Mr. Hitch- 
cock was formerly. stage manager at the Post 
Theatre), Florence Nelson Is treasurer, and 

Chas. Darling will be on the door Nellie 

Ritchie, assistant to W. 8. Butterueld, has 
Just returned from n tbrre months' pleasure 
trip abroad, having visited the principal cities 
of England, Scotland and Ireland Mr. 

KHsnlirth — At the Lyceum (Klroy * 
Drake, managers) "Montana" came Aug. 27- 
20, 'to fair returns, nnd gave sattsfncllun. 
8elma Horman, In "Tho Que^u of Convicts." 
RO-Mepl. 1. "A Houtbern Vendetta" 3-5, Black 
Crook Jr. d-H, "A Millionaire's llevongo" 10- 
12, "The Power of Money" lil-10, "Bcrdiii, 
tbe Sewing Machine f ilrl/ 17-10. 

Jacooh'. — "Charley's Aunt" Aug. 81. "Ut- 
ile Johnny Jones" Sept. !, "Human HcartH" 
H, "The- Lion and the Mouse" 0, 

Tip. — Manager Wlllfnm Drake, of tlie Ly- 
ceum Tbcatro, has'iinilotgone a severe Hiirgl- 
ral operation, and htu been seriously III for 
two weeks. He Is now convalescent 1 . 
«■» . 

AhTinm W. Wii,t,h writes that he Joined 
tbe Perry & Presaly -Co.. July 30. Ilo Is 
making i success with his trick piano play- 
ing nnd cornet solo". Tbey have several 
vfliidfviil' 1 froturcs with the show — Mr.' 
Pressiy. In voriiilsm* ; Mr. Perry's dancing 
and violin spei'tatfy, nod Dewey Ciunphell's 
singing. Everybody Is well and happy, and 
business Is good. 

Wllnilntrtoii. — At the Grand Opera 
House IJosoph I, Galnor, manager) Gor- 
inun'H Mlnstrnls bnd small houses Am;, 27, 
on uecount of tho rain. Corn Karma played 
a return erigngemont 2S-!)l, to small houses. 
"A Busy Boy enmc Sept. 1. Booked ■ Por* 
tor J. .Wlille, In "The Proud Prince," iM»j 
Howe's moving pltturcH 7, S. 

I*pr , * rt TA.'mn l H G,tiiiin.'K (W. L. Dockstsifor, 
manngcfi. — This very popular high clans 
vaudeville, house opens Sept 3, Labor Day, 
for tho season. Manager Dnckntadcr baa 
brightened tbe front and Interior. The open- 
ing bill iTH-lMderi : Tlie /unclgs, the Maglo 
Itoat, Frank Milton and Do Long Sister*, lu 
"The Constable;" Lester mid Acker, In 'Thu 
Immigrant;" TkfOH, Ardnllahs, Caok aud Miss 
Hothert, und the Kipetogntpli. Week of Sept, 
10: "Tne Sexton's Dream, 1 Barrows-Lancas* 
ter company. Frank Mayne and company, la 
"The TIpwtex," unci others. 

Lvi'nii.H (l>unk-Ulliimphrles, manager).—^ 
"A Child of the Itcglmnnt" did big business 
Aug. 27-20. "Queen of tbo Highbinders" 
drew largo -Iiouhph 30-Sept, 1, Booked , "A 
Kir* for Life" iJ-lS, "Tbo Gypsy: Girl" 0-8* 

"eward" 1( 


'Ton Thousand Ddliarw Reward"" 10-12, *Tho 
Way of tlie Transgressor" "" 


Will J. .fTJOQtBM has been engaged by 
Chun, H. Illnncy to piny the Gorman comedy 
role In Lottie Williams 1 "My Tom-Boy Glrl r ' 
C'i>. „^( 


■./* OHIO. " - 

: CliiclniiaU.— First ■ n letters enjoyed the 
■ r.oVelty, Aug 26, of witnessing the American 
'-BCWlR. ofT" ' Tliinnni buccmsV ;'The, Blue 
•MTOQft. Music Ual'-wflH ctoW^cd-ty a'.ropVe- 

"femtailyn . audience of 'Cincinnati * best -peo- 

'pte. 1 - Toe ' presentation Hni incidental to ;the 
Kflll-'feRO^al.^li -nwl baft of. 0- eerles.that 
ttdvorawn liiitnliodn of rnQtiRnr.dVof visitors 
tp;Ohtp"« llvellekt city. "The Blue -Moon" was 
pijt'orf uy lh> ShubiTtR, through the courtesy 
of J be lleni'k 0|j<rn lloune Co., managers of 

rolcfc.. I« «iat to J>«» 
trained. She. KOQn ,bcc 
Uiirlngthtlr 1 sojourn '1 

Sonla narti) MfiRjfaSH 
ofl mob i-by.ljtvlni.-W 
b'alf. trnw «na : cripple 

jJ^$£BEI( 8. 

rlahse," well dpserved, ha tliey .. _ 
tributes to irlumpha of scenic tit, AlthoUHh 
It 'wfin nenrlv midnight before "The Blue 
Mown" went down, the over wb elm lug senti- 
ment of those In front wr.s that the produc- 
tion wfih iTi'intii of Atnorlcau success. There 
Is a rich vein qf liutnor and pretty music 
limning nil through It, and a little pruning 
In all that Is required to whip it Into win- 
ning Rhone. James T. Towers, tan Private 
Charlie Taylor,- acting bandmanter 'of the 
Royal Muwervermisger Native Band,' with 
Ktbel Jackson, aa Chandra Nil; Kd. M. 
Favor, Clara Palmer (Into of the Chester 
Park Opera Co.), Templar Haxe, Din Temple, 
Charles Boweer and Arthur Donaldson wei-u 
nre-mlneilt In the east. There wcrVover two 
liimdred'on the stage: J "T!.e Blue Moon" will 
tun until Sept. ill!, the longct theatrical 
booking ever at teroptcd.'ln Cincinnati.. , 

Olympic (W. S. Clevelnd, mandger). — The 
dpdlcntlu-i.of till* now palace o.f :vaqdovillo, 
built by -Milih .1. Ryan, iWJiHB darling ejrent 
Sept. "2." There' are lnrger Thespian temples 
In the land, but few tnnre gorgeously .fitted. 
The white front Is ItqpreRKlve; brit rne : stent 
surprisei-came-ln - the- mngnHlcent' appoint- 
ments.' One novelty was unfolded la the ha 1- 
cbnv, -which stretched out bclhw the gallery, 
for both, tiers are on the same second floor. 
A sunburst oVer the proscenium Ih aft beauti- 
ful nx.n Callforpla sunrise. Hlrli green Ir 
the. iireilqittlnnni color. The lobby ami stair- 
ways ore of white marble. -The ronmy ; seals 
bve tiphojfttered In-leather. The Olympic Is 
nhsolutelyjlrc proof, of concrete, and steel. 
Both mom* and Rtatlrtnary -washst-nhils pre 
fentnres-of thp-modern dreHRing rooms, Delia 
FIoji, the Colby Family, Joe Welch, Daisy 
Unrcourt,, chevalier He- Lorls and compnn.v, 
Gyeene and Werner. Tom Nrtwn und company, 
nud the Hulflh'-Rrdcny Tronpc are the' cards 
Sept. U-8. . The Twentieth Century Optlscope 
baB'heea sr'euredV ,,.*.,.■ n „ • ,■■ 

...Grand Ot'Kn.i Hoisr (Hniiy 'Rnlnforlh & 
Jolm- II. Ilavllu, malingers).— -Dlj(by Heir will 
open the' season 2, In "The Hiluentlon-of Mr. 
Plpp," ... Dockslnder's MlnHtrelM »; 

AbBiN'nON'K Ovvm.k llhiiNR {Oeorge -V, ,n«h 
&.Xuellu.Korepnui(li-. Klah, manftjrt' r ' 1 )' — The 
return of Uerc'-hel Mrtynll, the old I'ltti' Idol, 
w^s the happy Rtrotre wnloli reeulted In Hie 

JifeatORt -ndvimce Hale" ever known" by he 
^orepangh' Hlock Co. In Ma HeaaodH of in- 
peated Mtci-tXRHi'fi under the able Hwh miin- 
ngerapnt. ."The llonit of .Vnrylnmr w;,r put 
on 1 * !i. '.'Ida 'Adair l*t the new leading lady. 
Other -mpmniM-s of .(he coiupnnyjare : IluTry 
rctiwfcli. tiitVil, i:iv. Wnlt'n-Tillbert. :i?J0yd 
I'enitliijoW, " WUhoti ' ll-iiiiiholl,- Itnlph Ueiuley, 
Jjihnle-.Kllimon. PtivM lOdwIii. Unfold Cabin, 
Anita llendrle, l*kly(hi> Bryan and Itolmrt 

JUIy.-...-.,: ■ - - ■ '■;..', . j ■'. 

Walnut STitutrr (M. C. AnderH{>n & 'Jenry 
M. --Zioglei*; htnUiiKerHi.-^XlitillHob Corey In- 

' " II K lUf Ht'lUKH'H 

- Bluetim Co., - In 
■■The" Vniikoe Conmd," 0.^ 
Vj-'m.n.Miiu (MJC; Anderson & -Henry M. 
Zle'kletv tuuiiager). — Bono Cogltlnn comes 2, 
Jov vtne'.ACe.'.of Tniihpn", aud "The Motiter." 
Henri "I'Venrh,' Hlalto Comedy Four, Wllaon 
lfrothera (.lue and I'miilO, Hnrcy Tate'R 
niotoriok, 'LIIHnu Apel and company, aHiluted 
by- Krederh' Hontncr, Jbe Flyim and Aurlo 
ilngneii, "The flirt 1 of "fii," will bp eo-enter* 
liilucM. I.upi 'Wfi'k ■ Ijii.'Uhi'.vi oprned splen- 
dldlv with tti« Uiixnrdons (tlohe. nn act that 
thrilled. Bert Howard aud U'uim Bland 
rtMfDttd **m Stflga Manager." Cub Krt- 
warda' Hchdol mri anil (Jlrla gnve .Cln- 

Cb-lvmbna. — At the Great Sontliern 
(Win.' 'Banderi., manager) Al, 0. Field's 
Crenter Mlnrtfela mada a triumphaj appoar- 
aace Aug. 30-8ept. 1,-iot the InatfgttrH per; 
fornjontw* tff the season for thlahooae, and 
capacity houses ruled at the three perrorm- 
nnt-es.- 111* rtae o» -tlto curtain 'greeted .a 
gradhal blaze of .illiltfalnatlonl bewlldtrliig la 
fii benitly, 'Boardnian H. Carnes. as Inter- 
locutor, Introduced' the "men behind the 
Mn"- Al. 0. ,KWid, .' Doc* Qulglcy, I'rcss Kl- 
flrldge. Harry Hnutilt, Harry Van' Fhaaen, 
Tommy Odd I and Jack Sully. The vocal- 
lata ,of the evening were: Paul Lntonde.tbe 
" Sher- 
'L: Herman 
ilUHon, an 
Orr: The 
. _ tlsement. In- 
iroduclng One fjulgley an head waiter, as- 
Rlated by ten' dunrera, provoked great ap* 
pinnae with eccentric dun e'en. An original 
inel'inge, entitled "Tlte Orld Iron f:Tub." 
with the corridor of. the grand banquet hall 
of the Arlington Hotel, at Washington, aa 
tiic netting, in-whleb King Kdwflrd, Prince 
Iienry.'Hei'retnryTnft, Presides t of France, 
Admiral Toga ( King of Spain, William J. 
Bryan, Theodore Koonevelt and Uncle Joe Can- 
non and other prominent men are caricatured, 
proved a great mirth producer. Loo Dale, 
In Ktlrrlng military Hcenea, closed the itrst 
part. The scenic, singing mid dancing spec- 
tacle, "Boll On; Silvery Moon,"- called- 'forth 
fcevei-al niQroberti of thecombany, with Her- 
hert Wllllson, who no^seRRes an -excorttiohfllly 
high tenor voice, which he employa to good 
nilvantage.' He won loud npplause. 1'reHB 
Kldrldgo, In a monologue, kept the audience 
lit a cotitluual upronr, The -Black Barbers' 
]*and, a musical turn, beaded by Doc QUIg- 
ley, received great applliiiHe. "Dreutnlatid 
Phantoms," introducing Harry Shuuk and ltd. 
Dhrlg, -assbitcd by aevrral of the company, 
won much laughter. . tier, Biirlt aml'MuDon- 
uld, In their ncrobntlcnusunlliy/'The Unnot- 
ed illll,'"wns u side sblltter, qhd closed tho 
perfonunncu. -Mr. Field carries 0' Company 
of slxty-flvo people, with a baud of twenty- 
live pieces and nn orchestra of tlfteen. Meyer 
Soliusoii has. succeeded Ueo. Atkinson- as 
wMN * repn'Renfatlve of the organization. 
••Forty-dve Mlttnrea from Frondway*' Sept. 
3-8. ' " 

Sitl;nKRT '(S*. O. ;Mlller. manager}.— Eddie 
Foy, In "The Karl anil the Girl," wilt open 
the house week of ,3,' ■. . •■ 

Mioh Hi'itKt'T (CHrr. W, Harper, niana- 
ger).— "At the World's Mercy" played to 
capacity houses Aug. ilt-'Jti. "The- Four 
Corners of the Knrth'" " 
"Chlnolown Charlie" 
Sam" 4J-o\ ■ ■ 

Oi.kntaNo*' Fame (W. W. I'rosser, min- 
nger). — Cren tore's Baud wan a special at- 
traction here -27, ">*, and' drew capacity 
.houses, a good vaudeville bill, composdd of 
the American. Comedy Four, llnegei Bt-oth- 
crs,' i.'rnker'npd OroveRj. the Three Polrlers, 
W'ubi; aud Connelly, llnlshed. the week, to 
fairly good httsluc^H, The outdoor attrac- 
tions Include : Pare Devil : Dougherty, In 
limping the gnp; the Ostrich Farm; with the 
lnmons trotting osrrlcli, nnd Hosntl's ( Nnval 
Iti'scrve Band. Mill for week of l! includes r 
The Three Polriers, Hcrr Jaaseii and com- 
pany, and otlnM's. 

cur. mm-;' CiAitnnN (H: Collins, managei 

lug xomedlenne, la home ona. viait, and greet- 
ing friends here. , Mips Templeton Is the 
wile of Harry Arlington, the popular preas 
agent, who of present' bos charge of the In- 
gersoll Amusement 'Company's attractions at 
Idora Patk. 1 •■'.■."'., 

Talcda^-M. lie CasJno^Tbentre (Otto 

Kllve«. manager) -The -Arrtvll.ot Klttj 
iilnyed n moat wiccewful cbgngement lart 
S-Mk. " of the Areo»' 7 Bcpt 2 and 

""&„ t,™™ .joe vtefei ;«*&g; J&BXXJ&&&&EFM 

^ w ^p°»H a nii , : , .!!„°, we 2 r \ n a- h 'U a e k ir^i^Mffi 

-oe from t£e violence 
tlm xetiige: TrJile Is 
ipled, and ■- t$ie nto^- ac- 
ini ..-it'comnUttlng - JorgeO'." IWJ 
Skm a fUrable ImprM.lon J» botb So* 
and-bfr fattier, and lii allowed to become a 
nienilier-of the -family.. Wheu = Sonla gow 
ZVZEa to shtdv Trxne remains in London 
S ™?e for t«fathe?*\ raring JMJl«jen« 


_-. .lVeoor, oiaaag 
rQanagerl opened.. Aug, 

-laeArmory.Tneatre llln.h 
A .Wefosr, 4nanageta;,.JJ._ A., lialtey, ml™,, 

vl4r ami oorapanlon. Soula hos two BUllois. 
Lord IMtton and C*ell Stanrortb.. bin ^abe 

!f« Inforaltintt' Ue'got in°°ne |! booT'to ; pre- sidnpy Dean and crtmpooj, and Annttl.'cB 
IIS. l,.r marrlnife wltU Slanforth. Tbe nian. : The color acbeme In the mala theatre 
"P-V-- -towed .o«*.. By l 8; Indeed pleasing, the background b"|™ r ' re 

.. ^<Vtheei r» 
DHigbamlon;80elety turned.ouUn tarn. Bnm 
berB. There waa not a hitch. to. mi r ibn ev.n' 
lng'a enlerlnlnment. The new theatre and I , 
management ;Woro '.welcomed, to Blnshnratnn 
by An«cmbl>Tnan Jajaen T. Rogers. Tbo K i, r 
cesaof tbe:new playhouse la a^iured, iinleln. 
by thejnlllal performances, and the npplanst 
.and. appreclallon. of the audience. ti IP mii 
for the opening -week consisted of : Le Claire 
nnd : Hordt. Thomna and Tayne, Deltorelfi Q nd 
lltlaaando, Ifyaroa and Mclntyre, l-». (; ra y 

Week. The Tllnrli Dyke -Band, 2 and week, 
closes this theatre's/season; . 

l.vcnU'M (>!. n. Kelsey. manager).— "Under 
the North Star" Aug. 20-211. Arthur Don, In 
lohnny Wise/' Wl-Kepl. II "Mr. Blarney 
from 1 Ireland" 2-n. ' - „ rt .- a „ 

BrJilT'ilJoel'earlstlne, manager).— Queen . ™ 7jf;, n e" "erripFoys la a forged one., uy IsJndeed ■ pleasing, tne uucagrourm urmg 
of Ibe'fehlle Slaves" drew packed houses WgXWP»^gJ , n ^^ | 8 involved dark green, _ re leved with rose The eeUhm 

Aug. M-2I>. "-lust Struck Town" 30-Sept. 1, •°™? ,, n . t t™ he forces S6nln to aend her are a very light pnk, wi»- - ' " 

"AThornln Her Heart" 2-0. -. _ 

Kkirmi; (Abe Shapiro, manager).— ; The 
Masqueradersopen this theatre 2 and week. 

THB-fRVBTAb TRK&TRB Will open Sept. -, 

with vaudeville. 

' drew well IMJ-Sopt. 1. 
Il-."i, "Secret Service 

nnyton.— At Ube National Theatre (0111 
Uurroivs. manager) "Secret Service Sam 
Sept. a-0, 'The Cowboy Girt" 6-8. "The lour 
Corners of the Earth" showed to big bus ■ 
ness Ang. 27-2P. "Queen of tbe Arena fol- 
lowed 3»-Sept. I. , _ k . 

VlCTOtG (Claude Miller, :«o«noeer).-^Tbe 
Al. 0, I'lcld Minstrels 3,0; v/m.'Kaversharj ,i. 

F.viltVir.w I'ahk CirtjfO (Ktaer Iteilelk, 
manager).— tVVelc of 2 1 Tlie American Comwly 
Kour, 1 Dorothy' Kenlori, Hugel Brothers, Iji 
AliHIn. and-Kteako and Orovea. Barlow^ 
Mlnslrels played a return engagement week 
of 2(1; to very lilg business. Well's Band 
comes week Of 2/_'; . _ 

■ Nnw- (liuNii THF,*rnii : (Laurelle * Fay, 
managers).— trantastlc -o'DelJs, Arnold and 
Gardner, nnd .lonne llnlclgb. ' , „ 

UKRHiin Kt»4!urao (.Tames Kirk, man- 
n p P [.) — Christopher,, the musician; Holmes 
and Waldon, and H.. B. Cnmplfll. 

Akron.— At l.skcslde Csalno (Harry A. 
Hnwn. manager) ihe bill for week of Sept. 
3 • The Mal'do Trio. Brtrry and Johnpon, 
Idinrn" BiKkley,- Alaace and Lorraine, Bean 
nod. Hamilton, nnd mov'ng pictures. 

iVlioKiai. (lily H. Hill, manager).— "t.n.ler 
Snnthtrn Sklea" cornea Sept.. .1. the (our 
Huntings 4,' "rork: State Folks" 8,.."Tlie 
lilon and the Mouse" 1(1, "The Arrival of 
Kitty" 11. Henrietta Crosirtau 13, "t ndev 
tbo N6rtli Stat" IB. Virginia Harped 1(1. 
"Dorothv -Vernon, of lloddon Hall," 211 
BolisnV Bnnd 23, . ■ . . - - 

NOTB— lohony Bay's liasebnll tenm.ulnyed 
the Colonlnls. managed by Kracst Lynch, 
trensurcr of the Colonial Theatre. 27.. The 
Kavs were bealen by n; score of to _'. A 
fen'turo of (he game waa Ihe "Mugay J«- 
Oraw kicking nt .Tdhhny Bay. 

Urd Datton, he forces 86nln 

over away. After a year has elapsed Sonla 
■((covers f rnie's villainy. Here enauea a 
mt° powerful scent [to which Sonla discover, 
that ^Tryne's paper la forged and .that 

£e Is the legitimate daughter, of Pan 
Itlbnalk, an eSllod Bnsslan haron. Ceell 
S an-fofli now returns an ia tjjpp I ™"f 
to Sonla, and Trvoe, In all nla villainy, w 
-"'hlalasl llBsucccsatul carl 
'- ■ Paul 

brought to play' his' 1 
Cost* Mrs. .Meeltlng. C 
Steonlok, E. -I.. Wal 


SprliiKflold. — At Spring drove Park Cft- 
«luo (Tom Powell, -manager) "Everybody 
Works But Fnllicr" did big business week of 
Aim. 2fi. -Dill for Mek, ■ hfiBept, 2': Dliob, 
Bowers And fllxbn, Tom Powell, the orlg- 
jeel— Inal.Mbldlolon'K ronnulklus, Hardle Ung- 

lit, -Zlifgler: ntnttiigersi.-^-XlnillBotj 
trpdiiPlW'I'oRKy -from l'ftrls" ns 1 
liJainiilfftlf rnnl i!. • Jol% l\- 8loi' 

(WniitHtrVflvnt gllainse of the'"young cotoie 
'bpeti.T "PWmnry ^lo. W," atageij Ity.noa 
fieno. with Puisy Uo'n, Anna Uhr, Oertrude 
Monlt'oii.'Mdn ultrtiori',- Irene Shannon, ,Hor- 
ttian Tltuherg, Charles De lliivfu and Jack 
Mldijey all In the east. The hill was good all 
the tray: through. '"..■' ' • .'•■', 

IIuvck'h OPKltA IIomhr (Henek. I-Vnnessy 
&',Stnir, mitnngri'si.— "Vuung Unffalo, King 
Of ^ the Wild Wesi," eoines 2. lUW week 
"Chipnton'n Chnrlli>" fllled the hill for sen- 
flittlnn lovew. ' "A Man'it Broken Promise" 11. 
y;vr,;t'M nti'iick. Stair ft KenheKHy, man- 
n*ers>— "Netlle, Hie Newsglil," 8. "Har 
rail Pnlse Step" played to good Imslncss 
Inst week. "Queen of ihe White Slaves" 
MB. -/■■• • 

PnrtPWv'R (Herbert lleuek, manager).— 
The Ifltnplri: Biirleanm 1 t'n. 2-S. Ttim Miner's 
Merry ■llurlesniinrit played to a rom run of 
(jtislnefls loat week. h.y rosier nurlmane 
Cd, O. . ••■ ' ' ■ ' 

htaniukp (Chr.rlea U. Arnold, ninnagerl. 
—Bitrlesaue Iovoth nvo still talking .over the 
wonderful transformation sprung ou tliein, 
and' It Is lihrd to believe that Ihe present 
splendid house reals'. on the site of that old, 
uuld-wlnnlng iniiishnekle.. IM Vine street 
Opera House. The Night OwH ,2-8. follow- 
ing Oeorto W. Hire's Hose Hill Folly- Co.. 
wlHi-h rack pay dlrl. [.ouls Uohle's .Knick- 
erbockers ». ... ... . • ,, ' 

KAJX KtiHTivAr,. — "Ftfbting the Flnmea 
la ''the great outdoor feature of Cincinnati s 
Autumn fete. II Is drawing treinendmiHly. 
nnd Is largely the product of the Clnclu- 
imtu» Sppv'raclo Co.. which, under the mau- 
nrement of Ned Weaier. sent "h>nat and 
KnNON" on Ihe rand. All the shown "around 
the circle" In Washington Park arc In full 
feather. '■* ' 

V,o<> (We'ler Prnncr. seerelnryl. — The 
fiessesii'-lhe narn It and, the famous Hog- 
tlsli' organ I sat Inn rt* rnnfit to New Zealand, 
drew big crowds the last week of the con- 
rert Sanson, despite a number of cool nights. 
I,flil.«w iJtonoN (J. J. Weaver, manogerl. 
— 'i'he sMiflon oIobph :t. Labor Day. A num- 
licr\of picnics were given hist .week. 

Coney Irusp (l.ce II, Brooks & h. T. 
■\ii(tei"win. mannnyrs).— tfyt mites eluse after 
.1— Labor Day— on one of the most success. 
f»l n«a sons', ever known, ni the tip-lbevlvcr 
resort - 
' vKKTEtt I**lilJ ft. M. Martin, mnnnger). — 

Ltpiiton, Hcrt Marshall, and Klcc nndllotincn, 
drew good bttslnenH lflst Week. BIH ; for week 
of 3'! Anna Ooltle nnd Bert Marshall, .Toocb 
nnd Walton, and Wllltacurt'oud Best. 

McnAHniit'H (l\ili)|:\ (Pniiilt Hchnefcr. ftinn- 
ngpr):-T-'Bnnlue'ss contlnncB good. Bill for 
in 'if - week w!r, : - I'ldna Leslie, CaiTery arid 
llrnnt, Until. Arilell. Crace De Broe. Hallle 
Ilrndlcv. Bill fur week of 'J I Sally Bfudley, 
Hi (»w tin nd .leiiliiiiH. CiiiTciy and- (1 rant,.,t] raco 
He>Broe, .1. Bailey 8tiusou, aud the Qululan 
Twins. • ■' ' ,'*.'' " 'I • ' 

'NuTiift. — The Ohio State Fair oiwnr'liore 
ft-8. . . .'. .rndlnnoln I'ark contlnuea to draw 

large crowds, 1 I'aine's "J^ast Days of. Pom- 
peii" -was 'enjoyed' ' by large crowds during 
Em first week* of Its engagement. Neddcr- 
myer's . MIHiary Bnnd has iicen engaged by 
the jutrk for the rest of the season. ... ..O. 

M. Iletfncr. who libs been the manager of 
the 'jivni Southern j ncatre for <t1io past ten 
yen'rii. baa rcrdnncd. and was Uucceeded by 
wiiiium SnndcYs, who' has been the stage 
manager nt the house for n number of years. 
ItusselrHlieeters, who waft' the treasurer at 
the Kiaphe Thcotre, aRshines the RaqiK posi- 
tion with fhe Clrent Southern, this tcusun. 
. ;. .'.''.DiIbh and his band will appear qt Me* 
tnorlal Hall week of :i. . .'. ..Ahnouuceaieat 
has been tnado that !•}. L. Johnson Is to be 
the .manager (if the Majestic Theatre/ the 
neh- house whlclrfn being erected near tbo 
corner of Broad and High Streets! The-housa 
will : be devoted to ' burlesque, and will ho 
booked by Weber & Kuah. 

w'efflt'or'S :' Herbert B. Cheslfry and company, 
Waller and Mnglll. Hnrbadi and . Harris, 
Frank" Clayton, Hairy Haley and new motion 
pictures. • ,-'•■>• • ■ ' 

-flttsxtr 'OPUT Housr (L. J." Dalle, mana- 
ger). — "Dora- Tborne" 3. •.■•'.*■ 

■'■,"", '■'*»,', , »i-|- ' ■ '. i i ' i (»■- -i n !■ ; ■'■ '•,••(■ 

.Munadeid.— At Lake Park Casino (R. R. 
I'hiillv,. niahager) the Chicago.- Stock .Co., . In 
repertoV^iPhd a; vaudeville ; olld-'of "all acts, 
bad m>wdeil hoitsos, and turned patrons nway 
'rw two Weeks. The Cutter Stock. Co. Sept. 
It and waek... • ■.. ■• -— — 

Mi:m«iiiia[, Ocmia- IIousk (H. L. Bowers, 
manager). — Tub* house. opeuB the aeaaoi: 4, 
wl(h "The Devil's Auction." Louht, .lamea 
8, "Her Only Sin" 12, "The Shopllttera" 13, 
and "Dora • Thorne*' 18,- 

Steuliruvllle. — At the Grand Opera 
House: The Kiys.Aug. 30: Vogel'n Big Sfln- 
Btrels Sept. 3, Al. H. Wilson 7, "Her Only 
Sin" 1 1, "Nettle, tbe Newsglrl,". in. 

--i a . i .. > , ' ' " 


Woodward's Hco Lions remain over For tbo 
Gnai performances of the regular season, 9 — 
1 tihor llitv— Imt i». HI mid *J3 will he amateur 
ilrtvs at' the Vniulevl|le Theatre. Htldy Saw- 
ver, tbe ''Ptrn^lng Pi'yorfl, nnd Clurehce Sisters 
were contributors to last peek's bill; 

Lolinv Chat; — Fred Zimmerman Jr. was 
delighted nt the reception his wife— Kthe-I 
.la rkshri— ; received at Ihe n\vmlrr of "The 
III lie' Moon. " : . .,. ..H. Ooouirleud Is bore In 
lulvnncvdf "HlghV Boil, who' will be master of 
t-Mcmonlca at whool chlldrcoa" day, nt League 
tVjrkv r....'. ./I'licntvlWil folk. arc wondeung 

hSw long the nrnntl Will open Sunday nights. 
This o'itn. If Ivmlotnlned. wilt keep the Oer- 
ninn Theatre Co, out oMbelr old home. \ . . . 
John tf. llavlln en me. here to attend the dln- 
MJtt^TOlfflJUKM the dedication of bis hew 
nilllldn -loriaV lioiel. the llatlln. . . . . .Mann- 

yrfr. 1. M. Martin gave the members of tho 
Chester I'ark Opera Co. a supper nt (he Hub 
lioiisc-flfter the last slmw.. .... James Mur- 
ray Allison fra? superlatively Intuby over the 
wiv , "ThP nn Moon" "shonn" from, the rise 
of'thp curtain to Us fall. ..' . ...Suftle Klrwln. 

lJw'former oycra "sHujer; U here In charge of 
thftKcostimii'b of "The Blue Moon.".:'....,' 

Ocow H. Hartford hofl ftObe Kast to become 
edrertlalug manager of the New York Hippo- 
drome. '• 

, .--r 1- » - ' ■[ 

t'levrliiud. — At the Opera House (Harry 
1\ Klluv, ninnager), as imunl, Lejr Dock- 
stader'g MInstrelft open the Opein 'Hots'- sea- 
sub, week of Sept. 3. "Captain Carelcas" 
week of 10. 

Kna/tn Avkxub QAjdMBKg (Max Fnetken- 
hc-uer, otaiiager). — "All on -Accouut of JJllsa" 
Is the'oirerlrig br the Vaughn (llaser stock 
i'o. week of it. "Tim Girl With the U rem 
Kyps" had pnekod^ houses -at every perform- 
ance Inst- week, '-tllnser 8tock Co. week '<•)' 10. 

CotON'iAi, (Drew A Campbell, managers). — 
"The (lay LordOuex'" will' he given i>y the 
Limrn Nchtui Hall Co., week of 3. "A Modern 
Miipliilen," by the compnuy, drew exceedingly 
well hist week. Hall Stock Co. week of 10. ki m K>eo. m. T'odd. manager). — ''Oay 
New York" week of' 3. Flske O llacn drew 
well. In "Mr. . Blarney from Ireland," lust 
week, vftnuday" week of 10. 

Ci.kvki.ano (Geo.' M, iTodd, manager). — 
"A Man's Broken 'I'romlse" week of n, "Be- 
cret Service Sam" hud good reclpts Inst week. 
"(Jti Dntigcrons GroitiiiT' week of 10., i 

Kinrii'H nt. A. Daniels, mniiiigcr),-Tlllll 
week of 3 Includes: Chnrles I). Rvans and 
eomimny, IIowo and Scott, Hie Crotty Trio, 
lluycs and Johnson, Luce and Lnclsr,. the 
ltnlxcrs. itiid "Chnlk" Saunders. i 

Lvim- (J. J. Hyrtn. mnnagei-).— Upder the 
new 'management this .house ottmis, lts ! neunon 
week- of ' 3, with n. bill Including VUllomon, 
Clark's dogs und ponies, Seeker, Wilkes aud 
i , oiupniiy l ''Frles SUters, Chsad and De Vcvne, 
Four' llarrlsobs. Ot-non und Vernon, John 
A. IfaWklhs. Ituriiess, Dnulcla and Hurgcss, 
nnd .Master ('mniiihigs.. , 

Stau (Drew & Campbell, managers); — The 
Merry Bui'lPstpK'rs week of 3. The Ideal lix- 
irnvngaiiKit'Co.- had good houses Inst week. 
Kmplre IturlrHnueiM \ve6k of 10. 

'Liisa I*AitK : {Ktwo{ul snlsbury,- maoager).— 
Llbcrntl's Hand Is the chief musical attrac- 
tion here week of it. Itlg attohdnnce stlU 
rules. • - ' 

MM . ■ ■■ ^■i> ■-■ ■■ ■ 

Voium'Ntown, — At the Park Tlicatre (M. 
li. Ouggenbeloi, niunager) on . Aug. 31 .oc- 
curred Die opening of the park, with, "The 
Marl und (he tllcl." Munager Guggenheim 
had the house In excellent trim, and the' big 
oudlcnce.was well pleased with the perform- 
ance. Kddle Foy stistulticd his icputntlon. 
"We Are King" Sept. 8, "The Mikado*' 7. Hen- 
rietta CroHinnn 14. The Four HuntlngH. Sept. 
1, drew welt nnd cave an excellent nhnw. 

()hanl> Opkha HOUn (T. K. Albaugh, rtinn- 
ngei).— The Haya did well Aug. ■ 28. "The 
Shopltfler" pleased lill, "Yon nun"' Sept. 
3, ''Yankee Consul" ft, Hanlon Iti'os.' "Fan- 
laalMV 0, "The Arrival of Kitty" 8. 

limttA Fark Carino Tiikatiih ( K. Stanley, 
mntinaer).— 1'atrouage last week proved good. 
Whistling Tom Brown was the feature of the 
hill. -Unit' scored big.' Week of Sent, 'fl! ^Jrthn 
L. Ridllvan: Jos. nnd-Myra nfiVIs Duwling, 
FHctiiigh nnd ■ llessle Lee, Tnisa, and ihe 
Dancing Howards. 

Avon park 'tJos, W. Vm, manager).— 
Vaudeville coutlmien.- '»*f- 

Nuta". — Clarice 'lemplelon, tbe clever alug- 

liVitic ( J. i.nngniin, managor^.-r'inis a< 
formerly the Lyceum! opens the seaso 
when Walter N. t/iiwrence bffcrs "The.Gn 
lJave,'' wltl( Aubrey Boticlcault. for one ■« 
"Before and After" . liMR. The house 

Jluffjiio.- At the fltnr Theatre -(P. C. Cor- 
r.till, miinager) Charles li. . Dllllugham ■> pre- 
sents Montgomery and Stone, ,1a "The ltcd 
Mill," Sept. 3-o. Thomas iW. Ross, In, "Popu- 
lerUy," u-8.. "The Free Lance" pleased good 
slxcd gatherings,;, ; ■ 

Lvitic ( J.'Langhlln, manngor).— r-Thla house, 
opeun tbe aeaaon 3, 
house has 
virtually been rccootaructitd: Inside, and pre- 
sents a most attractive jipijearauee, lu keep- 
lug with the higher clans loess prevailing. . 

Sura's: — Hoster for 3 and week : Musical 
Cuttys, ' Nora Hayes, Miss' Layos, --Wol line's 
horses, HnWtllorne and Burt, VIlloKe Choir, 
J'tank V. Yonflg, Kathleen De Vole, O'Brien 
and Hnvel. Kflle Lawrence, and Steln-Krctto 
Family. Edward* Duvls and a bill of merit 
drew well last week. ". . 

Acaiikmv (X*. C Cornell, nianoEcr). — Owen 
Davis' "Ten Thousutid Dollars Reward" this 
week. "Wiled Off the Turf" next week. 
"The Ilouac of Mystery" thrilled large gath- 
erings last week.' •. .... 

TmfayiIttk (Chas. M. Bngg, manager). — 
The- .-Kentucky Belles this week. The Merry 
Maidens drew wall bud plea sd. 

Tkck (I*, t.'i Cornell, manager). — S. Miller 
Kent, In "naillew,*' thin week; "Me, Him und 
1" did. a substftliilal business. 

atiii.kti'- Park (It. H. Mucbroom, mnna- 

f'cr) — wiiii t will be I he : season's biggest week 
>eRlns: Lnbor Day, with Hie following pro- 
gramme : Flying Raihbuns, the Tanncaus, 
ibcBe-Anos, Youna, ami Laura Davis. 

i, inn's Mrsn'M. ■■- t'nrrvnt attractions: 
Mike Jlntfllln, Willie Smith, Alice Warbnr- 
ton and Harry Heed. • 

UAiinKN (L. N. W'oolcott, manager).— 
Opening week's attraction Include; Wva 
Mudire, Bva ; Westcoit and company, Tom 
Brown, Hullen and < Hayes, o'XellFs Mlu- 
streis. Sevaiunr'n dogH, Marlon and Deanc, 
the Cromwells; and the vttaKiaph. 

NoTi:».-^Vollmer & l'lunk have formed n 
German warn company, .-whlelt-.-wIII appear 
Sunday nights- at the Lyric throughout the 
reason. .... .Murriuv Moses, well known in 

the profession,- Is the .latest to establish a 
penny and nickel Main Street ahow, of which 
there arc many lu operation, posalbiy tho 
must elaborate of which Is the BIJou Urenui, 
at Main mid Nor Lb Division Streets. 

Carrie Lee Stoyle . 
steonlai;, R. L. Walton: Emlle Handrail, 
Chnrles Hoyne; Here A«go« Von. Berg, 
Knflli Hoch: Cecil Stanforth .Wallace- hi- 
ttmger: Lady Kitty Chesley Roth Benson: 
Lord Arthur Datton, Fred MSSL* S ? n i. a 
sTopnlnk. Frances Ring l Davd Tryn^-Hol; 
iVro^k Bllnn; Keith Forster .Norulan /rhrop . 
Footman, James Watson; Hilda Wgkflgt 
Craubey; Mrs. Brandor- Gallus^Allce Hit- 
ler; Carter. Charles, Martin. The . author 
has presented a story ,tnoat cleverly toh", 
and -It. seems sure, to prove, a go. ■ . Pplbrook 
Bllnn and Frances King carried --off the 
honors, giving powerful and clever Interpre- 
tations. The entire tuppoft was exceUent. 
The producers Tiave been most Invlsh. and a , 
l*antlful production. Is rlip /5& lt «4™fc2K 
performance on any stage of Oeo. M. ohans 
Tntest comedy. "Popular Uy." ?E6J*.J»t; 
tiring Thos. W. Roas. '"Way Down fiaBt 

^National (Max H««lg v i^H8*0.--The 
Russell Bros,, In^afoe fjfffejjmxm 
tery," had good returns A«g, 27-29, and en- 
tire satisfaction was given. A handsome 
production of "Dolly Varden," 39-Bept. 1. 
with a superior coat .played to crowded 
housPH. LlTllau Snencar, Klara. Farm, J. A. 
Wallerstedt and-W. H. Way -scored heavily. 
"Texas" S-fi, <»eo. Sidney, In "Bussy liij.a 
Vacation," 4J-8.- ■■■ r . ' ! : ' '■ 

Cook Opera HdtrsB (J. H. Moore, nana- 
gei').-^/riie : Moore Stock. Co. closed Its Sum- 
mer engagement at. this bouse last week, to 
n succession of - overflowing houses. "The 
Wife," the closing hill,. Was well cast. Sept. 
3 and week the regular: vaudeville season 
beglnM..wlth the following: Jnllos Stoger nnd 
company, ■ Sam Elton,, Lew .-Sully; John 
World and Mindell Kingston,. Herberts 
dogs. lUty Cox.' Sharp Dros., MareBna, No- 
vare and Mnreenn,-nnd klnetojrraph.; •', 

Baker (J. II. iMoore, manager). —Tbe 
Moore Stock Co., begins lta> second, regular 
season at this bouse 3, opening with "fhe 
Crisis." >../;...,_.- 

.CoaisrrtiiAjt (Henrv C. Jacobs, manager). 
— Clark's Runaway Olrls Co.; started the 
boll^bfs JuHisci-Ang. 25, giving 
K»tlMfnctlon. The company is, better than 
ever:, aud'.went.wltb.a 'rttah from , start sto 
IliilBb. . Business^ was , fine. ., Every Friday 
during the., season- Is amateur . night; on 
Which nil local stage aspirants will be given 
a. chance. RehU-Santley. Co. 3:8. •• • .' 

• Ontario UUCH P.VtiK. ( Jos. , Claricy, -db 
rector)'.— 1W M,qidl Oros.featlval, here will 
continue until Sept. n, which oloacs tbe regu- 
lar Summer season. Attendance has betjn 
fine, and* the numerous attrffctlona are being 
well patronized. ■ . 

cu.n IIavrn Park (B. E. Wilson, man- 
ager). — The military carnival will run until 
Sept. 5, aa the attendance lm» been away 
above expectations. The Oreat Breton 
dally- owes thousands by his leaping the 
gop ttt.ari. auto.' '"■'."• "' "•!""' 
hv..k WUHin Pabk <B. B, Wilson, mana- 

Ser).— Mfty-fourth Regiment Band (local I 
ep>.'2. • " , , 

NtirH.— Max Hurtlg. manager of the Na- 
tional Theatre, of this city, was about to bi* 
trantiterred to New York City- l<i take the 
uinungeiiifut of the, Metropolis Theatre, In 
the'Bronx/ Sine* then-Mr. "Hurtlg has m ado 
other arrahgeme'dts with Ida Ilrm, and has 
concluded to remain In Rochester, where be 
haa spent the past three seasons as sole man^ 

Uh ii large paint III' 
over the pit, and the pillars and gallery rah* 
arc carved and decorated with gold foil 
making In all a very charming effect. ' 

Stonjs QnBU Hot-SB. (f. P. is, Clark, man- 
ager). — Tbe-'Myrkle-IIarder Co., 27-Sept I 
opened to good .business. Mamie Fleming Co! 

Boss Par? .(J. P. F. Clark, jnnugti _ 

BUI week of Aug. 27 : Robin, Charles B, Law- 
loraod daught.fira, Waldorf and Meude. Alra 
Stewart, Koulnson and Giant, and Fran and 
Fran; • .:i. , .. 

:. '-White Cut (I/. K. Wagner, monager).— 
Bill week of Aug. : 27 : Herald Square (juar- 
tette. Howard and Cameron, Louisa Campbell 

and Shelby and Urafln. 

Jnmeitown. — At Samuels Opera House 
t& iteis, mft miger) "Yon Yonson." Aug ^5, 
dlcsv k<jihI business. "The Arrival of Kitty" 
'js. hurt fair patronage. "Gay- New York" 
30,, deserved a larger bouse. Bennett-Moulton 
Stock Co. Sept. 3-8. , 

Cklobon :(J. J. Waters, manager).— Bill 
for week of Aug. 27:.Boyal Musical Five, 
Walter C. Kelley. -JiiKgling B&nnann, Mr. 
and 'Mrs, .Jack, and Charlotte Quyer Qcorgp 

• NOTXB.-^-The Dancing Mitoheilg were oae 
of the features 'of the bIH last week, but 
were compelled to close through an accldeot 
to Lulu ('Faust/ of the team, -while doing a 
top-mount vat the opening performnnce the 
young woman fell to the stage and dislo- 
cated her elbow. She Is a slater of Lotta 
Fahst. MIas'Oeorgc,'who Is one* of the free 
nttrnctlous ! at the. park; was substituted. 

Itanium ■& Holley's Circus will be with 

us once more, Sept. 0, going to Warren 7. 
. , . v ./Belle . stone ■ was 1 the free act lait 
week on tbe globe. - < '*'• 

. ■■' . ■ ■ ■■! .. ■ ' . ; " ~ 

Troy,— AtProctor'a (William H. Orahan, 
realdiint manager) the Fall season has opened 
wirh good' buaineM; Bill for Sept. land 
week:vJ(i)le Ring, and company, utButw 
cotnedv Four, Steely, 'Doty -and Coe.-Dlntnoiirt 
nndSmlth, Rice and Elmer, the Hurleys, ana 
Stlnsob and Merion. , ■ . , 

RAub'a ! (R. TiThomp'son, resident mana- 
ger); --Mid red Holland. In "The Lily and 
ihe Prince,:' camcS. "'Way 'Down Eait' 4. 
"A ISIster's . SacTlllee*', B, 1 ; ,', r It Ilabpehea In 
Nnrdlatfd*' 0, "Tbe Gingerbread .Man '---8, ., 

LvckuM (R. H. Keller, manager).— This 
theatre h&s:heen transformed. Into a burlO-ioue 
house.- Bill IPS; Wlhc, Wont™ and Song. Tlia 
Tlgcr Lilies 6-8; '-■■■-. "Ka'P ■-.< 

. ■■ " 1 i n '< . 1 1. ,, * 

Aniiiini.- T At .Niiu'id . Turk Theatre 1 J. -a' 
Hen 111 :i .v. -nljui jt L-er ) ■■ Ivol th'H .Bill. lncluOtd 
the /"following;'. -Itrasll nud - Brflv.ll., , Mlnnh- 
Horritwn, , Kaiiffuinn Sisters, .Mitchell ,. and 
I.ov<',' Juggljt)g..BannAqs„and Edison's mov- 
ing- pictures,' drew large audiences. This bill 
clyseil- the theatre 1 for : tbe seasoh..-* v * ' 

ItriiTiH neuiA H.o(i»r (E. S. Newton, man- 
ager).. — Aug. 30, tbe Rentz-Santley Bur- 
icmijuc Co. had a good liuiiHV, "What Hup- 
nencd to Jdoea" 31, "A Romaaee of Coon 
HollOW" ; Sept. "J. 1 ■ 

Bprtih AuniToniuM (R S. Newton, mm- 
aaer). — Dockstader'a Minstrels opened Aug. 
27,- to a big house. Primrose's Mlmltmi 
Sept.-T.- ■ •■■■•' 

1'UnwrM A Haiu'y'h CntCDR Sept. 1. 
: Note.— Mabager Newton mourns the loss 
.of his wife, who died during' the past week. 
" T ■»*» 

agar of the above, theatre; 

Albany* — At Ha rum mi* Bleecker Hall 
(ll. It. Jacobs,, manascr). two stirring. dromnn 
beld tin- attention of theatregoers lust week. 
"The Dairy Farm," Aug. C7-20, flod "The 
Ninety and Nine,". MUht 1. . both .drew 
welt. "Buster Brown'" S5i, "The Curse of 
Drink'.'. JL 7. Henry , Miller and Margaret 
Angllii 10. "It Ilnppeued In NordlandV' 8, 
De Wolf: Hopper ll.- 12.: . '. - J ;. : 

iPROCTon's (Howard Graham, resident man- 
ager). — High r In fie vaudeville packed the 
house oil the week. In great favor were 
Toby Claude, Sllne. and .Evans, and Cook 
und Madison. Another big week, commenc- 
ing IjiIiol- Dav. special matinee, with Van 
Alstyue and Henry. Six ttllhaerettln, Oer- 
trude Oebest, Clin 1 (lordon, Ward Bros., aud 
the Royal Musical Five. - > r 

OAturv (H. It. Nichols, mnnager). — A 
most hnsplclous opening Aug. 27. With the 
High School Girls as. the attraction. The 
house was packed to the doors to 2ft. Hilda 
Carle nnd the . Twelve Red Havens proved 
tbo leading feature, and others applauded 
were : The Brennnna, Three Bnnta Bros., 
and Wlllard. and Hughes. "Ab Egyptian 
Lemon" and "Cupid In the Philippines" were 
the laughable burlesques. Jolly Grass 
Widows, ;iu-8ept. I; made a rucccmiuI cn- 
Kngoment and pleased all. The Harrow Trio, 
Cruett and (imett, and Gardner. and 8oinp.rH 
were particularly clever. "The FYollcsome 
Wlilow" proved n laugh provoker. The 
Tiger Lilies Sept. 3-B; 

Altho Pabk ■ (Maxr Rosen,' manager). — 
Oreat crowds still come to this popular re- 
Borr, and- the season ibus been good. Special 
attractions this week;. Mile. Ixirello, Cam- 
nr« SlBters, Toklo, the Zurncs, TbomaB nnd 

l|Hf injr (Thoa. U. Henry, resident mana- 
ger).' — After extensive Improvements this 
theatre will reopen aa a btirtoamte uqubb 
Monday. Sept. £6. with Clark'a Runaway 

Olrls. Vaulty Fair 0-8. runaway 

nochcater. — At tbe Lyceum (M. E. 
Wolff, mnnnger) the regular seunon opened 
Aug. 2", 3D. With -Dockstader'a Minstrels, to 
capacity. The spew. this year Is larger, 
brighter nnd' better .than ever. On 31, Sept. 
1, occurred the tirnt penormance , on -any 
nidge o( Stanley's Dark's society drama, la 

rrologhe and four acts, entitled "" 
IIh Aui[el." Tho production was 
Kdwnrd'A- Urnden. 'wlio. With Myron Bice 
and'others, win preaent at the Initial ber- 
forroanee. The scenea or Hie play are laid 
In and around London. _8onla Is the beauti- 
ful -daughter of IVitil Stc-uhtok, a Runlnn 
refugee, teniporftvlly residing, in London. 
Sohln's father 'haa always' (old, lier that he 
bad n bonk containing somethldg that ln- 
tlmntPly tonrerUB her. but Iibb never re- 
veolrj what It js. Sonla and her father 

3ri' f-niml In n cheap lodging bouse in Lou 
6h, and through the asslstauce of Lady 
Chesley. Lord Datton arid Herr Vob Berg 
Ihe girl, who poaseaaea a marvelous tinging, jitber attractloaa cost 

Klmlrn — At theXfoeutn <M.- Rett, man- 
ager) ihe Cheater DeVonde Stock Co. drew 
well. last week . The Kirk, Brown-Co. Is the 
attraction this week.DxceptlngSept. 4, when 
"It Huppened Id Nordland" will .hold « tbe 
bonrds. , ■ , ■. 

Iu i RIC !Jl a 9j-K»P*nK (Henry Taylor, man- 
ager).— The Manhnttnn Opera. Co. has closed 
bore, after n moat Bticcesiful season, the 
SKP^Jd yorloaajneinheM having left tbe city to Join 
Man and dlffetent' companies for the Winter season 
made^by VnjtdeVllle M , flhe the place of opera 
Following la the .bill for. week 0«t%dc7ttN 
Jerome, and Jerome, Harrlc Bcangarde, and 

l.ontl (lionl Bros. Buslnesa continues aood, 
_«"'*»*> V 1 '- w - McConnell, manager).— 
Ihe following people- are attracting Jorge 
and nnpreclnTive nMlences: .The Jugftllmr 
pulhlaba. Ollvo Clayton, Orace Waiion 

little Fayette. Rlflltbscope and' Illustrated 
songs, 'Business, big, • "■ ■ 

RLbatimfe Pamk t Enoch Utile, manager) 
—Last weak marked ■ the , close of vaudeville 
forthe svnsoii-at this popular reaort. T • 
fnua to ' 


—■''.■»'' ■ ■ - ■ . ;l ... 

fS(ms*». Cily.— At the tlraml Opera 
House , (Hudson & . Judab, managers) the 
seama. opened Sunday night, Aug. 20, with 
-Behind .the Mask," an the, Inaugural offer- 
lag..' The, weather very opportunely turned 
<vtt"-iH'iv <oo). nod consequently Che theatre 
wns packed. The show and ' company scored 
11 Mi, and continued to do. good business the 
rest-.of fhe week. This week, "ArlsoDa,"' anil 
next wiTk, David Hlirirlna, In "Hl« Last ■ Dol- 
lar.". The .Orand has been newly decorated 
and carpeted, and a tine lounging and smok- 
ing- room -bail been- added. • .■■ '>•••'■ 

(in. 1.1s oi'kiia UntiHf]: (10. S. Brlghom, man- 
ager). — The big favorite. "Human Hearts.'' 
drew ii.s custoihary -big bouses- last week, 
Lincoln J. Pluioiner, In the principal part, 
w;u> ivell received. This week, "The Hyo 
Witness." . and next week. "No Mother to 
Oulde 'Her.'.* ■ .'.....-. 

. Cent.-; 11 y (Jos. R. Donegan, .manager).— 
The Reason, opened at this -theatre with Sun- 
day mntlnce, Aug.- :26, and' a big honse was 
In attendance, At night tbebouse was sold 
out. , The; Imperial Burleaquers was tbe ol- 
fe ; rlng. and a good. ahow was given. Zlm- 
mer, tho juggler, wns a feature, This week, 
Miner's Americans, and next week, the 
Merry Makers. The liousehns been- eat I rely 
redecorated nud presents a hnndadme appear- 
ance. Mr. Donegun will-have entire charge 
this season, nnd will * be helped -by Fred 
Keimif/,. aKHhtuut treasurer; , Clyde Seacn- 
reat, stage mnnager, and Thoa. P. Chick, elee- 
trtclaii. ,-,•..' .-.,' ■,■■'■■ 

Majbbtic (E. . O. Davidson, . manager).— 
Tho .season will, open Sunday matinee. Sept. 
2, ;wlth the Oolden Crook Kxtrnvagansa Co. 
Next week, Fred Ifwln'a IMg Show. 

■A,VDWOi»tui.— The season wllldpen Sat- 
urday, night. Sept.. 1, •.with: the ..■Woodward 
BtmCft, In'^-he Altar of. Frlehdrtlp." 

•Inula Wooh. — na season ; w1U open H>. 
with Dlgby Bell, in "The Education of'Mr. 

Plft?.' .. ^ . ■ >.:.. .I.-:-,.- 

iEbGCTnic I'ahk (Shm -Benjamin, mana- 
ger)'.. — Sorrontlhb'a ;Bnudn . Koaa still con- 
ithues, Spi'dnl bights of the oratorio, "Toe 
It emit reel ion of Chtlst.*' playcdias an accom- 
paniment : to- a merles of moving pictures, 
proved n . strong » feature. lb ■ the : Gerinim 
■ Village the acta, iftst- week iwere:Tlio Lelgli- 
tops, Mr. and Mw, Bacon, the Mnrrav-Slo- 
ters. and Dena Tutlehs.- ; -,- .. . . • 

'Fpm:sT Pahk (Llokl Brown., managerl.— 
Leuge'a Bahd,- with Brooke Eltrym Winters. 
. nB,.Kolo!at,. .waa a , featpre, ■ On . tbe lawn, tbe 
ZaiiHufi Fumlly. Reno , and . Zhro. In old 
Heido.lborg: Great Golden. :Russel Troupe. 
Tfnsk^nud .llogars, Massouey aud Wilson, 
and Master Staler, koIoIsi. ■ i 

:FAiKMouNT-PAttK ( Ben Rosenthal, mao>- 
ger), — Helner's Military. Bond and balloon 
nseensloas And swimming inatcbes make up 
tbe peek's programme. I- '■■' " 

CM t'WmiNiifl..- A new .organization, known 

as tliaiWhlle city Amusement Co.. ;ls beiag 
promoted .here, ^the object of "«hlcb'»-,to,take 
1 be ipinnd In the Missouri River; three .mlle« 
froTu, Kansaji City,, and .convert it Into, a 
fine nn)usfhli)nt;Wark-. , Tito Inland comprlsei 
four hundred UMiflfbr acre*,, and la neces- 
slble.,by street 1 railway nfiA" boat: H; L. 
Welch, wliofie local ofllce Is room No. JI.HMi 
BiUMlng. is- local .mnnnger arid president 
The park will he fitted up. with every knon;a 
cone*s,tion. and It la hoped things will be In 
shttptvanfl ready for next Summer's 9cs«on. 
A Water reaort is quite a new thing' for ^ Ha * 
BBKCIty. Ohd should prove verr nojpttlar. -•• 
,_ H«i«ibeck-8 Cirrus. Is billed for Befit 5, and 
draw targe Klbtllag lii-os.' cornea -22. 

September 8. 

*t. Jour Jib. 

j' l r ' 'J 


TOoHu's Tlieatrc (C. U. 

nulllai. iiimmI"') 1 ihn iimijii mini niiiii 1 1 

„(Hi ,'Jnue.;, Corwran, , In ..".TImi.; Freedom of 

S '?,v*«;!(C. ! VI tlMtes, mam B er>.-.<rhe 

Vyu Witness'' linjl 'Jig bumoa Aug. no, when 

- it ouUn«i;f<ir'ttir«l-Welit5 and matinee..' Ker- 

■njflw Mln«tret» -4,9, I^sm.'»Vftt)> Ma«»r» 

fcuff (Kropk. l^P AUcy, mnnaser). — The 
M'uauH 11IM.TIK -, wllh the Oirtts Miinlrul l.'om- 
lily'Ci'. ' nll lch .-Is.nookeU.for tliree weeks. 

■ I'nvHTAi." l*A»k' -(Fred Cosraon. inmlnBerl. 
^-KiikIik'im ctmtlnqes big. Tho bill. (er week 
„r ", Intitules : The WW W.-fl. Itouera, ..£ 

' 1'm-ldhM, Oeorse IMnws, Slotme Remlilii- 
itm, t-aruei'ry and Stanton, mu CoHinonK 
woYlng plftlu-OH . . . ,. . 

■ .\niouMB ; (Pli)llej' & >nn' llouteh, .innnn- 

Jius'i.-r-'t'lie Lyceum Mtoek Co., 'In "The 
itatlei',", drew, Rl-eat ertiwdn laat week. -tfc'or 
Luva'a Sweet Bake" week o( 2. 

■ .'. ... . . . . it I » . 


£§ £jxmr YQBg dtit^te 



ctmdii opens J, with the Jolly- yfldowi -for 

lae- week. 

l'*xtn.v .Thkaiok -ijv. 

-Hea*»n or vaudeville open* ;i. 

Till Mr. -['pm.^..i . I.. ..... - 

W. Klj, wauflget). 

t — bl: — -•— « "f*"" 3- wiffi Mr. 
' -■ Mra. TriiCHdale and company. Mile. 

stoma nod Tiatrv : Sum 

Uoufl{t Atom ■ and 

""firVSV^kniv'M.iiAnii:,: w31S T"i «WV 
eently the mater of the Lillian Le.lgr.ton 

W«l hS ,,?' •H r - .WlW ' l>l«.ved I" •nunkil . 14 Si re and IS jialrJ?MmnaU njilcftiilc, X: M.. »'lil.:li atalod -illnt K.:Krahk. 

wSmSTSV "'lo,-' tt,ta ".-'» "Wo f«aS I'raBploTteh, Wrft.-KllDlmU. ,y j| 0l ,,,„ HHl ,, K May.a5,l;lh,l.'y ; r..ulllo 

BkLucSL.n.'i.ik. T v- .. ,. WuTisa l . M.vis'a Suow Hon! .1. ""■'"' wl11 ' lluit.cuniunny. ' YRi.liKto been' In 

.....5 lL M! IC0 --" B er'ha Kalleh Olketleil n I.. "■ yy > . B W aOpi. -h _,„A|. ... All.n.lllflr.lll,. ,lfl S,lhim„r will, I lie 

...i-WJlco.— Berlha Kalleh opened 

\t the Lycpnitug C*p"?ra 

were wlili Huit..conipnm^' Vfo\hnYo btW -In 
stock !u Alhnquerqilo ill] Sitttirnor wlm Mm 
Kuasel ■'■ URMM Shirk Co., Under Mi'' iimnngc- 
ItKUt'.oC* KlMrJL'l J. - ill-ilHC lilt) 'liumiiMirr 

t.uii Anvelva.— At tho H.'insi'o i .loini it. 
Ulncktvo<Kli' lamidgflr) the stock commpy prc- 
fjpnted :'*a(f». Oanii's. Dofciiso" the :becotd 
wftV, twk1nu]Dff;A«K. 27, wlnn to lta flue 
rlr^riil irro<lu( tlop too nfecedliiB week. *«fho 
Hciiool ft(t Hcun(inl ' tltn-Ipg miniveraary wetk, 
b««liin?nff **t'l>i. ; ««• ' ,_,. „ 
.-, MOfioscii's Rciui.vNK (Oliver Moiopco, man- 
„ fi( jc).— :lBOuieo ond •luUct," ns produced by 
tfiu'KloL'fc'cVjinnajiy, drew well week ending 


AUit. -.'■ "Mflclanio $ani Geoe" U6 iiud 
iiy:tlie »t«|. coqipaiiy; •'Camlllc" Sept. 

<»ranp Oi'Kii*' IIousb ■ (Clavonco Drown 
uuiiiHL'erJ.— , ;Tlio.Two-Ofp i nnnH 1 " by tho; UJ 

il.-li Krwk, 'played to good biiHliieef, week ead- 
. (tie Aflir. -*. "How lJnxter Hutted In," by 
' the riloek company, 2« tind week, with "The 
Ciittln Kld«" Hept. 2 nnd week. 

iini'iiiMJJt (Alnrtlu jUeck, gone nil niniK-i-iir) , 

FcatniTtf Aug. ttr n»d -week: Hardlner 

"ml Vlne?nt. In "Winning- n Queen :" I-Mltli 
. lifl'cnii, Six Proveiinls, Itelflf Bros., Hilly Van, 
I.iiclunia. Trio, Cintee hhd Blnford,:'bdwatd 
riark nnd.llio Wlnnlug Widows, and Or- 
i.beum ffiytlon.J)lctUi-en. ' ■* 

.''iWjnMp's (B- A. Machor, mniiager>.— lllch- 
anl" Benton,' In scene, entitled "Dreams ;" 
ljfoU«« 'pictures, and I'Isl-IicVh All Sfar Co., 

IIoTc]»ki8« (CV I'\ llriinUton. rannncer). 

I ;':■■■ in 1: l; 1 l; Si.'|)1. 1, the Howard and Hum 

iltuii Slock ~;j». - V/lll preaont "Christopher 

«." Tills Kill mark the opening of the 

hull**; tinder- *l«'}V mouiigeinpnl. 

. Hlsreniu (UI|ly BnnkH, resident manngei'). 

r.nhnrH ■ Am;. '4~ 11 ml wrok :■ llnwallan 
QnlntmE O'S liorlicrt Mitchell, Dllly Bapk, 
IVjiio apd 'Tiiilop. Kmplrc Stock Co., pre- 
•-i-iidMrf "HaJ>y Kl'>|ilniLit T " and the clnemtto- 

I'tHii'Lii'H (V. Mack, manager);— '■ Ethel 

TiK'kcr- and Stock Co., In "Happho," Aug. 

. ai.-aiid. week, .with .'.'Dr.. Jekyll. and.ilr. 

Hydo" undcrllnod tor Hei)t. If and -week. 

Cineouhai'M ■(.?.' A, llrowne, manager). — 

- I-Vulurca Aug. Tt and wick : Teto. (Jerald. 

Mile. Canictt, Annie Koblnaon.Boblnwn and 

T'hoiiijHiuii. moving pictures, and Htock com* 

' ii.iiiv, in "The JfOng Dlatnncc Tcleplionc." 

•" jn.\mvB- (ilent« & Znllee, proprletora). — 

1 rVHtule* lid ntid weL-k : Bimbo, comedy ncio- 

bot: HhlHtriitca HoiifM, by AHola O'Doitc; 

Hi- Ui'.ff. liypnotlHt; ODell. and Whlilng. 

■ Vuluim PbivcrH, . iirescntlng 1 'Tbc Wrong 
Jluft iltt Hjo' wrong Vlaco," and tho Unlquc-o- 

■ SOopc. .' E.i -3 ,..-.! 

Notkh. — Manager John II. Blackwood, 
mnnngcr of thu HbIbhi-o 1'lieal re, wan called 
honie to rtemntou, l'n.. by* the bltIoub tlluesH 
or his 'mother'.' Aug! IP, but advlcen received 

: are lu Hie effect that slio te. better, and that 
he will .return tdmrfly v»on A.- Chicle, 

: muuugt'r of tho IIotcbklHR, wuh tho recipient 
ot a Lumu'OL ui. .Miji'omcd'h Huibiuik Theatre 
An«. us, -,\]i. riiick had one of hia lega 
nuiputuli'd recently, reaultlnv from « (ttreet 

car, i|u'1dent .11 i.-i roporti'd that W. A. 

Ii'lscin'i-. whu lius niRde a. aucceHH of Klaeh- 
nri Theatre, In till* city, eontaipplatea tak- 
l|ig clitfrgf of tho IiotcitklbH about .Jan, 1. 
Mvjr,( Iijk- ilu> hoifue, iuhI'ii- tho management 
or i',. 11 A. i.'hlck, will produce a round of 
nil,'..-, beginning Kept. 1.- with "Chrlhtbpliei' 
.If..' the" ciiHlt Including: Oeu. B. H6wurd 
Hiid.Klurn Dorset, In leading (tai'tn, rjuifiwrted 
by H. J. Murphy, tJuy flltmei', t^uVdl Daltiire, 
*,liuw. Mnriihy, Arthur Matkley, liuo.ltallcy, 
<Iuh. Xurion." Bert Teituat, Irfnilacn AvitII. 
i.isiii'Tiin' lloitcl. B>.rnlev Ilatley and iaa- 
belle' Howllit . . . . ..CoiM'y Cnatleiuun. former- 
ly chlt;f Uekcf taker -at tlio Mason Ojjern 

' UiHIhf. now lll)l<ll 11 slinlliir iKmltlou at He- 

^laiieo'H... ... ...Oeo.' \V. Bamunr taw returned 

in-iii Mi vjn'aiicjn outing at laike Tahoc, 
'Void fruni MrW, Buritum (ftlrtrr Orahain). 
lion- In New York, la to the. effect that hIir 
la III and will, noon re turn. .. . ..New people 

lot. Ih'\.to:lnscVrir«: J«wls 0. Stonb, lend- 
Ihg matr; LliarlCB BulHar, heavies, and Betty 
•TouHdu, Ingenue. .. .Manugei' John II. Illaek- 

iVood enjoyed. 11 Hailing trip lu Cutallna -lal- 
mid week of UM . . . . ..A Jolly occaalon ut 

llrtdicrs Theatre recently was a mipper 
Mcrved'on- the .atage after HR; nvcnlng per- 

■forninrK'e, The mnnugement of the Be- 

lasi'o lu., eqntraeted (oytlie prodnctlott of 
:nic Captain of >Hio Notiiaich.". . . . . .Mra. 

Dut-biu-ii Nolle i,s Itavipg trouble with the au< 
tliorltlea uwt her 'efforta to liavn her seven 
year, old- daughter. ■ Violet, .appear at th« 
rcople*«i Theancin "Sappho." 

. . . ' ' .' ;■ ~ » ■ ' •■— 1 

. on kin mi. .M the Mnedouough n'lm-.. 
K tlall. UinAqiar) the Klleford Stock Co., In 

,'llje lWcr of Truth." drew o^cellenl houses 
we.'k endliiK Aug. ^0. "Sbv York Day by 
Da; 1 ' 3T4teu-t,4E. "A, Bagged Heru" next. 
, TjIBuutv (II. \V. niHhop. uumugcr).— Thn 
l.lbei-ty Stock Co.. In "A M Ilk White Flag," 
drew. crtuaeUy houseK week eudlng ! Aug. ^0- 

' Ihabellp l?letcliier..annpoi-tcd by Bishop's pen-. 

•pany of. plnvois,- In "The; M(y and the 

■ h; ucV' ■i;7-Se 1 )t.' 2 : "Tlic 'Magistrate" to 

IbOiu 1'aiik (IT. W. Bluhon. manager!.— 

lit.' Idorn Opera Co.. in "lilrofle-Ulrafln." 
drew cupnclty houses week ending Aug. 'JO. 
Hie nuu bin y7-a», "itohln Hood" 30, and 
"iitl! futuro notice. 

■ Bi:t,i, .1 Jv*j. llomnu. .mnnagor).— b'eatiircs 
m\>L U uml u-^k: o'llrUn and Weir, Slleh 
|iud.Sili;h, AdaJi JoWclI, Bothwell Browne's 
'•aletv (Mi-Ik, jncwentlng "l/iin In Ulo," and 
the DluumplC Capnelly biiBlnoeu las t wcok. 

aovixtv (Tony I.nbelskl. niuuujier).— Bill 
N«|tt. »,uiid .week: Bros, flulff.tbe Tricon, 
I'H'M'nlliig "The Lady and the Lovo Sick 
toon:", Eddie lllgglns.. Irnito ' FrankBii, and 
the projet'toseope.' Business lino \atnt waek. 

AMTrL— ^Tlierc wIB he a ' new Orpheuin for 
tiiWauu. Tlieatilenl people have not been 
feiow in rec.ognlzljig OaklnmrK new. era, and 
»"w IIiIn city Is V bo plnced on the Or- 
Plieum circuit. Tlic Ban Fraociaeo nianugcrfl 
.or thin well .know house of aimmcmont have 
J-'fcured it locution on Twelfth Street, near 
( lay. and a uomtuadtoiis and well appoluted 
viutdeville thi'tttro will be creeled there. 
« ot-k on tho proponed, atructiire will aoon 
pc foiiimeneed. and (t Is expected that It 
WHI he ready for oc<:upancy wllhln sir 
moutliM. l-'av potne lime pa«t the Orpbcum 
P'^nln have been' looking for a huIIuIiIc lo- 
cailon on thlH.Hldc ot the buy. wbb 
u,l, y during (he put few diiyn l|iat they 
".Te able d> .'on,.: 'to any conclusion, and 
l,"*- lot secured, has it- floatage of «Oft. by 
-»0 d,,^ u i„ ccn(ra | and easily acces- 
Mhla to all ,cnr llnw. ■?'' ' 

Taa^N. y^ Djm»atio,Bx«h*ngc, 3 Treoiottt 

■ t '^'...Ba8ton,.;|B:. a li«aaqtia'mn» for '»<>"» 
'I'HVPling find Ineal ninnaRerR, and Is the only 
oTiimnt!,' iiureau lu (hat wetlon. . S. A. 
"NlktT.hiiiiUles. Ihe I'mideiUle, 11 ml K. P- 
• MN <he jlrnaiittle luiparluiculp. , Aiuoim jhc 
^'lapanles lucked from thin office ore: The 
'■ l-kr-.Rtnek. "Quiucy AdnniM Sawyer," Cfock- 
f>« Indnt'd horne.<-"AlWs •moving picture 
'anilvHi. mid Ihn "Western nod Southern com* 
twales pf "Tlic Oay Slrttliiec'iJIrV' 

»1«ted by Frank Shevi. a 1 I n 1 •■tin ! R ii !i.v ■ •» . . N ' m: ;-' 1 'h«> Harkbot- Cnrnlral Co. did: - 
Miirmy .,ud |,.me. Mnnhiutiii. Comody i'm'r SfiSS 1 ^ nl l *wm<«« «■ RTOtinda \rocJk 
•rjo'"I»son ,ah<i svrlda,||„n Ern-iuifi; IM e " f A,,? ' J< ' ' ' 

UwI»,.MHeh.M1 in,,} L^o'i !fiy affiftSSl! i ■ ■ -, ■ ■ 

tout- liahcnx MerutlMh S|Htn- H .! Btuuo and Calomlil«.— The Columbia - uucm llwwe' 

luMell. Klmbnll and Lewie, and S Tnlth ,Jo K' P- :B1«-*liiji*r- ImScJ ajud manogcri 
the cinematograph. s ° opcaiil Aug; W, with -The Broncho iHjiHtev/' 

Buov (li. M. (Inllek ft Co...maonKers) — !'' ft "a*" boner "iVfU'ej Anfiloir' . afso 
Johnny ana Kmmn llay. I11 -Mrnvn the I'lke." ' ' 

;^;i.r? Ht VA> "&***'$ H^ten Promise" 

n ^ t» *»h! im«lne*i. Ilany Clay Dlaney 
in "Tho Bny Behind the liuu' IW-ft. 
n Z^ 'iKMriBK.— ^'Ont)ungetou^Gl■oulld.■■ 
I meiodramiUk- sensation, under- the man- 
agement of Vnnce ft^HiilHrnn, openeci Labor 
L^i L*M* ?Wfc, "Yon Yonson f ' played to 
gj^lJJ S«M Spoonor, In «Ko Girl 

R.. < ,f-i.' Frr r ' *!* lH * J'V. 0rr - manager).— Koac 
hydells Undon Belles, one of the best htir- 
canue ornnieallou ou the Uuteta circuit, 
s here ,t-H. Aeyn added attraction Cbarmlon. 
Uat week, Itobl«'Hh,nlckerboekers played^to 
fair biMinew, nnd fio presented one of the 

vt?; dr «!lf Pd .. fll ! n, ) :s * ven hern "1 eevcral 
yeaiu -The Bachelors I'lnh lO-IS 

n ,lHi Xm ? y 8 &rMP ,, °. (ft w - Wllllame Jr.. 
manager). — Wllllnms* Ideal Extravaganza 
•7 r ?,i Qrn, ' rt nrlrr a few week*', absence, 
«*. *■»?. compsnyJa composed of. «6me of 

.- light llOlUH- 
bud H light :- house, but gqVe a guojd aliow, St. 
;i*niilmndl(> fvur had a fair hoiitip M» telv- 
ing a xo»d per forma nee. Gorman's Mtn- 
airelH. 3(). -gate a light bwme- greatly. 
"Jiorihua Mlmiiklns" did fairly' wpt.M. Com- 
1"W : vrlentai llutlpsqnrn* 6. "BuMler'a Holi- 
day" 7, !*!Tie Dairy Knrin"i ^0. ■ ~- 

:nv. nn" «hilt .■'iiiu.KH'. wrui win give ini* amu- 
iiricPeiji rapbl lire of ticw end orlgtun) tricks 
fut. 'fUfnen imlonlfs. This, haa.lwqrt. n very 
PitcceHsmi Heaeou at Luna." 
. CAHtmi "MnK^Av. fonnei-lr nlnnlst -ind 
Mlngct wllh the guneik.i.'ltv OrchfHiin. h- III 
■tv»« hom'tn -ItntlMjrton; o.. with tnnlarla! 
fevj|r,». ;- , o ■ ... 

'fttn, :, AbAMH [write: "Wp how 
clitllltifu mm ItodKi'd bv ine Wcalprn Veudn- 
vlirv,' AifRoelntl'lti; and h!ho have tho ,Mo»art 
timeibouk'ijd. '"Tne-hot is n big novelty wtier- 

was playlDic In the band with the Stebel -Bcoe. 

.-lktg..*iid f i'ony .Hhow.-.UiU. Hcasoa,. aiid-liljtt 

SSBfiBil'rfett^Bifc!! . uyjwv«bUt,ehe^.W*. 
wlrh 'the John' MnWnm»n Hhtiw. ^In-waa-con 
•wend one- of ilu* best nihil playrre: id nh 
("iintiy. and had seen aervUvwJth- Ihn'Jfol- 
lowlngiHhuws: l-'oh'imugh^OllH. Kllvg-Krank 
IIP, La Pfcnrl Hliow, t,;eutry Hi-o».'. Sun Bros:'. 
SclN-Klnto. John Itohliirton Show nnd HeVrnil 
mlttHt,i-el and ctu-iilval companies. Tim. re 
raltliiH were taken to Dowd'.i Station. lu,,rfor 
luterhieni, v " .t . ■ 

I'HAjiMiTTK IMAXK, who was leading, lady 
at. the Vnllainnnt 1'rtrk 1'atll.on,. WIlMnwc 
putt. Ifa., wrts instantly kuled oi>-Aug; dt t at 
lilmut 1 1 .an, i-. it. She was about („ retire to 
her haiiu ut the rfirk Ilolci; and hadju<tt 
slcpiied 011 ' the clevillor. When the boVi'ln 
ilMirgp, lost control of ibiv olevator. Wfllch 
utarttHi to MNci'iul very rapidly. MJks IJnitJi* 
wan railght heiw«vn Hie t-levator t r Dil Ibtfpar. 
ot.;tbe siiaft, 11ml was drabktHlfr'otu ihr-ilm 
10 'llieNeriipd door, wliertt Tier Inidy weirir- 
leased. nud; ft;H to Hie iMisemcnl. liorclbly 
mangled and HfelOst). MK« l>cnii>' hud eftcep- 
ilr>npl. ability, ami had played with xomd.'of 
lite ljTiW,ph>nilncnl ciifnpiih'iMi bf this widilry 
(iiifjng'her twelve years of atejfr lir»\ -Hhc 
liiitl signal -10 Jnlh Madame Modjcukit Mepi. 
In. ' MTs*t iH'ane was thirty years of -iige. -ami 
nvldtnl In Sew, York city, erhere she b^vf-M 
a wldowednioihei'. of whom Hhr was Ihe-otny 
-Miipinirt.-i ■ I '' :i 

.\i,ni;nr.\ Lkusian. a well known ile.nian 
nclreas, died .Vug. !."». at her home In Krtrm- 
illH', riunfuera, (lermany. aged tlllft.^nir" 

11... .:....,. 1... JL.ZOL ...■ *■!... .t„t.. 11.,. 

ever vvu'. libiy li. -We bought a Hue -celery rtihp, romhie,r,n, (lermuiiy. aged ^lllft.^llti 

farm .while' *f Were nliuTng, Myers. Luke yeaiw. She, wuh the sister of Virginia Itui 

lluk, Cflnton,-»0. AVc hnvD'Hot ; • - Vemtftlftii deh. Amermn itniliom 1 ,' She Inlvrs a tit* 

ji.'iico for fi in. m. 1 ." ■ ..'■••■ hetid,: Kretlerlck Li'limnn, one dhiifthivi-: uml 

k be msns® rata ajM *x;r x&v&ssss - ■ 

usitnl big how*. ■ ?.Mciry, Burrcsquera 10-15. 
h-i 1 J \?V~ Sf ?. ln,lt Labor T)ay celobtatlon, with 
,m ,r ^i B , 1 l l,L ' t ^ c ?. m I ,n . Mfirt "'one hundred 
g -Is Deluding Steffi Klralfy. They appear 
nil thin week. Llberatl and hi* bead will 
furnish the musle, and In' the Ciinlnn Will be 
neon -the Great Kayipond, Kldrldge, the sand 
cfllst, and live other, acts, 

DuKAji Ciry.— Sutiday bahd concerts and 
colored camp ~ 

Mwiitrviil.— At Ills Mojealy'e (II. Q. 
Urooke, manager) tho Keaaort will open week 
of Sept. :i, with "Bed Feather," followed by 
"Thc'ReA Mill" 10-15. 
. Acaioimv yy Muhic (Walter Greaves, man- 
ager).— Pollard's Juveiillc npernj Co. clogeil 
a. Rood euMba ln*it:weelc Nat: M.>WI1U, In 
! 'A Lucky Hog," 3-8: "Me, Him and-l" iO-lo. 
Francais ; (F, Wi -La ' Clair,,, manage?).— 
"A Midnight Kfcnpr." wr.s .plav'ed to. good 
lioiiaes laat. week. "A Desperate Chuiice" 
IV' -10-19. 

... to good business 
lusf week. The High Mchooltllrli jus. . 
' Natioxai, i-'[[\im ( Pinil Onteneiivp, men* 
ngerL— TImt permanent Kivtirji Block efljk. 
nany,' In "La Bikhdede 'FUl," came to fair 
houses. "Monte C'rlsto" .'l-S. 

I>K.s'i>i"oiTKAt;TF,« (B. Ravoux. . BHuegerL 
-~TI;e pernianent Fcnch stock compuuv will 
epen Its KiiHsoii week pf Sept. 11, will) "Le 
Julf -lVthmala" (Tho Bells). "Le . Boreal 1 
10 and week. 

I'ljrtee for' rt'iiume'.". 

. tJAt l T..Slb,N«V.lItN)lAN will close his wilier 

sbowifor the ecnsoti n( While .City. Oshl;ot>h, 

t.'..SPbt. 8:. He bad 11 very . si)irr«*(ul 
n i»r fonWecn: weekn plnyine Uiq prlu- 
imlddle Went pnrks. lie will open his 
grille seaailn wftli hie life saving dogs 
Scpiw.tiVat the SUV Theatre. Aurora; 111: 

CaRHom/ A-Mi I'fHl.i: cfbse iticlr I'BHirrn en- 
cnnemetllr. rtt'-Toiiy Pastor's Thtftlre, Oct. 
Iff, .-ind 1 pen lo : Chlc!ig.) l.Kt. 22. tot .11 .tour 
of forty weeka IhrMgli tile .Went, oKletidltii: 
to San Fruiiclsco, .ittoi- which they will salt 
for Eiigiiiud, Mr. n<r'oll wlaUlng to Tlelt his 
brother lu, that, country, whoih he has not 
seen In fourteen yenvu. 
.(^iab. H...V9tifM r ot Bodgefft and Welle. 
"Ihe, gappy Uetmdha." waa. taken serloittly 
IH-ntAhVtn * RtoueW Mdseum, Boston, week 
ot July tlO, iiud were comjielU'd to clnso 011 
TiiOriday. They were nlgned with the neenle 
production. "A- Woman's Why," and lilttl hi 
ciihccl siline owlbg to l he illness or Mr. Wells. 
Tlidv exiwt't to open about »ept. !l. 

MADfit; Luwls goes with Iloherf MftbcliPs- 
ter'a N'lght GWls Co. 

Vuuf. Vnv.u 3, K\i:n.i\h wrltOK : "I Am 

dulshlng my seneoh lit the K nut iner parks. I 
loeed with tile ' Boston VniutCVllto *'<•■ 

■SotJTiiEH.v.— Sunday afternoon and even- 
ing, Grand , Army Bund: during the. «yeck, 
lergiiBun and Dupree, 1311 wood Co., nnd new 
khietograph pictures. 

(Micwyoo. — Sunday afternoon and even- 
ing, HarU Carnegie Baud, and during the 
nwik, Hodges and Hodges, John V. Clark, 
and moving pictures. 

.Oai.uuu.v. — Sundny onlv. Second Brigade 
Bund, Jones and Sutton, Haywood, and mov- 
ing pictures. 

WesTviKw.— Sunday and all wcok: Nl- 
rella'M Bnnd, and the famous BcedBrothciu 
appear iifternoon and evening. 

Krle.— The New Hajeatlc, Theatre (Win. 
It. Lung, manager) opened the season of 
1000 and }007 on Sept. 11, with vauueviiu, 
la coiitlmimig dally performance. The en- 
tire eafjpfl, la nm, roported'to be glvei| over 
to the best talent .Unit can be swured In 
vaudeville Bill if and week: Grand Upcra 
Trio, May -Ward, Iluckor and Lester Trio, 
Gardner and Stoddard, Halley and Median, 
M|Miul(lina iitii] tinju'.'c. Jus. M. Scwgglr, 'II 
Vlctorellls. and W. J. G'lleurn and company. 
In "A Bumunco of KHIaniey." Brie people 
are properly proud of the Majestic Thca- 
Ire building, with Its beautiful auditorium 
afid extensive stilge, which la bjg4nuugh : to 
aci-ommodaio the (urgent compaiifoe. 

1'AllK Ol'KKA llOt'HK (J. L. IJllHon, iiNJim 

ger).-r~:'Jiuukcra uud Bioko rt" nun favorctl 
Willi good Btleuduncc Aug. 28, agnlnxt hot 
wenrbcr. "The Arrival 01 Kitty" was well 
lecolvod ,*I0. "Bay New York," Sept. 1. 
played to u full home. "My Wife's Family" 
8. fThe l'uiikee Cousul" .4. : ',. 

WAt.uAMtuit (Thoi. Malonej',' mabagCF). — 
Very lurge business during the pist week, 
Willi Jos. Dunn, Bean. nnd Hamilton, Claire